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Will woke with his body draped over Hannibal's. The sun shone through the domed skylight illuminating the rather empty room. Well, empty except for a small, pillow-less cot and Hannibal who was also awake. He could feel the other's hand trailing down his back, running up and down the length of his spine. It was a rather soothing action and had they been anywhere else, Will might have shifted slightly and gone back to sleep. But he was well aware of where they were. 

He was well aware that the uncomfortable pillow-less cot belonged to the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. So did the jumpsuits, the room with the massive domed skylight, the jumpsuits they were in, and for the moment, them. But this was just a rest stop on the way to their final destinations, wherever that was. But Will wasn't worried, partially because he knew Hannibal had a plan and partially because their recent actions would make them difficult to place. They had spent five days in the hospital, four of which had bloodshed of some sort. 

They had fallen asleep on their sides, pressed so close together they were practically one person on the tiny cot. It was large enough for one person to fit comfortably, but two was a tight squeeze. It was probably how Will had ended up with his body draped over Hannibal's with one leg between Hannibal's legs and his arm stretched above them. The other didn't seem to care that his hand, the one stroking over his back, was trapped by Will's body. It was an incredibly awkward position, but he was strangely comfortable with it. Probably because it was him and it was Hannibal. 

"They'll be delivering breakfast soon," Hannibal murmured. 

"Do you think they'll bring enough for both of us, or will we have to fight over the roll?" 

Hannibal huffed a small laugh. "You can have the roll." The other tucked his free hand under Will's chin, gently pulling his head up. "I have what I want." 

The other shifted himself to press them closer, as if that was possible, while their lips brushed lightly. 

Hannibal had everyone fooled, but Will. 

When his lips sought Will's, he wasn't doing so just to display affection. He was quelling anxiety. Or perhaps anxiety wasn't the right word. But it was an emotion akin to it. 

After Will had told Hannibal about all the conversations he'd had about the other without him there, Hannibal began to open up more. It started slowly, with Hannibal revealing bits and pieces here and there. Never the full story and not all at once. Ultimately, it took Will obsessively revisiting each piece to finally be able to form the first picture of Hannibal's past. The first real picture. He had seen bits and pieces here and there. The man in Lecter Castle, Chiyoh, Mischa. And when he had a picture, a very blurry picture, he went to Hannibal. It was then that the other finally told him the whole story. No lies, no exaggerations, nothing but the truth. 

So, he knew as Hannibal tugged him closer, what exactly he was asking for. 

And Will gave it. 

He shifted himself up more so neither of them was straining their necks as they kissed. The other's tongue swiped along the seam of his lips and Will let him probe further willingly. The other cupped his cheek as he had done so many times before while his tongue swiped over Will's teeth. He knew the exact moment Hannibal lost himself in the act because Will was suddenly pushed onto his back as Hannibal moved for better access. 

He grasped for the other, pulling him closer and rolling them again as he cradled the other's head in his arm. It was enough to satisfy Hannibal and his own inner monster which was purring at the chance to comfort Hannibal in this way. Even over the year they had spent with each other, they have never been this physically close. They had slept in the same bed, had eaten together, hunted together, but never this. Never had he comforted Hannibal in this way. In this case, it wasn't the monster who needed the proximity; the beast within who had escaped forged chains only to land in captivity once more. It was the man. Hannibal's monster loved to preen and goad. It enjoyed playing, batting around others like a cat with a ball of twine. Will's was far more vicious, far more feral. But both bathed in blood and spoke the same language. Which was why their monsters were so drawn to each other. Just as much as the men.

But this was Hannibal, the once scared little boy who built a castle and hid behind the monster within. 

It was Hannibal who needed the comfort he could find in Will, even in a place he had grown used to over the course of three years. 

A loud banging drew their attention as Will tore himself away from Hannibal to glare at the door. There was a small hatch in the bottom that opened and two trays were slid under. 

He knew Hannibal was thinking about the newness of the hatch. Even Will marveled at how impersonal it was. The first time he had been there, at least the meals were set on the small opening in the bars, not slid under the door like they were wild animals being fed. 

But perhaps they had earned that title after their previous few days. 

The monster within Will calmed at the sight of the food, his shoulders dropping from his ears. 

The other reached up, turning Will's face back toward him. There was a small, soft smile on his lips that was overshadowed by the amusement evident in his eyes. 


Will dipped his head to kiss Hannibal again, the other accepting the gesture and deepening the kiss before they parted. Will stood and grabbed the trays, the familiar and more than likely bland food glaring up at him. He didn't return to the bed after he handed Hannibal his tray, instead finding a spot on the floor to eat. Hannibal would likely be picky about crumbs left in the bed. 

Hannibal sat next to him, and after a moment, a second roll joined the one on his tray. 

Will looked up, a question in his eyes. 

"I said you could have the roll." 

"And you are a man of your word," Will answered. 

"I am." 

They ate in relative silence, the two of them sitting shoulder to shoulder on the cold floor. He wondered how Hannibal had managed in here for three years. It was incredibly under stimulating. He supposed Hannibal's mind palace played a large role in his ability to stay sane, or as sane as Hannibal Lecter could be, while stuck in what was essential a gilded cage. Now that he was on this side for more than a moment to persuade Hannibal to play his game, he could see exactly what it felt like. It reminded him of a zoo exhibit. One where Hannibal was the predator on the other side of the glass. And now Will was too. 

He knew there had been other things in here, privileges that Alana took away after it was revealed that Hannibal had been in contact with the Dragon. He remembered seeing Hannibal's desk and while he couldn't see the drawings on it, he knew that Hannibal had likely busied himself by drawing things he knew by heart. 

"What were you expecting would happen when you came that day?" Hannibal asked after their trays were abandoned back through the recently opened hatch. 

Will didn't need to ask what Hannibal meant. 

"I wasn't certain." He paced around the room as he spoke, memorizing it. "I just want you out. The rest I would deal with later." He let his fingers trail over the bookshelves that were embedded into the wall and suddenly he and Hannibal were in the latter's office once more, circling around the chair as they had done once before. 

"So you made a deal and then brought Jack on board." 

Will chuckled. "You would have been out of here. One way or another. You knew I wasn't leaving you in here." 

"When you came, your false and stinging goodbye on your lips, you touched the glass." Hannibal was circling the room as well. 

"It was the closest I could get to actually touching you." 

"If the Dragon hadn't come that night, if he waited, what would you have done with me?" The other was curious, not because he thought Will would have killed him then. 

Will smirked. "I had you where I wanted you. And I didn't care who I had to use to get you there." Will's fingers trailed over the glass. He knew why Hannibal was asking these questions because he knew who was once again most likely in their audience. Hannibal wanted Jack to know where Will stood. Who he belonged to. 

"Jack. Dolarhyde. You used them all." Hannibal's voice was thick with amusement. 

"And I had you right where I wanted you, didn't I?" Will neared him. "Don't I?" 

"You know they are likely figuring out a way to send us to other sides of the planet if Jack has his way," Hannibal said softly. 

"I know." Will stepped up in front of him, their bodies only inches away. Not that they hadn't violated each other's personal space as recently as half an hour before. 

When it came to the two of them, there wasn't anything about the other that didn't belong to them both. Everything between them was personal. Will's space belonged to Hannibal just as Hannibal's space belonged to Will. Though nothing had happened physically between the two of them until the day before, when Will offered Hannibal the blood that was still on his tongue, their relationship was far more intimate than any relationship Will had ever experienced in the past. There wasn't much left between them that the other didn't know. 

He reached his hand out, brushing over Hannibal's chest, thinking again of just how much he hated these godforsaken jumpsuits. 

They didn't flatter anyone, except maybe the floor. 

"You want to know what Jack's up to," Will said quietly, making certain his voice wouldn't be heard on the microphones that no doubt likely littered the room. "I bet I can get him in here."

"You bet?" Hannibal was intrigued by the idea. "And what are you offering?"

"If you win, you can figure out your prize later. But if I win, if I can lure him into the room, then you would still have a reward."

"Would I?" There was nothing Hannibal liked more than knowing Will could easily traipse around his mind. He knew that Will knew better than anyone what ran around his mind. So, Will knew just how much it would satisfy Hannibal to rub their newly burgeoning physical relationship in Jack's face. 

"You would," Will stepped closer still. He could feel the heat of Hannibal's body. 

"And what would your prize be?" The other asked lowly. "If you win, you would want some form of a reward for yourself." 

"Maybe I'll figure out my prize later too." 

"Our prizes would likely be the same thing, win or lose." The other's amber eyes were lit with amusement and a hint of excitement. But Will could see deeper. He could see the lust that was brewing underneath, brought forth by Will's playful yet cruel nature once again. 

It wasn't the first time Hannibal knew Will had baited Jack into a situation where Jack was not the one to benefit. The day that Hannibal had been referring to before, the day of his escape, Will had been equally as playful as he approached Hannibal. In truth, it was a bit of a release to know that he didn't have to wear his mask anymore. He had worn it for years before Hannibal and only ever let it down while trying to lure Hannibal into a trap. And then everything had happened in Florence, and Will drew the mask back up. He hid behind it for three years. But the feeling of the mask being down, of not having to pretend, was one he missed while he forced himself and Hannibal to be apart. As apart as they could be anyway. 

He told Hannibal before that they were conjoined. It was the very reason they didn't do well apart now. Putting them in separate cells had proved deadly to those around them. It was the reason Will had blood on his tongue when they were finally together once again. 

He let his hand trail down the rather uncomfortable material of Hannibal's jumpsuit. 

"How do you propose to earn Jack's attention?"

"We already have it," Will answered. "He just needs a little push." 

"And you're quite fond of giving little pushes." 

"Aren't you?" 

Hannibal's lips quirked slightly before Will pushed forward, pressing their lips together. 

The kiss was nowhere near as chaste as their earlier kisses. It was needy, with teeth and tongues that explored and tasted. And drew blood. Will shifted his attention to Hannibal's neck, his eyes drifting upward to the camera in the high corner of the room before he pressed a kiss to the other's neck. The other turned his head slightly to give Will access as he trailed his tongue over the other's flesh. 

From there, he moved to the jumpsuit.

There was a zipper to Hannibal's grey jumpsuit that was also on Will's blue one. It sat just at the collar. It was plastic and small, not enough to make a weapon out of, but enough to pull the jumpsuit off when it was washed or when they needed to take it off for showers. The first time in BSHCI, Will had rarely worn the jumpsuit unless he knew someone was coming. Otherwise, he only ever wore the t-shirt and underwear they gave him. Hannibal, though, was seemingly always in the jumpsuit, wearing it with pride as he did his usual suits. 

Will secured the zipper between his teeth, dragging it downward as he lowered himself first onto one knee and then both. 

Hannibal's pupils were blown wide when Will finally let go of the zipper. 

Behind him, the door slammed open. 

Will pushed himself to his feet, a smirk on his face.

"Told you so."