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J a e g e r : L a s t H e r o

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Where are we?

What happened?

It seems that we crash landed, sir.

We destroyed one of the planet’s intelligent creatures, sir!

Can we restore it?

We only have enough bio matter left over to restore the plant it was sleeping under…

Then use the weapons! It’s not like we need them anyway!

Are you sure, sir? These are the most advanced weapons in this entire sector...!

We can’t afford to have interfered with a pre - space age planet. Rebuild the creature.

… Right away, sir.

Don't let it remember us.

Yes, sir.


Eren’s head felt fuzzy… his eyes hurt.... And he heard a voice. It said:

“System reboot initiated. Activating * Information Redacted*”

Not that he would not be able to remember this. The strange visitors made sure of that.




Eren. Wake up.” Eren’s eyes flew open and he gasped what felt like his first breath of air in a long time. He was thirsty...