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The Galactic Warrior of Halcandra

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The gleaming swordswoman towered over the battlefield. Her wingspan cast a dark shadow over the ground, blocking out even the flames of the ancient Halcandra. A child dared to stand his ground against her, a ruthless force of good against one of the most powerful to be known.

“What do you gain from this…what are you trying to do, runt?” She scowled, brandishing her lance
“JUST FIGHT!!’’ The child, a warrior of the stars named Kirby, yelled back. He adjusted his hat and lifted his sword, his face filled with determination

“…Can barely speak. How sad’’ She tilted her gaze, not understanding what he was saying. She eyed the sword Kirby held “Fine ability you hold though. I see you take after that shining knight in blue’’
“DON'T GET META INVOLVED IN THIS!!’’ Kirby yelled again; eyes lowered in anger. The pink knight giggled
“You care about him a lot. Don’t worry. Once I put an end to you, he’ll follow right up!’’

The cruel knight began cackling, as she raised her lance to the air. Kirby readied himself, clutching his sword like his life depended on it. A crashing beam of light came glowing from the tip of her lance and started thrashing across the battlefield. It almost felt lie Kirby’s very vision of gravity was shaking, as he dodged and weaved between the lights devastating touch, taking whatever swings he could at the Galactic warrior. She cursed under her breath, and backed off, taking down the beam of light with her.
Her wings perked, and she took to the air. Slicing the cold space in front, beams of energy started forming and blasting, from random points in the ground. The ground seemed to shake with each zap, almost blinding the poor child. He ran between the beams, floating every so often to get more hits on the enemy. He knew never to yield or surrender. Who knows what that would cost?

"STUPID KID!! YOU’LL LOSE THAT ABILITY BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!!" She screamed, starting to grow desperate. Maybe she didn’t expect this kind of retaliation from someone so young? Kirby huffed and took a running start at the worn knight. Bad idea

She grinned, rising suddenly, giving little time for Kirby to react. Within seconds, her lance had collided with his squishy body, sending Kirby flying. His sword ability was wiped from him, and the star containing it was drifting away towards the decaying Halcandra.

"Barely able to take one hit without the copy ability being lost. Pitiful. Such is the tragedy of the young I guess’’ She giggled, grinding her foot into the ground, gripping her lance now with both hands.
Those hands were shaking. Whether with fear or anticipation, it was clear she was losing her cool. Kirby landed across the field, his hand having barely grabbed onto the copy star that had formed from his sword ability. Without thinking twice, he ate it whole. Something about this caught the Galacta knight off guard, she pulled a few shocked faces while trying to comprehend how eating the star would get anywhere. But before she could ponder any longer, the copy star was sent flying back at her face. Knocked her out clean. Her mask flew off, landing a few inches away. Kirby, having worn himself out, sat down to recover.
The stars shone much better just after a fight.
“Pretty’’ he pondered to himself, lazily gazing at the stars. Then, he remembered.
“a-AGH!’’ Kirby got up in a panic and dashed over to where Galacta lay. Her face looked oddly like Kirby’s. She looked battered and beaten, her hands still slightly shaking. Maybe he went a little hard on her…

“S...sorry’’ Kirby apologised to her, patting her head just in case. He looked over to the mask, deciding to pick it up and rest it on the knight’s chest. Kirby then turned to the stars and called loudly for assistance. As if like clockwork, a power star floated down to his side. Kirby looked to the unconscious Galacta, and then to the power star. All he could do was sigh heavily.

Kirby finally pushed the knight onto the star, breathing heavily from such a workload. All that armour she wore made it so heavy. He then boarded the power star himself, sighing again. Tapping the star on the side, he decided his next location: Home.

“LOOK!!’’ He cheered, adjusting Galacta to face upward so she could see the constellations passing by. The star rose from the ground and flew away with a glittery trail. Halcandra grew smaller and smaller behind the two flying through the cosmos. Kirby didn’t think much of it himself but did worry for the knight. Maybe she had a close connection with it? There was no way to make such judgements now though. The only thing Kirby knew to concentrate on was getting the Galactic Knight to his home. Maybe she could be helped there. I mean, she did need help. Something about her just seemed off. The other enemies he’s faced, they’ve all had their reasons for attacking. Whether just, tragic, or self-fulfilling, they all had goals they would’ve killed and died to achieve. Galacta seemed the same in some way. Galacta must have a reason.

Popstar came into view, and Kirby’s face lit up. Home sweet home. The power star took its course straight for Dreamland, as Kirby struggled to keep the knight on the power star. Some part of her started slipping off every seven seconds.
Dreamlands grassy plains rolled beneath the two, Kirby watching each denizen they passed by with awe. It’d been a while since he was back home, it sure was good to see everyone again. As the castle came into view, Kirby spotted Bandana Dee training out in the front courtyard. The training dummy had many spears shoved into it, and mild obscenities drawn onto different parts of its body. Bandana took notice of Kirby and waved from the courtyard, to which Kirby waved eagerly back. The power star rested at the castle doors, and Kirby shoved the knight off the star. She flopped onto the grass, still knocked from the copy star attack. Kirby began to really regret that
He knocked loudly on the castle door, and called to be let in

“HEY!! DEDEDE!! META!! COULD SOMEONE ANSWER??’’ He yelled, a worried squeak in his voice as he held Galacta’s limp arm.
“COMING KIDDO!!’’ A familiar voice rang from the left most tower “META, COULD YOU GET IT??’’
“Sire, I implore you, I have much work to do. You can go answer it’’ Another familiar voice spoke. This voice had a much stronger accent. Kirby recently learned that it originated in a land called ‘Mexico’.

The two voices exchanged slightly annoyed sentiments about door answering repeatedly. They sounded like an ‘Old married couple’ as Marx would call them. Kirby didn’t have time for this. Not at all.

“AAAA!! SOMEONES GONNA DII-IIEEE!’’ Kirby started banging on the door, making the most annoying wails possible. This got the soft-spoken voice to answer quickly
“Kirby, I know it’s been a- WAUGH!!’’ Meta knight answered, and immediately backed up, drawing his sword. “K-Kirby, why in the galaxy’s name did you bring Galacta knight here!’’ He asked, startled and slightly afraid. He was prepared to take on the swordswoman, but Kirby’s worried expression made him drop his hostility.
“I beat her but...she isn't waking up...’’ Kirby had nearly started crying, tugging on Galacta’s limp arm and whimpering.
“…. Its ok. Let’s get her inside’’