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Maiden's Dissection

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Albedo watches as Aether sighs, golden eyes dilated, arms bent back, knees pressing into his stomach and the bed in a strange concoction of stress position and articulated beauty. He is nude, offering to be Albedo’s test subject today had come with the risk of losing clothes, but all the better. How beautiful the other boy is, Albedo thinks. His perfect braid has come loose, sunshine blonde locks flowing down his back, sweat clinging to his skin.

The potion seems to be working; Albedo praises his work but not too much, egotism has no place in the sciences. 

“You seem to have a normal libido,” Aether jolts in embarrassment as if he forgot Albedo was there while enjoying himself. His precum beads adorably at the head of his erection, spilling over when Albedo lowers his eyes to meet it and dripping down the side. 

How cute .

“A normal libido means that we can proceed to the next step,” Albedo says, standing from his chair beside the bed. He bites the finger of his right glove, pulling his hand free of leather. He then strips from the waist up, folding and discarding his shirt and coat. Aether watches from the corner of his eye as if ashamed of both nudity and sexuality. He sweats when Albedo smirks and bends down to take Aether’s chin in his bare palm.

“Are you watching me? Are you excited for what’s next, my perfect test subject?” He whispers, his lips centimeters from Aether’s own. Aether wishes he could bend his arms out of the restraints and kiss the other boy deeply to quell his anxiety.

“I...ah.” Aether looks away, cheeks blushed with rosy pink.

Albedo steps away, leaving warm breath hot on Aether’s lips. “If you can’t say what you want then we will move on.” Aether mewls in disappointment.

The platinum-haired man steps back, takes a deep breath, and summons the sigil drawn on his back. The star on his neck glows a brilliant gold with the magic flowing through his body, the sigil humming with the same power.

Tentacles swarm from his back, golden magic solidifying in slimy forms that seem to move of their own regard, undulating and...wait are all those going inside him?

Aether swallows harshly as Albedo smiles, tentacles swarming to feel up the younger man. They grope his breasts, encircle his thighs and — one plunges to engulf his cock in burning heat of magic.

Ah !” Aether yelps and Albedo watches in amusement as he twists and contorts in so many beautiful ways. “Albedo, wait I’m not — AH!” The tentacle sucks hard on his erection causing him to scream and bite his lip, hard.

“The sigil seems to work as intended, responding to my desires to examine you.”

“This...nnn...this is what you call an examination?!” Aether pants, drool escaping his mouth.

“Of course,” Albedo runs his fingers through Aether’s hair as his tentacles explore every exposed inch. “But it is time for an internal exam.”

Aether swallows thickly, biting back groans as he bucks his hips, knees aching from the effort.

Albedo pushes Aether downward, face down, tentacles retreating and leaving him feeling so cold. His face is buried in the pillows, breath heavy in anticipation. The tentacles rub at his entrance, slime leaving him slick.

Some things can be tested with the human body and others with magic tentacles but that doesn’t mean that Albedo isn’t tempted to take Aether just like this.

But this is an experiment and he needs to control himself. The data he’s gotten so far has been breathtaking. Sure, outwardly Aether’s sexual desire seems normal, but the elemental traces that trace in his cum hints at so much more. He’s hard himself, erection straining at his shorts.



The tentacle swirls at his entrance before slowly plunging in, stretching his body in a way he’s never been before. Aether cries out, thrusts his ass, squirms, and moans. The fucking feels so deep and there's more to go.

The tentacle pumps, hard and oh god, it feels so good. Albedo watches oh so fondly as Aether moans and cries as the tentacle fucks him into submission, legs spread wide and ass aching for more.

He sighs as he reaches down into his shorts, stroking himself with two fingers against his head. Data collection is so exhausting. Cum slicks his masturbation as he watches Aether drool into his pillows, watches the tentacle slick into Aether with ever-growing arousal. God can this brat hurry up and cum so Albedo can get his results? Eventually, combined with Aether's moans and the slick sound of slime on flesh, two fingers becomes his whole bare fist wrapped around his cock. He grunts, sweating under the effort of both controlling himself and his magic.

"Slow dowwwn," Aether sobs, nails digging into his arms for some form of stability. "Albedo...Albedo! Pluhese unh."

"You know what results I need from you." Another tentacle joins the first inside Aether and that gets a reaction. He jolts off the bed, screaming in pleasure as the slick heat becomes too much.


"You're so close, aren't you?"

Aether doesn't respond as the orgasm shakes his body, thick ropes of cum splattering against the sheets. Albedo shivers as his own orgasm runs up his spine, cum warm against his fingertips. The tentacles shiver out of reality as his control dissipates, leaving Aether's ass wet and appealing.

Albedo removes his other glove, bends down, and takes a sample of Aether's orgasm with two fingers. "Perfect. Just what I need." He then takes his fingers and runs his tounge over them, tasting the remnants of the elements and slight bitterness in the thick cum. 

"We..ll?" Aether pants, exhaustion threatening to take him.

Albedo smirks, the devil deep inside him.