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Aisling and Soc ( a Ballybraddan fanfic)

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12: Comfort

The sun rose on ballybraddan. Despite the weather, todag was going to be one of the worst days of the gangs life. Ziggy's funeral.

There was his coffin. On his memorial, there lay his favorite hurl and champioship medal. Aisling cried into Soc's shoulder. Fiona and Sam were speechless; they could only cry. Beacon, Solo and Aidan were silently crying as they looked at the coffin. They were all to write a speech about Ziggy. That was one of the hardest tasks.

Solo went first. He begun talking about how great of a person and hurler Ziggy was, and how much he'd miss one of his best friend. When he finished his speech, he walked off the altar back to his chair. Head hung low as he felt the stinging of tears in his eyes.

Beacon went next. He started talking about everything Ziggy has accomplished in hobbies he was passionate about and how kind Ziggy was. When he finished his speech, he too walked back to his seat, the tears falling down his face.

Then, Fiona and Sam went. They talked about how Ziggy was one of the best hurling partners, one of the mozt kind and optimistic people and amazing friend they ever had; and that they will always miss him. When they finished ther speech, they slowly walked down, crying their eyes out.

Aidan went up, and talked about how smart Ziggy was. And that he would always remember and be friends with Ziggy. When he finished his speech, he put a picture he took of the gang altogether in Ziggy's coffin, wiping his tears.

Soc went up, and reminisced about all the times they had shared, and that Ziggy was one of the best friends he ever had. He reminisced about all of Ziggy's favorite things to do. When he finished his speech, he went to the coffin and told Ziggy through tears that they would always be friends.

Aisling went last. She struggled not to break down in tears as she begun talking about how Ziggy was like a little brother to her, and how she wished she got to say a proper goodbye. She talked about all of Ziggy's accomplishes in life, and when she finsihed her speech, she walked over to the coffin, and put in a few Lillies. They were his favorite flower. She uncontrollably sobbbed as she went back to her seat.


Nobody had expected Ziggy to be gone so fast. The car wad speeding, and Ziggy fell victim to the reckless driver.


After a long afternoon of crying, comforting eachother and the wake, it was around 7pm. They biked up to the cemetery (Aisling skateboarded). They all sadly stood in front of Ziggy's grave. They had brought some more of his medals, a teddy bear, and a few bouquets. After a while of them saying their goodbyes, the rest went home. Aisling and Soc stayed. They didn't say anything for a while. Aisling and Soc hugged while sobbing. They comforted each other when times were bad. But this pain was unbearable. After a while, Aisling sunk down to her knees, sobbing, breaking down and shaking in front on Ziggy's grave. She cried to the grave that she was so sorry she couldn't say a final goodbye. That she was so sorry that stupid,stupid driver knocked him down.

It was getting late. Soc led the sobbing Aisling away from Ziggys grave.


"H-he's gone, and we never said a proper goodbye. Because of that-that stupid driver, h-he's never coning back. He was like a such a good friend person. He didn't deserve that. Why him?"

"I know its hard now Ash, but think of Ziggy looking down on us. He will always be in our hearts. It will get less painful, but we will never forget Ziggy. He probably heard us saying goodbye"

On the walk home, both didn't say much. They simply sobbed. It started to rain. When they were almost home, Aisling leant her head on Soc's shoulder.


" I wish he could come back. I miss him so much"
"He's in a better place now Ash."
Aisling sighed. "You're right"
They shared a tight hug, neither of them wanting to break the hug, but eventually they did as it was getting really late.

As Aisling begun to walk up her driveway, she stopped and ran back to Soc.

" oh, and I almost forgot. Here is a spare of the group photo Aidan took. I figured you might want a picture with Ziggy."
Soc thanked her, and they shared a brief kiss as Aisling ran up her driveway.


Soc walked home in silence, reminiscing about the time when they photo was taken. The time when his friend was still alive. He was glad that he had an amazing girlfriend he knew he could rely on for support, and they would get through this over.

Meanwhile, as Aisling hung up her coat, she realised the house was empty again. She read the note on the counter. Great. Her parents were on another businsss trip. She locked all the doors and windows, and as she passed a photo on the mantlepiece, she smiled sadly. Looking back at her, it was the group photo. There, was Ziggy, smiling along with the group and laughing at something Beacon said. She would miss Ziggy so much, but she too wss glad that she had an amZing boyfriend for support and to rely on. Even though it was so hard for them to deal with tge loss of one of their closest friends, they would get through this together.

In houses all around town, Aidan, Beacon and Fiona, Sam, Solo and Aidan also looked at the group picture. It waz their last picture with ziggy. Some reminisced with tears, and some reminisced with sad smiles as they remebered the fun times in which that photo was taken. They would never forget their friend. He would alwyas be in their hearts.


The End