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Pink Like Strawberry Juice

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“So, this is Hope’s Peak Academy,” I murmur to myself, and I can hear my heart beating rapidly in my chest. Not only was I nervous about starting at a new school and meeting new people, but I worried that my talent was fairly useless compared to all the others I had read about online. Ultimate Author, Ultimate Baseball Player, Ultimate Affluent Progeny, they all sounded like they could have a future. Heck, even an Ultimate Lucky Student sounded more useful than what I was. With the increase of factory production, and the increase of the cost of materials needed to display my talent, it seemed I was destined to a mundane future. I could barely think of the last time I could afford materials I really needed, and scraps of fabric weren’t enough for me to create the thing I wanted to most. Plus, I was the worst at trying to publicize my creations. Stepping into the school, the light pink walls calmed my nerves a little. It is one of my favorite colors, and I feel my chest start to release the tension twisting inside of it. As I head forward, my head starts to pound. It was nothing out of the ordinary, I was prone to headaches and general pains throughout my whole life. It wasn’t surprising, so I continue to walk down the hallway, trying to find anything that mentioned some kind of opening ceremony. I’m sure they included the location in the orientation letter they sent home, but for some reason, I couldn’t recall it at all. As I walk towards the bare bulletin board mounted on the nearest wall, I feel myself grow dizzy and crash down onto my knees, my head held stiffly between my hands.

“What...what the hell is happening to me?” my voice seethes, and all of a sudden, I am surrounded by darkness, the fuzz in my brain not relieved. When I peel my eyes open, I startle, a drastically different room surrounding me. Wiping my weary eyes, I notice all the pain is gone from my body, instead there was just a hazy confusion stuck inside the walls of my skull. Looking around the room, I nearly grimace at the crude decision of animal print wallpaper, it hurts my eyes to look at. Big metal plates are secured along one wall, laughably large nuts and bolts holding them up. What the hell even is this? Awkwardly, I stand from the uncomfortably small chair I had apparently taken a nap in. With one last glance around the room, I move over to the door, twisting the knob forcefully. The sight of a security camera had sent my heart racing, and my hand drifts down to the faintly red spot on my thigh. The hallway I step into is a little less hard on the eyes, but it still is equally odd. This is Hope's Peak Academy? I seriously doubted it. This has to be some kind of dream. Frequently, I would dream of attending school, only for something horrible and terrifying to happen to me. They were usually so realistic I had to convince myself after waking up that it had never happened. This has to just be one of those times. So I take another step forward, looking myself up and down. The baggy sweater I am wearing is no different than the one I arrived here in, it was the same cool beige. My skirt is slightly wrinkled from underneath the hem of the sweater, and the collar of my undershirt is popped, so I quickly fix it. Stray hairs fall down over my face, past my bangs, obscuring my vision, and I blow them out of my eyes. I should find an exit, I think to myself, and look around at the signs above the doors until I find one that appears to lead to an exit. Stepping through the doorway, I see something strange. People I have never met before stare back at me, each of them lined up in front of some weird looking door. It nearly looks like the door to a vault, and I jump back a little at the sight of two guns hanging from the ceiling.