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Kink meme: Arthur/Theodorus/MC one-shots

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This is a collection of one-shots from over on Tumblr when I took smut requests.

Additional tags are listed below and in the summary of each chapter so you can see which go with which:

1: Contents
2: Spit-roasting (double penetration, deep throating, vaginal sex)

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“I don’t know, hondje, do you think you’ve been a good girl?”

She nodded quickly, the two of them driving her mad. Arthur’s fingers were warm, his grip hard on her hips as he rocked his cock against her slick pussy. The head bumped and teased her clit, making her tremble and moan as she tried to keep herself up on all fours.

He was so close to where she wanted him, where he wanted to be. She tried once more to push back and let his cock teasing against her wet hole.

“Uh, uh, uh, not yet, luv. Be a good girl and answer Theo.” She bit back her whine, cheeks flushed as she looked up at Theo.

The hard lines of his muscles glistened with sweat, his cock hard, ready and waiting for her mouth as he rubbed the tip against her lips, her chin. His eyes almost impossibly dark with desire. “N - not really.”

Theo smirked. “Exactly, you’ve been a brat.” His gaze moved away from hers as his hand slid to the back of her neck.

Some silent agreement passed between the two men before Arthur sank into her hot and thick, her mouth dropping open on a gasp. Theo took full advantage and tugged her forehead, his cock stretching her lips as he slipped inside, fingers tangling a tight grip in her hair.

“Fuck-” One of them hissed, maybe both of them as her body clenched around Arthur’s cock. Even now they tortured her, their thrusts slow, almost tentative. Theo’s cock would slip deeper down her throat as Arthur withdrew before he filled her pussy once more, Theo sliding his cock from her mouth until she could only desperately tongue the tip of it to entice him back.

Their thrusts built in speed and harshness until she could barely catch her breath in the dizzying pleasure. Her nose brushed against the soft trail of hair that led to Theo’s cock as each thrust pushed him all the way deep down her throat and she could more feel than hear the slap of skin as Arthur’s hips met her ass with each thrust into her wet pussy.

They’d slipped into sync with each other, both cocks filling her at the same time and seeming to leave her double as empty before she was filled again. Her mind blanked with nothing but pleasure as she tried to focus on the little things like drawing breath and the heat in her stomach and the shake of her limbs.

Her moans were muffled, gagged and cut short but their constant pushing and pulling that only made the pleasure burn hotter. Her orgasm caught her almost completely by surprise as the right spot suddenly sent her tumbling over the edge.

She really did shake and moan loudly between them, sure she would have screamed if her mouth weren’t full of Theo’s cock. Arthur’s hips stuttered and his thrusts shortened before he pulled her sharply down on his cock. She felt him pulse inside her, sure that with how violently her pussy still clenched and trembled in orgasm that some of his essence was sure to slip down her thighs.

Theo panted above her, something still smug despite the deep flesh of exertion and pleasure on his cheeks before he thrust once more down her throat and spilt every last drop he had. As he slowly pulled out she weakly swallowed every last drop she could.

They both eased out of her, letting her gently down on the bed as warm hands rubbed and warmed her stuff limbs, soft murmurs and kisses raining down on her body. Arthur snickered when he kissed somewhere a little too sensitive and she jumped, whining softly. The noise of pain told her Theo had given his hair a quick tug or his arm a quiet pinch.

“Wanker.” Arthur muttered, and she opened her bleary eyes to see the familiar put upon pout.

She just watched them fondly, smiling as she let the kindness and warmth of them wash over her hazy mind.