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Extra Credit

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To be frank, you couldn’t put your fingers on what gave you the courage. The fact that you were the type of person who wouldn’t stop until you got your hands on what you wanted, the sheer attractiveness of your new professor, or the way you could see the attraction between the two of you went both ways. Or maybe all factors combined. 

It was kind of expected. You liked smart guys and he liked hot women. 

So that was how you found yourself standing in front of Professor Kang’s door, that fateful Friday evening. Double checking to ensure the top buttons of your blouse were loosened, you took a deep breath, and knocked. “Come in,” was heard and you pushed the door open, walking in and closing it behind you. He was working on some paperwork, his eyesight fixed towards his table, not even paying attention to you.

You cleared your throat and locked the door, the click of the door lock catching his attention as he finally looked up.

You walked up to him as he asked, “Anything I can help you with?”

You looked at him and his perfectly parted hair, the ones that had you wondering how they would feel under your fingers. His glasses sat pretty on his nose bridge, sharp jawline slightly flexing as his gaze shifted to you walking closer.

“Hi, Professor. I’m from your Marketing class?” Vague. Even though you knew he needed no introductions. You chewed on your bottom lip subconsciously as you tried to compose yourself.

“I have a proposal. You know, for extra credit?”

You weren’t exactly being subtle, and you were certain that he got the idea.

He twirled the pen in his hand, eyebrow cocked as his eyes travelled from your face, to your slightly exposed chest. Not subtle. Kang Younghyun wasn’t stupid, the flirtatious gazes you were giving him in classes didn’t go unnoticed, and right now you were literally standing in front of him with an unbuttoned blouse. Even a stupid person could decipher the situation. 

And he wasn’t complaining. He definitely wasn’t. But it didn’t mean he would give in easily.

 “Hmm, it’s still quite early in the semester, you’re very enthusiastic, eh?”

“I just like to be prepared.”

He chuckled at you, leaning back in his seat. Inviting.

You walked closer to him, now standing next to his table, “I’m also struggling to focus in class.”

Younghyun placed his pen down, putting the cap on, “And why is that exactly?”

“I think of the things I want you to do to me.”

Hearing that, he took your hand and pulled you towards him, your body now bent forward towards his sitting figure. He held your chin in his hand as his eyes looked deep into yours, before travelling down to your lips, and then your exposed cleavage. He ran his index finger alongside your neck, travelling down to trace your breasts that were peeking out of your barely-hanging blouse.

You closed your eyes as you reveled in his touch, so light and modest yet was anything but innocent.

He placed his finger underneath your chin again, applying pressure, making you tilt your head upwards. He inched closer to your face, stopping when he was barely centimetres away from your lips. You let out a whine and the corner of his lips hitched upwards.

You took the chance and kissed him first, closing the gap as you placed your hands on his shoulder. His hands gripped harder on your blouse, draggin you towards closer, making you straddle him as he tilt his head to the side, allowing you to deepen the kiss.

He nibbled on your bottom lip, tugging them between his teeth slightly and licking at them. You whined at the sensation, your open mouth inviting his tongue inside.

He noticed that you were trying to pull away as you were running out of breath yet his hands were holding onto you so firmly, you were forced to be held in palce. You dug your nails into his shoulder, and he hissed into the kiss, feeling the sharp edges stinging his skin. He let go of you, but held your bottom lip between his teeth as you pulled back your air.

You rested your forehead on his as you panted, “You’re a good kisser.”

You were brushing his ego, effectively so, making him stand up, placing you on his table. His hands travelled underneath your blouse as he unclasped your bra, yanking it off and putting it in his drawers, nonchalantly. “Keep the blouse on, I like the look.” He said as he ran his hands across your chest, your blouse crinkling underneath his touch, you involuntarily arching towards him.

When he let go of you, both of your gazes fell towards you nipples, all perked up, the slight tent obvious on the chiffon blouse.

He clutched your blouse with his hands, yanking them downwards in one strong motion, your breasts spilling out from the modestly unbuttoned top part. Taking hold of them, a grunt escaped his mouth, liking the way they fit in his hands, giving you soft squeezes, enjoying the way you were holding back and clearly struggling to keep yourself composed.

Younghyun lowered his head and started kissing the pair of flesh. You felt his teeth grazing the soft skin and your hands instinctively tangled in his hair. He started sucking on them, making purplish hickeys bloom on your skin, and your body arched towards him, your breaths hitching until you let out a whine. He stopped moving.

His face buried in your chest, he grumbled, “You gotta keep quiet, love. Or else everyone’s gonna know about your extracurricular proposal.”

You stammered, “Y-yes Professor,”

He let go of you and stood back up, unbuttoning the cuffs on his wrist, and folding his sleeves up, “I can’t get my shirt dirty, or else everyone’s gonna notice aren’t they?”

You swallowed at the implications, struggling to steady your breath. Younghyun pushed your skirt up, and clucked his tongue as he yanked your panties down, the flimsy fabric soaked through by your wet core.

Without warning, he touched your folds and you brought your hand to your mouth to suppress your moans.

Using two fingers, he spread your arousal, opening up the lips, gauging your reaction. The cold air of his room hit your warmth every time he spread them open, the contrast making you feeling more and more needy. He pressed his palm to your core and started pulsing his hand, causing you to fall forward into his shoulder, your arm slung around his neck.

He pressed his thumb to your clit and moved in slow circles while inserting two fingers into your throbbing hole. Just like the speed of his thumb on your clit, his fingers were pumping in and out of you slowly, stretching you open deliciously.

He grunted, “Fuck, you’re tight.”

He started moving his fingers faster, as he pushed you down onto his table to see your face. The change of angle caused his fingers to penetrate you deeper, and as your back laid flat on the table, you felt his fingers brush across that one euphoric spot, forcing a sharp moan out of your mouth.

Almost instantaneously he pulled his fingers out of you, and you whined, frustrated at the lost of touch right when you needed it the most. He looked at his glistening fingers, soaked in you and hovered over you, bringing them to your mouth, “I need you to be quiet.”

You held his wrist with your hands and pushed his fingers inside your mouth, sucking, swirling your tongue around the digits, maintaining eye contact, silently apologizing and hoping he would give you another chance.

He pulled his fingers out of your mouth and spoke, “Touch yourself.”

Your eyes widened a bit, “W-what?”

“Make yourself cum here, on my table. Pleasure yourself. I won’t stop you until you cum but if you don’t keep quiet, it will be your first and last time coming here.”

You froze as you sat up, in a haze and a bit taken aback.

He chuckled, running his thumb over your cheek before taking your hand in his and guiding your fingers to your core, “Surely a girl like you who is daring enough to ask her own professor to fuck her would have had experiences touching herself right?”

Younghyun pushed your thighs open and then sat in his chair, positioning himself exactly as when you first came into the room. “Don’t fake your orgasm though, I would know.”

You bit your lip as you cautiously ran your fingers up and down your folds. When your fingers were covered in your arousal, you gently pushed one finger in, focusing on the feeling, as you clench around your own finger. You let out a sigh, eyebrows knit together in concentration.

You pumped your middle finger in and out a few times, yet failing to make yourself feel as good as he did. You looked at him, trying to coax him to take over, your expression desperate.

He tilted his head and gave you a sarcastic smile, “Rules are rules. Come on, push one more finger in, or even two more, how are you gonna take me if you can’t even take more than one finger?”

His words spurred you on and you teased your entrance with two fingers, adding your ring finger alongside your middle one. You pushed slowly and felt the initial stretch, threatening a moan to spill out.

“Don’t be shy, rub your clit, it will help ease the pain.”

You complied as you used your thumb to gently circle your nub. You took deep breaths as you pumped out two fingers in and out. Not that you needed to be taught how to please yourself, but the way he was guiding you step by step lit a fire inside you. 

After all, he was your Professor.

“Another one now.”

You held three fingers in front of your entrance and tried to push them in but it felt too tight, your brain telling you they wouldn’t fit. Looking at him, you whined, shaking your head slowly.

Younghyun leaned back in his seat, “My terms remain unchanged.”

You continued rubbing your clit as you mustered up the courage, croaking out. “Can you assist me, Professor?”

“What kind of assistance?” He replied, amused.

“Cover my mouth so I don’t make a sound.”

Something flipped inside Younghyun when you asked him that, catching him off guard. His dick was twitching, having been hard for a while now. But he was good at holding himself back, like the saying good things come to those who wait, he decided to not pounce on you straightaway, playing it out to see you become more and more desperate for him. Plus, he was having fun watching your eyes, begging for him, and he knew at the end of it all he would still get to fuck you. 

 He stood up and held his palm to your mouth, while his other hand held your neck to keep you in place.

You took a deep breath and pushed three fingers in, your screams muffled into his hand, you knew this was your last chance so you gathered all your strength and pumped in and out as fast as you can, your thumb busily flicking your clit. Your other hand held your own boob as you squeezed and toyed with your nipple, trying to push yourself over the edge from every nerve you could stimulate. It was borderline painful, your wrist tense and cramping, your hips bucking up to match the rhythm.

Your other senses felt numb but you were pretty sure you heard Younghyun grunting and groaning, the squelching sounds from your fingers getting to him and it helped pushed you over the edge. The sole thought that you were turning him on, making him hard made you came on your own fingers, your juice spilling out onto his table as your cunt fluttered, and you stumbled forward, Younghyun holding you close as you trembled, panting open mouthed into his chest. The intense, desperate orgasm temporarily blinding you.

Pulling your fingers out, you watched the string of liquid connected to it, as you rested comfortably in his embrace, evening out your breaths. Your lids felt heavy as he stroked your hair, muttering, “You’re good. You’re really good.”