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Welcome to the Spirit World

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Korra and Asami travel at a fair speed through the spirit world. Although, due to her ankles still being slightly weak, Asami takes several breaks to rest, but Korra doesn't mind.

They follow the map religiously, laughing at some notes that Grandma Ada left them. Some tell them to be careful and to remember to eat, while others order them to stop at the most beautiful landmarks in the spirit world.

One that Asami and Korra loved the most was the valley and mountains of Pinyin. Pinyin, they learned, is a golden dragon that guards the mountains. They only saw the dragon from a distance, but Asami remarked how elegant she was. It was like watching an artist paint a stunning landscape as they saw Pinyin dance across her blue ice mountains, reflecting bright rays of sunshine off of her golden scales.

They could have watched the dragon for days, but they pressed forward, heading toward the unknown danger.

Unlike the past few days where Korra was carefree and loose, Asami notices that she is becoming more tightly woven with each step. The slight smile that danced on her lips was gone now, replaced with a concerned frown. It pained Asami to see Korra like this, but she knew that there was little that she could do. Korra is always going to worry about the balance of the world. It's her job. But Asami also knew that she was always going to try and ease Korra's pain, if only a little.

She reaches out and touches Korra's hand, relaxing her. Korra looks to Asami with a smile. "Thanks."

"It'll be okay. We can handle anything that happens."

"I know," Korra remarks before stopping suddenly. She trips Asami up who is momentarily perplexed by the rapid change of momentum. She looks back to Korra, meeting her eyes for a second before Korra charges forward, takes Asami's face in her hands, and kisses her. The kiss is urgent, yet soft, throwing her off balance. What was she thinking about before? She couldn't remember. All she could do now was focus on -

The kiss develops. The two entangle in each other, concentrating on breathing instead of thinking, and before they know it, they are deep in the soft purple grass, kissing each other like it's their last time alone.

Asami tries to think between the zaps of electricity that pass between their bodies. She fails at first, but she can't ignore the feeling that its the wrong time for this, so with a deep sigh, she stops Korra. "Wait."

Korra freezes like a child caught with their hand in a sack full of cookies. "Did I -"

Asami smiles and leans up to Korra who is currently on top of her. "Heh, you did nothing wrong. I just think that maybe we should wait till we're out of danger to start making out in a field, don't you?"

Korra contemplates her situation, "Maybe... But -"

She leans down, kissing Asami gently, lingering near her for a second too long. "What if this is the only time that I can just attack you like this? In such an open place?"

"Hmm..." Asami hums. "You do have a point..."

She leans up and returns the kiss before continuing, "But we can always come back, once we've dealt with the looming danger ahead of us."

They laugh and Korra de-straddles Asami, standing up. "I guess you're right..."

She offers a hand to Asami who takes it to help right herself. She then dusts herself off and Korra pulls a few pieces of grass from her hair.

"Look what you did to my outfit Avatar?" Asami teases. "You've ruined it."

Korra laughs, "Oh you look snazzy as ever, don't worry."

The two blush and resort to picking up their forgotten backpacks in order to hide their pink cheeks. Korra takes out their map and examines it before Asami yanks it from her hands.

"Hey!" Korra calls.

"You know your sense of direction is terrible!" Asami counters. "Stop pretending that you know where we're going."

"But I'm the spiritual guide here, I should hold the map."

Asami nods, ignoring Korra's argument. She points to a purple colored area located near the marked portal.

"We're almost there."

Korra checks the map and her surroundings, confirming Asami's findings. "My spiritual senses are telling me that you might be right."

Asami rolls her eyes and puts the map back into her pack. She offers her hand to Korra who takes it immediately.

"Let's go Ms. Spiritual Guide."

"After you, Ms. Asami."

The two laugh as they crest another hill, getting even closer to Republic City's portal.