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soft kitty, warm kitty

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Getting along with Jianguo might have been the hardest part of moving in together.

It was not Yibo’s fault. Yibo liked her the first time he saw her – just from the pics and videos Xiao Zhan proudly showed him. She looked like a perfect cat perfectly suited for her perfect human dad, with her perfect little face and her perfectly furry little body.

Naturally, she turned out to be an asshole. The kind that would look Yibo dead in the eye with her huge innocent blinkers as she peed all over his newest pair of Nikes or licked his bread that he left unsupervised for one minute. And every time these things happened, it made Xiao Zhan apologize over and over, even though it wasn’t his fault. They almost had a fight because he was insisting on replacing the sneakers even after Yibo assured him that it was all right, he had another 50 pairs at least (and those sneakers had been limited edition anyway, so). All in all, those were quite a harrowing couple of months, because he could see how much his cat’s assholishness upset Xiao Zhan but couldn't do anything about it except try to bribe her with treats and make sure to always keep his possessions locked up.

Thankfully, either the bribery eventually worked or Jianguo got over whatever kitty psych issues she had to work through because of having to share territory with the new human. Eventually she decided to just ignore him. That wasn't the worst arrangement, even though sometimes Yibo looked at her cuddling up to Xiao Zhan and felt slightly jealous of both. She really was a perfectly good, perfectly fluffy and squishy kitty, and he really liked cats (even if dogs were easier to get along with). But he had to make do with sneakily petting her while she was curled up in Xiao Zhan's lap and considered it a victory that she let him.


The first time Jianguo came to him on her own, Yibo thought Xiao Zhan had forgotten to feed her. By the time he had checked her bowl and his assumption was proven wrong, she had already changed her mind and went off to do her cat things.

Then she was back the next day to casually rub her face against his leg, and even let Yibo pick her up without struggling.

After that, it was a complete 180. Suddenly, he couldn't take a single step without a cat dancing around his legs and all but demanding to be picked up and petted. His lap was now the perfect place to rest, and whenever Yibo had to displace her, Jianguo would just stare at him with a completely heartbroken look in her eyes. It was, in fact, uncannily close to the look her owner had perfected. The only thing that was lacking was a pout.

Speaking of which, Xiao Zhan was giving him the pout a bit more often now. One would expect him to be happy that his boyfriend and his cat were finally getting along, but whenever Jianguo attached herself to Yibo and let herself be squished and poked and get called a good girl, Xiao Zhan would get that ever-so-slightly betrayed look on his face, the one that Yibo was absolutely weak against. It wasn't his fault that Xiao Zhan's cat now liked him, and it definitely didn't mean she liked him better than her owner – Jianguo was still very much her daddy's girl. But Yibo still made an effort to nudge the cat in Xiao Zhan’s direction whenever he found his boyfriend staring at them wistfully. And so it went on.


It was a lazy night at home when it happened. They were watching a movie, sprawled on a couch, when the cat slinked her way into the room. She stared up at them with her big yellow eyes, probably thinking about whose lap to grace with her furry butt tonight.

“Come here, girl,” Yibo called, because as much as the sight of Xiao Zhan pouting hurt his heart, it pleased him on some level too. “Do you want to sit on my lap? You know you do!”

Jianguo eyed him thoughtfully. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Xiao Zhan eyeing him too. Biting down on a grin, Yibo patted his lap. “Come on, be a good baby.”

After giving him another long look, the cat finally hopped up on the couch and plopped herself down exactly where he was suggesting. Triumphant, Yibo turned to face Xiao Zhan, expecting to see a pout on his face. What he saw… wasn’t quite that. There was a slight flush over Xiao Zhan's cheeks, and his lower lip was caught between his teeth. And it was hard to tell in the dimly lit room, but his pupils seemed blown wide behind his glasses.


“Uh,” Xiao Zhan said. A small laugh left his lips – a cautious, self-conscious thing. “You really Iike my cat more than you like me, don’t you?”

“You know you can sit on my lap any time,” Yibo offered. He very genuinely meant it, too: Xiao Zhan was spending far too much time not sitting on his lap, in his opinion. The cat was just taking advantage of unoccupied space.

“Will you call me a good baby too, if I do?”

In the movie still going on in the background, something exploded. Neither of them startled, caught up in a kind of a staring contest, but Jianguo sniffed and jumped off Yibo’s lap. Which was quite good, actually, because it was starting to get slightly awkward to have her there.

“Let’s see.” He heard his own voice going lower, and saw Xiao Zhan’s throat move as he swallowed. “Come here?”

He maybe expected a little more bickering, but there wasn't a single word breathed out as Xiao Zhan shifted on the couch and then slid into his lap, the heavy weight of him settling on top of Yibo with familiar ease mixed with the sIight awkwardness of long limbs trying to fall into place – like one of those big dogs who thought they were lap-sized insisting on fitting in a chair with their owner. The association crossed his mind uninvited, and Yibo couldn't help a smile of fondness, looking up at Xiao Zhan.

“A good boy, aren't you?”

A shiver went through Xiao Zhan – Yibo could feel it with his whole body. He could feel the way heat was radiating from Xiao Zhan’s cheeks as he whispered, “Mm”, and leaned in to bury his head on Yibo’s shoulder.

This was something he could never get enough of – the way Xiao Zhan always went so pliant in his arms. This man who was older than him, smarter than him, giving him the reins so easily and trusting Yibo to steer him the right way. And he loved Xiao Zhan so much for it – for everything, but for this in particular. So he meant it one hundred percent when he buried one hand in the short hair, wrapping the other arm tight around Xiao Zhan’s waist, and whispered back, “Yes, you are. My good boy.”

Xiao Zhan made a small sound and burrowed himself closer in. And made no attempt to change their positions as the movie in the background went on, with occasional explosions and shouts and flashes of light. Yibo watched it absent-mindedly, not tracking much of the plot at all as his fingers played with Xiao Zhan’s hair. It felt… calming. Nice.

Every time he stopped moving that hand, Xiao Zhan would nudge his head against Yibo’s shoulder in a silent reprimand. The first couple of times, Yibo immediately went back to petting his hair again. The next time he paused and waited for an exasperated “Bo-ge” before grinning and lightly tickling Xiao Zhan’s neck.

When the credits started rolling and Yibo stopped his ministrations once again, he didn’t expect Xiao Zhan to bite him on the ear. It didn’t hurt – was more of a light press of teeth than anything – but Yibo still yelped. And smacked Xiao Zhan’s thigh – half out of reflex, half on purpose.

Xiao Zhan bit him again.

So that was how it was, huh.

Yibo gave him another light smack. “Bad kitty.”

The way Xiao Zhan’s breath caught audibly had him digging his fingers into Xiao Zhan’s sides, because it was – he had no idea what it was other than it felt nice.

“Am I?” Xiao Zhan rolled his hips on top of Yibo’s, ending up, accidentally or on purpose, with Yibo’s dick right between his thighs and pressing into the underside of his balls. What a good thing it was that neither of them liked wearing underwear at home.

Yibo licked his lips. Xiao Zhan was looking down at him now, still flushed deep red but determined.

“You can be a good kitty if you want to,” he offered, not one to back down from a challenge, and shifted their hips to align them together even better, Xiao Zhan’s plush buttocks spread over his lap.

“And –” Xiao Zhan ran his tongue across his lips, “what should I do? If I want to be good?”

“Stop biting me, first of all.”

“Mm-hmm. What else?”

All right, so they were really doing it. They were doing it, and Yibo was so much into it he couldn’t believe it took so long, with how compatible they had always been in this.

“And do what I say, when I say it.”

A full-blown shiver went through Xiao Zhan at the words. Yibo watched a wet spot starting to spread across the front of his sweatpants.

“Tell me.” Xiao Zhan’s voice was breathless. “Tell me what to do.”

With one hand, Yibo reached for the remote to turn the TV off without looking.

“Take off your clothes.”

That came out husky and low, and Yibo could feel the way Xiao Zhan’s cock twitched at his words. Xiao Zhan took in a breath, as if on the verge of saying something, and then just twisted in his lap to silently pull off his own sweatshirt. He folded it before placing it on the other side of the couch, and Yibo couldn’t help it: the fond “Good boy” just dropped from his lips on its own.

Xiao Zhan winced as he stood up to tug off his pants, the discomfort of having spent too much time in the same position evident in the twist of his mouth. Yibo’s hands twitched to help him, but he kept them by his sides, watching as his boyfriend bent over to massage his own legs before finally shedding the pants. Then he just stood there, naked safe for his glasses and disheveled state – like a real kitten with its fur sticking out all over the place.

“Come here.” Yibo patted his lap, then immediately regretted it because poor Xiao Zhan’s knees, but Xiao Zhan was already moving, obediently climbing back on top of him. His hands fluttered in the air, hesitant, before landing in his own lap, covering his already hard cock from Yibo’s gaze.

“No, show me.”

The hands dropped down from his lap. Xiao Zhan had a really lovely cock: not too big, not too small, skinny and just pretty like all the rest of him. It always reacted so nicely to things Yibo did, too. Things like wrapping a hand around it and feeling the head already wet with pre-come.

“Be quiet,” Yibo admonished when Xiao Zhan let out an involuntary whimper. He loved getting these noises out of his shy and proper boyfriend, but tonight felt like the time to try something different. “There’s a good boy.”

Xiao Zhan’s hand shot up and pressed over his own mouth as Yibo stroked his cock slowly, spreading the wetness over it. He rocked his hips up, but Yibo pressed down with the other hand.

“Don’t move.”

And pushed Xiao Zhan deeper on his lap, hissing through his teeth when his own clothed cock rubbed between his buttocks. He was aroused now too, almost painfully so, and not keeping supplies in the living room now seemed like a huge oversight.

“Do you think I could fuck you like this?” His throat was so dry that he almost rasped it out. “With no lube?”

Xiao Zhan’s eyes went wide.

“I –“

“Shhhh.” Yibo gave his cock a soft squeeze, and it twitched in his hold. “I could, couldn’t I? If I just shoved it in, would you be a good baby and take it?”

Xiao Zhan’s hand, the one that wasn’t covering his own mouth, dug into Yibo’s shoulder, short nails painfully scratching the skin. Like a real kitten, he thought, half out of his mind with arousal already.

“Up.” He nudged Xiao Zhan until he could pull his own pants down a little, finally ending up with bare skin against bare skin. They both shuddered when his cock rubbed against the crease of Xiao Zhan’s ass. The slide wasn’t smooth, until Yibo reached down between them with the hand smeared with pre-come to spread it around his own cock. Then he pulled Xiao Zhan down again.

After that, things weren’t quite as coordinated. Yibo stroked Xiao Zhan’s cock, trying to rub off against his ass at the same time, and Xiao Zhan was now desperately biting down on his own fingers. Yibo gripped his ass with the free hand, and Xiao Zhan made a muffled sound when a fingertip touched his hole, but his hand stayed in place.

“That’s it,” Yibo breathed out, the grip he had on Xiao Zhan going lax for a moment. He could feel himself losing it, embarrassingly – didn’t expect to be the first one – and so he went for the kill. “You’re so good. My good kitten…”

Without warning, Xiao Zhan came all over his chest.

His body was still shaking with the aftershocks when Yibo pushed up against him once, twice, three times more, and felt his muscles tense up as he came too, barely having the presence of mind to catch most of it in his palm.

“God,” Xiao Zhan breathed out against his neck, and then immediately bit his tongue – Yibo could feel it.

For a few seconds, he considered telling Xiao Zhan to lick his palm clean, but that felt like too much, too soon. So Yibo just awkwardly wrapped one arm around him and pressed a kiss to his naked shoulder, tasting salty sweat.

They both stayed there, breathing hard, dirty and much too exhausted for such a short round of sex. Xiao Zhan was pliant and heavy on top of him, still quiet. Yibo probably needed to allow him to talk now.

He breathed in.


Jianguo was sitting right in front of the couch, staring at them with her eyes glinting in the twilight. It might have been a trick of light, but she looked accusatory to Yibo.

“Meow,” she repeated, and this time it sounded like ‘human, get out of my designated sitting space’.

“Oh my god,” Xiao Zhan muttered. He sounded genuinely distressed. “We traumatized my baby.”

Yibo burst out laughing.

He couldn’t smack Xiao Zhan back with his hands all dirty, but that was all right, he could bear it this one time.