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A kiss to gain something

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Guo Changcheng walks into the apartment and is instantly overwhelmed by the most delicious smell emanating from the kitchen. One of his greatest discoveries when he and Chu Shuzhi moved in together was the fact that his boyfriend not only loves to cook, but also makes some of the best baked goods Guo Changcheng has ever had in his life.

“Pineapple buns?” he asks, even as he heads into the kitchen area. He’s not even taken off his shoes or his jacket, but the only thing he can think about is getting to them. “They’re my favourite.”

Chu Shuzhi laughs as he turns around with a plate of the still-warm buns stacked high. There’s a small smudge of flour on the tip of his nose and Guo Changcheng resists the urge to reach out and brush it away. “That’s the reason I made them, idiot.”

“Oh.” Guo Changcheng feels a warmth spread through him that has nothing to do with the heat in the kitchen and everything to do with the love he has for Chu Shuzhi.

He reaches out a hand to take one of the buns, unable to come up with anything else to say in response, but the plate is moved out of reach.

“Don’t I get a thank you first?” Chu Shuzhi scowls in a way that might have scared Guo Changcheng in the past, but only makes him smile now.

Guo Changcheng steps closer and reaches up to curl his arms around his boyfriend’s neck, careful to avoid knocking the plate. The kiss is almost as sweet as the pineapple buns and Guo Changcheng is pleased to see a slight blush on Chu Shuzhi’s face when he steps away.

“Thank you, Chu-ge. You’re too good to me.”

Chu Shuzhi hands him a bun, letting his fingers linger against Guo Changcheng’s, and meets his gaze. “You’re more than worth it.”