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Worlds Apart

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Taehyung quite literally springs out of bed, which for a Monday morning, is quite an achievement. He showers and once dressed in a navy blue 3 piece suit with silk turquoise tie, he grabs his phone because he can't hold off any longer.

Morning. Have a good day 😊

He can't stop the smile that spreads across his face when he sends it, catching sight of the texts last night when they said 'goodnight' several times after their impromptu coffee date. He felt really good, he isn't going to let anything dampen his mood and he makes a promise to himself to enjoy the feeling.

Good morning. I will try. I hope your day goes well too 😘

Taehyung grins, thankful that he is alone because he looks daft and he knows it, unable to remember a time when he felt like this. The last time was probably when he was at university and seeing a guy in his class, the priority was education so having relationships was frowned upon. They sneaked around and stole kisses when they could, meeting in secret locations around campus, out of view from anyone that could get them in trouble. He always used to wake up feeling excited, looking forward to the day, it certainly made the day go by quickly. But he was young and life was less stressful back then, before he started Purple Aura and worked 20 hours a day to get to where he is today.

When he arrives at the building, he strides down the corridors, seeing Stefan sitting at his desk as he approaches, he suspected that he might be in early as he will want to hear about any update with Jungkook.

“Stefan, can you come in please?”

“Oh erm… yes, Mr Kim… Good morning, Sir. I will get your tea and be straight in.”

Taehyung paused as he opened the door to his office “No, no, I have brought breakfast, please come through.”

Stefan was a little shocked but did as asked and followed his boss into the office, scurrying over and taking his usual seat on the other side of the desk while Taehyung hangs his jacket up and places a take away box on the table. He looked at the box then at his boss.

"There's a peppermint tea in there for you and I didn't know what you like so I bought a choice of pastries and other items."

Stefan was very surprised, Mr Kim was a fantastic boss but this was very new. "For me? Is everything okay, Sir?"

"Yes, for you, there is no one else here who drinks peppermint tea." Tae said quite matter of factly.

"Thank you, Mr Kim… Sir… can I presume that the charity event went well on Saturday evening?"

"Actually, you definitely shouldn't presume that because Saturday went extremely badly, in fact it was a complete disaster."

Stefan was very confused. "O-k-a-y… so… what happened? If you'd rather not talk about it that's fine."

Taehyung sighed. "There was a situation where my group of friends thought that Jungkook was an escort and spoke to him a little harshly but they did that due to their belief that he was hired to be there."

"Oh, wow! Poor Jungkook… but why did they think that? Didn't you tell them?"

"No, it was entirely my fault for the way the situation unfolded."

"But, why? Why did you let them think that? Poor guy, he must've felt awful."

Taehyung took a deep breath.

"Essentially, it was down to the fact that I was unable to process my own feelings for Jungkook. If I told my friends that he was not hired, they would have treated him like we were dating and then there would have been questions asked."

"So the alternative was to let them think he was an escort?"

Taehyung rolled his eyes. "Apparently so."

"What happened?"

"He left the event after telling the table he had a headache caused by an allergy to bullshit."

Stefan laughed then quickly regained composure "sorry, Mr Kim… Sir… but I think that is amazing… good for him."

"I'm pleased he amuses you. When he was shouting obscenities at me in the street, I failed to see the humour, I must admit."

Stefan put his hand up to his mouth to try and hide the giggle festering there. "He yelled at you in the street? You followed him?"

"Yes to both. I couldn't just leave him, I knew I was wrong, even though when he first left, I didn't know why."

"I bet he's feisty"

"You could say that. He's a very emotional person as you have said before."

"Sir, how did you calm him down? Tell me about the rest of the evening." He said, taking a bite of a fruit laden pastry.

Taehyung takes a sip of his tea and picks at the top of one of the pastries from the box, sitting back in his chair.

"Once he finally agreed to get in my car, I drove him to his place, I explained that I was wrong but I thought I had a valid point when I asked him how he'd have wanted me to introduce him. While in the car we both admitted to liking the other and he was upset, I felt so much, looking at him and being unable to comfort him. Then there was the fact that it were my actions that caused him to be so upset and it was difficult to know what to do. He agreed to go on a date with me, a proper date that I am arranging and we went up to his apartment. I can't remember a time when I felt so helpless because he was so sad and it was written all over his face…." Tae sighed at the memory "... we fell asleep together on the couch and in the morning I thought things were going well but when I mentioned having brunch with Jimin… Mr Park… he closed himself off again and I left."

"You left on bad terms?"

"It wasn't necessarily bad, just uneasy. I was meant to phone him on Sunday afternoon but I drove to his apartment and took him for coffee instead. I was so frustrated that something came up every time I wanted to call him so I thought seeing him would be better, especially given the way we parted that morning."

Stefan smiled "That was a really thoughtful thing to do, Mr Kim, Sir."

"I so very much want him to know he matters to me. He can be very difficult but I have accepted that I like him so I would like to see where this goes."

"I can't speak for Jungkook but I can put myself in his shoes and tell you how I would feel?"

"Go ahead, Stefan." the CEO sat back in his chair to listen intently.

"I don't blame him for being so angry after the charity event, I would have felt the same, the humiliation was probably great. I would've been enraged and all my trust for you would have disappeared. I think you will need to bear with him because it's going to be a bumpy ride… if it were me, I would place emphasis on actions backing up what you say. Picking him up for a coffee was so sweet, Sir, it must've meant a lot to him. Did you leave things on better terms after that?"

"Well… yes… we spent some time kissing and it was a really relaxed couple of hours… even though, did you know that apple turnovers can really hurt you?"

Stefan giggled "Apple turnovers?"

“We had very little choice available and we had to use a McDonald’s drive thru, I ordered an apple turnover and it burnt my lip.”

“Haven’t you had one before, Sir?”

“I have never used a McDonald’s before, Stefan and I will not be using one again.”

Stefan was so amused by his boss “Where are you taking him on your date? It’s so exciting to hear you say that you’re going on a date, finally.”

“I am looking forward to it, I have considered so many options but I have decided to take him to the theatre. He likes Chicago and has only seen the movie, he is part of the production at university, where they are performing that show. I thought he would like to see it live.”

Stefan quite literally cooed at his boss “Oh my gosh, Mr Kim, Sir, that is so thoughtful and lovely and what makes it special is that you’ve put so much thought into it. I would be so impressed and it is thoughtful gestures like that, that will aid him in trusting you again, Sir.”

“I’m pleased that you approve, Stefan. Do you really think that he doesn’t trust me any more?” Tae hadn’t considered the longer effects of Saturday night and what Jungkook might feel, other than what he told him about being humiliated and hurt. He definitely hadn’t thought about trust and it saddened him to think that by not dealing with the situation to prevent it, he’d hurt Jungkook in more ways than he conceived possible.

“Like I said, Sir, I can’t speak for Jungkook but I would have my doubts now, if I were him. He trusted you enough to accept your invite and go with you, on top of everything else you’ve done together, so I think he must have trusted you to start with. It also explains why he was so upset when you couldn’t text him for a couple of days because he trusted that you would be in touch but you didn’t. I’m really only saying what I think based on what you tell me, though. Saturday night was a situation with your friends and it was your event so he was in your hands, Sir.”

Taehyung pondered Stefan’s words, he did understand his logic and he wasn’t proud of himself but it was done now, he couldn’t let it fester. “That makes sense, I do want to try. I have spoken to Mr Park about Jungkook now, so he knows what happened on Saturday evening. This is all a lot of effort, I think I am out of touch.”

“It isn’t an easy situation either, Sir. I think that Jungkook will keep you on your toes.”

Taehyung smiled… how true those words were!


“Why is it so fucking difficult? I said ‘amethyst’ and this is ‘emerald’... they aren’t even the same colour!”

Jimin was on the phone when Yoongi turned up at Serendipity. The shop was a quaint little place, decorated on the outside with large items of candy to make it look like the witch's house in Hansel and Gretel. Jimin always thought he belonged in a fairy tale but when it came to business he was quite evil at times so he decided that the witch's house from that particular story was fitting. It had a reception area at the front, where a little lady called Greta spent her day, immaculately dressed, extremely well spoken and feisty as hell when dealing with celebrities who think they can speak to her like trash. She has worked for Jimin since he started Serendipity and he was very fond of her, trusting her more than anyone else outside of his family and circle of friends.

"Good afternoon Master Yoongi. How are you?" She greeted him with a cheery smile.

"I'm good, thank you, Greta. Is Mini free?"

"Yes he is, he's in his office but beware because the dressmaker sent green instead of purple."

Yoongi pulled a face "oh! It's a good job that I've brought his favourite sushi with me then."

Greta laughed "He might calm down if you tell him you've brought tuna sushi with you. Did you remember the satay sauce?"

"Yeah, he's the only person I know who eats satay sauce with sushi."

Yoongi walked through reception into a sort of waiting area with four doors, one led to a corridor that housed the offices and an outside area, a second door was a bathroom, the two remaining doors were consultation rooms. It was a lovely place, furnished beautifully by Namjoon in the style of a cottage to fit in with the front of the shop. He opened the door to the office and walked in, Jimin was ranting on the phone but looked up and smiled at his boyfriend who held up the bag to show him that he’d brought lunch.

Yoongi moved across the room, around to where Jimin was sitting at his desk, the large gold and glass desk in the middle of the room, he kissed him on the top of the head before going back to the front and sitting on one of two armchairs nestled in the corner. He set the bag of food down and emptied its contents onto the small round glass coffee table, just taking the last item out as the phone was slammed down.

“Fuck!” Jimin exclaimed, running a hand through his hair.

“Mini, come and sit down” Yoongi looks at his boyfriend who looked stressed.

Jimin smiled, a half hearted gesture as he pushed out from his desk and walks over to his man, leaning down to kiss him before taking a seat in the other chair. He looks at the food laid out on the table and licks his lips, feeling like he’s the luckiest guy in the world to have such a caring and thoughtful boyfriend.

“Thank you for this, babe.” he says, taking a deep breath.

“What happened?” Yoongi asks.

“I decided to use this new dressmaker from Norway because one of my clients will really suit traditional Scandinavian dress and I specifically requested amethyst, then when it arrived this morning, it was emerald… they couldn’t be any different, Yoon.”

“Oh, even I know the difference. Lost in translation?”

“No, absolutely not. She was born in the US and her English is perfect.”

“Is she remaking it?”

“Yeah and I’ve given her a week to get it here, which I know is a strict deadline but she can work 24 hours a day for all I care, it’s her own fault.”

“Fair enough, I think. Hey, I phoned that diner and found out when Jungkook is working, I didn’t know if you’d have time after you got that call this morning so I went ahead and called them.”

“When are we going then?”

“Tomorrow lunchtime if you’re free? If not, he’s there Wednesday evening and for a couple of hours on Thursday morning. Really strange shifts but I’m presuming he works around his studies.”

“I have a meeting tomorrow morning but will be free at lunch, this is important, I messaged Tae earlier, like I do sometimes and see if he can do brunch on Sunday instead of Saturday and he sent an emoji in his reply.”

“An emoji? Which one?”

“The one smiling, showing its teeth. I mean, I think I’ll have to cancel now simply because of this dress situation but still, that is besides the point.”

“He thinks he's happy huh?”

“Yeah, he must but it’s worrying because if this guy is just after what he can get out of him, Tae is going to get hurt. You know what he’s like and it’s been ages since he’s had a proper relationship.”

“He’s never been out with a poor guy either… it’s so weird, Mini. Tae could have anyone he wants, we know there are guys out there who would sell their soul to be with him, we’ve told him enough… then this tramp walks into his life and suddenly Tae wants to be with him… it’s dodgy.”

“I get it, I feel the same way. I’m going to get a few people to do some digging because I don’t trust him. He was quick to throw a strop and walk out of the charity event too, I think he knew that Tae would go after him… it worries me that he’s got him wrapped around his little finger already and I can't believe Tae would follow anyone in that suit.”

Yoongi nodded, placing some sushi in his mouth “let’s see what he’s like in his natural environment huh? That should tell us a lot about him.”

“I think that once we’ve been there, depending on how bad the situation is, we should get the group together to discuss it. I spoke to Jin briefly on the phone this morning but because of the situation with the dressmaker, I didn’t have a lot of time.”

“Isn’t he flying out this week?”

“I think so, he wasn’t too sure when I spoke to him but he did say that he would be available by phone or zoom, so that’s an option.”

“We have ourselves a plan. Now eat up and relax, just for a while.”

Jimin smiled at his boyfriend, he was one in a million.


The plans were being put into place and Taehyung was excited, he just put the phone down after speaking to his contact at the theatre and arranging the tickets for the show. He was looking forward to telling Jungkook but was apprehensive too because he wanted to ask him to spend the night with him, he’d even asked the cleaner to make sure the guest room is paid extra attention, he didn’t want to presume anything.

He was daydreaming in his chair when he decides to message Jungkook, he’d planned to call him this evening but the day seemed to have gotten away with him and it was already early evening.

Hi, are you working?

Just winding up my shift, why?

Can I give you a lift home?

That would be nice, thanks.

Be there in 5 minutes.

See you then.

Jungkook was packing his bag when the texts came through, he’d spent the day in a bit of a daze, unable to get the kissing in the car out of his head. Taehyung kissed him in a way that made him want more, the way he allowed Jungkook to pull him into his lap and settled so willingly was still a surprise and a moment he replayed over and over again. During his shift today, it was Marie who asked him about Taehyung, commenting that she’d noticed a change in him, how apparently he appeared happier and there was a shine to his eyes. The skeptic in Jungkook told him that Ash had been chatting shit to Billy and Marie when he saw them last but it certainly got him thinking about whether there was any truth in it. He waved goodbye to everyone, putting his arms through the straps of his rucksack and hoisting it onto his back, unable to hide the smile when he saw Taehyung waiting for him outside.

“Hi.” he greets the CEO, always finding that shyness appear.

“Hi.” Tae responds “I’m parked around the corner today.”

“Okay.” Jungkook says, walking beside him, the smile still on his face and making him feel a bit daft.

When they reach the car, Taehyung opens the car door and kisses Jungkook on the cheek, making him blush more and he rolls his eyes at himself as he gets in, fastening his seatbelt before the driver’s door opens.

“Another act of spontaneity?” the busker asks.

“Not really, I was at the office late and needed to drop a contract off to a business nearby.”

“Have you had a good day?”

Taehyung pulls out of the parking space and onto the road “I have been quite distracted today.” he says, eyes on the road.

“Oh? Has your lip been hurting?” Jungkook twisted his upper body to look at the CEO who looked so good and he considers whether he has a suit kink.

“Oh… umm… no but I suppose it is connected to my lip indirectly.”

“Your lip doesn’t hurt though?”

“No, I think your lips have healing powers, it felt much better after we kissed.” he looks over at Jungkook briefly as he pulls the car up against the kerb outside the entrance to the apartment complex.

“Oh… I don’t think so…” he unclips his belt and opens the car door, feeling the heat rise in his face.

Taehyung gets out of the car too and leans against the door when Jungkook walks around to that side. “I think so, your lips are very distracting.” he reaches out and his fingers tug the sleeve of Jungkook’s jacket, pulling him forward.

Jungkook is standing against the CEO, his heart beating faster than the situation should have caused. “They are?”

“I’ve thought of nothing else today. You are a distraction, Jungkook.”

“Sorry.” he isn’t really sure whether an apology is appropriate because he doesn’t understand what is so distracting about him but he didn’t know what else to say.

Taehyung pulls him closer, it’s such a light tug on his sleeve that Jungkook isn’t sure how it has any effect but his body moves automatically.

“You haven’t anything to apologise for…” he says quietly “... in fact, why don’t you remind me?”

Jungkook places his hands on his waist, sneaking them around the back to where his fingers make contact with the car, leaning in to brush his lips against Taehyung’s, melting at the way they move together so perfectly. His tongue slips out and pushes past his teeth, taste buds firing as it finds the wetness of the CEO’s mouth. His hands press into his back, he swallows the soft sound that leaves Taehyung’s mouth as he pushes him against the car.

"Was that enough of a reminder?" Jungkook says, his heart thumping.

"I think that you should do it again, for clarity."

Jungkook smiles as he leans in "Just for clarity." He says as their lips touch.

Taehyung was reeling inside, the way Jungkook teased the inside of his top lip with the tip of his tongue, how he could feel the heat from the hands on the small of his back. He hadn't been kissed like this before, even Jungkook’s tongue was dominant, pushing into his mouth and setting the pace. Taehyung was quite literally melting, willing to give himself over to the busker that clouded his mind more every day. Every kiss they shared was always so sensual and had a level of intimacy that was unexpected.

"I might need more reminders in future." he says when they part, his hand reaching up to stroke the side of Jungkook’s face.

"I'm happy to oblige... for clarity."

Taehyung leaned in this time and left a soft kiss on his lips. He then took a deep breath because he had no idea how this was going to go when he told Jungkook about their date.

"I took the liberty of arranging our first official date and I apologise if I stepped out of line but I contacted the owner of the diner and asked for your shifts so I could book something."

Jungkook looked surprised, his eyes wide, eyebrows raised, mouth slightly agape "You did?" Well, that explained Marie's comments.

"I apologise if that wasn't the right thing to do but I wanted to book something and needed to know."

"Umm… err… that's fine… really sweet, actually." There had been a brief second of panic, the part of his brain that screamed at him that Taehyung was interfering in his life and was taking over but he couldn't listen to it when the man standing in front of him was looking at him so innocently.

"Okay… that's good. The situation is that I would like to take you to see Chicago on stage on Friday night but I would also like to extend the date… I would like it to extend through to Saturday… but I do have a guest room so please don't think that I am suggesting anything inappropriate or placing any pressure on you… in fact… the choice is entirely yours because I can drop you home Friday night." Taehyung thought that went badly, he cursed himself because he was used to public speaking and chairing meetings in lecture halls but this was frightening.

Jungkook just gawked, he knows he probably looks gormless but it was a whole lot to take in. "Chicago?" Was all he could manage.

Taehyung smiled… "Yes. You haven't seen the live production and I thought you would like to see it."

"Umm… sorry… I don't know what to say." he thinks that he's probably blinking more than usual.

"Please just tell me that you would like to see it and let me take you on our first official date?"

"Y-yes… umm… I… sorry… yes?"

Jungkook was speechless, he needed to think about staying over but the thought that Taehyung had put into the date had quite literally rendered him speechless and he really didn't know how to respond.

Taehyung leaned forwards and kissed Jungkook on the cheek "that was the answer I was hoping for. You needn't decide on anything else right now."

Jungkook moved closer and brushed his lips lightly over Taehyung’s "Thank you." He said, still in a daze.

When Taehyung drove off, he stood and watched until the tail lights disappeared, trying to remember how to put one foot in front of the other and walk. He actually laughed to himself on his way up to the apartment, the sound echoing through the halls, once in the apartment, throwing off his clothes and jumping into bed… he couldn't believe it. He was googling about the show when the notification of a message from Taehyung came up on his phone, he grinned like an idiot when he read it.

I'm definitely going to need another reminder soon 😘

He giggled… he actually giggled like an idiot.

I will happily remind you 😘

I can't stop thinking about how your lips feel.

I haven't thought about much else today, if I'm honest.

I really like the way you kiss me, I very much enjoyed being in your lap in the car.

I very much enjoyed having you in my lap 🤭

Fuck! Jungkook was so embarrassed but he could do this behind a phone and blush all to himself, face planting his mattress.

You turn me on so much, Jungkook.

Holy shit! Jungkook could hear his name in Tae's voice and his member reacted instantly. He was going to be brave...

You have the same effect on me. I think about you a lot, about how good you'd be for me.

Oh 😳 I'm hard now, thinking about how I'd do anything you say.

You'd be really good for me, wouldn't you?

Holy shit, Jungkook was going to die, he was only like this in the bedroom or behind his phone… but the heat in his face was like a furnace.

I'd be so good, I'd do whatever you told me to.

Are you touching yourself?

Yes, thinking about you.

Stroke yourself slowly, think about how my lips feel on yours, how my hands hold you tight.

God! Jungkook was rolling around on his bed, his own cock hardening as he typed… already horny because of the make out session against the car.

I am, I wish it were you stroking me.

I know, precious… speed up, I want you to think about how my fingers would feel against your most sensitive parts, how I'd prepare you for my cock.

Thought about that so many times. I feel like I could come right now.

Do it… come… you earned it.

There was a long pause before Tae replied and Jungkook was palming himself now, thoughts of how he sounds when he cums, how filthy he would say Jungkook’s name as he spilled his load. Reading back through the last few messages and closing his eyes to relive the kisses they've shared, feeling the weight of the man in his lap has him reaching into his underwear and stroking himself properly.

Would you like to see?


All for you *photo*

Jungkook came as soon as he saw the photo. Tae's cock resting against his stomach, milky drops splattered on his honey skin and he'd managed to get his face in too… fuck! He looked unreal and Jungkook was panting as he replied.

You are so gorgeous and so good.

I might need a reminder of that too 😉 Goodnight, Jungkook, the shower beckons 😘

Goodnight Tae 😘