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Worlds Apart

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"At least you aren't in Egypt anymore" Ash says, laughing in-between spoonfuls of cereal.

"It wasn't ever funny when you said it before and it isn't funny now." Jungkook looked at his friend and faked a yawn.

"Whatever. Chicago? Seriously, that's so sweet, it's actually vomit inducing."

Jungkook flopped down onto the sofa, nearly spilling his cereal "I'm still shocked if I'm honest."

"Please tell me that you're gonna go?"

"Of course I am. I still worry, Ash. I'm worried that he's chosen something he knows will work and that it's his way in. Maybe he thinks I'll be so overwhelmed that I won't see what he's doing… he went to a lot of trouble phoning the diner too." He spoons a whole heap of cereal into his mouth.

"Kookie Monster! I'm not going to tell you that it isn’t a possibility because we don't know… but… I don't think so. You only think that because of Ryan, which I get! You know I get it but you won't ever be taken in like that again, no one will be able to repeat that... I wouldn't let it happen. I'm pleased you're going on the date though… finally, an actual date, to go with all the other dates that weren't dates." Ash rolls his eyes dramatically.

"They weren't dates. This is a date. I don't know what to do about staying over, though… things heated up over text last night."

"Sexting too?" Ash mumbles, spraying milk and cereal out of his mouth along with the words.

"Mmhmm. And fuck! He totally responded to me saying about him being good for me."

"So you are right about him being a pushover under the covers huh?"

"Ash! Do you have to put it like that? The word you're looking for is 'pliant'. I don't believe that even at his most submissive that he would be a pushover."

Ash scoffed and then laughed "You know that in bed, he's gonna be your bitch."

Jungkook giggled "I hope so… but I still don't know whether to stay over."

"What's stopping you?"

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders "I know that if we make out like we have been doing and we are in his place, that's only going one way."

"OK, so… I'm not seeing the problem."

"I feel too much already but I can keep a lid on it at the moment. That level of intimacy will open the floodgates and I don't think there's any coming back from that."

Ash's brow creased a little as he frowns "You love him but can ignore that until you fuck him, then you won't be able to ignore it any more… and that's a bad thing?"

"I don't love him. I said I feel too much. But yes, that's basically it. If he is the way I think he is, it's even worse because the guy is practically perfect and that's so dangerous."

"It's only dangerous because you're gonna have to let those steel walls down and allow him in. The danger is that you might actually be in love with someone and have to get close to him."

"You’re right, I know you are but it isn't easy, you know? Besides, I just look at him and I get a boner, the guy is so fucking gorgeous, I swear he's not real."

Ash laughed out loud "just imagine how pretty his cock is"

Jungkook blushed "umm… well… I don't need to imagine it."

"What?? He sent you a dick pic?"


Ash put his bowl on the table and laughed again "well? Is it pretty? You've definitely studied it and don't tell me otherwise!"

"Of course it is…"

"Thought so. Dammit! The guy is actually perfect and he wants your cock up his ass."

Jungkook choked on the spoonful of cereal he was just about to swallow "He can have it. I definitely want to fuck him… decision made… I'll accept his offer of the guest room."

"Like fuck are you sleeping in the guest room or is that the same as the not dates?"

"He might wanna join me?" Jungkook winked and laughed, slightly embarrassed but he enjoyed being able to talk to Ash like this, he was the only person he could. "... and shut up about the dates that were definitely not dates."

"Ha! That's more like it. I want details! Maybe not all the details… but I still want details."

"You’ll get what you're given."

"Is that what you'll say to KTH when he's begging for your dick?"

Jungkook throws a cushion at his friend and laughs "now that was funny."


Taehyung had a successful morning, he’d once again leapt out of bed and smiled all morning, even treating Stefan to breakfast again but not giving him the exact details of why he was feeling a little like he was on cloud 9. The sexting with Jungkook stoked the fire, the reaction was instantaneous when the message first came through about how he thought about him being good for him, he had to read it several times before believing it was real. The way his toes scrunched into the rug as he began stroking himself slowly as he'd been told to do, the way his hips bucked up into his hand when Jungkook called him gorgeous. This was what his dreams were made of, he had a feeling that the busker could quite possibly be all of his sexual fantasies rolled into one and he really didn’t know what to do with that information.

He was relieved that Jungkook took it well when he told him about the date but he was nervous about whether he would agree to stay. Taehyung was perfectly happy to bid him goodnight after their evening and bring him breakfast in the guest room, if that is what he was most comfortable with. He suspected that once Jungkook was in his apartment, that the chances were high that things would escalate, judging by the make out sessions they’d already had, but he would be happy to comply with whatever the busker was happy with… even if that meant going to bed alone with a hard on. He also had to accept that he might not want to take that step and stay over at all, which would be a harder pill to swallow but one he would of course graciously accept.

Are you having a successful morning? 😘

It was stupid because he felt giddy just sending a handful of words and an emoji in a text. He was also aware that it was late morning and Jungkook had a shift at the diner so wouldn’t reply until he had his break but it didn’t stop him from smiling as he sent the text in reply one received earlier. He’d fallen into this routine of sending messages first thing in the morning and throughout the day when he was able to, sometimes he couldn’t because of a meeting or general work stuff but he always made sure he sent his very first 'good morning' text, even if it was at 5am as he brushed his teeth.

There was a knock on the door and Stefan appeared “Mr Kim, your afternoon appointments, Mr Kim and Mr Jung are here, Sir.”

“Thank you, show them in and can you bring three sparkling waters.”

Taehyung stood up as Namjoon and Hobi were shown through, taking seats on the two leather couches away from his desk. He’d already laid out the paperwork and set up a laptop so they could work in comfort.

“Someone looks happy.” Tae says while looking at the smile on Hobi’s face.

“I am, Emery is a really great guy.”

“Things are going well then?” Tae asks his friend, loving that he looks so happy.

“They are, which makes a change because by now I’d have found a fault somewhere but so far so good. He took me for dinner last night to Soleil and we know how difficult it is to get a table there."

"I'll bear that in mind." Namjoon said, crossing his legs and reading through the brochure on the table.

"It's good, it's really good. About time you found someone to put up with you." Tae said with a grin.

"So what happened to you after Saturday? What the hell was all that about?" Namjoon asks Tae, looking up from the glossy pages of the proposed set for the advert.

"Saturday?" It felt like forever ago, so much has happened since then that he'd forgotten.

"The escort, the charity event? Did you complain?" Namjoom raised his eyebrows.

"Oh you mean my catastrophic mess?" The CEO says honestly.

"Your what?" Hobi looked as confused as Namjoon.

"That was my fault, really. He wasn't hired to be there, I invited him."

"Since when? Why didn't you say something?" Namjoon leaned forwards as Stefan brought the bottles of water and glasses in, leaving them on the table.

"Because I obviously wasn't thinking and decided to handle the whole situation really badly."

"Oh no… oh no… surely not?" Hobi looked at Namjoon as he spoke.

"What?" Hobi asks his friend.

"Please tell me that you haven't fallen for a prostitute?" Namjoon looks at Taehyung.

Hobi’s mouth falls open "What?"

Taehyung feels the light rouge tinge seeping up his neck. "Firstly can I just be clear that I have never used a prostitute, you know this. Secondly, there may be a miniscule amount of truth in there somewhere."

"You've fallen in love with a sex worker?" Hobi is struggling at this point.

"No… no… can we please forget the whole sex worker element? I haven't ever used a sex worker, just the escorts.. but he wasn't… isn't an escort."

"So where is the tiny bit of truth? You're in love with that guy that you let us think was an escort?" Namjoon questions.

“I’m not in love with him but I do like him a lot.” Taehyung was fully aware that his feelings were probably more than ‘like’ but he couldn’t entertain that right now and certainly wasn’t about to admit it.

“That wasn’t the first time you’d met him?” Hobi was trying to catch up. He thought this is how people feel when they've just woken from a coma.

“No, we met about a month and a half ago, maybe? We’ve seen each other several times and I invited him to the charity event because he’s a dance major and I thought he might be interested in the classes they will be holding for the kids at the centre.”

“Where did you meet him?” Hobi is really curious now.

“In the subway, he was singing. It was that period of my life when I thought it would be beneficial to try the things that normal everyday people do, so I was catching the train to work.”

Namjoon pulled a disgusted face “Yeah, I remember, all because of that stupid drama, right?”

“Hey! I like that drama.” Hobi pouted after he'd been lucky enough to see the whole series when Tae watched it, after filming was complete.

“So, how did you meet then? He was begging and you just asked him out because he’s pretty?” Namjoon was finding it difficult to understand how someone like Taehyung ends up with someone like the busker.

“I left him a tip which he deemed to be too much and he would only agree to keeping it if I went for a smoothie with him. That’s how it started.”

“You agreed to go for a smoothie because some hobo put terms on the money you gave him? Are you serious? Come on, Tae!” Hobi didn’t like this.

“Yes? I can’t say otherwise because that is what happened. He wouldn’t have accepted the money so I went for a drink with him. I wanted him to have it, he’s got a wonderful voice.”

“Jesus! I’d have taken the money back and told him to forget it. What other terms does he have, that have you running around after him?” Namjoon was less than impressed.

“Now? None. Look, guys, I know it’s a lot to take in and I understand that Saturday was a bit strange but he's a really nice guy, I like him."

"Tae, we get that, we do but can you blame us for being suspicious? You… you… meet a poor guy who sits on a dirty floor in the subway, singing to earn cash and now he's got his feet well and truly under the table." Hobi said, taking a sip of the bubbling water.

"Look, there are all kinds of people out there that will take advantage of someone like you… hell! If you weren't one of my closest friends, I might bid for your affection, myself. You are a catch, to say the very least, I was at a client's house last week and her eldest Son asked if it is true that I know you and could I introduce you. It happens a lot and you know that my clients are wealthy and you'd probably have more in common with someone connected." Namjoon sits back in the seat.

Hobi puts his glass down and looks at Tae "What do you have in common?"

"If I'm honest, not very much but I still don't know him that well."

"So what is it, then? Does he give good head?"

"Trust you to lower the tone completely, Hobi." Namjoon says, shaking his head.

"Well? Don't tell me that you haven't considered the same thing." Hobi raises his brow at his friend who just shrugs.

"We haven't done anything aside from kiss so I can't answer your question."

"So what's the fascination with the guy? It doesn't sound like he has anything going for him apart from the fact that he's pretty. What can he offer you?"

"Joon's right, Tae, unless you have aspirations to be his sugar daddy and we all know that won't end well."

Tae sighs "You've made your point and I know you're simply looking out for me and I appreciate it. I'm taking him out on a proper date at the weekend, I'll keep you informed."

The chatter between the three friends turned to work as they discussed the upcoming advert that the group are all involved in. Namjoon made a few minor changes to the set, not entirely happy with the overall look that was presented but after a few tweaks, he approved it once it met Tae’s vision. Hobi showed Tae a few video’s of the dancers he was putting forward and between them they chose one with another in reserve, just in case something happened which meant their first choice was unable to fulfill what they wanted. This advertisement campaign was a big deal, if this went well, it would be very profitable for Purple Aura within the world of fashion.


Dino’s was quite busy when Yoongi and Jimin entered the diner, they managed to find a table towards the back, not really comfortable in the environment but needs must. As they sat down they spotted Jungkook taking an order before he nudged past one of the other staff who turned and laughed at him. They'd been able to walk past undetected, the diner was busy and they knew there was a strong possibility that Jungkook would serve them and they were ready for that.

“Inside joke, obviously.” Yoongi says when the guy laughed, turning to look at the menu.

Jimin rolls his eyes “Obviously.”

The guy who laughed at Jungkook comes over to take their order and both are slightly pleased that Jungkook isn’t their server, even if neither are sure whether he would remember them. Both Yoongi and Jimin are dressed down, hair brushed and shiny but nothing special, even make up wasn’t present on Jimin which definitely made him look different to the way he looked at the charity event. Yoongi loved his boyfriend no matter what but it always made his stomach flutter when he was fresh faced, always telling him that his natural beauty was non-comparable. They'd dressed down on purpose, wanting to watch Jungkook at work, maybe pull aside his colleagues and ask them about him or perhaps ask him what he's playing at, himself.

They watched intently as Jungkook went from table to table, taking orders and chatting with customers. He was spritely as he walked around the diner, delivering food to the tables and answering anything that a customer asked.

“He’s clearly well liked here.” Jimin noted.

“He’s a bit too charming for my liking.” was Yoongi’s response.

“Fake?” Jimin asked.

“Maybe. There’s something between him and our server though, don’t you think? They are very comfortable with each other.”

“I considered the same when our server whispered something to him as he walked past him earlier. Do you think they are together?”

“I wouldn’t like to say for definite but it isn’t an unrealistic suggestion.” "I think we should engage him in conversation. He might divulge information about Jungkook."

They were interrupted by drinks and food being placed on their table, Jimin looked at their server’s name badge. “Thank you, Ash.” he said, swapping the drinks around so he had the correct one.

“You’re welcome. Can I get you anything else before I take my break?” Ash asks with a smile.

“That’s all for now.” Yoongi said., watching Ash disappear into the back.

They start to eat, general chat taking over until they hear laughter through the small window near their table. The window is quite high up so not close enough to see but their ears prick up when they hear a familiar name. Their table isn't far from a back door with 'Staff Only' printed on a sign above it, the door wide open and a slight breeze drifting into the diner.


“Don’t look like that!” Jungkook nudges Ash as they sit on the crates outside on their break.

“Well, you look so stupid.” Ash laughs.

“Fucking hell, you’re full of compliments today.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yeah, okay… because you didn’t call me an arsehole as you walked past me earlier.”

“You deserved it, you told me my underwear was showing as I was serving that hot chick.”

Jungkook laughed loudly “That was funny.”

“You aren’t as funny as me so stop trying. Get back to sexting KTH.”

“I’m not sexting, Tae.”

“Who are you sexting then?”

Jungkook punches Ash playfully “I’m not sexting anyone, I am trying to read a message from Tae but someone keeps annoying me.”

“No more dick pics then?”

Jungkook glares at his friend “No, because it is a normal message… can I reply now?”

“Are you going to tell him he’s been good or does he only get told that when he’s sending you a pic of his dick or letting you drive his ferrari?”

"He'll get told he's been good, when he's behaved." Jungkook laughs, the idea is both erotic and amusing.

"Like when you tell him what to do?" Ash wiggles his eyebrows up and down.

"Exactly that." Jungkook blushes, still unable to get his head around the fact that this powerful businessman becomes so pliant in his arms and even over text, as he found out recently.

"Can you tell him to let me drive his ferrari?"

"I'd tell him to give me the ferrari before I told him to let you drive it."

"Think of the things you could get him to do once he's naked and in your hands." Ash grinned.


Jimin and Yoongi had heard enough, both appalled with what they'd heard and both now convinced that Jungkook was exactly as they suspected.

"I'm not listening to any more of this, the little arsehole, who the fuck does he think he is?" Jimin seethed.

"Come on, baby, I think we need to phone the others and see what they think about this. Jin is back at the weekend so it'll have to be zoom if he's available."

Yoongi left the money for their meal plus extra, they wanted to be out of there before Ash and Jungkook returned, he knew his boyfriend wouldn't be able to keep quiet. They certainly didn't want to lower themselves to the same level as the busker who had been so rude and highly unpleasant at the charity gala.


Jungkook laughed at Ash "I don't think I'd be able to think if I had him naked and in my hands. He just has to look at me fully clothed and I turn into an idiot."

"What do you mean, 'turn'? You've been an idiot for ages."

"Fuck off. Can I please reply to my messages in peace?"

"Yeah, yeah, carry on."

Good afternoon. You always sound so formal in text.

Even last night? 😉

No, not last night 😳

Are you on your break?

Yes, it's nearly finished. Have you had time for lunch?

Not yet, Daddy 😉 I've had a meeting which has now finished so I will have lunch soon.

Will you be working late?

Not tonight, I have a meeting with a restaurant so will go home from there. What are your plans after your shift?

I might go to George's and get some practice in because I will miss the evening rush for busking.

I thought you finish at 4?

🙄 Billy has asked me to stay on for a couple of hours.

I'll make a note of that incase I drive home via the park.

Okay, well, I have to go. Have a good afternoon. 😘

You too 😘

"Urgh! Look at that soppy face" Ash said "Come on, we have work to do, if you can see through those heart eyes."

"Fuck off, Ash, you're just jealous."

"I'm fucking relieved that you've stopped being a complete prick and accepted that you like him… one step closer to the annexe in your mansion."

"You're so annoying." Jungkook said, jostling his friend through the door.