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Lethal Weapon

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Diaz had escaped


Derek had contacted Cody to let him know, as Diaz would probably be out for his blood.


Unfortunately, he was right.


A few days later, Cody was awoken during the night by a shrill scream coming from his parents' bedroom.


Springing out of bed, with Alex on his tail, flinging their bedroom door open, his eyes caught his mother sprawled on the floor, his father doing his best to defend her from their attacker: Diaz


The ex-agent looked up at the two younger boys' entrance

"Banks," he growled, his teeth being the only thing visible in the dim moonlight.


"Alex, get out of here, " Cody whispered harshly. 

"I wanna see," his brother protested 

"Alex!" Cody snapped.


Alex took a few steps back, surprised by the ferocity of his words.


"Aw, trying to protect your little brother, are you?" Diaz sneered, "pity it's all for nothing!" 


With that, he lunged at Cody, who dodged the attack while pulling a weapon from his pocket.


"A pen-knife?" Diaz chuckled, incredulously


Cody had taken to keeping his parents' gift with him while he slept, pre-empting such an occasion. His parents stared at him in surprise and fear. Was he really going to fight this lunatic?


Diaz lunged at Cody, who dodged the attack and retaliated with a blow of his own.


The fight continued in a similar fashion, like a dance. Cody's family watched in awe. Where had he to fight like that?


Eventually, Diaz got the upper hand. He swiped the pen-knife from Cody's grasp, flinging it across the room. Cody had managed to keep one part of it, though. It might not be the most deadly, but certainly did the trick.


Moving forwards unexpectedly, Diaz could do nothing to stop the attack. Cody plunged the tweezers into Diaz's eye. 


Diaz let out a screech of pain, stumbling backwards.


Taking advantage of this, Cody sent a sharp kick towards his chest, which sent the villain flying into the wall, before he slumped, unconscious .


Breathing heavily from exhaustion, Cody turned to check on his family. They were wide-eyed in shock. His parents were sheltering Alex between them, while he was staring at Cody as if he had grown another head.


Cody had no idea how he was going to explain this to them.  




"Cody. Jonathan. Banks, you explain yourself right now!"


Cody sighed. Here goes nothing.

 "I'm a CIA agent."


His parents gaped at him. They had not been expecting that.


"How?" his dad asked.


So, he explained to them. How he had been recruited, trained, Kamp Woody, his first mission with Natalie Conners and his mission in London the previous year. He also explained who Diaz was, and why he had been out for his blood.


Shortly afterwards, the Director arrived. Cody explained what had happened. Needless to say, he wasn't happy about Cody's family finding out, but nothing could be helped. Cody was one of their top agents. They needed him in the field. 


MacAllistar pulled his parents aside and explained this to them. After a lot of persuasion, they reluctantly agreed to let him continue as an agent. 


Cody, meanwhile, was happy. A burden had been lifted from his chest.


And now he could finally explain to his parents how he had really met Emily Sommers.