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Welcome to the Spirit World

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It doesn't take long until Korra spots the yellow and green beam in the sky ahead of them. She slows and Asami follows her cue, reaching into her bag to pull out her Equalist glove that she brought just in case. While Asami latches on her weapon, Korra mentally prepares herself. She looks to Asami who smiles warmly before they dip down the few hills that block their way to the portal.

Korra notices the tension in the air first, before the dark clouds that surround the portal. She also sees that the bright blue shard-like mountains in the distance are dark midnight now, and the purple meadow that dominated the area before was now a black lake of crunchy plants. However from a distance, they still didn't see any signs for why this change was occurring, so they continued forward.

Asami and Korra hurry up the final hill that block their sight of the portal. They take the final step and look below them to the portal. Korra stops dead in her tracks. She sees the problem... But why would they be doing this?

Surrounding the portal are about fifteen men, surveying and doing construction work. Some men hammer away at the ground, while others cut and burn the the dead flowers that was once a lavish and beautiful meadow. Then at the farthest edges of the group, two people build a wall by placing sheets of metal into the ground and pouring liquid metal and tar around the base.

Asami speaks first, "Who gave them permission to build in the spirit world?"

"I don't know, but I ain't waiting to find out."

Korra leaps down the hill using air bending and lands next to the men putting up the wall. They gasp and jump back.

"Avatar Korra?" They stutter, shock seizing their bodies.

The men around the construction site look to Korra and drop their tools. One gentlemen in a nicer suit than the others looks up from his construction map and makes eye contact with Korra, promptly heading toward her.

"What do you think you're doing?" Korra questions.

The two men huddle behind the approaching chief who holds his hand out to Korra. "Ah Avatar Korra. So nice to finally meet you."

Korra ignores the gesture, getting right to the point, "Who permitted you to enter the spirit world and build?"

The chief drops his hand, fixing his white shirt. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mr. Raine Lou, appointed chief of this little construction expedition by the President himself."

"President Raiko?"

"Yes Ma'am. He wants us to survey the area to see if we can develop -"

"Do you even understand the problems that you've caused?"

"Oh but we've barely begun."

At that moment, Asami joins Korra's side and Raine bows to her. "Ms. Asami Sato, I didn't realize you were here with the Avatar. It's an honor -"

"Did I hear correctly?" Asami cuts in. "Raiko allowed this?"

"Oh yes, he believes that if spirits can live and inhabit our world, then we should be able to do the same."

Korra rebukes, "That's not the way it works -"

A tremor in the earth stops all conversation and Korra looks around her when a dark glimmer of light catches her eye. She focuses, seeing Azure headed her way, along with a countless amount of dark spirits behind him. There are so many of them that the ground shakes as they move.

"What the -" Raine breathes.

Korra turns to him. "Get all of your men out of here. Now!"

"But -"

"You've caused enough damage as it is. Get out and let us handle this."

Chief Lou stands his ground for a moment, "But Avatar Korra, I think we can handle any problems that the -"

Asami whips around and shouts in his face, "You heard her! Take your men and leave!"

Frazzled, Raine looks to his men and talks in a cracked voice, "Alright men, drop your equipment and get back to the city!"

The men don't need to be told twice as they immediately flee to the safety of the portal. Before leaving himself, Raine looks to Asami. "Should I send help?"

Korra responds instead, "Tell Tenzin to assemble the team, we might need some help if I can't calm them down."

Raine nods and rushes through the portal while Korra and Asami hold their ground, staring at their approaching adversaries.