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Welcome to the Spirit World

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Slow at first, Korra quickens her pace with each step that she takes away from Azure and his dark spirit minions. She feels Asami cling to her, making her whole body fill with relief. She is safe. Asami is alive and safe.

Asami tightens her grip on Korra, fearing that at any moment, they will be ripped apart. However as the minutes pass, her fear is replaced with exhaustion as adrenaline retreats from her veins. She feels herself drift off toward sleep, yet she is unable to as random bursts of pain attack her. At first, she tries to ignore it, but despite her best efforts, the pain wasn't going away. In fact, the more time that passed, the sharper the pain from her ankles became.

"Korra," Asami hums. "Could we slow down and rest?"

Korra tenses and slows, looking down to Asami.

"I'm so sorry, I just wanted to get away from Azure before -"

"It's okay. I did too..." Asami drifts. "But my ankles -"

Korra instantly understood. "We need to find some spirit water."

Asami agrees silently with a slight nod of her head, making Korra spring into action. Korra immediately searches for any sign of water, but all she can see is the endless array of vines ahead of them. With little resources, Korra decides to follow the vines, all which seem to be heading in one direction, in hopes of finding some water.

Korra's movement jostles Asami, but she tries to ignore any pain, focusing instead on the steady heartbeat of her companion. Feeling the warmth from Korra, Asami begins to daydream, slowly drifting off to ...

Korra notices when Asami falls asleep, becoming limp in her arms. She smiles to herself, glad that she can rest. With Asami at ease, Korra focuses on their surroundings. She notes that few spirits are around her, making her uneasy. She continues though, moving at a steady pace through the endless spirit world.


Slowly, after several minutes, Korra began to feel the change in their location before seeing it. The temperature was drastically increasing with each step that she took, and in the distance she could hear the chirps and clucks of nearby spirits. Soon enough, the vines and trees started to become sparse, allowing Korra to see pillows of steam rising from the ground like white clouds of exhaust released from a Future Industry factory. Korra felt Asami stir in her sleep, momentarily distracting her before she focused again on the clouds of steam that were approaching her.

Coming from the closest bubble of steam walks an elderly lady. She has her gray hair wrapped up in several buns, welcoming Korra with a smile that only a grandmother could give. She walks a few paces out of the clouds when three adorable duck spirits come out of hiding and shuffle beside her. The spirits have towels on their heads and bump into each other like little kitten-deer. Korra can't resist smiling at the sight.

"Oh my," The old lady bubbles. "If it isn't the Avatar."