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He shivered as he stepped into the shower at NCIS that night. Cold combined with exhaustion and the last ebbs of his adrenaline faded as he turned on the water and leaned on the wall with his hands holding himself up. His olive toned Italian abdomen had droplets of water sliding off slowly as he lowered his head under the spray.

Then there were footsteps and the door clicked shut and locked behind whoever had entered the mens shower area. Then the voice spoke. " Dinozzo, I know you're not ok. You're coming to my house after you get out of that shower . "
Tony replied " I'd be shitty company right now boss. I'm exhausted and cold and raw." His voice cracked on the last word and he was silent again.
Gibbs tossed something into the shower stall from his hand and waited for a reaction.

Tony blinked . " Wait a minute, this isn't what I think it is, you know I only use eucalyptus anything when Kate is on my mind .". Then a low sob left his mouth.
Gibbs thought oh shit , there he goes . He pulled off his tan Dockers and pale blue button down polo shirt and boxers and climbed into the shower. " Come here Tony. "
He pulled him into his arms and just held him for a moment at first.
Then Tony looked at him " Boss?"
Gibbs replied " Think it's about time you called me Jethro , at least off duty since we have gotten naked together in here."
Tony chuckled in spite of himself. " Ok Jethro but only if you let me do this." He pulled Gibbs' head toward him gently and kissed him after running his fingers through his hair.

Gibbs smiled. " Took you long enough. Hope you feel a little better now."
Tony said " I do I suddenly feel warm all over but I want your fire, and some of that bourbon and coffee you make. And Uh could I have one of your hooded sweatshirts?" His face got red when he asked the last question slowly.
Gibbs nodded. " Got my heart, think I can spare a hooded sweatshirt or two out of my collection. He touched Tony's face and kissed it like he sometimes did Abby.
" I hope you'll tell me what got under your skin later too."