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Worlds Apart

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As Jungkook closes the guest bedroom door behind him, he leans against it, and closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. He didn’t realise how much he needed five minutes to himself until now, the last 24 hours have been a complete whirlwind and his mind had whiplash from battling with itself. He decides to shower in here, he trusts that Taehyung would leave him alone no matter which bathroom he chose but since he is here, he may as well use this one.

He finally pushes away from the door and goes over to where his bag is, rummaging through it to find the loungewear he’d packed. The jersey fabric shorts and t-shirt could do with an upgrade like the majority of his wardrobe but he couldn’t keep borrowing clothes from Ash. He still can’t get his head around why someone like Taehyung would even look twice at someone like him, they are so different. When he enters the bathroom, with its black marble surfaces and shiny tiles, perfectly clear glass shower with its gleaming chrome fittings, he sighs. It feels like he’s in a luxury hotel suite but this one belongs to his now boyfriend and he’s been told to treat it like his own home. Unfortunately there are elements that feel all too familiar and the ugly feelings that come with that familiarity are the ones that cause him to overreact and become defensive. If he didn’t like Taehyung it would all be too easy and he wouldn’t be here right now, standing in a bathroom that probably costs more than his rent for a year but he does like him, a little more than he should.

He presses a button to start the shower and presses another with a plus symbol on it to increase the temperature displayed digitally in blue LED digits. The water instantly heats up, a fog of white clouding his space in the rather roomy shower. He steps closer to the jet of hot water, looks up into the stream and allows it to hit his face and massage his cheeks before he takes a handful of gel from the dispenser on the wall. While he washes himself, he recounts his conversation with Taehyung on the yacht and the one with Ash on the phone. The trip to London feels like a mammoth decision even if Ash made it sound like there isn’t really a decision to be made. Jungkook really does want to go, he can see the positives, it would be a chance to see his boyfriend in work mode, perhaps but also have a lot of personal time with him. He isn’t sure if they would have separate hotel rooms but presumes not and he would rather they didn’t because living with someone for four days would certainly be a test on their relationship and would give him an insight as to whether this really is something he wants to continue. The last thought is ridiculous, even he can acknowledge that. Taehyung has something that he doesn't see in many people, he doesn't doubt that he has a poker face attributed to his business persona but he has an innocence that shines through and can't be ignored. It's this genuineness that gives Jungkook hope, that maybe he is different.

London has been a dream of his for as long as he can remember but he doesn’t want that to be the reason he decides to go. He very nearly made it to Europe once, a family trip as part of his Mother's honeymoon and he recalls the sheer excitement he felt before it was all snatched away, along with everything else. He can’t allow himself to get carried away this time, won’t be blinded by the wealth and certainly will not be bought but the opposing thoughts tell him that he needs to trust Taehyung a little in order to see that he isn't like Ryan. As he switches off the shower and wraps a towel around himself, walking back into the bedroom, he stands near the window and looks out over the city skyline. The view is beautiful, it feels like he’s been transported into a whole nother world but one he never thought he would be a part of again, with hindsight he wouldn't have wanted it last time either. He dries himself off and looks at the shorts and t-shirt, he knows he will need to buy some new clothes, his wardrobe barely exists and after years of convincing himself that he can live on the bare minimum, if he is to stay with Taehyung, he will need to change that. He hangs up the towel on the warmer and catches sight of himself in the mirror, does he look like a poor guy? He looks like the guy he has been happy being since he left Ryan and his life, since he was forced to make the decision he did after giving chances and not acting on earlier red flags because everyone around him said it was okay. It is the feelings born from the fact that he knows he looks like someone Taehyung picked up sleeping in a doorway when compared to the CEO, that makes him defensive, his own issues causing the divide because Taehyung doesn't make him feel like that. When at work or at university, he isn't 'the poor guy' but the wealth that surrounds him is what makes it appear that way and his mind boggles as to why Taehyung doesn't seem bothered by it. His friends could see it, even when he was dressed up in a suit they made it clear that they knew he was different in the looks that they gave.

Jungkook carries his bag to Taehyung’s room, stands at the closed door and doesn’t know whether to knock in case he is in there. He decides to knock once and when there’s no reply he goes in, then needing to decide where to leave his bag in the immaculate room. Too many decisions, too much thinking time needed when life had been so simple before Taehyung dropped the obscene amount of money into his container and called it a tip. He knows that by being with Taehyung he will eventually have to give up the secrets of his past, the time in his life that he has tried so hard to move away from and be the person he is today. He also knows that his decision to be with Taehyung means that he will have to give up the identity he’s fought so hard to create and step back into the world he left behind but he wonders how the CEO will handle being taken into situations in his world, where money is irrelevant. He is still very much the old Jungkook but history has created something new. Jungkook knows that people like Taehyung don’t mix with people like him, he engineered the meeting in the park and the hotdog for that very reason, if Tae hadn't seen him again after that it would have just confirmed to Jungkook that he is just the same as everyone else with money... yet that hadn't happened and here he was. He still doesn’t know why Taehyung was in the subway that day or why he agreed to the smoothie or why he went to Dino’s or why he accepted the invitation to Jungkook’s place. As he leaves the bedroom he concedes that there are more questions than he has answers for right now but he is sure that the answers will come… maybe on the flight to London? If he decides to go, that is. The most important thing that comforts him is that it is the CEO who broached the subject of defining their relationship, whatever the reasons are, whatever the answers are to his questions, Kim Taehyung wants to be his boyfriend.

He pads bare footed into the open space of the living area, he likes the feel of the hardwood beneath his feet, he’s used to dancing without socks or shoes on so it brings a sense of comfort with it. Taehyung is sitting on the couch with his phone in his hand, brows furrowed and the tip of his tongue just visible between his plump lips. He looks so normal just sitting there, like any normal guy captivated by whatever it is he is doing on his mobile. It’s the fact that he isn’t normal that has Jungkook constantly second guessing himself because most of the time if he ignores the wealth and his friends, he thinks that Taehyung is a guy with amazing qualities and a kind heart.

“Hi.” Taehyung looks up when he hears Jungkook, he smiles when he sees the damp wavy hair hanging loosely around his face.

“Hi, I’m going to go through and finish the pizza bases if that’s okay?”

The CEO gets to his feet “Of course it is, Jungkook, please make yourself at home. I appreciate this relationship is new but I would really like for you to not feel like a guest here.”

Jungkook gives Taehyung a small smile, "I will try, thanks."

Once in the kitchen, Jungkook removes the dough from the drawer and takes it to the island in the middle of the large room. He already has a flour shaker and pizza trays ready on the counter so he can knead the dough and get the bases finished. He's very conscious that he is being watched as Taehyung stands beside him but he doesn't mind, he has a certain level of confidence when he cooks, even if said confidence may take a little knock once his pizza is compared to an actual chef's pizza. He loves the feel of the soft dough in his hands as he kneads it, sprinkling a bit of flour onto the worktop so it doesn’t stick as he works it. He tries not to pay attention to the eyes watching him but it is difficult when Taehyung insists on standing so close.

“Are you going to be kneading your face too?”

The question makes Jungkook look to his left, frowning, “Huh?”

“You have flour on your cheek.” Taehyung points with his index finger.

Jungkook smiles when he realises what Taehyung meant, “I don’t think my cheek needs kneading.”

“Maybe I could assist with the cheeks that do require a good squeeze?” as he spoke, he placed his large palm on Jungkook’s backside and squeezed gently.

“Knead… not squeeze… I don’t squeeze the dough.” he says with a playful cockiness to his voice.

“I stand corrected, is this more acceptable?” his hand massages the pliable flesh in its grasp.

“You have a good technique. Do you like your pizza base thin or thick?” Jungkook was trying not to be distracted but he wasn’t wearing any underwear so there was only one layer of jersey fabric acting as a barrier.

Taehyung leans forwards and without halting his hand movement, kissed Jungkook’s cheek then brushes his hair aside with his nose, “I like it deep, Jungkook.”

The tone of his voice was so low, the baritone seeping into Jungkook’s pores and waking every nerve ending, his breath tickling the tiny hairs on his face and ear, he swallows hard, “I will give it to you deep then.”

Jungkook’s response makes Taehyung choke and splutter a little even though he technically asked for it, he is sure that they aren’t talking about pizza anymore and after last night he definitely wants more “Please.” a word spoken as a breath because he is aroused and he hopes they aren’t talking about pizza because he prefers a thin crust.

The busker turns his head and snares Taehyung’s lips with his own, the dough sitting in a ball on the worktop in front of him, “I need to wash my hands.” he says after pulling away.

The CEO removes the hand from his ass and pulls back, he appreciates Jungkook not wanting to touch him with floury hands, even if he very much wants his hands on him. He stays where he is while Jungkook goes to the sink and cleans off his hands, once dried and free from flour and the remnants of dough, he walks back to where Taehyung is. He places a hand on his hip and pulls him to him, his member reacting to the quiet gasp that leaves the CEO and his mind going blank once more at how pliant this man is. He reaches up with his free hand and traces Taehyung’s cheek and jawline to his chin before he closes the gap between their mouths and connects them. Jungkook knows that his arousal is blatantly obvious as he presses his boyfriend into the worktop, their tongues entangled in a sensual battle.

Tae’s hands work their way into Jungkook’s hair, it’s still damp in places from his shower, he combs through it, the cold strands running like silk between his fingers. He exhales into his boyfriend’s mouth, it’s almost comical how he’s found someone that ticks so many boxes, in a subway station at a time when he thought he was happy hiring people as a plus one. His fingers tug on the strands caught between them as he angles Jungkook’s head so he can slide his lips along his jaw and take his ear lobe between his teeth. The gruff breath that filters from the busker’s mouth stokes the embers in his core and he sucks the soft skin of his neck, not enough to mark but enough to be felt.

Jungkook’s hands search for the hem of the shirt tucked into Tae’s jeans, freeing it from the waistband, caressing the skin underneath. His eyes are closed as he loses himself to the mouth on his neck, the dough can wait, they can eat later because all he can think about right now is getting his mouth on the man devouring him. He doesn’t know if the CEO is open to being fucked in his kitchen but he’s about to find out as he takes a step back, “Turn around.” The words are spoken with a depth that comes from being so aroused and the movement of his chest is partly down to nerves as he doesn’t know if Tae will play ball.

“Here?” with hindsight, it was probably a silly question given the way that Jungkook is looking at him but his sexual exploits have always been restricted to the bedroom.

Jungkook nods once, “Yeah, here… if… umm… if you want?” damn it! It wasn’t the ‘in control’ response he’d been aiming for but it was out now.

Tae doesn’t know the answer, he’s a little too surprised to register that his boyfriend is clearly nervous. What he definitely is sure of, is that he wants Jungkook, his dick is hard and restricted in his jeans which is very uncomfortable, he has one side of his lower lip between his teeth as he nods his head. Butterflies flutter in his stomach as he agrees to the unknown, something he is having to adjust to since he started spending time with Jungkook.

Jungkook’s stomach flips when Tae nods in agreement, “Turn around then.” he says, getting the strength back in his voice.

The CEO does as he’s told, taking a breath and turning around so he’s facing the worktop, he can see the ball of dough further along the counter to his right, thankfully able to place his palms on the part of the granite that isn’t covered in flour. His breath is stolen as he feels Jungkook’s hands snake around his waist and unfasten his jeans, the sound of the metal buckle on his belt loud in the quiet of the kitchen. Before he knows what is happening his underwear and jeans are gathered at his ankles, the hem of his shirt tickling the tops of his thighs.

Jungkook walks forwards and places his hands on the bare hips of the man in front of him, guides him to the left so he can step out of his clothing before he lowers himself to his knees and tilts his head to leave a trail of wet kisses across on the top of his left thigh. He moves across to the right but stops halfway to lick upwards between the ass cheeks in his hands. After leaving wet kisses over the right buttock he pushes with his palms to spread Tae open, his breaths interrupted by the sight of the awaiting pink entrance which he flicks his tongue over cautiously.

“Fuck, precious, you are beautiful.”

Tae can’t remember a time when he felt so exposed as he feels the tongue between his cheeks but he also feels desired when his boyfriend speaks. When the tongue dips into his hole, he groans and bends over the worktop a bit more, resting his forehead on his forearm, partly to hide the blush that he’s sure has spread across his face. As the tongue pushes in further, he finds himself pushing back onto it, the saliva dripping down his scrotum adds to the sensation and he can’t help rocking his hips.

The busker grips Tae’s ass cheeks and pushes them further apart, lapping at his entrance and mumbling noises of appreciation the more he rocks back onto his face. He feels slightly delirious with the knowledge that Tae is enjoying what he is doing this much, he is really starting to enjoy the way both of their bedroom personas seem to compliment each other and how they both slip into their roles so easily. He slips a finger in alongside his tongue, prodding at the spongy bundle of nerves as he dips his tongue in and out. He enters a second finger as he dips down to suck Tae’s scrotum into his mouth, the third finger pushes in alongside the other two as he sucks lightly on one of his balls.

Tae stops his hip movement, uses his forearm to bite onto and muffle his sounds when Jungkook is fucking him with three fingers and the suction on his testicles gives him more pleasure than he’s felt for a while. There is saliva dripping over his forearm onto the kitchen counter and his legs are beginning to tremble, “Please… please… Jungkook.” He speaks into his arm, the words unclear as more drool leaks out and the words sound wet.

Jungkook gives one of his peachy buttocks a quick bite before he’s off his knees and getting to his feet, running his hands up his sides. He leans forwards, “What was that, precious?”


He takes Tae by the shoulders and stands him upright, carefully turning him around to face him, wiping his chin of the saliva and kissing him softly, “I need to get a condom. Are you going to wait here?”

Tae’s chest is heaving, his face is flushed and he is sure he still has drool over his face, “I’ll wait.” He has always practised safe sex, never gone bareback with anyone but boy he wants to feel Jungkook properly and makes a mental note to have that conversation with him sooner rather than later.

The busker doesn’t take very long, he returns from the bedroom and nearly trips over his own tongue as he enters the kitchen and sees Taehyung still leaning against the counter in just the pale blue shirt. The rounded hem just touches the tops of his bronzed thighs, his hair slightly ruffled and his cheeks have the prettiest rouge dusted on them. Jungkook has noticed that Tae has a habit of sucking the right side of his bottom lip into his mouth, which he thinks is a show of his vulnerability and shyness, perhaps but either way, in reality it is actually more sinful than anything.

Tae’s eyes flit from the face of the man approaching him to the obvious bulge, licking his lips because he knows what is hiding beneath the shorts and he wants… he really wants.

“In a hurry, desperate to get back?” he asks, eyebrows raised and a playful tone to his voice.

He wasn’t expecting the look that Jungkook gives him, brow raised and wrinkled as he stops just out of reach, “Yeah, the dough shouldn’t be left.”

“I’d rather you put those hands to better use.” his eyes followed Jungkook as he turned to walk towards the dough.

“Such as?” the struggle was real but Jungkook was willing to exert his self control if Taehyung will persist in trying to be smart.

“Such as kneading this.” he lifted the hem of his shirt and bent over slightly, a large hand rubbing over one of his cheeks as he looked over his shoulder at the busker.

Jungkook takes the few steps towards Taehyung, standing close but not touching, “Why would I want to do that?”

Tae stands upright and frowns, he is unsure how he seems to get himself into these battles when all he really wants is to be fucked and resume what was happening before Jungkook went to get the condom. He almost pouts, not a full pout but he knows that the position of his lips could well be called a pout, “Because you want me?”

“Do I?” he smirks. He knows that if Tae hadn’t been so cocksure when he came back with the condom that he’d have him bouncing on his member by now but his stubbornness will ensure he doesn’t just roll over. He also knows that at some point, Tae will have to give in if his desire to do as he’s told is as prominent as Jungkook thinks it is.

The CEO almost gasps with surprise at the response, he certainly is not used to having to work so hard and he has this internal battle where part of him wants to goad Jungkook and effectively be a brat but the other part of him wants to please and wants to be praised. He steps forward but keeps his hands by his side, he isn’t a fan of rejection, it’s not something he has ever had to deal with on a personal level and it’s a rarity on a business level too. When it comes to work, he always makes sure that a company chooses Purple Aura and if they don’t, there are many more companies that do, so it doesn’t matter and it is their loss. He hasn’t come across someone like Jungkook who is so strong and bites back so easily, the goal posts constantly moving with each conversation they have.

“I want you.” he throws caution to the wind, honesty winning out over one of the many other answers he could have verbalised.

Jungkook gives a small smile, one side of his mouth curving upwards, eyes wide as he reaches out and takes a handful of Tae’s shirt, pulling him close, “You do?”

Tae nods a few times in quick succession, his hands still by his side, one side of his lower lip finding its way between his teeth as he points his chin downwards but looks up at Jungkook fluttering his eyelashes, “I do.” he whispers.

The busker’s hands make their way to his svelte waist, dipping his head down to place a soft kiss on Tae’s lips, “Kiss me.” it’s a demand, not a request, he’s done with the verbal exchange, his length aches and his boyfriend looks so good.

It’s only now that Tae decides he can touch, his hands flying up to thread through Jungkook’s hair as he does as he’s told and kisses him. A sound is omitted from him as he’s pressed against the worktop once more, his length regaining hardness instantly as his tongue seeks the comfort of Jungkook’s mouth. He tilts his head from side to side and he nudges his pelvis towards his boyfriend in an effort to make himself perfectly clear.

The busker’s hands reach under the shirt and seize Tae’s waist, the kiss becoming sloppy as their arousal reaches its peak. He lifts his boyfriend and perches him on the edge of the worktop, the kitchen filled with nasal breaths and throaty sounds. He pushes down his shorts and rips the condom packet with his teeth as Taehyung leans down to mouth at his neck.

“Let me do it.” Tae says, taking the condom from the foil packet.

Jungkook moves back slightly, his hands still holding Tae’s waist as the CEO rolls the condom onto his erection. A deep moan leaves his throat when Tae lets saliva drop from his mouth straight onto his sheathed cock, he continues to be surprised by him, barely able to verbalise his thoughts, “Fuck!”

Tae captures his mouth again, groaning as he’s lowered onto Jungkook’s member, it’s all so filthy and raw, the way he’s held, the way he’s lifted, the way he’s treated is quite literally a dream for him. He’s never had any complaints about his sex life but it’s always been quite formal and for a purpose, never heated and with the level of desire he experiences with Jungkook. That day he climbed into his lap when they went for the coffee in his car and he felt Jungkook’s hands on him, he felt the spark then, it was so great and he hoped it was a taste of what he could expect.

The busker’s biceps bulge and strain as he holds Tae and thrusts into him, grinding his pelvis against his ass, the attempts at kissing fail miserably in a clashing of teeth and an abundance of saliva. A fine sheen of perspiration dusts his body under his t-shirt, the lava pooling in his core threatens to overflow any minute but it feels so good, he doesn't want to stop. Tae's fingers are clasped together at the back of his neck as he holds on tightly, his body under Jungkook’s control like a puppet master and puppet.

"Touch yourself for me." The words forced out with a grunt.

Tae lets go with one hand and reaches between them, the movement unsteady and awkward as his body is jolted with Jungkook's pelvic action. He slides his hand quickly up and down his length, he knows he's close, he was practically cumming when his boyfriend was eating him out and fingering him open with precision. He's been in a state of arousal since they started talking about the thickness of pizza bases so it was of no surprise to him when his orgasm hit him, announced with a gargled breath as he rests their foreheads together, panting heavily and milking himself of every last drop.

"You're just perfect." Three words that tumble from Jungkook’s mouth as he too succumbs to an orgasm, breaths quick and heavy against Tae's mouth as he fills the condom and his hips still.

Tae presses his lips to Jungkook’s, he likes the way their rapid breaths are fed to each other as he's held tight. He waits until Jungkook is ready to stand him on his feet and pulls out so he can discard the condom but feels so fond when he makes sure that Tae is steady on his feet before he moves away towards the bin. He's even more fond when Jungkook says he wants to clean them up and leads him to the ensuite bathroom in the bedroom, asking him where the cloths and towels are kept as he fills the sink and wipes him over first, before cleaning himself. His sexual partners in the past have never been like this, very few have been in this apartment and he can't actually say he's experienced this level f intimacy with any of them. Tae has always been too busy, work has always been the priority and he's always believed that you can't miss what you've never had. He's comfortable in his own company, can always busy himself because there is always something that needs doing and simply hasn't found anyone outside of his friendship group that is worth making time for… until he stumbled upon Jungkook and he ignited something inside him.

"Where do you keep your clothes?" Jungkook asks, handing him a towel.

"I am able bodied enough to dress myself, Jungkook." He speaks softly, finding himself in new territory once again.

"I know but aftercare is important and I'd like to do it." He wipes himself down, hiding the smirk painted on his lips when he sees Tae's reaction as he removed his t-shirt.

Tae gives him directions to his walk in wardrobe that is bigger than Jungkook’s bedroom at home and so organised he knows Ash would vomit because he thinks that Jungkook is a neat freak. To his left are the long sleeved shirts in various colours, followed by short sleeved shirts, then polo shirts and a limit number of t-shirts. There is a rail of neatly hung blazers, knitwear and coats, followed by a selection of neckwear such as ties, cravats and scarves. On his right there were more trousers than he would know what to do with, mostly tailored, the odd pair of jeans and a selection of belts. Straight ahead of him was a floor to ceiling shoe rack and a full length mirror, so many pairs of dress shoes in a variety of finishes from leather to suede, some slip on, some with laces. As he looks up and around him, he is surprised by the mirrored ceiling and wonders why anyone would want that? He finds underwear and socks neatly folded in some large drawers underneath the rails and pulls out a pair of what he thinks are satin pyjamas from a drawer on the other side. The last time he saw this many clothes was when he was at the mall with Ash and they were shopping for a shirt for Billy's birthday.

"Are you lost?" Tae shouts from the bathroom, he's still sitting on the toilet seat after drying himself off and he tries to adjust to someone being so attentive.

"Sorry, you have a lot of stuff but I hope these are okay?" Jungkook appears, handing Tae the underwear and pyjamas as he readjusts the towel around his own waist.

"These are fine, thank you but you really didn't need to."

"I know but I like to. I'm going to finish the pizzas."

"In a towel?" Tae slips his legs into the pyjama bottoms and slides the top on, fingers nimbly working to fasten the tiny buttons.

"My shorts are in the kitchen." his t-shirt is slightly damp with sweat so he can't wear that again but be won't say that. He has very limited options so his shirts and going bare chested will have to do.

Taehyung doesn't get the chance to respond as Jungkook picks up his t-shirt and leaves the room. Once he's finished fastening the buttons he cleans his teeth and runs a brush through his hair, he looks at his reflection in the bathroom mirror and wonders if it's obvious that he feels such warmth towards the man he can hear busying himself in the kitchen. After hanging up the towel and depositing his shirt into the laundry, he hears his phone alert him to a message.

The space dust in metallics arrived at Serendipity today. I will go through the colours and have them dropped off at Aura before you fly out. Are we set to start filming once you're back?

I am waiting to hear from Jin, I need to tie him down to a few days so I can get the ball rolling. Everything will need to be set up before then though. Joon is waiting on a throne so we should be good for when I return.

Good. Yoon has the music and we were copied in on the email from Hobi about the dancers. Yoon has sent across a sample of the music so they can prepare. If you need anything, shout.

We are on course to meet the deadline. Did you get the call from Chanel?

You are the one who set the deadline so it's reassuring that things are running to plan and if not, just change it. Chanel can forget it, I'm not dressing the star of a top drama in one of their outfits on the terms they set out. They can come back to me if they're that desperate. The outfit didn't even have a clutch bag!

It sounds like a life or death situation.

Are you mocking me?

Probably, if I knew what a clutch bag was.

You are uncultured, I will forgive you. I've made you an appointment to get that mop of yours crafted before you fly out. I've already sent your cute PA the details and he's added it to your schedule.

Does Yoon know that you think my PA is cute?

Don't you worry about Yoon, he knows he's the only man for me. You should hit up your PA though, I keep telling you this.

I'm perfectly capable of deciding who I hit up, thank you for your concern. You know I like Jungkook.

So you say. The guy is a student, he's going to graduate and move on. Don't get too caught up with that one. Your PA however, is cute and isn't going anywhere.

I've never mixed business and pleasure, you also know that.

There's a first time for everything. I'll be in touch once that stardust is with the courier.

Taehyung shakes his head at his friend and smiles, he wants to tell him how his relationship with Jungkook has developed but would rather tell him in person. He knows that after what happened at the charity event, he has to get it right and it's because of the events of that night that things are so strained between his friends and his boyfriend. He hasn't spoken to Jungkook about his friends yet either but right now he wants to enjoy the time they have together, so he puts his phone on the nightstand and leaves the bedroom in search of his boyfriend, the aroma of pizza floating through the air the closer he gets and a big smile stretches across his face.

When he reaches the doorway to the kitchen, he pauses, leaning against the wall as he watches Jungkook milling around. The busker is clearly in a little world of his own, unaware that he has an audience, earphones in as he sings quietly to himself. The shorts he is wearing hang quite low, Tae’s sharp inhale of breath a consequence of the view. The natural light pouring in through the windows illuminates every curve of Jungkook’s upper body, his sculpted back on full display as he twists and turns taking the pizzas out of the oven and placing them on the worktop. Having a shirtless man in his kitchen is certainly another first for Taehyung, contrary to popular belief in the media, he rarely has had a man back here at all.

While Jungkook has his back to him chopping tomatoes for a salad, Tae walks up behind him and smiles when he wraps his arms around his middle, startling the busker who stops what he’s doing, “Hi.” he says accompanied by a kiss to his shoulder.

“Hi. I didn’t know how long you would be so I went ahead and cooked the pizzas. I’ve made a garlic bread too and just need to finish up the salad.”

“Wow, you aren’t looking for another job are you?”

“No, Taehyung. Believe it or not, I’m doing this because I wanted to do something nice for you, as your boyfriend now.” Jungkook blushes slightly at the use of the word ‘boyfriend’, he’s not quite got to grips with his relationship status yet.

Tae feels the busker tense slightly as he talks, sensing that perhaps he said something wrong but doesn’t understand what, “It smells delicious. Is there anything I can do?”

Jungkook starts chopping again, adding the diced tomatoes to a bowl with cubes of mozzarella and chopped basil, “You are helping by being where you are.”

“I am?” the question asked as he ghosts his lips along the junction of Jungkook’s shoulder and neck.

“You’re keeping me warm.” he says with a gulp, the lips on his skin forcing him to close his eyes for a second.

“I will stay here then…” his palms flat against his boyfriend’s stomach, fingers moving slightly stroking the skin taut over muscles, “... when it’s ready, I can take it through so you can put on a shirt. Would you like to eat at the table or on the couch?”

“The couch would be nice, if that’s what you want to do. I don’t need a shirt, I’m warm enough.” The extra nights stay and the sex earlier meant that his choice of clothing options had dwindled greatly. He’d been restricted as it was, carefully planned out what to wear and when, borrowing clothes and attempting to make sure that he was covered for the occasion.

Tae is aware that the puzzled expression on his face can’t be seen as he mulls over the conversation, “I’ll be right back.” He presses a kiss into Jungkook’s shoulder and disappears from the kitchen, hurrying through to the guest room where he enters the wardrobe and pulls out a box to take back to the kitchen.

Jungkook is filling the dishwasher when Tae returns with the box in his hands, “I’m done. We can take the food through.”

“Here.” Tae says, holding out the box.

Jungkook looks at the box then at Taehyung who is smiling at him, “What is it?”

He puts the box on the worktop and removes the lid, gesturing for Jungkook to look inside, “My friend, Hoseok owns a dance company and they have their own clothing line. When it was first launched, he gave us gift boxes with the items in it. Asking you to stay another night was a bit impulsive of me, I hadn’t considered that you were prepared for one night only so you can have this.”

Jungkook peers into the box, moving aside the tissue paper and finding various items, he pulls out a sweatshirt with ‘EGO’ in big yellow letters written down the sleeve, “I can’t take this, Tae. Your friend gave this to you, it’s special and I’m fine.”

“It’s been sitting in a wardrobe for years, I’ve never worn any of it, it isn’t really my style but I thought that as a dancer, it might be more your thing.”

Jungkook also finds a t-shirt, bandana, wristbands and sweatpants, all royal blue with ‘EGO’ embroidered somewhere on them, He’s heard of the company, he doubts there is anyone who hasn’t because it’s a big deal especially for those who earn scholarships or who have the money to afford the fees.

“I will borrow it and return it, thank you.” he can’t accept it as a gift but he really could use the clothes and Tae is looking at him with big expectant eyes. Jungkook can see that he means well and he believes him when he says that the clothes in the box aren’t his style, especially now that he’s seen the inside of his wardrobe.

“If that is what you would prefer to do but I will only put the box back in the wardrobe in the guest room, waiting for the next time you stay.” he says, picking up the two pizzas and turning to walk towards the living area.

Jungkook opens his mouth to speak but doesn’t really know what to say. He picks up the box and follows Tae out of the kitchen, “I will change and be back in a minute.”

He goes through to the bedroom and places the box on the bed, removing his shorts he puts on the sweats and t-shirt, choosing to leave the sweatshirt for now. He puts the box beside his bag before he heads back to his boyfriend who has laid out plates, cutlery and the food on the coffee table. The TV is on, with The Avengers paused as Jungkook sits beside him on the couch, he feels a little self conscious but a whole lot warmer than before.

“It suits you.” Tae says, leaning down and picking up a plate to hand Jungkook.

“Thanks.” is the reply as he takes the plate and smiles when Tae keeps hold of it and pulls him close to kiss him on the cheek.

"I thought we could start the movie after we've eaten?" Tae asks, helping himself to a bit of everything, his nostrils flaring as the delicious smells filter through.

"Sounds good." Jungkook is trying not to be too bothered by the fact that he is nervous as to whether Tae will enjoy what he's cooked. It annoys him that he is nervous and he swallows it down because the overriding feeling is one of contentment and comfort. He watches eagle eyed as Tae takes several bites of the pizza, the toppings had caused him the biggest amount of stress as he really didn’t know what to get. In the end he decided that a vegetarian one and a meat feast were the safest options until he knew what Taehyung really did like. He was staring, lips parted, a slice of pizza poised a millimetre from his mouth when Tae swallowed his mouthful and turned to look at him.

“Are you going to eat that?” the CEO said as he took another bite of the pizza slice.

“Oh… umm… yeah.” Jungkook replied, finally taking a mouthful. He didn’t know whether to ask what Tae thought? Should he ask? He looked like he was enjoying it but what if he starts comparing it to his friend’s pizza? What if the pizza he’s eating is just ‘okay’? But what if it’s better?

Tae munches happily, making noises of appreciation as he spoons the tomato salad into his mouth and cuts up some garlic bread to eat too. He is well aware that he’s being watched but decides he will question his boyfriend about it after he’s eaten because he hadn’t realised how hungry he was and the food is good.

“Do… umm.. Do you eat pizza often?” Jungkook is dancing around the houses, he is aware of that but he can’t bring himself to just blurt it out and ask. This is what happens when feelings are launched into the mix because a couple of months ago he wouldn’t have cared less what Taehyung thought and would probably have told him he could starve if he didn’t want to eat it. When he cooked for Taehyung before, it hadn’t really mattered whether he liked it or not, he doubts he’d have lost any sleep over it but it was different now because being in a relationship meant there was the hope of longevity so he would probably cook for him again.

“Not really. We usually eat at a selective few restaurants and pizza isn’t on the menus. If I have the desire for really good, authentic pizza, I go to see Emilio.”

“I see.” he shoves a spoonful of salad into his mouth as an excuse for not speaking any more.

“Even though I don’t think Emilio will be needed for pizza anymore. You have many talents, Jungkook.”

Jungkook whipped his head around to look at Tae, his eyes wider than usual as he battled to chew and swallow the food in his mouth, “He won’t? I do?” he sounded like a complete dimwit which he will also blame on ‘catching feelings’. The smile Tae gives him, makes his stomach swoop and a warmth floods through his entire system and Jungkook is bowled over with the reality that he may have snagged a few more feelings for Tae than he previously thought.

“Why are you surprised? Your taste buds are operational aren’t they?” Tae leans over and kisses the cheek of his boyfriend.

“I just… I don’t know… I thought…” he shrugs his shoulders “... I just expected you to prefer your friend’s pizza, I guess.” he says honestly.

Tae puts his plate on the table and turns to Jungkook, reaches over and takes a hold of his free hand, “Emilio is Italian, he could probably cook world class authentic pizza and pasta before he could walk and he is an amazing chef, you will see one day. The food you have made today is exceptional, Jungkook and you haven’t had the upbringing or tutoring that he has had. I don’t cook by the way so had we not established our relationship status earlier, I would have broached the subject after tasting this.”

Jungkook wiggles his fingers against Tae’s, he’s got that stupid ‘L-word’ expression on his face, he knows he does and he’s thankful that Ash isn’t here because it’s bad enough that his subconscious is telling him he has heart eyes, “Umm… thank you… I think.”

After they had both had their fill, they cleared the table and Taehyung watched as Jungkook found some containers to put the leftovers in, storing it neatly in the fridge… the fridge he had rearranged earlier. Everywhere the busker went, Taehyung’s eyes followed him, leaning against the kitchen counter, bewildered at the level of sentiment spreading warmth inside him.

Every now and then, Jungkook would catch him staring out of the corner of his eye, he could see Tae’s head move as he followed him around. Every time it registered that he was being watched, a red tinge crept up his face and at one point he felt his cheeks with the back of his hand when he had his back to the CEO… he’d hoped that the more he got to know Tae and the more time he spent around him, he wouldn’t blush quite so often but clearly he was wrong to hope such a thing. When he’d finished what he was doing he looked in Tae’s direction, “I’m done, shall we watch the movie now?”

Tae nods and smiles, his lips pressed together, dimples forming at the corners on each side, his eyes bright, “You really don’t have to do everything, my housekeeper is due on Monday.”

“Well, now there is less for her to do, then.” Jungkook says, walking beside Tae into the living room and settling on the couch beside him.

Tae starts the movie and spends the first few minutes of it watching Jungkook in his peripheral vision. It’s been so incredibly long since he’s watched a movie with another person, he tries to recall but can only think of childhood memories or the odd night with friends. He moves his hand towards Jungkook’s, his fingers wiggling underneath so he can entwine them. As the busker looks down at their hands then at Taehyung, he shuffles closer and kisses his cheek.

Jungkook’s face heats up when Tae kisses him on the cheek, he doesn’t even understand why he would blush at a motion that is a regular occurrence between them. He releases his hand from Taehyung’s and lifts it, unable to hide the grin when the CEO moves closer and curls into his side as he brings his arm down and gives his bicep a light squeeze. He rests his cheek on the top of Tae’s head as the movie plays, he feels so comfortable and relaxed as his boyfriend’s fingers move gently on his thigh. They could be sat in a movie theatre, snuggled in the back row, Tae’s screen is large enough for him to imagine it easily. As the night draws in, the room darkens, the only light cast from the screen, he sinks down into the couch a little more and smiles as Tae naturally shifts himself closer. They are so different, Jungkook can’t avoid that but he also can’t avoid the fact that this feels so right, the domesticity and comfort level is undeniable. When Tae lifts his head and looks up at him, he leans down and connects their lips, it’s so soft and a kiss that is barely there but they close their eyes and lose themselves in the intensity of the feelings that it brings them both.