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Aisling and Soc ( a Ballybraddan fanfic)

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Chapter 1: The Poem
Soc had always liked Aisling. He liked her from the very start. It didn't matter that Aisling didn't play hurling, Soc didn't mind. In fact, he enjoyed having someone cheer for him. He loved how she was so smart and easy to talk to, he thought she was beautiful, inside and out. But most of all, he loved her kind heart. He liked her so much that he felt himself falling more and more in love with her, each and every day.

One day, he decided to write a poem for her. He kept it short and sweet. The next day at school, he admired her as he watched her help a first class student get to class. After long, boring lessons, it was finally break time. He ran out with the team, grabbing his hurl on the way. But, when he left a gust of wind blew the poem out from his bag. Aisling noticed it strewn across the floor.

As she picked it up, a happy smile came on her face. What Soc didn't know, was that she liked him too. She held the poem to her heart, reciting it in her head. She couldn't believe it. " Soc actually likes me back!" she thought to herself. Then out loud, she said: " I can't believe Soc actually wrote a poem.. for me... he liked me back."She didn't know that Soc was at
the classroom door, listening. When Soc heard her say that, he was relieved and ecstatic. The girl he loves, liked him back. He watched as shout it back in his bag, silently pleased his plan had worked. Then the rest of the class came in and lessons started, his happy bubble was burst.