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Welcome to the Spirit World

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Nearing the portal, Asami and Korra hold hands. A small zap of electricity transmits between the two girls when they touch and their bodies hum with excitement. They climb the vines and enter the spirit portals together. Nervous, Korra turns to Asami and they smile, feeling the world around them shift and change.

They are in the spirit world.

Spirits dance around the two and the beauty distracts Asami. Korra smiles and turns as she says,

"Welcome to the spirit world, home of the beautiful and weird."

Asami takes it all in, looking at the purple and teal flowers beneath her feet and the blue shard like mountains stretching in front of her. She sees twisted trees stretching toward the ever-blue sky and she is speechless.

Korra smiles and tows Asami into the flower beds. Asami laughs as countless flower spirits fly upward and dance in the sky.

Once in the middle of the flowers, Asami pauses and lets go of Korra's hand. The Avatar twists around, surprised at how much she already misses not touching Asami.

"Is something wrong?" Korra asks.

Asami shakes her head no and sighs.

"Just a lot more beautiful than I could have imagined. You know, I was always kinda jealous when the others traveled here without me. Course I wouldn't have been much help with fighting Unalaq, but still."

"You wouldn't have wanted to have been here then anyways," Korra laughs. "My uncle was totally a downer, making all the spirits seem off."

"So true, I'm glad I waited."

Korra walks back to Asami and holds out her hand. "Now come on, I've got someone I want you to meet."

"In the spirit world?" Asami questions.

Korra smiles. "Yeah, he's an old friend. I think you'll like him."

With that, Asami gladly takes Korra's hand, ignoring the zap of electricity, and follows her.