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Worlds Apart

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Taehyung had driven home, parked up and was trying to remember how he got to his apartment while pouring himself a glass of wine. He doesn't remember anything about the journey and it seemed that only seconds after leaving Jungkook that he was pulling up in his own parking space. His fingers traced his lips all the way home and it was a huge punch to the gut to finally realise quite how much he liked Jungkook... the little voice in his head telling him that he shouldn't be so surprised. The sound of bare feet padding through the lounge was all that could be heard until he placed his glass down on the coffee table and sat back in his chair. The day had been a lot of fun, perhaps a couple of teething problems that threatened to affect the mood but overall it was a good day.

Taehyung very much wanted to ask Jungkook to the charity event, he also wanted to have Stefan’s opinion on what he should do about whether to ask him. Everything felt so awkward but he needed a plus one and since he'd accepted that he did have romantic intentions towards the busker, his morals wouldn't allow him to take an escort because that wasn't right. He knew for definite that telling his friends about Jungkook was a big no, no, not at this stage when he wasn't even sure whether Jungkook wanted something romantic with him, even if his subconscious flashed an image of the kiss at him at that point in his thought process, that didn't mean anything. The charity event started to look like a puzzle, he had his friends that couldn't know about Jungkook, just yet… he had Jungkook who he wanted to invite but couldn't know that his friends didn't know about them and he had himself who didn't want to go alone or hire an escort… his situation with Jungkook wasn't clear and he had a week to sort it all out… that really wasn't very long at all, when the only person who knows about Jungkook, is Stefan.


When Jungkook wandered out of his bedroom Sunday morning, his hair messy, loose t-shirt and shorts all crumpled, he didn't expect to see Ash staring at him while eating a bowl of cereal.

"Morning" Jungkook said, aimlessly turning towards the kitchen.

"Morning. Where were you when I got in last night?"

Jungkook peered out of the kitchen "Who are you? My Mother?"

"Obviously not." Ash said sarcastically.

“I went to George’s.”

Ash huffed loudly “Really? Man! I did not want that to be the answer.”

Jungkook rubbed his left eye, peering through the doorway again “What? Why?”

“I thought you’d gone home with KTH and fucked him all night.”

Jungkook blinked, trying to get rid of the early morning bleariness “He dropped me off here and then I went to the park.”


“Yes, alone.”


“Why what?”

“I know you’ve just woken up but this is way harder than it should be. Why did you go to George’s and why did you go alone? Did you two fight?”

Jungkook started on his right eye, wishing he’d just washed his face first “I needed a walk and thought I’d practice a new song. I went on my own because as I said, Tae dropped me off… well… I dropped me off, technically and no we didn’t fight.”

“Hmmmmm…” Ash said, a deep crease on his forehead as he furrowed his brow “... what happened? Why did you need a walk? Is this like in that movie ‘I, Robot’ where Will Smith is told that he has to ask the hologram the right question… because you are definitely not telling me something.”

Jungkook laughed, still rubbing his eye “You would definitely be funny if you were Will Smith.”

“As opposed to you, who isn’t funny at all.”

“I don’t need to be funny.”

“What aren’t you telling me? And what did you mean when you said that you dropped you off? I am losing the will to live right now! I. Want. The. Story.”

“Can I at least get some juice first?”

“Talk while getting juice. It isn’t like our kitchen is a mile away, I can hear you quite clearly from there, you know!”

“Okay, okay, chill your grill.”

“Get on with it.”

“What actually do you want to know?”

“Everything! Everything that happened after we spoke on the phone.”

The fridge door opened and closed again as Jungkook’s voice filtered through to the lounge.

“I apologised and he was a bit of a prick about it, then we had lunch. We went on the last few rides and one of those was that one where you get to shoot with the laser gun. You remember that one?”

“The one where you lost that time and threw a strop… that one?”

Jungkook rolled his eyes, pouring juice into a glass “I did not throw a strop!”

“I hope you didn’t strop in front of KTH.”

“Can you stop talking about stropping, now?”

“Did you win?”

“Yes, we won.”

“Right, so… you won, you were happy and you finished the rides. You bought a tacky magnet then came home.”

“Hey! It is not tacky!” Jungkook put the orange juice away and joined Ash in the lounge.

Ash pulled a face “Wait… I know you’re prone to overreacting but… did he buy that for you?”

Jungkook felt that tinge creep up his neck “That has nothing to do with it, it isn’t tacky.”

Ash coughed to mask the giggle that bubbled in his throat “Carry on with the story… he bought you a gift then what?”

“Then I drove his Ferrari here, we kissed and he left, then I went to George’s.”

Ash was staring at his friend, blinking a few times in quick succession but mostly staring while his eyes started drying out. He attempted to place his bowl on the small table but kept missing it as he continued to stare, lips parted, hand dipping down every time the bowl didn’t make contact with the piece of furniture like he wanted it to.

“If I’d have known it would be this easy to stop you talking, I’d have invented shit to tell you so much sooner.” Jungkook said, while waiting for his friend to speak.

Finally, after many attempts, the bowl was placed on the table and Ash took a breath “You kissed? And Ferrari? And you went to George’s on your own?”

“I don’t really know what to answer but I think yes covers all the questions.”

“Why did you go on your own after you kissed? Didn’t you want to invite him up and bang him?”

“Your choice of words leaves a lot to be desired, dude. Can we please remember that it wasn’t even a date so why you think I would invite him up here to take him to bed, is beyond me.”

“What sort of Ferrari is it?”

“It’s a 488 convertible. Cream leather seats and an absolute dream to drive.”

“He trusted you with that?”

“He said I can drive it anytime I want. There’s nothing wrong with my driving.”

“I know but it’s a Ferrari 488. Is it imported?”

“It is.”

“No wonder you kissed him after that.”

“I didn’t kiss him because he let me drive his car, you know me better than that.”

“I’d have given him a fucking blow job roadside.”

“Yeah well, that’s you and not me.”

“I’m actually surprised that you let him buy you a fridge magnet or was that a compromise because he wanted to buy you the whole theme park?”

“He didn’t say what he wanted to buy, he just asked me to choose something so I chose. You know I tried getting out of it but I know he’d have been hurt, he looked so genuine and said he wanted to buy me something as a thank you.”

“You should’ve just offered to suck him off, you wouldn’t have had a money dilemma then.”

“You aren’t right in the head.”

“Says the guy who got pissy because his boyfriend offered to buy some side dishes for lunch?”

“Fuck off. I won’t be bought.”

“Newsflash... KTH isn’t Ryan. I don’t get the sense that he even remotely thinks that by buying you some side dishes and a fridge magnet that he will have control over your life.”

Jungkook rubbed his face with his hands “He could be starting off small. Ryan didn’t start out big, did he? He wormed his way in, making everyone think we could trust him, using his money to make us think he was a good guy then showed his true colours. People with money think they have the fucking right to control everything, they think they can buy anyone and anything. The rich bastards think they are better than everyone and that it’s the right to behave the way they do.”

“Kookie Monster, I get it, I do but KTH isn’t Ryan and I don’t think it’s fair on him that you have this preconceived idea of who he is based on your past.”

“It’s not just my past though is it? It bleeds into every part of my life and I can’t forget it no matter how hard I try. I live the way I live because of it so how can I forget? On top of that there are the privileged arseholes at uni that remind me of why I hate their kind so much. I don’t trust them, there’s always an agenda.”

“What if his agenda is purely that he wants to get to know you? What if KTH just wants to be with you? What did he say after the kiss?”

“That he’d be in touch. He looked down briefly and for a split second I thought he looked shy but I don’t know. I was just handing him back the remote for the car, I didn’t expect him to kiss me.”

“Has he been in touch?”

“Not yet. It’s only 10:27.”

“Do you believe he will?”

“I haven’t thought about it.”

“So, think about it. Do you believe he will?”

Jungkook raised his shoulders “I don’t know. Belief and hope are different things. I hope he will but I don’t know if I believe he will.”

“Are you going to ask him out on a date now?”

“I don’t know. I still don’t know what he wants.”

“He wants you, obviously. Why wouldn’t you ask him out on a date now? Before, the problem was that you didn’t know if he liked you, well I think that it’s quite clear now that he does, unless he’s kissing lots of people, which is possible but it doesn’t alter the fact that he likes you, he might like lots of people… but he still likes you.”

“I’m not really sure how that helps but thanks.”

“Kookie Monster, this isn’t difficult, you like him so ask him out on a date. You have to try and let him show you that you can trust him. He kissed you and let you drive his car even after you were a bit of a dickhead over lunch, that says a lot.”

“We’ll see, huh? He could quite easily have slept on it and decided against contacting me.”

“I can’t see that happening. I bet he’ll be in touch. I’ll wait until you tell me I’m right.”

“I almost hope he doesn’t contact me so you’re wrong.”

“Like fuck do you.” Ash said, picking up a cushion from behind him and launching it at his friend.


A strained, breathy sound was forced from Tae’s mouth, limbs outstretched, arms and elbows locked as he stretched out on his bed, blinking in the early morning light that streamed through his window. His head felt a little fuzzy thanks to the wine he’d consumed last night while thinking about the day he’d had. He pointed his toes and splayed his fingers, a throaty groan leaving his open mouth as he elongated his neck to awaken his body. He was hyper-aware that one part of his anatomy was awake and had been since he opened his eyes. He deduced that the dream he’d had was the cause but he had breakfast to eat and work to do so he didn’t have time to wallow in the after effects of the scenario that caused his morning wood.

He slid his feet into his slippers, the flooring was just a little too cold for bare feet at 10am on a Sunday morning. The satin pyjama bottoms were loose, billowing like the sails on a ship as he moved swiftly through his lounge towards the kitchen, the elasticated waistband sitting below his tummy button. He pulled a white cotton t-shirt over his torso as he walked, his hair ruffling as the neckline stretched over his head. The yawn that followed, resounded off the kitchen cupboards and Tae rubbed his face, threading his fingers through his hair afterwards and opening the fridge to find a bottle of iced tea. He noticed that there was a dent in his pate and reminded himself that he shouldn’t eat after drinking wine late at night because later on he would be smoothing over the pate. He was one of those people who scraped at butter so it still remained even once he’d taken what he needed, he certainly wasn’t someone who dug their knife in and left a crater in it, which is something his Father did and used to drive his Mother mad.

Tae leaned against the white cupboards while waiting for his bread to toast, he frowned at the granite worktop when he noticed a discolouration and made a note in his phone to get someone to look at it. He loved his kitchen, the island in the centre was his favourite part, it was where his juicer and toaster lived, there was a small sink and a few other contraptions that he didn’t ever use (including a bistro style coffee machine) and didn’t really know what most of the appliances were. There were stools around the island so it was somewhere he liked to sit and eat breakfast, the window made up for one entire wall and allowed a lot of light in, it was peaceful. The cleaner that he had kept everything neat and tidy, she came once a fortnight to deep clean but Taehyung rarely saw her, unlike his housekeeper who he saw a few times a week. The kitchen rarely needed cleaning because Taehyung didn’t have the time to cook, even if he could, toast in the morning at a weekend was the extent of his culinary skills. His friends weren’t any better, there were only two of them that could handle themselves in the kitchen and the rest were simply useless. Jin was a good cook, not great but he was probably the one whose talents were wasted because he was rarely at home. When he did get the chance to cook, Jin cooked properly, with the fanciest ingredients and the most exotic flavours, it was never anything that you could class as ‘everyday’. It was thanks to a long term relationship he was in with a chef, that gave him the skills he had. Jin was madly in love, the guy owned a couple of Michelin starred restaurants and gave him lessons after hours, which everyone was skeptical about until Jin actually cooked for them and then they were just disappointed in him for actually having lessons and not getting dirty on the worktops. Yoongi was the other one in the group who could cook but everyone knew that if he was cooking, it would be lots meat, expensive cuts of Wagyu beef and exotic steaks and if Jimin was in the kitchen with him, they would definitely be fucking on the worktops!

Tae scrolled through the news on his tablet, munching his toast, sipping his tea and deciding what to send to Jungkook, message wise, knowing he wanted to send something but not knowing quite what to say. He ignored the little voice in his head that told him this was bordering on ‘relationship’ and he ignored the other little voice that said Jungkook would never fit into his world because he was well aware of both those things.

Good morning. Thank you, again, for yesterday. I enjoyed myself.

He didn’t know what time Jungkook got out of bed on a Sunday and he thought that 11am might be too early if he was the sort of person to lay in. He knew that he didn’t have any plans today, since they’d discussed it yesterday, with Jungkook saying he would probably play some games and squeeze some choreo practice in.

Tae was pleased when his phone alerted him to a new message, checking the stock market bored him:

I’ll have those sketches ready for the set next week. I’ll get them sent over as soon as they’re ready.

Brilliant. I look forward to getting them. Did you decide on colour scheme?

I went with metallic silver, purple, blue. The theme is ‘space’ so I’m going for vintage style with space age, modern colours.

Contrasting themes, I like it. Past meets future?

That should be the punchline! That describes everything.

I’ll make that the focus and tell everyone.

This is why you are as successful as you are. I’ll get those sketches over to you in the week.

Great. Lunch, as soon as I have time?

I’ll be there.

Taehyung fired off the new motto for the campaign to everyone that needed it, this was a big deal because if it was successful in propelling Moonchild as a brand, it would mean big business for Purple Aura. He was excited that he had all his friends on board, each of them bringing a piece of them into the campaign and the vision he had in his head, he couldn't wait to see it become reality. His friends were incredibly professional and extremely good at what they did, there wasn't anyone else he would trust with something like this and he was grateful that he had such a talented group of people around him.

He went back to scrolling and reading pointless news items that really were pointless but it was his job to know what was going on and by reading the news he often found out about companies that may be in trouble so could buy them up. His phone beeped again and he tapped the screen:

Good morning. You have thanked me enough. I had a good time too.

Taehyung’s insides fluttered and he didn’t even attempt to stop the smile forming as he chewed the last bit of toast.

I like to show my gratitude, as I am sure you have worked out by now 😉

Is that what the kiss was? Further thanks for the day?

The kiss was for whatever you want it to be for but it is not common behaviour to use a kiss to show gratitude to everyone.

Thank you for letting me drive your car.

Was that why you reciprocated the kiss? As gratitude for driving my car?

I kissed you back because you kissed me first but I was grateful that you let me drive.

In that case I will make a note that you return what is initiated.

Another list?

No, just a note.

Are you working all day, today?

More than likely but I’m not adverse to distraction.

I wouldn’t want to disturb you while you are busy.

You are a distraction, Jungkook.

Something we have in common then.

Taehyung grinned at the message, the kiss clearly having broken down some barriers as he felt a little more confident now he’d had it confirmed that the attraction was mutual. He wasn’t sure that the common ground of them both liking each other was enough but it was a start. He took his iced tea to his office and his computer came to life, he opened up a few programs and leaned back in his chair.

Are you practising your choreography still, today?

That is the plan for this afternoon but the sun is shining so I may go to George’s.

The park?

Yes, the park.

It is a nice day for practising in the park.

It is but if I had a choice, I would wait until it rains.

You prefer to dance in the rain?

Yes I do, plus the park is quiet because no one goes out in the rain.

Except you.

Except me 😊

Why do you like dancing in the rain?

It makes me feel alive, it brings a certain feel to the atmosphere and I like the sound, it almost gives me a tune to move to.

Taehyung liked the way Jungkook’s mind worked, he found that he was lost in the images of the busker moving in the rain, the scene was vivid in his head, even though he’d never actually seen him dance.

I look forward to seeing you perform, your passion for dance really comes across.

I am passionate about what I do.

Does that include people?

Are you asking if I am passionate about people?

I’m asking if you are passionate when you do people?

I don’t do people.


That is more accurate.

Are you passionate, then?

It depends on the man.

Maybe I will find out the level of your passion.

Maybe you will… that depends on how lucky you are.

I don’t operate on luck, Kookie.

What do you operate on?

I prefer to make things happen, rather than rely on luck.

Sometimes, it's luck that brings you what you need.

True. I will accept that but after that initial luck, it is your own actions that determined what happens.

And I will accept that 😉

What are you doing at the moment?

Is the next question - what are you wearing? 😉

That is very forward, Jungkook but since you asked, I'm wearing a T-shirt.

You know that I wasn't asking.

Do I? So you aren't wondering whether I am in fact wearing only a T-shirt?

Maybe, but you are at home so could walk around naked if you choose to.

Do you like being naked, Jungkook?

I haven’t really given it that much thought. Certain situations require it so needs must.

Absolutely and we all have needs.

Speaking of which, I need to help my roommate with something so I will talk to you later.

Nicely dodged 😉 Catch you later.

Taehyung put his phone in the holder on his desk beside his screen and smirked, pursing his lips in complete amusement. He enjoyed playing with Jungkook, the way he responded to questions and comments that were quite obvious flirting. Tae liked seeing what reaction he could get, hoping he would lure him into some kind of dirty talk because he’d noticed that the busker came across as more forthcoming over text. He was still trying to work him out, he was so defensive and snappy at times whether that was in person or on the phone or via text, he could be quite suggestive in messages and yet in person he was quite shy and bumbling at times… Jungkook was the mystery that kept Taehyung wanting more.


Ash’s laugh sounded loudly in the small lounge “Please tell me… please… your face is so funny… please… I need to know what he said.”

Jungkook looked up from the beanbag he was lounging on “He didn’t say anything and what’s wrong with my face?”

“Oh my god… I can’t breathe… I’ve been watching your expressions for ages and I’ve never seen you go red so much in my life. Please tell me what he said to get those reactions.”

“Fuck off, Ash.”

“Has he sent you a dick pic?” Ash said while clutching his stomach.

“What? No!”

“Come on! Unless it’s explicit, I need to know... and even then I need to know!”

“He’s clearly flirting, he says something highly suggestive then he says my name and the problem is that after yesterday, I can actually hear him saying it.”

“Why’s that a problem?”

“Because of the way he says it… it’s like… it’s… the way… just how he says it.”

“Ash's brows knitted together "This is a side to you that I've not seen before. I mean, you can get embarrassed easily by a guy, I know, but this is different. What do you mean 'how he says it?' Surely there aren't too many options?"

Jungkook threw his head back, meeting the floor instead of beanbag, which started off the hysterical laughter again as Ash heard the thump. He ignored his friend who was practically rolling side to side, tears streaming down his face as he cackled, shuffling on the bag of beans until his head was in a better position. He did have hope that Ash would fall off the sofa, which would serve him right for the hysterical laughter but doubted that would happen as he answered him.

"I don't know what it is about the way he says it. I just know that he has two ways of referring to me and one of those is wrong… so wrong… but also right… too right… but the wrong kind of right and… and I can't… I just can't."

Ash turned on his side to face the direction Jungkook was in, wiping his face from the tears, clearing his throat before speaking "That makes no sense at all. What did he say in the messages?"

"Brief summary… he mentioned the kiss, he hopes to experience how passionate I am, he is wearing a T-shirt and he asked if I like being naked."

"Holy fuck! He is literally fucking you with words! You seriously cannot be under any illusion that he wants you? That is straight up him coming onto you."

"He's like that in person too. So we'll be talking and he'll just drop something in that changes the whole meaning of what I said and it embarrasses the shit out of me. Then it's even worse if he says my name. Dude, the guy is ridiculous."

"Are you sure he's a top?"

"Why would you even think that he can't bottom just because he's so… so… erm…"


"He isn't dom, you need to Google that because he isn't dom. He's got a confidence and a strength in personality, I suppose. He definitely has no filter or shame but that doesn't make him dom. Besides, you know that sexual preference has little to do with your everyday persona."

"I know. I was only asking. I'm surprised that he's not a top."

"I bet he's a real pussycat in bed." Jungkook laughed as he speaks.

"Didn't he tell you that he does as he's told in bed?"

"Something like that."

Ash waves a finger at Jungkook, "I want all the details when you do fuck him. I don't want any of this shyness bullshit. I want details."

"You will get what you're given"

"Confirmation that you wanna fuck him."

"Ash, who in their right mind wouldn't want to? Even you."

"He's not my type, I prefer my men to have white Ferrari's"

"Now, that was amusing… for you, straight boy."

The friends laughed before switching on the TV to play a few games.


How is your day progressing?

Taehyung was taking a break, he'd eaten while working and now, at 4.23pm, he'd decided to send Jungkook a text. He'd spoken to Jin who'd phoned him earlier to say his job had been extended but due to a change in schedule, it meant he'd be back for the charity event so he would definitely be there. He also confirmed he would be popping in to Purple Aura on Friday after landing so he could look at the designs for the advert. The call ended abruptly due to the lack of reception in the building Jin was in, somewhere in Saudi, apparently.

It’s going okay. How about you? Got much done?

Worked solidly so I’ve got quite a lot done.

I’ve done some practice and gonna shower then grab some food with Ash.

Is that your way of forcing me to imagine you naked, Jungkook?

It wasn’t but I’m flattered that you think that.

You’re flattered that I imagine you naked or that I thought that was your plan?

Either is flattering.

It would be preferable that it wasn’t just my imagination.

What do you want? A video?

Are you offering?

I was joking, that was my attempt at humour.

That’s a shame, I will have to persevere with the mental image created by me, for now.

I hope it does me justice 😉

Jungkook, I doubt it. You are welcome to replace it with reality whenever you like.

You should be so lucky.

I told you, I make my own luck.

That you did. Good luck with that.

I almost always get what I set my mind on, Jungkook.

What is it that you want?

Another kiss, at the very least.

Maybe you won’t be successful in this case. There’s a first time for everything.

Perhaps, but you returned the kiss so I do not believe that success is in doubt.

I might’ve been caught up in the moment.

This is true, so does that mean that if I kissed you again that you wouldn’t reciprocate?

That would be for you to find out, surely?

Taehyung grinned to himself, that was a resounding ‘acceptance of another kiss’ in answer to his question, if he’d ever heard one, no matter what the busker tried to proclaim.

I look forward to finding out, then.

You do that. In the meantime, I need to go.

Enjoy your shower and food. I will be here all evening if you would like to call me when you are available.

Are you trying to encourage me to distract you from your work?

I don’t believe you need much encouragement, Jungkook.

Taehyung couldn’t prevent the image of Jungkook in the shower from creeping into his mind. The way he imagined him to stand as he ran his hands over his legs, up to his stomach, he’d seen his bare arms up to his shoulders when he wore the sleeveless top in the subway so picturing his biceps was easy. He suspected that Jungkook was lean but toned because of all the dancing he did, he could see the way his hand would disappear between his legs as he soaped up his scrotum. He closed his eyes as he imagined the way he would fondle his balls and run his fingers along his perineum, then lathering up his penis, how he would feel if it were Tae’s hands, how his flaccid member would grow with each touch. The CEO let a small whimper leave him as his hand headed south, the tips of his fingers dipping beneath the elastic of his satin bottoms. His dick tingled as it awoke, rubbing it with his palm, long fingers closing around it as his jaw relaxed, eyes squeezed shut.

His mind continued showing him the image he’d conjured up, the way the water dripped off every part of the busker’s body, how his hand reached around towards his buttocks and his fingers ran between his cheeks, skimming his entrance. Taehyung’s chest rose and fell as the image developed, imagining how Jungkook would slip a finger inside himself, wet and soapy, the sounds echoing around the bathroom as he added more fingers and found his prostate. Tae’s cock was hard in his hand, he dragged his foreskin down, the head bulging as he pumped himself, the dryness causing the movement to be slower than he’d usually like but it all felt so good he didn’t want to stop. As his mind played the sounds of Jungkook fingering himself, he wondered if he would sound as pretty as he did when he sang, how he would sound as he came. Tae collected the precum from the tip of his cock on his fingers and spread it over the head and around the sensitive rim, he could feel his orgasm seeping through his body from his toes.

He wanted to know whether Jungkook would be shy when he was being ridden and dirty talk was whispered in his ear. He wanted to know whether he could provoke him into fucking him hard, if his shyness would take on a different persona when he had Tae rolling his hips in his lap. Tae saw glimpses of that confidence and he’d made it crystal clear that he was the one who would be doing the fucking and the CEO wanted to be fucked, he licked his lips as he sped up his hand movement and groaned as cum dripped down his knuckles. The images in his mind, he hoped would become reality at some stage.