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An Impossible Door

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Jungkook would say his alcohol tolerance was pretty high.

He could pound back a few drinks and not feel much of anything besides maybe a slight warmth in his cheeks and his usual anxiousness dispersing. But even that was after at least three.

When his coworkers had all but coerced him into coming out to a bar with them, he hadn’t planned on drinking much at all. Just enough to appease their insistent offers.

And he kept to his self-made promise, milking his second drink long enough for the others to give up trying to get him drunk in favor of seeing who could flick a coin closer to the edge of the table.

So no, he wouldn’t say he was drunk right now.

He had no problem setting one foot in front of the other on his way home, and if he was dragging his feet a bit he blamed it whole heartedly on the exhaustion and the cold winter air that clung to his bones like a vice.

Could he blame what he was seeing on exhaustion too?

He brought a fist up and rubbed his eye before squinting at the misplaced object in front of him. It was still there. Looking around he felt himself sighing upon seeing that the street was empty, his breath forming in a cloud before vanishing until the next exhale. There was no one to question if they saw it too or to see how they reacted to such a strange sight. There was no validation that he wasn’t going insane right now.

In front of him was a simple wooden door. The type one would expect to see connecting one room to the next in a cozy home. ‘Warmth’ was the first word that came to mind when he had seen it, standing directly in the middle of his path on the sidewalk. At first he marveled at the show of balance the door displayed. The only thing attached to the door was it’s frame, which was distinctly lacking contact with any walls yet it stood as sturdy as any other door he’d seen in his life.

Jungkook found himself tipping to the side to peak around behind it, looking up the sidewalk that stretched beyond.

Hadn’t he seen prank video’s like this before?

The urge to knock on the door was there but the heaviness of his eyelids and the slight shaking of his hands outweighed the curiosity he had for the door. Jungkook only had two hours before his night shift started and he needed to get what sleep he could before then.

So like any sane person (and he was sane, he was not seeing doors to nowhere, someone had just misplaced their door, totally normal), Jungkook took two steps to the side and walked past the door. He glanced at it, almost expecting someone to jump out and scare him or try to mug him or something.

Nothing happened as he continued down the sidewalk.

The door was just a door.

Except that it wasn’t just a door.

The door was following him.

Jungkook began to see the door everywhere he went. He would be at school, walking down the familiar halls towards his math class and there it would be, situated on a wall between two windows that had a view of the courtyard. He would be at the construction site, hauling two-by-fours over his shoulder and he would almost run face first into it. When he was working his night shift at the mall doing his rounds, there it was standing at the top of the escalators.

An impossible door in impossible locations.

His curiosity for the door had almost worn off and it was starting to become more of a nuisance then anything.

One particularly awkward moment had been when he was mid conversation with one of his classmates and hadn’t noticed the wooden blockade in front of him.

He had run into it rather harshly and ended up sprawled on his back on the floor, much to his classmate’s astonishment. He had been quick to offer him a hand.

“Hey, man are you okay? Did you trip or something?” he had asked.

Jungkook wanted to wave his hands in the direction of the door and shout at the other that no, clearly he had not tripped, but the blatant disregard for the door had him pausing. No one reacted to it. Not his classmate, not the other students walking by in the hall. No one seemed to realize it was there. He half expected someone to just walk straight through it and prove it was just an illusion but as he took the other boys hand and got to his feet he noticed that people would walk around it. Almost subconsciously they seemed to avoid the space it occupied.

“You don’t see it? The door?” Jungkook couldn’t help but ask as his classmate stooped to help pick up his notes.

“Um, I’m not blind, the classroom door is right there,” the other looked at him in concern. “Are you feeling alright?”

“I’m… fine. I’m fine. Sorry I must have just tripped.”

Jungkook finally snapped when he found the door in his apartment.

He stepped into the small space and tried to keep his legs under him, his knees shaking more then what was deemed healthy for any 23 year old. The day had been long and exhausting, many hours spent working on the construction site. Saturday’s were always tough. Trying to squeeze in time to eat and sleep as well as do all the homework he had been assigned on top of working two jobs had been a battle since school began.

He managed to peel his boots off his sore, blistered feet and dragged himself towards his kitchen. Ramen would have to be enough. He didn’t think he could stay on his feet much longer to cook anything else. Not that he had much else.

He had been grabbing a pot from the cupboard when he happened to glance over the counter into the living room. The pot clanged onto the counter roughly as Jungkook released it in favour of gripping his hair, tears burned hot behind his eyes and his throat closed up with the effort to keep from crying in frustration. He just wanted to sleep.

“What do you want from me?” He croaked out, staring at the now familiar polished wood of the door that had been stalking him for almost two weeks. At this point, he half expected an answer.

“I’m losing my mind,” he whispered to himself.

Rounding the counter he stepped into the living room and stopped before the door that sat silently in the center of the room.

Maybe he had lost his mind already. Maybe he was so run down and exhausted that he was beginning to hallucinate. Maybe he should talk to a professional about this.

They were all thoughts he had had before. Since the door had appeared. Yet at this moment, faced with the door once again, he just wanted everything to stop. He wanted to sleep for a week, he wanted to eat as much as he could stomach, he wanted to go out with friends and be able to buy them drinks and to have time to be a regular college student. He wanted to quit his job at the construction site.

Most of all, he wanted-

He didn’t dare let himself finish the thought.

Before he realized it, his hand was reaching forward and wrapping around the brass doorknob. Jungkook had expected the metal to be cold, yet it was pleasantly warm to the touch. He took a slow, deep breath.

Despite his exhaustion, frustration and apprehension, he turned the knob and gently pushed the door open.

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"Do you have any three's?" 

"Go fish." 

"... Your turn." 

"Any Queens?" 

"... Okay you aren't even looking at your cards, how are you still winning?" Jiho grumbled in annoyance as he tossed one of his cards onto Jungkook's untouched ones sitting on the desk. 

"You suck at this game, that's how," Jungkook didn't bother even glancing up from his textbook and notes that were sprawled out in front of him. 

"You won't play any other game with me!"

"You're supposed to be working Jiho-hyung."

"Says the guy doing homework of all things."

Jungkook looked over at his coworker and frowned around the end of the pencil he was chewing on. "I am still working. I check the cams every two minutes."

He pulled the pencil out of his mouth and pointed it towards the array of screens set up displaying the view of the security cameras around the shopping mall. Like every night, the building was silent and empty except for the two of them.

Jiho was usually the person Jungkook was paired up with for night shift. Sitting alone with someone in an empty building with nothing much to do gave the two of them a lot of time to talk so they became friends pretty quickly. Jungkook still felt awkward around him sometimes though, which wasn't too big of a deal given that Jiho did most of the talking anyway.

"You work way too hard Kook, when do you ever take a break? Take a vacation or something! Go to the beach! Meet a guy for crying out loud!"

Jungkook looked back at his textbook, fighting off the heat rising to his cheeks.

Jiho was one of the only people, excluding his family, that Jungkook had talked to about his sexuality. The security guard really hadn’t cared, and it took Jungkook by surprise when he simply asked him if he was attractive from a guy’s point of view. To which Jungkook had to say yes, much to his embarrassment. Jiho could be a model if he had the right connections. He had expected a few awkward nights of silences between them at work, but it turned out to be the complete opposite. Jiho actually asked a lot of questions about being gay, some more personal then others and some that Jungkook didn’t even know the answers too. If it were anyone else Jungkook was sure some of the questions would come off as ignorant but Jiho just seemed genuinely curious and willing to learn. It was nice that he didn’t make a big deal out of it and it gave him someone to talk to about his doubts and concerns.

Jungkook wished his parents had been that accepting.

"I'll rest when schools done, and I don’t have to try and keep up with paying tuition."

"Please, you're the type to only rest when you're dead. If it’s not school, you'll just go to the gym even more or something."

Jungkook shook his head in amusement and let his eyes scan across the screens to check for any changes in the environment. His eyes found what he was looking for right away. He had come to expect to see it now.

Outside of the food court, in the middle of the wide hall and just on the edge of one of the camera's sightline was the door. Sitting as sturdy and innocently as always. 

He bit the end of his pencil again, thoughts drifting back to a few hours ago. Jungkook wasn't sure what he had expected to find upon opening the door. A weird portal or another room that couldn’t logically be there, maybe even someone waiting for him one the other side. But it was just his living room. He had walked around the door twice in both directions, even tried opening it from the other side, yet the seemingly magic door was just a door. Given that it followed him around, and how he was sure (after much internet research) that he couldn't be having a two week long hallucination, he had expected... something. Anything. 

Yet all he got was his normal, stupid, average living room. He felt a little silly, but the stalking door had convinced him that maybe believing in a little magic wasn't crazy. Perhaps the only magic there was, was the fact it followed him at all. Even that, he supposed, was better then nothing. 

It had been a long time since he had let himself believe in anything.

"Are you even listening?" 

Jiho's voice shook him from his thoughts and he hummed a bit in acknowledgement. 

"Of course I am," Jungkook stood up and grabbed his hat off the table, fitting it on his head.

He didn’t fully understand the need for such an excessive uniform for a mall night guard. But he figured it was more intimidating to people if anyone tried to break in. Not that Jungkook or Jiho had any weapons beside a retractable baton that they were told strictly was only for self-defense. His equipment belt held only a flashlight and a set of keys as well. He might have also snuck some pepper spray into one of the pouches. Besides that, the uniform was pretty simple. Black slacks and black shoes were required to much the plain black tie. Their simple grey button ups had a badge pinned over the left side of the chest and had the companies patch on the arm. A walkie talkie was clipped to the shoulder.

The baseball cap was optional though Jungkook preferred to wear it to keep his hair out of his face. He really needed a haircut but he hadn't had time to sit down and do it yet. The long hair wasn't so bad though, he could pull it back while he worked, and he thought he looked decent enough.

"You weren't listening at all! Don't lie!" Jiho leaned back in his chair and huffed.

Jungkook headed towards the door of the small office, "You were explaining your attempts at experimenting with cross dressing, I heard you." He couldn’t help but grin as he stepped out of the room, Jiho's shout following after him.

"You were not listening at all! And I'll have you know I look gorgeous in a skirt!" 

Jungkook snickered and shook his head, tugging his flashlight off his belt and clicking it on`` as he walked into the main part of the mall. He didn’t doubt Jiho could work a skirt. He had the legs for it. 

He hummed a song he had heard on the radio that morning as he made his way around the mall, checking to make sure everything was in order and triple checking that all the entrances were still locked. This was really the only peace and quiet he ever got. It was a blessing and a curse. While he liked the alone time it also gave his mind too much freedom to overthink and stress about little things. 

His footsteps echoed in the halls and when he wasn't shining his flashlight into store windows, he was flipping it around in his hand with practiced ease. 

Passing by a clothing store that sold shirts that cost more than his whole wardrobe, he felt a chill run down his spine. It was so sudden and unexpected that he stopped in his tracks, taken off guard by the icy feeling that wrapped itself around him. He turned slowly, almost sluggishly as the cold feeling settled in his chest, the hairs on his arms and the back of his neck raising. 

Shining his flashlight through the store window proved difficult, the ray of light only revealing racks of clothes that were difficult to see past the display of mannequins in the window. Was there a door open? A draft? He tried to think of another reason he would feel so cold so suddenly. Just as he lowered the flashlight he caught movement on the edge of the light followed quickly by a muffled crash of metal clattering to  the ground from inside the shop.

Jungkook's heart pounded as he quickly made his way to the shutter, belting his flashlight for a moment as one hand grabbed his keys and the other clicked the button on his walkie talkie.

"Hyung, I think someone broke into CoTrend," he said keeping his voice calm as he slipped the right key into the lock. His hands were steady despite the racing pace of his heart and the adrenaline in his veins. It was probably just some teenager trying to do the overnight challenge. 

Jiho came back immediately, his voice sounded painfully loud in the silence that followed the click of the lock. "Need me down there? I can see you on cams."

Jungkook knew that once he stepped into the shop the camera wouldn't be able to see him, did he need back up for this? Shaking his head, he pressed the button again, talking into his shoulder. "I'll be fine. If there are problems I'll call."

"Don't try to be a hero."

Jungkook didn’t respond, pushing the shutter to the side and grabbing his flashlight again. He stepped into the store shining it around. 

"Security," he called out in a stern voice, glad his voice didn’t shake. The onslaught of cold that hit him when he stepped forward had him sucking in a breath and he swore he could see it when he exhaled. The cold was different from the usual winter air, it felt alive. Charged. As if it targeted directly at his heart and was determined to incase it in ice. 

The fear he felt almost kept him from going further. He could call Jiho, he could lock the shop and report this to the police, to people more trained for these things. Except something in him didn’t consider any of that an option. The urge to keep other people, especially Jiho, as far away from this as possible won over any logical thought. 

The store looked creepier than it had any business being at night. The light from his flashlight casted long dark shadows that moved as he did, making him jumpy and highly alert. 

"The mall is closed. You aren't supposed to be here. Come out now and you'll be released with a warning." 

No response. Why would there be? Why would it ever be that easy? Jungkook was struck with the thought that this was usually how horror movies started. They always had an unimportant character die in the first ten minutes to set the story. Shit, was he that character? 

A few more steps brought him to the source of the crashing sound. A rack of clothes had been knocked over, the items it displayed scattered across the floor. He stepped over it carefully and kept his eyes up and on a constant sweeping of the room. One hand rested on his baton. 

Jungkook came up to the retail counter and quickly checked behind it, finding nothing. He turned back to face towards the entrance and all but threw himself back into the edge of the counter, his hip slamming roughly into its edge. He would have hissed in pain had he not been more distracted by the door that now stood in the middle of the shop. 

It wasn't his door. He knew it immediately. His door was warm, comforting, a reassuring presence that lingered in the back of his mind. This door was everything but. It was an inky black, its frame crooked and splintered, its doorknob a cold iron. Looking at the door felt like looking at everything he feared in life, he pressed back hard against the counter, sweat forming on his brow as he tried to suck in air as panic overtook him. The inky darkness of the door seemed to swallow up the now shaking beam of light that he shone on it. 

Frustration, anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, all the negative emotions he could name attacked his mind and heart in a whirlwind of chaos that left him clawing at his chest. Was he breathing? He couldn’t tell. He couldn’t look away from the door. 

He watched in horror as the handle began to turn.

Just then his walkie talkie sparked to life, cracking loudly next to his ear. The sound snapped him out of whatever trance he had been in, Jiho's voice sounding like the most beautiful thing he had ever heard in his life.

"Kook it’s been pretty quiet, check in man." 

Then he felt it. Warmth. 

Without a second of hesitation, he shoved off the counter and bolted to the side amongst the racks. He went as far from the door as he could, which given the narrow store, wasn't as far as he would like, not even close. He gasped for air as even that small distance and no longer looking directly at threatening door gave him control over his body again. Jungkook glued himself to the wall as he ran towards the entrance. 

The clicking of the door unlatching sounded like a gunshot in his ears and he could just hear it begin to creep open as he scrambled out of the entrance. His side hit the ground before he even realized he had fallen and he slid slightly before rolling onto his back and digging his heels into the ground, scooting backwards to get as far as possible from whatever the hell that was. 

"What- there's two- what-" he pressed a hand to his chest breathing as if he'd just run four laps of the mall. 

"Hey! Kook! What happened? Talk to me!" 

Jiho. Right, Jiho. Respond to Jiho. Focus. 

His hand shook so much it took him three tries to press and hold the talk button. "I-I don't- there was-" 

Before he could say more a ringing started in his ears, so loud and excruciating that Jungkook felt more then heard himself let out a scream of pain. He curled up on his side and clamped his hands over his ears, writhing from the pain that coursed through his head. He was distantly aware of glass showering over him as the windows of the store blew out from the inside. 

The piercing sound gave way to an ungodly roar, giving him only a second of relief from the pain but only surmounted his fear even further. He didn't look, he didn't think, he just moved. 

He felt the glass beneath his hands as he pushed himself to his feet, his hands and feet sliding to find purchase on the debris covered floor. He bolted before he was even balanced, barely staying on his feet as he took off down the mall.

Warmth. Go to the warmth. 

Jungkook thought he heard Jiho over his walkie talkie but his ears were ringing too much to make it out. His chest felt like it was about to cave in and air was a sweet privilege he would never take for granted again if he survived this. 

Ahead of him sat his door. His door that he was never more grateful for then in this moment and he swore to apologize to it a thousand times over for ever getting annoyed with it. He ran right into it, hardly slowing, pressing his hands and forehead against the wood in search of any warmth it could give, anything to get rid of the all-encompassing cold that seemed to eat him from the inside out. The door hummed beneath his fingers, or maybe that was just his own shaking. 

Another roar erupted from behind him, he spun around, pressing flush against his door. A creature, unlike anything he knew to exist, even in fiction, barreled towards him unrelentingly. Its skin looked slick with liquid, its maw hung open unnaturally wide showing off its array of teeth sticking in all directions, its ribs were visible and prominent as if the creature was starved. Its eye sockets were empty voids. 

Jungkook slammed his eyes shut and turned his head away. He was going to die. 

He knew it in that moment. 

There was a click and suddenly he was falling backwards.

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He didn't dare open his eyes.

Not when his stomach dropped at the weightless feeling of falling.

Not when the ferocious roars and snarls of the creature suddenly cut off, as if someone hit pause on an audio.

Not when his back slammed against something hard enough to push what little air he had in his lungs out.

Everything just stopped.

No sounds, no movement.

Even the fear that had burned into his very soul was fading quickly, as each breath he took of warm air seemed to push out the cold from his veins.

He shivered at the sensation. It was pleasant and gentle, so much so he almost forgot what that immense fear had felt like, as if it were a distant memory rather then something that had happened mere seconds ago.

He still didn't open his eyes.

This must be what death felt like. It was much more pleasant than what he thought it would be. He kept his eyes closed for fear of opening them to the sight of his own body being ripped limb from limb. If it meant keeping this peace, he was happy never to open his eyes again.

As his muscles relaxed, he began to notice the pains that littered his body. His legs ached with the strain of running so hard, his hip pulsed uncomfortably from where he hit the counter, no doubt a decent bruise was already forming. His ears still rung and he wasn’t sure, but they could be bleeding too. His hands hurt the most, a burning sting in both palms and on his fingers. The glass, he distantly thought. He must have cut himself. Experimentally he twitched his hand and his brow furrowed as the burning flared up in that respective palm.

Jungkook didn't claim to know much about the afterlife, but was he supposed to still feel pain? Was he in Hell? That would explain the warmth. He hadn't thought he was that bad of a person in life.

"Open your eyes little one. You are safe here."

The deep voice was so sudden he flinched violently, and his eyes snapped open on instinct.

What he was met with first was an array of colours. Purples, pinks, blues, golds. And stars. And planets. It was the most amazing thing he had ever laid eyes on. It put the most beautiful paintings to shame. A galaxy of swirling colour and distant worlds that stretched on in a never ending abyss that made him feel small and insignificant yet so completely at ease that he didn’t even want to blink. He didn’t want to spare the second where he wouldn’t be looking at this sight.

Slowly, so slowly, he sat up, mouth open in awe and trying to form some coherent thought. He shakily got to his feet, not using his hands to aid much, still aware that they were hurt. If this was Hell then he was pretty okay with being stuck here for all eternity.

"This is far from Hell little one."

The voice seemed to be whispering in his ear and speaking at a normal volume at the same time. A strange overlay of sounds that had him a little disoriented. It was deep, soothing, and he was so distracted by the tone that he had to rethink what had been said.

He turned, looking for the source of the voice and taking in the area around him. In front of him was his door, closed and standing on its own as always. He was standing in what seemed to be a clearing in a forest, the trees and grass looking far too normal for the sky that stretched above them. Looking behind him, he briefly realized there was a path leading further into the trees, yet what took his attention was the massive whale that swam leisurely around him, stomach brushing the tops of the trees.

"Was, was that you? Who spoke?" Jungkook's voice was rough and he felt the need to clear his throat, wincing at how raw it felt.

"It was. There is no need to fear little one. You are safe here."

Somewhere in the back of his mind he remembered the whale saying that before. "I'm not afraid." He spoke softly, he was worried his voice would disturb the peaceful feeling that had completely banished the cold in him. "I'm not afraid," he said again.

Jungkook was surprised at how true that was.

Shouldn’t he be terrified right now?

He was speaking to a giant flying whale in space.

The whale was as beautiful as the sky it swam through. Purples and blues made up its skin and its eyes held intelligence beyond what Jungkook could ever hope to comprehend.

"What is this place?"

The deep voice flooded his mind again and he briefly wondered how the whale spoke without moving its mouth. "This is the Galaxy." The whale swam over his head and he turned to face it, looking between it and the sky.

"Galaxy... like space? I’m in space?”

"It is similar to your space, yes. However, the Galaxy is its own entity. Much like you or I.”

For a whole minute, which felt like an eternity, Jungkook had no idea what to say.

"Am I dead?"

The chuckle that sounded from the whale sent a pleasant buzz through his chest accompanied by a comforting feeling of reassurance. "No little one, you are very much alive."

Jungkook supposed that was a relief. His mind trailed back to the mall and Jiho and he felt panic rise up in him again. He spun around and looked at the door. "I need to- I need to go back, Jiho, my friend, he's still at the mall with that- that thing! It'll kill him!" He hurried towards the door only to be blocked by the large tail of the whale swinging down to hide the door from view.

"It is not safe to return quite yet. No harm will come to your friend."

"How do you know? What the hell was that thing?" He asked frantically, needing some sort of answers.

"Your friend can not see it as you can. Just as you are the only one who can see the doors."

"The doors... what are they? Why has this one been showing up everywhere?" He jabbed an accusing finger at the wood structure.

"They are gateways. Entrances to other worlds, such as this one. You, little one, are special. This door only appears to those who need to see it." The whale swam another lazy circle above him and Jungkook tried to keep his thoughts in logical order. When he thought it would be cool if he found a portal through the door he hadn't thought that that would actually be possible. And what was this about him being special? His was as average as they came! He was a college student for God's sake!

As if seeming to sense his spiraling thoughts the whale spoke again, coming to rest close to the ground, facing Jungkook directly. The security guard once again marveled at the shear size of the creature. "Follow the path little one. It will lead you to a house where you can rest. You will find more answers there."

Jungkook attempted to argue, he really did, but his mind all but stalled when he realized that he was dead tired. Once his adrenaline wore off, which it quickly was, he knew he would likely pass out. Choosing to not overthink the whale's words, he nods and gives the door one last look before trudging up the path.

The woods were made up of trees that he was familiar with and some that he wasn’t, though it seemed to be a hodge podge of all different species. He swore he even saw a coconut tree at one point. He took the time during the walk to look his hands over, wincing at the state of them. Jungkook's hands were more than a little covered in blood, some glass shards still sticking out of the cuts. Three of his fingers were sliced up and a decent size piece had opened up the palm of his left hand.

His right wasn't so bad but it had its fair share of damage as well. Absently he began to carefully pull the glass out, hoping he would be able to clean the cuts at the house the whale had mentioned.

His feet got heavier and heavier the closer he got and by the time the house was in view, his vision was blurring. From the fuzzy image of the building that he could make out, it looked more like a mansion then a house. His foot hit the first step on the wooden porch and the attempt to push his weight up was the last straw for his body.

He was out before he even felt himself hit the steps.

Jimin heard the thump from where he stood by the shelves, hands poised above him as he was in the middle of rearranging some ingredients. The suddenness of the sound had him fumbling to catch a glass vial that managed to slip through his fingers in his surprise. Yelping a bit he scrambled to catch it, snatching it out of the air just before it broke on the ground.

Letting out a relieved sigh, Jimin ran a hand through his hair and returned the vial to it’s rightful place on the shelf. Only once it was stable and his hands were no longer anywhere near it, did Jimin turn his attention towards the front door of the small shop with a frown. He waited for a moment and only grew increasingly more confused when a customer didn’t step inside.

That was odd.

Maybe it was someone who was new to the shop. While most people knew about it, not everyone had come to visit. Humming curiously Jimin smiled his best most genuine customer service smile and headed over to the door.

“Hello! You don’t have to linger outsi-” Jimin began as he opened the door only to freeze at the sight of a crumbled body on the steps.

Eye’s widening Jimin rushed forward and crouched next to the person, the boy. “Oh my- are you okay? Hey!” Jimin grabbed his shoulders and tried to turn him over carefully, eyes landing on the blood that coated the strangers hands. He felt his heart begin to race. The boy was hurt. Was he dying? What happened? Who was he?

“TAE!” Jimin yelled into the shop, knowing that the other was nearby. He had only stepped away to go get some more boxes from storage. “TAE HELP!”

Jimin lifted his hand above the boys back and closed his eyes. He paused and frowned. He shook his hand and looked at it incredulously. Why wasn’t his magic working? He needed to calm down. Focus.

A distant crashing was quickly followed by the pounding of feet on the wooden floors. In seconds Taehyung was standing in the doorway of the shop, mouth open to ask what was wrong before his concerned eyes found the boy next to Jimin.

Jimin grunted as he dragged him forward a bit, the boy was heavier than he looked, but he managed to get him up onto the flat part of the porch and turn him over. “Taetae he’s hurt. Can you grab some Gier Root? We-”

A hand grabbing his shoulder and all but ripped him back away from the boy causing Jimin to splutter in surprise. He stumbled and looked at Taehyung in shock. “What are you doing?” We need to help him!”

“He’s human.”


No. That was impossible.

The words brought ice to Jimin’s veins and he wiped around to look at the boy more closely. The clothes he wore stood out the most. They were odd and seemed to be made of a material they had never seen before. He wore a hat with a long brim on the front that obscured part of his face but Jimin could make out a strong jawline and full lips. The only injuries he could see were the ones on his hands, nasty gashes and cuts marring the otherwise smooth looking skin and colouring it a brilliant red.

“He can’t be.” Jimin said instantly but the proof that lay in front of him told him otherwise. How didn’t he noticed? The blood… it was so glaringly obvious. That also explained why his magic hadn’t worked.

“When do the other’s get back?” Taehyung asked seriously, the tone made Jimin swallow uncomfortably. Taehyung didn’t get this serious about things very often. He much preferred to goof around and play with his lovers when they would indulge him. Or he would go into the villages to play with the children. Taehyung should never not be smiling, as their youngest the others tried to make sure he was always happy. Yet here they were.

“Not until morning,” The gravity of this situation dropped onto Jimin’s shoulders like an iron weight.

A human. A real human. In The Galaxy? How was this possible?

Taehyung cursed and bit his lip suddenly looking very conflicted.

“We… we can’t just leave him here,” Jimin tried but he didn’t sound convincing even to himself. His heart ached at the idea of leaving anyone to suffer but… fear and doubt clouded his resolve.

Taehyung seemed to be having an equally hard battle with himself, set on chewing a hole through his lip. Any other time, Jimin would have reached over and thumbed his lip free while gently scolding him for the habit but right now he was more focused on the person collapsed on their porch.

“Yeah… Okay yeah. Let’s um, let’s get him inside?” Taehyung looked at Jimin unsurely and Jimin winced, knowing he was the oldest while the others were gone and the decision fell on him.

Taking a shaky breath, he nodded and hesitantly stepped toward the boy. Taehyung followed and crouched on the boy’s other side. From this angle they could both see the boys face and they had to take pause, glancing at each other silently, neither daring to speak their thoughts.

He was… beautiful. Stunningly beautiful.

Taehyung frowned. This wasn’t how he had pictured humans. Weren’t the males rough, hairy and muscular? They were described to look like bears dressed in metal with deep voices and harsh tones. Creatures who would scare anyone stiff with only the look of their bloodlust filled eyes.

This boy was lean, thin even and his skin looked so soft that Taehyung almost wanted to reach out and touch it. For a moment he thought maybe they had made a mistake, maybe he wasn’t actually human, but one glance towards his bleeding hands shoved all doubts out the metaphorical window. He let his eyes trace over the long lashes of his closed eyes, the slight part of his lips and the small dot markings just under his bottom lip and on the tip of his nose, so faint he had to lean in to see them. Taehyung glanced at Jimin to see that he was regarding the boy with as much curiosity.

The poor thing didn’t look fierce or aggressive at all.

But they both knew not to judge a book by it’s cover. They knew of the nature of humans.

“On three?” Jimin asked, hesitantly hooking his arm underneath one of the boy’s. Taehyung nodded and did the same on the other side, the boy’s head tipping back limply.

They counted together and on three they both hauled the boy up, grunting at his weight. Jimin tried not to think about the muscle he could feel on the boy’s bicep. It wasn’t defined, given that the boy seemed to have next to no meat on his bones, but it was clear he was stronger than he looked.

The thought left a bitter taste in his mouth.

With much struggling and cursing and once accidently bashing the boy’s head against the wall,

(“Tae be careful!”

“What? He’s human, don’t they have thick skulls?”), the two managed to get him into a guest room on the main floor.

After flopping him on the bed none too gracefully, they simply stood at the foot of the mattress and stared at him.

“Now what?”

Taehyung blinked with wide eyes and looked at him, “How should I know? I’ve never had to take care of a human before!”

“Well neither have I!”

“Yeah but healing is your specialty so,” Taehyung waved his hand’s in random motions towards the human, “Do your thing!”

Jimin huffed and crossed his arms, “I can’t use my magic on him and I don’t know anything about human medical practices. I might just make it worse.”

Taehyung shifted and watched the human carefully, as if expecting him to spring up and attack out of the blue. “Maybe Joonie has some books about humans in the library?” He suggested.

“Good idea!” Jimin smiled at the younger, hoping to ease some of the tension that lingered. This wasn’t as bad as they were making it out to be, right? They would help him and then he would go back to the human world and there would be no problems. Easy.

Of course they still had to figure out how the hell the boy had gotten here to begin with.

Taehyung smiled back, only looking away from the human for a second before his eyes locked on him again. “But who’s going to go? I don’t think we should leave him alone,” he frowned, knowing one of them would have to stay in the room alone with the human. He didn’t feel comfortable with any options being presented.

Jimin sighed a bit reading his discomfort easily, “I’ll stay. I need to look him over for any more injuries.” Taehyung opened his mouth but Jimin interrupted, stepping over to him, “I’ll be careful. I promise.”

The older pressed a gentle kiss to the others cheek and it seemed to be enough to ease at least some of his concern, though he still refused to take his eyes off the human until he was at the doorway. “Keep the door open and yell if he wakes up, I’ll be quick.”

Jimin barely had time to nod before Taehyung was running down the hall towards the library.

In the absence of his best friend and lover, Jimin suddenly had much less confidence being around the human alone.


Being around the person alone.

This was just another patient. A hurt person who needed help. Jimin didn’t discriminate against races, and he wasn’t about to start with humans. Despite the horrible things they had done. They had all heard stories about what human’s were capable of, though many of them had never met a human before. The rumors were wide spread and gruesome. They had never been told what to do when faced with one though. It wasn’t supposed to be possible for them to come here. This place was the safest in existence. The Guardian made sure of it.

Shaking his head to derail that train of thought, he stepped up next to the bed and after making sure that the boy was sufficiently unconscious, he sat down on the edge, the mattress dipping from his weight.

The boy looked so… gentle. So calm and peaceful. Granted, what he was told about humans was anything but, so he wasn’t going to be surprised when the boy woke up and tried to kill them. Even knowing that though, he struggled to match that behavior to this face. This beautiful face that could rival the elegance of even the elves.

Gently, he lifted the boy’s hand into his lap, a hand that looked so much like his own. The biggest difference was it’s size, but Jimin knew he had small hands. The other’s never let him forget it. He looked over the cuts, trying not to let his gaze linger solely on the red that covered his skin. The cuts were deep and seemed to be from glass if the remnants of the shards were any indication. Were humans susceptible to natural remedies? Would they help at all? If this were a Fae like himself or Taehyung, he would simply use magic and be done with it. Even if it was an elf, dragon, or even an ogre, he could cook up a remedy that would have it healed in mere hours, minutes in some cases.

For the first time in years Jimin felt at a loss in his own field and he didn’t like it. He almost wanted to wake the boy up just to ask what wasn’t going to kill him.

Setting his hand down, he moved to his head, gently pulling off the strange hat. The boy’s hair was a mess of dark brown, almost black. It was a decent length and framed his face and forehead beautifully. It was sinful how gorgeous this boy was. Did all human’s look like this now?

Clearing his throat, he reached forward, glancing at the boys closed eyes. “Sorry,” he whispered. “I just need to check if you hit your head.” He didn’t know if he could hear him but he felt it was better to be safe than sorry. And it helped convince himself that he didn’t want to run his hands through the boys soft looking hair. Nope. That had nothing to do with it.

Placing a hand on the boy’s forehead he swallowed at the warmth that greeted his skin. This was probably closer than anyone had ever gotten to a human in centuries. Gently, fingers barely brushing his skin, he carded his hand through the soft locks of his hair and oh, they were exactly as soft as they looked.

Jimin blinked a few times and had to remind himself of what he was doing. Right. Injuries.

He felt around for any bumps or cuts and sat back to look over the rest of him. He wasn’t entirely sure why the human had collapsed, unless exhaustion or malnourishment were at play. Were human’s omnivores? He had heard that somewhere before, hadn’t he?

He was way out of his depth here.

As Jungkook woke up, he had a very brief (painfully brief) moment where he believed it was all just a dream.

There was no stalking door, no terrifying monster that almost killed him, no flying whale.

And then his hands started to sting.

And reality punched him in the face.

He might not know much about the afterlife, but he knew that you didn’t feel pain in dreams.

That was common knowledge.

Before he opened his eyes, before he moved and made everything even more real, he tried to get an idea of his surrounding’s with his other senses. He was on something soft, not the hard steps he had collapsed onto, so someone must have moved him. He had made it to the house the whale had told him to go to then. Were these friendly people? If they moved him to a bed he certainly hoped so.

The important thing here was to remain calm.

Jungkook could hear movement in the room followed by weak attempts at whispering.

“It says they eat anything. Sometimes even stuff they aren’t supposed too. Why would they do that? That’s dumb,” the first voice, deep and soulful, definitely a man’s, said indignantly.

A voice responded to him, one that was lilt and soft, beautiful, “Does it say anything about allergies or poisons?”

Jungkook had to fight himself not to flinch when he felt a hand wrap around his wrist and lift his arm partially off the bed. Something cold pressed into his palm, right over the cut, and he couldn’t have stopped the hiss of pain if he tried. To his credit though, he didn’t flinch away. No, that action was taken care of by the two other occupants of the room.

Before he even had his eyes fully opened, his hand was dropped roughly back to the mattress and the sound of a chair clattering over had him wincing again at the loud sound in the otherwise silent room.

He turned his head to look at the chair that now laid on its side before finding the pair of bare feet that stood next to it. He followed the person’s legs up until he reached their face and he swallowed the gasp that threatened to escape.

Next to the bed stood the most ethereal man Jungkook had ever seen. His hair was a cotton candy pink, his lips plump and full, he had soft features, verging on feminine but distinctly handsome as well. He wore a loose fitting blue shirt that resembled a blouse and form fitting pants made of a course looking material.

Beside the pink haired boy was another who could easily put Gucci models to shame. His hair was a sun kissed blonde that complimented his tan skin and almost fell into his eyes but not quite. It stuck out from under Jungkook’s baseball hat, which the boy was wearing slightly crookedly on his head and not quite fully pulled on all the way. He wore what seemed to be a leather fest over a white tunic and grey pants, his feet were also bare.

He was beginning to think the whale lied to him. He was dead. This was heaven.

Jungkook sat up with a groan, body stiff and sore. He still felt exhausted, so he must not have been out for too long. His eyes darted towards the two boys as he saw them flinch. He blinked.

Their shoulders were tense, the blonde one had one hand on the pink’s shoulder and his knuckles were white. Both had their eyes locked on him as if they expected him to pounce.

Were they… were they scared of him?


He opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed it when the blonde leveled him with a glare.

“How did you get here.”

It was more a demand then a question.

Jungkook darted his tongue out to lick his dry lips, for a moment he thought he saw pink’s eyes flicker down to his mouth, but he couldn’t be sure. “Um…” He really couldn’t think of any other way to answer truthfully without sounding like a smart ass, “A door?”

Clearly that didn’t impress the blonde much and he practically growled causing Jungkook to flinch. Both the strangers seemed to pause. They shared a looked between each other that Jungkook couldn’t decipher before looking back at him.

Pink spoke this time, voice sounding like the calm twinkle of windchimes in a light breeze, “He means how did you get to The Galaxy, not into this room,” he said, clearly trying to be patient.

Jungkook caught his gaze and had to look away first, finding the rest of the room to be a point of interest. It was a simple enough bedroom, the walls and floor made of wood and a beautiful red carpet was spread out underneath the bed. There were what looked like gas lamps on the walls, providing quite a lot of light to the room.

“I know. A door. It was following me around, and I went through it and ended up here.” Jungkook responded as he looked around.

They didn’t need to know about the monster. They didn’t need to know how much of a coward he had been. They didn’t need to know that he left one of his only friends behind.

He needed to get back to make sure Jiho was alright.

Both the men frowned. It seemed as if they wanted to speak with each other but decided to table it until Jungkook wasn’t in hearing range. He could respect that. He had no clue what was going on and if he could avoid it, he wasn’t going to drag them into his problems.

“Human’s can’t be here. You have to leave,” the blonde said bluntly.

Jungkook paused. Humans? Suggesting that they weren’t? He looked at them again. That would explain why they looked so insanely beautiful. No human could look like that. Though, they didn’t look all that different from humans, minus their good looks. If they weren’t human then what were they?

Jungkook couldn’t believe these were actual thoughts he was having right now.

He had a full conversation with a space whale. This wasn’t exactly the craziest thing to happen to him today.

“How long was I out?” He found himself asking, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and being mindful not to startle them with any sharp movements.

“Only two hours,” Pink replied. He seemed to be assessing whether or not Jungkook was a threat, given how his gaze locked on every movement.

Shouldn’t Jungkook be the terrified one in this situation?

Standing up carefully he nodded to himself a bit. Two hours should be more then enough time for that monster to clear out right? He should get out of whatever this place was as soon as possible. Maybe after all this the door would stop following him.

He pointedly ignored the ache in his chest at the thought.

Jungkook turned to the boys and winced as they jumped back a bit. Following through with his intended action, he bent at the waist and bowed.

“Thank you, for helping me. And letting me rest here. I wish I had some way to repay you, but I won’t inconvenience you any longer,” he said in the politest voice he could manage.

When he was only met with silence, he stood upright again and blinked.

The two boys looked stunned, both their mouths hanging open in what he desperately hoped wasn’t offense.

Crap, had he said something wrong?

Shifting awkwardly as the silence carried on, Jungkook eventually cleared his throat, “Could um, could you show me the way out?” He brought a hand up to rub the side of his neck, a nervous habit he had developed a long time ago, but winced when his injured palm brushed his skin.

Pink’s eyes darted to the action and his mouth closed, frowning instead. He hesitated before he spoke, “Your hands, I didn’t get a chance to clean them.”

The blonde snapped his head towards the pink haired in surprise, hand grabbing onto his sleeve. “Jiminie…” he said unsurely.

Pink shook his head a bit but didn’t take his eyes off Jungkook, some sort of determination hardening in his eyes. “You’re still my patient until you’re properly taken care of.”

Jungkook blinked, not expecting the sudden change of demeanor. “Its okay, I don’t want to be a bother. You guys seem-” Jungkook stopped himself from pointing out their obvious discomfort at his presence.

They both cringed, understanding what he was going to say regardless.

Pink shook his head again, ignoring the small whine from the blonde as he took a step towards Jungkook.

“Please, let me help.”

Jungkook searched the pink hair’s eyes before glancing at the blonde. The other seemed much less on board with the idea but he figured it would be better to go along with it. After that he could leave.

He nodded before taking a seat back on the edge of the mattress.

Pink moved quickly to right the chair and set it in front of Jungkook. Grabbing a cloth off the bedside table, he dipped it into a small basin of water that Jungkook had just now took notice of and sat in the chair.

Jungkook could tell he was jittery and on edge just by his quick, jerky movements so when Pink held out a hand, Jungkook offered him a reassuring smile and set his hand in the other’s, palm up.

Pink sucked in a breath of air and stared at him for a long moment. Blonde moved right next to Pink, practically glued to his shoulder and watching Jungkook with a sharp eye. Jungkook stayed silent and gave him the time he needed to process.

Did these guys not see people very often? How secluded was this house? Or maybe it was just humans that they were unsure of. That begged the question, how many other ‘not humans’ were there? Was it just these two? No wonder they looked so nervous. Guilt rolled through him unpleasantly and he felt the urge to apologize again.

“Jungkook,” he felt himself saying instead, before he could stop himself.

Pink seemed to snap out of his thoughts and regarded him curiously. Curious was better then scared he supposed.

“Um, my name. My name is Jungkook,” he clarified, glancing between the two.

The Blonde tilted his head in a way Jungkook tried very hard not to find cute. “Jungkook…” he spoke slowly, as if testing out the name. “You’re polite for a human.”

Pink elbowed the blonde in the ribs, eliciting a small ‘oof’ while Jungkook blinked at them in confusion.

“His name is Taehyung,” Pink started, turning his attention back to Jungkook’s hand, “I’m Jimin.”

Jimin and Taehyung. For non-human’s, those were very Korean names. Were they from Korea then? Jungkook hummed and nodded, wincing when Jimin pressed the cloth to his hand.

Taehyung seemed more curious of Jungkook’s face then what Jimin was doing to his hand, looking much less tense than he had only moments before. Though, he leaned heavily on Jimin’s shoulder, sticking as close as he could.

Jungkook felt a bit self-conscious under the intense scrutiny.

“Are you allergic to anything Jungkook?” Jimin asked, being as gentle as he could as he wiped the blood away.

Jungkook shook his head. “No? Why?”

“I need to know what ingredients I can and can’t use. Not much is known about human’s biology or medicine.”

This was a real conversation. A real conversation he was having right now. Why did he feel like the odd one out exactly?

“Oh, uh,” Jungkook tried to recall any first aid knowledge that he had. He was pretty sure that the cut on his palm should get stitches, but he wouldn’t get them even if he was still in his own world (own world… god that’s a concept that will take awhile to process) he couldn’t afford the healthcare. It was guaranteed to scar.

He knew nothing about this place or what they had in terms of medical practices, so he decided to go with the simplest remedy he knew. Clean it, wrap it, and leave it alone.

“Do you have any alcohol?”

Jimin and Taehyung blinked at him before looking at each other.

“Are you thirsty?” Jimin asks unsurely, “We can get you some water if you want.”

Jungkook felt even more confused, “No, I mean for my,” he pointed to the hand that rested in Jimin’s with his free one.

The confusion seemed to double in the room but Jimin eventually nodded. “We might have some Bubble in the kitchen,” the boy stood, releasing Jungkook’s hand in favour of sliding his hand down Taehyung’s arm, “I’ll be right back.”

The look Jimin shot Jungkook was one that would have had him cowering had he not been faced with a savage monster a few hours ago. He swallowed.

Don’t try anything. Message received.

Taehyung stared at him for a solid ten seconds after Jimin stepped out of the room and Jungkook tried not to be intimidated by the beautiful man. He let his thoughts wander to what the hell ‘Bubble’ was before he was interrupted by movement in front of him. Taehyung leaned forward, resting his arms across the back of the chair and Jungkook subconsciously leaned back, despite not being that close to the other.

“Do all humans look like you?” Taehyung asked.

Jungkook shoved the self-consciousness down as far as he could and shook his head. He wasn’t going to acknowledge the self-degrading comments that flooded his mind. Taehyung seemed even more intrigued by the answer.

“How old are you?” He asked after another second.

Why did this feel like an interrogation?


Taehyung’s eyes widen then, almost comically and he leaned so far forward he almost knocked the chair over. “23 years?!”


Jimin walked back in at that moment with a foggy glass bottle in his hands. “Tae be careful!” He hurried over and righted the precariously tipped chair, pushing Taehyung back with a hand on his chest.

“Jiminie, he’s just a child! A human child! No wonder he looks so scrawny! He’s harmless!” Taehyung sounded half astonished and half horrified as he waved his arms in Jungkook’s direction, all semblance of caution dissolving in a matter of seconds.

Jimin looked as shocked as Jungkook felt. That was until the annoyance and frustration took over. Jungkook glared at Taehyung.

“I am not a child.”

“You’re 23! You should barely even be walking,” Taehyung scoffed,

Jimin looked at Jungkook with a hint of surprised before he noticed the anger that radiated off of him. He quickly put a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder to try and calm him down. “Tae.” He warned.

The younger didn’t take the hint.

“Where’s your family? Shouldn’t they be watching you?”

Jungkook was on his feet with his fist wrapped around the front of Taehyung’s shirt before either man could blink. He ignored the startled yelp from Jimin and the gasp of fear that ripped out of Taehyung. Jungkook didn’t even register the burning in his hand as he tugged Taehyung face to face with him and looked him dead in the eyes. The blonde’s hands scrambled to grab at his wrist.

“Don’t talk about shit you don’t understand.”

Jungkook wasn’t a violent person. But he was also very much at the end of his rope. He had been sent through a whirlwind of shit in the last two weeks, he had an essay due on Monday, and he probably wasn’t going to make rent this month. Now he had to deal with space whale’s, non-human’s, and other worlds.

The last thing he needed was some ignorant guy calling him a child.

He shoved Taehyung enough to make the man stumble back and Jimin was between them instantly, attempting to look intimidating but it fell short with the fear in his eyes.

Jungkook put space between them, backing off right away. Whatever their reason was for fearing him, it was clear he wasn’t welcomed here. That was fine. Logically it made sense. He was a stranger (a strange species too apparently) in their home, where he wasn’t allowed to be. For all he knew, the men could get in trouble for helping him at all.

“Thank you again for your help. Which way is the door?” He refused to look at either of them, the fear in their eyes hurt more then it should. No one wanted to be looked at like they were a monster. He saw Jimin lift a shaky hand towards the door.

“First door on the left. Then straight.”

No more arguing for him to stay, no more offers of help. Jungkook nodded and left.

Once outside, he sucked in a breath of air and shuddered. Their looks had been so intense, even during the short time they didn’t look at him with fear. Even now he could feel them watching him from the doorway of the house as he headed down the trail towards the forest.

Forget it.

This wasn’t his problem. His problems were back in his world, where Jiho was probably terrified out of his mind and he was going to have one hell of a confusing report to write.

He wanted to look back.

He didn’t.

Jimin and Taehyung had rushed to the front door seconds after Jungkook stepped out of the house.

They watched in silence as the human headed towards the forest until he disappeared amongst the trees. Jimin swallowed and tried to calm the shaking in his hands. He turned to Taehyung, cupping his hands over the youngers cheeks and turning his face to look at him.

“Are you okay?” He searched his lovers eyes, thumb brushing gently over his cheek bone. He had been terrified the moment the human, Jungkook, had gotten to his feet. Jimin honestly had thought it was the end for them. Judging by the look in Taehyung’s eyes, he had too.

The younger nodded and placed a hand over Jimin’s smaller one on his cheek.

“He didn’t hurt me.”

The words sounded simple but the weight they carried implied so much more. So much that neither of them were sure they were ready to try and accept. All Jimin could do was look back down the path.

“No. No he didn’t.”

Taehyung wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist and pulled him in for a much-needed hug, the gesture knocking something off his head and onto the floor. They both looked down at it.

“He forgot his hat.”

Chapter Text

When Jungkook reached his door in the forest, he hesitated.

There was a long moment where he couldn’t exactly figure out why, but his body refused to move. His hand was on the doorknob. One turn and he would be back to his usual life. He would ignore the door from now on if it still followed him, he would go to class and work at the construction site. He would sleep on the bus to the mall and work his night shift. Then he would go home and do as much homework as he could before he passed out at his desk, only to wake up and do it all again in the morning.

He was tired.

His body hurt.

Most days he could barely stand without a wave of dizziness threatening to topple him over.

Jungkook turned away from the door and leaned his back against the sturdy wood, tilting his head to look at the beautiful planets above him. This place was like a dream. Opening this door and stepping through it would be like waking up wouldn’t it?

Back to the cold.

He pressed the tips of his fingers against his chest, breathing in and letting himself be enveloped in the warmth that seemed to encase every fiber of his being. If he left, would he ever get to come back?

He thought about the way Taehyung and Jimin had looked at him.

Would he want to?

There was no space whale flying around above him to ask. Wherever it had gone, it didn’t seem to be trying to stop him from leaving anymore.

His eyes clouded and he banged his head against the door roughly. His cheeks felt damp.

“Dammit.” He mumbled and with one last tear-filled look at the sky, Jungkook spun around and opened the door. For a moment all he saw was through to the other side, more strange forest, but as Jungkook took a step forward through the door, he was suddenly back in the mall.

Like a taught rubber band snapping, the warmth in his chest was ripped out of him eliciting a pained gasp and causing his legs to give out under him. Cold. He was cold. It wasn’t like the cold he felt from the other door. It was mundane. Average. Empty. It was somehow worse.

He heard the door click shut and it was the last straw that broke the walls he had precariously built.

Sobs ripped out of him violently and he gripped his hair. Done with the frustration, done with exhaustion, with trying so desperately to survive that he hadn’t gotten the chance to live.

It could have been minutes or hours that passed before he noticed there were arms around him and a steady heartbeat next to his ear. Warmth. He curled towards the source like it was a drug. A hand rested on the back of his head, curled in his hair and brushing it soothingly. When was the last time he’d been comforted by anyone?

“I’ve got you. Breath Kook. You’re okay. Just breath.”

The voice he recognized as Jiho’s. He was alright, he hadn’t been eaten by the monster. Thank god for small miracles. Jungkook had never felt more grateful for his friend then he did in this moment and he mentally made a note to repay him for it one day. He was sure he’d feel embarrassed about this tomorrow, but right now he really had just needed a hug. Taking in a slow breath to calm himself he tried to follow Jiho’s instructions as he walked him through the breathing. It was hard when small hiccups kept shuddering through him but soon enough, he became more aware of his surroundings.

The door was gone.

The thought didn’t make him feel much of anything in this moment.

Jiho was knelt beside him, arms keeping him securely against his chest and rocking them both gently in a calming motion. Jungkook felt the older sigh and pull away slightly, stopped from going too far when Jungkook’s hand shot up to grab his shirt. He whispered another reassurance before seeming to take stock of Jungkook’s appearance.

When his eye’s found the cuts on his hands, he winced and took his wrist to see it better. “Kook, what on earth happened?”

“You didn’t see it did you,” It wasn’t a question. The whale had already told him Jiho wouldn’t be able to see it, or the door. He hated how his voice cracked on the words.

“I saw you bolt out of the store like your ass was on fire. And the glass, the windows blew out all of the sudden. I ran out to come get you right away, but you,” Jiho’s arms tightened around him. “God Kook, I looked everywhere for you. I’ve run around this mall four times and you were nowhere. Where the hell did you go?”

Jungkook opened his mouth to respond when the sound of people talking and footstep drew his attention down the hall. Two police officer’s and a cleaning crew were walking around near the store front, their steps crunching on the shattered glass that littered the floor. Jungkook wanted to whine at the thought of dealing with people right now. He wanted to go back to his apartment and sleep forever.

He was sure the officers had heard his crying and the still semi aware part of him was extremely grateful they had left Jiho and him alone until he calmed down.

Jiho, seeming to understand his mood, gently helped him stand, “Give them a quick statement then get your stuff from the office. My car’s out back, I’ll drive you home.”

Jungkook wasn’t in any shape to argue. He nodded, having to rely on Jiho to carry most of his weight.

The next hour or two was a blur. He vaguely remembered speaking with the cops, giving some vague answer on what had happened, leaving out the monster and magical doors of course. He told them he had hid, like a coward, in the supply closet down the hall.

He thinks they offered an ambulance, but he adamantly refused. Lying about Jiho driving him to the hospital.

After that, Jiho drove him home. He remembered asking Jiho to stay, not wanting to be alone. Jungkook didn’t want to be alone with the cold in his chest. The other agreed and from there all he knew was that he hit his bed and fell asleep within seconds.

Namjoon knew something was off the minute he stepped in the front door.

The four of them had left the younger two alone for the night to watch the house so they could make a trip to one of the villages. Given that it was a nocturnal village, the shops were only open at night. They had needed a few things, Yoongi had gotten himself some more paper for his music, Hoseok needed more pots for his garden and Jin had insisted on coming to pick out more herbs and spices for his cooking.

Usually when they got home from trips like this, it was to the young duo thumping down the stairs and practically knocking them to the floor with hugs, while loudly exclaiming about all the things they had done in their absence.

So when none of that happened, he was immediately suspicious.

The house felt different and a small mental nudge against the houses magic told him that a stranger had been through their doors. If that wasn’t enough of a tell, the two very guilty looking Fae’s standing in front of him certainly gave it away.

“What happened.”

Yoongi, who had just stepped in the door behind him, blinked when the Fae’s suddenly launched into a mess of an explanation. Yoongi had noticed the change in the houses magic as well. There was unrest, like a small dent in an otherwise smooth wall.

Namjoon heard Yoongi set his bag down next to the door and he regarded the flustered Fae’s with a raised brow.

They didn’t look hurt, though given their nature and Jin’s magic, that was of very little concern. The amount of sealing magic surrounding the house alone was enough to keep out a small army. Even without the protective spells placed on them ensuring they couldn’t get so much as a scratch, Taehyung and Jimin were a force to reckon with. Despite being the youngest members of their group, individually they could both take on even the strongest giants with little struggle. Together they were even stronger.

He thought for a moment that the stranger had just been a customer, as someone being rude or disrespectful would explain the strange atmosphere. But the fact that he could barely understand the two Fae’s in their rushed attempt to explain made him think it was something more.

“Yah! What’s with all the noise so earlier?”

Yoongi stepped out of Seokjin’s way, giving him room to come inside. The man placed a hand on the small of Namjoon’s back as he stepped around him to see the Fae’s. He walked up to Taehyung and brushed a hand across his cheek, leaning forward to kiss the tip of his nose.

Despite having been so nervous a second ago, Taehyung smiled at the gesture, calming down a bit. “Welcome home,” He grinned and leaned up to give him a proper kiss. Gentle and chaste.

Jin hummed and put a hand on his head when he pulled away. “Better. Now, what has the both of you so jumpy?”

Jimin and Taehyung traded a look that the older men were very familiar with. It was the same look they often gave each other when they both new they had done something wrong.

Jin tisked when neither spoke up after a moment. “Are either of you hurt?”

They both shook their heads.

“Did you break something?”

Again, they shook their heads.

“Did you break one of the house rules?”

This time there was some hesitation but they both eventually shook their heads slowly.

Namjoon, realizing they weren’t going to get any information this way, stepped forward. “Why don’t you two go sit in the living room. Let us put our things down and then we’ll talk alright?”

Still looking rather antsy the two youngest agreed. Before heading to the living room Jimin paused and looked past them towards the door. “Where’s Hoseokie?”

Yoongi closed the door and kicked his shoes off, “He said he had to go check on something. He’ll be back soon.” The second eldest walked up to Jimin and kissed his cheek in greeting. “You better not have been messing around in my room.”

Jimin tried not to shiver at his lover’s naturally low purring voice. He giggled a bit and shook his head, recognizing Yoongi’s attempt at lightening the mood. None of them liked when one of them was feeling off, the older ones were especially aware of the younger two, and Jimin had know doubt they could practically feel the anxiousness radiating off them.

“I promise we weren’t,” He nuzzled his nose against Yoongi’s cheek, the other man giving a satisfied hum before heading off to put his bag away.

Namjoon gave both Taehyung and Jimin a kiss on the forehead as he headed off to do the same.

Before long, the five of them were gathered in the comfortable living room. Taehyung and Jimin sat almost ram rod straight on the middle couch, Namjoon sat across from them on the couch that lay on the other side of a large coffee table, Yoongi was standing off to one side watching them intently with his arms crossed and Seokjin had taken a spot in the loveseat next to the couch.

“The last time I saw you guys this nervous you put a shade spell on Hoseok’s greenhouse,” Yoongi smirked.

Taehyung pouted and Jimin held up a finger, “That was an accident!”

“It took him three days to figure out what spell you did and how to reverse it. You’re lucky nothing died,” Seokjin nodded and chuckled in amusement.

“We made it up to him…” Taehyung grumbled, “I had to do the greenhouse chores for a month.”

“And how many months of extra chores is whatever you did this time going to cost?” Namjoon rested his elbows on his knees and leant forward, raising a brow.

Reminded of why they were sitting here right now, both boys shrunk back a bit timidly. They just hoped they wouldn’t be too angry.

“E-Earlier when I was working in the shop I heard this thump from outside, and I thought it was a customer or something so I opened the door and,” Jimin started, hesitating to continue. Taehyung decided to take over instead.

“There was a boy, he was unconscious and hurt. We um, we brought him inside to help him,” Taehyung shifted, the hat the boy had left behind was sandwiched between his back and the couch. He had felt it might be useful in convincing the others, so he had grabbed it before coming in. Part of him though… part of him kind of just wanted to keep it.

The older three in the room shared confused looks.

“Okay? Why do you look so guilty for helping someone? Did you think we would get mad about that? We would have been mad if you hadn’t helped,” Seokjin reached over and took one of Jimin’s hands reassuringly. He frowned as he searched their eyes. There was more to this.

“No, not about that. It’s… he was…” Taehyung stuttered trying to get the words out.

“Human.” Jimin cringed, saying the word quickly. “He was human.”


Taehyung looked at each of his lovers carefully taking in their reactions. Or lack thereof. None of them moved for a moment and the room was deathly quiet.

It wasn’t until they felt an insistent push against their magic from the house itself that Namjoon stood up, a look of seriousness that they hadn’t seen in a very long time adorning his features.

“If this is a joke-” he began but Jimin quickly cut him off, gripping Seokjin’s hand firmly.

“It isn’t.”

That was all Namjoon and the other’s needed to know that they weren’t lying. The youngest duo played pranks and jokes a lot, but never anything that would cause this level of concern.

He rubbed a hand across his mouth.

Yoongi practically growled, a high pitch lilt hidden just behind the deep sound. His eyes flashed a brilliant gold. “A human? That’s impossible. There’s no way for humans to get to the Galaxy. You must have been mistaken.”

Taehyung shook his head insistently, swallowing as he watched his lover’s eyes change. He’d seen those golden eyes many times, only ever when Yoongi felt extreme emotion, but it had been a while since anger accompanied them. “He was injured, his blood was red.”

The three sucked in a breath and Yoongi spun around, opening and closing his fists as he tried not to punch the wall. It wasn’t the houses fault. He began to pace as the direness of the situation weighed down on them.

Seokjin looked at Namjoon quickly who had his arms pinned tight, folded across his chest. His jaw was clenched and Seokjin could see he was trying to stay composed.

“You let a human into our home?”

Taehyung and Jimin looked at their laps in guilt. “He needed help… we thought…” Jimin tried.

“You weren’t thinking!” Yoongi spun to face them, anger and barely concealed concern colouring his face. “Humans are our one weakness! You know this! Our magic, our rules, they don’t apply to humans. You had nothing to defend yourself with! If he had attacked you-” Yoongi snapped his mouth shut as if scared to finish the thought.

Namjoon placed a firm hand on Yoongi’s shoulder and it worked to calm the older slightly. Only slightly. It was silent for a beat too long, making them all look at the youngest who was chewing his lip and fidgeting with his hands.

Fear overtook them but Seokjin was the first to move, coming to crouch in front of them and take one of Taehyung’s hands as well. “Did he? Did he attack you?” He asked urgently.

Jimin licked his lips. “Not, exactly. No. He had woken up, cause Taehyung and I weren’t sure what to use to help heal humans and it took us a long time to find a book about them in the library. They were talking and Taehyung had started calling him a child,” Jimin glanced at the other in question who’s shoulders slumped.

“He said he was 23 years old! That’s so young...” He defended, not meeting any of their eyes.

“Human’s grow at a different pace,” Namjoon said, keeping his tone even and serious. “23 is early adulthood for them. Comparatively, he’s not much younger then you physically Tae.”

“I didn’t mean to offend him,” Taehyung said. It was clear he was upset by how things played out but what Namjoon couldn’t figure out was why they seemed to be blaming themselves.

Seokjin reached forward and traced his thumb of Taehyung’s lips to get him to stop biting them. He tapped under his chin reassuringly. Jimin took this as a sign to continue.

“He got mad and grabbed Taetae’s shirt. He told him not to talk about things he didn’t understand,” Jimin frowned. He hadn’t stopped thinking about Jungkook since he left. The boy, man, had every opportunity to kill them in that moment. Yet he didn’t. “He could’ve hurt him. Us.”

“Then what happened? What stopped him?” Yoongi fought the urge to storm out and track down this human right now. To show him why he shouldn’t mess with own of their own. Risks be damned.

“That’s the thing, nothing. Nothing stopped him. He could’ve and he didn’t. He just, stepped back, thanked us for helping him, and then left,” Even as Taehyung said it and knew it to be true, he still struggled to believe it. If the blood on the shirt Taehyung had changed out of was any indication, Jungkook had done more damaged to himself then he had to them while he was there.

Seokjin looked at them in surprise and Yoongi frowned.

“He just left. Just like that?” The eldest blinked, not believing it. From what he knew, human’s sought-after conflict as if it were their lifeblood. They craved it. Why would this human just turn his back and leave peacefully? Unless he had something more planned.

Seokjin turned to Namjoon, “Could this be possible? Is there any way a human could’ve gotten here?”

Namjoon put a hand to his chin, lost deep in his thoughts. The Galaxy had been a haven for creatures of all kinds. He had thought that all the links between the Galaxy and other worlds had been severed when they put the seals over it. Even if there was some sort of back door or trick to getting here, how had the human gotten past the Guardian? The Guardian was aware of everything that happened in the Galaxy, it would have known a human was here the moment his foot hit the soil. So why hadn’t it done anything to stop him?

“A door.”

Namjoon snapped his head up and looked at Jimin. “I’m sorry?”

The Fae fidgeted, “The human said a door had been following him around, and when he went through it, he was here. We saw it for ourselves, he was telling the truth.”

Yoongi held up a hand and took a step forward. “I’m sorry. Repeat that. You saw it?”

Taehyung and Jimin took this moment to take stock of their lovers states. Namjoon looked like he was trying to sort out a complex puzzle while Yoongi looked about ready to kill. Taehyung just hoped he made it outside before he caught the furniture on fire. The house was protected from fire magic but it would have been tedious to cast the spell on every individual thing in the home. So the couch and table were very much at risk right now. Seokjin looked confused and concerned and hadn’t let go of either of their hands despite his uncomfortable position kneeling in front of them.

Taking a deep breath, Taehyung pulled the hat out from behind him and held it out to Seokjin. “He left this by accident, so after he left we followed him to give it back.”

Yoongi facepalmed. “Are you trying to get killed?!”

Seokjin took the hat curiously and looked it over, holding it up to the light to see better, “What a strange hat…” He plopped it on his head and Jimin giggled a bit noticing it was backwards.

“Like this,” he reached over and fixed it so the brim was facing forward like Jungkook had been wearing it.

Seokjin smiled and kissed the inside of Jimin’s wrist in thanks, causing the younger to blush a bit.

“Stop playing with it, it belongs to a human,” Yoongi glared at the hat like it personally offended him.

Seokjin rolled his eyes, “It’s a harmless accessory Birdie.”

Yoongi scowled at the nickname.

“You saw him leave then?” Namjoon asked, getting everyone back to the subject at hand.

Jimin nodded and hummed before frowning. “He didn’t leave right away though. He seemed…”

“Scared,” Taehyung filled in. “He was crying.”

This was something that had been bothering both of them since Jungkook left. Something had felt off about letting him go, and maybe they had used the hat as an excuse but when they had reached the clearing in the woods they had hidden. The reality of what they were doing had hit them and they figured it would be best to just let him leave.

Colour them surprised when they found out he had been telling the truth about the door. Except when Jungkook had gone to open it, he froze. For a moment they thought he would turn around and start back up towards the house, much to their dread, but instead he had looked at the sky.

He had looked terrified in that moment and the tears that ran down his cheeks seemed uncontrolled and unwanted. Taehyung had felt stunned, much the same way his lovers were looking at them now.

The whole time they had been interacting with Jungkook, he had never looked scared. Cautious, nervous, unsure? Yes. But not scared. He didn’t know humans could feel fear. Now that he had thought about it he realized that Jungkook had seemed to be more concerned about how scared Jimin and Tae were.

Jimin looked up at the others then, concern in his eyes. Concern for a human. “I think he was scared to go back to his world. I keep thinking about it, if he had just stepped through the door and was here, how did he get so hurt? The cuts on his hands were from glass. So he must have gotten them in his world right?”

The silence that took over the room this time was full of hesitation and unsureness. Yoongi’s scowl became more of a contemplative frown and Namjoon ran a hand through his hair sighing heavily.

Seokjin patted Jimin’s thigh to get him to move over and him and Taehyung shifted to make room for Seokjin to sit on the couch. The eldest wrapped an arm around Jimin’s shoulders and carded a hand through his hair.

“You’re heart is too big Jiminie, what are we going to do with you hm?”

Jimin leaned into Seokjin’s embrace and sighed. He didn’t feel so anxious now that they had told them everything, but he was still worried. He hadn’t actually gotten to help Jungkook at all. Could those wounds be fatal? He really needed to do more research on humans.

Yoongi stepped next to Namjoon and looked at him seriously. “What do we do?” He asked. Namjoon had the most knowledge of humans, having been one himself once upon a time. If anyone could figure out what was going on, it would be him.

“I’m going to talk with the Guardian. He’ll know how the human got here. Can you go find Hoseok and let him know what’s going on?”

Yoongi nodded. “Of course,” He gave Namjoon’s shoulder a gentle squeeze, hoping to ease some of the tension there. It helped if only a little.

Seokjin hummed and reached past Jimin to poked Taehyung on the cheek. “I’ll stay with these cuties. I think some good food and tea are in order.”

Taehyung smiled. Jin’s cooking could cure anything.

When Jungkook woke up, it was to a minor heart attack.

He had felt great, better then he had in, well, longer then he could remember. He actually felt like he had some energy and while he was still sore, and his hands still hurt a bit, he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Until he saw what time it was.

“What the shit?!” He yelled staring at his phone screen which shone a mocking, ‘2:00pm’ in his face.

Getting his feet tangled in his blanket and subsequently faceplanting on the ground with all the grace of a newborn fawn had Jiho busting a gut laughing from the doorway.

Jungkook scrambled to sit up, rubbing his forehead which took the brunt of the fall, and looked at his friend in utter betrayal. “Jiho-hyung!”

“Oh don’t give me that look. You needed sleep and you know it.” The man rolled his eyes and stepped out of the door now that he new Jungkook wasn’t screaming about anything important.

Jungkook kicked the blanket away with a huff and hurried after him. “Hyung, I had work today! And class!”

Jiho waved a hand over his shoulder and walked into Jungkook’s small kitchen. “I called you in sick to both, and the boss gave us both the next two days off from the mall. Don’t worry about it.”

The next two days without work? He was barely going to make rent even with the two days, how the hell was he supposed to make up that money?

“I can feel your stress from here. Can you chill for two seconds? Here. Eat some pizza. You have literally no food in this place.”

Jungkook sighed as Jiho pushed a pizza box across the counter in his direction. Grumbling he walked over and sat on one of the stools on the other side. He opened the box before promptly shutting it.

“You disgust me.”

“It’s a culinary masterpiece.” Jiho rolled his eyes. “Don’t be a baby.”

“No hyung. Lamb skewers are a culinary masterpiece. Pineapple on pizza is a crime against humanity.” Jungkook leaned forward and rested his forehead against the counter. It was cold.

“Do you like pineapple?”


“Do you like pizza?”

“I understand where you’re trying to go with this but let me then ask you this, do you like taking baths?”

“Yeah I suppose,” Jiho raised a brow and chuckled.

“Do you like toasters?”

“Okay that isn’t even remotely similar to the topic.” Jiho smacked Jungkook’s head and laughed. “Here, I knew you would be a baby about this, so I got you an all meat. Happy?”

Jiho turned and got a plate from the cabinet. Apparently, he had been making himself familiar with his apartment while Jungkook was asleep. He didn’t mind though. It wasn’t like he had much to begin with, so the apartment didn’t mean much to him. It was just a place to sleep behind a lockable door.

Jungkook glanced down at his hands, which at some point had been cleaned and wrapped with white gauze. “Thanks, for this,” he lifted a hand to indicate what he was talking about. “And for last night.”

Jiho hummed and waved a hand dismissively. He gave Jungkook two slices of meat pizza and took a pineapple one for himself. Jungkook scowled at the food as his friend bit into it. Jiho leaned back against the counter.

“How about you stop plotting the death of my pizza and start telling me what the hell actually happened last night?”

Jungkook picked at some of the toppings of his slice. Would Jiho even believe him? Would it even matter? He wasn’t going back was he? Sighing he ruffled his messy hair trying to think of where to start. “Weird things have been happening for about two weeks now.”

Jiho hummed, chewing his food, “Weird how? Like good weird or like someone hating pineapple pizza weird?”

Jungkook looked at him blankly to which the other just shrugged and waited for a response. Shaking his head, he looked back at his plate.

“A door has been following me.”

“Pineapple pizza weird, I see…”


“Are we talking metaphorically or..?”

“No, an actual physical door. I thought I was crazy at first. Maybe I still am crazy. But it showed up everywhere. At school, work, at the mall, even here. It was there last night. That’s where I disappeared too.” He explained, glancing up at his friend.

Jiho seemed to be trying to process what he was saying. His friend frowned, “So you went through the door? That’s how you vanished?”

Jungkook nodded, appreciating that he wasn’t being shut down right away. He really needed to talk about this. “Yeah. I went through and there was this, whole other world hyung. It was, it was beautiful and amazing and warm.” His chest tightened at the memory. “There was this giant space whale that talked to me. It said that I’m the only one who can see the doors, that the other world was a safe place. I honestly thought I was dead, but I met these two other people. They sort of implied they weren’t human, and they seemed scared of me, they were just… beautiful, I don’t know how to describe it, they looked like angels and-”

“Okay! Okay hold up.”

Jungkook snapped his mouth closed, looking at his hyung questioningly. Jiho set his pizza down and placed both hands on the counter, leaning towards Jungkook.

“Kook. We have been friends for almost a year now. It’s a short time but I think of you as my little brother. So I need you to level with me right now.”

As short a time as it was, Jungkook knew him well enough to know the question in his eyes and he reached over and smacked him on the shoulder, “I’m not on drugs!”

Jiho winced and rubbed his arm, leaning back again. “You can see how I would assume that though right? You know how insane that sounds?”

Jungkook’s shoulders sag and he puts his face in his hands, letting out a weak, muffled, “I know…”

This is what he expected. Jiho was a sane normal person, of course he wouldn’t believe this. Hell if Jungkook hadn’t lived it he wouldn’t believe it either.

There’s a moment where it’s quiet between them before Jiho is sighing dramatically and picking up his pizza again, “You might be sick, or hallucinating, or maybe someone has been drugging you,” Jungkook opened his mouth to defend himself but stopped when Jiho pointed his pizza slice at him. “But I believe that you believe it. And I guess if you believe it, I’ll believe you unless it comes out that you’ve got a brain tumor or something.”

Jungkook stared at his friend in surprise. He felt a faint ghost of warmth in his chest and he was grinning widely before he could stop himself. “Thank you hyung.”

Jiho looked a bit taken aback before he cleared his throat awkwardly and waved his pizza again. “So how does this door have anything to do with the shop blowing up?”

Jungkook folded his arms on the counter and thought back. “I don’t really know. There was this other door. But it was cold. It felt like looking at a tangible nightmare,” He shivered.

Jiho sat his pizza on his plate.

“I managed to get away from it but it started to open and then this scream, it was so loud I thought my head would explode. I ran and found my- the other door. The one that was following me, and this monster chased me.”


Jungkook just nodded, not having words to describe the atrocity that he had seen last night.

They sat in silence and ate for awhile, both trying to get a handle on their thoughts before either tried to broch the subject again. Jungkook was on his fourth piece when Jiho finally spoke.

“Not that I’m sad you did, but… if that place was so amazing, why’d you come back?”

Jungkook wasn’t very surprised at the question. It was one he had been asking himself since he had felt the warmth leave him.

“I don’t know hyung. I really don’t know.”

Speaking with the Guardian wasn’t something Namjoon did very often.

It was quite literally the guard of the realm, it didn’t have all the time in the world to be chatting with the locals. The Guardian only showed if it needed too, and it seemed Namjoon had the honor of coming to it with a subject that had been deemed important enough to discuss.

The whale swam calmly through the sky above the roof of their home, where Namjoon stood. At the first sight of the Guardian, he had immediately dropped to one knee and bowed, a sign of the utmost respect. At the Guardian’s kind insistence however, he easily relaxed.

They had known each other for centuries; it was easier to convene like old friends.

“There was a human in the Galaxy,” Namjoon said, more to start the conversation then actually fill the whale in on any information. It already knew everything there was to know.

In a way, Namjoon sometimes got jealous of that knowledge. In others, he couldn’t imagine the burden.

“Does this bother you, Immortal?”

It had been so long since he’d heard the soothing voice, he felt himself relaxing further. “I’m concerned. The risks…”

“This human has a good soul. The little one is kindhearted.”

A human with a good soul? He frowned skeptically and the whale let out a hearty chuckle.

“Perhaps it is time to try to understand humans, then to continue to fear them. They have changed greatly in the centuries of our absence.”

Namjoon watched the whale for a moment. “Human’s can’t have changed much. I remember how…”

“You know better then most how adaptive humans can be, Immortal.”

Damn. It had him there. Though, their adaptivity was seen as a strength they used in battle, could their world have changed enough to force them to adapt to a new way? He was scared about what he would hear when he spoke to the Guardian. He had a family to protect.

“Your apprehension is to be expected Immortal. But this human is special. More special than you or I can know, and he is in grave danger.”

Namjoon felt himself tense at its words. More special than even the Guardian knew? Just who was this person? “In danger from what?” He remembered what Taehyung and Jimin told them earlier. “From his own world?”

“Not from his own. From another.”

He didn’t think there was anything even remotely magic related that could hurt humans. The more magical energy there was, the more invincible humans were. Sure, ranged attacks would work, but the mania would have had to dispersed from the weapon or element first. If a water Fae, like Jimin, tried to drown humans with a tidal wave, the humans within his energy range, the range at which he could expel energy until it was too far away to control, those humans would be fine. They wouldn’t drown, they would breathe as they always had. The humans outside of that range, might drown, but Jimin would no longer have control of the element at that point. The reach would be too far.

The less magic energy, the more deadly for humans, but it meant less or no strength for the energy users.

It made fighting face to face with a human virtually impossible. The closer to a magical being you got, the more energy naturally stayed around them. To top it off, if a magical being got stronger, they only created more energy. The stronger they were, the weaker they would be against humans.

That’s why they were terrified of them. They nullified any magic aimed at them. Hell, even curses were nullified. Namjoon, an immortal, someone who couldn’t even get a scratch on him, much like his lovers, could only be killed by a human. It was quiet literally their only weakness.

Yet here he was being asked to help one?

Here he was actually considering it?

“How much time?” Namjoon asked. How much time did he have to decide? How much time did the human have to live?

“If nothing changes, he will be found by the end of tomorrow.”

Chapter Text

To say that Jungkook was enjoying his day off was an understatement.

He was pretty sure the last time he had had a day to himself he was twelve and still living in Busan with his parents. It almost made the fact that he would be homeless next week worth it.

Jiho had left the day before, after spending a lot of time talking over everything that had happened and making sure Jungkook was mentally and physically able to take care of himself. The talk with his hyung couldn’t have gone better. Jiho had been incredibly understanding despite how insane Jungkook had sounded. Not only that but the man had done a quick grocery shop while Jungkook was taking a nap, restocking his kitchen and making him promise to eat at least two full meals a day.

He felt kind of awkward about being taken care of like this. In his opinion, Jiho was going a little overboard.

He remembered what Jiho had said about how he considered him his brother and he couldn’t help but smile. Jungkook knew Jiho was just naturally caring, he was the oldest of three and his younger siblings were no older then ten. Jungkook was grateful to know him. It made him miss his own big brother. They hadn’t spoken in a long time.

He had slept like the dead last night, but he still found himself a bit drowsy, though, the bone weary exhaustion that had been plaguing him wasn’t nearly as bad. His body still ached but it was much more manageable than it had been. All around, he felt better then he had in a long time. He felt a little more like himself.

In celebration of the fact that he had somehow survived the week, Jungkook planned something he’d been wanting too for months.

A movie marathon.

He had dragged all the blankets off his bed and made a makeshift nest on the couch. There weren’t a lot of blankets, and the ones he had were cheap and thin, sometimes a bit scratchy, but he would make do. Pillows were propped in just the right spots to allow for maximum comfort and with a few clicks of the remote he sat back to watch his favorite superhero movies.

Bliss. This was complete bliss.

He made it through the first movie but ended up falling asleep throughout the second and third. The guilt of not doing anything lingered in the back of his mind as he drifted in and out of sleep. He did have a lot of homework and he could go to work tomorrow to save himself the grief of being broke later, but he forced himself to keep watching the tv.

His life could fall apart tomorrow. Right now, it was perfect.

One day. The world could give him that.

Except apparently that was asking too much.

He had peeled himself out of his warm bundle of blankets to go to the bathroom and grab a snack. Out of the options Jiho had got him, he decided to go with a bag of chips. He held the corner of the bag between his teeth to free his hands so he could grab a glass of water. Humming in content now that he had sufficient sustenance, he turned to head back to his nest.

In the middle of his living room, blocking all view he had of the tv, was the door.

His door.

The one he thought he’d never see again.

The chips dropped to the ground as his jaw went slack.

Something in him felt elated, excited, at the sight of the door. He hadn’t seen it at all yesterday and he was sure that he was done with whatever crazy adventure he had had. Jungkook’s heart pounded and he shakily set his water on the counter.

As if in a trance, he walked around the couch to the misplaced object and lifted his hand up to touch it. It was really here. Why was it here? Was he allowed to go back? Did it want something from him?

A quiet squeaking of metal on metal caused his gaze to snap down and look at the doorknob. It turned slowly.

His mind flashed images of a black door and a snarling monster.

He panicked.

The first thing he thought to do was grab the doorknob. It worked for a moment, stopping its rotation. A short moment. Whatever was on the other side turned it harder, making it slip in Jungkook’s bandaged hands. When the latch clicked, he gave up on keeping it from turning and instead pulled back with all his strength, bare feet braced on the floor.

“No! Leave me alone! I just want one damn day!” He yelled, feeling something tug roughly a few times. Whatever it was either hadn’t heard him or didn’t care as it pulled harder.

Jungkook grit his teeth and propped one foot next to his hands on the door frame. If this were a normal door it would have been kicked into his tv by now. Jungkook had taken multiple martial arts growing up and he worked on a construction site. He certainly wasn’t weak.

But it wasn’t a normal door. It was a magical door. A stupid magical door that was ruining the only day he had to relax, and he hated that the stupid doorknob felt so warm!

That might have also just been the fact his hands felt like he had dipped them in liquid fire, which is the only thing he would blame when the door was suddenly wrenched from his grip and sent him toppling back onto the couch with a yelp.

When he looked up he found himself faced with two men.

Namjoon had woken up that morning and knew it would be a rough day.

His only goals for the day were to not die, and to get some tea before the chaos started.

He had gotten so close, so close. The tea pot was in his hand, ready to be poured, and then a shout followed by a loud bang and more yelling from upstairs had him sighing and setting the pot back down in resignation. He wasn’t off to a good start, which didn’t bode well for what else the day had in store.

They had a family meeting that morning.

Namjoon explained everything that the Guardian had told him and when he was finished, his five lovers had stared at him blankly.

“So, if I understand this right, the human is going to be killed by something from a different realm tonight, if we don’t help him?” Yoongi had asked.

Namjoon gave him a nod, “Right. Which is why I wanted to ask what you all wanted to do.”

Yoongi frowned and leaned back in his chair. “Why do we have to do anything? We have nothing to do with him.”

Jimin looked at him in surprise, “We can’t just leave him to die.”

“Why can’t we? We don’t owe him anything and human or not, he’s a stranger. A very dangerous stranger.”

Taehyung frowned and looked between his lovers. “The Guardian said he was special. What does that mean?”

Namjoon hums and rests his arms on the table. “I’m not sure.”

“And we’ll never be sure if we just let him die,” Jimin scowled.

Yoongi sighed in frustration, “I get that you’re upset that you didn’t get to help the guy Jiminie but try and think about what kind of danger helping him would put us in.”

Jimin’s scowl softened at that and he bit the inside of his cheek. “I don’t think he would hurt us. He seemed kind.”

“Kind,” Hoseok chuckled a bit from his seat across from Jimin, “Aren’t you the one being too kind here?”

Jimin pouted. He was glad his lover no longer seemed angry at him and Tae though. When he had gotten back with Yoongi the night before, Hoseok had given them the lecture of a life time about being safe and about how ludicrous it was that they could possibly find the only danger in the safest place in the realms. Jimin and Tae had taken the scolding until Hoseok had calmed down and demanded that they sleep in his room that night. He had needed to know that they were safe.

“I understand both sides,” Seokjin spoke up from the head of the table, “I’m wary about stepping in, it might bring trouble. But I also don’t think we should condemn the human to death. It’s cruel.”

Namjoon nodded. “I think… the Guardian sounded confident in the human’s character. It said he had a good soul. Jin’s right, it would be cruel not to help. This could also be a good opportunity to learn more about humans. Not knowing much about them is dangerous if we ever encounter them again.” He would be lying if he said that his own curiosity didn’t have some sway on his opinion. Knowledge was power, but beyond that, a person was a person. Sitting back and doing nothing would be killing a potentially innocent man.

“How would we even help him? It’s not like we can keep fighting off whatever is after him. Hell, we can’t even reach him,” Yoongi waved a hand.

Namjoon smiled a bit. As brash and hot tempered as Yoongi could be, he wasn’t against considering other options. It was something that he loved about the phoenix. They often got into long discussions about all sorts of topics, from music to alchemy to recent books they’ve read. While he was often stubborn in his opinion, he never shut down another and he didn’t mind changing his views if presented with more information. Yoongi could admit when he was wrong. It was a strong trait to have.

“Can’t we just go through the door?” Taehyung blinked.

Hoseok sat back with wide eyes, “Into the human world? That would be like walking into a death trap. We would be completely vulnerable!”

“No one has set foot there since the Galaxy was created. Who knows what we’d be walking into,” Seokjin nods, though there was some intrigue in his eyes.

“You told us the human-”


“Sorry?” Namjoon blinked.

Taehyung blushed a bit and looked at the table, “His names Jungkook.”

The others, sans Jimin, stared at him in surprise. They had gathered quickly that the two youngest had a fascination with the human, but they hadn’t worried about it too much. They had met a species no one had seen or interacted with for hundreds of years, it was expected that they would be interested. But blushing? What the hell was that about?

“On the Guardians protection, tell me you do not have a thing for the human,” Yoongi looked between the two, torn between feeling flabbergasted and very concerned.

They both snapped their heads up, looking at them in shock before looking at each other, “N-No!”

“That’s not- He was just-”

“He was so beautiful!”

They stammered in embarrassment and Hoseok looked at Yoongi in shock. “They don’t even get this flustered around us and we’ve done a lot of fluster worthy things!”

Yoongi smirks, "Clearly we have to try harder then."

The comment only made them turn redder and Jimin had to hide his face in his hands.

Namjoon decided to save them from further embarrassment and continued what he had been going to say. “Alright, you told us that Jungkook,” the name sounded odd but not unpleasant on his tongue, “Said the door was following him around?”

Seokjin hummed and rested his chin in his hand. “You’re thinking it would lead us to wherever he is? It would save us from having to spend more time than necessary there.”

“Why does this sound like we’re forming a plan?” Yoongi huffed, looking between them. “We haven’t even agreed to save him yet.”

“You’re right. Let’s put it to a vote then. All in favor of not letting the human be brutally murdered?” Seokjin smirked and raised his hand. He was quickly followed by Taehyung and Jimin. Namjoon lifted his hand calmly while Hoseok seemed to hesitate for a moment.

Yoongi turned to him with narrowed eyes when he caved after a moment and lifted his hand. Hoseok gave him a sheepish smile. “Sorry love, I trust the Guardian’s judgement.”

The phoenix looked at each of them one last time before rolling his eyes and lifting his hand. “Fine, but I want it in writing that I think this is a terrible idea.”

“Good, it’ll mean you’ll keep your guard up,” Namjoon nodded at him, knowing that while Yoongi played it off well, the other was deeply concerned about their safety.

They all were. As much as they joked, they were scared of the worst case scenario.

This wasn’t exactly the run of the mill dispute between siren’s or a brawl between spirits that they had to break up. This situation could get them hurt or even killed if they weren’t careful.

They were putting everything on the line with very little information. It made Namjoon uncomfortable, but between his gut instinct telling him that this was right, and the trust and faith they all had in the Guardian, they would follow through.

They discussed more about how this whole thing would work. The Galaxy was the safest place for Jungkook to be. After a few kidnapping suggestions they all agreed that it would be better to not try and piss off the human but rather try and convince him instead. To do that they would need to go to the human world.

Seokjin had pointed out that not all of them could go, it would be stupid and reckless. That lead to trying to figure out who should be the ones to travel through the door.

Namjoon had volunteered first. It only made sense given that, while he didn’t have much knowledge on the current human world, he understood more about humans then any of them did. He was also incredibly good at convincing people.

After that it had been tricky. Namjoon had told them that there should only be two of them, they didn’t want to look like they were trying to attack the human, anymore then two would be intimidating. Yoongi practically demanded to go but upon an observation from Hoseok, the choice came down to Jimin or Taehyung.

“He’s met them already, he would probably be calmer seeing at least a semi familiar face.”

Seokjin shot Taehyung down immediately when he tried to volunteer much to the youngest’s disappointment. There was no way they would be sending their baby into an unknown world. Not a chance. All of them agreed.

That meant it would be Jimin and Namjoon.

They still weren’t comfortable with the idea, especially Yoongi, but the plan was to get in and get out. A quick trip, no exploring, convince the human that his life was in danger and bring him back to the Galaxy.

From there they would have to hide him within their land. While the Guardian might be ready to embrace humans again, many creatures still feared and hated them. If he was discovered here, he might be in just as much danger as he was in his world. Right now though, it was the only option. They didn’t have a lot of time left.

The group gathered in the clearing in front of the door.

Namjoon insisted that Jimin hide a blade on himself in case things went south, his own knife tucked into his belt under his shirt. Jimin seemed apprehensive at the implication of the weapons but complied, he strapped it to his belt and cast a simple cloaking spell over it.

Namjoon turned to the others who looked tense, “We’ll be back as soon as possible. You should probably get a room ready for him I supposed.”

They were housing a human. A human would be living with them. In their home.

“We’ll take care of things here,” Seokjin smiled and walked over. Namjoon envied his ability to stay calm no matter the situation. “Be careful. Please.” He leaned forward and pressed their lips together, it was only then that Namjoon could sense the amount of worry the other was feeling. He wrapped an arm around his waist and pressed into the kiss, directing his energy around Seokjin as a sign of comfort and reassurance. They pulled away after a moment and just looked at each other.

Namjoon gave him a small nod before he was practically side tackled by Taehyung. The blonde wrapped him in a tight hug and the immortal had to twist to hug him back properly. “We aren’t leaving forever, it may only be a few minutes.”

“Bring me back a present?” Taehyung asked, pouting.

Namjoon laughed but nodded. “We’ll see what we can do.”

Appeased by the promise, Taehyung released him to give Jimin a similar hug, kissing his cheek.

It took longer than it needed too to get the others to head back to the house, many hugs and kisses were shared before they eventually relented and left. Namjoon then turned to Jimin and smiled at him. “Are you ready?”

“Not really,” the Fae said honestly. He looked at the door, mind clouded with thoughts about what could be on the other side.

“Me neither. Stick close to me okay?”

Jimin nodded and they both approached the door.

They hadn’t expected it to be so difficult to open. Jimin had to help Namjoon by pulling on his waist before it suddenly swung up, knocking them both over. Blinking, they looked at each other before getting up and stepping through.

The first word that came to mind when he took in his surroundings was ‘strange’.

It was strange and surreal. The change happened in a blink of an eye. They were in what looked like a home. The general layout wasn’t all that different from what they were used too, but the contents of the room were not like anything they had seen before.

Jimin found it incredibly distracting but also marvelous.

Namjoon’s eyes locked on the person sitting in front of him. It took all his will power not to express the shock that coursed through him. Jimin and Taehyung hadn’t been kidding. The human was breathtaking.

His brown hair was a mess, as if he had just woken up. He was wearing a white shirt with short sleeves made of an interesting fabric and checkered pants. The choice of attire seemed a bit strange but so did everything else in the room, so he wasn’t about to point it out.

The human, Jungkook, looked at them with wide eyes (cute), and seemed to be frozen to his spot. There was some other sound in the room, it sounded like people talking but Namjoon couldn’t see anyone. It put him on edge. Were there others here?


Jungkook’s voice, melodic, snapped Namjoon’s attention back to the human who know looked extremely confused. Jimin stepped to the side a bit to see the other but didn’t step out from behind Namjoon, to which the older was grateful. He could already feel the absence of energy in the room. It was so empty here. It was disconcerting.

“Jiminssi?” The pink haired boy tilted his head before shaking it, “Jimin, my names Jimin.”

“I know it’s-” Jungkook seemed to think better of what he was going to say. “Nevermind. What are you doing here?” The question was asked hesitantly and with his eyes on Namjoon.

“We’re here to warn you,” Namjoon spoke and the human stood up, movements slow. He stepped back around the couch to put space between them. While Namjoon was grateful, he was also very on edge.

Jungkook stopped next to the counter with a frown. “Warn me about what?”

Namjoon started to answer as he watched Jungkook reach for a black bar like object. The human held it up, pointing it directly at them. Immediately Namjoon threw one arm behind him and grabbed Jimin, pulling him against his back. Knowing they were at an extreme disadvantage here, he quickly lifted his free hand in a placating way, rather than going for his knife. “We don’t mean any harm.”

Jungkook, who had jumped at Namjoon’s sudden movement, looked at them for a long moment before looking at the object in his hand and then back at them. Namjoon wasn’t sure, but he swore he saw a twitch of a smile. He scowled. Was he finding this amusing?

Jungkook lifted the object as if to show them what it was, “It’s not a weapon, it’s just a remote.” He explained. Even though that explained nothing to them. He pointed it at them and Namjoon felt Jimin flinch. The human seemed to press something on top of the object and suddenly it was very quiet in the room. The extra voices were gone.

He blinked and if he wasn’t terrified of looking away from the human, he would have tried to figure out what the object had just done. Clearly it had accomplished what Jungkook had wanted though, as he tossed it across the room onto the couch carelessly.

“What are you warning me about?” Jungkook reminded.

Namjoon cleared his throat, hating how calm the other was right now. It was like he knew he had power over the situation. The only comfort he found was the fact that the door was still open behind them. Two steps back and they would be home. A quick escape should things turn sour.

“The Guardian told us that you’re in danger. You’re being hunted,” Namjoon said carefully.

Once again, the human just stared at them, seemingly in thought. He expression turned worried.

“That monster? It’s still coming after me?”

Jungkook’s stomach dropped into his feet at the thought of dealing with that creature again. What had he done to deserve being hunted? Him of all people? If that thing from the mall was hunting him, that meant it wasn’t some fluke or one-time deal where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. No, it was coming after him specifically. Why? He didn’t know. Just like he didn’t know why the door was following him or why there were two strange men standing in his living room interrupting the best part of the movie.

The man who pointedly stood between Jimin and Jungkook, hadn’t taken his eyes off him since he had stepped through the door. Not only was the look he was being given nothing short of deadly, but the man giving said look was attractive. Really attractive.

His hair was an enthralling silver that was styled almost perfectly while still looking effortless, he had a sharp jawline that Jungkook could tell was tensed but that did nothing to deter his attractiveness. It actually only added to it. He stood a good head taller than Jimin, chest broad and protectively keeping the smaller man behind him.

What the hell was with this Galaxy place and hot guys? Jungkook suddenly wanted to return the question Taehyung had asked him before, did all non-humans look like them? Cause that just wasn’t fair.

Jungkook had not expected the men to be here out of concern for his safety of all things. It’s not like he knew these people at all.

It made very little sense to him why they had come here at all. It didn’t take a genius to see that they were tense. Just their reaction to Jungkook turning the tv off was enough to tell him that they seemed to expect the worst from him, just like Jimin and Taehyung had. He frowned. Why would they push themselves into this situation for a stranger?

The silver haired man seemed taken aback by his words, “You’ve seen it? You’ve seen the thing hunting you?”

Jungkook scoffed and ran a hand through his hair, “Seen it? It almost killed me at my work. That’s how I ended up in there,” he pointed to the open door behind them. “I was running from it.”

“Could you describe it?” The man asked quickly, almost urgently.

“Big, looked starved, long skinny arms and legs, it’s skin looked like ink,” he supplied. “Do you know why it’s after me?”

He didn’t miss the way Jimin’s eyes were following his hands and the bandages that covered his cuts. The one on his palm had opened when he tried to hold the door closed and the white gauze was turning a nice shade of red slowly.

“The Guardian said that you’re someone special. If we don’t do anything to help you, that monster, as you call it, will come after you again. Sooner than you might think. It will kill you if you stay here.”

Jungkook bit his lip. This was so messed up. What had he done? Special? How was he even remotely special? This didn’t make any sense.

“So what exactly am I supposed to do? I can’t just up and move.”

“As long as you’re in this world, you’re in danger. You’ll be safe in the Galaxy.” The man explained.

Jungkook licked his lips and walked around the counter to grab his glass of water. He took a drink before leaning his elbows on the counter with the glass cupped in his hands. His mouth was dry.

“You’re asking me to come with you?” He needed to clarify.

Jimin nodded and stepped up beside the other man. “We know you don’t know us, that we’re strangers, but we couldn’t just let you die. Please come back with us Jungkook. You can stay with us until we get this situation figured out.”

Jungkook tried not to shiver upon hearing his name spoken in Jimin’s voice. He liked the way it sounded a little too much.


“Okay?” Jimin blinked.

“Yeah, okay.”

Jimin looked at Namjoon to see if he understood but he carried the same confused look Jimin had. “Okay you’ll come with us?”

“Yep,” Jungkook nodded and downed the rest of his water, setting the glass in the sink.

“That was… a quick decision,” Namjoon stammered a bit.

Jungkook had made the decision the moment he came back to his world. He’d done plenty of thinking about it. His hands shook, excitement coursing through him, mixing with anticipation to return to the other world. To return to the warmth.

He didn’t know how long it would take for them to deal with the monster, but he assumed he’d be sent back here afterwards. Jungkook dreaded the thought, so he didn’t ask. He didn’t want to know how much time he would have before he had to deal with the reality of his life again.

“Honestly? I’ve been wanting to go back since I left,” Jungkook smiled and laughed a bit.

Jimin lifted a hand to cover his mouth and Namjoon bit his tongue hard.

There was a bit of an awkward silence for a moment before Jimin cleared his throat and stepped towards him carefully. “Your hands, can I see them?”

Jungkook looked at the bandages then back at the pink haired man, “They’re okay, my friend patched them up yesterday.”

Jimin frowned at that and shifted, “You should change the bandages at least. Do you have any here?”

Jungkook went to insist that it was fine, but he paused, remembering what Jimin had said before, ‘You’re still my patient until you’re properly taken care of.’


Instead of arguing he nodded, “I’ll grab the first aid kit. Make yourselves at home I guess,” he said as he headed off down the hall.

When he came back from the bathroom the two hadn’t moved far from the door but they were looking around curiously. The taller of the two seemed pretty interested in Jungkook’s textbooks that were piled up on the coffee table. When he wasn’t staring him down, the man’s eyes seemed to glow with amazement of his surroundings.

Jimin had stepped to the far side of the room where there was a small bookcase. Jungkook didn’t have much use for it but he started putting the things he got from the malls lost and found there. After two week’s him and Jiho could take whatever hadn’t been claimed yet. There were a couple books, some toys, and keychains. Even a nice watch that someone had left on a bench.

The one that seemed to have caught Jimin’s eye was a small purple plushy that looked like a bunny, no bigger then the palm of his hand. Jimin was staring at it with barely concealed wonder and he had one hand lifted as if he wanted to touch it.

Jungkook couldn’t help smiling at how cute the whole scene was. He wondered if this is how he would seem to them when they showed him around their world. Much less cute but still fascinated he was sure.

Jungkook spoke, making the two jump in surprise. Jimin dropped his hand quickly. “I’m Jungkook by the way,” he said to the silver haired man.

“Namjoon,” the man nodded in greeting after a moment. “It’s, nice to meet you.”

Jungkook raised a brow and move to sit on the couch, “Is it?”

Namjoon frowned. Jimin approached Jungkook and slowly sat on the couch next to him. He opened the first aid kit and started pulling out the limited supplies. He set the gauze on the couch between them and started to unwrap his hands.

He didn’t make it far before Jimin reached over and carefully tugged his hand towards him. He took over unwrapping it, much gentler then Jungkook had been.

Jungkook tried not to think about how soft his hands were.

“You’re scared of me,” Jungkook said, looking over at Namjoon to prevent himself from tracing his eyes over Jimin’s beautiful features. Did he have to sit so close? Their knees were almost touching.

Jimin stilled for only a moment before going back to what he was doing. Namjoon searched Jungkook’s eyes. “Not specifically. Not you. Just,”

“Humans?” Jungkook tilted his head.

Namjoon nodded. “Please don’t take offense to that. We… have our reasons. It has been a long time since we’ve met humans.”

Jimin finished pulling the gauze off, the last part burning as it pulled away from the open wound. He winced but didn’t say anything as the man inspected the cut. “How long is a long time?”

Namjoon had to think about it longer then Jungkook would have thought necessary. When he finally answered he felt his eyes widen in shock.

“750 years?!” Jungkook exclaimed. “Wait hold up, you’re both 750 years old?!”

Namjoon shook his head quickly and Jungkook almost sighed in relief until he continued, “No, no Jimin is around 425 I believe. I’m probably around 800 give or take.”

“Give or-” Jungkook wanted to facepalm, “No wonder Taehyung thought that I was a child.”

Jimin frowned apologetically, “He’s very sorry about that. He hadn’t meant anything rude by it. We aren’t entirely sure how human’s age so…”

It made sense. Jungkook couldn’t expect them to know everything that he thought was normal. He’d have to remind himself to be patient with them if things like this came up again.

“Compared to hundreds of years, 23 looks like nothing. I don’t blame him. I shouldn’t have lashed out at him.” Namjoon and Jimin stared at him long enough for him to start feeling self-conscious. Eventually he couldn’t take it and asked, “What?”

“You’re just…” Jimin tilted his head regarding him with an expression Jungkook couldn’t place, “You’re not anything like how we were told humans were. You’re very kind.”

He felt his cheeks warm, having to look away from them. He cleared his throat, “What did you think humans were like?”

“Barbaric. Ruthless. Unmerciful killers,” Namjoon listed, but there was no malice in his voice. The room felt less tense than it had minutes ago and Jungkook was grateful they seemed convinced that he wasn’t going to jump them at any second. Not that Jungkook thought he had even a remote chance at taking on hundreds of years old magical beings. Given that fact, he was still super confused about why they feared him.

He tried to recall anything he learned in history class about what the world was like 750 years ago but came up blank. He’d have to look it up later, but he wouldn’t be surprised to find some sort of war going on. There always seemed to be somewhere.

“A lot’s changed.” Jungkook hummed.

Namjoon nodded and looked around the room again. Jimin frowned at his palm and sighed. “I wish I knew more about how to help. My magic won’t work on you so I can’t purify it.”

Jungkook blinked at him in amazement. “There’s magic that can do that?”

Jimin smiled lightly and nodded as if he found Jungkook’s question endearing. Oh. Did the room just get brighter? “There’s magic for everything.”

Jungkook’s mind helpfully equating that too ‘There’s an app for that.’

“Well, I appreciate the thought, but I have rubbing alcohol, it’ll clean it just fine.” Jungkook got up and grabbed the small bottle out of the kit before heading over to the kitchen sink. He was a little surprised when Jimin stayed glued to his side, following him over. He glanced at Namjoon who had snapped his attention to them the minute they began to move. He was still clearly on high alert.

He opened the bottle before handing it to Jimin who looked it over questioningly before blinking at him. Jungkook holds his hands over the sink with his palms up. “Just pour a little over the cuts,” he instructed.

Jimin looked at the bottle before trying to peer inside at the clear liquid. He gave it a sniff only to reel back and cover his nose with his other hand making a sound of disgust, “It smells awful!” He rubbed his nose to try and ease the burning sensation. Namjoon was next to him in an instant.

“Are you alright?” He took the bottle and read the label. “This has 70% alcohol in it, is it a drink?”

“No, not that kind of alcohol, this stuff would kill you, or I don’t know about you, but it would kill a human.” Jungkook laughed a bit.

“It would kill you?! Then why are we using it?” Jimin looked at him like he was insane, and the look only grew more baffled as Jungkook laughed some more.

When was the last time he had laughed?

“Only if it’s ingested, it’s okay on the outside of my body,” he reassured, waving his hands a bit as if to say, ‘go ahead’.

Jimin still looked unsure but he took the bottle back from Namjoon and held it out over Jungkook’s hands. He paused when the other leaned his forehead against the inside of his elbow, turning his face away as if to brace himself. “Will it hurt?”

Jungkook nodded and hummed. “Its not that bad but it will. Just do it quick, like ripping off a Band-Aid.”

“What’s a Band-Aid?”

“… Ah, right. Don’t worry about it.”

Jimin huffed a little and Jungkook felt the cold liquid pour over his hands. For a moment there was nothing and he heard Jimin set the bottle down on the counter. He knew they were both watching him intently.

Then the pain hit. He grits his teeth and gave into his natural urge to move, rocking forward and trying hard not to move his hands too much. “Shit. Fuck. Ow.” He hissed under his breath, clamping his eyes shut. This stuff was worse then getting the actual cuts.

He almost jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay? I thought you said it wouldn’t kill you! Are you dying? What can I do?” Jimin rushed out in obvious distress.

Jungkook couldn’t help chuckling through the pain that was already starting to fade. “It’s okay. I’m fine. If it hurts you know it’s working.”

Silence, before, “That’s a terrible method!” Jimin exclaimed in horror.

“Just give it a second to dry and you can put the new wraps on,” Jungkook breathed out once the stinging mellowed out. He straightened up and looked at his palm. It would definitely scar.

“I’m never doing this again. Healing shouldn’t hurt. I’ll find another way.” Jimin grumbled as he marched over to the couch, grabbing the gauze, and roughly putting down the offending bottle.

Jungkook watched him curiously, “Does healing with magic not hurt?”

“Of course not!” The pink haired boy shouted indignantly. “Magic is incredibly gentle!”

Namjoon had stayed quiet just watching Jungkook for a while. “Do all of your medical practices hurt?”

Jungkook twisted a bit to look at him and shook his head, “I mean, they aren’t comfortable usually but it depends. Stitches suck. You can get freezing or numbing so you don’t feel it though. Or they just knock you out.”

“Knock you out?” Jimin ran his hands through his hair. The poor guy looked like he was about to have a stroke. “Who is ‘They’?”

“Doctors,” Jungkook blinked not understanding why he seemed so worked up about it. “They don’t bash you over the head or anything, it’s a gas you breath until you fall asleep.” He tried to explain but it only succeeded in turning the other white.

Jimin spun around to Namjoon and looked at him in distress. Namjoon pressed a hand into he small of his back to try and calm him down, “It’s probably not as bad as you’re thinking Jimin. They don’t have any magic remember. Humans take a more hands on approach to things.”

The words didn’t calm him so much as Namjoon’s voice did. Slowly he nodded and turned to distract himself with wrapping Jungkook’s hands again.

Jimin sat on the couch with his head in his hands.

He was rattled, to put it lightly. He’d been overwhelmed just stepping into the human world and the progression of events, while going the most ideal way they could have asked for, had him jittery and eager to go home.

Jungkook had stepped into another room to pack some belongings.

Namjoon placed a firm hand on his knee, sitting beside him. “We’ll be going back soon,” he said as if he could read his mind. Jimin sighed and leaned into him, tucking his head into his lover’s neck.

“Healing shouldn’t hurt,” he said again, the sight of Jungkook’s body tensing and the way he had clearly fought from yelling out played in his mind. Jimin couldn’t imagine why he would voluntarily put himself through that. Cleaning the wound or not. And this nonsense about Doctors, a term he thought equated to Healers, knocking people unconscious with gas? It sounded horrible and terrifying.

A life without magic sounded awful.

Namjoon kissed his hair soothingly and rubbed the back of his neck, “I know love. I know.”

It didn’t take long for Jungkook to finish packing but when he stepped back into the room he seemed to be speaking into another rectangular object, this one much thinner than the one Jungkook had called a remote, and he had it pressed to his ear.

That had been the second thing they had noticed.

The first was that Jungkook had changed his clothes from the checkered loose pants to black pants that were tight enough to be a second skin. They showed off the full shape of his legs, leaving little to the imagination but oh did Jimin imagine.

His shirt had been changed into a thick looking top that had a hood. The bagginess of the top was a stark contrast to the tight pants yet it somehow looked incredible on the man. He had a backpack slung over one shoulder and headed over to another door where some footwear sat.

“Hyung, you’re the one who told me I needed a vacation,” they heard the human say and for a moment Jimin was going to respond with a whole lot of questions but after a short pause Jungkook spoke again. “I know. No, it’s not. Well, what’s my other option? Stay here and get murked by a mutated velociraptor?”

Jimin looked at Namjoon who was already shaking his head at a loss.

“I don’t know if phones work there. I’ll try. I know hyung, I will. I already emailed the school. Be careful at work okay? Talk soon.” Jungkook came back over with a pair of footwear in his hand.

Namjoon and Jimin stood up and watched him pull the box away from his ear and swipe his thumb across the screen. For a moment Jimin wondered if there was a person in the little box but had to remind himself that humans didn’t have magic. Which just left him with even more questions.

“What is that?” He tilted his head and pointed at it.

Jungkook hummed, “We call it a cellphone. It can connect with other phones just like this and allow us to talk to people all over the world. It also does a bunch of other stuff but that’d take awhile to explain.”

Jimin could tell by the look Namjoon was failing to hide, that he really really wanted to ask a hundred questions about the device. Thankfully, he just nodded.

“Was that your family you were talking too?”

Jungkook turned away and walked over to the coffee table, grabbing some of the books there. He crammed them into his bag. “Nope,” It was a simple short answer, and the man didn’t say any more.

Jimin decided not to ask.

“Alright, good to go,” Jungkook slung his bag over one shoulder and stood up straight. Both Namjoon and Jimin nodded and headed towards the door to the Galaxy.

The moment both magical beings had their backs turned, Jungkook quickly swiped the bunny plushy off the bookshelf and crammed it into his hoodie pocket. He figured it might make a nice peace offering later.

He followed behind them as the two stepped through the door and vanished.

He didn’t look back, he didn’t need a moment to say goodbye, he didn’t need one last look around the room.

He was ready to go.

Taking a breath and smiling widely, he stepped through the door.

Chapter Text

When the warmth hit him, Jungkook almost staggered. All his muscles relaxed as he took a deep breath and his shoulders lowered slightly. The feeling seeped into him slowly just like it had the first time. Losing the warmth had been like snapping a rubber band, but gaining it was like submerging himself into a large hot bath. It made him want to sigh in relief.

He could've cried when his eyes landed on the sky above. The world was brighter than it had been before, the vibrant colours of the galaxy that swirled overhead were still just as magnificent but now more prominently pinks and purples rather than blue's and golds. It must have been night the last time he was here.

Jimin, standing next to him, watched him carefully. They gave him a moment to adjust, to take it in, and Jungkook was incredibly thankful. He might have faceplanted had they urged him on any sooner. It took him a moment to be sure his feet would remain under him.

His eyes traced the sky to the tops of the trees and followed them down to look at the men who stood waiting patiently before him. They looked the same as they had in his world. But somehow, they looked twice as radiant. Jungkook wondered if it was because they were in their element now. They could relax a bit now that they had the home advantage, despite knowing by now that Jungkook wouldn't try anything. They looked like they belonged here.

"Is it very different from your sky?" Namjoon asked curiously, noted Jungkook's awe filled expression.

The youngest nodded, "It doesn't compare."

Namjoon hummed, a deep pleasant sound, "The others are probably worried. We should head back to the house," he looked at Jungkook, "They're really curious to meet you."

Jungkook tilted his head and jogged a bit to walk next to Namjoon as they started up towards the house. The man jumped a little at his closeness but didn't move away. "Others? How many others?"

Jimin stepped to Jungkook's other side and smiled at him, promptly melting his heart. "There are six of us living here," Jimin hesitated to continue, "They'll be wary of you. Like we were," he warned.

Jungkook didn’t miss the past tense. Did that mean they weren't as nervous around him any more? He almost felt like he should've done more to earn that. He would take wary over the fear though.

There were three others he had yet to meet. He was nervous, knowing they would probably look at him much the same as the three he had met so far. Jungkook hoped that he’d make a good first impression at least. He didn’t want to cause them anymore trouble if he was going to be staying with them.

"Jimin-ssi? Namjoon-ssi? Would it be rude to ask what you are?" He cringed a bit, the question already sounding rude once he voiced it.

Jimin giggled and folded his hands behind his back. "No one really asks that around here, everyone just knows. But no, I don’t think its rude. I'm a water Fae," he smiled.

"A water Fae..." Jungkook whispered in awe. "I've heard about Fae's before. I thought they were just a myth though."

Jimin hummed and nodded as if he understood why that was, but he didn’t elaborate.

"Then you can control water?" Jimin nodded again, less sullenly. "That's incredible Jimin-ssi."

Jimin turned his head away quickly and stammered a little. "I-I told you, it's just Jimin."

Jungkook blinked at the strange reaction, "I know, the last part is an honorific. We use them out of respect for the level of relationship we have with someone."

Namjoon looked at him, "What would call someone you were closer too?"

"If its a guy and he's older than me, I'd call him Hyung. If it was a girl older than me then Noona," he explained.

“You called the person you were talking to before hyung didn’t you?”

Jungkook was tempted to pull out his phone and try to text Jiho to see if it worked. He wasn’t really expecting it too, but part of him hoped. Deciding to do it later when he had a moment to himself, he responded, “Yeah, Jiho-hyung. He’s my best friend.”

He had never and probably would never tell that to Jiho. The other would let it go to his head and Jungkook would have to listen to him rant about it.

He looked at Namjoon then, “Are you a Fae too?”

The silver haired man chuckled and Jungkook promised himself to try and make him do that again because damn. “No. I’m an Immortal.”

“As in, you can’t die? You’ll live forever?”

“More or less, yes. I’m unable to be hurt and I don’t age physically.” He glanced at Jungkook with a strange look in his eye for a second. Before Jungkook could question it, it was gone.

“That must be… hard,” Jungkook frowned and looked ahead of him. He had thought it when he found out how old the two were, but it came back to his mind again now. He wouldn’t ever want to live that long. Not with the way his life was now at least. To think about having to live so long, to watch people out grow him and pass away, it made him feel sick to the stomach.

Namjoon stayed silent next to him and he hoped he hadn’t said something that upset him. Upon looking up though, Namjoon was pointedly staring at him with surprise.

Jungkook just gave him a questioning look but neither said anything.

The path started to narrow and Jungkook fell back a step or two to allow Namjoon and Jimin to walk beside each other. Jimin looked over his shoulder at him with a smile but didn’t say anything. Jungkook didn’t miss the way Jimin’s pinky found Namjoon’s and hooked around it discretely as they walked.

They reached the house before Jungkook could mentally prepare himself.

Now that he wasn't on the verge of collapse, he could make out the amazing structure in front of him in perfect clarity. The house was primarily made of wood and stone, it had a cottage feel but was quite large. There were beautiful gardens everywhere that looked well taken care of.

As they followed the stone path to the front porch, Jungkook realized that the porch he had collapsed on was actually a side entrance. The pathway split off to their left where a smaller building sat, semidetached from the main house. There was a carved sign out front that read "Welcome".

Vines creeped up the walls, the stone of the chimney that spanned the side of the home was crumbling slightly around the top, age having deteriorated the structure. There were many windows and Jungkook could only imagine how much natural light it must get inside. The rest of the property was mostly forest but Jungkook could just see the top of a building out behind the house.

It looked like something straight out of a fairytale.

He fell behind the other two slightly as he slowed to look at the flowers along the path. They were stunning in how they tangled amongst each other, a sea of colours that reflected the beautiful intricacies of the sky. He crouched distractedly and not for the first time, wished he had a camera to capture it.

He supposed he could use his phone, but it wouldn’t even remotely do it justice. Besides, photography wasn’t so much his specialty as videography was.

Jimin noticed Jungkook's absence the moment he had drifted behind them. It was hard not to when they were hyper aware of his presence. He and Namjoon had traded a look, both having silently agreed to let the man take things in at his own pace. If they had been so overwhelmed in just the small room in his world, they couldn't imagine how much their world was to process.

Both pretended not to notice the human stop by the flowers but Jimin couldn't help looking over as they reached the front door and Namjoon opened it.

Jungkook was... enthralling. It was a constant battle for Jimin to keep himself from staring at the other, but right now, seeing Jungkook with such unadulterated joy and wonder in his eyes, had Jimin’s heart pounding in a way it only ever did for his five lovers.

The human’s hair fell in his face a little when he crouched to brush the tips of his fingers gently against the petals of a flower. So gentle, so delicate, as if he were scared to hurt the flower.

Right then and there, Jimin mentally tossed out every preconception he had had of humans.

There was nothing savage or blood thirsty about this boy.

He was so lost in thought that he hadn’t heard Seokjin come to the door until he spoke.

“Are you both alright? Did you find him?” The eldest looked them over, hooking his arms around Namjoon’s waist to pull him close while he looked Jimin up and down for injuries.

“We found him,” Namjoon followed Jimin’s gaze to Jungkook who was still captivated by the flowers. He stepped to the side a bit turning so Seokjin could see without having to release him.

Seokjin’s eyes locked on the man crouched on their front path.

Jimin pulled his eyes away from the human long enough to catch Seokjin’s expression morph into one of surprise.

“Namjoon-ssi!” Jungkook’s excited voice made them all jump, ripping them out of their thoughts and making the man in question clear his throat. That was all Jimin needed to know that it wasn’t just him that was affected when Jungkook said his name.

The human stood and started jogging up the path towards the porch before his eyes even left the flowers.

“What are those blue and white flowers called? They’re really- oh,” Jungkook froze upon seeing the new face standing in the doorway.

What the hell kind of food did they eat here?

The man was incredibly handsome, which Jungkook was now sure was just how people were here. He honestly wasn’t even that surprised after having met Jimin, Taehyung and Namjoon. His skin looked nothing short of perfect. His hair was a light brown, such a normal colour for Jungkook that it made the man’s silvery eyes stand out all the more.

The man had his arms around Namjoon’s waste and Jungkook suddenly felt incredibly guilty for some of the thoughts he had had about another man’s boyfriend. He swallowed.

Not even in the front door yet and Jungkook was already being rude. Mentally cursing himself for getting distracted by flowers of all things, he quickly offered a bow to the man from the bottom of the steps while mumbling an awkward, “Hello.”

He stood up straight and rubbed his neck when the man didn’t say anything in return. “I’m sorry I was- the flowers are just really pretty, I um,” he stammered.

Namjoon smiled then, two deep-as-hell dimples appearing on his cheeks as he nudged the man in his arms. Shit. Of course this man had a boyfriend. Jungkook hadn’t even entertained the thought that he had a chance anyway.

“Hello,” the man finally said. His voice was smooth, that of an angel. “Please, please come in. Do you drink tea?” He separated himself from Namjoon and waved Jungkook over.

The sudden hospitality took him off guard. He glanced at Jimin unsurely but slowly started up the steps when he received an encouraging nod. Hadn’t Jimin said they would be wary of him? Wary didn’t mean welcoming with open arms.

“I do,” Jungkook responded to the man’s question as he was ushered inside. The others filled in and he heard the door close behind him. Jungkook had been in such a rush to leave he hadn’t given the house the appreciation it deserved.

The inside was homey yet elegant. A staircase sat against the wall to his right and a hallway ran next to it, leading into what he thought might be a kitchen. To his left the room opened into a living area. Layout wise, it was very much like homes he was used too, maybe with a more European influence to it. There were paintings on the walls of landscapes that didn’t look like anything he’d seen in his world. Overall, the house was clean and tidy, but he could practically feel the many memories that resided here.

The wood of the stairs creaked and he looked to them, expecting to see someone descending, however no one was there. He was about to chalk it up to the house settling when Jimin spoke next to him, “The house is greeting you.”

Jungkook looked at the Fae, “Greeting me?”

Jimin nodded, moving further into the house with Namjoon, “It seems to like you already.”

Jungkook wasn’t sure what that meant. Was the house alive? This must be a magic thing right? He looked around at the wooden interior in a new light. Not wanting to be rude in case the house was actually its own entity, Jungkook gave a shy bow towards the empty living space and mumbled a quiet, “Hello house.” He felt a bit silly doing it, but he really didn’t understand how the magic worked and he felt it was better safe than sorry.

There was a loud clatter that had him looking down the hall where Namjoon had seemingly walked into the corner of a vase table that sat against the wall. The man cleared his throat while quickly catching the table before it could tip over, righting it to its original spot.

Jungkook had expected him to rub his hip or at least wince until he remembered what the immortal had told him. He couldn’t be hurt. That ability must come in handy.

Jimin and the other man were staring at Jungkook with that look he couldn’t place. In embarrassment he crouched down to untie his boots before gently pulling them off and placing them to the side out of the way of the door neatly.

“Jungkook isn’t it?” The man spoke, his voice making Jungkook shiver. He nodded as he righted himself and shifted his bag on his shoulder. “My name is Seokjin. I think we’re going to get along quite well,” the man smiled then and Jungkook felt the urge to jump around in joy. A quick reminder to himself that he wasn’t a toddler had him smiling politely at Seokjin instead.

“Jiminie love, could you show Jungkook to his room? I’ll have some tea ready for us when you come back down,” Seokjin asked the Fae who nodded dutifully.

Jimin came over to Jungkook and took his hand, or more just his fingers as he avoided the bandages, much to Jungkook’s and Seokjin’s surprise. Jungkook fought off a blush and bit his tongue. It was stupid how such a little thing like holding the Fae’s hand could fluster him so much. He wasn’t some naive teenager. He had his fair share of experience. Yet here he was practically melting because the other boy had soft hands.

Really soft hands.


The Fae had been about to pull him towards the stairs when Seokjin’s voice stopped them both. His tone was suddenly serious. A warning, Jungkook recognized.

“I know, I’ll be careful,” Jimin gave the other man a look that held something more than Jungkook could understand. Maybe Seokjin wasn’t as comfortable around Jungkook as he had been initially led to believe. The man hid his emotions well. That was something Jungkook would have to look out for. He tried not to let the fact that he was the one Jimin was being warned to be careful around affect him.

After a moment of silent communication between the two, Seokjin gave Jungkook a brief, polite smile before heading further into the house.

Not a moment later he found himself being pulled upstairs by an eager Jimin. “Don’t worry about Jinnie, he’s just protective. Yoongi you might need to worry about.”

He didn’t know who Yoongi was, but he was grateful for the warning at least. “Have you guys known each other a long time?” Jungkook asked as he tried to mentally map out the upstairs halls that they traversed through.

“Mmm, a couple hundred years now. We all met at different times though. Namjoon and Yoongi have known each other the longest.”

It was still hard to wrap his mind around the ‘couple hundred years’ thing. He spoke about it like he was talking about two or three years.

He was led to a dark wood door that was already partially open. When they stepped in, the first thing his eyes met were Taehyung’s. The blonde boy was standing between two large floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the forest, his hand was raised, hovering over one of the wall lights.

They both froze.

Jungkook attempted to take a step back. He wasn’t sure how badly he had screwed things up last time by essentially attacking Taehyung. If he had scared the other man, the last thing he wanted to do was anything else to frighten him. His attempt was foiled by Jimin, who slid his hand up to grab his wrist instead and pulled him forward to stand next to him.

“Taetae,” Jimin seemed to encourage the other boy who lowered his hand and shifted, looking away from them. Jungkook tensed, waiting for the punch in the face or yelling that he had come to expect whenever he used to step out of line.

Jimin glanced at him with a frown.

Taehyung took a deep breath before looking at Jungkook seriously.

“I wanted to apologize for how I acted last time.”

Jungkook blinked, surprise making him drop his guard. Sorry?

“Um, what?”

Taehyung shifted again, “I shouldn’t have been so rude by calling you a child. Ignorance isn’t an excuse. I’m sorry.”

Jungkook was having trouble putting some pieces together here. Taehyung was sorry? That was probably the last thing he had expected to come out of his mouth. Jimin was smiling at Taehyung proudly next to him and finally released his wrist to go over to the other. Oh good, he could breathe again. That was becoming a real problem.

Jimin hugged the others arm, resting his chin on his shoulder and smiling so lovingly that made Jungkook believe he hadn’t known what love was until seeing this moment. Taehyung returned a small smile to the Fae before looking back at Jungkook who was just now realizing that he hadn’t said anything.

Crap, what should he say?

“Thanks? I mean, ah, for apologizing, but it was my bad. I shouldn’t have come at you like that.”

Taehyung lit up, a smile taking over his face making only more handsome. He looked at Jimin then, “What’s it like? The human world?” He asked excitedly, flipping his attention back and forth between them.

Jimin laughed and grinned, “Strange.”

Taehyung’s eyes flicked to Jungkook, as if worried he’d be upset by the description but Jungkook could only smile. If he had to describe their world, he’d use the same word. Actually, he had when talking to Jiho about it. It seemed to be the only word that fit.

“There was a whole bunch of sound when we got there, like there were other people in the room but there was no one else, and then Jungkook did this thing with, what did you call it?” Jimin looked to him, eyes wide with something akin to glee.

“A remote,” he supplied as Jimin launched into a description of the events and how all the noise stopped. Jungkook marveled at the difference of this interaction compared to their last. While they talked about what had happened, they kept turning to Jungkook for explanations or to ask questions. When he tried to stay quiet and not interrupt, they would pull him back into the conversation.

They were easy to talk to. Jungkook almost felt like they kind of might actually enjoy talking to him. He didn’t linger on that thought too much. They were likely just being polite. He was still grateful to feel included though.

Somewhere amongst the conversation they had ended up sitting in a triangle shape on the ground, Taehyung laying on his stomach and Jimin leaning back on his hands as they listened to Jimin try and describe how bad the alcohol had smelled.

During all of this, Jungkook had gotten a chance to get accustomed with the room a little. It looked like he had an en suite bathroom, which relieved him. He was sure he would’ve gotten lost trying to find it otherwise. The bed was a king that sat in the middle of the room, the headboard pushed against one wall. There was a wardrobe and a dresser and a bedside table. It was a beautiful room despite its simpleness. The view from the windows was breathtaking.


Jungkook looked away from said windows to the two boys looking at him expectantly. He rubbed his neck, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Taehyung snickered and swung his legs behind him, “I asked what stitches are. Jiminie said that you said they suck. What are they?”

“Oh,” He laughed a bit quickly catching up. “When we get a big enough cut they sew it shut with medical thread so the skin can heal back together.”

He was met with blank stares before both stunned men started looking physically ill.

“They- what like sewing fabric? With a needle and thread?” Jimin mimicked the motion of sewing with his hands and paled further when Jungkook nodded. He covered his mouth. “I’m gonna be sick.”

Taehyung wasn’t looking much better, “Y-You do that voluntarily? They don’t force you or something right?”

Jungkook quickly shook his head and held up his hands in a placating way, “No no of course not. It helps the skin from scarring too badly. It doesn’t hurt that much. Doctors are usually really quick and good at it.”

Jimin was almost scowling. “Have you ever had to get stitches?”

Jungkook shrugs and nods, “When I was kid yeah. Less now, I can’t afford it.”

Two things happened in this moment. One, Jungkook realized that he had just royally fucked up and two, Taehyung and Jimin both leapt to their feet to look down at him with horrified expressions.

“They do this to children?!”

“They make you pay for it?!”

Jungkook leaned back and looked between them in surprise. Before he could explain his way out of this or more probably, dig himself an even bigger hole, a voice from the door made them all look over.

“What’s going on in here?” Seokjin hummed in what sounded like amusement but Jungkook was learning quickly not to assume with this man.

“Jinnie!” Taehyung bolted over to him and threw himself at the man who already had his arms out. “Don’t ever make me go to a doctor!” The blonde man hugged the other tightly.

Seokjin said nothing as he looked from Taehyung to Jimin, who was seconds away from pacing, to Jungkook who probably looked extremely guilty. “You weren’t telling them scary stories, were you?” His tone was light while his eyes spoke threats.

Jungkook swallowed and quickly shook his head, standing up. “No, they were asking about stitches, so,” he tried to explain. He hadn’t meant to tell them horror stories but given their reaction he thought he might have done just that. Maybe he should keep most things about his world to himself for the time being.

“He didn’t say anything wrong,” Jimin defended after composing himself a little, “His world’s just very different from ours.”

Taehyung mumbled something that he couldn’t make out into Seokjin’s shoulder. Seokjin rubbed his back gently, “Alright alright, come downstairs and get your tea. Yoongi and Hoseok would like to meet you,” he addressed the last part to Jungkook.

They all nodded, Jimin and Taehyung heading out first. Seokjin hovered by the door as Jungkook set his bag down before following after. As he passed Seokjin he felt the need to apologize.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know they would react like that, it’s such a normal thing in my world,” he said quietly so they wouldn’t overhear.

Seokjin searched his eyes for a moment before nodding. “Perhaps it would be best if you break us all into human practices slowly.”

Jungkook figured that was the least he could do, he hummed in agreement before heading downstairs with the others.

When they reached a dining room off the side of the kitchen, all of them were seated around a large gorgeously carved wood table. Namjoon sat at the head of the table furthest from them, Taehyung sat on his right and Jimin next to him. On his other side were two people Jungkook hadn’t met yet.

The one closest to Namjoon was Yoongi. Judging by Jimin’s warning earlier and the deathly look he was giving him now, that wasn’t hard to figure out. His hair was a charcoal black that looked incredibly soft to the touch, his skin pale and fair. His eyes were the most striking gold colour he had ever seen and if he wasn’t clearly trying to plan his murder, he would have found them beautiful.

Who was he kidding. They were beautiful. Killing intent or not.

The person beside him he assumed was Hoseok by process of elimination. His eyes were looking Jungkook over with curiosity and a bit of surprise, his mouth forming a cute ‘o’ shape. He had prominent cheeks bones and slightly messy sandy brown hair.

Both men were wearing loose fitting shirts, Hoseok’s a cream colour and Yoongi’s plain black.

If the monster after his life didn’t kill him, the absolute godlike looks of these men would.

Or Yoongi might.

He seemed willing.

Seokjin sat at the opposite end of the table and Jimin offered him the free seat next to him. There was a cup of tea sitting on the table in front of everyone. It would have felt like a casual hangout with friends if it weren’t for the fact every single one of them were staring at him like he was an enigma to be studied.

Awkwardly he sat down and pulled the chair in a bit, offering Hoseok and Yoongi a small bow. Hoseok was the first to break the silence, leaning back in his chair.

“In the name of the Guardian, evolution has been kind to you,” He grinned.

 Jungkook almost choked on the tea he hadn’t even touched yet. He future choked.

He felt like he was looking at the living embodiment of the sun itself. He couldn’t even remember what Hoseok had said. His smile had literally wiped the last few seconds of his memory.

He blinked out of his daze. Had he just been Neuralyzed*?

Seokjin huffed, “Don’t be rude Hobi. Introduce yourselves,” he scolded.

Hoseok leaned forward again and reached across the table, holding out a hand to him. Jungkook tilted his head at the gesture, none of the others had tried to shake his hand so the greeting was a bit unexpected. None the less, he reached forward to shake his hand.

For a second, when Hoseok’s eyes landed on the bandages his smile dropped and he looked as if he was going to pull his hand away. Jungkook beat him to it and took his hand firmly yet lacking any aggression. He met Hoseok’s eyes as they flicked up to his and smiled reassuringly.

The last thing he needed was for them to treat him like he was fragile.

“Jungkook,” he introduced himself giving Hoseok’s hand a gentle shake.

Hoseok slowly smiled again, “Hoseok. Don’t kill us in our sleep okay?”

Jungkook couldn’t tell if he was joking or not so he could only let out an awkward laugh and pull his hand back. “I don’t think you have to worry.”

Jimin picked up his tea next to him and took a small sip as Namjoon glanced at Yoongi. Sighing, the silver haired man took over the introduction’s, “This is Yoongi, he’s a bit…”

“I don’t trust you,” Yoongi said, his voice deep and rumbly. Almost like a purr.

Jungkook looked at him and simply nodded, “I know. I don’t expect you too. I’m grateful that you’re helping me at all.”

No one said anything for a moment and Jungkook took the time to try some tea. The way they were acting didn’t fit with what Namjoon had told him regarding why they feared humans. It wasn’t just lack of knowledge about them and not having seen them since centuries ago. There was something they weren’t telling him.

The tea was delicious. If he had felt warm before, this made him feel like he had just had a shot of whiskey, without the burn of the alcohol. It was a soothing warmth in his stomach that calmed his nervous quickly.

Yoongi’s glare let up a bit, but there was no less suspicion in his eyes.

“Since you’ll be staying with us, we wanted to go over our house rules with you,” Seokjin said calmly with his hands encircling his cup.

Taehyung kept having to lean forward in his chair to steal looks at the human on the other side of Jimin. It was a bit tiresome, but Taehyung found himself wanting to watch his expressions, his reactions to his lovers and the conversation. He kept trying to guess how Jungkook would react but every single time he was surprised.

The Fae was overjoyed that Jungkook had accepted his apology and talking to the other had been like talking to any one of his lovers. Jungkook felt familiar in a way a stranger shouldn’t. He felt it all throughout the house, the air was lighter, the fact that another room was occupied now, even just how another chair was being occupied at their table. It all felt like it was the way it should be.

Seven was a nice number. He liked seven.

He leaned forward again to watch Jungkook, only to have Namjoon put a hand on his shoulder and pull him back. He looked at the older and pouted when he saw the look he was being giving. The immortal was getting annoyed with his constant fidgeting.

Slumping back in his chair he was about to resign himself to his fate of not being able to look at Jungkook’s beautiful face before his eyes found the empty chair on the other side of the table next to Hoseok. And consequently, directly in front of Jungkook. Perfect.

With very little concentration he felt his magic surround him. The air became charged with electricity for a split second, making Jimin’s hair lift slightly before he found himself sitting in said empty chair with a small flash of light.

He grinned triumphantly but the smile dropped off his face when he saw Jungkook choke on the tea he had been drinking and jump enough to cause him to spill some on his lap and the table.

Taehyung felt his heart sink to his stomach as he watched the boy wince in pain, coughing.

Jimin quickly turned to Jungkook and took the teacup from him, setting it on the table, “Are you alright? Did you get burnt?” He asked quickly.

“Taehyung, we agreed no big shows of magic just yet,” Seokjin scolded as he too turned to make sure Jungkook was alright.

Taehyung lowered his head a bit and frowned but suddenly found himself frozen by Jungkook’s dark eyes staring at him, wide and amazed. The human was ignoring Seokjin and Jimin’s attempts to check if he was alright and surprised them all when he stood up suddenly, his chair scrapping back against the floor.

Taehyung jumped and Seokjin had an arm out in front of him protectively almost faster than Taehyung had changed seats. Yoongi was on his feet as well, hand held with his palm facing upwards, ready to call on his magic. Seeing as it wouldn’t hurt Jungkook, Taehyung knew it was more instinctual than anything.

“That was so awesome!” Jungkook exclaimed, making them all pause.


Jungkook leaned his hands forward on the table, looking at Taehyung like he had hung the stars in the sky. It made the Fae’s heart pound hard in his chest and he found himself swallowing nervously.

“How did you do that? You can teleport? Is that hard to do? What are you? Can you show me again?” The questions being rattled off gave them enough time to slowly relax again.

Yoongi lowered his hand and scowled in annoyance but also looked a little perplexed. Seokjin sat back in his chair and lowered his arm away from Taehyung, still very tense but curious to see where this was going. Jimin had jumped but he had remained the calmest out of all of them and Namjoon had been ready to shut the whole situation down on both sides.

Hoseok lowered his hand from his chest and let out a sigh, “You startled me…”

Taehyung stared at the excited boy in front of him, feeling a warmth in his chest as he enjoyed having the human’s attention solely on him. He felt the charge surround him again and a bright flash accompanied by Jungkook’s gasp had Taehyung giggling from his new spot standing behind the human.

Jungkook spun around with eyes that sparkled. His excitement was contagious as he found himself smiling widely too.

“Okay when you guys said magic, I didn’t think you meant superhero powers or something! How do you do that?!”

Namjoon hung his head and rubbed at his eyes, letting out an exhausted chuckle.

Taehyung didn’t linger on what a superhero was, instead giving the clearly eager guy some answers, “I’m a weather Fae, my magic stems from the natural energy of the atmosphere. To move quickly I channel bolt flashes.”

Jungkook tilted his head, “Bolt flashes? Oh, you mean lightning?” He nodded in what seemed to be some understanding. “Taehyung-ssi that’s so cool!”

Taehyung blinked, “It’s not really cold, its kind of warm actually.”

Jungkook laughed, ignorant to how they were all staring at him in wonder. He had a pretty laugh. “No no, it means like, amazing. You’re amazing.”

He stammered and blushed at the compliment, not sure what to say in return. He quickly looked at the others for help but they just shrugged at him or smiled.

Jimin got up and walked over to Jungkook, putting a hand on his arm gently. “Are you sure you didn’t get burnt?”

Jungkook looked at Jimin then down at his thighs, lifting his baggy shirt a bit to see. Taehyung couldn’t help tracking the motion with his eyes and he bit his lip hard upon seeing a sliver of skin above the top of his pants. Okay. Wow. Those were really tight pants.

Taehyung had to quickly look away when Jungkook wiped his hand down his thigh to brush some of the excess tea off. He didn’t turn quick enough to miss Jimin turning bright red though.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry Seokjin-ssi, I didn’t mean to interrupt you,” Jungkook turned back to the table and pulled his chair back in, sitting down once more.

Seokjin looked taken aback by being addressed suddenly and frowned curiously. Before he could say anything though Namjoon seemed to pick up on their confusion. “Jungkook explained to us that the ‘ssi’ is a sign of respect to people you don’t know very well.”

Jimin nodded and took his seat as well. Jungkook jumped and smiled when Taehyung appeared back in the chair across from him again.

“Hyung is what you call people close to you right?” Jimin looked at him to clarify.

Jungkook nodded, “Specifically older males.”

Taehyung wanted Jungkook to call him Hyung. It wanted it a lot and he wasn’t entirely sure why.

Realization slowly dawned on him. Jungkook was younger than him. He wasn’t the youngest in the house anymore. Or at least until Jungkook went home. He sat up a bit straighter and smiled proudly. He would have someone to look after just like his lovers cared for him. Well, maybe not exactly like that, he didn’t want to make Jungkook uncomfortable but he would protect him.

Hoseok leaned his elbows on the table and smiled, “I think having you here is going to be very interesting Jungkook.”

The human smiled sheepishly.

“We only have two rules in our home, but we take them very seriously. They apply to all of us, no exception,” Seokjin started, bringing the conversation back on track. “The first is if you’re leaving the property, if you’re hurt, or if you need help with anything, you ask or tell someone. Doesn’t matter who, as long as someone else knows.”

Jungkook considered the rule carefully. It certainly made sense but putting it into practice might be difficult for him. Seokjin seemed to notice his apprehension.

“These aren’t negotiable. While you’re staying here, we need you to work with us.”

“I understand. I’m used to living on my own, so I can’t promise I won’t forget from time to time. But I will do my best.” He said honestly. He’d never lived with so many people before and he was the new guy here, following their rules would be something he’d have to drill into his mind so he didn’t cause trouble.

Seokjin seemed appeased by that. “The second is no physical fights between each other outside of the training ground.”

Jungkook blinked, “Training ground?”

“It’s out back behind the greenhouse. We’ll give you a proper tour tomorrow. Just focus on settling in tonight,” Namjoon said taking a drink of his tea.

Fights stay in the ring. That one was easy to remember. It wasn’t much different from when he was running with the wrong crowds. Fights, even over stupid things, were handled respectfully. Though he couldn’t picture himself having any kind of physical altercation with any of these men. Not even Yoongi who, while he didn’t seem like he was about to stab him anymore, still looked less then pleased.

He nodded in agreement.

“For the duration of your stay, I’ll have to ask you not to leave the property,” Seokjin looked apologetic as he spoke. “A lot of other beings hold a hatred and fear for humans. If they found out you were here it would be very dangerous.”

Jungkook frowned but agreed to that as well. As long as he wasn’t trapped indoors, he supposed that wasn’t too bad, he would have liked to go exploring though. He’d just have to keep himself busy around here. If they had a training ground, then maybe he could use it to work out. He really missed doing that.

They talked a little while longer as they finished their tea, most of it was Jungkook asking questions about them and their magic. He learned that Taehyung and Jimin were the only Fae’s and were both similar in age, though Jimin was a couple of years older. Which to Jungkook, sounded like a decent gap but he supposed it was like months to them.

Hoseok, was a dragon, much to his disbelief. The man didn’t look very different then any of the others, though they told him they had altered appearances which made him extremely tempted to ask to see their natural forms. Jungkook decided to save that for another day as it was getting late and he was still quite tired. Hoseok’s natural magic came from the earth, and Jimin had told him it was why there were so many gardens around. Hoseok loved nature.

That led into Jungkook praising the beauty of the gardens just so he could see Hoseok practically beam in joy. Namjoon had to stop him before he dissolved into a rant about different kinds of flowers and plants. Jungkook decided to see if he might be allowed to help out with the gardens later.

Yoongi was a phoenix. Which explained his eyes and fiery temper. That was really all the information that was offered on the topic, Yoongi not divulging any more and the rest not feeling it was their place.

Seokjin was the eldest and was also a literal angel. When Jungkook was told this, he had let out a “That explains so much,” that he swore was said in his head, except the laughs and proud look on Seokjin’s face said otherwise.

After recovering from his embarrassment, they all decided to retire for the night.

Jungkook found himself laying on the bed in the room he had been given, staring at the ceiling. Hoseok had told him that his room was nearby and to not hesitate to knock if he needed anything.

Jungkook didn’t think he would need too, he just wanted to go to sleep, but he had already run into a problem.

He had no idea how to turn the lights off.

After he searched the entire room and each individual light for any sort of switch or dial or device, he had come to the assumption that they were magic. Hell, he had even tried clapping around his room like a hyperactive seal.

So now he was trying to build up the courage to ask for help with such a menial task. He sighed and rubbed his face, turning to look at the little bunny plushy that sat next to his head. Its cute sewn eyes looked back at him.

“I’m way out of my league here,” he whispered and patted the bunny on the head with his finger.

He remembered Seokjin’s first rule. Its not like he would forget it so soon after being told. Ask for help if you need it. They made it sound so easy. Maybe for them it was. Was it just human’s that struggled with that?

Jungkook frowned when the bunny seemed to give him a look. Its cute face didn’t change, didn’t even twitch, but he could swear he was looking at him like he was being an idiot.

“Alright, I’m going. Happy?” He grumbled to the bunny and sat up, pouting at the plushy as he headed to the door.

Jungkook usually slept in his boxers, sometimes he’d wear pants if it was cold, but he hated wearing a shirt to bed. For the sake of walking around and not being indecent, he had packed a plain white shirt and track pants which he now wore.

He winced as his door creaked open and he poked his head out, looking up and down the hall. The house was silent. Taking a deep breathe he stepped out and closed the door behind him. Which way did Hoseok say his room was? The end of the hall, right?

He picked a direction and headed that way, unsure of where he was going. His bare feet were quiet on the carpet and wood floors.

He had just made it to the end of the hall when he heard the sound of a distant piano. The sound of the instrument was so familiar, such a common thing in his own world, that it made his heart cloud with sudden homesickness.

The flutter of the keys was beautiful, the notes running together to form a tune he had never heard before. Forgetting the reason he had left his room, he followed the sound. It grew louder as he approached two large double doors. He paused outside of them to listen.

Whoever was playing was incredibly skilled, not a note out of place. Jungkook could practically feel the emotion behind it and he found himself lost in the sounds, closing his eyes and shutting everything else out.

It took him a second too long to register that the music came to a stop and the door was being opened. Jungkook opened his eyes quickly and was met with Yoongi’s glare.

“What are you doing here.”

“The music… were, were you playing?” Jungkook stuttered, trying to get his voice back.

Yoongi looked him over, “Go to sleep. You shouldn’t be wandering around.” The phoenix went to shut the door but was stopped abruptly by Jungkook’s hand against the wood.

“Wait,” Jungkook said quickly, watching Yoongi’s glare sharpen even further. “I just, can I, can I listen a little longer?”

The question clearly wasn’t what Yoongi was expecting, the glare turning into confusion before morphing into contemplativeness.

It was a stupid thing to ask. Clearly Yoongi didn’t want him hovering around. Jungkook opened his mouth to change the question, to ask about the lights (right, that’s why he was here), when Yoongi nodded and stepped out of the way.

Jungkook didn’t move, in shock.

“Are you coming in or not.” Yoongi huffed, frowning.

Jungkook quickly stepped into the room and wiped his sweaty palms on the sides of his thighs awkwardly. Why was he so nervous?

The room was a large library. Three floors of bookshelves towered over them with walkways on each floor. A large desk sat on one side of the room with many books strewn about its surface. On the other side across from the desk, was a grand piano, just like any he would see in his world. He breathed out in awe. Behind the piano was a massive window, the purple sky shimmering above the trees.

“You… have piano’s here?” He asked, voice barely a whisper. There was a peaceful air in this room that Jungkook didn’t want to disturb. He felt his voice might be too loud for the space.

Yoongi’s voice fit the space flawlessly, it’s low purring only adding to the serene atmosphere. “It’s the only one. It was a gift.”

Jungkook followed him over to the piano but kept his distance as Yoongi sat down. Instead of sitting next to him, Jungkook sat on the step of the slightly raised floor that the piano sat on.

He didn’t ask who it had been a gift from. It left him curious but he didn’t push it. Yoongi would tell him or he wouldn’t. It really wasn’t his business anyway.

They spoke no other words for a long while. Jungkook wasn’t sure how long he sat and listened to the phoenix play. Hours maybe. It was the most calm and safe he had ever felt in his life. Listening to the notes with his eyes closed and his knees pulled to his chest, head resting on his arms, he started drifting off to sleep.

He shouldn’t feel this safe around a stranger should he?

He must have fallen asleep because he was suddenly waking up to a gentle nudge to the shoulder. Groaning a bit from the kink that had formed in his neck, Jungkook lifted his head and look up at Yoongi who was standing next to him.

Oh. He had stopped playing.

“Go back to your room. Don’t sleep here.” The man’s voice could have easily lulled him back to sleep, despite its blunt, short tone.

“I don’t know how to turn the lights off,” he admitted with a yawn, rubbing one of his eyes to try and get some clarity back. He looked back at Yoongi again who looked much calmer too. Maybe playing the piano helped Yoongi vent.

The phoenix shook his head a bit, “Figures. You can’t use magic. Come on.”

Yoongi headed to the door without waiting for Jungkook and he had to get up quickly to follow, stumbling as his legs woke up from their cramped position. Yoongi led him back to his room, and for some reason Jungkook was just now realizing that Yoongi was shorter than him. Likely because the man was so intimidating, it was as if he towered over Jungkook with his presence alone.

All it took for Yoongi to turn the lights off was a simple wave of the hand. Jungkook pouted as the room went dark the only light coming in from the hall.

He expected Yoongi to leave immediately but he found himself tensing when he turned to say goodnight and the phoenix was practically face to face with him.

His mouth went dry as he looked into the glowing gold eyes that shimmered as if there was a fire lit behind them.

“Don’t hurt them.” The warning was simple and clear yet the threat it carried was even clearer.

Jungkook looked at him seriously, wide awake now. “I couldn’t if I tried.”

Yoongi scoffed and lifted a hand, causing Jungkook to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from flinching. His other hand dropped to his waist but Jungkook refused to drop his gaze to follow it. His eyes did flicker to the side when he caught sight of the blade that Yoongi lifted between them.

Where had he been hiding a knife? Had they all been armed this whole time? He felt his eyes widen and his heart pound, taking a step back and feeling the back of his legs hit the edge of the bed. Yoongi stepped forward keeping the space between them limited.

“That’s the thing human. You’re the only thing that can hurt us. Whether you try or not.”

Yoongi brought the tip of the knife to his palm and Jungkook’s hands flew up to try and stop him, but the man slashed the blade roughly against his skin before Jungkook grabbed his wrists. Yoongi’s expression didn’t change as he opened his palm to show the undamaged skin.

Like the blade hadn’t even been sharp. Or, as if Yoongi couldn’t be hurt by it at all. Jungkook recalled what Namjoon had said before. Did that apply to all of them? Or just some of them? Could they really not be hurt?

Questions shot through his head and he didn’t realize he was still gripping Yoongi’s small wrists until the phoenix was prying his hands off and pressing the knife handle into the palm of his hand.

“What are-” He started but snapped his mouth closed when Yoongi twisted Jungkook’s wrist slowly. The knife tilted into the light and gently, oh so gently, the phoenix tapped the tip of the blade. It broke skin and a small bead of dark colored liquid formed. Black. His blood was black. Like ink.

“Humans are our one weakness. The one thing even the strongest protection spells can’t defend against. We can use all the magic we want around you.” Yoongi spoke, a flame igniting on his bleeding finger.

 He brought it up towards Jungkook’s face and instinctively he tried to step back again, only to stumble into a seated position on the edge of the bed, Yoongi now looking down at him. He was close enough to be standing between Jungkook’s spread knees but not touching him.

“Yet we’re powerless against you,” Yoongi bent his finger sliding the back of it along the skin of Jungkook’s cheek.

He felt the warm lick of the flames on his face, but the warmth didn’t equate to the level of the flame that flickered in front of his eye. It should be burning, or hot at the very least. Yet it wasn’t. It was warm and his skin tingled from the feather light brush of the phoenix’s skin on his. He frowned and met Yoongi’s eyes again.

Slowly pieces of a puzzle that he hadn’t realized he’d been building started slotting into place.

The reason they were all so terrified of him was because he was their greatest weakness. Their kryptonite so to say. Jimin had said that he couldn’t use his healing magic on him. He hadn’t known that applied to all magic. Of course, they would be scared. He swallowed as the phoenix finally stepped back, taking the knife, and casually licking the blood off his finger.

“This is the only warning I’ll give. Hurt them, and I will kill you.”

Then he left.

He closed the door on his way out, leaving Jungkook in the dark with a lack of air in his lungs and a pounding heart. He flopped back on the bed and ran both his hands through his hair, sucking in a shaky breath.

Holy shit.

Why had that been kind of hot?

Chapter Text

Jungkook started his day like every other.

He made his bed, got dressed, and sat down on the floor in front of the windows with his textbooks to catch up on some homework.

The normality of the actions were only put off by the strange view he had and the fact that he could hear other people moving in the house. Not that he couldn’t hear his neighbors in his apartment. The walls were thin and the couple that lived next to him had a very on and off type relationship.

There wasn’t a desk in the room and because he couldn’t turn the lights on, the best lighting was coming in from the windows as the sky morphed to brighter colours. He had tried looking for a sun, but it seemed as if the light was emanating from the whole sky itself. It lit the world just as well as the sun did in his world, but the light was softer, less harsh and direct.

As beautiful and picturesque as this sky was, he loved the sunrises and sunsets of his world.

He had been working on his homework on and off for a few hours, writing notes in his notebook and taking breaks to take pictures of the sky with his phone. He had tried to text Jiho but the text had failed to send like he had expected it would. At least he could show his hyung the pictures when he went back.

He wasn’t sure what the others schedules were like or when they would be up, so he felt it was better he stayed in the room until someone came to get him. Especially after the talk he had had with Yoongi last night.

Jungkook watched the sky swirl slowly above, tapping his pen on his book as he thought about what the phoenix had said.

Human’s made magical being’s weak. That explained why they were so cautious of him. If they couldn’t be hurt, had they ever felt pain before? Jimin seemed to recognize when Jungkook was in pain, so he must have felt pain at some point to know, right? And Yoongi didn’t overreact or freak out when he nicked himself last night. So they must have some tolerance for pain.

They had lived for so long without fearing injury, and now they had taken in someone who could cause them pain if he wasn’t careful. Like Yoongi had said, whether he was trying or not. Jungkook wasn’t sure if there was some sort of distance thing to this. If he was in contact with them did it make them vulnerable to everything or just to Jungkook?

For him, it didn’t change much. He was still just as at risk of injury as he had been in his world. For them though, him being here was a game changer.

A knock on the door pulled him from his thoughts and he looked over at it just as it creaked open a bit. “Jungkook?”

“You can come in,” Jungkook said as he sat back to lean on his hands, having become used to the throbbing in his palms by now. He had taken the bandages off over night to let the cuts air out a bit, they had scabbed over but were still raw and would occasionally open if his skin pulled the wrong way.

He was surprised to see Hoseok step into the room, leaving the door open a crack but closed enough to offer some privacy.

“Oh, good morning Hoseok-ssi.”

The dragon smiled at him and Jungkook suddenly didn’t miss the sun as much.

“What are you doing?” The man asked as he walked over, crouching next to Jungkook and the textbooks.

“Just some homework,” he put his pen down and stretched out his legs to the side, working out the kinks and cramps in them from sitting so long. Hoseok looked the books over and hummed a bit. “It might not make a lot of sense,” he smiled at Hoseok’s confused frown.

The dragon grinned at him and plopped down to sit with his legs crossed, “Not even a little,” he agreed. “What’s homework?”

Jungkook sighed and hung his head slightly, “A headache. And annoying.”

“Then why do it?” Hoseok raised a brow and picked up one of the textbooks, mumbling a surprised comment about how heavy it was. Jungkook watched him flip through the pages.

He found it amazing how easy the guys were to talk too. Jungkook usually had a hard time approaching people and making friends but they were just so naturally kind and friendly that it was harder not to like them.

“It’s assigned by our teachers at school. If we don’t do the assignments well we don’t get the grades to pass the course,” he explained.

“I understood maybe two percent of that sentence,” Hoseok laughed. “Is this ‘school’ important?”

Jungkook nodded, “School is where we’re taught things to help us in life. To get a lot of certain jobs you need to finish a school course that’s related.”

Hoseok hummed and set the book down gently, “Sounds like something Namjoonie would be interested in. He’s always looking for new things to learn.”

They sat in comfortable silence for a moment before Hoseok reached over and took Jungkook’s wrist gently. He glanced at the hand that encircled his wrist, part of him wanting to pull away from the touch before he realized that he was being ridiculous.

Just because he was touching him didn’t mean Hoseok would spontaneously combust.

He let the dragon turn his hand over and chuckled a bit at the man’s immediate wince. The cuts weren’t pretty, that was for sure, but they weren’t anything he would consider worrisome.

Jungkook’s fingers twitched when Hoseok’s thumb brushed the sensitive skin just above the cut. He glanced at Hoseok’s face and licked his lips nervously.

“Jiminie said you got these from glass.”

Jungkook hummed, flexing his hand in Hoseok’s to show him it didn’t hurt as bad as it might look.

“You seem really calm for someone who just found out magic is real,” Hoseok mused, not looking up from his hand, thumb now tracing up the length of his index finger.

Jungkook suppressed a shiver at the light touch, his skin tingling in its path. “You seem really calm for someone letting a human into their home.” He returned, the dragon glancing up at him with an amused smile.

“Should I be scared of you Jungkook?” He asked, releasing his hand to lean forward towards him.

Jungkook licked his lips again and cleared his throat, leaning back slightly. Did personal space not exist in this world? “No. I don’t think you should be.”

Hoseok smiled, eyes flickering to his lips so briefly that Jungkook thought he had imagined it. “I don’t think so either. I’m a pretty good judge of character,” he leaned away allowing Jungkook the chance to breath again. “Besides, evil people don’t compliment flowers.”

Hoseok’s smile turned into a blinding grin as Jungkook flushed. Had someone told him about that? Had he overheard?

The dragon didn’t give him much time to be embarrassed about it as he hopped to his feet and offered Jungkook a hand. “Jinnie sent me up to fetch you for breakfast, we always eat breakfast and dinner together. Sometimes lunch but usually everyone is working.”

Jungkook looked at Hoseok’s hand and smiled a bit before taking it, both being careful of his injuries as Hoseok pulled him to his feet. “What do you all do?” Jungkook found himself asking as they headed out of the room to go downstairs.

“I’m usually working in the gardens. It’s kind of a full-time job,” he laughed. “Jiminie and Taetae run the Magic Shop which I’m sure they’ll show you after breakfast. They’re excited to give you a tour. Namjoonie is usually in the library doing any number of things, it changes daily.”

Jungkook listened intently. He assumed the Magic Shop was the little building he had seen upon arriving. What kind of things a magic shop sold, he wasn’t sure, but he was probably just as excited for this tour as Jimin and Taehyung were to give it.

“Jinnie is the cook, so be careful in the kitchen. He’s very particular about where things are put,” Hoseok continued, “He also helps delegate situations in the village nearby, so him and Joonie go there pretty often to settle disputes. Yoongi hyung specializes in curses, so he goes out to the towns often as well.”

Jungkook didn’t get a chance to ask more about that as they reached the dining room, and he was met with an enthusiastic Taehyung who took his arm to guide him to sit next to him.

He made a mental note to ask more about the towns and curses later.

“Sit beside me Jungkook!”

Seokjin shook his head fondly as Jungkook was plopped into a chair with little choice on the matter. “Don’t pull people around Tae, it’s rude.”

Jungkook looked the table over with wide eyes. The array of colorful food that was spread out over its surface had him close to drooling. It practically looked like a buffet with how much food there was. There were many different fruits, some he recognized and some he didn’t, as well as other dishes he couldn’t begin to name (though he thought he saw eggs).

Once Hoseok was seated, everyone began putting food on their plates. They all sat in the same spots they had the day before apart from Jimin and Taehyung having switched seats so Taehyung could sit next to him.

“Help yourself Jungkook,” Seokjin urged quietly when he noticed the boy hadn’t moved to take any food. “Jimin said you weren’t allergic to anything but if there’s something you prefer to eat I can see what I can do to incorporate it.”

Jungkook blinked and quickly shook his head, “No, no this is, wonderful. It looks delicious, thank you Seokjin-ssi.”

Seokjin smiled at him and Jungkook picked out some food he knew he could eat. When he sat back his plate mainly consisted of fruit. He had an apple and some slices of pineapple and what he believed to be melon. There would be time later to try the other foods.

As the others started eating Taehyung was the first to take notice of the lack of food on his plate. The Fae tilted his head. “Do human’s only eat fruit?”

Jungkook chewed a bite of apple as he waved a hand about to answer but Namjoon answered for him.

“No they eat meat too. Are you not very hungry?” The man asked. At this point they were all looking at his plate now.

“I don’t have a very big appetite anymore, my stomach kind of shrunk so,” he said after swallowing, laughing a bit sheepishly.

Taehyung’s eyes widened, “Your stomach can do that?” He gasped.

“Well, sort of? It’s just gotten used to a smaller quantity of food, that’s all,” he tried to explain.

Namjoon frowned, “If I remember correctly, human’s need about as much food as we do to function properly.”

Seokjin watched Jungkook carefully, “Do you eat more during your other meals?”

Jungkook paused mid-way to eating a piece of pineapple. He shrugged, “I usually have one.”

Taehyung raised a brow, “One what?”

“Please, tell me you don’t mean one meal.” Jimin leaned forward to look at him in shock. Taehyung turned to Jimin, opening his mouth to say something just as Jungkook spoke.

“Yeah, if I can.”

Taehyung’s head wiped back around to stare at Jungkook with horror. Jungkook looked at him in confusion as he chewed his pineapple. It was incredibly delicious. It was fresh and cool, a wonderful sweet and slightly acidic taste. He hummed a little.

It wasn’t until he went to pick up another piece, his utensil hitting the plate sounded a little too loud, that he noticed the silence in the room. He looked up to see everyone staring at him with horrified and some slightly concerned expressions.

Seokjin slowly sat back in his seat, movements too precise, too controlled. “You eat one meal a day, if you can?” He reiterated before asking, “A meal this size?” his tone tense as if he was forcing himself to keep up pleasantries as he gestured to Jungkook’s plate.

Jungkook cleared his throat and licked his lips, not entirely sure what he had said wrong to cause the mood to change so suddenly.

“Not always,” he tried to say as casually as he could, glancing at each of them. “Usually its ramen, or if it’s a good day I can get some coffee too.”

He wanted to cringe at how poor that made him sound. Well, he was pretty poor he supposed. Most of his money went to paying rent and tuition. It left very little for other things. Food just happen to be in the ‘other things’ category. Most days he had to make the choice to walk to work to save his bus money so he could get something on the way back.

“It’s not as bad as you’re all thinking. I’m a college student, not being able to afford good food is kind of a normal thing. Tuition is really expensive.”

“Slow down a second, what’s college?” Jimin asked looking at the others to see if they knew.

“I was telling Hoseok-ssi about it earlier.” Upon seeing the dragons expression he clarified, “It’s school.”

Hoseok made a noise of understanding, “It’s a place humans go to learn,” he explained to the others before he paused, “They make you pay for that? To learn?”

Namjoon looked genuinely surprised at that, “Why would they charge you for learning something?”

Jungkook rubbed his neck.  Okay now they were asking hard questions. “It’s a lot to explain.”

“They make you pay to get medical help and to learn? Is there anything they don’t make you pay for?” Jimin scoffed half-jokingly in an attempt to lighten the mood.

Jungkook paused to think about it. Was there anything that didn’t cost money in some way?

Upon not getting a response, Jimin’s head snapped up. “You’re not being serious right now.”

“Mmm…” Jungkook looked up before snapping his fingers. “Breathing.”

Even Yoongi choked on his food at that.

Without a word Seokjin stood up and headed into the kitchen.

Namjoon cleared his throat before standing as well. “Excuse us, we’ll be back in a moment.”

Jungkook watched them leave as Taehyung launched into a game of trying to name something that didn’t cost money in Jungkook’s world.  

Seokjin pulled out a cutting board and a knife from the cabinet, almost slamming the door of it shut.

Before he could find the item he was looking for, he felt arms wrap around his waist pulling him back against a firm chest. He didn’t have to look to know it was Namjoon. The other could clearly feel his tension as he hummed lowly, pressing a gentle kiss to the back of his neck.

“When we agreed to let a human stay here this is not what I expected,” Seokjin admitted quietly so the others wouldn’t hear.

“What did you expect?” Another kiss to his skin had Seokjin closing his eyes and relaxing a bit more.

“Not someone who eats one meal a day and thinks that’s okay,” Seokjin’s jaw clenched at the very idea. He knew what starvation could do to people. He had experienced it firsthand. He knew the torturous stomach pains, the exhaustion, the weakness, that came along with it. To think that the boy sitting in their dining room right now had to choose between food and knowledge? It killed him inside.

He could hear Jungkook’s laugh intermingled amongst the shocked yelling from his lovers and couldn’t help but think that it belonged there. The sounds of their voices belonged together, Jungkook’s melodic tone adding to an already beautiful melody.

Namjoon kissed his shoulder as Seokjin continued, “Not someone who would have us wrapped around his finger in less than a day.”

His lover chuckled at that, “I think Yoongi is the only one left standing at this point.”

Seokjin shook his head, “He’s putting on a tough front. He told me he played for him last night.”

He felt his lover shift behind him and Seokjin took the opportunity to turn around in his arms to face him. “Yoongi played for him?”

Humming and nodding, Seokjin rested his arms over Namjoon’s shoulders. “He also threatened him if he ever hurt any of us.”

“And Jungkook’s still here?” He raised a brow in amusement.

Seokjin sighed at the feeling of Namjoon’s hand rubbing up and down his back soothingly. “You know he’ll ask to go back eventually.”

“I know,” Namjoon said calmly. “It’s his home. I wouldn’t want to keep him away from it longer than we have too. I’ll talk to him tonight about the creature hunting him. I have a theory about what it is already. We’ll solve this, so at least when he goes back, he’ll be safe.”

“I wouldn’t call one meal a day ‘safe’.” Seokjin huffed.

Namjoon smiled and kissed him gently, his lips warm and soft against his own. Seokjin almost pouted when he pulled away. “Let’s take care of him while he’s here. I’m sure he’s more then capable of handling himself in his world.”

Nodding as the man released him, Seokjin turned back to the counter and found the food he had been looking for. He heard Namjoon stop at the door and glanced over his shoulder to see the other watching whatever chaos was happening in the other room with a fond smile.

“He’s easy to like isn’t he,” the immortal hummed.

Seokjin started chopping the food with practiced ease, “Do you think it’s a human thing?”

“No. I think it’s a Jungkook thing.”

After breakfast, Jungkook was whisked away by Taehyung and Jimin for the tour but not before Seokjin had walked up to him and had given him something he called Jittirang. It looked similar to a cinnamon stick.

Seokjin had all but shoved it in his mouth and told him to chew on it. It tasted good, kind of like meat but also rather sweet. “It will give you some nutrients. I expect you to be at every meal and to try to eat more then you did this morning.”

Jungkook could only blink at him and nod a little flabbergasted before he was pulled off to tour the house. He wasn’t sure why they cared about what he ate. It wasn’t like he was going to drop dead or anything. Like he had told them, his body had just gotten used to eating a certain amount. He knew it wasn’t healthy, but it was what he had to do to get by.

It would hurt a lot when he went back if he spoiled himself now. But he didn’t care. If they were willing to spare some food for him, he was willing to eat it.

Jimin and Taehyung started at the top floor of the house and worked their way down. There were two floors and an attic. They didn’t spend a lot of time up there, only poking their heads up the stairs before moving on but Jungkook saw a lot of boxes and clutter.

The second floor were the bedrooms. They pointed out each of the rooms and who they belonged too, only showing him their own to respect the other’s privacy. There was one door that they skipped over, which Jungkook found curious. When he went to ask, they had quickly changed the subject.

Taehyung’s room was bigger than the room Jungkook was staying in, but the layout was similar, except that the bed had been pushed to the corner of the room, opening up the floor space for the large tarp he had spread across one corner of floor. There was an easel set up next to one of the windows with fabric stretched over a wood frame to make a canvas similar to what Jungkook could find in his world.

“You paint?” He couldn’t help but ask as the man eagerly showed off his artwork. “Taehyung-ssi, these are beautiful,” He crouched to see one of the finished paintings that was propped against the wall. It was of the outside of the house, the flowers making a trail of colour up to the front porch. There was another of the front of the magic shop, one of Yoongi sitting at the piano, another of Jimin smiling, all of them so clear and detailed that they looked like photographs.

“He sells them at the Shop, people commission him to do family or self portraits as well,” Jimin smiled.

Taehyung beamed at the compliment, smiling proudly. “I can do one of you if you like!”

Jungkook quickly waved his hands, “That’s alright, I wouldn’t have anything to do with a painting of myself,” he chuckled, standing. He wouldn’t even have anywhere to put a painting by the time he got back. He was dreading seeing the eviction notice that would surely be posted on his door. “I’ll have to buy one from you one day though. You’re really talented.”

They went to Jimin’s room after that. It was the same size as Taehyungs but much neater and less cluttered. There was a worktable off to the side and shelves along the walls that had an abundance of bottles and strange items.

“I like to experiment with my own remedies. Usually, Yoongi lets me test them on him and if they work well I sell them in the shop.” Jimin explained.

Jungkook smiled, “So you’re the residential doctor then?”

Jimin scrunched up his nose, “No. I’m a healer. I don’t hurt people.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh at that. He hadn’t meant to give doctor’s such a bad imagine for the two Fae’s. Jungkook thought doctors were pretty incredible but he could see how rough it would seem to people who’s healing techniques were much more gentle. He’d just have to try and convince them that they weren’t all that scary.

From there they showed him the library, which he knew from the night before but didn’t say anything about. Namjoon was seated at the desk opposite the piano when they arrived, Jimin practically skipping up to him to plop into the other man’s lap.

Jungkook blushed a bit and busied himself with looking around at the books instead. He hadn’t quite figured out the dynamics of the group just yet. He got the sense that Namjoon and Seokjin were in a relationship, and that Jimin and Taehyung were as well. The way they acted with the others though made him doubt. Taehyung didn’t seem at all bothered at how Jimin was resting his head against Namjoon’s as the man explained what he was doing, his arms around his shoulders.

Maybe they were polyamorous?

He knew about relationships between more then one person, but he had never met anyone he knew to be in one. Regardless if they were or not, it was nice to see how comfortable they all were with each other.

“Jungkook, would you mind coming to see me later when you’re free?”

Jungkook looked over at Namjoon, “Oh um, sure.”

Namjoon smiled as Jimin got off him and came around the other side of the desk, “I wanted to talk about that creature that attacked you some more. If we can identify it, it will help us figure out why it’s after you to begin with.”

He nodded recalling the creature with a frown. Namjoon had said the Galaxy was a safe place yet Jungkook still felt paranoid that the creature would somehow find him. That the cold door would appear again and suck him into whatever nightmare world laid behind it.

He shivered at the thought.

A hand on his shoulder had him looking over at Taehyung who gave him a bright smile. He returned a small smile of his own.

“I’ll be here later in the day, you guys should go finish the tour,” Namjoon waved them off.

Taehyung and Jimin skipped over the place’s he’d seen already, bypassing the kitchen, living room and dining room. Though they stopped briefly to bother Seokjin in the kitchen. Instead, they headed down a small hallway to the left of the stairs that opened into what Jungkook assumed was the Magic shop.

It wasn’t anything massive, only a single room with shelves and displays of things that looked similar to the objects in Jimin’s room. There was a wooden counter off to one side. When they stepped in Jimin smiled proudly but the smile faltered a bit when he spoke.

“Just um, I’ll have to ask that you don’t touch anything.” He seemed apologetic and Jungkook was confused for a moment before realizing.

“Right, human’s and magic don’t mix,” he nodded, looking around but keeping his hands behind his back so he wouldn’t be tempted to touch. There was a display of beautiful stones under a glass case that he found to be quite interesting.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught Jimin glancing at Taehyung.

“You know about that?” Taehyung asked carefully.

He nodded, “Yoongi-ssi told me that human’s bypass magic. Or at least that’s how I understood it. I’m not entirely sure how all that works though.” Jungkook stopped next to a wall that displayed more of Taehyung’s paintings and found himself lost amongst the brush strokes.

“We aren’t scared of you,” Jimin’s voice made him turn to look at the water Fae. He wore a concerned, possibly sheepish expression. “Anymore I mean. We aren’t scared of you anymore.”

Taehyung nodded in agreement.

Jungkook smiled gratefully, “Thanks. But I wouldn’t blame you if you were.”

Taehyung went to speak but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Jimin and Taehyung quickly looked at the door then at each other, Jimin whispering, “Did you change the sign?”

“No!” Taehyung whispered loudly back, “I thought you did!”

Jungkook had no time to be amused by the situation as he was suddenly dragged across the room and shoved ungracefully underneath the counter. He blinked at Taehyung who crouched down and put a finger to his lips before quickly standing just as the door opened.

“Madam Hyunri! Welcome! What brings you here today?” Jungkook heard Jimin say in what he could only describe as a customer service voice.

Oh right. No one was supposed to know he was here. He shifted slightly to fully sit down in the cramped space, trying to make as little noise as possible.

“Jimin dear, it’s wonderful to see you,” An elderly woman’s voice said. “Taehyung, its lovely to see you as well. How are you boys doing?”

“Hello,” Taehyung responded and Jungkook could hear the smile in his voice. He watched Taehyung’s legs as the boy shifted his weight, leaning on the counter above Jungkook. He just now realized how close the Fae’s legs were to him. He found himself holding his breath because thighs.

Jungkook covered his mouth with his hand.

“We’re doing well. Oh! Is that little Suna I see?” Jimin’s voice turned amused.

The woman chuckled, “Yes, she’s just being shy. Her mother and her were baking and she wanted to bring some goodies to you boys.”

Jimin gasped, “Oh you didn’t have to do that!”

“Of course, your remedies have helped her mother so much with her stress. It’s the least we can do.”

Jungkook was feeling his neck starting to cramp at the awkward angle it was bent at. It didn’t help that he was still staring at Taehyung’s thighs. Curious to see his reaction, Jungkook shifted a hand forward and very gently pinched Taehyung’s leg, just above his knee.

The squeak that ripped out of the boy and how quickly he jumped back had Jungkook whipping his hand back to clamp it over his mouth again only just stopping the burst of laughter that threaten to come out. His body shook with the effort to suppress it as Taehyung cleared his throat above him and tried to laugh it off to the other occupants of the room who were surely looking at him now.

“Aha, ah sorry I dropped something, I thought it was going to break,” he quickly crouched down to pretend to pick up an object and gave Jungkook a look of ‘What the fuck?!’ that only had the boy laughing harder. He was practically crying at the effort it took not to make a sound, nearly banging his head on the underside of the counter.

Taehyung stood back up as Jimin resumed talking, seeming to be trying to rush through the interaction a little.

Jungkook could her a little girl speak but was too preoccupied with silently trying to suck in air mid laugh to pay attention to what she was saying.

Soon enough he heard their steps move to the door.

“Don’t work too hard alright dear’s?” Jungkook heard the woman say on the way out the door.

“We won’t, we’re just about to close up actually.”

The woman left after a few more pleasantries and Jungkook hard the door close before both Taehyung and Jimin let out deep sighs of relief. Taehyung rubbed his leg where Jungkook pinched him as he climbed out from under the counter, finally able to let out some of the laughter he was holding in.

Jimin looked between them in confusion, walking over. “What did you do?” He asked curiously looking at Taehyung rubbing his thigh.

Jungkook laughed hard again at the stunned look Taehyung was giving him, “I just pinched him. I didn’t think you would react like that,” He grinned. “Oh my god, my stomach,” he snickered.

Taehyung stopped rubbing his leg and instead looked at it, “How come I can still feel it? How’d you do that? What did you do?” There was a light blush on his cheeks that Jungkook chalked up to being embarrassed by his outburst.

“Have you never been pinched before?” He asked before tipping his head back a bit as it clicked, “Oh, I guess you can’t feel pain so it wouldn’t feel the same right?”

“Pain?” Jimin frowned, hurrying over to Taehyung in concern, “It hurt?”

Taehyung blinked as if he didn’t know how to answer that, “Yes? But no?”

Jungkook rubbed his neck and chuckled a bit, “Not all pain is bad you know?”

They both looked at him like he was insane, though Taehyung had a bit of fascination in his eyes as well.

Jimin hurried towards him, backing him up into the counter and lifting up his knee, “Do that to me too! I want to feel.”

Jungkook sucked in air and tried not to choke on it. Okay yeah, personal space wasn’t a thing here. “Arm uh, I can do it on your arm,” he said, voice a little high pitched.

Jimin blinked before putting his foot back on the floor and holding his arm out. Jungkook took his forearm and turned it over so the more sensitive inside of his arm was facing upwards. He wasn’t trying to hurt them or anything so when he took a bit of Jimin’s skin between his fingers he barely squeezed.

The boy let out a gasp that half sounded like a whimper and Jungkook quickly let go of his arm.

So that was… a sound.

Shit. If that’s all it took to get that kind of sound out of Jimin he wondered-

NOPE! No. No way. He wasn’t hopping on that train of thought.

Jimin was staring at his arm in amazement and rubbed the skin there. “It tingles,” he said, unaware of the internal battle Jungkook was having. “It hurt but it didn’t?”

Taehyung tucked his chin onto Jimin’s shoulder and held his arm out next to his in Jungkook’s direction giving the mostly deadly puppy dog eyes Jungkook had ever seen. “Can you do it again?”

“No do it to me again!” Jimin pushed his arm forward too.

Taehyung tipped his head to pout at the other Fae, “He just did you. It’s my turn!”

Jungkook blanked. This took a weird turn. He threw his hands up and slid to the side out from between them and the counter. “Nope! Nope nope nope. No.”

They both watched as he stepped around the counter further into the store, blinking curiously. “Why not? I didn’t know pain could feel good,” Taehyung tilted his head innocently.

Holy shit they were actually trying to kill him right now.

Jimin looked back at his arm, “It’s like he’s still touching me, but he’s not. That’s so strange.” He mumbled.

Jungkook swallowed. “Tour!” He squeaked. “We have to go back to the tour!”

Both boys smiled at that and nodded, Taehyung hooked arms with Jungkook and they led him outside.

“Okay but after the tour can you pinch me again?”

Jungkook facepalmed. He had never regretted anything more then he did the last ten minutes that had occurred.

Eventually they let the topic drop as they followed a path around the house and out the back. More gardens spanned the backyard as well as a beautiful pond.

However, Jungkook’s mind was still swimming with curiosities and he was doing his best to get it to shut up. When the intrusive thought of ‘Could they get hickey’s?’ and some very intense imagery shot through his mind he almost faceplanted after tripping on a rock. He then decided that trees were a good distraction.

Ah yes. Nice trees.


Trees doing what trees do.


Walking a little further they reached a large greenhouse that looked like any other he had seen. Jungkook wondering not for the first time why there seemed to be so many parallels between his world and theirs. He noticed the washroom in his room was very much a modern bathroom that he was used too. It seemed a weird mesh of updated and very old-fashioned practices.

Taehyung led them inside and Jungkook looked around at the plants that covered every available surface. He tried not to pay attention to Jimin who was discretely trailing behind and trying to pinch his own arm, a cute pout forming on his lips when it apparently didn’t meet his expectations.

They talked to Hoseok some more while they were there, and he explained some of what he did. A lot of it involved magic and he demonstrated some by gently running his fingers along what seemed to be a wilted sprout. Before his eyes Jungkook watched as the plant took on a more healthy green colour and straightened up.

He had looked at Hoseok in amazement and asked if he could do that with all plants.

“Yep! The bigger the plant the more energy it takes though.” Hoseok had explained while Jimin admired some of the flowers and Taehyung sat on the edge of a table, swinging his legs.

“What do you mean by energy? Like mana?” He tilted his head thinking about the fantasy themed games he’d played before.

Hoseok blinked, “I’m not sure? But magical energy is all over the place. Magical being’s naturally give it off, like… an aura.” He paused to make sure Jungkook was following. When he nodded, Hoseok continued, “So, when we use magic, we use some of the energy but it needs time to build up again. The more energy we put out, the worse it affects us physically.”

“We’re really strong though, so it takes a lot to get us to that point. We’re even stronger in our natural forms.” Taehyung smiled.

“Why do you change your forms at all?” Jungkook asked.

Jimin laughed, “Mostly convenience. Yoongi is a fire bird, I’m sure you can see the problem with that in a forest.”

“Hobi wouldn’t be able to fit in the house,” Taehyung laughed too as the dragon let out a huff.

“Could I see your real forms?” Jungkook looked at them with wide eyes, imaging how they looked as the mythical creatures he grew up hearing stories about.

They traded looks.

“It’s um, it’s kind of seen as an intimate thing to show someone,” Jimin said blushing.

Jungkook blinked before backpedaling, “Oh, oh yeah, that’s okay then, you don’t have to show me. I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” he said quickly.

They smiled at him kindly making the warmth flare up in his chest. “S-So, why don’t human’s have any of this energy?”

Hoseok hummed and leaned against a potting bench, crossing his arms. “No one’s really sure why. But you kind of absorb magical energy. Just enough that it creates a sort of barrier of energy around you. Like a second skin almost.”

Jungkook thought he heard Taehyung mumble something about pants.

“If you touch something magical, that barrier extends to that object but its effect on the object depends on the objects strength. With objects with a small aura it can nullify them completely and make them useless, basically sapping all the magical energy out of them.” Hoseok said.

Jungkook frowned understanding now why Jimin didn’t want him touching anything in the shop.

“With creatures or people, we’re born with strong auras. If you touch one of us, we’ll be able to use our natural magic still but our protection spells would be nullified until you let us go so we’d be vulnerable to other energies.”

“Let me see if I’ve got this straight, you’re saying that if I was holding your hand right now,” He shifted a bit. “And Jimin attacked you with magic, it would hurt you?”

Hoseok grinned and gave him a thumbs up. “Exactly.”

“Alright, and the fact that you guys can’t get hurt is because of a spell? It’s not just apart of your natural being?”

Jimin shook his head, “Nope. Protection spells are one of the first things we learn. Everyone is protected. But they are just spells, so they are weak against curses or well, humans.”

“Namjoonie is the only one of us who doesn’t have any protection spells, but he was placed under a curse of immortality and even that is weak to humans.” Taehyung said.

Jungkook put his head in his hands. This was a lot to take in. Ruffling his own hair, he laughed.

Hoseok put a hand on his shoulder reassuringly. “You’ll get the hang of it. It’s a big change.”

Jungkook hummed, “But it’s not really. Not for me at least. Human’s don’t have protection spells or anything like that so we’re used to everything being a potential danger. Hell, I could die from tripping. Or choking on food. Or sometimes organs just decide they don’t want to function.” He laughed as the others eye’s widened.

“There’s no way humans are that… that… fragile?” Taehyung frowned at the word, but he couldn’t think of a better one.

“We aren’t. We live in a world that tries to kill us everyday and we survive anyway.” He shrugs and grins. “We’re just as vulnerable as you are when you’re faced with humans, but we live like that all the time.”

Hoseok looked contemplative and amazed, “I never really thought of it that way.”

“What I’m trying to say is that this is more of a change for you guys then it is for me. So whatever I can do to make it easier or to avoid making you uncomfortable in anyway, just tell me. I don’t know why you all decided to help me but I’m really grateful.” He said honestly.

They wore that expression he didn’t understand again. It didn’t seem like anything bad, so that was something. Taehyung hopped off the table and dropped an arm over Jungkook’s shoulders, surprising him. He looked at the Fae and offered him a smile.

Taehyung returned it brightly and pulled him close to his side. “We have one last stop on the tour.”

He started walking out of the greenhouse, Jimin lingering behind them to exchange a few words with Hoseok that he couldn’t hear. Before he was too far he turned to look back, offering Hoseok a wave. “See you later Hoseok-ssi!”

Hoseok grinned and waved at him.

Jimin caught up with them outside.

The air felt lighter between the three of them. Jungkook couldn’t pinpoint what had caused tension before but whatever it had been had cleared, leaving Jungkook feeling happier and more carefree than he thought he’d ever felt in his life.

The last stop was the training grounds.

Jungkook had gasped the minute he saw it. The grounds were the size of a baseball field. A leveled terrain in a round ring, the ground a light packed soil. There was a single story building off to the side that had windows looking out over the arena which Taehyung and Jimin led him too. Inside were a handful of seat set up facing the windows and another sectioned off area that seemed to be for equipment.

He recognized sandbags and targets as well as bows, swords, even some spears. Some mannequin-like stands were standing off to one side which he thought would be perfect for practicing his martial arts. He practically bounced around the equipment while Taehyung and Jimin watched in amusement.

“We don’t really use this stuff anymore. We spar sometimes though.” Jimin hummed. “You can use it if you like.”

Jungkook looked at him quickly, “Really? Is that alright?” He asked excitedly.

Taehyung and Jimin seemed taken aback before they both nodded, “If it keeps you smiling like that, sure,” Taehyung grinned, getting an elbow to the ribs from Jimin as Jungkook flushed.

“Sorry, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to work out. I’m getting a bit out of shape,” he said sheepishly as he put down the spear he had been playing with.

He just missed Jimin’s mumble of, “That’s out of shape?” before he turned back to face them.

Taehyung looked back towards the door and hummed. “The house is calling us for lunch. Let’s go get some food, we can come back later.”

Jungkook found it a little odd to be eating so soon after they had just had breakfast but he figured it had been a few hours now. As they walked back to the house he felt giddy and excited, listening to Taehyung and Jimin banter with each other next to him.

He felt a chill run down his spine.

Stopping mid step, he quickly looked behind him. The chill dispersed just as quickly as it had arrived, the warmth dissolving any evidence of it having been there.

He hadn’t imagined that right? It felt like the same cold he had felt when he was at the mall.

The same cold the dark door gave off.


He jumped and looked up the path, Jimin and Taehyung a few steps ahead looking back with matching frowns. “You okay?”

Jungkook took one last look behind him before turning and smiling at the other two. “Yeah. I’m just giving you a head start.”

Taehyung tilted his head, “A head start?”

Without a word Jungkook took off running past them towards the house, laughing when he heard them shout behind him and chase after him as they raced to see who could get there first.

Chapter Text

“Does this look like what attacked you?”

Jungkook glanced at Namjoon before reaching forward and taking the book he was offering. It was open to a page part way through, the left page covered in text he couldn’t read. On the right there was an inked picture.

Skin, tight to it’s bones, as if the creature hadn’t eaten in months, long limbs and mouth gaping with drool hanging from its gums.

Empty eyes.

Jungkook handed the book back, nodding without a word. The picture didn’t carry the air the creature had, but it was no less terrifying accompanied with the memory of it barreling after him.

He had come to the library as Namjoon requested after they had had lunch. Seokjin had loaded his plate up with all kinds of foods and simply told him to eat as much as he was comfortable with. Jungkook found that while it was a bit more then breakfast, and certainly more variety, it wasn’t as much as he wished he could have eaten.  Seokjin’s cooking was one of the best thing’s he’d ever had. Even just eating the small extra bit he had was worth it to see the proud smile on Seokjin’s face.

Namjoon took the book back and set it on the desk, rubbing his jaw with a sigh.

“Be straight with me, how bad is it?” Jungkook asked, feeling like he was at a doctor’s office about to receive some less-than-ideal news.

“They’re called Sorrows,” Yoongi said from his spot leaning against the side of the desk. He had been talking to Namjoon about something when Jungkook had come in.

“Appropriate name,” Jungkook frowned. Sorrow was only one of the many emotions he had felt in that creature’s presence.

Yoongi watched him with a careful eye, arms crossed.

Namjoon stood up and rounded the desk to stand in front of Jungkook. “They’re creatures that feed on negative emotions, but they also create them, so they’re very self-sustaining. Usually, they don’t venture outside their realm. They create more then enough negative emotions themselves to feed off of,” Namjoon frowned. “It’s very strange for them to be travelling realms. Or targeting a specific person.”

“They’re not usually this aggressive either. Not unless there’s a bigger food source then what they can produce,” Yoongi looked at Jungkook seriously. “How were you feeling before it attacked?”

Jungkook wasn’t sure if he heard him right, “How was I feeling?” he asked frowning. When Yoongi nodded he could only shrug, “Um, pretty normal I guess? I was just doing my rounds at work. I work night shifts so I was tired but that’s not anything new. There was this chill though, it got really cold all of the sudden.”

“That’s probably the Sorrows energy you felt,” Yoongi looked at the ground in thought. “Sorrows are terrifying, but they’re known to be docile.”

The creature that had attacked Jungkook had been in no way docile.  

“So what provoked it?” Namjoon tapped his finger on his arm.

They both stayed silent as they thought and Jungkook, not for the first time, felt a little out of his element.

Yoongi straightened up away from the desk, “If we can get a sample of it’s energy, I should be able to track it. At least then we’ll know if it’s coming back.”

“It hasn’t been very long, there should still be some residual energy where it broke through the realm. We’ll have to go as soon as we can though,” Namjoon said.

Jungkook waved his hands quickly, “Woah woah wait hold up. We’re going back to my world? Already? I thought-”

He thought he would have at least a little more time here. His shoulders dropped as he frowned. Namjoon stepped towards him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s just a short trip there and back. I know you’re probably eager to get home, but we want to make sure it’s properly safe for you to stay there okay?”

Jungkook wanted to tell him that that wasn’t it. That’s not why he was upset. He didn’t want to go back. There was nothing left in that world for him expect Jiho and he was certain his hyung would get along just fine without him. But he couldn’t say he wanted to stay here where it was warm and where people were kind and where he felt cared for.

His mouth wouldn’t even begin to form the words. So he just nodded.

“You said that you were attacked at your work?” Namjoon dropped his hand and Jungkook missed the weight of it already.

“Yeah. It’s easy enough to get into but we should wait until night. Jiho-hyung knows about what’s going on, sort of. Plus, there won’t be a ton of people around.” Jungkook said.

Yoongi headed towards the library doors, “I’ll let the others know that we’ll head out tonight.”

Namjoon and Jungkook watched Yoongi leave when Jungkook suddenly remembered the little stuffed bunny in his room. Why that came to mind he wasn’t sure, but he had meant to give it to Jimin. He moved to follow Yoongi when he felt a hand catch his, stopping him.

He blinked at Namjoon who gave him a gentle smile and pulled him back just enough so he was facing him again. “Jungkook, how are you really doing?”

Jungkook tiled his head, searching Namjoon’s eyes for something he might be missing. “I’m fine, why?”

“Yoongi wasn’t joking when he said Sorrow’s are terrifying.”

Jungkook was struggling to pay attention to what he was saying while the man was running his thumb over the back of his hand like that. It was very distracting.

“The book says that people who come face to face with them often feel as if they’re dying. I just wanted to make sure you’re doing alright after that,” Namjoon lifted their hands to try and get Jungkook’s attention on him fully. Jungkook followed their hands up and looked at Namjoon’s soft concerned smile and his heart very nearly stopped beating.

“I’m alright but…” He started, glancing behind Namjoon at the book that sat open on the desk. “It’s wrong.”

Namjoon turned to see where he was looking before giving him a confused look, “What’s wrong?”

“The book. It didn’t feel like I was dying,” Jungkook scowled at the floor as if it had personally offended him. “It felt like I wanted to die. It felt like I wanted to die but I couldn’t even have that luxury. I couldn’t move, or speak, or cry. Everything was cold and empt-” Jungkook gasped a bit as he was tugged forwards.

Namjoon’s arms wrapped around him, trapping Jungkook against him. For a moment Jungkook could only stare over the man’s shoulder with wide eyes. This was a hug. Namjoon was hugging him.


All thoughts stuttered to a halt. He could feel the muscles in the man’s arms, he could feel his firm chest pressed against his own, the immortal’s cheek brushing against his hair a little. He was hyper aware of it all.

Slowly he let himself relax and brought his arms up, hesitating slightly to wrap them around his waist and hug the other back. When he finally did, he sucked in a small breath and closed his eyes as Namjoon’s hand rubbed the middle of his back between his shoulder blades.

“I promise Jungkook, that we will do everything in our power to make sure you never have to feel that way ever again. I promise.” The man spoke next to his ear, his deep voice making Jungkook shiver slightly and press closer to him, closer to the warmth.

He didn’t trust his voice to function properly, so he tipped his head to rest on Namjoon’s shoulder and nodded gently. He had never believed someone so much before. Every fiber of Jungkook’s being believed that he would do everything he could to keep that promise.

Jungkook trusted him.

He trusted all of them.

It was astonishing how he could come to enjoy being in this world with these people in such a short amount of time. Maybe it was because this world felt like paradise. A dream away from the reality that was his life. The reality that they would be going back to tonight. Even just for a quick visit.

Neither of them moved for what felt like a long time. Despite Jungkook’s heart threatening to pound through his chest, the rest of him felt calm and at ease. It was as if nothing could hurt him. Not now, not while he was held in Namjoon’s arms.

When they did pull away, it was slow. There was no rush. Namjoon slid his hands to Jungkook’s upper arms and pulled away just enough to see him properly. Jungkook hadn’t realized he had clasped onto the back of Namjoon’s shirt until he was forced to uncurl his fingers. He didn’t feel embarrassed or guilty like he thought he would, he was able to meet Namjoon’s gaze and smile at him shyly.

Namjoon chuckled and put a hand on his head to ruffle his hair. Except Jungkook’s hair was kind of an unruly mess, so when Namjoon went to pull away from the completely innocent action which Jungkook had enjoyed greatly, his fingers caught on a tangle and gave his hair a rough tug.

This wouldn’t have been an issue had Jungkook not practically moaned.

Alright, calling it a moan was a stretch (or so Jungkook would try to convince himself later), it was more of a breathy “Mmm” sound.

Regardless, that’s when embarrassment punched him in the face and he found himself turning beet red. He quickly stumbled back a full four steps and awkwardly messed around with his hair.

“I-I’m gonna, yeah, I’ll be, room, in my. I’ll be in the room. Upstairs. Yep.” Jungkook stammered, swinging his arms as he hurried to the door. He chanced a glance back at Namjoon who was staring directly ahead of him, hand still held in the air, not having moved an inch.

Okay cool. He broke him.


Way to make it weird.

He went to the room that had temporarily become his like he said he would. After only maybe ten minutes of lying on his bed trying to decide whether he should suffocate himself with a pillow or play on his phone, he found himself jolting up when the door was quite literally kicked in.

“You can’t leave!” Taehyung promptly marched over to the foot of the bed, hands in tight fists at his side and a deep frown set into his features.

Jungkook blinked owlishly at him, looking between him and the door that had ripped off the top hinge and now sat at twisted angle against the wall.

“You… broke the door,” Jungkook said astonished.

He made a mental note never to piss Taehyung off.

Taehyung ignored him and threw an accusing finger in his direction, “You can’t leave! You can’t just show up out of nowhere all hurt and have fun with us and make us like you and then leave! I don’t even know what your favourite food is yet!”

The lights in the room flickered but neither paid much attention to it.

“Lamb skewers?” Jungkook answered, mind recognizing the question but not catching up on the situation right now.

Taehyung paused his ranting at the response for only a second before he launched another one, throwing his hands up. “Well I don’t know your favourite colour either!”

Jungkook went to answer that one too when a finger was suddenly pressed against his lips, silencing him immediately. He blushed and went cross eyed to look at Taehyung’s hand.

“I don’t want to know! You know why? Because you’re not leaving and there is plenty of time for me to figure it out later. Because you’re not going anywhere.” Taehyung nodded as if he were deciding that it was a fact that couldn’t be disputed.

Jungkook heard Jimin’s voice from the doorway sounding exasperated, “Tae! I told you not to take your frustrations out on the house!”

Taehyung dropped his hand and looked over at Jimin seeming a bit guilty before he pouted. “Did you not hear Yoongi? Jungkook is leaving! He just got here!”

Jimin walked over with a sigh and ran a hand through his soft looking hair, “If you had stayed to listen, he’s coming back. Yoongi and Namjoon are going with him to get some of the creatures energy.”

Taehyung blinked then lit up so quickly Jungkook was worried he’d get whiplash from the mood swings. “Really?” He spun to look at Jungkook again who found himself slammed into, almost getting thrown off the edge of the bed by the excited Fae.

Taehyung hugged him from the side tightly pinning Jungkook’s arms to his sides, beaming ear to ear as he practically bounced onto the bed.

Jungkook let out a surprised yelp and awkwardly tried to balance himself but what completely floored him was the fact he was getting another hug before he had even recovered from Namjoon’s. This was already more hugs then he was used to getting in months.

Jimin winced at the roughness but hummed a quiet laugh fondly, “Sorry Jungkook, we were all surprised when Yoongi started telling us but Taehyung reacted a little quickly.”

Jungkook looked and Jimin and frowned a little, “But why?”

Jimin tilted his head questioningly as he sat down at the foot of the bed in front of him. “Why what?”

“We’ve only known each other a short time, why do care so much if I go back?” Jungkook directed the question towards Taehyung who looked at Jimin as if he had to check to make sure that he’d heard right.

Taehyung pulled away to sit up straight next to Jungkook. “I told you, we like you.”

The bluntness took him off guard and had him nervously licking his lips.

“Tae’s right,” Jungkook looked at Jimin as the Fae reached forward to put a hand on his knee. “We can tell you’re a good person Jungkook, and you’ve been nothing but kind to us since you got here. Besides, even when it’s safe for you to go back, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye forever right? You can always come and visit,” Jimin suddenly looked shy and hesitant, looking away slightly, “I-I mean only if you want of course.”

Was he actually saying that they wanted him to stick around? That they wanted to get to know him and possibly be friends? The prospect of being able to jump between this world and his own was one too good to be true. They may change their minds later, or whenever they solved this Sorrow’s situation, but the offer meant the world to him in this moment.

He smiled and decided that he’d received more hugs then he’d given today so without hesitating, he reached forward and pulled Jimin towards him. He had to use some strength to get the other close enough that he could properly hug him, almost pulling him into his lap by accident but Jimin’s light gasp and squeak was worth it when he wrapped his arms around him and buried his face in his shoulder to hide his wide smile.

Jimin’s hand found the back of his head, stroking his hair down gently and the other had been caught between them, a warmth flat against Jungkook’s chest. Jimin smelled like flowers mixed with something sharper, like rosemary or thyme.

“Thank you,” he whispered quietly and gave the boy a gentle squeeze before pulling away. Jimin had settled on his knees in front of him, pulling back too but leaving his arm resting on Jungkook’s shoulder, his hand still pressed over his heart. Jungkook’s own hands had dropped to sit on the Fae’s hips, though he wasn’t fully aware of that fact.

The look he was giving Jungkook was a strange one, not like anything Jungkook had seen before. The look didn’t fully compare to the one Taehyung was giving them right now though. When Jungkook looked over at him, fully removing his hands from Jimin, he choked on the thanks that was about to leave his lips.

Taehyung looked practically hungry. His eyes were hooded and dark, jaw tensed and lips glistening as if he had just licked them.

Jungkook blinked and it was gone, replaced by the adorably wide boxy smile that Jungkook was quickly becoming familiar with.

Had he just imagined that look?

Jimin pulled his hands back and moved to sit more comfortably, taking more time doing so then what was needed to complete the simple action. “You don’t need to thank us Jungkook, we’re happy to have you here. Seokjin was practically glowing after you complimented his food earlier.”

Taehyung nodded eagerly, “Yoongi too, he might seem tough but he’s a big softy and I think he really likes you.”

Jungkook had his doubts there but they did know Yoongi better then he did so he’d take their word for it. Laughing awkwardly he waved a hand, “Can we change the subject?”

“Awe why? Are you embarrassed?” Taehyung grinned and snickered invading his personal space again by leaning forward and rest his chin on his shoulder.

Jungkook tried to lean away, forcing himself not to turn his head to look at the other who was mere inches from his face. Putting his hand down to balance himself he blinked at the lump he felt under the blankets.

Sighing in relief at the chance to distract the two boys he quickly tugged the object out from under the sheets and practically shoved it in Taehyung’s face. The fae blinked as he met the sewn eyes of the purple plush bunny and let out a squeal that had Jungkook’s ears ringing.

Jimin’s eyes widened as Taehyung snatched the bunny from his hand, holding it as if it were something sacred. “It’s so cute! Jiminie! Look at it!”

Jimin looked from the toy to Jungkook in shock, Jungkook just smiled at him. “It’s, it’s adorable,” Jimin admitted, slowly smiling brightly too.

“Is this from your world? What’s it’s name?” Taehyung squished the toy excitedly before reaching over and booping Jimin’s nose with it making the other fae laugh and take it to marvel at how soft it was.

“It doesn’t have a name, you’ll have to give it one,” Jungkook chuckled as he watched the bunny somehow travel back and forth between the two before it ended up balanced on Taehyung’s head.

They blinked at him, “Does that mean we can keep it?” Jimin gasped.

“Yeah, it’s all yours.”

Little did he know those few words had secured him a position stuck in a makeshift cuddle pile as the two argued over names for the bunny for the next couple of hours. Yet he didn’t regret it one bit.

When it was time to go, the sky had darkened to its blue’s and navy’s and all the boys came to see them off at the door. They promised the others to return safely and Jungkook stood off to the side a bit awkwardly as the rest of them spoke. Seokjin ensured him that Taehyung would have his bedroom door fixed by the time they got back which only had the weather Fae laughing and agreeing.

Once they had stepped through, Jungkook had all of two seconds to realize that the door had opened up into the empty mall instead of his apartment like he expected before he felt the warmth snap from his chest, pulling the air from his lungs with it. His knees buckled under him making him stagger forward.

An arm hooked around his waist, keeping him from taking a nose dive into the hard floor of the mall. Unlike the first time he felt it, he wasn’t near exhaustion and in pain so he was able to right himself much quicker, recovering some much needed oxygen with some deep breathes. His body shuddered as the warmth faded to a dull hum in his chest, hidden behind the usual blank, bland feeling he hadn’t realized he’d always known.

The arm tightened around his waist as Jungkook got his feet back under him. “Woah. You alright?” Yoongi asked, glancing him up and down to see if he was somehow hurt.

Jungkook rubbed his chest and nodded at him in thanks for the quick catch. Yoongi was stronger than he looked. Jungkook wasn’t sure what to do with that information.

“It just feels weird coming back here. Its not as warm.” He wasn’t sure how else to explain the feeling. Yoongi didn’t press further, letting Jungkook go to stand on his own.

Namjoon frowned, glancing at Jungkook’s hand that was still pressed to his chest.

“Looks like the door wanted to save us the walk,” Jungkook joked a little, looking around at the familiar mall.

“What is this place?” Namjoon asked, looking around as well.

“It’s a place people come to do their shopping. It’s just a bunch of stores packed into one building,” Jungkook started walking down the hall towards the CoTrend that he’d been attacked at. Namjoon and Yoongi followed a step behind.

It wasn’t as if the attack had been weeks ago. The memory was still painfully fresh in his mind, so being back in the building so soon after had him a little paranoid.

“Like a market,” Yoongi mused with a hum. Jungkook smiled and nodded.


Namjoon looked away from their surroundings to look at Jungkook instead, “What’s your job here?”

“I’m a security guard. I basically stay overnight to make sure that no one breaks in and tries to steal anything while its closed. It’s a lot of sitting around watching cams and trying not to fall asleep,” he chuckled.

Namjoon hummed.

“Security!” A voice shouting from ahead of them made Yoongi and Namjoon tense, both taking a step forward to stand partially in front of Jungkook. The younger didn’t notice however as a smile broke out on his face.

They could just make out a man approaching them in the dim lighting.

“Hyung!” Jungkook yelled back, making Yoongi and Namjoon jump and look at him in surprise. “Maybe shout a warning when you’re closer next time! You run like an old man!”

“Yah!” Jiho huffed as he approached but he was grinning. “Respect your elders brat.”

Jungkook laughed and slipped between the two confused magical beings to meet Jiho part way. They clasped hands and gave each other a one-armed hug before pulling back.

“What, miss me already? You’ve only been gone a day,” Jiho raised a brow glancing at the two strangers behind Jungkook.

Yoongi watched as Jungkook chuckled and explained to the stranger why they were here. The man seemed to be listening to Jungkook but he kept glancing at them in what Yoongi thought might be caution.

The man was a bit taller then Jungkook and subjectively handsome. He had dark hair, similar to Jungkook’s but shorter and less wavy. He was also thinner, more wiry. Yoongi felt himself scowl as the man shoved Jungkook’s head teasingly.

His protective instincts had been going haywire since they stepped one foot through the door and he hadn’t been prepared for that protectiveness to extend to Jungkook as well. Namjoon, yes. There was no way he couldn’t feel protective over Namjoon. But Jungkook? He wasn’t sure why exactly he wanted to rip this other man’s hands off for even coming near the boy let alone touching him, but Yoongi’s gut feelings were never wrong.

The phoenix felt off already about being here. It was a different feeling from what he was used to in their home. Jungkook’s reaction to coming back had been concerning too. The boy had almost collapsed and the fact that he kept pressing on his chest every now and then had Yoongi wary.

He wasn’t sure the boy was even aware he was doing it.

There were some curses that produced similar reactions to Jungkook’s when casted on a magical being. Most of which being any that drained a significant amount of energy quickly. Could it have been possible for Jungkook to feel the energy drain of leaving the Galaxy? Could a human be that in tuned with their energy? Yoongi made a note to discuss it with Namjoon when they had a chance.

“So I can go ahead and cancel your appointment at the psychiatric hospital then,” The man nodded as Jungkook finished explaining. “Seeing as you have proof now I guess.”

Jungkook grinned brightly and if Yoongi wasn’t so busy glaring at the other man, he might have actually smiled a bit. Maybe. Jungkook’s smile reminded him of Taehyung’s. Something precious that should always be preserved.

The man looked between Namjoon and Yoongi, Jungkook leading him closer to them.

“Guys this is Jiho-hyung,” Jungkook introduced, gesturing with his hand. “Hyung this is Namjoon-ssi and Yoongi-ssi.”

The man, Jiho, gave them a small bow in greeting. “It’s nice to-”

“Are you going to show us where the shop is or are we going to stand here and wait until the Sorrow comes back?” Yoongi spat, tone bitter. It took the two humans by surprise while Namjoon let out a quiet sigh but the relaxed air became tense quickly.

“Alright then,” Jiho scoffed, “They don’t have manners where you’re from?”

Jungkook frowned, looking between Jiho and Yoongi in concern. Namjoon quickly stepped in before Yoongi could speak again. “Sorry, we don’t mean to be rude, but we would like to do this as quickly as possible. The longer we’re here the riskier it is for Jungkook.”

Oh Yoongi had meant to be rude. He wanted to be even ruder, but a sharp look from Namjoon had him rolling his eyes and keeping his mouth shut.

Jiho turned back to Jungkook after an untrusting look was given to Yoongi. Good. It would be stupid of the man to trust him. “You know we could both get fired for this right?”

Jungkook shrugged as they started walking supposedly towards the shop the Sorrow had attacked. Yoongi trailed after them next to Namjoon, eyes never leaving the man that was walking next to Jungkook.

Too close.

“It’s not the first time I’ve tampered with the cams, looping them is pretty easy.”

“Kook that is so illegal. What the hell man?”

Yoongi tuned them out, not understanding what they were talking about to begin with. The lighting in the mall was dim, a light every so often only brightening up the main halls. All of what Yoongi presumed were stores were dark inside, but he could make out window displays of clothing and items he couldn’t begin to name.

He glanced at Namjoon when he felt a hand on the small of his back. Neither said anything. They didn’t need to.

Yoongi knew he wasn’t good at handling people. He never had been and yet somehow, he had five wonderful lovers who understood him better than anyone. It had been a struggle in the beginning, he never really thought he deserved them and that they had only included him because he was so close to Namjoon but many years of being with them and their patience for him had convinced him that no, they did love him just as much as he loved each of them.

He remembered that morning vividly. They had woken up in a mess of limbs and cuddles after a long night. Yoongi wasn’t sure why it had clicked that particular morning, why it had felt so real to him then, but he remembered crying harder than he ever had. Though it was embarrassing now to think about.

He had woken the others up who had all embraced him with concern and love and despite the heart attack he must have given them, they waited until he calmed down enough for him to stutter out an ‘I love you. All of you.’

They showered him with affection for weeks after that. Even when he begged them to stop.

So yeah, it was really hard for Yoongi to interact with people who didn’t understand him with just a glance. But he wanted to try with Jungkook. He saw how the Fae’s acted around the human. Somehow he had wormed his way into all their hearts by just being there, just being himself.

It was like he was a piece that they were missing.

Jungkook looked over his shoulder at Yoongi and Namjoon, the latter giving him a light if not slightly tense smile.

Jungkook wasn’t sure what was up with Yoongi. The phoenix seemed to switch moods rather suddenly and he was surprised at how short he had been with Jiho. It wasn’t like he had expected them to be all chummy right away but the sour mode had been unexpected.

“Are you sure about all this Kook?” Jiho asked suddenly, pulling his attention back to him.

Jungkook lowered his hand from his chest, “I know I should say no hyung, but I am,” Jungkook kept his voice down, hoping the sound of their steps echoing in the hall would be enough to keep the two people behind him from hearing, “I trust them.”

Jiho frowned. “I think you’re diving into this too quickly Kook. Maybe you should slow down a bit.”

Jungkook understood his concern, it was one that Jungkook had himself. He didn’t know how to explain the emotions he was feeling regarding the whole situation. Finding out magic and monsters were real was easier to come to terms with then the way he felt so at peace with six gorgeous men he had just met.

“I trust them. I need you to trust me,” Jungkook settled for saying once more.

Jiho looked at him for another moment before sighing and giving a nod.

By now all the glass had been cleaned up around the CoTrend and the window boarded until a new one would replace it. Jiho walked over to the shutter to unlock it with the keys on his belt.

Yoongi stepped up next to Jungkook. “Stay out here.”

Jungkook looked at him and frowned.

The phoenix glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, “It’ll only take a second. Don’t push yourself.”

Ah. He remembered what Taehyung had told him before about Yoongi being rather soft on the inside and suddenly he could see the concern in his eyes and how he stood. Yoongi was worried about his safety and he seemed to understand Jungkook’s hesitation at being back here so soon.

Instead of arguing like he usually would when someone ordered him around, he simply nodded.

Jiho walked over to Namjoon and offered the man his flashlight which was already on. Jungkook could see Namjoon’s curiosity for the item but he hide it well as he thanked Jiho and the two magical being’s headed into the store.

Jungkook and Jiho stood in silence for a moment before Jiho turned to him. “What are you going to do about school? And work? You’re expected to start again tomorrow.”

Jungkook slumped and ran a hand through his hair, messing it up. “I don’t know. As it is I won’t be able to afford rent with the days I’ve missed. I can’t miss anymore but it might be too dangerous to keep coming back here.”

Jiho watched him stress for a second before scratching his neck, “Not to add to your struggles Kook, but uh,” his hyung reached into his back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.

Jungkook raised a brow when he took it, opening it up. There was a card stuck in the fold of the paper. “Are you hitting on me?” He joked, earning a smack in the arm.

“It’s not my number brat, some sketchy guys were hanging around the parking lot when I started my shift. They told me to give this to you.”

Jungkook felt his heart sink to the floor as he quickly flipped the card over to see a familiar logo. His eyes locked on the scrawled writing on the paper.

‘Jobs not over JK. 6-2D-L4. ~ Tasker.’

He stared blankly at the words. Jiho looked between him and the paper frowning deeply.

“What other shit have you gotten yourself messed up in?”

Jungkook’s tongue felt like lead but he quickly tucked the note into his pocket and chuckled. “Some stupid thing my friends from highschool made up. They want to meet up that’s all. It was a system we made so we didn’t get caught in class.”

Jiho didn’t look fully convinced but he hummed, “A little dramatic if you ask me.”

Jungkook only shrugged.

Namjoon and Yoongi stepped out of the store then, coming over to them. Jiho took his flashlight back and turned it off, hooking it on his belt. “Find what you’re looking for?”

Jungkook felt the weight of the note in his pocket as if it were made of steal. He barely registered the fact Namjoon started speaking, his thoughts elsewhere.

What did they mean the job wasn’t over? Jungkook had been done with that shit in highschool. He’d made it more then clear when he had paid out. They had agreed he wouldn’t be contacted anymore.

“Kook! Yo!” A hand shaking his shoulder had him looking up at Jiho, Namjoon and Yoongi who were all looking at him. Had they asked him something?

“Ah sorry, pardon?”

Jiho shook his head, “You have to come and loop the cams before you head back.”

Jungkook hummed and nodded looking at Namjoon. He didn’t ask if they had found any of the energy, he figured they had already mentioned it even though he had zoned out for that part of the conversation. Instead he asked, “Will the energy be enough to track it?”

Namjoon looked at Yoongi who looked away from Jiho’s hand on Jungkook’s shoulder and nodded. “I’ll be able to track it’s movements easily and likely predict where it might appear next.”

Jiho perked up, “And, if you can do that then, you would know when it was safe or not for Jungkook to come back here right?”

Yoongi glared him, “Your point?”

“Jungkook has to work and go to school still, he can’t stay in your world 24/7. If you can track this things movements then you can come get him if it’s on its way.”

Namjoon quickly put a hand on Yoongi’s arm, stepping forward slightly. Jungkook looked at Jiho in surprise, not expecting him to suddenly step in like that.

“We understand that Jungkook’s life is here, but I still think it’s incredibly risky.” Namjoon said calmly, looking at Jungkook while his hand tightened on Yoongi’s arm. “But if that’s what you want to do, we’ll make it work.”

Jungkook didn’t want to do that. At all. Not even a little. He wanted to stay with the guys in the other world. But the thought of just giving up on everything he had worked for, all the effort he put in to try and keep going to school to learn about filmography, he couldn’t just step away from that.

It was his passion.

“I want to go to school,” Jungkook admitted, “To go to school, I have to work. If we can somehow make it work, I would like that.”

He didn’t want to cause more trouble for them considering all they had done to help them already, but this was important to him. Namjoon seemed to realize this and gave him a reassuring smile, even Yoongi’s frown had softened from a scowl.

“Alright. We’ll work something out then when we get back,” Namjoon nodded and released Yoongi’s arm after another minute.

As they walked to the Security office, Jungkook’s thoughts drifted once more to the note. It had been so long since someone had referred to him as JK, it had been a little jarring.

The code was rather simple, 6 pm in two days at Location 4. It meant he only had two days to figure out whether or not he should meet with them. If he did, he could get dragged back into more trouble but if he didn’t it might still just lead to more trouble regardless. Either way, he wanted to keep the other out of it.

He wouldn’t have this end up like his family did. He wouldn’t lose more people because of his stupid decisions. They were already being more then kind to him even trying to keep him from getting killed. No. This was his problem, and he would handle it.

Namjoon stood at the back of the room with Jiho as Jungkook explained something to Yoongi about the images on the strange boxes on the desk. Something about how the images were recordings of real life and weren’t stills at all, that they allowed them to watch what was happening elsewhere in the mall real time. It was quite fascinating and Namjoon made a mental note to steal Jungkook away from the Fae’s to talk to him more about human technology.

Jungkook had been tense since they had stepped out of the shop. Namjoon could tell Yoongi had noticed as well, he was sticking close to the boy. He wasn’t sure if Jiho and Jungkook had talked about something that made him uneasy or if something had happened while they were in the shop but something was clearly off.

Namjoon also wasn’t sure how comfortable he was with Jungkook coming and going from their world to this one. Though he would never try and keep the boy from doing what he wanted to or from going home if he so pleased, but he kind of wanted to just forget about the Sorrow and have Jungkook stay with them indefinitely. It wasn’t really plausible, but he could dream.

“He doesn’t smile like that here,” Jiho’s voice drew his attention away from the other two. He looked at the other human and hummed questioningly. Jiho glanced at him, “Kook. I’ve never seen him smile that brightly and I’ve known him almost a year.”

Namjoon couldn’t read the other man’s emotion. It seemed a mix of something bitter and relief. The thought of Jungkook not always having such a radiant smile was something he struggled to wrap his mind around. How could anyone who saw this boy not want to do everything in their power to make him happy?

Jiho must have seen his expression because he chuckled and crossed his arms. “He’s pretty special isn’t he. You’ve only known him a few days and I can already see he’s won you over.”

Namjoon smiled a bit and nodded. “He’s not like anyone we’ve ever met.” He watched Jungkook laugh at something Yoongi mumbled and he saw the corner of Yoongi’s mouth twitch.

“If you hurt him, in any way, I won’t hesitate to come after you.”

The threat barely phased him. He had thought a similar threat towards the man when he had first shown up. He gave the man a single nod and they said nothing more as Jungkook finished what he was doing.

When he turned to grin directly at Namjoon, and the immortal suddenly recalled their moment earlier in the library, he felt his heart stutter in its pace.

Yeah, Jungkook might really be the death of them one day.

Chapter Text

They discussed Jungkook’s schooling when they got back.

Jungkook knew they were all tired seeing as it was sometime early in the morning by the time they’d stepped back into the Galaxy. It seemed like none of them had gone to bed either, choosing to wait up for their return. Yet Namjoon still insisted they sit down and talk about what they could do for Jungkook’s schedule while still keeping him safe.

He hadn’t expected for there to be no complaints whatsoever.

Given Taehyung’s reaction to the thought of him leaving, Jungkook figured that he might have had a stronger reaction to him returning to his own world daily, but they had all simply seemed hesitant until he explained why it was important for him to go.

They agreed whole heartedly after that and it was simply a question on how they would go about it.

Seokjin seemed rather excited at the prospect of making him lunch everyday and he was already planning to move their usual dinner time forward so they could all eat together before Jungkook went to work.

It was… not what he was used too. He felt like he was inconveniencing them. They were changing around their whole routine to accommodate him so he couldn’t help feeling a little guilty.

The compromise they had arrived at was that one of them would go with Jungkook. Which, he had been concerned about seeing as they were still getting used to humans and he was worried school might be overwhelming for them. On the other hand, he was ecstatic at the idea. He’d be able to go to school and hang out with them individually.

I didn’t take much to have him agreeing after he triple checked that they were all comfortable with it. They had all even agreed to let Taehyung go as well and the boy almost flooded the kitchen with a sudden rainstorm in his excitement (luckily it took Jimin no time at all to clean up the water).

Taehyung had asked if he could be the first to go and there was some hesitation. Upon Jungkook noticing it, he had to ask once more if they were really okay with all this.

Their answer was simply, “We trust you.”

And well, if that didn’t just make him want to weep tears of joy.

He almost did weep when he was woken up abruptly the next morning by a body jumping on him.

He felt Taehyung bounce the mattress, on his hands and knees overtop of Jungkook. He groaned and tried to pull the blanket up over his head, but it was pinned down by Taehyung’s hands.

“Jungkook! You have to get ready for school!” The boy bounced and Jungkook couldn’t see his face very well in the dim lighting but he could hear him smiling.

Groaning again Jungkook shifted under the other, “Taehyung-ssi it’s way too early,” he mumbled attempting to hold onto the sleepiness that would draw him back into the land of dreams. “Go back to bed.”

Taehyung flopped down on top of him making him grunt at the sudden weight. The Fae’s hands came up to rest on Jungkook’s chest, propping up his chin so he could see Jungkook’s face. “I can’t sleep, I’m too excited.”

“It’s not as exciting as you think it is,” Jungkook grumbled, his voice rough. He reached a hand over to the bedside table and flopped it around until he found his phone. Tapping the screen he checked the time and squinted at the bright light. “It’s five in the morning,” He whined, tugging his arm back and running his hand through his hair.

Taehyung watched Jungkook’s movement carefully. His eyes lingered on the strange bright thing that Jungkook had next to his bed but his interest in the item was quickly replaced by Jungkook brushing his hair back, his toned, very bare arm stayed above his head as he let his eyes close again.

Cute. Taehyung smiled at the sleepy man and had the urge to lift a hand and trace the bridge of his nose with his finger. Jungkook’s body was warm and solid underneath him. Only as Taehyung’s eyes traced the edge of his jaw, the slant of his neck, the dip of his collar bones, did he realize that Jungkook wasn’t wearing a shirt.

“Jungkookie? Are you naked?” He couldn’t help but ask because he needed to know which direction he was about to proceed. Taehyung wasn’t used to holding himself back so much. He lived in a house with five people he was romantically involved with so if one of them wasn’t in the mood to do anything, usually one of the others was willing to indulge him.

To have someone in the house that he had to hold his affections back for, at least until they had talked to Jungkook about whether or not he’d be comfortable being courted by six men, was probably the most taxing trial Taehyung had ever faced. He didn’t think Jungkook realized how fatally good looking he was and the fact that he had such a genuine kind personality only made him all the more attractive.  

Jungkook’s nose scrunched up cutely at the question and he let out another sinful groan (probably one of annoyance) that shot straight down to a spot deep within Taehyung. Before Taehyung could move off the other, because if he made another sound like that Taehyung would probably snap, he felt Jungkook move and his arm hooked around his shoulders.

In one smooth motion Jungkook twisted to the side and settled Taehyung so he was lying next to him, head tucked under his chin. “Go to sleep.”

Oh. Taehyung understood what Jimin had meant about Jungkook’s strength.

He knew the moment Jungkook had practically yanked Jimin closer to him in order to hug him the day before that Jimin was having the struggle of a lifetime. It was no secret amongst them that Jimin loved being picked up or tossed around.

Taehyung also very much enjoyed watching it. He liked seeing the people he loved being taken care of the way they deserved. Namjoon liked doing the lifting and there had been more than a few times that Taehyung had walked into the library to find him and Jimin (or Yoongi) making use of any free space against a wall.

So when Jungkook had suddenly been so forceful yet so gentle with Jimin it had struck something within him that Taehyung hadn’t felt for anyone outside of their group before.

And now, when he was sure the sleepy human wasn’t exactly awake enough to understand what he was doing, Taehyung was struggling to hold himself back.

Taehyung stared at the boy’s collar bone biting his lip to keep himself from biting Jungkook instead. Except when his teeth sunk into his lip, the feeling was different, it felt more sensitive, even stung a little. He gasped quietly.

Jungkook shifted and lifted his arm a bit so it was off Taehyung’s shoulders, “You okay?”

Taehyung nodded quickly, nuzzling into Jungkook’s chest in embarrassment. “I bit my lip.”

There was silence for a moment as Jungkook’s tired mind tried to process. He must have understood because he started pulling away from Taehyung with a mumbled, very sad sounding apology.

Taehyung’s eyes widened and he grabbed Jungkook’s arm to wrap it around himself and for good measure, wrapped his own arm around Jungkook’s thin waist. “No! No. It wasn’t- Not bad pain. Good pain.” Taehyung swallowed.

If such a small thing was so much more intense when he was in contact with Jungkook, how would other things feel? It wasn’t like they couldn’t feel pleasure. They were all well versed in each others desires and they knew the right things to say or the right buttons to push to get each other going. But this new element of pain, good pain, was something entirely unexplored by all of them.

What would it feel like to have Jungkook bite his lips? To pinch his thighs? Were there more types of pain that felt good like that? Taehyung was thrilled at the thought of everything Jungkook might be capable of. The things he could teach them.

Fighting to get his thoughts in order before their innocent cuddle turned into something rather awkward, Taehyung focused on Jungkook’s even breathing. He must have fallen asleep again.

Smiling to himself he closed his eyes as well with no intention of sleeping but rather trying to engrave this moment into his memory.

Jungkook was currently going through it.

All he could do was stand off to the side as Taehyung twisted every which way trying to get used to the feeling of the new clothes.

Jungkook’s clothes.

When he had suggested Taehyung borrow some of his clothes to blend in better at school, he hadn’t expected him to look like a kpop idol. It was like Taehyung’s attractiveness somehow made his cheap clothing look like it should have a brand name attached to it. Give him some sunglasses and a mask and he was ready to walk through a crowded airport.

Jungkook stood with one arm crossed over his ribs and his elbow resting on his wrist, hand cupped over his mouth as he contemplated the meaning of life. In hindsight, he probably should have picked out an outfit for him, seeing as Taehyung had chosen the only pair of blue jeans he owned that were ripped at the knees and partially up the thighs. The slightly visible slice of tan skin he could see was currently the bane of his existence.

He had also chosen one of Jungkook’s long black t-shirts and topped it with a light-colored plaid button up.

“These are a lot comfier than they look!” Taehyung smiled as he suddenly dropped into a crouch that had Jungkook choking and finding the ceiling to be absolutely stunning right now.

So clean. Much wow.

That is when a poor unsuspecting Hoseok walked in.

“Tae, Jungkook, Jinnie wants you to come get your lunch- what in the guardians name are you wearing?!” Hoseok’s jaw dropped as he stood in the door, eyes trailing up and down Taehyung openly.

Jungkook closed his eyes and breathed out into his hand, mumbling against his palm. “I’m so sorry.”

Hoseok’s head snapped to him. “What did you do.”

“Hobi! Do I look good? Jungkook said I could wear some of his clothes to school today!” The Fae bounded over to Hoseok and threw himself against him, wrapping his arms over his shoulders and smiling innocently. “I like human’s fashion. I wonder if I can get some clothes like this.”

Hoseok didn’t hesitate to hook his arms around the other’s waist and pull him close. He lifted a hand to rub the collar of the t-shirt between his thumb and index finger. “Is it supposed to be this thin? Taetae you look,” Hoseok was at a loss for words.

Taehyung hummed and his innocent smile morphed into a teasing smirk. “Sexy?”

Instead of getting flustered or backing down like Jungkook thought he might, Hoseok tapped a finger under Taehyung’s chin to tip his head back slightly and returned the smirk. “Ravishing, love.”

Jungkook flushed and looked away once more, busying himself with shoving his notebooks in his bag. He felt like he was invading something private despite them clearly not caring that he was in the room to witness such an intimate scene. When he glanced over to see Taehyung lean in to kiss Hoseok, he once again contemplated the nature of their relationship.

Jungkook himself wasn’t wearing anything fancy, just a simple white t-shirt with a black hoodie and loose-fitting jeans. Simple, unnoticeable.

He stood up and put his bag over his shoulder, sticking his phone into his pocket. He hadn’t bothered bringing it last time since it was such a short trip, but he figured he might need it. He was dreading when the poor device reconnected to the network. He tapped the screen and made sure to put it on silent.

Jungkook glanced back over at the two boys, Taehyung was whispering something in Hoseok’s ear and the dragon was staring at Jungkook with an intense look that seemed to root Jungkook to the spot finding he couldn’t look away.

He swallowed.

Taehyung pulled away from Hoseok just enough to look at Jungkook as well and give him a wide pure smile that contrasted extremely with the dark look in his eyes.

Jungkook wasn’t stupid.

He knew that some of the guys, Taehyung for sure, found him attractive. Jungkook thought they were all the most beautiful people he has ever met. It was natural for there to be some tension. But the sheer amount of tension between them could be cut with a knife and Jungkook was tempted to play into it, to tease and show them he wasn’t as innocent as they had all seemed to think.

Considering Seokjin had made a happy face on his plate this morning out of his food, he kind of felt like they all saw him as a kid.

God did he want to show them how wrong they were.

There were still a few things holding him back however. One was that he didn’t fully understand how their relationship worked and who was involved with who. If it was polyamorous like he suspected, he wasn’t sure of the details and the last thing he wanted to do was step over any lines.

The other was that he was nervous. He didn’t think he could just have it be a casual thing if he got involved with them. Jungkook was terrified of giving them his heart and having it stomped on. It wasn’t just about sex for him. He needed to know it was the same for them too before he went any further with any of them.

He had only ever been in one relationship before, so he didn’t have much experience in that regard. A polyamorous one seemed rather daunting and overwhelming. He was worried about screwing up.

And then Taehyung did things like this, looked at him like he wanted to ravish him, and Jungkook had to double his efforts to keep from storming over and kissing him hard enough to have the boys legs going weak.

It was a struggle.

Hoseok snapped out of it first with a deep sigh and he peeled himself off of Taehyung, put his hands up in a surrender and promptly left the room all the while grumbling something Jungkook couldn’t make out. Taehyung laughed, “Let’s go get food!” He quickly took Jungkook’s hand and pulled him downstairs.

The others reactions to Taehyung’s outfit were very similar to Hoseok’s.

It was a lot of compliments and praise and some words that Jungkook assumed was cursing.

He tried his best to stay out of the way after getting his lunch from Seokjin. At the front door, he slipped his shoes on as the others fussed over Taehyung. Seokjin fixed his shirt telling Taehyung to be careful and not to leave Jungkook’s side.

Admittedly. He zoned out most of the conversation as he tied his shoes. It made his chest burn with an unpleasant feeling. A longing for something he knew he wouldn’t have. The interactions reminded him of his own family, when his brother used to teach him new tricks on his skateboard or gave him advice about how to deal with bullies at school.

He remembered when his mother had been kind. Beautiful and caring. She packed him lunches and sent him off to school every morning with a smile.

His father had been stern but never cruel. He was the man of the house through and through but he would hug him or reassure him when he was sad.

He remembered all of it before he came out.

Until highschool when Jungkook made a lot of bad decisions. When he thought he could change his parents mind about his sexuality being a curse, a disease that needed curing. When his boyfriend at the time convinced him there were easier ways to make a little cash then working a gas station.

In the end he couldn’t blame anyone but himself for his choices. He had made all the wrong ones with all the right intentions. It had done nothing but prove to his parents that he was twisted and broken.

Jungkook hadn’t realized how lost in thought he had gotten, crouched down with still hands holding his laces, until a hand brushed against his cheek.

He was certain the action wasn’t meant in any sort of harmful way, he shouldn’t have even flinched, but he did. Without being able to stop his body from responding he jerked away from the touch and his eyes snapped to Seokjin’s worried ones. The man’s hand hovered in the air motionless.

Then he noticed how silence had replaced the chaos and bustling that was happening only seconds (minutes?) before.

“Jungkookie?” Taehyung frowned and crouched next to him but didn’t try to touch him. That stung a little. He didn’t want them to think he was, well, broken. He messed up his own family, he couldn’t bare to do it to this one.

He tried not to worry about how they were all looking at him. Jungkook finished tying his shoe and stood up, giving them his best smile. “Sorry I zoned out,” he said.

Taehyung and Seokjin traded a look before standing as well.

“Zoned out?” Yoongi asked raising a brow.

“Like spacing out?” Seeing the looks of confusion Jungkook chuckled, “I got lost in thought that’s all.”

They nodded but the air still felt strange, awkward. Choosing not to linger, Jungkook looked at Taehyung who was still frowning at him. “Ready to go?”

The Fae nodded and Jungkook made his way out onto the porch. The others followed after the two of them and stayed on the porch while they headed down the steps. When they were about to walk down the path, Jungkook paused and looked back at the others.

Jimin offered him a smile, Namjoon standing behind him with his arms wrapped around the fae’s shoulders in a back hug. Hoseok was grinning and Yoongi looked as indifferent as always but there was some nervousness there, in Seokjin’s movements as well.

This was Taehyung’s first day of school. It should be a special moment.

“Hyung wait a second,” Jungkook said to Taehyung, pulling his phone out of his pocket. The Fae stopped in his tracks and looked at him with shock. The others seemed taken aback too as Jungkook jogged back up the steps, opening the camera on his phone along the way.

“Here,” Jungkook took Seokjin’s hand and lifted it to show him how to hold the phone. Seokjin blinked as he looked at the screen.

“What is this?” He tilted his head and twisted the phone around in confusion. Jungkook laughed a bit and grabbed his hands again to steady them.

“Just trust me, I’ll explain later,” he pointed the camera at Taehyung who was still frozen on the path. Sticking his tongue out of the corner of his mouth in concentration Jungkook stepped into Seokjin’s space a little to zoom the screen in and frame the picture.

“Okay, right there, don’t move,” Jungkook nodded and stepped back a bit. “When I say so, tap this circle with your finger okay?”

Seokjin took the instruction not to move very seriously as he gave a hum of confirmation rather then a nod. The others were crowding behind him to try and see the device.

Jungkook smiled and went back down the steps and over to Taehyung, he turned to face the group on the porch and stand next to the Fae. “Ready?” He asked but paused when he didn’t get a response. Blinking he looked at Taehyung who was still staring at him, mouth hanging open slightly.

“You alright?”

“You, called me hyung.”

Jungkook thought back and hummed, so he had. He hadn’t even realized it had slipped out. “Is that alright?”

The smile that lit the boys face was almost blinding. He nodded eagerly and Jungkook quickly threw an arm over his shoulders to keep him in place long enough to get a picture. “Look that way and smile hyung,” Jungkook pointed towards the group and didn’t even need to try to smile. It happened naturally around someone like Taehyung. “Okay now Seokjin-ssi!”

The group on the porch looked confused when nothing significant happened and Seokjin frowned, “What did that do? Why do you look so much closer on here?”

Jungkook let go of Taehyung and jogged back over. He took the phone from Seokjin and opened up his gallery to make sure there was a decent photo. It had turned out pretty well, though it was clear Jungkook was trying to hold Taehyung in one spot and Taehyung was grinning at Jungkook rather then looking at the camera, but it was perfect.

“It took a picture,” he showed the others the picture and they looked at it in awe. “It’s like, a frozen moment in time.”

They looked at it for another moment before Jungkook switched back to his camera and held it up quickly, getting a shot of all of them with curious and surprised looks on their faces. He laughed and stuck his phone back in his pocket, waving as he headed back to Taehyung.

“We’ll be back in the afternoon!”

Jungkook headed down the path, smiling as Taehyung ran to catch up, almost knocking him over as he jumped on his back a few times before grabbing his hand excitedly and pulling him faster towards Jungkook’s door.

He smiled wider at the shouts from behind them.

“Be safe!”

“Jungkook! Show us more frozen moments when you get back!”

“Taehyung listen to Jungkook!”

“See you guys later!”

Hoseok watched the two youngest head off, Taehyung waving at them before they disappeared amongst the trees. He couldn’t help but smile.

Frozen moments in time. He liked that a lot. The moment Jungkook had captured on the box had been one that Hoseok was going to remember anyway, but it was nice to have something to remind him of it.

Hoseok turned to the others who had quieted down now that they had left, “Do you think he’ll hear Taehyung out?”

Yoongi hummed, “I don’t think hearing him out will be a problem. He might still say no though.”

“I really hope he doesn’t,” Jimin sighed and leaned back against Namjoon’s chest, “Now that he’s here I can’t picture him being anywhere else.”

Hoseok recalled the talk the group had had the night before after Jungkook had retired to his room. They discussed how they were all feeling about having Jungkook around and it was unanimous in deciding that they would all like to see if Jungkook might want to go further with them. In their hundreds of years of life, they had never once met another person who they felt such a connection with. It was just like how they had all first met.

That alone was enough to tell them they wanted Jungkook to be a part of their family.

Taehyung had agreed to talk to Jungkook and see where they should go. If Jungkook wasn’t interested in men or he preferred only one lover like they new a lot of species did, then they would respect that and treat him as a friend or even a little brother. Though that would be incredibly difficult given that all of them felt attraction towards the human.

“We do have to consider…” Namjoon started, frowning. “He is human. Their life spans only about 80 to 100 years I believe.”

The others looked at him in surprise. “That short?” Hoseok mumbled quietly and furrowed his brow in concern.

“We’ll… talk to him. If it’s even a possibility, we’ll discuss that later.” Seokjin breathed out, clearly not wanting to think about it right now.

Hoseok lifted a hand and rubbed the back of the angel’s neck, loosening the stress he could see building in his shoulders. Seokjin hummed appreciatively.

“Jungkook’s been tense since we got back last night,” Yoongi mused, crossing his arms. “He keeps doing that ‘zoning out’ thing.”

“Maybe he’s just worried about school? I mean, he has to jump between worlds, that’s going to take some getting used too,” Hoseok suggested. “Besides, there’s still a lot we don’t know about him or humans. He might have a lot more going on then we think.”

Seokjin took Hoseok’s hand from the back of his neck and kissed his knuckles gently. “Let’s take it one day at a time. His safety comes first. I’m sure Taehyung will have a lot to tell us when he gets home.”

They all nodded and headed back inside to start their days, thoughts of a dark-haired human lingering in all their minds.

The cold didn’t hit as hard this time. Or maybe he just expected it now so he could brace himself. Jungkook managed to only stumble a little which thankfully went unnoticed by a very distracted Taehyung.

The door had let them out in an empty hallway of the college and Jungkook was once again amazed at how it seemed to always know where they needed to go.

Taehyung immediately rushed to the windows on one side of the hall and pressed his hands against them. The boy didn’t say anything but he could practically feel his excitement radiating off of him. Jungkook lingered by the door for a moment to make sure he wouldn’t fall over and the shaking in his hands calmed down before slowly joining him at the window.

It looked out onto a courtyard with tables and gardens. Jungkook had seen it enough times so he turned his attention instead to Taehyung. The look of complete awe he wore made Jungkook smile but he noticed the boy wasn’t looking at the courtyard. He was looking up.

“The sky…” Taehyung breathed out. “It’s beautiful.”

Jungkook looked up at morning sky, a gradient of blues as the sun had cleared the horizon. It the clouds weren’t too bad today but Jungkook new it was still might be cold out. He hummed. “A little different than yours right?”

“It’s blue, and it’s really bright outside!” Taehyung turned to look at Jungkook before looking around the hallway. “This is school?”

Jungkook nodded, “I have a schedule I follow to tell me what classes I have when. I only have a two today, but I thought um,” he shifted suddenly feeling shy. “I thought maybe you’d want to tour around with me a bit and see some more stuff then just the classrooms.”

Before Taehyung could explode in joy, they heard what sounded like a group of people around the corner ahead of them. Jungkook didn’t think twice about it but the sound caused Taehyung to look over quickly. He moved over to Jungkook and hugged his arm, standing slightly behind him.

Jungkook let him, watching him with a frown. The Fae had gone quiet so quickly it was a little alarming. When the group rounded the corner, it was a couple of female students who were talking pleasantly amongst themselves. Taehyung nuzzled into the back of Jungkook shoulder and watched them cautiously.

It took Jungkook only a moment to realize what was wrong and he also realized the moment the girl’s eyes landed on them, how this must look. Regardless he gave a polite smile and bowed a bit to them. They returned it on their way by but their voices dropped to a whisper and Jungkook could only catch a few things said.

“Is he new here?”

“He’s so handsome!”

“Do you think they’re..?”

Jungkook wanted to bash his face against a wall because he knew how quickly rumors spread. Though he already had enough rumors about himself, so he supposed it didn’t matter if there were more. This just reminded him why he liked to go unnoticed at school.

One glance over his shoulder at Taehyung who was still watching the girls walk away had him pushing those thoughts out of his mind. He could deal with the drama later. He wanted Taehyung to have a good day and apart of him wanted to show off his home world for all the amazing things that were in it. If that meant getting more attention then he was used to for a day, then so be it.

“Jungkookie?” Taehyung tugged a bit at his sleeve and very nearly caused his heart to shrivel up and die at the adorableness of the action. “Who were they? They were pretty.”

The sudden squealing that erupted down the hall told Jungkook that they had surely heard what the Fae said, but whether the reaction was from the compliment or the fact Taehyung hadn’t used any honorifics with his name, he wasn’t sure. Possibly both.

“Other students,” Jungkook laughed a bit, shaking his head. He twisted around and put a hand on Taehyung’s back. “Are you going to be alright? There are going to be a lot of people around.”

Taehyung seemed to consider it a moment, but he nodded and smiled which was enough for Jungkook.

With that they headed to his first class.

Taehyung talked his ear off as they went, asking millions of questions that Jungkook tried to answer in the least confusing terms possible. They did get some attention, mostly from the fact that Taehyung was glued to his arm and how good looking the Fae was, but for the most part people didn’t mind them.

It was cute how fascinated Taehyung was with everything and by the time they reached his first class, Jungkook’s face was already hurting from how much he was smiling.

Jungkook lead Taehyung up to the back of the auditorium style classroom and they took their seats as other students filed in. Taehyung was sitting on the edge of the seat as Jungkook pulled out his notebooks to take notes.

“What do you do here?” Taehyung asked him tilting his head.

“It’s a lecture about films, we just sit and listen,” Something he was curious if Taehyung could do without fidgeting too much.

“U-Um, Jungkook-ssi?”

Jungkook felt someone tap his shoulder and he blinked turning to see a girl he recognized as a classmate standing next to him. She bowed politely and Jungkook returned it in confusion.


The girl shifted and glanced towards the front of the classroom. “I’m sorry to bother you. My um, friend wanted me to come over and give this to your friend,” she looked at Taehyung who was blinking curiously as she held out a piece of paper.

Jungkook didn’t have to open it to know it was a phone number. He looked down at the front of the classroom at a couple of girls who were whispering shyly and he felt a burn of jealousy and protectiveness in his stomach.

Taehyung reached past Jungkook to take the paper, unfolding it and looking at the numbers in confusion. “Numbers?” He looked at Jungkook who just smiled at him and turned to the girl.

“Sorry, he doesn’t have a cellphone.”

The girl seemed surprised by this. “O-Oh um, could I ask what your name is?” She said to Taehyung this time, blushing a bit.

Taehyung smiled, “I’m Taehyung!”

The girl flushed darker and hide her mouth behind her hand, nodding. She quickly bowed, “It’s nice to meet you Taehyung-ssi.” Before he could respond she was darting back to her seat with her friends.

Taehyung looked at Jungkook who sighed. He was making a bet now on how many numbers Taehyung would get before the end of the day. “What do the numbers mean?”

“It’s a cellphone number, if you had a phone you could call her friends phone with that. She was flirting with you,” Jungkook hummed trying to ignore the bitterness in his gut.

“Flirting?” Taehyung hummed before a devious smirk adorned his face. He dropped the number on the desk dismissively and Jungkook jumped when the Fae’s hand dropped onto his thigh under the table.

“W-What are you-” Jungkook stammered sucking in a breath when Taehyung leaned forward and whispered in his ear sending a wave of shivers down his spine and completely eradicating the unpleasant feeling in his stomach.

“That’s not how you flirt,” he hummed, his tone deep and husky, his breath brushing Jungkook’s skin.

Jungkook’s mind clouded as Taehyung’s hand squeezed his thigh, fingertips digging into his flesh pleasantly. He wanted that hand to slide upwards, closer to the heat that was simmering in his core. He wanted the Fae in his lap, to feel the weight of him against his thighs as-

Taehyung’s hummed laugh had him snapping back to reality quickly and he grabbed the other’s wrist, tugging his hand away. Taehyung’s smile only grew as he sat back to give Jungkook some space. Jungkook cleared his throat and began bouncing his knee, quickly glancing around to make sure no one had seen that.

Luckily no one had. He shot a look towards Taehyung as the teacher came in and the boy only smiled innocently.

The Fae seemed determined to make his choice of not stepping over any lines incredibly difficult for him.

“There’s no talking during the lesson,” he managed to mumble to the boy who seemed more then pleased with Jungkook’s reaction. Taehyung nodded and listened intently once the teacher began speaking.

While Jungkook was distracted by the boy’s presence the whole time, Taehyung seemed enraptured by what the teacher was saying, leaning forward and watching the clips of movies shown to demonstrate different shot technics and camera angles. He seemed confused by some of the terminology, but he genuinely seemed interested in the topic. When the lecture wrapped up the boy let out all the questions that must have piled up in his mind during the hour.

Jungkook explained more in depth about some of the topics, like what a camera was and how it worked as well as the idea behind movies and videos. Upon finding out that Jungkook’s phone could do a lot of these things, Taehyung insisted that he show him how to use his phone.

It seemed Taehyung had a deep interest in the ‘frozen moments’ as they he had taken to calling them, despite Jungkook correcting him. He told him it reminded him of his paintings.

Jungkook found that as they headed to a quiet spot in the courtyard to hang out until his next class, he really enjoyed talking to Taehyung. The other was engaged in the topic and would hold onto his every word and it was the first time that Jungkook had really gotten to talk about what he was passionate about with someone else. It was nice to share what he loved with other people.

They had found an empty table and sat down, deep in the conversation about what the internet was and how it worked.

“There’s that much information just available to people?” Taehyung asked.

Jungkook nodded, resting his elbows on the table. “Yeah, anyone can use the internet as long as they have a device that can connect to it.”

“Like your phone? Can you show me the internet when we get home?”

Jungkook paused a moment at the word. Home? Was the Galaxy his home now? His heart warmed and he smiled softly. He really liked the sound of that. He never considered the apartment he lived in to be a home. It was an apartment, that’s all. The only home he’d ever had had been with his family before he messed that up. The prospect of calling the Galaxy and the house with six wonderful people his home, made his throat thick with emotion.

“I can’t get an internet connection in the Galaxy, otherwise I would.” Jungkook hummed. “But we have time now, I can show you some stuff if you want.”

Taehyung perked up and moved around the table to sit next to him, the side of his thigh pressed flush against Jungkook’s as he pulled out his phone. After a rather long moment of swiping away notifications Jungkook opened his browser and looked at the Fae. “What do you want to look up?”

Taehyung thought for a moment. “Fae’s!” He bounced and leaned into him as he watched him type the word into the search bar. The next twenty minutes were fun as Taehyung got very animated about all the different misconceptions about Fae’s that humans had come up with over the years. Jungkook was sure Jimin would be hearing a lot about this later.

They were about to search up phoenix’s when Jungkook felt something slam into the back of his head hard enough to have him lurching forward a bit and dropping his phone in surprise. He quickly grabbed his head and winced, Taehyung jumping next to him.

“Woah are you okay?” Taehyung grabbed his arm and looked around, eyes landing on a boy approaching them with a smirk. Jungkook turned around to look at the guy and narrowed his eyes. A basketball settled on the ground not far from them.

“Oh damn, sorry about that. Fags tend to attract balls don’t they?” he said causally as if the insult had been something clever. Jungkook glanced behind the guy at a group of other guys that were just watching.

Taehyung frowned, picking up Jungkook’s phone off the ground. Jungkook stood up and stepped over the bench, walking over to pick up the basketball. “Well, you came over here so yeah we must. I think that says more about you then it does me though.”

The smile dropped off the guys face and he scowled. “We’re sick of looking at your nasty PDA. Keep your disgusting habits to yourself.”

Jungkook chuckled. The homophobia had long since stopped bothering him. Now he just found it sad and pathetic. “If you think that was PDA then I weep for your sex life.” He tossed the basketball back at the guy who caught it easily.

Taehyung stood up and walked over to stand next to Jungkook, eyes never leaving the other man and his expression incredibly serious. “What’s he talking about?” Taehyung mumbled to Jungkook who just shook his head a bit.

“I’ll explain later.” He whispered before raising his voice to address the other guy. “How old are you? How about trying to act like an adult instead of resorting to second grade bullying techniques. Catch up to the century man.”

The guy scoffed and rolled his eyes, “Whatever fag, you and your little slut friend there can piss right off.”

Jungkook tensed.

“What the fuck did you just say?” He glared and took a step forward, Taehyung grabbing his arm as the guy stormed right up to him.

Thunder rumbled as clouds darkened the sky above them. Jungkook noticed the group of guys look up at it in confusion before one of them started coming over to them. Jungkook was about to look up as well when he was suddenly pushed roughly. He staggered back a few steps, bumping into Taehyung but holding his ground.

“What are you deaf now too? People like you are unnatural. Freaks.” The guy spit.

Taehyung gripped Jungkook’s arm almost painfully tight.

One of his friends grabbed his shoulder, “Yujun-hyung, just drop it,” he tried to urge only to be shaken off.

Jungkook had heard all of this shit before. Freak, unnatural, disturbed, twisted, sinner. He’d heard them all. All in the kind tone of parents trying to explain why he shouldn’t choose to love men. It meant nothing to him coming from this random guy who just seemed like he was in the mood to pick a fight.

No. That wasn’t why he was angry.

He was angry because he had interrupted the fun they were having, he called Taehyung a vulgar name, and he was ruining the boys first day of school.

“Listen to your friend and back off. The bigotry is getting old.” Jungkook glared.

Yujun clearly wasn’t having a good day because his first response was to lash out. Jungkook locked his body in place to keep from dodging like he instinctively wanted too. If he moved Taehyung would get hit.

The punch hit hard but it was not the hardest one he had ever gotten so it wasn’t too difficult to stay on his feet after his head lurched to the side. It helped that Taehyung hooked an arm around him to support him. His eyes watered at the pain in the bridge of his nose and he hoped it hadn’t broken. Before he could fully recover from the pain that throbbed across his cheek and nose, there was an incredibly bright flash and a god-awful cracking sound.

When he heard people scream and yell, he quickly looked up at a nearby tree that was slowly catching fire and split down the middle. One side of it creaked and groaned, splitting further as it fell to the side, almost hitting the group of guys at their table.

Yujun and his friend both looked over in shock before his friend grabbed Yujun’s arm as it started down pouring. They scrambled to run to the school to get out of the weather.

Jungkook stood there in stunned silence. The tree sizzled and steamed as the fire was put out by the sudden rain, leaving a charred mess behind. Jungkook’s mind was slow to catch up that it was raining, and yet he wasn’t getting wet. He looked up curiously and it seemed that the rain was funneled around them, a clear spot in a down pour so heavy that it almost created a wall of water around them.

He felt hands grab his shoulders and spin him around, face to face with Taehyung whose eyes were glowing a soft silvery light. Every now and then he swore he saw a spark of lightning flash in them, as if they reflected the very storm he created. Distracted by the beauty of it, he missed the worry that was also present.

“You’re bleeding, Jungkookie, what do I do? How do I help you?” The Fae asked frantically. His hands hovered over Jungkook’s cheeks, wanting to cup his face but not wanting to hurt him.

Jungkook lifted a hand and touched his nose, pulling it away to see blood on his fingers. He gently touched the bridge of his nose and while it felt sensitive and certainly bruised, he knew it wasn’t broken anywhere. Wiping the blood off on his sleeve he gently took Taehyung’s wrists in his hands reassuringly. “I’m alright,” When Taehyung didn’t look appeased, he figured it might be a good idea to let the boy help in some way. “Something cold will help, let’s go to the bathroom and I can clean up there.”

Taehyung nodded quickly and Jungkook started walking to the nearest washroom, amazed that the spot without rain they were standing in followed them as they headed to the doors. He smiled and looked at Taehyung, his cheek throbbing at the action. “This is amazing hyung, I didn’t realize how strong you were.”

Taehyung huffed a bit but smiled nonetheless. “This is nothing. I would have hit that guy if I knew it would do anything.” He glanced behind them where Yunjun had run off, glaring.

Jungkook chuckled.

When they got to the bathroom Jungkook checked to make sure no one else was in it before locking the door, knowing they would need some privacy for the conversation they were about to have.

Taehyung tugged him over to the sinks mumbling “Cold, cold, cold,” under his breath as he looked for something that would work. He spotted the paper towels and went over to them. It took him a few tries to figure out how the automatic dispenser worked.

Jungkook looked in the mirror and inspected the damage. He could already see a bruise forming under his eye, he sniffed a bit, tasting a bit of blood. It could have been worse he supposed.

Taehyung almost tripped on his way back over, quickly dowsing the paper towels under cold water in the sink. He turned to Jungkook who just watched him with a soft smile and he frowned, lifting a hand to press the paper towel against his cheek bone carefully, wincing when Jungkook did at the pressure. “Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Taehyung-hyung, it’s okay. I’m alright I promise,” Jungkook leaned against the counter and held still for him as he dabbed gently at his skin. He knew it wouldn’t really do much, but if it eased Taehyung’s nerves then it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

“Did, did we do something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Is that why he was angry?” Taehyung’s hand slowed and his eyes met Jungkook’s. The boy looked so upset, it broke Jungkook’s heart.

“No, we didn’t do anything wrong,” He reassured. “Some people aren’t accepting of things they don’t understand. Do you, does the Galaxy have homophobia?”

Taehyung frowned deeper and shook his head, “I don’t know what that is.”

“A lot of people believe that a man and a woman being together is the only… acceptable type of romantic relationship. So people who like the same gender for example, aren’t always treated fairly.”

Taehyung stared at him for a long moment, “I don’t… I don’t understand. How does loving people have anything to do with why that guy hurt you?”

Jungkook ran his hand through his hair and leaned his hip against the counter, “Because I like guys, and he doesn’t think that’s a “natural” thing.”

“So he hurt you over it?!” Taehyung looked furious. “You didn’t do anything to him! You weren’t even near him! How does it involve him at all who you love!” Jungkook watched him begin to pace, throwing his hands in the air, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Who hates someone over love! Where is the logic in that?!”

“Hyung,” Jungkook tried, only to get ignored.

“So what if a woman loves a woman or- or a man loves a man or if I love five men! Some species don’t even HAVE genders! Yet this guy thinks he can just come up to you and harass you because he feels like it?! I’m going to kick his ass and then I’m going to go home and kiss my five beautiful lovers while he’s licking his wounds alone in whatever hole he crawled out of!”

Jungkook laughed.

He couldn’t help it and he immediately regretted it when his cheek burned but it just burst out of him before he could stop it.

Taehyung whipped around to look at him with wide eyes. “How can you be laughing right now?”

Jungkook shook his head, “It’s nothing, I just,” he chuckled. “You’re really cute when you’re angry.”

The compliment took the Fae off guard and he stammered, blushing. “Kookie this is serious!”

“I’m being serious Hyung,” he walked over to him. “I’m not agreeing with what he did, I think homophobia is messed up and stupid too. It’s something people deal with everyday. Slowly, things are getting better. Very slowly. There are communities of people who understand and are incredibly accepting.”

Taehyung searches his eyes, “I don’t care about everyone else,” He said bluntly. “I care about you. How often does this happen to you?”

Jungkook blushed a bit before he processed his question and sighed a little, “Like that? Not often. But it’s not rare for people to throw words out every now and then.”

Taehyung clenched his jaw in clear frustration. Deciding it was a good time to change the topic slightly Jungkook worked up the nerve to ask, “So, you and the others then? Ah I mean, you’re all together?”

The Fae nodded still clearly upset but seeming intrigued, “Yeah, is that,” he hesitated. “Is that something human’s do? Be with more then one person?” He seemed almost afraid of the answer and Jungkook’s heart ached.

“Yeah. We call it polyamory. It’s not that uncommon in this world.”

Taehyung hummed and nodded.

The Fae was feeling a lot of things right now.

Angry, frustrated, sad, worried and all around wanting to go and make that stupid guy regret all of his life choices.

It was hard for him to wrap his mind around it. He wasn’t naive to hate and racism and exclusion. The Galaxy had that as well. But he’d never heard of someone being treated so cruelly because of who they loved or what their preference was. The very thought of Jungkook being hated for something so ridiculous made him want to cry. How many times did Jungkook get called those names? The harsh words that were thrown at him, some he didn’t understand, were spat with malicious intent.

It made him sick to his stomach to think this beautiful human that stood in front of him had such cruelty aimed at him. Love was meant to be beautiful, but that man had treated it as if it were toxic.

The skin under Jungkook’s eye was steadily darkening into a nasty colour that even looked painful.

“It hurts a lot?” He gently reached his hand up again, stepping closer to Jungkook to brush the skin with his thumb. Barely a graze and Taehyung could see the boy hold back a flinch. Jungkook smiled sadly.

“It hurts,” he agreed.

Taehyung sighed, “Would you ever be in one?”

Jungkook tilted his head, “Sorry?”

“A relationship with more then one person, would that be, would you be comfortable with that?” Taehyung looked down between them, waiting for some sort of rejection and trying not to get his hopes up. He didn’t want to screw this up, it wasn’t just his relationship with Jungkook on the line, it was the other’s too.

Jungkook didn’t say anything for a long moment. Long enough for Taehyung to chance a look up at his face to try and get an idea what he was thinking. It didn’t look like a negative response. “It would take me awhile to learn what was okay and what wasn’t. But, yes. I would be willing to try.”

Taehyung spoke before he thought twice about it, “We would teach you.”

They both paused.

Taehyung swallowed realizing that he hadn’t actually asked if he would want to be in a relationship with them. He really hoped he hadn’t just messed this all up. In an attempt to explain himself he opened his mouth but quickly shut it as Jungkook smirked.


It was the first time he had seen such a dangerous expression on the youngers face and it, wow, did it make him feel some things. Before he even realized he was backing up, his waist bumped into the counter, Jungkook never letting the space between them change. The human’s arms caged him in as he reached forward to rest his hands on the countertop behind him.

Taehyung breathed out.

“Do the others know you’re-”

Taehyung nodded cutting him off. Anything to stop him from using that tone. That deep smooth tone that was about to have him melting where he stood. “We talked, we, all really like you and we want to court you. But we weren’t sure if you would be comfortable with it.”

He watched Jungkook hum and then smile softly. “You guys are,” he chuckled and shook his head. “The most amazing people I’ve ever met. I want to talk about it with everyone before I agree to anything. I want to make sure you’re all okay with it and it’s not just,” Jungkook took a deep breath, saying the next words in a rush of air. “That it’s not just physical.”

Taehyung reached up and grabbed his shirt worried he might try and pull away. “It’s not.” He reassured quickly. “You’re, so beautiful Jungkookie, and the things I’ve thought of-” He grinned when Jungkook groaned in what almost sounded like pain. Oh, he had been having his own thoughts hadn’t he? “But it isn’t just that. We want you to be with us because in the hundreds of years we’ve been alive, no one has made us feel as complete as you have.”

Jungkook searched his eyes carefully and Taehyung watched as he swallowed, his adam’s apple bobbing in the must alluring way.

“We’ll court y-you first,” Taehyung said finding it extremely hard to concentrate but it was important that he said this. “S-so you can get to know all of us, make a connection with all of us. If you don’t, don’t want that kind of relationship later, that’s okay. We would still want to be your f-friends.”

‘Friends’ was a hard word to say to someone when the other person had you pinned against a solid surface.

Jungkook licked his lips and not for the first time did Taehyung curse the habit of his. He wondered if his lip biting had the same effect on the others as Jungkook’s little habit did on him. No wonder they were always trying to get him to stop.

“Right now, I just really want to kiss you,” Jungkook glanced at his lips before meeting his eyes again as if to ask for permission.

He certainly didn’t need it.

Taehyung tugged him forward by his shirt, crashing their lips together. Jungkook immediately took over and it was a good thing too because the sheer sensation of his lips was almost overwhelming. It felt so different then the kisses he shared with the others. It was as if his body was hypersensitive.

Taehyung gripped his shirt tighter and Jungkook stepped close to press flush against him, his lips moving smoothly against own, the warmth and softness making his mind shut down. All he could feel was the firm chest under his hands, the hands gripping his hips.

They pulled away, just far enough to catch their breath, lips still grazing each other’s yet Taehyung missed the pressure already. He slid a hand up Jungkook’s chest and around the side of his neck until it came to rest in his hair. He closed his hand around the soft locks and gave a gentle tug. Namjoon was right. The sound that came out of Jungkook’s throat was sinful.

Before he could fully process the moan, Jungkook surged forward to kiss him again, hard, less controlled then the first, as one of his hands slid to his back, pulling him impossibly closer until he could barely even remember where they were. All he knew right now was Jungkook. Every breath he took, every heartbeat, every shudder. He felt it all.

His attention was brought back to the kiss when he felt Jungkook nip at his bottom lip and a gasp ripped out of him, he let go of Jungkook’s hair to clutch at his shoulders as his legs nearly gave out.

Oh that was better than he imagined.

Jungkook hummed against his mouth, the sound shooting right to Taehyung’s core and stirring something pleasant inside him. The dark-haired boy pulled away again and he almost whined at the absence of his lips, but the whine was replaced by a groan when Jungkook’s hands dropped to the back of his thighs and in one smooth motion he was lifted up onto the counter, his legs wrapped around Jungkook’s waist.

Jungkook looked at him with hooded eyes, licking his lips again as they both panted trying to catch their breath. “If it’s too much, tell me.”

Taehyung struggled to respond, chest rising and falling heavily as he grabbed at Jungkook anywhere his hands could. He wanted to feel everything, to commit the curves and lines of the boy’s body to memory. “Don’t- No, Don’t stop. M-More,” he stuttered. He watched as Jungkook’s eyes seemed to darken further and he leaned in again, capturing his lips in a kiss that burned in all the best ways.

Jungkook bit his lip again and Taehyung shook, whimpering at the strange entanglement of pain and pleasure. The human’s lips kissed the corner of his mouth, trailing down along his jaw and coaxing Taehyung to tip his head to the side. At first, he expected the kisses to move down his neck, something that he enjoyed, but he knew was one of Seokjin’s turn on’s.

Yet Jungkook surprised him by instead going to his ear, sinking his teeth gently into his earlobe making him arch against him with a moan. The electric feeling of the slight sting had him reeling and the feeling only grew more intense as he suddenly bit into the skin at the base of his neck causing Taehyung to jerk and throw his head back. “O-Oh,” he panted.

He gave Jungkook’s hair another tug, relishing in the practical growl that left the human as Jungkook licked and sucked at the skin of his neck, biting every now and then. Just when Taehyung was sure he might pass out from the feeling (and this was just kissing? Guardian above, he might not survive going further), Jungkook pulled away and leaned back slightly.

The boy’s gaze ran over him, and he was sure he looked absolutely wrecked. He certainly felt that way. Yet Jungkook regarded him as if he was a masterpiece, as something beautiful, and Taehyung bit his lip to keep from cursing.

Jungkook’s lips were red and swollen, likely matching his own. His hair was a mess from Taehyung’s pulling and his shirt was twisted, his collar pulled far to one side. Jungkook’s warm hands rested on Taehyung’s thighs, giving them a squeeze as he leaned in once more. “Pretty,” the boy said, making the Fae shiver pleasantly, “So pretty.” His eyes were already falling shut in anticipation for the kiss when a blaring sound suddenly echoed through the bathroom.

They both jumped violently and Jungkook almost fell over when Taehyung instinctively threw himself onto him, jumping off the counter into his arms. The human scrambled to take his weight as they looked at each other with wide eyes.

Taehyung gripped the younger tightly, looking around, “What is that?” It sounded like a strange beeping sound and he looked back at Jungkook when he began laughing hard. “What’s so funny? What’s that noise?”

Jungkook moved his hands and Taehyung was forced to put his feet back on the floor. Taehyung felt Jungkook’s hand land on his backside making him squeak a little and press closer to him. Instead of doing what Taehyung had secretly hoped he would do, Jungkook pulled something out of the back pocket of his pants and the sound suddenly grew louder as he brought his phone around in front of them.

Taehyung had forgotten he had shoved it in his pocket when that guy had fought with them earlier.

He watched Jungkook swipe the screen before he smirked and put the phone in his own pocket, “That was an alarm, I have to go to class now.”

Taehyung stared at him, not understanding his words right away. When Jungkook pulled away and started fixing his hair and clothes, his jaw dropped, “Wait what?! You can’t just leave!”

Jungkook laughed, “You’re coming with me so it’s technically not leaving.” The human reached forward and in such a sweet, gentle manner that contrasted so much with his behavior seconds ago, started fixing Taehyung’s hair while the Fae stared at him flabbergasted.

“Ah, sorry I kind of,” Jungkook cleared his throat and gestured to his neck, blushing.

In confusion Taehyung looked towards the mirror and turned his head a bit to see a dark spot blooming on his skin. He blinked and reached a hand up to touch it, not feeling any pain. “What is it?”

Jungkook blushed more and rubbed his neck, “I guess, since you can’t get hurt you wouldn’t get them with the others. Um its a bruise but from um kissing and stuff. I should’ve asked if it was alright first, I’m sorry I got carried away.”

It was endearing how embarrassed Jungkook was, but he seemed genuinely upset with himself. Taehyung looked at the mark again, it was low enough that his shirt collar would hide it, but he found that he didn’t want too. It was evidence of what they had just done, and it was given to him by Jungkook. He touched the mark again and smiled. If anything, he felt like he wanted to show it off and he couldn’t wait to get home to do just that.

He turned to Jungkook and grinned, leaning forward to peck his lips gently just because he could. “I’m going to want more of these.”

Jungkook stammered, going to cover his face with his hands but hissing as his hand brushed his cheek. Taehyung calmed down a little, remembering why they had come in here in the first place.

“We should go before we’re late,” Jungkook mumbled still a bit embarrassed and fixed Taehyung’s collar to hide the mark.

Stepping out of the bathroom, they walked off to Jungkook’s classroom with secret smiles and happy hearts.

Chapter Text

Jimin was bored.

Extremely bored.

He had been sitting on the couch in the living room most of the day watching outside the front window for when Jungkook and Taehyung would appear again. Seokjin had come to keep him company for awhile to read his book but soon left to prepare lunch for everyone. After lunch he went off to the greenhouse to help Hoseok.

Jimin knew he should be in the store working right now but it wasn’t the same without Taehyung to keep him company. He couldn’t remember the last time they had been away from each other for this long. Sure there were times when they wouldn’t see each other for hours but they would still both be in the house just doing their own things. This was different. Taehyung and Jungkook were in a whole other world and he couldn’t help but worry.

From the window he could see the path that led up to the house and he knew if any customers came he could easily make it to the store before they went in. It was a pretty slow day and he’d only had to get up three or four times for that reason.

It was the afternoon. Where were they? Shouldn’t they be home by now? Jimin whined and slumped on the couch, legs stretched out on the floor while he laid on his stomach with his chin resting on the back of the couch. It was entirely uncomfortable, but he certainly didn’t care right now.

He was about to get up and go find Hoseok and Seokjin to bother, or maybe Namjoon. He knew Yoongi was working on something that would track the Sorrow so he didn’t want to disturb him.

Two familiar boys walked out of the tree line into view of the house. Jimin gasped and shot up so quickly he fell off the couch with a thump.

“They’re home!”

Hopping up, Jimin ran to the front door smiling widely. He threw it open and bolted out onto the porch just as the pair reached the bottom of the steps. Jungkook scrambled to take a tray of what looked like cups out of Taehyung’s hands as Jimin leapt off the porch towards the Fae. Taehyung had all of two seconds to realize what was happening before he quickly caught Jimin around the waist, spinning them around.

“Minnie!” Taehyung grinned, peppering his face with kisses. Jimin laughed a bit and managed to catch his lips in a quick peck before getting another wet kiss on the cheek. When his feet touched the ground again, he blinked at Taehyung, reaching up to pull a pair of strange looking glasses off his face.

“What are these? Why are they so dark?” Jimin put them on himself and looked around, squinting to try and see through the tinted lenses.

“They’re sunglasses! Kookie got one for each of us, it’s really bright in his world during the day so it helps to see better,” Taehyung informed and smiled at Jungkook who returned it, wearing his own pair of sunglasses and carrying a small bag.

They certainly looked good on them that was for sure. He took the glasses off and handed them back to Taehyung. “You guys were gone for so long! I missed you!”

Jungkook shifted but Jimin couldn’t quite read his expression with his eyes hidden behind the glasses. Taehyung smiled and they made their way back up the porch and into the house.

“We missed you too! The human world is so cool Jiminie, next time you have to come with us. Jungkook said he would take us shopping for clothes,” Taehyung said as he headed to the kitchen after he took the strange cups from Jungkook.

He distantly heard the back door and Taehyung yell out a greeting to Seokjin and Hoseok. He turned to look at Jungkook just as the boy stood up from taking his shoes off. “How can you see in those?” He laughed a bit and stepped towards the human, lifting his hands to take the glasses off him.

Jimin froze in surprise when Jungkook quickly grabbed his wrist, stopping his hand just as the tip of his finger grazed the arm of the sunglasses. After a moment of silence between them, Jungkook swallowed and sighed.

“Just, gentle. Please. It still hurts a bit,” Jungkook’s voice was soft which was a huge contrast to the alarms that sounded throughout Jimin’s whole body. He barely felt Jungkook release his wrist, his hands moving on autopilot as they pulled the glasses off him slowly. The word ‘hurts’ flashed in mind. Hurt meant injury. Hurt meant pain. Jungkook was in pain.

“Jungkook! Oh my- What happened?!” Jimin gasped and dropped the glasses. They clattered on the floor but he didn’t care. Just below Jungkook’s eye and slightly around it as well was a dark purple patch of skin that looked a bit swollen. It looked incredibly painful and Jimin could only hover his hand over his cheek. His other hand covering his own mouth in horror.

Jungkook’s beautiful brown eyes, so wide and innocent and deep, held a sadness in them that he had never seen before. As if he was guilty, or no, maybe ashamed?

Jimin’s shook his head slowly because, he couldn’t- there wasn’t anything he could do! He was a healer who couldn’t heal one of the people he cared about! He felt useless in this moment. Jungkook was clearly hurt and the only one here who knew how to help him was Jungkook himself.

Jungkook must have seen something in his eyes or his expression because he quickly waved his hands (hands that were still healing from the cuts) in slight panic with wide eyes, “Jimin-ssi it looks worse than it is I promise, it’s just a bruise.”

Jimin couldn’t say anything, just staring at the dark skin that marred the beautiful boys face. He opened his mouth but nothing came out.

“Explain. Now.”

They both looked over at Yoongi who had stopped halfway down the stairs, eyes narrowed towards Jungkook. Jimin ran a hand through his hair trying to calm his nerves, looking back to the human as he spoke.

“I um,” Jungkook paused, as if he was thinking about something. Jimin sincerely hoped he wouldn’t try to lie to them. He wanted Jungkook to trust them. “I got into a fight. At the school, a guy didn’t like seeing me and Taehyung together so he decided to say his piece. Things got a bit physical.”

Jimin gapped at him. Wasn’t school a place to learn? Why were there physical fights there? He had been under the assumption that it was a safe place.

Yoongi looked at him for a moment before suddenly yelling, startling both of them, “Taehyung!”

The Fae came bounding back into the room, Seokjin and Hoseok following casually behind him, by the sounds of it they were just finishing up a conversation. Taehyung looked at Yoongi and tilted his head smiling, “Yoongi! You won’t believe how much fun we had! Jungkook showed me this thing called the internet-”

“Taehyung.” Yoongi cut him off sharply. “Are you hurt?”

Taehyung frowned at the odd question. Jimin wondered how often Jungkook heard that question compared to them. It wasn’t a normal thing for them to say. They didn’t normally get hurt. But Jungkook did. It scared him to think about how often if he was already hurt twice in the short time they knew him.

Seokjin spotted Jungkook first and hurriedly ran over to the boy, grabbing his shoulders. Jimin stepped out of the way, knowing not to get in between Seokjin and caring for someone. He wouldn’t have wanted to stop him anyway.

Taehyung seemed to understand then, and shook his head, expression dropping into a scowl. “No. I’m okay. Jungkook was punched though.”

Jungkook looked a little overwhelmed with everything and Jimin wanted to curl up on the couch with him and hide him under a blanket where he new it would be safe and warm.

Hoseok leaned to the side to see around Seokjin, frowning as he took in Jungkook’s eye. “Punched by who?”

“Some bastard,” Taehyung crossed his arms and huffed.

Namjoon came down the stairs, stopping behind Yoongi, “Language Tae.”

“It’s true though! We weren’t doing anything, and he hit Jungkook in the head with a ball then started calling him all kinds of names.”

“What kinds of names?” Jimin frowned.

Jungkook tried to step away from Seokjin’s inspection but he was held firm in his spot, “It doesn’t matter.”

“It does to us. What kind of names Tae? I need to know what to mark his burial site with,” Yoongi said flatly.

“He called him a freak and unnatural,” Taehyung tilted his head and frowned. “He called me, a slut? I don’t know what that is though.”

All attention turned to Jungkook for the answer and he paused before rubbing his forehead in what Jimin took as defeat. “It’s a uh, a person who has sex with a lot of people.”

Hoseok blinks and leans over to Jimin, whispering, “Is that a bad thing?”

Jimin can only shrug, not understanding either.

“Why would he call you any of that though? You said he didn’t like seeing you and Tae together, does he like you or something?”

Jimin frowned. Was that how human’s showed affection? That was so aggressive… Someone else liking Jungkook, especially someone who hurt him, made Jimin feel a bit nervous and unsettled. He knew it was possessive to think in such a way but he didn’t want other people touching Jungkook. Only them. He wanted Jungkook to be with them. Theirs.

Jungkook scrunched his nose up at the question but quickly stopped, a barely hidden twinge of pain forcing him to relax his face again. “No. Very much the opposite. He thought Taehyung and I were being too ‘gay’,” Jungkook busied himself by crouching to pick up his sunglasses that Jimin had dropped.

“In Jungkook’s world, some people apparently think it’s wrong to love someone of the same gender,” Taehyung explained. They all looked at him in shock but the seriousness of his expression told them he wasn’t joking.

“What do you mean ‘wrong’? That’s why he punched you? Are you serious?” Hoseok scoffed with wide eyes.

“Jungkook, does this happen frequently at school?” Seokjin asked softly a firm frown on his face.

Jungkook shrugged, “Like I told hyung, it’s not usually physical. That only escalated because I got angry when he insulted Taehyung-hyung.”

Jimin stepped over to him and grabbed his sleeve gently, needing to be in contact with him in some way. “How many people think that way?”

“Lots. It depends on where you are or how accepting the community is. But it can be dangerous for people to come out as anything but heterosexual. In some places it can be life threatening.”

No one said a word. Jimin felt cold suddenly, like it was hard to breath. He couldn’t understand it. Jungkook shouldn’t have to fear for his life over who he loved. Jimin tried to picture not being able to be with the others, as if it were something taboo and frowned upon. The thought made him feel sick and he felt tears form behind his eyes.

Yoongi turned and walked out of the room silently.

Hoseok breathed out and shook his head, flabbergasted at what they were just told. “I’ve got him.” He nodded towards Namjoon who gave him a look and headed out after Yoongi. Jimin heard the backdoor as they left the house.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset anyone,” Jungkook looked entirely too guilty and it took everything in Jimin not to run over and hug the boy. How anyone could have even thought of hurting this man was clearly not of their right mind.

Seokjin didn’t hesitate like Jimin did to pull Jungkook into a hug. It clearly surprised the human but he slowly relaxed after a moment and carefully hugged him back, gently, as if he might hurt him. Jimin’s heart broke and grew two sizes at the same time.

“Don’t apologize for the actions of others,” Seokjin said, rubbing his back soothingly. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

For a moment Jimin swore he saw tears in Jungkook’s eyes, but when he pulled away from Seokjin he just smiled a bit.

“Seokjin-ssi? Do you need any help with dinner?”

Jungkook was given the task of peeling vegetables.

It was a job that he was familiar enough with, despite having no clue what kind of vegetable he was peeling.

He had wanted something to do to take his mind off the conversation they had not too long ago. Plus this gave him more time to spend with Seokjin. Jimin, Taehyung and Namjoon had all gone upstairs and Yoongi and Hoseok still hadn’t returned from where they had left too, so for now it was just them.

Seokjin was extremely diligent in the kitchen, moving around as if it were a dance he had long since mastered. He even hummed while he worked and in between their casual conversation. Jungkook wanted to hear him sing one day. He thought he’d have a beautiful voice.

More then a few times Jungkook caught himself staring at Seokjin and had to quickly get back to work when the other looked his way.

He told Seokjin about the rest of his day with Taehyung and how they had gotten them all coffee from a shop before coming back. Seokjin told him that while they had coffee beans, or something similar, they had never used them for drinks before. They decided to save them for dinner with Seokjin’s reassurance that Yoongi could just warm them up again.

When he had first gotten back to the Galaxy, Jungkook was surprised to find that the cold in his chest was still lingering. It seemed to be holding on, despite the warmth that surrounded it. It didn’t fade like he was expecting it too. Even now he still felt an icy spot in his chest that made him mildly uncomfortable.

“Do you know how to fight Jungkook?”

The question made him look over at Seokjin curiously as the man put some vegetables in a pot. They were having soup among many other things for dinner.

Jungkook hummed and nodded, “Yeah, pretty well. Why?”

Seokjin looked at him, leaning his hip against the side of the counter, “I was going to suggest Hoseok train you if you hadn’t. He’s an incredibly skilled fighter. I’m curious though, how did the man that attacked you get a hit in if you have experience fighting?”

Jungkook looked back at the vegetables, hands kept busy with peeling. “I let him.”

He could feel Seokjin looking at him and he tried not to feel intimidated. The man oozed confidence and beauty, it was hard not to melt under his gaze. “Why?”

“Taehyung-hyung was behind me. If I moved, he would have gotten hurt,” Jungkook said easily.

Seokjin didn’t respond.

His mind wandered to after the fight in the bathroom.

Taehyung’s question about whether or not he would be comfortable with them courting him was still ringing in his mind. He wasn’t entirely sure what their courting would entail but he was under the assumption it was similar to dating. He was a bit worried and nervous though. Jungkook had no clue how a healthy relationship was supposed to work let alone a relationship with six people.

What if he didn’t like one of them romantically? What if one of them didn’t like him that way? He had gotten to know Taehyung and Jimin both well enough to know he would probably sell his soul for them. But he hadn’t gotten much time to spend with the others yet. He supposed that was what the courting was for in the first place though.

Could he really handle that? Six boyfriends? Six super-hot boyfriends?

The image and feeling of Taehyung underneath his hands, legs around him, lips and skin at his mercy, it was one that was haunting him. He might have laughed when the alarm for class had gone off and spooked both of them, but he had never hated school more than in that moment.

Though, it was probably better they didn’t go too far too fast. He needed to know that there was hope of this working first.

He wanted it too work. More then he’d wanted anything before. When he and Taehyung had gotten back and they had seen his black eye, he thought of his parents. Expecting to be yelled at or blamed for the injury or simply wrote off with a ‘It wouldn’t happen if you weren’t so stubborn,’ it took everything in him not to burst out in tears when he was met with only concern and comfort.

Jimin had looked so upset and when Seokjin hugged him he never wanted him to let go.

He didn’t want to believe it was real. If it was real, then he could lose it. It could be taken or destroyed or warped into something twisted. It had happened before. Beautiful things hiding dark truths. Jungkook didn’t think he’d be able to walk away from them even if that did happen. It would break him, and he would stay because he knew it was better than being alone again.

He tried to remember what his parent’s relationship was like but he didn’t have many clear memories of them interacting. He wasn’t sure if that was just because he was young or because they were more focused on converting him. Regardless it didn’t help him much.

Communication was key. That he knew.

Yet it only brought him to more questions. How much was he supposed to say? He wasn’t ready to talk about everything that had happened. There was so much… regret, anger, fear. It was hard to talk about it.

Much like the scar on his back, he wasn’t sure if he could ever heal from it.

Thinking of the scar brought his thoughts to its origin. He’d have to meet with the crew tomorrow. And if the note they had given him referred to the job that had almost gotten him killed; he was going to be pissed. What he was most concerned about was how to go about explaining to the guys why he had to go. If they thought for a second it could be dangerous, they would try and stop him or insist on going with him, and if he lied to them it would break their trust in him.

“Oh Jungkookie,” Seokjin’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. How long had he just been standing there without doing anything? The vegetable in his hand was unpeeled, the knife just resting against it motionless.

Seokjin moved over to him and put a hand on his lower back. Immediately he felt some of the tension leave his muscles and he looked at the angel who was smiling softly. “Where do you go off too in that head of yours?”

Jungkook shrugged sheepishly and offered a small smile of his own. Seokjin was one of the most caring people Jungkook had ever met. He seemed to pick up on every little thing. Jungkook had seen it in how he cares for the others. How he would make sure everyone started eating before he did, how he would casually move breakable objects out of Namjoon’s way when he talked animatedly about something, how he made jokes which Jungkook would equate to dad jokes and despite not understanding most of them, he laughed anyway because Seokjin’s laugh was just that infectious.



“Can I call you hyung?”

Seokjin smiled wider and he laughed a bit, “You don’t have to ask Jungkookie. I would love for you to call me that,” the man leaned towards him a bit to whisper discretely. “The other’s won’t admit it, but we were all a bit jealous when you called Taetae that.”

Jungkook blushed and set the fruit down on the counter, “Speaking of Taehyung-hyung, he talked to me about uh, about you guys and, and us.”

Seokjin’s hand left his back but the warmth of his palm lingered as the angel went over to stir the pot of soup. When Jungkook glanced at him he appeared calm and casual, but he knew he was good at hiding his emotions. Seokjin hummed in acknowledgement, “Don’t feel pressured. We all like you more then I think all of us expected, but that doesn’t mean you have to say yes. The last thing any of us would want is for you to feel uncomfortable or that you were obligated for whatever reason.”

Jungkook stared at his back, his broad shoulders making him want to hop on his back for no other reason then because he could. It was one thing hearing it from Taehyung but to hear it confirmed from one of the others that they did in fact want this, it made his heart thump against his ribs.

“I want- I mean, I would like it. I think,” Seokjin turned to look at him and he swallowed. “If you’re all okay with it, I want to try. I don’t have good experience in relationships or anything, and I’m willing to try. Hyung said something about courting but I don’t exactly know what that means.”

Seokjin walked up to him then, lifting a hand to cup his uninjured cheek but pausing a moment to silently ask permission. When Jungkook gave a tiny nod, his hand rested against his skin, thumb brushing his cheekbone softly. His smile turned joyful when Jungkook leaned into the touch.

“I can’t tell you how happy that makes me to hear. I promise we’ll sit down and talk about the details with everyone. We need to know what you’re alright with and what your limits are.”

Jungkook wasn’t usually the sappy romantic type. He’s seen his fair share of dramas and romance movies and enjoyed most of them but when it came to real life he wasn’t that cliché. So it surprised him that looking into Seokjin’s eyes right now, his first thought was that he could get lost in them. He finally understood what that meant.

Seokjin hummed a laugh as if he understood Jungkook’s dilemma, stepping a bit closer. “As for the courting, think of it as… us trying to win your affection. If you do agree, we’ll give you a taste of what it’s like to be apart of our relationship. We’ll show you all the reasons we find you so enthralling. There won’t be a day where we won’t tell you how beautiful and kind and precious you are.”

Jungkook’s breath hitched when Seokjin tilted his head and leaned a bit closer to him, breath ghosting across his lips. “How does that sound?”

He could only nod, voice as useless as the rest of his body right now. That sounded amazing. Perfect even. And Jungkook wanted to return it. All of it. He wanted to tell them how amazing they were, to compliment everything about them, to shower them in affection and never let them feel anything remotely negative ever. He wanted to protect them.

Seokjin glanced at his lips when he darted his tongue out to lick them. His hand slid down his cheek to his jaw and his thumb traced over his now damp bottom lip. Feeling brave, he pursed his lips forward slightly and kissed the pad of his thumb.

It was fascinating how quickly Seokjin reacted, eyes darkening and becoming hooded, jaw tensing in what Jungkook recognized as restraint. His thumb pressed down on his lip, coaxing his mouth open slightly and sliding in between his lips, just far enough to sit between his teeth.

Jungkook wrapped his lips around his knuckle and sucked gently while pressing his teeth into his skin and sliding his tongue along the tip of his thumb. Seokjin exhaled roughly, visibly shuddering and his fingers tightened their grip around Jungkook’s jaw, his free hand grabbing the edge of the counter for balance. “That’s… wow,” he was clearly struggling to hold back.

Jungkook gave Seokjin an innocent smile. “Hyung, the soup,” he reminded quietly.

Seokjin stared at him a moment before shaking his head, “You’re going to be a handful aren’t you Jungkookie,” he mused, brushing his fingers under Jungkook’s chin as he pulled away with a sigh. “I should ban you from the kitchen if you’re going to be such a distraction.” He joked as he headed back over to the stove.

Jungkook turned back to the vegetables and smirked, “Not my fault you’re easily distracted hyung.”

“Aish, you brat. You’ve been spending too much time with Tae.”

“Are you jealous?”


The blunt honesty took Jungkook off guard and he fumbled the vegetable slightly, turning red. He pouted but smiled once more as Seokjin laughed and they fell into easy banter.

Jimin and Taehyung followed Namjoon to his room after Jungkook went with Seokjin to help make dinner.

Despite how desperately Jimin wanted to steal Jungkook away and make sure the boy was actually alright, he trusted Seokjin to take care of him. While Jimin specialized in healing, Seokjin specialized in emotional care. He was who they went to whenever they had a problem and was often the voice of reason. His skills were exactly why he accompanied Namjoon to settle disputes.

For awhile they just crashed out, Jimin cuddling with Taehyung on the bed while Namjoon sat at his desk working on something.

Jimin couldn’t help being upset.

He could already guess that Jungkook had been through a lot. While the boy was always ready to talk about his world and human things, he rarely told them about himself, talking mostly in generalities.

Sighing, Jimin squished Cooky the plush bunny between his hands, watching the little face bulge out cutely. They had named it after Jungkook because they had both agreed it reminded them of him. Jungkook kind of resembled a bunny when he smiled. Jimin smiled a bit remembering when they were cuddled together trying to come up with names.

Lots had been suggested, everything from Orchid and Lavender, both flowers that Hoseok had shown them before that resembled the bunnies purple colour, to Carrots which Taehyung loved. Jungkook had made the strange suggestion of Benedict Cumberbunny. The boy had laughed at the name for a good five minutes while Jimin and Taehyung could only watch in confusion.

They chalked that up to a human thing.

Taehyung ran his fingers up and done his arm gently, “I know how you feel Jiminie. I was upset when he told me too.”

Jimin sighed and nuzzled into his neck, “Why does he have to keep gong back again? Can’t he just stay here with us forever?”

Namjoon chuckled from his spot at the desk, looking over at them. “You know we can’t keep him here if he doesn’t want to be.”

“He does though!” Taehyung pouted. Jimin blinked and sat up, looking at him in surprise.

“You talked to him? About us? What did he say?” He bounced up to his knees and looked at his lover eagerly.

Taehyung sat up too, leaning against the headboard, “He said he was willing to try but he wants to talk to us all about it first so he knows what he’s getting into.”

Namjoon raised his brow and smiled, “That’s certainly hopeful then. I was worried he wouldn’t even consider it.”

Taehyung nodded and stretched causing his shirt collar to pull down revealing a dark bruise on the base of his neck. Jimin’s eyes widened he leant forward and grabbed Taehyung’s arm to pull him towards him.

Taehyung looked at Jimin in confusion. He frowned when Jimin reached up to pull his shirt further to the side and look at the mark. The Fae watched as something clicked in Taehyung’s mind and he slowly started smiling.

“Taetae what happened?” Jimin leaned forward to rub the spot gently with his thumb. It was so dark on his normally unmarked skin and Jimin dreaded the thought that someone had hurt their Taehyung. Had the man who punched Jungkook done this too?

“Taehyung,” Namjoon’s serious voice struck a chord in both the Fae’s as the man stood and walked over to them, inspecting the mark himself. Taehyung’s smile became mischievous. “Who did this to you.”

“Jungkookie did,” he hummed and stood up off the bed in front of Namjoon. He bared his neck for him to see it better, “Isn’t it pretty?”

Namjoon frowned, now more in confusion then concerned. Jimin tilted his head wondering how or why Jungkook would make a bruise like that.

“What do you mean? Did he hurt you?” Namjoon hesitated to ask. Jimin knew neither of them would know what to do if he said yes. Jungkook was special to them all in a way they didn’t even understand so to think he would hurt one of them, no, they couldn’t even imagine it. Perhaps it had been an accident.

Taehyung bit his lip, an action that had Jimin biting his own tongue, just before he leaned in and kissed Namjoon gently. Jimin watched from beside Namjoon as Taehyung moved his lips against the immortals, pulling back the tiniest amount after a moment.

“Only when he stopped,” Taehyung said against the man’s lips and Jimin shivered when he saw Namjoon’s hands move to the boy’s hips, gripping them firmly. Namjoon had the most wonderful hands. Jimin couldn’t resist lifting his own hand to trace along the back of Namjoon’s, following the tendons and veins as his hand flexed against Taehyung. Taehyung busied himself with mouthing a trail of kisses up his jawline and Namjoon let out a breath.

“You should have seen him,” Taehyung bit back a groan. “The things he can do with that mouth.”

Jimin sucked in a breath, dangerous imagery flashing through his mind. Before he could venture to far into the thoughts however, he reached forward and gave Taehyung’s arm a squeeze, making the other pull away from Namjoon to look at him. “H-How far did you go?” Jimin asked searching the boy’s eyes.

The thought of them even embracing was enough to get Jimin hot and bothered. He wanted details. Like any of the others being together, Jimin loved the thought of Jungkook with any one of them. The imagery he came up with was sinful to say the least. But Taehyung was suggesting that something had happened which meant Jungkook was likely willing to participate in such acts.

“If you’re willing Minnie, I can show you how he did this,” Taehyung smirked, gesturing to the bruise and upon Jimin’s eager nodding, took Namjoon’s hand and led him to the desk chair. “You can watch Joonie.”

After a deep passionate kiss with the immortal who hummed in agreement, Taehyung turned and walked over to the bed, crawling onto it. He guided Jimin to sit on the edge facing Namjoon who pulled the chair closer to the bed and sat down.

Jimin was already liking where this was going. He liked when the others looked at him like this. With want and lust in their eyes. He felt Taehyung’s chest press against his back as he came to rest behind him, arms wrapping around him feeling his chest and stomach. Jimin closed his eyes and hummed.

“Kookie isn’t as innocent as he seems,” Taehyung said, his voice husky and deep. Jimin knew he was recalling a memory and it was one he desperately wished to have a picture of in his mind. Lucky for him, Taehyung was as good at painting pictures with his words as he was with his hands. “It felt like he was hunting me. Like he wanted to devour me.”

Jimin shuddered at the feeling of Taehyung’s breath against his ear, trying to resist the urge to tip his head back onto his shoulder when Taehyung’s hands slid down his arms then back up slowly. “And his arms, mmm. He trapped me against a counter, he hadn’t even touched me yet and I could barely think straight.”

Namjoon leaned his elbows on his knees, clasping his hands in what Jimin recognized as a way to control himself. He was watching them intently, eyes never leaving their movements.

“I kissed him,” Taehyung lifted a hand, hooking it under Jimin’s jaw to force his head to the side to look at him. Jimin glanced at Taehyung’s lips, a little upset when the other didn’t immediately press them against his own. “His lips felt incredible, his hands on me,” Taehyung groaned and kissed Jimin deeply, fingers splayed out on his cheek to keep his head turned as their lips danced together making quiet wet sounds whenever they pulled away slightly.

Taehyung sighed happily, “Do you remember that feeling when he pinched us before?”

Jimin nodded distractedly, recalling the feeling vividly. Taehyung tilted his head to the side, lips hovering over Jimin’s who fought himself not to chase after his lovers touch. “It was so much better then that. That good pain is… addictive. The way he bit my lip made my legs weak. Oh Minnie, he picked me up like I weighed nothing.”

Jimin let out a groan at that, eyes fluttering at the thought of Jungkook casually lifting Taehyung off the ground, muscles taught and tense from the weight. How beautiful Taehyung must have looked with his legs wrapped around Jungkook, how well they must have fit together. Arousal at the pit of his stomach had him squirming.

“And then,” Taehyung gave him a peck to the lips before kissing along his jaw and to his ear, sucking and nipping at it before continuing to follow what Jimin was sure was the path Jungkook had taken on Taehyung’s own skin. He sucked in a deep breath as Taehyung got to the spot at the base of him neck and gasped when he felt his teeth skin into his roughly.

Jimin threw his head back and groaned, hands reaching back to grab Taehyung’s knees which were on either side of his hips where he was kneeling. The bite held none of the pain he could only imagine it would if it were Jungkook doing it, yet the pleasure was there and as strong as ever.

“Jiminie,” Namjoon practically growled his name, voice dripping with lust and Jimin opened his eyes to look at him, head still resting on Taehyung’s shoulder as the boy now sucked and licked mercilessly at his skin.

Namjoon had moved his clasped hands up in front of his mouth, kneading his palms together. They both knew Namjoon could and would step in whenever he pleased, yet he stayed where he was and watched. Jimin shivered from the look he was given because he knew Namjoon liked to give it as rough as Jimin liked to take it.

Taehyung suddenly pulled away, snapping him out of his hazy thoughts. He sat back, no longer touching him and Jimin blinked and turned around to look at him in confusion. Taehyung smiled, knowing he was being an absolute tease.

“And then he stopped.”

Jimin’s mouth dropped open, “Wait, what? That’s it? You just kissed?”

Taehyung sighed and fell onto his back on the mattress, “Yep. He didn’t even use tongue! And I was so hard. Just from that. I probably could have finished. But no, he had to go to stupid class,” he said pouting.

Jimin was certainly aroused right now, but could he have finished without some kind of other stimulation? How intense was it without the protection spells? Or was Jungkook just that good? Either way he was tempted to go straight to the kitchen and find out for himself. But how could he do that when he had two beautiful men right here in front of him. Smirking he crawled overtop of Taehyung and looked down at him.

“We don’t have class.”

Taehyung laughed and cupped his face, pulling him down to kiss him.  They felt the bed dip as Namjoon climbed onto the mattress beside them, his hand running from Taehyung’s ankle to his thigh, long fingers gripping the inside of it. “Tae seriously could these pants be any tighter? Your thighs are just,” the man shook his head at a loss for words, instead squeezing the flesh of his thigh, eliciting a pleased hum from Taehyung.

Jimin looked Taehyung over. He looked delicious wearing Jungkook’s clothes. It almost scared him to see the rest of Jungkook’s wardrobe. “As incredible as you look, we should get you out of them, we wouldn’t want to accidently ruin Jungkook’s clothes.”

Taehyung was already taking his shirt off before Jimin even finished his sentence. Namjoon chuckled deeply next to Jimin’s ear and he had to repress a shudder for fear of his arms giving out as Namjoon’s hands slipped under his shirt and he pressed a kiss to his shoulder. “You too Minnie.”

Jimin didn’t need to be told twice.

Taehyung blindly reached a hand to the side and found Cooky, promptly turning the bunny to face away from them.

Dinner that night was one of the best nights Jungkook had ever had.

Yoongi had seemed like he was in a better mood when he met them at the table for dinner, and Namjoon, Taehyung and Jimin looked like they had just woken up from a nap, still looking a little disheveled (though the looks they were giving each other and the others suggested something more).

Everyone tried to coffee’s Jungkook had bought after Yoongi reheated them to a comfortable temperature. Taehyung had helped him pick out types that each person would prefer, though upon trying it Taehyung admitted he wasn’t really a fan. Jungkook made a note to find a sweeter drink for him to try.

The others seemed to enjoy it but Yoongi was who took him by surprise. The phoenix had practically lit up after taking the first sip and it was gone in record time, much to the mans regret. He ended up finishing Taehyung’s too after the younger offered.

Jungkook was made to promise that he would bring some more next time he could.

As they ate Jungkook explained, albeit flustered, where he stood on the whole polyamorous situation. They all listened and were extremely reassuring that they would never make him do anything he didn’t want. All he had to do was say so.

They also explained that they would each want time with him one on one, so they could get to know him and he could get to know them. They would continue to court him, which Jungkook realized was very much dating with all its perks and privileges, until Jungkook said if he wished to go further or to stop. He assumed that going further was the equivalence of marriage in his world but in theirs they called it bonding. They told him it wasn’t a small decision and he had to be sure it’s what he wanted before he made it, even if that took years, they were just happy to have him with them.

He could also change his mind if he found he didn’t want that kind of relationship with them, though Jungkook couldn’t see himself doing that.

When asked about what his limits were and if there was anything he wasn’t comfortable with them doing, he paused to think.

“We don’t just mean in terms of physical affection,” Hoseok clarified. “If there’s anything you don’t want us to call you, or if there’s certain topics we shouldn’t ask about, or things you might just not be sure about, anything like that.”

Jungkook nodded and looked at his food. Talking about this so openly at a table with so many people was a bit embarrassing. The openness felt good though. It felt healthy.

“I’m not against the physical affection. I really like it,” he blushed at the coos that sounded from around the table and had to clear his throat before continuing. “I don’t think I really have any limits, I’m pretty open to everything but um, maybe don’t, ah, ask about my family. Not yet anyway, it’s not something I’m comfortable talking about.”

There wasn’t even a single moment of hesitation before they were nodding. Taehyung reached over and set a hand over his comfortingly.

“So no limits on physical affection hmm? You’ll fit with us perfectly then,” Hoseok raised his brow suggestively and Jungkook licked his lips a bit before smirking at the dragon.

“I’ve noticed you’re all very… affectionate,” he glanced at Taehyung who winked at him and grinned. “I’m not a kid, you don’t have to treat me gently all time.”

Yoongi leaned forward and rested his elbows on the table, humming deeply, “Do you like giving or receiving?” He asked bluntly.

Jungkook chuckled when Hoseok choked on his water and smacked Yoongi’s arm, scolding him for being so rude. He kept eye contact with Yoongi as he responded, “Both.”

There were multiple groans around the table.

Yoongi smirked and sat back.

“Okay! Enough of this talk, no arousal at the dinner table. Jungkook, pick cute or sexy, you’re not allowed to do both,” Seokjin huffed.

Jungkook blinked as the others laughed. After a moment he joined them.

This was what is what like to have a meal with family, he realized. This was a family of six lovers who were kind enough to want him to join them, to be apart of this. His heart swelled in his chest.

He asked his own questions after that. About some of his concerns. He asked if jealousy was ever a problem and they told him that they all made sure that no one ever felt excluded or left out and that they liked seeing each other happy with the others so no, it was never a problem.

Jungkook also asked what would happen if one of them didn’t like him in a romantic sense and while chuckling at the apparent absurdity of the question, Namjoon had told him that wasn’t a concern either, but if it ever came to be (which had a chorus of ‘It seriously won’t’s being said) they would sit down together and discuss how to make it work like they did everything that effected the group.

He felt much better after talking to them, a lot of his doubts being whisked away in their joyful banter and casual conversation. The more they discussed it, the more wonderful it sounded.

“Is it, alright if I call you all hyung?” Jungkook asked as they finished their food.

They paused and traded looks between each other before smiles slowly broke out. “Of course Kookie! We would love for you too,” Jimin smiled at him brightly.

Namjoon smiled at him as well, “Is that a yes then? You’ll let us court you?”

Jungkook laughed a bit and nodded, “Yes.”

The cheers and happy laughter would be a sound Jungkook would always remember. It was the sound of euphoria.

Jungkook found himself sitting on the front porch, checking his phone every minute. The clock ticked closer to 6:30 ever so slowly yet still faster than he desired.

Dread sat like a rock in his stomach, making him bounce his knee anxiously. He should just go. He might be able to make it back before anyone even noticed he was gone. Jungkook ran a hand through his hair, knowing he couldn’t.

The last couple of hours had been amazing. Taehyung had accompanied him to work at the mall the night before and while the Fae got bored pretty quickly, it gave him time to teach him how to play some card games. He was sure Jiho appreciated having someone there actually willing to play.

Going to school this morning had been great too, Namjoon came with him and they talked for hours about all kinds of topics, some deeper than others. He promised to continue the conversations sometime and he really enjoyed Namjoon’s thirst for knowledge. Plus no one had bothered them though that may have been partially due to the fact that Jungkook purposely avoided the busiest places of the school.

Now it was nearing the time to meet up with the crew. He was nervous and he had yet to tell anyone about it. Seokjin’s house rules kept echoing in his mind. It was a simple rule, tell someone where you’re going. Why was that so hard to follow?

Was he really going to cause trouble for them so early on in their relationship? What if they thought he wasn’t worth the effort? What if they broke up with him or sent him back? His thoughts were spiraling quickly, and he stood up to try and move around to get out the negative energy. It didn’t help that the cold was still lingering in his chest.

It had been for awhile now, so much so he was almost getting used to the cold spot.

When he turned to start pacing, he nearly threw himself off the porch as he came face to face with an unimpressed Yoongi leaning casually on the frame of the front door. He smacked a hand to his chest and bent over a bit, “Yoongi-hyung you scared me.”

“I could feel your anxiety from the library. What’s going on.” He asked flatly though Jungkook was learning that his tone wasn’t disinterest, it was quite the opposite actually.

Jungkook shifted and glanced again at his phone. Shoulders slumping, he caved and decided to trust his gut, despite the fear that ran through him at what could occur within the next hour.

“Hyung, I have to go back to my world, it’s really important. Would-could you,” Jungkook swallowed, hating to even have to ask but knowing it was the right decision. They had put so much trust and faith in him since the beginning. He needed to trust them too. Even if it might mean they would want nothing to do with him after this. “Could you come with me?”

Yoongi regarded him silently for a moment, expression unchanged. “Will it be dangerous?”

“I don’t know,” he said honestly. “Maybe.”


Jungkook blinked. “What?”

“Buy me more coffee when we’re there and I’ll go.”

“Uh okay?”

With a nod Yoongi turned around and disappeared back inside for a moment. When he reemerged, he pulled the door closed behind him and started walking down the porch steps. “I told Seokjin where we’d be. We have two hours before he drags the others there and they hunt us down. That enough time?”

Jungkook stared after him in a daze before quickly hurrying to catch up. “It should be? Hyung, are you sure? You can say no.”

“I’m not letting you go alone. I don’t know what this is about Kookie, but if it’s making you this upset it’s important. I’ll keep my mouth shut and I won’t ask questions. Just do what you need to do,” the phoenix paused to turn to Jungkook, looking him in the eyes. “But if anyone tries to hurt you, I will step in. And I won’t be forgiving.” He turned to keep walking without another word.

Jungkook watched him silently for a moment and breathed out to try and calm himself down. He knew once he was there, he would be in JK mode. He would shut down the emotional side of things to just get through the situation. He was worried about letting his hyung see that side of him. To see the person he used to be.

Taking a deep breath, he jogged after Yoongi and they stepped through the door to his world.

Chapter Text

When Jungkook was sixteen he met a boy named Hosung.

Hosung was handsome and cunning and he seemed to carry so much knowledge about the world despite his age. They sat next to each other in class and became friends after awhile. He would tell Jungkook all kinds of things about the types of ‘adventures’ he’d have. Later in life, after many bad decisions, Jungkook would come to realize that those adventures were just the act of a desperate boy looking for different cards then the unfortunate ones he had been dealt in life.

At sixteen Jungkook didn’t know what love was, but he knew he felt something for Hosung. A crush maybe. He told his brother first, as he told his brother everything. Never before had he seen such fear on his brother’s face. In the moment, he hadn’t understood. He hadn’t understood why his brother suddenly pulled the car over, why he grabbed him by the shoulders and asked if he was serious, why he had started crying.

Jungkook knew very little of the world then.

His brother made him swear not to tell their parents, to never even hint at the possibility that he liked guys. When he tried to press for answers, his brother shut him down, telling him he didn’t want to hear another word about it. That it was better if he learned to like girls.

Except, things don’t work that way.

His parents found out.

And then he understood. The warnings and the tears. He understood when it was too late.

That’s when the bad decisions started. In some twisted thought, Jungkook decided that if he could prove to his parents that two guys could be together and be happy just like they were, then they would stop calling him those things. That they would stop trying to convert him.

Jungkook asked Hosung on a date, and much to his joy and relief the other said yes. A few months later they were dating. A few months later Jungkook realized that the ‘adventures’ he was told about held some actual truth.

When Hosung had convinced him into coming with him on an ‘adventure’ telling him that if he really loved him he would help out on this one, that people in a relationship were supposed to support each other, Jungkook felt he had little choice but to go.

He joined the crew that night. It was never just one job, there would be many more in the three years he ran with them.

Hosung broke up with him in favour of another more tempting option, someone who was ‘less maintenance’ as he had said. Jungkook knew he shouldn’t have felt glad. But he had been.

The crew hadn’t been all bad. Besides the work itself he had made a few friends. Or more accurately put, a few people he didn’t entirely hate. They threw great parties and on the nights after a drug run or a large deal, it was the perfect way to kill the nerves. Everyone there had their own contempt for the group, no one was there because they wanted to be. But they took any drop of happiness, as corrupt and contrived as it was, where they could. For a lot of them it was all that kept them from sinking below the surface.

He didn’t hate the crew, but he hadn’t enjoyed it either. The work was barely worth the money it paid and the people in the crew were just as likely to backstab you as your buyers were. There wasn’t any loyalty except to the Boss who gave them the jobs to begin with.

As people say, you can’t outrun the past.

When Yoongi and Jungkook stepped into the human world, Yoongi’s hand was on his arm to steady him before he even felt the snap of the warmth. He wasn’t sure if it was the cold spot that was taking up a portion of his chest or just that he was getting used to it now, but it didn’t seem to hit as hard this time. The cold took over rather quickly.

He gave himself a moment before nodding at Yoongi in thanks and looking around. The door once again seemed to know exactly where he needed to be. They stood in an underground parking garage that was void of any vehicles.

They had multiple locations that they numbered consecutively from their distance to the main base. This was location four. A place Jungkook knew lacked any actual working cameras as they had long since been paying off the guard to let them have their dealings here.

Yoongi let his arm go and glanced around. To Jungkook’s relief he said nothing, apparently determined to keep his word about not asking questions. He was incredibly grateful.

They didn’t wait long in silence before they heard a pair of footsteps approaching.

Jungkook felt himself smirk at the two familiar faces that rounded the corner.

“Wow, you were the last people I expected. You two idiots are still in this game?” He raised a brow and chuckled when the taller of the two flipped him off.

Il-seong had always been the brash type. He was lean and scraggly looking, not the most handsome of guys with a tooth or two missing. Jungkook found himself surprised that the two people he was meeting with were the two people he hated the least in the crew. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as he had thought.

The shorter one, a girl with chopped hair and a rough physic stood next to Il-seong grinning ear to ear, “This is the hello we get? After how many years? Still an asshole I see.”

The two crew members stopped a few feet from them.

Jungkook folded his arms, “What, did you want a hug?”

“You even think of trying it and I’ll bash your face in,” Il-seong spat but there was a gleam of amusement in his eye. Jungkook heard Yoongi shift behind him but the other stayed silent.

“Nice shiner JK, you still playing the game too?” She quipped, eyes darting to Yoongi. “Got yourself a new crew? I’m offended.”

“Something like that,” he glanced back at Yoongi, impressed to see the man looked as uninterested as ever but Jungkook could see the subtly tension in his shoulders despite his relaxed air.

“You got out just in time if you ask me,” Il-seong huffed, getting jabbed in the ribs by the girl, Nara.

Jungkook raised a brow. Nara turned to him, composing herself and smirking once more. “How’s your back? Still recovering?” She taunted slightly and Jungkook narrowed his eyes at her.

“What the hell do you want. I held up my end of the deal. What’s this shit about the job not being done. I told the boss I was out.” He snapped.

This didn’t feel right. Nara and Il-seong seemed too fidgety, too nervous. The girl kept tapping her toe against the ground and Il-seong seemed riled, angry, but it didn’t seem directed towards him. They kept dodging the reason they were here. They weren’t usually this big on small talk.

“Yeah, sorry kid, the crew is under new management. Boss kicked it.” Il-seong scowled.

Jungkook blinked and looked at them in surprise, “When did this happen?”

Nara shrugged, “Not long after you left. New boss is…”

“A tyrant?” Il-seong received another jab to the ribs for that comment. Nara glared at him before huffing.

“Make this easy on us JK. The boss asked for you specifically for this job.”

Jungkook didn’t even want to ask what the details of the job were. He felt cold again. His chest ached and the scar on his back burned along with its memory playing in his mind. This was ridiculous. Just because there was a new person in charge didn’t mean he would jump at their beck and call. No. He wasn’t doing this. He had left this kind of life behind.

“Find someone else.”

“Boss said only you, something about you being special, though I don’t see it,” Nara chuckled. She seemed to be trying hard to keep up the witty persona but he could see she was quickly losing her patience. Whatever was driving them to talk to him must be serious. The word special made him pause, reminding him of the Guardian saying the same thing. Why did that keep coming up? What about him was special?

He glanced at Yoongi once more, seeing the man frowning deeply. He had caught that too then.

“Am I supposed to care? Tell your boss he can go fuck himself. I’ve never worked for him and I never will.” Jungkook waved a hand in an almost bored manner.

When Il-seong stepped forward, Yoongi reacted immediately to step slightly in front of Jungkook.

Il-seong spared him a glance. “Alright asshole. Stop acting so high and mighty. Just because you’re with a new crew now doesn’t make you hot shit. Words like that will get you killed,” He practically growled.

But Jungkook saw fear in his eyes.

He was briefly reminded of his brother.

His brother who tried to protect him.

Jungkook put a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder to reassure him, not backing down from the other man. “What’s he going to do to me? Hm? He won’t be able to find me,” he glared.

 It was true, he could easily just hide out in the Galaxy if need be. They couldn’t touch him there. He wasn’t saying this to brag however. There was something more going on and he needed to be sure. He needed to let them know he would be safe once he walked away from here. He wasn’t so sure the same could be said for them. “Why did he send you two?”

Loyalty was next to non-existent in the crew. Jungkook wouldn’t doubt that if there was something in it for them, both Nara and Il-seong wouldn’t hesitate to back stab him. At one point in his life, he was the same way. But right now, they were trying to push him away. Which meant whatever this boss was capable of, they wouldn’t wish it on even their worst enemies.

Nara spoke up, “What are you not happy to see us? We were so excited when we heard your name, so we volunteered.”

Il-seong met his gaze sharply, “Don’t you remember all the good times we had? We used to play 007 Bang all the time when we weren’t getting bossed around.”

That set alarms off in his mind, confirming his doubts.

This wasn’t them trying to recruit him, they knew him well enough not to try such a roundabout tactic. They would have just straight up told him about the job as it was. Yet they hadn’t even explained that much. No. This was them trying to get him to refuse. They wanted him to run.

They were warning him.

He scowled as his heart pounded. How bad was this boss? He could see the fear in both their eyes behind the acted aggression.

“I don’t remember it as good times. If this job is what I think it is, and your boss is greedy enough to try and secure that deal again, he can put his own life on the line.” Jungkook glanced at Nara trying to get any other information from them.

Yoongi’s presence behind him was as supporting as it was stressful. He knew the two wouldn’t try anything, but it worried him having Yoongi here where he could be hurt. Though selfishly he was extremely relieved he’d come along. Jungkook didn’t think he could have stayed this composed for much longer on his own.

“I can’t say he’ll be happy about this. He seemed pretty… taken with you.” Il-seong smirked and wiped his nose, walking back over to Nara. “Lock your door at night JK.” He held up a finger gun and mimed the action of shooting it at Jungkook.

Nara didn’t say a word as she gave Jungkook one last glance over before they both turned and left.

Jungkook said nothing until he was sure they were gone. Then, and only then, did he turn to look at Yoongi.

The intimidating expression and behavior had completely vanished from the phoenix. The man was giving him a soft look of something Jungkook couldn’t quite name. It was the first time he was seeing Yoongi so openly expressive around him and Jungkook almost wished he was looking at him in suspicion or distrust. It wouldn’t have hit as hard.

Yoongi stepped up to him and put a hand on his shoulder, his other hand coming up to brush his bangs out of his face. “Breathe Kookie. You did good.”

His voice, that purr that hit somewhere deep inside him every time he spoke, was soft and reassuring. Kind. His hand kneaded the tense muscle in Jungkook’s shoulder and he felt himself sag as he released the breath from his lungs. He hadn’t known he needed the reassurance until after it had been given, and now that he knew, he wanted to ask for more. He wanted to ask Yoongi if he was proud, if he had really done good, if he was impressed. He wanted to hear Yoongi praise him in that lovely voice of his.

Instead he simply asked,

“So, how about that coffee?”

They sat silently at a table outside a convenience store. Jungkook kept his hands wrapped around his untouched coffee, hoping some of the warmth would transfer into the rest of him. Yoongi had been completely silent the whole way here and Jungkook was very close to losing his mind.

He couldn’t even tell what he was thinking, his expression was blank, only having lit up a bit when Jungkook had handed him the coffee cup. Yoongi seemed entirely unbothered by the awkward silence as he looked around the street, watching the cars go by in fascination.

Jungkook wanted to bang his head off the table. His thoughts were riddled with questions about the strange interaction. If someone new really was in charge, how did he know about him? Why not just get someone else to do it?

On top of that, he was scared of what Yoongi thought of him now. He realized how bad that must have looked. When he had agreed to dating them, Jungkook had genuinely been concerned about what Yoongi thought of him. He was so hard to read that Jungkook didn’t know if he actually liked him or not.

 After another ten minutes and when his coffee cooled enough that the heat from it no longer distracted him, Jungkook finally had to say something. “You can ask you know. Or say something. Anything.”

“This coffee isn’t as good as the other one you got us.”

Jungkook stared at Yoongi. “That’s because it’s from a convenience store, not a café.”


Another moment of silence had Jungkook rubbing his face in exhaustion. He wasn’t sure how to go about talking about this. Yoongi wasn’t making it any easier and he kept second guessing what he should say. The phoenix was hard to read and he gave him nothing to work off. Yet he still came with him, even though he knew it was dangerous, no questions asked. Expect now was the time for questions wasn’t it? Shouldn’t he be curious or threatening Jungkook not to pull the others into his mess? Something?

“I used to live here.”

Yoongi’s purring voice caused him to look at the black-haired man curiously. Jungkook wasn’t sure he’d heard him right. “Here? As in this world?”

Yoongi nodded and took a sip of his coffee, leaning back in his chair and crossing one leg over the other neatly. “Seokjin, Joonie and I. Once upon a time. Before the Galaxy was created.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened. He wasn’t sure why Yoongi was bringing this up now, but he stayed quiet to listen.

“Human’s myths started somewhere. All magical creatures once lived here in peace. Until human’s became jealous of our abilities. Wars broke out. Millions of our kind were killed or enslaved. There were some humans that tried to protect us. Good people.” Yoongi was staring at the cars going by but Jungkook was sure he wasn’t really seeing them.

“The Galaxy was created with their help. A place to protect us. It’s called an Echo Realm. A world that mirrors another in some ways but is still technically its own realm. We didn’t have the strength then to create a whole new dimension. The Echo Realm is the best we could do.”

“Is that… Is that why you have some human made things? Like the greenhouse? Or the bathrooms in the house?” Jungkook asked softly. “Like the piano?”

Yoongi nodded. “As this world develops and changes, so does ours. They’re connected. It’s not entirely common, but human objects do appear over time in our world. Only the more permanent things. Things that have been around in your world for a decent amount of time. Things like technology change to quickly for the Galaxy to mirror them.

A friend of mine found the piano in the woods. He thought it was a cursed object so he brought it to me. I learned how it worked and how to play it over time and he left it with me as a gift.”

Jungkook smiled a little. That explained a lot about why so many things seemed to be so modern yet so old fashioned at the same time. Yoongi was quiet long enough for Jungkook to ask, “Do you remember a lot about it? The wars?”

The phoenix nodded. “Everything. We don’t talk about the past much. It’s been hundreds of years, we’ve moved on. Most of us though… the wars took our homes. Our families. The six of us have no other home but each other. We don’t even have others like us. We’re the last.”

Jungkook felt his heart drop to his stomach in dread. “The last..?”

“I’m the last phoenix still alive. Hoseok the last dragon. Joonie, as far as we know at least, is the only immortal. Jinnie, is what we call a fallen. His… story isn’t a good one. Taehyung and Jiminie were outcasted from the Fae’s. We found each other, and I dread to think of what could have happened if we hadn’t.”

Jungkook looked at the table, trying not to crush his still full coffee. He hadn’t known they had been through so much. They all seemed so perfect and confident. He had thought that he was the broken piece that was intruding on their perfect puzzle. But maybe, maybe they were all broken pieces who came together to make a new puzzle. A new perfect.

Yoongi reached across the table and slipped his hand into Jungkook’s making him look up. “I’m not good at,” Yoongi cleared his throat, looking away. “At this. It’s been a long time since any of us courted anyone. We’ve been six for so long now.”

Jungkook swallowed and went to pull his hand away, “If this makes you uncomfortable or-”

“That’s not what I’m trying to say.” Yoongi cut him off quickly grabbing his hand again. “That’s not it. You came into our lives so suddenly out of the nowhere. I think most of us think you might be a fever dream or something. But since you showed up, things have been good. Really good. Better even.”

Jungkook wasn’t used to talking like this. He wanted to explain what he was feeling but the words weren’t there.

“I told you this because I know it must have taken a lot to ask me to come with you. I don’t understand all of what happened, and I don’t need too. If you ask us for help, we’ll help. If you ask us to take a step back, we will. As long as we know you’re not doing something stupidly reckless.” Yoongi looked at him softly then and smiled. A true smile. It took Jungkook’s breath away and the realization that this was the first time he saw Yoongi smiling on top of his words had him fighting back tears.

Jungkook sniffed and nodded, ducking his head to take a second to compose himself. Yoongi’s words alone had his chest pulsing with warmth, the cold spot seeming to shrink slightly, the now constant ache was ebbing away. His hand in his warmed him to the core more then any coffee cup ever could.

When he looked back up after a moment, he noticed Yoongi’s gaze flickering between his now empty cup of coffee and Jungkook’s full one. He laughed and let go of his hand to slide the cup over to him.

Yoongi’s smile brightened, which was somehow possible, into the cutest gummy smile Jungkook had ever seen and it came so suddenly that this time he did smack his head off the table letting out a loud groan of frustration.

Yoongi scoffed a bit but Jungkook could hear the humor in his voice, “I’m not carrying you back if you knock yourself out.”

“That’s rude hyung.”

“When have I ever been polite?”

“Seokjin-hyung says you’re always polite to him.”

“Seokjin’s a liar.”


“He once burned the kitchen down and blamed it on Joonie.”

“Hard doubt.”

“He forgot to shut the greenhouse doors and a bunch of gremlins got in and destroyed the place. Blamed Hoseok for that one.”

“Boss level doubt.”

“You know, sometimes you say things, and I’m sure we’re speaking the same language, but I have no clue what in Guardian’s name you’re talking about.”

Jungkook lifted his head and laughed as Yoongi sipped at his second coffee after reheating it with his magic.

They sat in pleasant silence, juxtaposed to the awkwardness from before. Jungkook let himself get lost in thought for awhile before he spoke again.

“I got messed up with some underground stuff when I was sixteen,” He started. Yoongi glanced at him but stayed quiet and listened. He was glad he didn’t try to stop him. Jungkook knew that Yoongi knew he wouldn’t be saying this if he didn’t want to be. “My boyfriend at the time brought me into it, though I can’t really blame him for it.”

“Boyfriend?” Yoongi asked, unfamiliar with the word.

“Oh yeah, it’s like, well it’s like courting. We call it dating here and your significant other is your boyfriend or girlfriend.”

Yoongi nodded, “So we’re your boyfriends now then,” He ignored Jungkook’s blush as he took another sip and hummed. “I like that.” He nodded as if to tell him to continue.

Jungkook coughed a bit and licked his lips, moving on, “I stuck with them for three years. The jobs were easy. Running drugs or making deals. Sometimes vandalizing someone’s property if they hadn’t paid up yet. Illegal stuff but nothing that keeps me up at night,” he sighed. It was true. He didn’t enjoy doing those things but he had let them go. There was no sense holding onto regret when he couldn’t go back and fix it.

“When I was nineteen, I did a job that was supposed to be like any other. I was supposed to meet up with this guy in a storage facility, get some money he owed us and leave. Simple. Except the guy I met was insane. He came in in a panic and started trying to give me this box, saying it was the payment. When I opened it though, it was empty.” Jungkook frowned as he recalled it.

It had been strange. He remembered how frantic the man had been, as if he was being chased or rather, hunted. Jungkook hadn’t even gotten two words out before a brown wooden box was being shoved into his hands. He had been confused, expecting to find money inside. When he tried to get the man to focus and ask him where the money was, he had grabbed onto Jungkook’s shirt tightly and practically screamed in his face.

His eyes had been bloodshot, wide with insanity and fear and he kept looking behind him. Jungkook’s first thought was that he was hyped up on way too many drugs and was hallucinating. Especially when the man started talking gibberish at him.

“He kept saying something about ‘not wanting it anymore. It was more trouble then it was worth.’ He told me to take it and run. I just thought he was having a bad trip so I gave the box back and went to leave. I didn’t realize he,” Jungkook ran a hand through his hair. “I didn’t know he had a gun on him. He shot me in the back before I could even take four steps.”

Yoongi’s jaw tensed and he slowly uncrossed his legs. Jungkook was pretty sure he didn’t know what a gun was but he was smart enough to understand the implication.

Jungkook had never felt a pain so bad in his life. It wasn’t as quick as the movies made it out to be. He felt the bullet hit just left of his spine, he felt force from it, all before the pain began. He remembered staggering forward, falling, hitting the ground. The burn felt like it lasted an eternity yet was likely only seconds before he blacked out. He couldn’t even recall what his last thought had been. It was just blank. Empty.

“I woke up in the hospital. I still don’t know how I got there. The doctors told me they found me collapsed out front. They said it was a miracle I was alive,” He folded his arms on the table. “It took me the better part of a year to recover. The hospital bills were crippling but I made a deal with the crew’s boss at the time. He paid them off and would let me walk, in exchange for my services in other ways.”

Jungkook knew how bad that sounded the moment the words left his mouth and he jumped when Yoongi’s hand simultaneously crushed and lit the coffee cup he was holding on fire. Eyes wide Jungkook quickly waved his hands out in front of him.

“Wait! No! Oh my- No! That sounded- I meant information!” He quickly amended, shaking his head when the Phoenix dissipated the flame and dusted the remnants of the cup from his hands casually. “All he wanted in return was for me to find out everything I could on the man who shot me. It took me about a month and it wasn’t much but after that he let me go and never tried to contact me again until well, recently.”

“That seems like a small ask for paying so much and letting you just walk,” Yoongi raised a brow.

Jungkook nodded. “I thought so too. I thought for sure there was a catch but there never was. I guess the information was just that important to him.”

“And now he’s dead and some other person is trying to get similar information out of you.” Yoongi hummed and rested his chin on his palm, pinky bending cutely against his cheek. “When did you start seeing things with magical energy?”

“About three weeks ago. When I first saw the door,” Jungkook looked over at the familiar door that sat against a brick wall of a shop near them. It kind of reminded him of a puppy, the way it always followed him around. “Why can’t other people see it?”

“Human’s have gotten so used to living without magical energy around them, when it does show itself their minds can’t process it. Some people, who are more perceptive might feel like something is different but not be able to figure out what. It usually takes a rather big surge of magical energy to awaken people’s minds to it,” Yoongi watched a couple walk by the door, unaware of it being there. “People don’t look for magic anymore. It’s been forgotten.”

Jungkook frowned, “I don’t remember any big event or surge of magic before I saw the door. It was just, there one night.”

“Which makes me wonder if that box was really empty then.”

Jungkook turned back to him, “You think there was something magic in it that I just couldn’t see?”

“It would explain the way you described the man behaving. And why people are seeking it so desperately. That doesn’t explain how your connected though. Unless its simply the fact that you know too much.”

“But why would the Sorrow attack me? And if this ‘new boss’ stepped up shortly after I left, that was almost three years ago, why look for me now? Those two from before, they were scared.”

The phoenix raised a brow, “All I saw was them threatening you.”

“They weren’t. They were protecting me. We used to run together for awhile and they aren’t the kind of people to beat around the bush. Plus, I’ve never in my life played 007 Bang with Il-seong, or anyone for that matter. Whoever is in charge now is dangerous, and they don’t want me anywhere near him.”

“It was a warning then,” Yoongi drummed his fingers on the table. “I think we should talk to the others about this. If you’re comfortable with it. Namjoon especially. He’ll be able to help us figure out more. The tracker hasn’t picked up any of the Sorrows energy nearby at all.”

Jungkook hummed and nodded, Yoongi had explained a day or two ago that the tracker was more of spell infused with the creature’s energy. It lingered around Yoongi and he would feel the shift in the energy it the Sorrow made a move towards them. Because Jungkook was human he couldn’t place the spell directly on him, so that’s why they kept the buddy system going for now.

Jungkook was feeling lighter having talked to someone about the whole situation. He knew people said talking helps but he didn’t think it would be so immediate. Saying the words out loud, instead of leaving them jumbled in his mind where they got twisted into false truths, helped to put things into perspective.

The prospect of having interacted with magic even long since before he’d ever seen the door, was a bizarre thought. It made him question a lot of things that had happened that night.  

“It’s getting late and Seokjin’s about to come and kill us for worrying him. We should head back,” Yoongi stood up and started heading to the door.

Jungkook got up and grabbed his hand to stop him, pausing when the phoenix turned to look at him. Yoongi was incredibly beautiful. It was just the fierceness and intimidation that people saw first. Right now though, Yoongi seemed relaxed and calm with him and it was stunning how soft the man could look.

“Thank you hyung, for, you know. Thanks,” He said sincerely, giving his hand a squeeze.

Yoongi chuckled in his wonderfully deep voice, stepping closer to him and leaning up slightly to kiss his cheek. Jungkook turned red at the feeling of his soft warm lips on his skin and looked at him in surprise.

“Thanks for the coffee.”

Jungkook grinned and laughed, trying not to skip his way to the door as they both headed through it hand in hand.

Jungkook went to work that night accompanied by Jimin. The man had been so excited to go and look around the mall that Yoongi had relented to letting him go in his place. After introducing him to Jiho, who mumbled some comments about how Jungkook had somehow found the best-looking people to ever have existed, Jungkook took him around during his rounds so the boy could look in windows at the clothes and items.

It was a lot nicer doing his rounds with someone to talk too. Jimin asked about as many questions as Taehyung but he actually paused so Jungkook could answer them.

After sitting in the office for awhile, Jimin had gotten a bit bored much like Taehyung had but he busied himself with playing with Jungkook’s hair and chatting with them casually every now and then. Jungkook noticed he didn’t seem to speak much to Jiho unless Jiho spoke first and he wondered why that was. Likely because he was another human and Jimin just wasn’t too comfortable around him. He could understand that.

Jimin excused himself to use the washroom, leaving Jungkook and Jiho alone in the office. Jiho waited until the door clicked shut behind the Fae before turning to Jungkook, “I’m worried about you man.”

Jungkook looked over at him and raised a brow, “What? Why?”

Jiho sighed and leaned back in his chair, bouncing it a bit, “I just think you might be getting in over your head. Aren’t you getting a bit distracted? I mean a monster was trying to kill you, have you found anything else out about that?”

Jungkook shook his head. He didn’t want to get into the whole crew situation with Jiho. He didn’t need to know about it. The less he knew the better, especially if the whole reason Jungkook was being hunted was because he had seen something he shouldn’t have.

“We’re working on it, but it hasn’t come near me again so its hard without more information. Since when were you such a worry wart?” He joked.

Jiho scoffed, “Since my friend almost got killed and somehow is now banging six dudes in a magical world.” Jungkook shot him a frown, and Jiho looked at him apologetically, “Sorry I shouldn’t have worded it like that. It just seems a little sudden. I’m worried they’re using you for something.”

Jungkook felt bitter at the thought. He didn’t like where this subject was going, stomach churning uncomfortably. “I can handle myself. I appreciate the concern but they’re good people, they wouldn’t do that.”

“Whatever man. Just don’t destroy your life here. You might need it if things go south.”

Jiho got up and pulled something out of his pocket, tossing it on the desk, “I went over to check on your apartment for you. Found this on the door. Maybe rethink what your priorities are before you run off to live in a fantasy, you can’t keep bouncing back and forth Kook.” Jiho walked to the door, Jungkook didn’t look up from the desk even as he said, “I’ll be doing my rounds,” and left.

Now alone, he felt his shoulders slump as his gaze landed on the yellow paper that read ‘Eviction Notice’ across the top. He knew it would happen but it sucked to see it. Leaning back in his chair he picked up the paper and looked it over.

God, how his life had changed so much in just two weeks. All the problems he had been so worried about, tuition, rent, working, school, saving money, all of it seemed so stupid now. How could he worry about such things when he knew that magic was real. When he had six boyfriends who were all so amazing and complimented each other in the best ways.

Did he even want to go to school anymore? He loved videography, he loved the course, but if he had the time, couldn’t he teach himself? All the information was there in his textbooks. It might take some trial and error, but he thought he could do it.

So, what was keeping him here?

Jimin stepped back into the room humming a song to himself. He closed the door, eyes landing on Jiho’s chair as he walked over to Jungkook. “Where did your friend go?”

Jungkook didn’t answer, instead spinning his chair to face Jimin and taking his hand, guiding him to sit sideways on his lap. Jimin blinked blushing a bit before giving him a smile. He tilted his head and ran a hand through Jungkook’s hair, his elbow resting on his shoulder. “You okay?”

Jungkook closed his eyes for a moment, humming. The weight and warmth of Jimin in his lap was a feeling unlike any other. He wrapped his arms loosely around his waist. “Jimin-hyung?”

“Mmm?” The boy hummed, fingers brushing his scalp soothingly.

“Can I stay with you?” Jungkook felt Jimin’s hand still but he kept his eyes closed so he couldn’t see his expression. “Can I live with you and the others? No more jumping back and forth. Can I just… I want to be with you all.”

When he was met with silence, Jungkook thought he should probably open his eyes. Except right when he was about too, lips pressed roughly against his own and he made a small sound of surprised. Jimin wasted no time in moving their lips together, kissing him almost desperately.

Jungkook’s hands gripped his waist and Jimin’s hand wrapped around his tie, tugging him deeper into the kiss. Jimin’s lips were just as soft as Taehyung’s but more plump and Jungkook wanted to bite them so badly it almost hurt. He knew he shouldn’t though. He didn’t want to get Jimin or himself too worked up when Jiho would be back in ten minutes to interrupt.

He wanted so badly to lift the boy and turn him so he was straddling him, thighs on either side of him where he could grab them, trace his nails down them to hear the beautiful gasps and sounds that would come out of the Fae. He wanted to do more to the Fae then what ten minutes would allow.

So he kissed him back hard for a moment longer and brought his hand up to the side of Jimin’s neck, hearing and feeling the man breathe in sharply at the warmth of his palm on his skin. He guided Jimin back enough for them to part. Jimin’s gaze was sinful and Jungkook almost lost his resolve in the few seconds he was looking at him. Jimin licked his lips and Jungkook’s eyes followed the action.

Shit. Screw getting shot, this was so much more painful.

“We… we can’t here,” Jungkook mumbled, having to order his body not to move because his hands wanted to roam over Jimin’s. Every inch of skin, every curve, nothing left untouched.

Jimin nodded slightly, seeming to understand but also not making any move to back away. He seemed to be having the same problem as Jungkook. “Yes.”

Jungkook was confused, frowning a bit and tilting his head. Jimin tisked and blushed as he leaned his head forward to press their foreheads together.

“Yes. Stay with us. Please.”

Oh. That’s right. Jimin kissing him had erased his short term memory apparently. Yes? He was, he was allowed to stay with them all? He broke out into a wide smile and slid his hand to the back of Jimin’s neck, giving the skin there a squeeze. “Thank you, hyung.”

Humming pleasantly, Jimin finally sat back, Jungkook’s hand falling back to his hip. He returned the smile. “Honestly Kookie, it kills us letting you step through that door. The others will be really happy.”

“Yeah?” He asked hopefully still in awe over the fact that this person, in his lap, smiling at him so beautifully, was his boyfriend.

Jimin nodded and smoothed out Jungkook’s tie against his chest, smirking lightly. “You should wear these more often.”

Jungkook chuckled and raised a brow, “Why’s that? Like having something to hold onto?”

“I can think of multiple uses for it,” Jimin crossed his legs and ran a hand down his chest, feeling the muscles underneath. “Joonie and I saw the mark you gave Taehyungie,” Jungkook bit his tongue to keep himself from grabbing Jimin’s small wrist and pulling him close again. Jimin leaned to the side to whisper in his ear, “I want one too. I want people to know I’m yours.”

Jungkook tilted his head back with a groan, hands sliding up to grip his waist, “Fuck Jimin.”

“I like that idea,” Jimin smirked teasingly, fingers tracing his jawline gently.

“You’re as bad as Tae,” Jungkook huffed resting the back of his head on the chair, letting Jimin explore his skin as much as he liked.

“Who do you think I learned it from?” Jimin’s fingers brushed down the bridge of his nose before moving to the bruise around his eye. He followed the edge of it, being extra careful not to press on it.

Jungkook watched him for a moment, just taking Jimin in.

Jiho was right. He needed to stop flip flopping. It was time for him to commit.

The next week was a busy one.

Jungkook had asked the others if it was alright to move in the next morning when he got back from work, which resulted in him getting tackled by Hoseok and Taehyung and a resounding yes and ‘Thank the Guardian’ all around.

After Jungkook got some sleep, they went back to his apartment and started moving all of his stuff. It didn’t take too long given that he didn’t have a lot of stuff and the door being right in the room made travelling back and forth easy, though Yoongi and Namjoon insisted he only go through it when he needed too. When everything was moved to the Galaxy, Jimin and Taehyung promised to move all the stuff to his room while he dealt with his school and work.

A few phone calls later he had officially dropped out of school and had quit his jobs.

The phone call with Jiho had been rough. His friend was angry at him, that much had been clear. He told him he was being selfish, that he was making a mistake. From Jiho’s point of view he could understand how stupid this seemed. But Jungkook explained that for once in his life, he felt like he was making the right choice.

While Jiho seemed a bit cold, he eventually said goodbye and good luck.

That had hurt.

It was a strange kind of freedom to have nothing to support him anymore. No job, no school, no friends. Yet he felt so much more complete and happier than he had ever had before. That was how he knew this was the right choice.

He spent the rest of that day unpacking in the Galaxy. The room that had been so plain before started taking on more of him. Much like the others, their rooms depicting who they were.

Jungkook made a note to himself to go back to his world once the whole Sorrow situation was taken care of and empty his bank account. The money he had been saving for next year’s tuition and rent was sitting untouched so he might as well spend it. It was a decent amount of money too. He started making a list of everything he thought he might need. It was a long list and most of it was medicine just in case. He always thought he would have enough to get himself a proper camera and some editing software. Plus, a coffee maker.

He also hoped to take the other out on a date in his world before he left it behind.

The rest of the week was wonderful. He had found his spot in the routine of the day, usually waking up and taking a shower before joining everyone for breakfast. After that he alternated between helping Seokjin in the kitchen or curling up and cuddling with him on the couch while he read, getting Yoongi to teach him how to play the piano or talking for hours on end about everything and anything with him and Yoongi in the library. Sometimes Seokjin would join them too with tea and snacks.

He had told Namjoon everything he had told Yoongi about the crew and the job gone wrong. They had talked about possibilities of what had happened but without more to go on there wasn’t much they could do yet.

Taehyung and Jimin showed him how they ran the shop and taught him more about different ingredients and what magic could do. When they weren’t doing that, Jungkook would watch Taehyung paint or he would sit on the floor behind Jimin’s chair and read his textbooks while Jimin worked on his concoctions. Other times he would show them more cool features on his phone and there was one day where Taehyung had stolen it to take a bunch of pictures of him and the others.

When Jungkook had found the hundreds of photo’s in his gallery he couldn’t bring himself to delete a single one of them.

He’d also made great use of the training ground, spending at least two hours there everyday to work out. Some of the guys would come out with him or just sit and watch, though he didn’t think it was all that entertaining for them to watch him punch a bag of sand.

Today, a week and three days after he had officially moved in, Jungkook was helping Hoseok with the gardens.

They were knelt side by side picking weeds. The air was calm today, a slight breeze ruffling their hair every once and while. For the most part the comfortable atmosphere was only interrupted by Jungkook having to ask if something was a weed every few minutes, and Hoseok regaling him with stories about silly things the others have done or telling him more about the time gremlins got into the greenhouse.

Conversation with Hoseok was easy. His laugh was pure serotonin and just being next to him brightened Jungkook’s day. As the worked around to the front of the house, visited once by Yoongi who brought them some water (and grumbled about having to come outside the whole time), Jungkook found himself facing the patch of flowers that had caught his eyes when he first got here.

Hoseok had explained to him that they were Smeraldo flowers. Unknowingly, Jungkook had begun to associate the flower with the boys, with home. When he explained this to Hoseok in embarrassment, the other had smiled at him softly.

“They’re Jinnie’s flower. That’s why they’re at the front of the house. They’re the first thing we see when we come home.”

Jungkook looked at him, hands dirty and a bit sweaty from the warmth of the air, “They’re Seokjin-hyung’s?”

Hoseok nodded and sat back to take a short break, “They’re a heavenly flower and they hold a lot of meaning to angels. Seokjin gave us each one when he first told us he loved us.”

Jungkook stared at the flowers and smiled. He had gotten the sense that they were specials. Gently he brushed the petals with the tips of his fingers.

“He gave me mine out of the blue one day. I think I had hung up the laundry or something, something little like that and he came up to me and gave me the flower and told me he loved me,” Hoseok put a hand over his heart. “I started bawling right there. It was super embarrassing,” he grinned and laughed.

Jungkook chuckled but he didn’t blame him one bit. Jungkook would have cried too.

They went back to work, Hoseok launching into a story about how Jimin accidently turned Yoongi’s hair blue for a week.

It was when Jungkook stood up to stretch that he felt it again.

The cold.

The ice cold he had felt in the mall.

This time was different though, this time it hurt. It felt like a part of his chest started caving in, giving under a suction that seemed to be coming from inside him. He clamped his eyes shut and grabbed at his shirt, keeling over slightly as his vision blurred.

“Kookie, hey!” Hoseok was next to him before he even realized he’d moved, arms supporting him. It helped, the warmth helped, but it couldn’t seem to press through the cold. “Jimin! Joon! Guys!”

He heard Hoseok yell towards the house as Jungkook grabbed onto his arm trying to breath. He looked around quickly and saw what he hoped he never would again.

Not here.

The black door stood down the path, as haunting and dreadful as he remembered it.

Chapter Text

“H-Hyung,” Jungkook leaned into Hoseok, into the warmth, and gripped his shirt tightly as the doorknob began to turn.

The sound alerted Hoseok to the doors presence and his head whipped around to look just as the black door swung open. “How-”

He was cut off by a monstrous screech, one that had them both covering their ears and could surely have been heard for miles. To Jungkook’s amazement the windows on the house stayed intact but then he remembered the protection spells he’d been told were placed on it.

Fear rooted deep in his veins but with Hoseok next to him he could still think clearly enough to follow the dragon when Hoseok grabbed his hand and bolted for the house. Yoongi ran out onto the porch first and stopped himself at the railing with both hands, eyes locking on the door immediately, his arms lit up in flames.

“Behind you!”

Jungkook couldn’t even turn his head to see what it was before he felt something grab onto his arm roughly, jerking him backwards harshly and throwing him like he weighed nothing. He yelled in pain as he slammed into the ground landing in one of the gardens further down the path. He tried to suck in air, gritting his teeth in pain as he wheezed and rolled onto his side.


Jungkook chanced a look up at what grabbed him, and he really wished he hadn’t. The loud beats of the creature’s massive wings thudded in the air as the vulture like bird cawed and dove at him. It was the size of an elephant and resembled the Sorrow with its inky skin and protruding bones. It smelled putrid, like a rotting corpse.

Jungkook tried to move and as he pushed himself up a sharp pain shot up his shoulder causing him to yelp at the unexpected sensation. His chest burned like his heart had been dipped in ice water. A cracking sound had him looking back as roots shot out of the ground, entangling around the bird and pinning its wings before it could reach him.

The bird screeched and thrashed, the roots already beginning to break. Jungkook jumped when he felt arms wrap around him, eyes snapping to Hoseok who was crouched down next to him. The roots gave way, splintering, not strong enough to hold against the creature. It’s wings broke free and beat against the air forcefully to escape its confines as Hoseok pulled Jungkook to his feet.

The bird twisted its neck down before either of them could move and snapped its beak at Hoseok who instinctively threw an arm up, just catching the skin of the boys forearm and slicing it open. Hoseok cried out in pain. Jungkook’s eyes widened as he watched black blood pour down from the gash.

He was their weakness.

Flames swirled and engulfed the bird making it cry out in pain as the putrid smell turned sour and burnt. The flames licked close to Hoseok and Jungkook quickly ripped away from him making the dragon look at him in shock.

He was their weakness.

“Yoongi, keep it busy!” Jungkook heard Namjoon shout from the porch but he could barely stand on his own, proven only by the increase of pain shooting through him that had him dropping to his knees.

Hoseok lurched to support him again but Jungkook shoved him away, “Don’t touch me! I’ll hurt you!”

Hoseok froze for a second before looking at the flames so near to them. He clenched his fists and Jungkook thought he might have sworn but he was in too much pain to notice. He grabbed at his chest, clawing at it, willing the ever growing pain to stop. His other arm hung uselessly at his side, shoulder burning.

“Tae get them out of there!”

Jungkook locked eyes with Taehyung who appeared next to them, “Come on, we need to get inside.” Taehyung hooked his arms around him and lifted him up. Jungkook had no strength to push him away too.

Hoseok ran after them, the three of them bursting into the house. Jimin guided them to the living room and Jungkook felt himself being laid on the couch.

Jimin watched Taehyung lay Jungkook down as he rooted through his emergency bag that he brought down from his room. He glanced out the window as Namjoon, Yoongi and Seokjin attacked the Corpsewing.

Jimin’s heart pounded but his hands were steady as he grabbed the bottle he was looking for and hurried to Hoseok who was clutching his bleeding arm. He took his hand away from the gash and Jimin carefully poured some of the elixir over the wound. The bleeding stopped almost immediately and Jimin slipped the bottle into Hoseok’s hand, guiding him to sit down.

“Drink the rest,” He ordered, voice unbetraying of the fear that was running through him. Hoseok nodded and downed the rest of the bottle, making a face at the taste.

That was the easy part.

“Minnie! He won’t stop shaking!” Taehyung said in a panic as he gripped onto a shuddering Jungkook. Jimin hurried over to inspect him properly, Taehyung moving out of his way reluctantly.

Jungkook seemed to still be conscious but his whole body was shaking, occasionally jerking slightly, one of his hands was gripped over his chest and Jimin took that as a good indication of where the pain was. His skin was pale and sweat had formed around his pinched brow.

“Taehyung, go get a towel and some water.”

Taehyung nodded and vanished from his spot. Jimin sat on the edge of the couch next to Jungkook’s hip and cupped his face carefully. “Jungkook, are you with us? I need you to talk to me bun.”

The pained gasp that ripped out of the boy the moment he separated his lips to speak had tears coming to Jimin’s eyes. He didn’t know what to do. Jungkook could be dying right now and he had no idea what to do. He had a potion for everything, but potions were useless.

Jimin could hear the others fighting outside and the ungodly shrieks of the Corpsewing. He knew they would be fine, but after seeing Hoseok get injured and the shape Jungkook was in, he couldn’t help but worry.

“C-Cold, cold,” Jungkook stuttered and Jimin swallowed.

“O-Okay, it’s okay, it’s going to be okay. We’ve got you. I um, I just-” Jimin looked around as if the answer to how to help Jungkook was somewhere in the room. He knew he was losing his composure, he was panicking. “Taehyung! Get blankets too!”

Hoseok sat forward on the chair frowning in concern, “Is there anything I can do?”

“I don’t know!” Jimin snapped. “I don’t know okay! I don’t even know what to do, I don’t know how to help him!”

He hadn’t meant to yell at him, and Hoseok seemed to understand that judging by the look he gave him. Jimin was far too scared to worry about hurt feelings at the moment, he would apologize later. He quickly moved to get up to grab the throw off the back of the other couch when he was stopped by a hand grabbing his wrist. Jimin quickly looked at Jungkook who was staring at him through half open unfocused eyes.

“C-Cold Minnie.”

Jimin whimpered and a few tears ran down his cheeks. That wasn’t how he wanted to hear Jungkook use that nickname for the first time. Not laced with pain.

“I know its cold, I’m going to get you a blanket okay? I won’t be gone for even a second,” He tried to reassure. He frowned in concern when Jungkook shook his head and pulled Jimin’s hand closer.

It seemed to take everything in Jungkook to pull his own hand away from his chest and replace it with Jimin’s, pressing the Fae’s palm into him as if it was a lifeline. Jimin blinked in surprise at how warm Jungkook actually felt.

Was he just imagining the cold? Was he sick with something? A fever? Hoseok came over and crouched next to him, putting a hand on Jimin’s shoulder. “Jiminie, focus. Panicking isn’t going to help. Take a deep breath and think.”

Hoseok’s voice was calm enough in the mess of thoughts that he locked onto it in a second, the firm hand on his shoulder gave him something to ground himself. Feeling Jungkook’s heart beating quickly against his palm, he took a breath and tried to think about the situation again.

“When did he start reacting like this?”

Hoseok answered immediately, “Just before the realm door showed up.”

It had gone quiet outside. Jimin hoped that was a good sign.

Okay. Maybe this was magic then. Maybe this wasn’t so far outside his knowledge. Taehyung came back into the room with a basin of water and a cloth as well as a coupled of blankets. Jimin moved slightly so Taehyung could lay the blankets over Jungkook and he felt Jungkook’s grip tighten on his hand.

“I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere Kookie,” he reassured and looked at his hand on his chest again. Something clicked in his mind.

That couldn’t be… there was no way this was a reaction to the negative energy was it? Testing his theory, Jimin let his own energy pulse out of him, making both Taehyung and Hoseok look at him in confusion.

His eyes widened when Jungkook sucked in a sharp breath, his muscles relaxing slighty.

“Hobi, get Yoongi. Taehyung, help me get his shirt off.”

Hoseok didn’t question it, getting up and running to the front door. Jimin heard him calling Yoongi’s name as Taehyung frowned in confusion but helped sit Jungkook up. They both cringed when Jungkook let out a pained moan, head lulling to the side tiredly.

“W-Why are we doing this?” Taehyung asked as he supported Jungkook, guiding his head to rest against his chest as Jimin gently pulled he hand away from his chest to grab the hem of his shirt and start pulling it up. Jungkook let out a disapproving whine at the absence of his hand but he didn’t try to stop them.

“I’ll explain later. Can you lift his arms?”

Taehyung shifted his hold on the human and started lifting his arms only to stop when Jungkook let out a cry of pain. Jimin froze too and quickly looked him over. What had he missed? Was he hurt elsewhere?

Jimin didn’t even have to ask as Jungkook stuttered out between clenched teeth, “S-Shoulder.”

Taehyung slowly settled his arm back down as Jimin pressed a hand along his shoulder carefully. It felt out of place, too far down and protruding strangely. Jungkook shook his head quickly and buried his face into Taehyung’s neck. “Fix later.”

Trusting him, Jimin nodded and quickly went back to his task. “I owe you a shirt Kookie,” he said before grabbing the bottom of the fabric and ripping it, exposing his chest. Jimin would have to appreciate the sight when he wasn’t fearing for the boys life.

Yoongi came running into the room followed by the others, as they laid Jungkook back down, being mindful of his shoulder.

“What do you need me to do?” Yoongi asked stopping next to them and looking Jungkook over.

Jimin took Yoongi’s hand and quickly placed it on Jungkook’s skin in the spot his had been before. Jungkook latched onto Yoongi’s hand with his good one to keep it where it was. The boys eyes were pinched shut as he breathed out shakily.

If this didn’t work, Jimin didn’t know what he would do. He moved out of Yoongi’s way, as he pulled the phoenix right next to the couch, pulling the blankets back off Jungkook. “Lie down with him. He needs positive energy.”

Yoongi looked at Jimin in confusion, the others frowning as well. He looked like he was about to argue but he snapped his mouth shut and nodded. Carefully he slipped onto the couch with Jungkook, Taehyung warning him to be careful of his shoulder.

Once he was settled laying half on top of Jungkook, his other side crammed between the boy and the back of the couch, he let out a calm flow of energy. Jungkook’s reaction was immediate, all the tension draining from his body and his head lulling to the side to rest on the top of Yoongi’s head. His chest rose and fell roughly as he tried to catch his breath, but his shaking slowed to a stop within seconds.

Jimin pulled the blankets over top of the two and quietly asked if Yoongi could keep him warm. The room was silent for a moment as everyone tried to process the events that had just happened.

Seeing Jungkook settle had Jimin relaxing but he still felt jittery. He looked at the others, knowing logically that they should be fine but he felt he needed to ask, “Are you all okay?”

There were nods and a once over proved that yes, they seemed fine. They looked dirty and Jimin was sure they had gotten knocked around a bit, but Hoseok and Jungkook were the only ones to get injured.

“It fled back through the door. They’re both gone now.” Yoongi mumbled, feeling Jungkook’s heartbeat under his hand, cheek pressed against his shoulder.

Taehyung busied himself with gently dabbing the sweat from Jungkook’s brow with a damp cloth.

“How is this possible? How could the realm door open here?” Seokjin frowned as he sat next to Hoseok, gently taking his arm to inspect the already healing cut.

Namjoon furrowed his brow, watching Jungkook carefully. Despite the calm air he couldn’t seem to relax. Jimin felt the same way. “There are very few being’s here that would have that amount of strength. Even just for us to open a realm door it would take all six of us and probably still knock us down for a few hours.”

“Somebody here must have opened it though. Unless they were on the other side of the door. That still doesn’t make sense, no one knows Jungkook is here,” Hoseok said.

“And why did Jungkook react so strongly to the negative energy,” Jimin ran a hand through his hair. They were all speaking in hushed tones, not wanting to interrupt the boys rest. Jimin wasn’t sure if he was asleep or not but his breathing was slowly evening out. “Or even our energy. He shouldn’t be able to feel it that prominently if he repels magic. We can feel it strongly but it doesn’t cause us pain like it did to him.”

Jimin was thanking the Guardian that this time it had turned out to be magic. This time he could sort of help. But he couldn’t help thinking about next time. And the time after that. Jungkook had to fight through his pain to tell Jimin how to help him, to tell him what to do, and there might come a time where he couldn’t do that. He shouldn’t have to do that at all.

He felt the panic subside into fear and dread and guilt, tears welled up in his eyes once more and he bit his lip to hold back a quiet sob. Arms wrapped around him quickly and he turned into Namjoon, hugging him tightly.

“Jiminie…” One of the others said sadly and Jimin let the tears flow freely, hiccupping quietly as he cried into Namjoon’s shoulder.

“Don’t blame yourself Jiminie. Don’t go down that road. This is something we can fix. We can learn. Alright?” Namjoon said quietly stroking the back of his head. “You’ll learn how to help him. He’ll help you learn, and we’ll learn with you. It will just take time.”

Jimin new he was right but the plague of uselessness that had settled in his stomach refused to let go. It had clamped on and he couldn’t stop his thoughts from taking a self-degrading turn.

And then Jungkook laughed.

It took them all by surprise and for a moment they thought they had imagined the sound, as quiet and tired as it was. Yoongi lifted his head off the boy’s chest and looked at him in confusion and slight awe.

Jungkook knew it wasn’t funny.

This was a serious moment and he should be serious. Hell his body hurt like crazy, his shoulder was throbbing and surely dislocated, and he felt so exhausted that he was surprised he hadn’t passed out yet.

But his stupid mind had to think stupid things and yeah it was probably the exhaustion making him a little crazy right now, but he found it absolutely hilarious.

He cracked his eyes open when he felt Yoongi move, glancing at the phoenix who was now looking at him. He offered a tired smile that turned into more laughter and then very quickly a wince but he couldn’t stop smiling.

“You’re a hot water bottle hyung,” he mumbled and shook slightly in repressed laughter. He shifted his good arm and hooked it around Yoongi’s waist to keep him close. Whatever the phoenix was doing, whatever magical energy he was emanating, it felt nice. Amazing. The warmth had pushed out every ounce of cold in him, including the lingering spot at his core. It took the ache away.

“Oh my Guardian he’s lost his mind.” A voice said from the room but he couldn’t tell who had said it.

There was a sniffle and a gasp that had Jungkook turning to find Jimin who was pulling out of Namjoon’s arms and hurrying over to him. “I-I forgot to check for head wounds,” He whimpered and Jungkook could see the hit Jimin took from that fact.

Before Jimin could run his fingers through his hair, Jungkook smiled at him, “Thanks Jimin-hyung.”

Jimin froze with his hand hovering next to him, teary eyes meeting his tired ones. Jungkook wanted to reach up and brush the tears off his beautiful cheeks but his arm use next to useless right now. “B-But I didn’t, I couldn’t-”

“I’m still here aren’t I?”

That fact had them all letting out a breath, Jimin smiled tearfully and put his hand on Jungkook’s forehead, brushing his bangs back gently. “Don’t say that so casually.”

Jungkook hummed and closed his eyes for a moment, Jimin’s touch only adding to the warmth Yoongi gave him. It took seconds for him to realize that he was quickly going to fall asleep, instead he wrenched his eyes open again and mumbled. “Can you, help with my shoulder?”

Jimin perked up and quickly nodded, “Just tell me what you need bun.”

Jungkook liked that nickname. He smiled a bit before taking a breath to try and get his energy up. He knew it would be best to take care of this as soon as possible so it could heal properly. “It’s dislocated. It needs to be popped back into place,” he sighed.

It wasn’t the first time he’d dislocated something. He knew this was going to suck.

“I’m sorry, ‘popped’?” Seokjin’s voice made him nod and he would have laughed more at their stunned faces if he had it in him.

“This will hurt you won’t it?” Jimin asked carefully, seeming to try and steel his resolve. Jungkook nodded. “Like the alcohol?”

“I’m probably going to pass out,” he responded.

There was silence for a moment, Namjoon speaking up first, “Shouldn’t this wait until you’ve recovered a bit first?”

Jungkook began the trial of trying to sit up, Yoongi moving to help him. “It’ll, hurt less later if we do it now.” They shifted carefully into a new position with Jungkook sitting up straight in between Yoongi’s legs with his back against his chest. Jimin sat next to them on the side with his hurt shoulder.

Jungkook shifted and tiredly showed Jimin where to put his hands on the front and back of his shoulder. “You have to force it back in, do it hard and quick okay?”

Jimin looked at him seriously and nodded, Jungkook couldn’t see that guilt anymore behind his determination. He smiled tiredly and turned his head away.

He felt pressure and pain and with the snapping of his shoulder he blacked out.

They brought Jungkook to his room.

Hoseok watched as they tucked Jungkook in, Jimin making sure that the unconscious boy would be comfortable. Yoongi walked over to him waiting by the door. He had switched places with Taehyung who looked about ready to explode if he wasn’t allowed to help in some way. The Fae was curled under the blankets with Jungkook, hand over his heart and giving off soothing energy which helped keep them all calm as well.

It wasn’t often that they had to emit their energy like this. It hovered around them usually but forcing it out was usually seen as aggressive and other magical beings could find it rude or invasive if you weren’t incredibly close to them.

“Let me see,” Yoongi held out his hand and Hoseok knew he meant his arm. He showed it to him and smiled a bit at the frown that overtook Yoongi’s face.

“Jiminie got to it quick, I’m okay,” he said.

The wound was nothing but a scratch along his arm now. To them, this was normal. This was healing. If they got hurt, they drank a potion, put some salve on it, and it was dealt with.

Healing didn’t mean constant pain. It didn’t mean being bed ridden. It didn’t mean popping joints back into place. Not to them at least.

Jungkook really hadn’t been kidding when he said popping though. Hoseok didn’t think any of them would forget that horrible sound anytime soon.

“I almost hit you didn’t I. With my fire.”

Hoseok looked at Yoongi and hesitated before nodding. “Jungkook pushed me away. I didn’t realized why until after. We’re used to fighting around each other, but he adds a new risk.”

Yoongi looked at Jungkook and sighed. “I’m starting to understand why everyone thinks he’s special. I’ve seen him react like this before.”

Hoseok blinked at him, “What? When?”

“Every time he went back to his world, he would grab or rub at his chest. Never this bad though. The first time Joon and I went with him he almost faceplanted. It crossed my mind that he was feeling the drain of magical energy, but I wrote it off. I didn’t think it was possible.”

They watched Jimin lean forward and kiss Jungkook’s forehead softly, giving Taehyung a gentle kiss as well and mumbling something softly to him.

Jimin came over to them, having a hard time looking away from Jungkook, as if the boy would disappear. Hoseok hooked an arm around him and pulled him into his side, kissing his temple. “You did good Jiminie.”

The Fae looked at him with a frown, “Hobi, I’m sorry I snapped at you.”

He hummed and shook his head, “You were scared, I understand. We all were.”

Yoongi crossed his arms, “If a realm door opened here we can assume that whoever opened it will be drained of energy for the next few days at least. Maybe a week if we’re lucky. But it also means we need to take care of this as soon as possible. Jungkook isn’t safe in the Galaxy anymore.”

Jimin leaned his head into Hoseok’s chest and frowned in concern. Hoseok ran a hand through the Fae’s hair to calm him.

“Let’s talk to Jungkook about this when he wakes up. Right now, we should rest, we’ll switch out who watches him every few hours,” Yoongi said.

They left Taehyung and Jungkook alone in the room, Cooky tucked between them.

It wasn’t long though before they all found themselves getting comfy in the room. None of them were leaving their human’s side until he was awake and well.

When Jungkook woke up, he was warm.

Very warm.

Like, verging on hot kind of warm.

The room was dim when he cracked his eyes open, only a single wall light on in the corner, just enough to illuminate the forms of his six boyfriends scattered around the room. Jimin was curled up with Seokjin in a loveseat they must have dragged in from another room. Seokjin had a book loosely held in his lap as if he had fallen asleep reading. Yoongi and Namjoon were laying on either side of Taehyung who had glommed onto Namjoon with an arm and a leg. They had made a makeshift bed on the ground with some extra blankets and pillows.

Hoseok was next to him, an arm over his waist forehead resting against his shoulder.

Jungkook smiled a bit. This was the first time he had woken up to someone being there. It was a nice feeling. Even at the hospital after he was shot, his parents hadn’t been there. His brother was in America at the time. He wasn’t even sure if he heard about it.

He wanted to lay here quietly and enjoy the moment. He wanted to savor this forever, being surrounded by people he-

He loved.


He loved them.

A whole lot.

It wasn’t a big or a life altering realization. It wasn’t even a shock really. He wasn’t scared or nervous or worried. He was happy. That’s how he knew it was love. He loved each and every one of them so much. He couldn’t even imagine not loving them, so no, it wasn’t a surprise to him.

As much as he wanted this moment to go on, he also didn’t want to get heat stroke and he was pretty sure he was minutes from that happening. Shifting his arm he realized they had put at least ten heavy blankets over top of him, some folded over twice. If the heat stroke didn’t kill him the crushing weight might.

Yet it only made him smile wider, blinking the tiredness from his eyes. They were trying. They were trying for him. And he would never complain about that.

Carefully he tried to sit up without waking Hoseok and he managed to get part way up, feeling the cool air against the bare skin of his chest, before he accidently put too much weight on his arm and let out a quiet hiss. Hoseok’s eyes snapped open and Jungkook watched him search around to orient himself before he noticed Jungkook half sitting up. He quickly shifted to his knees next to him and spoke before he registered Jungkook putting a finger to his lips to urge him not to wake the others.

“Kookie? Are you okay? Does it hurt?”

Jungkook sighed as the others jumped awake, Seokjin almost throwing Jimin off him in his surprise, though a clumsy catch kept the Fae from hitting the floor.

“You’re awake!”

“What’s wrong? Do you need something?” Jimin hurried to the edge of the bed, waving a hand and turning on another light.

Taehyung jumped onto the foot of the bed, shaking the mattress, and making Jungkook wince a bit as Jimin helped him sit up.

“Careful Tae,” Namjoon scolded lightly, hooking an arm around Taehyung to keep him still.

Jungkook stayed quiet, just looking at each of them. He barely noticed when Jimin pressed a glass to his lips carefully. He could still use his hands well enough, but he let the Fae take care of him, sipping at the water as he tilted the glass. It wasn’t until the cool liquid touched his tongue that he realized how dry his mouth was.

When Jimin pulled away, Seokjin sat on the edge of the bed near his feet and put a hand on his leg, though he couldn’t feel it through the thickness of the blankets. “How are you feeling bun?”

Jungkook opened his mouth only to close it again. How was he feeling? There was no cold in his chest, no pain. No evidence of there ever having been pain. Sure his shoulder ached and he knew it would bruise and be uncomfortable for a while, but his arm could move easily again.

“Good. I feel good,” he smiled at their sighs of relief and Hoseok practically flopped back on the bed. “Except I might actually die of overheating if we don’t take some of these blankets off.”

Jimin laughed a bit and Jungkook was happy to see him smiling. He had a hazy recollection of him crying, but the memories from before where cloudy at best. He tugged most of the blankets off and Seokjin folded them neatly, piling them off to the side as Jungkook remembered something.

“Hobi-hyung your arm, are you-” Jungkook quickly grabbed the other boy’s arm and looked at it. Seeing no evidence of a wound he blinked and frowned, taking his other arm too in case he got the wrong one. “It’s gone?” He looked at Hoseok and sat back a bit at the strange expression on the others face. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Hoseok sucked in a breath, “You called me Hobi.”

Jungkook winced a little. He hesitated to use their nicknames for each other because he wasn’t sure if they held any significant meaning between them. A few times though they slipped out because he was so used to hearing them. “Sorry, is that, is that okay?”

“Of course it’s okay! We’ve been waiting forever for you to call us by our nicknames!” Hoseok beamed and Jungkook had to look at the others for confirmation. He was met with a lot of nodding.

“Oh.” Jungkook blushed and looked back at Hoseok’s arms, “You got hurt didn’t you? Because of me?”

Jungkook didn’t look up at them, brow pinched in displeasure. A lot about the situation was bad. The fact that the door showed up here was bad. He had been at risk from it since the beginning but the others had been safe. Now they weren’t. That was his fault.

He had brought the nightmares to this peaceful dream.

Hoseok’s finger tapped under his chin, making him look up to see him smiling as brightly as ever. “Don’t ‘zone out’ on us. You never go anywhere good when you do that. You’re here with us, and we’re all okay. More or less,” he glanced at Jungkook’s shoulder making him chuckle. “Thing’s aren’t as heavy when you have seven pairs of hands to help carry them.”

Jungkook knew what he meant by that. He understood. Since meeting the guys, no problem they were faced with worried him as much after he talked to them. Nothing seemed as scary as his mind seemed to make it out to be when he had someone there to hug him.

“I’m sorry,” Jungkook quickly held up a hand to stop Hoseok from talking before he continued, “I know. Just let me say it for my own peace of mind. I’m sorry I brought this on all of you. That your home and your lives were put at risk for me. It… It might happen again,” he said honestly, dreading the thought.

Yoongi spoke first from his spot next to Seokjin, “We knew you would be trouble the minute the Fae’s found you on our porch. If we were that worried we wouldn’t have gone to find you again.” His tone was teasing and Jungkook smiled a little at the memory. He supposed it had been a mess from the beginning. So what was a little more chaos?

“We’ll figure this out,” Namjoon smiled. “But we need you to tell us about the feeling you had when the door showed up.”

Jungkook tilted his head, not sure how the two were connected. “It was like the first time, just it was stronger, it hurt a lot and it wasn’t, so much emotions just pain. Didn’t you say that’s how people feel when they’re faced with Sorrow’s?”

“That wasn’t a Sorrow. It was Corpsewing,” Seokjin explained. “They’re from the same realm and just like Sorrow’s they’re usually very docile.”

“That would explain the smell,” Jungkook scrunched up his nose a bit. “So why are docile creatures trying to kill me?”

“Let’s tackle one thing at a time, that cold feeling, have you felt it any other times? Not around the door or the creatures?” Namjoon asked.

Jungkook thought back and nodded. “Every time I go back to my world. I remember when I first got here I felt really warm, right here,” he put a hand on his chest. Pausing when he remembered he was shirtless and suddenly becoming very aware of their eyes on him, he subtly tried to pull the blankets up a little higher to cover himself which elicited some amused smirks and snickers from the others.

“Warm?” Namjoon and Yoongi traded a look.

Jungkook nodded, “Yeah, it was… probably the best feeling I’d ever felt. When I go back to my world though it feels like… a snapping? Like the warmth is being ripped out of me.”

“It is magical energy you’re feeling then,” Hoseok frowned, holding his hand and brushing his thumb along his knuckles. “We can’t even feel the energy that intensely. You shouldn’t be able too at all.”

“This might sound like a weird question Kookie, but is there any chance at all, that you might be a magical being? Or somehow related to one?” Namjoon asked.

Jungkook almost laughed, shaking his head. “Not a chance. I’m about as magical as a potato.”

Taehyung snickered.

“Just have to be sure. For some reason you can feel negative and positive energy, when you should be repelling all energy. We think this might have something to do with whatever was in that box the man who shot you tried to give you. You had to gather information about him right? Was there anything strange about him?”

Jungkook thought about it before shaking his head. “He was a businessman. Seemed to live a pretty straight-laced life. After that night though he vanished. I couldn’t figure out what happened to him.”

They settled into contemplative silence for a moment before Seokjin waved a hand, “Enough of this for now. We should let Jungkook rest some more. Are you hungry? I can put something together for you if you like.”

Jungkook hesitated. He was hungry. Really hungry. But if he said yes then Seokjin would leave. Thinking quickly he brought a hand up to his shoulder and pretended to wince a little. Jimin frowned and leaned over him slightly to take a look at it. “Does it still hurt a lot? I didn’t put it back wrong did I?”

“No! You did it perfectly Minnie,” Jimin seemed to perk up a little at the nickname, “It’ll just hurt for a little while. But um…” He shifts trying to think of a way to ask for what he wanted right now.

“Is there something that will help? Ice? Maybe a hot press?” Jimin hummed, frowning in concern.


Jungkook said it quickly but he couldn’t help blushing after the word rushed out of his mouth. They all blinked at him and he hurried to explain.

“I-It’s scientifically proven that kissing helps human’s heal faster. That’s why parents kiss their children’s injuries when they hurt themselves. It’s a well-known fact.”

He was met with stunned stares and he wanted to pull all the blankets back on the bed and suffocate himself with them. Jimin suddenly grabbed his hand and he drew his eyes up to look at him. The Fae’s eyes were wide and innocent. “Kookie is that true? That helps?”

“Ah yup, sure does.”

Taehyung gasped excitedly, “This is the greatest thing about human’s you’ve ever told us Jungkookie.”

“Scientifically proven huh?” Namjoon raised a brow and smirked a bit, clearly knowing that wasn’t exactly how it work. Seokjin and Yoongi seemed skeptical but willing to play along, smiling at each other a bit before looking back at Jungkook.

Jungkook felt a hand grasp his chin and he was turned to look at Hoseok who smirked at him, a far cry from his usually bright smile. The look in his eyes was something Jungkook could only describe as dangerous and the shiver that ran down his spine was only from the most pleasant of feelings.

“Well we can’t have our bun hurting now can we,” Hoseok tiled his head, hovering his lips over Jungkook’s.

“Go easy Hobi, he’s still hurt,” Namjoon warned, if Jungkook wasn’t mistaken his voice sounded a tad deeper then normal.

Hoseok hummed in acknowledgment.

Jungkook swallowed, very much aware of everyone looking at them. He knew they must have been used to seeing each other in very intimate positions with each other, but Jungkook’s experiences had always been behind close doors with him and his partner. He wasn’t used to being under so many heavy gazes and it… was thrilling. His heart was hammering hard in his chest. Especially knowing he was safe with them, that they would never hurt him.

Hoseok gave him ample time to refuse, to pull away if he wanted, but all it did was make him more eager. The tips of his fingers dug so deliciously into the skin of his jaw, so controlling and firm. Jungkook wouldn’t pull away if someone tried to pay him too.

Jungkook did what he was quickly figuring out was a weakness for all of them. He licked his lip gently.

Hoseok’s eyes darted to his lips and instead of dilating, his pupils constricted into slits much like a dragon’s he’d seen depicted in media and he watched in awe as some green coloured the boys eyes. He felt like prey under a predator’s gaze and he would be lying if he said he even remotely disliked it.

Hoseok let out a deep hum and leaned in to kiss him. Hoseok did most of the movement, holding Jungkook still by the jaw so he didn’t upset his shoulder. Their lips fit together so perfectly as the kiss stayed tender and sweet. The desire was there, barely controlled by both of them and wanting to burst free unrestrained.

 Jungkook tried to convey everything he felt towards the dragon through the kiss. The gratitude, the guilt, the love. He liked to think Hoseok got the message as his hand slid to the side of his neck and his thumb brushed ever so lovingly over his cheek.

When they pulled away it was slow, languid. Jungkook opened his eyes to take in Hoseok’s beautiful ones as the other pressed his lips against his once, twice, more as if he couldn’t quite get enough.

“Bun, that was,” Hoseok nearly moaned and licked his lips as if tasting him making Jungkook blush hard. Once again he marveled at how easily these men could fluster him.

“Feels good right?” Taehyung spoke up, moving up the bed to kneel beside Hoseok with a smirk. He took the dragon’s shirt in his hands and tugged the other close, “Can I taste?”

Hoseok hook an arm around Taehyung’s waist, pulling him flush against his side as he kissed him hard enough to make Taehyung arch into him. Jungkook watched the two kiss, Hoseok’s hand still against the side of his neck. It was a strange sensation to watch two people kiss right in front of you. He understood now how they felt and why there wasn’t any jealousy. It felt good to watch them be together, to care for one another, especially in such an intimate sense.

Taehyung pulled away and turned to look at Jungkook while he ran his hand through Hoseok’s hair, keeping the other close. Hoseok’s hand had slipped underneath the Fae’s shirt to rest on the bare skin of his lower back. “Kookie, we have to make sure you heal up really well.”

The Fae made an attempt to reach over and slide a hand up his thigh but was foiled by Yoongi grabbing the back of his collar and tugging him off the bed. Taehyung yelped a bit and stumbled to get his footing.

“What did Joonie just say? Take it easy. He’s supposed to be resting.” Yoongi huffed though the way he kept glancing at Taehyung’s lips made Jungkook think he had stopped him more for his own sake then theirs.

“He can rest! I’ll do all the work,” Taehyung winked at Jungkook who chuckled a bit.

Jimin shook his head, “Later. Try and get some more sleep Kookie, it’s not even day yet.”

Jungkook glanced out the window, a bit surprised to find that it was in fact dark out. He had been out for hours then. Taking Jimin’s advice, Jungkook shifted back down with Hoseok’s help. Once he was on his back, Jimin turned the lights back off and the others made their move to leave.

“Could you stay?” Jungkook found himself saying, voice smaller then he meant it to be. He fiddled with Cooky gently as everyone looked at him. “Just until I fall asleep?” He knew he sounded like a child, but he didn’t want to let this moment go.

Jimin moved back to the bed and leaned down and kissed his forehead, then his cheek, then his lips. “Of course Kookie. We’d be happy too.”

The bed wasn’t made for seven people yet somehow, they made it work. Just like they’re perfectly imperfect puzzle.

Chapter Text

Jungkook was frustrated.

When Jungkook was frustrated, he also tended to be very determined to solve whatever was frustrating him.

In this case, it was his boyfriends.

No, it wasn’t because for two days they barely let him out of his room and kept encouraging him to sit down whenever they thought he’d been standing too long. It wasn’t because, despite constantly telling them that he was fine, they kept babying him and asking if they could do anything to help, only to end up peppering him with kisses so he could heal quicker and so it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Actually, he loved all of that. So much. It was something he wasn’t used too, being taken care of so extremely, and he thought that it might have annoyed him but he couldn’t find even an ounce of annoyance when Seokjin stayed to make sure he ate all the food he brought up, or when Yoongi would quietly sit and listen to music with him on Jungkook’s phone. How could he feel annoyed when Hoseok brought a small table with some plants that were known to give off positive energies and he set it up by Jungkook’s window? Or when Namjoon would read to him?

No one had ever tried so hard for him. No one had cared so much.

So no, that wasn’t the source of his frustration.

His frustration stemmed from the sheer fact that he was so incredibly horny.

Honestly, he was surprised he had lasted this long with a house full of incredibly hot men who loved to tease him to no end. The fact that they always seemed so calm and composed also bothered him. He knew they had been trying to ease him into that side of the relationship, given how the most physical they had gotten was making out.

He didn’t think they quite understood that he really wasn’t new to sex. He was confident enough to say that he was actually pretty good at it.

It wasn’t even just about the sex. He wanted that, of course, but he also wanted them to know that he was all in. This wasn’t something he was going to be flimsy about or decide later that he didn’t want. He knew himself well enough to know he would give his life for them, and that wasn’t going to change in a week, or a month, or any period of time.

He was whipped. Sue him.

After Jungkook had started yet another day with an ice-cold shower, he decided it was time to act (and he was seriously going to start getting sick if he didn’t find another way to solve his problem).

After his shower Jungkook went through his clothes to find the sexiest outfit in his arsenal.

To be fair, he didn’t have a ton of options, so it came down to the jeans Taehyung had borrowed from him when they went to school, the pair with the rips up the thighs, and a black button up that he tucked into the waist of his pants and left the top button undone.

To top off the simple look, he found one of his chokers, a plain velvet black that matched the shirt perfectly and put it around his neck. He wanted to be the one teasing this time. He wanted to make them see that he wasn’t going to be scared off and that it was alright for them to ask him for things.

It helped that they didn’t know much about human fashion so they likely wouldn’t clue in that this was him ‘dressing up’. He really couldn’t wait until it was safe to go back to his world though. He really wanted to get new clothes. The only reason he had gotten the button up in the first place was for interviews. Though he had worn it out the few times he’d been to clubs.

Again, he really didn’t have a lot of clothing options.

Jimin had helped him make a sling for his arm for the last two days but his arm didn’t hurt that much anymore so he didn’t bother putting it on. It certainly wasn’t healed, he wasn’t superhuman or something, it would be a long while before it was back to full strength, but he could move it carefully without too much worry. So long as he didn’t put too much pressure on it or try to lift anything with it, it would be fine.

Jungkook thought about how to go about this and who to start with. As he contemplated, he hummed a song to himself and made his bed. He wanted his first time with them to have all of them present. He’d thought about that a lot. That was a moment he wanted them all there for and he already knew who he wanted to be his first of the group. Part of him worried it would cause some feelings to be hurt but he hoped they would understand why.

He was reassured by them multiple times that they didn’t get jealous of each other. If it were someone else outside of the group that was making moves on one of them then yes, there would be a problem. Jungkook understood what they meant, seeing as he only felt attraction and happiness seeing the others interact with each other, but there was still doubt sometimes.

If he could, he would be dragging them all to the bedroom right now, but Seokjin and Namjoon were out, needed in a village nearby. For now, he determined he was alright with doing basically everything except sex with them individually. He just wasn’t sure how to bring that up to them.

Luckily he didn’t need to contemplate long as Taehyung came barging in with the all the answers.

“Kookie! It’s gone!” The Fae yelled as he stormed into the room, pouting fiercely. Jungkook looked over and raised a brow just as Taehyung’s eyes landed on him.

Jungkook had to force himself not to smirk as the other froze, eyes wide as they swept over his body, taking their time on his legs. He tilted his head a bit as Taehyung’s eyes landed on his neck, he watched the Fae swallow.

“What’s gone hyung?” Jungkook asked after a beat of silence. When Taehyung didn’t respond, he walked up to him and waved a hand in front of his face. “Hyung?”

“Hm? Oh uh,” Taehyung blinked, trying to meet his eyes but his attention kept flickering down to the black band around his neck, “Mark. The mark you gave me. It’s gone,” He finally met his gaze and pouted once more, looking genuinely upset.

Jungkook smiled lightly. He hadn’t met anyone who liked hickey’s that much, most people tried to hide them or got embarrassed by them. He reached up and hooked a finger in the collar of Taehyung’s shirt, pulling it to the side a bit to see more of his shoulder. It was wonderful how quickly Taehyung tipped his head as if offering his neck to him.

Jungkook licked his lips and Taehyung let out a breath.

“It heals hyung, it’s a bruise,” he said casually. He knew what Taehyung wanted, but he would need to ask for it before Jungkook did anything. Except the Fae still seemed to be extremely distracted by his attire so he was curious if he would even be able too.

“I wanted too…” Taehyung trailed off.

Jungkook hummed curiously, pretending not to notice how heated his gaze was. “You wanted too..?” He urged gently.

The Fae seemed to forget what he had been going to say, changing the topic quickly.

“What um, what is that Kookie?” The Fae’s voice cracked and Jungkook bit back a chuckle as the man lifted a hand as if to brush his fingers against the side of the choker but pulled his hand back and ran it through his blonde hair instead.

Jungkook touched the velvet and smiled, “It’s a choker, it’s just an accessory. Does it look okay?”

He knew he was being cruel, but the strangled half whine that came out of Taehyung was incredibly satisfying and didn’t exactly help his problem. Despite knowing this would backfire, he was still determined to tease them until someone cracked and initiated more.

“You look, it’s good, it’s good you look wonderful.”

Jungkook traced the tip of his finger along Taehyung’s collarbone, mapping the spot in his mind with the utmost care. “Did you need something Tae-Hyung?”

The Fae shivered and stepped closer to him, only an inch between them now. Jungkook glanced at Taehyung’s hand as he pinched Jungkook’s shirt between his fingers lightly. “Kookie…”

Jungkook was about to respond when Jimin came into the room.

They both looked over at him as Jimin started speaking, “Oh here you are, I was looking for you Taetae. I was wondering if you wanted… too…” Jimin seemed to sense the tension in the room, taking in the two with wide eyes. Much like Taehyung had, Jimin’s gaze traced down Jungkook’s body slowly and he flushed a deep pretty red. “W-Wow Jungkook you look amazing.”

Jungkook smiled and laughed a little, “Thanks hyung.”

Taehyung tugged on his shirt while looking at Jimin, “Him.”

Jungkook raised a brow questioningly causing Taehyung to turn back to him. “Mark him please.”

Oh, well, how could Jungkook say no to that?

Jimin had been jittery since the attack. Jungkook knew it was because he was scared that he couldn’t help Jungkook much when he was hurt and Jungkook understood that fear. He wanted to do everything in his power to help him overcome it. They had talked about when Jungkook was able to go back that he would get some medical books so he could study their medicine and practices. Until then, all Jungkook could do was be honest about when he was hurting and to tell Jimin when there was something he could do to help, even as small as the task might be.

He hated seeing Jimin crying, it hurt worse than the pain he had been in at the time.

So of course, Jungkook was going to take the time to shower the man with attention and he was almost certain Taehyung was thinking the same thing. Jimin could use some stress relief.

Jimin looked like he had no clue what was going on as Jungkook smirked and approached him calmly. He glanced between him and Taehyung before settling on Jungkook and blushing more.

“Hi Minie,” Jungkook said slowly when he stopped in front of him, smiling.


Jungkook glanced down at the book that he just noticed Jimin was holding, looking back up into his eyes, he gently put a hand over Jimin’s, his much larger hands engulfing the man’s smaller ones. “Taetae wants me to give you a mark like I gave him before. Is that okay? You can say no,” he said casually. He trusted Jimin to tell him if it wasn’t something he wanted, but he had to say it just in case.

“M-Mark? Like…?” Jimin touched his neck with his free hand and looked at Taehyung as he came over.

The blonde slid in behind the pink haired man and hooked his arms around his waist, resting his chin on his shoulder, “Mmmm, just like I showed you Minie.”

Jungkook gently took the book out of Jimin’s hands and lightly tossed it on the bed behind him. He wasn’t sure what Taehyung meant by having shown him, but the imagery that ran through his mind was something else. Watching as Taehyung nuzzled against Jimin’s neck, the tip of his nose tracing a path up to his jaw where he pressed a loving kiss, Jungkook took a moment to take in the sight.

The way Jimin shivered and leaned into Taehyung’s touch made Jungkook’s heart stutter with adoration.

“Jimin-hyung, I don’t think I’ve ever told you how beautiful you are,” he couldn’t help but say as he stepped into Jimin’s space, trapping him between himself and Taehyung. The shuddering breath the Fae released and the way his eyes fluttered almost had Jungkook cursing. If that’s how he was going to react, he would gladly praise the man all day.

Taehyung smirked over Jimin’s shoulder, “Jiminie likes compliments, don’t you Minie?”

Jimin huffed, cheeks still a rosy colour, and pouted, “Tae…” he whined.

Jungkook already figured Jimin had a praise kink. He saw how the other practically beamed at even the smallest of compliments. It was adorable and they were all more than happy to oblige it. Though Jungkook suspected Taehyung had a similar kink of his own but he would need to test that theory to be sure.

He was also certain that Jimin had a thing for strength or muscles. Maybe both. He would usually be the one to come and watch him train most often and if Taehyung was with him, Jungkook would see him having to work extra hard to keep Jimin’s attention. Not that the other Fae seemed to mind, if anything he seemed to find it amusing trying to make a game of how long he could talk to Jimin before the man’s attention was back on Jungkook.

“Oh? Do you like when I call you pretty?” Jungkook asked, hand lightly grabbing Jimin’s jaw and tilting his head back slightly.

Jimin was thankful for Taehyung supporting him because Jungkook was barely touching him and he was already about to fall over. The Fae couldn’t believe how easy it was to get lost in the smooth tone of Jungkook’s voice, especially when that voice was calling him such flattering things.

A shudder ran down his spine and he couldn’t help wishing Jungkook would stop being so gentle with him. He wanted him to dig his fingers into his skin, to move him how he wished, to let Jimin taste that pain that Taehyung couldn’t stop raving about.

The more he thought about Jungkook leaving his mark on him, the more anticipated he became. Taehyung’s hands slipped under his shirt and he felt his fingers drag along the skin of his stomach and waist. Jimin found he couldn’t look away from the human in front of him, his deep brown eyes trapping him in their gaze.

It took Jimin a second to even remember a question had been asked and it took another moment for Jimin to recover from Jungkook suddenly moving closer, lips hovering just over his own. He could feel his breath against his lips and Taehyung’s breath against his neck.

Giving a small nod in response to Jungkook’s question, Jimin almost whined when the human tilted his head back further, leaning forward so their chests pressed together and his mouth was next to his ear.

“Words sweetheart.”

Jimin’s eyes fluttered closed and he pressed back against Taehyung, “Yes, I like when y-you call me that,” He practically purred. He wasn’t sure himself if he was referring to being called ‘pretty’ or ‘sweetheart’. He had never heard such a name before but rolling off Jungkook’s tongue it sounded like the most caring word he’d ever heard. It struck a chord deep inside him and he almost asked to hear it again.

Jungkook let out a low hum which Jimin could feel reverberate through his chest. The human lifted his other hand carefully and Jimin was reminded that he was still hurt. Frowning a little, he tried to come to his senses and was about to gently push Jungkook back when he felt Taehyung shift behind him. The sound of a kiss next to his ear and Taehyung’s breathy moan had all thoughts of stopping vanishing from his mind.

Instead, he grabbed onto Jungkook’s shirt tightly and tried to pull him even closer.

The two pulled away and the wet sound was enough to have his mind clouding in want. Jungkook only added to it when he spoke again, his voice like honey, “Tae, can you help me?”

Taehyung took a second to respond and when he did it was almost as desperate as Jimin felt. Jungkook hadn’t even done anything to them yet and Jimin felt so incredibly wired with anticipation that he actually understood now how Taehyung said he could have finished from just kissing. It was like Jungkook knew how to play with the tension in the air, to keep it ever increasing with just a look or a few words or gentle touches that carried the promise of so much more to come.

“With what?” Taehyung hummed.

Jungkook turned his head and pressed a kiss to Jimin’s skin just below his ear making him gasp at the contact and whine when he pulled away. He wanted more. He wanted Jungkook and Taehyung to ravish him, to make him forget his own name, he wanted to make them feel good too.

“Can you mark Minie on this side?” Jungkook asked. His words had both him and Taehyung pausing.

Jimin twisted his head to the side a bit to see Taehyung and he saw him frowning slightly in confusion. They both looked back at Jungkook when he chuckled.

“As long as I’m touching him, he’s basically human right?”

Jimin’s eyes widened at the thought. Human? He supposed that was sort of true in a sense. Jungkook made them… human. Like him. When they first met, Jimin might have taken that as an insult. His ignorance on human’s and the misunderstanding that human’s were weak would have made an unpleasant feeling swirl in his gut at the thought of being called one.

But now, having learned so much more incredible things about humans and how the fact that they were weak to everything only made them one of the strongest species Jimin had ever heard about, he took it as nothing but a compliment. Jungkook was incredibly strong, likely stronger than all of them. Jimin felt his heart swell at the thought of Jungkook thinking of them as equals.

Another thought had his throat closing up with emotion. Touching Jungkook meant not only could he leave marks on him, but so could the others. Jimin thought about having marks littering his body from all six of his lovers, proof of their passion and love for each other and he felt the threat of tears behind his eyes.

Looking at Taehyung, he knew the man was having similar thoughts.

“I-I want that. I want you to mark me too Taetae. Please,” Jimin said, voice thick with joy and love.

Taehyung looked at him and smiled softly, he pressed his forehead against Jimin’s temple and nodded lightly.

When Jimin looked back at Jungkook, there was something in his eyes that was new. Something soft and gentle and caring yet so deep and firm. Jimin didn’t let himself hope that it was what he so wished it was. He wouldn’t let his hope pressure Jungkook.

He wasn’t sure if Jungkook knew how much he had given them since he had shown up. Life before they knew Jungkook was wonderful, he was always happy with it just being the six of them and even the thought of adding another, of loving someone else as much as he did his lovers, seemed impossible.

And then Jungkook happened. He showed up out of the blue and showed them a world they knew so little about, taught them things that they didn’t even know where possible, and made them fall in love with him. He made them feel complete. The last piece of their puzzle.

Jungkook was the first to move, pressing a soft kiss to Jimin’s lips and not lingering nearly as long as Jimin wanted him too. He couldn’t have continued the kiss even if he wanted to though as a gasp ripped out of him when Jungkook’s knee slipped between his own, separating his legs slightly.

Taehyung’s arms tightened around him to keep him on his feet and his hands slid under his shirt, his warm palms caressing his skin as he began to press kisses along Jimin’s neck and shoulder.

Jungkook’s thigh pressed against him and he groaned, fingers gripping Jungkook’s shirt tightly enough he could rip it if he wasn’t careful. The heat in his core stirred to life, flooding through his veins, and igniting him from the tips of his fingers to his toes which curled against the wood floor.

“Don’t let him fall Taetae,” Jungkook chuckled and received a moan from Taehyung in response which Jimin felt through the pulse point on his neck.

Jimin barely felt Jungkook move to begin kissing the other side of his neck, efforts focused on trying to chase the heat in his stomach and despite the very little room to move he managed to rock his hips, grinding himself on Jungkook’s wonderful thigh in search of any kind of friction.

The rhythm of his hips didn’t last long and stuttered to a halt as pleasure pulsed through him when somehow, both men sunk their teeth into his neck in unison and Jimin felt his legs give out, head rocking back against Taehyung as he let out a strangled moan.

The sparking, tingling pain that shot right to the base of his skull almost did him in. He was certain he would have been a crumbled heap on the floor right now if it weren’t for the two men now supporting his full weight. Jimin couldn’t even focus enough to bring his hips back into motion, Jungkook’s thigh simply pressing firmly against him in such a deliciously taunting way.

“I wish you could see yourself Jimin-hyung,” Jungkook mumbled after sucking deeply on his skin, his breath fanning over the spot, cooling it and making him shudder. Taehyung bit down again and licked gently to ease the sharp sensation. Something he surely learned from Jungkook. “So perfect for us. The things I want to do to you…”

Jimin felt teeth nip at his ear just as he rolled his hips forward, sliding his thigh between his legs.

“F-Fuck, Jungkook, yes,” His hands grabbed at the man’s collar and he arched his back when his thigh slid against him again. “Anything. Anything you want,” he panted.

“Anything? Oh, sweetheart, those are dangerous words,” Jungkook pulled away from his neck and seemed to take in his work before kissing him. Jimin immediately tried to deepen the kiss but Jungkook gripped his hair to keep control. He kept the kiss chaste and gentle, which would have been all well and good if Jimin wasn’t about to go insane with need.

“So eager Jiminie,” Taehyung chuckled, his hands sliding up his sides to his ribs lifting his shirt, “Do you like that name? Sweetheart? It suits you. Just imagine how good he would feel against you if these clothes weren’t in the way.”

Jimin sucked in a harsh breath and before his mind could run wild, he looked at Jungkook, “How far are you,” he fought to get the words out, core burning with the need for release. “How far are you comfortable with going?”

Jungkook seemed a bit surprised by the question and the reaction endeared him as much as it terrified him. Had no one asked him that before? Had people not considered Jungkook’s feelings in situations like these? Jimin didn’t like the thought of Jungkook with other people but he wasn’t upset about him having had past partners. Of course he wouldn’t be upset over something like that. What worried him was how Jungkook might have been treated by those past partners.

He always seemed so taken aback by the smallest amount of care even before they started courting him. That care wasn’t overly affectionate, it was just basic kindness and yet Jungkook still didn’t seem to know what to do with it sometimes.

Jungkook’s surprise morphed into a small smile, “Everything except sex,” Jungkook paused and glanced away, cheeks turning red as he rushed to say, “Yet. I mean. I want too. Soon hopefully. But I want everyone there. If that’s okay…”

Jimin cupped his face in his hands, drawing his attention back to him. Taehyung was resting his chin on his shoulder again, watching Jungkook with a small frown.

“Hey, Kookie, you know you don’t have to right? We aren’t expecting anything from you. We won’t be mad if you don’t want to go further than this,” Jimin said. No matter how turned on Jimin was right now, if Jungkook said no, he wouldn’t push him further. They took things like that very seriously.

Jungkook chuckled and turned his face into his hand to kiss his palm, “I promise I do. You guys have been torturing me for weeks.”

With that, Jungkook’s smirk was back, and Jimin felt a spike of excitement rush through him.

“We’ve been torturing you?” Taehyung huffed over his shoulder. “I think you have that a little backwards Kookie.”

Jungkook blinked at them innocently and Jimin almost groaned. “Do you even know how attractive you are?” Jimin let his hand follow the curve of his shoulder and down his uninjured arm, stopping at his bicep and giving it a squeeze. The muscle under his fingers had him biting his lip. “You’re seriously-”

Jungkook didn’t give him time to finish his sentence, dropping into a crouch and hooking his arm around the tops of his thighs and suddenly Jimin was being lifted. Gasping in surprise he grasped onto Jungkook’s shoulders, quickly shifting one hand to hold onto his shirt instead to avoid his injury and his legs latched around his hips.

Jimin stared down at Jungkook, not a single sign of strain or effort on the man’s face yet Jimin could feel the tension in his muscles, the firmness of his arm hooked under him to support his weight, the shift of abdominal muscles between his thighs.

Jungkook had lifted him with one arm like he weighed nothing.

Snapping, Jimin slammed his mouth against Jungkook’s, a messy kiss of tongue and teeth and all the desperation Jimin had felt building in him. He felt them moving and his hands were tugged from gripping Jungkook’s hair as he was suddenly tossed onto the bed. He bounced slightly on the mattress, looking up at Taehyung and Jungkook who were regarding him as if he were their next meal and they hadn’t eaten in weeks. His shirt had ridden up, exposing the skin of his stomach and he was certain he looked disheveled at best.

He watched with half lidded eyes as Jungkook turned to Taehyung and tugged him against him, handling the other so easily that it had him groan. Jimin watched them kiss, seeing Jungkook’s tongue slip into Taehyung’s mouth and the way the Fae arched into him.

He watched Jungkook’s hands follow the curves of Taehyung’s body, stopping to squeeze his ass and press him closer, slotting their bodies together like they were made to fit that way. Jimin couldn’t help himself, letting his own hand trace down to the front of his pants and palming himself as he watched the two.

His quiet whine was enough to catch their attention and they turned back to him, Jungkook eye’s almost dangerous in their want and Taehyung looked like he had practically had his soul sucked out of him.

“Isn’t he gorgeous Tae? Looking at us so desperately,” Jungkook voice took a deeper, more hoarse tone and Jimin pressed his hand down harder, picking up his pace as he dug his heels into the bed. His words echoed in his mind. Jungkook thought he was pretty, that he looked good like this.

Taehyung mumbled something and Jungkook guided them onto the bed. Jimin was too far gone to be fully aware of what they were doing. He felt the knot below his stomach tighten, felt the familiar pleasant tension that told him that he was about to come undone.

Just before he could, just on the cusp of the tension, he felt a hand grab his wrist and pull his hand off of himself. Jimin choked and raised his hips, searching for some kind pressure. “Mmm Taetae, Kookie, please, so close, please,” he panted, whining desperately.

“Shh we’ve got you sweetheart,” Jungkook was in front of him then, pressed his lips against his. “Tae is going to take good care of you, you’ve been so good for us Minie.”

Jimin searched Jungkook’s eyes, chest rising and falling heavily. Jungkook’s hand found it’s way into his shirt and pushed it up as he felt his palm against his skin. Jungkook’s hands were rough and calloused which Jimin found he adored greatly, feeling so good on his smooth chest.

“G-Good?” Jimin found himself saying breathlessly between kisses.

“So good. Perfect. Minie you’re so lovely, I would give you the world if I owned it,” Jungkook kissed him again as Jimin felt the bed shift when Taehyung moved and then a weight settled over his thighs.

Taehyung leaned forward over top of him, resting his elbow next to Jimin’s head to support himself. His hand slipped under the waist band of Jimin’s pants and the Fae sucked in a breath as he wrapped his fingers around him. They had been in this position before, many times, but the intensity was different with Jungkook present.

Taehyung played with Jimin’s hair sweetly with his free hand while he started a slow but firm motion with his other. Jimin moaned and pulled him down to kiss him, rocking into his hand to try and quicken his pace.

He saw Jungkook lean up and speak into Taehyung’s ear, mumbling to him words that Jimin couldn’t hear, all the while still paying equal attention to Jimin himself. If he wasn’t so wrecked right now he might have marveled at his ability to multitask.

Jungkook’s hand slid up to the base of his neck, Jimin loving the feeling of his skin on his. He felt the tension coiling again, tightening to nearly unbearable levels. He tipped his head back, expecting Jungkook’s hand to close around his throat like he knew Hoseok loved to do. Never cutting off air, but a firm constant pressure. Instead though, he felt the press of Jungkook’s nails just before the human dragged his hand down his chest, leaving a trail of burning scratches in his wake.

That was the last straw for Jimin. His vision turned white, back arching off the bed and a silent scream of pleasure leaving his open mouth. His body shook as the silent scream turned into a low drawn-out moan, layering with Taehyung’s own cries of pleasure.

His back dropped down to the bed again after a moment and he felt himself slowly come down from his high. When his senses slowly caught up to him he was met with gentle words and the firm weight of Taehyung over top of him, panting in his ear.

They laid there for a moment, Jimin needing a second to come back to himself. He felt Taehyung shift his weight to the side to lay next to him but keeping an arm and a leg draped over him and snuggling into his shoulder. Jimin blinked a bit in confusion, “Taetae don’t you need-”

“I did. I’m good,” The Fae sighed happily and Jimin felt him smile against his shoulder. Jungkook chuckled on his other side and he turned to look at him.

The human was laying on his side, head propped up on his hand as his hurt arm came up to gently brush Jimin’s bangs out of his face. Jungkook looked incredible like this, lips swollen and hair messy, lust still lingering in his eyes but having turned into something sweeter.

“What did you say?” Jimin asked curiously, remembering how he had spoke in Taehyung’s ear. Taehyung pressed closer and whined a bit in embarrassment.

Jungkook blushed and cleared his throat, the rush of their activities leaving them feeling a bit shy. “Ah, I just um, encouraged him a bit and uh, called him a ‘good boy’.”

Jimin’s eyes widened at the words. Jungkook seemed to panic a bit, quickly addressing Taehyung who groaned hearing them again.

“Sorry if that made you uncomfortable, I didn’t really ask if it was okay so-”

“Jungkook,” Taehyung cut him off, lifting his head and holding up a hand. “It was incredible. Amazing. All of it. You literally just made me come without touching me. But if you keep talking in that beautiful voice of yours, I’m going to jump you. So for the love of all that is precious in this world, let me recover.”

Jimin was laughing by the time Taehyung finished speaking and Jungkook couldn’t help joining in. Nodding once, Taehyung grabbed Jungkook’s hand and plopped it on his head before burying his face back in Jimin’s shoulder.

Shaking his head in amusement Jungkook combed his fingers through his hair smiling fondly. Jimin lifted his hand and brushed his knuckles under Jungkook’s chin before sliding his hand behind his neck to massage it gently. “Give us a second and we’ll take care of you too Kookie,” Jimin said softly.

Jungkook shook his head and chuckled a bit, “I took care of it Minie.” Jimin pouted and Jungkook smiled, leaning forward to press a gentle kiss to his forehead. “I couldn’t help it, you two are just…” Jungkook sighed lightly, “Way too sexy.”

Jimin chuckled and Taehyung rested his cheek against Jimin’s chest to smile at him. “You are too Jungkookie. We’ve thought so since we met you.”

They all paused remembering Jungkook passed out on the porch.

“Okay maybe not from like the exact moment we met you. But we thought you were handsome and beautiful,” Taehyung amended snickering.

Jimin let his eyes fall shut as they cuddled together. He wasn’t that tired but his body still felt overly sensitive. Usually he would have been able to go another two or three rounds without a break but it seemed he needed to get used to the intensity of this new intimacy with Jungkook.

He could still feel the ghosting touch of the man’s nails across his chest and Jimin was excited to see the marks that might have been left. It was comforting almost, to have the touch fade rather than just immediately be gone like he was used too.

When he opened his eyes he met Jungkook’s, who was just looking at him softly as he continued to run his hand through Taehyung’s hair.

Jimin blinked, staring at Jungkook’s eyes.

“Jungkookie? Are you feeling okay?”

Jungkook blinked and what Jimin had seen was suddenly gone. He frowned sitting up a bit and disturbing Taehyung who was nearly asleep.

Jungkook looked at him confused, “Yeah I feel fine. Why?”

“I just…” He searched Jungkook’s eyes for a second longer before shaking his head. “Nevermind, it was probably just the light.”

For a second, he could have sworn Jungkook’s eyes were purple.

Jungkook felt amazing.

Better then amazing.

He felt like he could run four marathons and still have energy to jump around like a little kid.

After cuddling with Taehyung and Jimin some more, they went and cleaned themselves up before heading downstairs to help Hoseok make something for lunch. Jimin had to point out where every mark on his neck and body came from and whether it was Tae of Jungkook who had given them too him much to Jungkook’s embarrassment and Taehyung’s pride.

Hoseok had seemed a little surprised at first but it quickly changed into suggestive looks aimed at all three of them and if Seokjin didn’t have a strict rule about keeping clothes on in the kitchen, Jungkook was sure it would have dissolved into something more.

When Hoseok handed him a plate of food, asking him to bring it to Yoongi in the study, he hooked a finger under the choker around his neck and pulled him close, giving him a gentle kiss and mumbling about how he should wear things like this more.

Jungkook had to agree there.

He stepped into the study after knocking gently. It took Jungkook a moment to find him, as the phoenix wasn’t at the piano like usual. Yoongi was standing on the second floor near the railing, looking through a book in his hand.

“Hyung!” He called up, setting the plate of food on a semi-clear table. “We made you some lunch.”

Yoongi looked down briefly then back at the book before he seemed to pause. He looked up straight in front of him, took a deep breath and snapped the book closed before turning to rest his elbows on the railing and stare down at Jungkook.

“What in the love of the Guardian are you wearing.”

Jungkook snickered and did a little spin to show off, “Do I look good? Tae and Minie seemed to like it. Hobi-hyung too.”

Yoongi pinched the bridge of his nose and mumbled something he couldn’t quite make out before speaking louder to him, “You look wonderful Kookie.”

He smiled brightly at the compliment, “What are you reading hyung?”

Yoongi hummed and looked at the book in his hand. “I’m trying to find more information on Corpsewings.”

Jungkook leaned against the desk, looking over the books that covered it and eyes stopping on a pair of round rimmed glasses. He picked them up curiously, “Anything that might help figure out why they’re out to get me?”

“Not in so many words. Corpsewings are creatures with incredible senses but they aren’t generally interested in living things. They tend to eat freshly dead or decaying carcasses.”

Jungkook looked through the glasses seeing the world warp and go fuzzy. He gently put them on and looked towards Yoongi who was nothing but a blob now. “Sounds like a vulture.”

“Is that an animal in the human world?”

Jungkook nodded, “It’s a bird. Kind of looks like the Corpsewing but it’s much smaller and less… nightmarish. It eats dead things too.”

“They might be distantly related then. Animals in the human world that are over exposed to magic can evolve over years into magical creatures. Unlike human’s they don’t repel magic.”

Jungkook watched the blur that was Yoongi casually jump over the railing and before Jungkook’s heart could even skip a beat in panic, he landed easily and flipped open the book he was holding. Jungkook’s mouth hung open as Yoongi walked over to him.

“These creatures that are attacking you are just animals. They can be manipulated. You said you never found out what happen to the man who attacked you, so if he’s still out there he could be trying to kill you for believing you saw whatever it was he tried to give you. That doesn’t fully make sense though. Why would he try to give it to you if- Why are you looking at me like that?”

Jungkook snapped his mouth closed when Yoongi looked up from the book and stopped in front of him. “Okay, all I saw was a blurry blob but that was honestly the hottest thing ever hyung.”

Jungkook thinks Yoongi might have rolled his eyes before he reached up to take the glasses off him. When he came back into focus Jungkook grinned making Yoongi scoff.

“Seokjin was right, you need to pick one.”

“Pick one of what?”

“Nevermind. As I was saying, why would the guy even have tried to give you the box if he was just going to kill you. If he wanted to get rid of it that badly there would have been much easier ways.”

“What if it was something dangerous that he didn’t want falling into the wrong hands?” Jungkook folded his arms across his chest, sitting on the edge of the desk.

Yoongi sat the glasses down and picked up a piece of bread from the plate of food, nibbling on the edge of it. Jungkook bit his tongue. His hyung was really cute when he wasn’t glaring at people. “Could be. So then, where is that guy and where did the dangerous object go?”

“You need a hat and pipe Yoongi-hyung, you’re like a detective,” Upon Yoongi just staring blankly at him, Jungkook chuckled. “Sorry, human reference.”

Nodding Yoongi swallowed the bread in his mouth. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine hyung,” he said for what must have been the hundredth time in the last few days. He would say it a thousand more if it made them feel better. How long had he waited to have someone ask him that? Honestly, he felt like he was being spoiled at this point.

Yoongi nodded yet Jungkook still caught him giving him a once over to be sure. If Jungkook’s heart swelled any more, it might actually kill him.

For a moment they didn’t say anything as Yoongi silently chewed on his food.

“Can I see it?”

Jungkook hummed curiously, “See what?”

“Where you were shot,” Yoongi said carefully, as if expecting him to shut it down immediately.

Thinking about it, he wasn’t sure if he had actually ever shown anyone his scar. Even whatever one night stands he’d had in the past didn’t really look at his back when they were busy doing other things. Jungkook had never really felt self-conscious about it. It was just something he had lived through, and yeah it sucked but he had lived. That had always been what had mattered to him. If the price of living was a simple scar, then he would pay that a thousand-fold.

When he nodded Yoongi stood a little straighter and set his bread down, putting the book on the desk as well. Jungkook tugged his shirt up to untuck it and started unbuttoning it. He was acutely aware of Yoongi watching his fingers as they trailed down the buttons.

He shrugged the shirt off his shoulders and turned winced a bit at the black and blue bruise that had formed on the skin of his shoulder before turning around to show Yoongi his back.

He heard the other suck in a breath, and he tried to refrain from looking over his shoulder at the phoenix. He knew the scar wasn’t all that fascinating. A coin sized round frayed shape just to the left of his spine. He jumped a bit when he felt Yoongi’s fingers brush over the skin of the scar.

“Kookie… what is a gun exactly?”

Jungkook did glance over his shoulder this time to see Yoongi’s eyes locked on the scar with a serious expression. “It fires a metal bullet at high velocity. It’s a weapon meant for killing.”

“How big are the bullets?”

Jungkook blinked at the strange question, holding up two fingers a short distance apart, “Roughly this big I think?”

“Jungkook, I know you said your medical practices are intense, but this is just brutal.”

Jungkook paused, turning to look at him, “What are you talking about?”

Yoongi looked like he was very nearly ready to kill someone and Jungkook felt a strange sick feeling twisting in his stomach. Why was he reacting like that? Had he just not seen a scar before?

“It’s the size of my damn fist Kookie. Did they have to rip you open more to remove it or something?” He practically growled.

Jungkook slowly shook his head, not understanding, “No it’s- wait, take a picture of it,” Jungkook quickly pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened the camera. He gave it to the phoenix and turned around. When he heard the telltale click, he took the phone back and paled at the photo on the screen.

“That’s… that can’t be right.”

Yoongi was right though, the scar was nearly the size of his fist, edges jagged and harsh. He stumbled back against the desk, Yoongi taking a quick step forward to steady him with a hand on his arm. “You… seriously didn’t know what it looked like?”

“I thought… they said it was a gunshot. They-” Jungkook furrowed his brow trying to remember his time at the hospital. Had they ever said if they had removed the bullet? He remembered going into surgery, he remembered a doctor telling him he was lucky to be alive. Most of it was such a blur that he couldn’t actually recall the details of the operation. Or what the doctors had said about the scarring. It shouldn’t look like this. That he knew. Even if he could somehow blame the size of it on the range he was at from the gun or even the type of gun, it didn’t explain the way the edges of the scar jutted out the way they did, like a star almost.

He had seen the wound, it was a mess of stitches and bandages as it was healing. When he was discharged he hadn’t bothered to look, often just going back to the doctors to get it cleaned and rebandaged until it healed but after that he had basically ignored it. It’s not like he often saw his own back.

He tried to think about any plausible explanation as to why the hell his scar looked like he’d been blown through the back with a baseball instead of a bullet. When he looked at Yoongi they both came to the same realization.

“It wasn’t a bullet that hit you.”

“Holy shit.”

Chapter Text

“Holy Shit.”

Jungkook could only stare in front of him in shock, replaying the memory of that night over and over in his mind.

“Holy shit,” he said again. Had anything in the last couple of years been what he thought it was? Has he just been too stupid to see what was literally going on right in front of him? All that time he had spent in the hospital recovering from something he thought was, while not exactly a standard injury, a well heard of one for sure. Now he was just finding out it wasn’t a gunshot at all?

“Jungkook,” Yoongi’s firm voice brought his attention to him. The phoenix stepped in front of him and took his hand, “This is important. The doctors from your world, did they remove anything from the wound?”

Jungkook followed Yoongi’s other hand which came to rest on his chest, his warm palm pressed over his heart. He covered Yoongi’s hand with his own and gripped it tightly. He understood the man’s line of thinking but it made dread curl in his stomach.

There wasn’t an exit wound. Whatever had hit him might still be inside him.

“I’m… I’m not sure. I don’t remember much from then. But Yoongi, if whatever was in that chest… or if he had some sort of magic weapon, if that’s what almost killed me, and I couldn’t see it…”

Yoongi nodded grimly, “It means it’s unlikely the doctors saw it either. Which means there’s a high chance of it still being inside of you.”

“Holy shit,” Jungkook dropped his face into his hands as Yoongi stepped away to pace.

“I’ve never heard of this happening before. Magical items aren’t usually that strong, not unless they’re cursed, even then, a human touching it would nullify the curse and drain the magical energy from it,” Yoongi ranted as he paused in his pacing to think deeply. “If what’s inside of you is strong enough to withstand your natural aversion to magic then… theoretically the energy would constantly be rebounding inside of you.”

“Rebounding?” Jungkook hesitated to ask, glancing up at him.

“Your body has nowhere to repel the magic if the magic is inside you so it’s pushing inwards while the object is trying to push it out. That’s probably why none of us could sense anything off about you, you’re acting as an… insulator of sorts. A lock box keeping the magic in.”

Jungkook had to do something with his hands, he had to find something to fidget with. He busied himself with shrugging his shirt back on as Yoongi continued.

“This actually makes a lot of sense. It explains why you can feel energy so well, you aren’t actually feeling the negative or positive energy, you’re feeling how the object is reacting to it. That’s the warm and cold in your chest. It also makes sense that someone would be trying to come after you for it.”

Jungkook buttoned his shirt up slowly, “Okay, but we don’t know for sure. I mean, I could have just been hit with some weird magical laser gun or something right? Do you have stuff like that?”

Yoongi turned to look at Jungkook.

The desperation in his voice made something in him burn with the need to ease his concern and he took a second to take in the man’s pale complexion and shaky hands. He couldn’t even begin to imagine what Jungkook might be feeling right now and he kind of regretted asking to see the scar at all.

He wished Seokjin would get back soon. Yoongi wasn’t good at comforting people.

Walking over, he cupped Jungkook’s face in his hands and searched his eyes. He hated the fear that he found there.

“You’re right. We don’t know for sure. We’ll need to find out if there is actually something there and if there is, we need to know what. Let’s focus on that first okay?”

The last thing Yoongi wanted to do was give him false hope. If he was being honest, it wasn’t looking good. The idea that Jungkook had a powerful magic item quite literally shoved in his chest answered too many questions, fit too well with what they already knew.

A human using a magical weapon wasn’t feasible and even if they someone found a way to get one, it wouldn’t have hurt Jungkook if it was magically charged and Yoongi had never heard of any such weapon existing that would leave a mark like the one on Jungkook. So it likely wasn’t that. Which left the question of the contents of the box he had been handed.

Yoongi was terrified to find out the answers from here. How powerful was it to not be affected by Jungkook’s humanity? If they confirmed it was indeed magic, what then? How would they remove it? Could they even remove it without hurting or even killing Jungkook? He had to shake his head to rid himself of that thought. He wouldn’t entertain stupid ideas like that. They wouldn’t let it come to that. Jungkook would be fine.

 Jungkook let out a breath and took a hold of his wrists, keeping Yoongi’s hands against his cheeks, “One step at a time,” he agreed nodding slightly.

Not for the first time, Yoongi felt himself captivated with Jungkook. The man, while obviously scared and nervous, always tried to handle things with a clear head. He did his best to stay calm even when things were looking grim.

When they were all freaking out over the attack and Jungkook’s condition, the boy had laughed. He hadn’t let the pain, or the fear beat him and Yoongi wasn’t sure he could say he would have been able to do the same. Not as gracefully as Jungkook had handled it. Yoongi admired him for that.

Overcome with the urge to somehow express his affection for the younger, Yoongi took his hand and guided him to stand away from the desk. Jungkook didn’t question it, didn’t even hesitate to follow him as he took him by the hand across the room. The simple show of trust might have seemed like nothing to an outsider, but to Yoongi, who had lived a long life and had been feared by ones he cared about before, it meant everything.

Yoongi sat at the piano, gently urging Jungkook to sit next to him. He seemed almost hesitant, and Yoongi had to sigh at the burst of love he had in his heart. The respect Jungkook had for the instrument, whether it was because of the instrument itself or because it was something Yoongi clearly cared about, made his fingers twitch to caress the keys.

His palms felt clammy all the same. Nerves and doubts eating his mind and trying to talk him out of it, trying to convince him this was the worse choice he could be making. To open up like this. It told him that Jungkook wouldn’t understand, he wouldn’t hear it. He ignored the thoughts. He trusted Jungkook.

He had never been good with words. Words were hard, messy, easily misunderstood. His tongue would get tied and his frustration with himself would be taken as aggression towards others.

Music, as he had discovered when the piano came into his life, was how he spoke. The keys made up melodies and chords and notes that ran together to express everything he didn’t have words to say. It spoke in emotion. Yoongi was at his most vulnerable sitting at the piano, and Jungkook seemed to understand that. He respected that.

When the boy finally sat next to him, Yoongi laid his fingers on the keys and his foot on the peddles and he played. He didn’t know where the song would go and sometimes he didn’t know what it would convey, but he played without thought, only feeling.

Jungkook felt the tension flow out of him as he let his eyes fall shut to the sound of the music. It was beautiful yet heavy. Its minor chords giving an underlying feeling of pressure, of stress, worry and fear. It felt foreboding. As if there was an end coming that wasn’t fully understood, wasn’t pleasant or anticipated.

The overlaying notes, however, were light. Trills and quick staccato’s that reminded him of Jimin’s laughter, a melody that reminded him of Seokjin’s warm touch, his caring words. Slowly, Jungkook stopped paying attention to the minor chords, slowly they faded out, replaced with the happy major chords that reflected Hoseok’s bright energy, twinkling notes that echoed Taehyung’s beautiful smile and the solid bass lines that supported the whole foundation of the song, much like Namjoon did for them.

A fierceness found itself in the odd chords that were hit with a bit more force, more intensity, fading in and out like the flicker of a flame. Like Yoongi himself, who could burn calm like a candle in a dark room or raging as an inferno that could destroy as well as it could protect.

Then, something different. Something smooth and gentle that would sometimes crescendo into something fierce. It felt familiar and yet foreign. Jungkook thought maybe that was him. Maybe this was how he fit with the group. It laced amongst the other notes naturally, flowing between them and making the whole tune feel full bodied and complete.

Gently he leaned his head on Yoongi’s shoulder, keeping his eyes closed even as he felt the first of his tears roll down his cheeks. Even as Yoongi brought the song to a calm, simple, few notes that he could play with one hand, his other arm wrapping around his shoulders. Even as Yoongi pressed a gentle kiss to the top of his head.

It could have been hours that they stayed like that. Jungkook listening to the lazy notes of the piano and he thinks he might have fallen asleep at one point.

Only when the door to the study opened quietly did Jungkook open his eyes, watching Seokjin walk over to them with a soft smile. The man looked tired, his shirt loose and untucked, his hair a bit disheveled, unlike his usually very tidy appearance. Somehow it made him even more beautiful.

Jungkook sat up, back stiff from the hunched position, and returned the smile.

“Welcome back hyung,” he yawned, stretching out his spine.

Seokjin stepped behind the bench and gave Jungkook a kiss on the forehead then leaned over to give Yoongi a small peck on the lips. “Sorry to interrupt, you two looked cozy.”

“You’re never interrupting Jinnie,” Yoongi hummed. “Glad you’re home safe.”

Seokjin smiled fondly and turned to look at Jungkook, pausing slightly. He hooked a finger under his chin and tilted his face upwards a bit, turning his head a little from side to side with a frown. “Have you been crying Kookie?”

Jungkook gently took Seokjin’s hand away from his chin, squeezing his fingers into his palm in reassurance, “I just got a bit emotional, I’m alright. But um, Yoongi-hyung and I need to talk to everyone about something.”

Seokjin glanced at Yoongi who gave a small nod, “Shall I prepare some tea for this?”

“That would be a good idea,” Yoongi confirmed.

Sighing, Seokjin lifted Jungkook’s hand and gently pressed his lips to his knuckles before releasing it. “Never a dull moment around here,” he smiled calmly but there was a tension behind it, maybe anxiousness. “I’ll gather everyone in the living room.”

As he headed out, Yoongi stood to follow but Jungkook reached a hand out and dropped it on his thigh to keep him sitting a moment longer. The phoenix turned to him, glancing at his hand on his leg. Jungkook had to look at it too, because this was the first time he noticed how small the man was.

Jungkook spent a lot of time looking at the others, as much time as he could, to try and commit everything to memory. He wanted to savor every moment with them because the more he got to know them, the more he loved them, the more terrified he was becoming at the thought of losing them.

Yoongi often hid away in the study and Jungkook felt awkward about coming in to just stare at the other and possibly disturb his work, so he didn’t get many moments to just look at the phoenix.

Yoongi almost looked delicate, though Jungkook would never call him that to his face, lest he wanted to be banned from the study for a week. He wasn’t frail or unhealthily small, but he was petite and the way Jungkook’s hand looked so big on his thigh made him swallow the dirty thoughts that sparked in his mind. It wasn’t the time for that. Later. Later for sure, but right now he needed Yoongi to know.

“I heard it,” he said quietly as if his voice alone would ruin the charged air around them. Yoongi didn’t say anything, eyes darting over his features searching for something. He wasn’t sure if he understood. He needed him to understand.

“I heard you,” he tried, not sure if that made any more sense. It seemed too, to Yoongi at least, the message seemed to click in his mind and Jungkook watched in astonishment as every wall Yoongi seemed to have built, every persona in place to keep the intimidating personality up, crumble before him. The emotion in his eyes was almost enough to have Jungkook crying all over again. The man’s usually blank or deadpanned expression contorted into one of relief, sadness, joy, and many other things Jungkook could feel but not name.

Somehow it made Yoongi look even smaller yet so much stronger and Jungkook didn’t think before dragging him into a hug, holding him against his chest. A fierce protectiveness flared up inside him and his chest burned with heat. He dared anything or anyone to try and touch Yoongi in this moment, to try and hurt him, because Jungkook wouldn’t let it. He wouldn’t let anything get close.

So far, the others had been the only ones to initiate intimate moments. They had been the ones to kiss first, to ask first. Jungkook was scared to. Though he knew it would be okay if he did, his mind told him that they would push him away, they would tell him to stop bothering him, that they were too busy for him, that he was no good at it or he was too needy. He knew these were past insecurities, that yes that had been a problem once, but he didn’t need to worry about that now. Yet sometimes they persisted.

In moments like earlier, when it was clear that Taehyung and Jimin wanted to go further, when the mood was right for it, when they were in the bedroom, he had no problem taking charge. He liked making the decisions as much as he sometimes liked giving up that responsibility. His insecurities lied in initiating the mood. It felt safer to him to just let the others kiss him when they wanted too, instead of risking kissing them when it wasn’t wanted or appreciated.

Here Yoongi was, tucked against him like he was meant to be there, having let Jungkook hear his heart poured out into the piano. Jungkook wasn’t going to let his faith be one sided. Jungkook trusted Yoongi.

He pulled the other back just enough to see his face, just enough to look in his beautiful eyes and wonder how he found himself here with such incredible people. Leaning in slightly, he paused and searched Yoongi’s eyes once more, looking for confirmation. The doubts were screaming at him now, to sit back, to stay where he was and let Yoongi complete the action, if he initiated it would be wrong, he would mess it up, he would be seen as clingy, high maintenance.

He ignored them. Despite how he wanted to grit his teeth against the thoughts, he paid attention to Yoongi and only him.

When the phoenix’s eyes dropped down to his lips, he took that as the go ahead. Slowly he closed the space between them and met Yoongi’s lips, barely a brush, then a gentle peck. When the other didn’t tense or push him away or glare at him, he glanced up to see the man’s eyes half lidded before they fell shut, lips parting slightly as invitation.

Jungkook felt his heart hammering against his chest. He felt like it was his first kiss all over again, the nerves and anticipation had him running on adrenaline. He felt brave as he kissed Yoongi again, this time longer, lips moving against each other as Jungkook’s arms very nearly crushed the other against his chest.

He took it a step further, rode the courage he felt and let himself ask for more, just a bit more. His tongue brushed along Yoongi’s bottom lip. When he felt and heard the man suck in a sharp breath, he almost pulled away, but then his lips were parting. His tongue darted out to greet his and Jungkook tilted his head to deepen the kiss further.

His hand slid up Yoongi’s spine to rest in the center of his back. Yoongi gave up dominance in the kiss quicker then Jungkook had expected, allowing him to slip his tongue past his lips and explore his mouth. The phoenix’s hand gripped the back of his neck and he moaned, the sound shooting straight to Jungkook’s core and he had to pull away to catch his breath.

Jungkook kept his eyes closed as they rested their foreheads together, noses bumping lightly as their breath intermingled between them, fanning over their damp lips. Never before had such a simple kiss made him feel so emotionally raw.

He hadn’t kissed Namjoon or Seokjin yet, a tragedy that he hoped to amend soon enough, but kissing the others had shown him that they each brought something new. They each had their own charge that was so uniquely them. Jimin was teasing, he liked to pretend he had control but he was quick to give in, where Taehyung had a teasing personality but when it came to kissing he didn’t try for control so much as he seemed to take pleasure in being controlled.

Hoseok, from the few short kisses they had had, liked to take charge, to be a bit forceful but always with care for the other person.

And Yoongi… well he was just now learning that kissing Yoongi was like being in control, yet still feeling like the other was calling the shots. It felt as if Yoongi was simply letting him do as he pleased but if he wanted, he would take over the situation in a second and Jungkook would willingly let him without hesitation.

Too soon, Yoongi slid his hand around to the side of his neck and leaned back. Jungkook opened his eyes and licked his lips. Yoongi’s jaw tensed and he glared a bit. “If you keep doing that I will bite your tongue off.”

Jungkook chuckled and nuzzled his nose against Yoongi’s cheek, “You wouldn’t hyung, but I’d like to see you try.”

“Don’t test me,” Yoongi tisked, but his voice was light, peaceful. “It’s about time. I was starting to think you didn’t like me like that.”

Jungkook blinked and pulled away, arms loosening around him, “What?” He looked at the phoenix like he was crazy.

Yoongi chuckled, “Kookie, we’ve been waiting for you to make the first move for awhile now. Well, Joonie, Seokjinnie, and I have. The other’s can’t really keep it together around you. Though it’s certainly been difficult for us too,” Yoongi’s finger found it’s way underneath the choker and he traced its path to the front of his neck. “Seokjin mentioned you seemed hesitant sometimes, so we didn’t want to rush you.”

Jungkook swallowed and judging by how Yoongi poked his tongue against the inside of his cheek, he had felt the action through his hand. “You guys don’t have to be so gentle with me you know,” he said softly.

“We know. Trust me Kookie, we know. But we also suspect you’ve been hurt by people before,” Yoongi said carefully, “And we just want you to know that that won’t happen with us. Whatever it was that made you so cautious, you’re safe from it here.”

Well shit.

If this conversation continued, he would be sobbing in a few minutes so to save them both from that mess, Jungkook cleared his throat and looked away, nodding quickly and switching his thoughts to something random. Like how shiny the piano was. So shiny. He could almost see his reflection.

“Thanks hyung.”

Yoongi chuckled and kissed his temple, untangling himself from Jungkook’s arms and standing up. When he offered him a hand, he took it immediately and followed him out the door to the living room.

This wouldn’t be a fun conversation, but he knew they could figure this out. He wasn’t alone.

“You’re dying?!”

“Hobi that’s not what we said, don’t freak him out.”

“He has an unknown magical item stuck in his chest, how are you NOT freaking out?!”

Jungkook sat amongst the others in the living room, rebuttoning his shirt once more after showing them all his scar as he and Yoongi explained their theory.

“We don’t know for sure hyung, we’re taking it one step at a time,” Jungkook said as he looked to Yoongi who gave him a small nod and an encouraging smile.

Taehyung pulled him down to sit next to him on the couch once more, hooking his leg over Jungkook’s thigh and curling into his side. “It doesn’t hurt does it?” He asked in concern.

Jungkook shook his head and rested his hand on his knee. “No, it doesn’t hurt. I can’t feel it, unless there’s negative energy around. Otherwise I just feel warm.”

Jimin bit his thumb nail anxiously on the couch across from them, Jungkook tried not to look at the marks littering the boys neck. They certainly looked lovely on him and Jungkook felt a sense of pride having been one of the reasons they were there. “I don’t understand, you said you thought the scar was smaller, wouldn’t you have noticed sooner if it grew?”

Jungkook rubbed his neck, “Honestly the last time I actually paid attention to it must have been a few months ago, it’s not like I can see it and I’ve gotten used to the feeling of it there. Plus, my schedule was busy enough that I barely had time to remember to eat let alone pay attention to my body. But it wasn’t this size then, I know that.”

Seokjin tisked and sipped at his tea, “Good riddance to that schedule,” he mumbled making Jungkook smile a bit.

“If Yoongi’s idea is right, and there is magical energy rebounding inside of you, we don’t exactly know the toll that’s going to take on your body. If the energy really is that strong then…” Namjoon frowned from his spot next to Jimin, “Do you have any other scars?”

Jungkook nodded and didn’t miss the unpleasant expressions on some of their faces. He rolled up his sleeve and twisted his arm to show a thin straight scar along the outside of his forearm. He had gotten into a fight one night with some thugs and one of them pulled a knife on him. Jungkook had only been grazed and it wasn’t that deep but it had been enough to leave it’s mark.

Except, it was different too. He frowned and brushed the tips of his fingers over the skin. It looked freshly scarred, not the faded he was used to seeing. Had he not been looking for it though he wouldn’t have noticed the subtle change.

“It’s different. It looks only a few weeks old but I got this a couple years ago,” he looked at Namjoon. “Why are they changing like that?”

Namjoon was quiet for a moment as he brought his hands up in front of his mouth, “Yoongi said he equated you to a lock box that’s keeping the magic in. This is just speculation, but if that box were to have cracks in it, even cracks that had been repaired are still weak points. The constant pressure from the magic might be enough to extend the cracks.”

Jungkook looked at his scar again, brow furrowed. It made some sense. Scars were like a tear in fabric, even if they were patched they were still a weak point and if forced enough, would tear easier then the solid fabric. What did that mean for him though? Has this magic just been pushing relentlessly to get out of him?

“It wouldn’t be a fast process in that case, that’s likely why you didn’t notice the changes happening over months, hell probably ever since you were attacked that night. Your body can likely heal over any damage the magic is causing before it actually breaks through, which would explain why your scars are more prominent,” Yoongi continued.

Hoseok held up his hands, looking overwhelmed with the information, “Wait, wait. Then what’s going to happen if this thing stays in him?”

No one spoke, no one seemed to even want to think about it. Jungkook took the liberty of saying it, “I don’t entirely know how magic works, but by the sounds of it if it gets too close to the surface my body is going to repel it outwards instead right? Meaning it’s probably going to rip me apart.”

Taehyung gripped his arm and buried his head in his shoulder as the others looked rather pale.

“Don’t say that so casually,” Hoseok reprimanded, glaring a bit at him. Jungkook knew why he was upset, so he didn’t take the look too personally.

“We can’t pretend it’s not a possibility.”

“How are you so calm about this?” Jimin asked, upset. “Kookie this is your life we’re talking about here.”

Jungkook blinked, “Hey I already made it further then I thought I would, so I mean, it is what it is.”

When he was met with horrified stares he cringed. They probably weren’t used to those kind of remarks. Had he said that around the gang members he would have received more than a few ‘Same though’ or ‘No cap, preach’. He forgot how normal it was to joke about dying, and how strange that would seem to someone outside his world.

“Sorry. Dark humor. But seriously, I’m not like you guys, I don’t get hundreds of years. If I live to see ninety I’ll be impressed. Especially with the weird turns that keep happening in my life.”

Seokjin sat forward and hooked his arms around Hoseok’s waist to guide him into his lap. Jungkook wasn’t sure if it was for his own comfort or the dragons, maybe both.

“Let’s… come back to that conversation later,” Namjoon cleared his throat. While Jungkook felt bad about making them uncomfortable, he wasn’t going to sugar coat it. Of course he was terrified. He didn’t want to die and the more they dug into all this the closer they seemed to be toeing the line of that being a very real possibility.

Taehyung was holding his arms tightly enough that he was starting to lose feeling in it so he leaned over and gently rested his head on top of his to hopefully calm him a bit.

“We have to figure out if that’s actually what’s happening. Since magic won’t do much good and the Guardian hasn’t contacted us yet, maybe we should try Alchemy?” Namjoon suggested.

Taehyung frowned, “You still haven’t heard from it?”

Namjoon shook his head.

Jimin perked up, “Theana has a potion shop in Ostind, she comes by the Magic Shop for supplies all the time.”

“Wait you guys have Alchemy too?” Jungkook blinked.

Seokjin nodded, drawing circles with his fingers on Hoseok’s arm, “It’s kind of an in between of magic and natural treatments. She might have a way of testing for the presence of magic in you.”

“Won’t it be dangerous to have Jungkook go into town?” Yoongi raised a brow.

“Namjoon and I will go with him,” Seokjin said. “If anyone is stupid enough to try anything we’ll handle it. Besides, our energies are naturally strong enough to mask the absence of his. So long as no one tries too hard, they shouldn’t be able to tell he’s human.”

Namjoon looked at Jungkook, who had started picking at a string on Taehyung’s pant leg. “Are you okay with this Kookie?”

He looked up at everyone and nodded, “I’m just, if I’m being honest, I’m fucking terrified.”

Namjoon stood up and rounded the table to come over to him. Jungkook could see the worry they all felt, which was why he had no problem admitting that he was scared out of his mind about all of this. It felt like the situation was continuously growing out of control.

The immortal crouched in front of him and Taehyung moved his legs so Jungkook could scootch forward on the couch and hold the man’s hands.

“Jungkook, do you trust us?” He asked gently, gripping his hands in both of his firmly.

“I trust you.”

The others seemed a bit surprised at how quickly he answered but Namjoon just smiled with that look that Jungkook couldn’t quite place.

“Good. Good, we trust you too. So you can trust us when we say that we will do everything in our power to figure this out and keep you safe. Okay?” He reached a hand up and stroked Jungkook’s cheek gently. “You’re… so precious to us Jungkook. On our lives, we won’t lose you.”

Jungkook sucked in a slow heavy breath. He felt himself lurch forward suddenly, throwing himself off the couch and wrapping his arms tightly around Namjoon, knocking the man out of his crouching position and onto his butt. He grunted a bit but caught Jungkook around the middle.

Jungkook didn’t want to cry anymore today but that didn’t stop the tears. It didn’t stop the gratitude and love that slammed into his heart like it was trying to break through it. He hid his face in the immortal’s shoulder as he was held in the safety of his arms.

He felt someone press against his back, another pair of arms coming around them, then another and more, until Jungkook found himself in the center of a group hug. His first in his life. His shoulders shook as he tried to repress his sobs but a few escaped. There was a hand in his hair, a quiet, fond ‘Oh Kookie…’ and warmth.

He didn’t deserve this affection. He didn’t do anything to deserve this affection. But for once, he was going to be selfish. He was going to let himself have this.

On his life, he wouldn’t let anything happen to them.

The walk into town the next day took about an hour.

It was a rather fast hour though as Jungkook found everything and anything to ask questions about. Namjoon couldn’t help but chuckle as he asked Seokjin about another tree and if it the fruit on it was edible. This led to Namjoon having to reach up and grab on for the human to snack on as the walked.

Namjoon could see how much Seokjin was taken with the boy’s behavior, his large doe eyes capturing both their hearts in his curiosity of their world. He would be lying if he said that he wasn’t a bit excited to show off more of it to Jungkook.

Jungkook’s excitement for the smallest things renewed an appreciation for the Galaxy that Namjoon had become complacent in having lived here for so long. It was interesting to see the Galaxy from the eyes of someone who was new to it.

He walked slightly ahead of Seokjin and Jungkook as they kept having to stop to look at other things and Seokjin had just taken the youngers hand so he could urge him to keep walking as they talked.

They had given Jungkook some of Taehyung’s clothes to wear so he could blend in easier, a loose white shirt with a vest over top that cinched at the waist and some loose-fitting white pants. He looked incredible in anything he wore and Namjoon had wondered briefly if humans did in fact have some unknown magic that helped with that. It was the only explanation he could think of and he and others had had multiple conversations about how Jungkook could flip between looking like an innocent boy to something lethally sexy in the blink of an eye. That had to be magic right?

As the town became visible ahead, Jungkook quieted down significantly when they started seeing people milling around going about their days. Seokjin kept him close and Namjoon fell back to walk on his other side, keeping him between them protectively.

By the time they stepped into town, he had gone completely silent, only nodding slightly in response when they asked him if he was alright. Namjoon didn’t blame him, they had told him it was risky for him to be seen by other creatures, and after the attack on the house he must be rather tense.

They received a few looks from people as they passed, most friendly and some curious. It hadn’t been all that long since Namjoon and Yoongi had been to Ostind to deal with a curse placed on someone’s home as a joke. The spell had been mis-casted and had caused a lot more damage than the caster had intended. Yoongi was able to take care of it rather quickly and they had stayed to help repair.

It was rare that they were seen accompanied by anyone that wasn’t in their Set. It must have been cause for question to the villagers who knew them well.

“Hello strangers! Back so soon?” A voice called; a girl jogged up to them with a grand smile on her face. “Don’t tell me those younglings started trouble again.”

Jungkook slid partially behind Seokjin, pressed tightly against his side and keeping his head down, clearly trying to go unnoticed. Seokjin glanced at him briefly before smiling at the girl they knew to be Kieran. Seokjin had helped her once when her family had just travelled to Ostind from halfway across the Galaxy. They were near starvation and needed a place to stay.

“Kieran, its good to see you. No we’re here on a personal matter actually,” Seokjin smiled politely.

Namjoon chuckled, “How’s the family? Did your father recover well?”

Kieran nodded and put her hands on her hips, motions big and animated, “He did, he’ll be up on his feet in a day or two. Thank Master Jimin and Master Taehyung for me again, they were so quick to get the remedy to us.”

“We’ll be sure too, let us know when he’s back to full health and we’ll come by to visit,” Namjoon bowed his head slightly. She returned the gesture, her short orange hair falling in her face exposing her slightly pointed ears.

“We’d be happy to have you! And your friend here,” She tilted to the side to get a better look at Jungkook.

Jungkook felt himself tense when the attention shifted to him. He looked at the beautiful girl, her eyes a striking green that should clash with her hair colour but only seemed to compliment it.

To say he was a little on edge might be an understatement. The village was just like the forest, a strange mesh of familiar and bizarre and ancient. Some of the homes were wooden, some stone, some had pipes and plumping running exposed along the outside walls while others did not. He could see the influences of his world in everything, but it was only the base, the uniqueness was solely that of the people who lived there and the influences of their culture. It was quite beautiful.

The people dressed in clothes that were colourful and functional, Work clothes that could be put through a lot even without whatever spells they must place on them to keep them in good shape.

He was in awe and he wanted to ask so many questions but the worry of causing trouble or saying the wrong thing kept the words at bay. He didn’t want to disrupt the pleasant atmosphere, given that Seokjin and Namjoon seemed very well known here he didn’t want to do anything to upset them or the people.

He knew how people could change their attitude on a dime if faced with something they didn’t agree with. He was worried about exposing himself as a human. It wasn’t exactly the same, but in a way it reminded him of when he was still in the closet with his family. Too cautious of his actions and his words, always double checking that what he sad couldn’t be taken in the wrong way.

“You’re a quiet one, what’s your name? I haven’t seen you around here before,” the girl asked.

Jungkook glanced at Namjoon and Seokjin who both gave him an encouraging smile, he bowed slightly, “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Jungkook.”

The girl lit up and her energy reminded him a bit of Taehyung, “Jungkook? That’s a lovely name, why are you hiding back there, I don’t bite,” she laughed and reached forward likely to grab his arm and pull him out from behind Seokjin but she didn’t make it far.

Namjoon immediately stepped between them, grabbing her wrist a bit more harshly then he seemed to have meant too, as Jungkook stared at his back in surprise. The immortal immediately began apologizing and Seokjin’s hand came up to the back of Jungkook’s neck, combing his fingers through his hair casually, seeming unfazed by Namjoon’s reaction.

“I am so sorry, that was incredibly rude of me,” Namjoon said and would have kept apologizing if the girl hadn’t gasped and interrupted him.

“Oh my Guardian are you- is he- did you Set him?!”

Jungkook watched the girl bounce around to try and see Jungkook over the immortal’s shoulder. Namjoon stepped to the side again, if only to get the girl to calm down.

Seokjin chuckled, “No, not yet anyway.”

This only seemed to excite her further and Jungkook tried to keep up with the new terminology. “Courting then?! Oh that’s wonderful! I didn’t know you were still open to courting. It’s very nice to meet you Master Jungkook, I’m Kieran. Is this your first time in Ostind?”

Jungkook nodded slowly and offered a polite slightly unsure smile.

“So handsome,” she clapped her hands on her cheeks. “Where did you find him and where can I get myself one?” She joked.

Namjoon laughed a bit and placed his hand on Jungkook’s lower back. He felt a lot of the tension in him drain with just that simple action. “He found us actually.”

Jungkook blushed a bit, not used to so openly being a couple like this. It made his heart flutter happily.

“We are in a bit of a rush I’m afraid Kieran so we can’t linger long, but we promise to come by again to catch up properly,” Seokjin said kindly.

Kieran waved her hand, “Of course of course! I’ll look forward to it, I’d love to get to know you more Jungkook.” She stepped out of their way and waved as she headed in the opposite direction of them. Jungkook gave a small wave to before they began walking again.

“I have so many questions,” he mumbled making both his boyfriends laugh.

Namjoon hummed and nodded as the go ahead so Jungkook decided to ask the most pressing question first. “What’s a Set?”

It was Seokjin who answered, hand taking his own once more, interlocking their fingers together. “A Set is what we call people in a romantic relationship here. Can be anywhere from two people to as many as people want, I suppose. The biggest Set I’ve heard of was 20 people I believe.”

“How is that different from courting?” Jungkook asked, trying not to stare at anything too long, lest he looked strange.

“It’s kind of the next step,” Namjoon explained. “It’s actually sealed with a spell. It’s something… permanent.”

Jungkook paused and frowned, “A spell?” He looked at his feet. He should have figured that there would be a spell for something like that. Didn’t that mean that he could never be in a Set with them? Not officially at least? If magic didn’t work on him then he would always be that outlier. Ultimately he knew it wouldn’t change that he wanted to be with them for as long as he lived, yet it broke his heart slightly to know that there wouldn’t be anything permanent between them.

And what if all of this did kill him? What if he only had so much time left? He would just be a blip on their radar, there wouldn’t be much of anything to keep him from being forgotten by them in say another hundred or so years.

He bit his lip, not noticing he’d stopped walking.

“We’ve thought about it too Jungkook,” Seokjin’s soft voice made him look up at the older who smiled sadly at him. “We’ve all talked about how our relationship with you might differ from ours with each other. We talked about it from the start and if we all agreed we wanted to make it work regardless.”

Jungkook looked at their hands intertwined between them. “Even if it means we don’t have a next step? If we can’t go past courting…?”

Namjoon took Jungkook’s other hand lifting it to his lips, pressing a kiss to the back of it, he kept his voice low as he spoke, “You must have some sort of bonding custom in your world don’t you?”

Jungkook blinked.


That’s right.

Slowly he nodded, now blushing at the thought of getting married to the six wonderful men. Images of them in suits almost had his brain short circuiting. He cleared his throat and nodded quicker. “R-Right! You’re right, yeah, we could, yeah do that eventually sure. That would be, cool. Nice. Okay walking now,” he resumed their pace, if not a bit quicker then before, pulling them both to walk with him.

He ignored their laughter and smiled to himself. That’s right. What was he being so dramatic for? This was the guys he was with, they would make something work. Some sort of compromise.

Feeling lighter, they headed to a small shop not too far into town, a place with a sign over a door that Jungkook couldn’t read.

Stepping inside, the single room shop was packed full of bottles and different colored liquids, some even glowing in the dim lighting. Namjoon headed to the counter while Jungkook tried to stay well away from all the items, having been warned not to touch anything.

He glanced back at Seokjin who shut the door and locked it behind them. If he didn’t know the real reason behind the need for privacy, that would have seemed rather ominous.

Jungkook stepped over to the counter with Namjoon carefully, briefly distracted by the light from the window casting through the bottles that were packed on the shelf in front of it in a seemingly random assortment.

“I’m coming I’m coming one second!” A voice shouted from a room in the back, only a moment later did a woman emerge from behind the curtain hanging over the door behind the counter.

She had the whitest hair Jungkook had ever seen though she looked no older then Seokjin, though he had learned that looks meant nothing compared to age here. She could be thousands of years old for all he was aware.

“Mistress Theana,” Namjoon said in greeting.

The woman paused, looking between the three of them before smirking, “Well well, if this isn’t a surprise. It’s not often you two come to visit. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Her eyes landed on Jungkook and for a moment it felt as if she was looking into his soul. He met her gaze evenly, getting the sense this wasn’t a person he should show weakness too. She raised a brow and looked him over critically.

Namjoon had taken on a very serious air about him that Theana seemed to pick up on immediately, “It’s a bit of a strange request and we need your word of silence on the matter.”

She looked at him with suspicious but unmasked curiosity. “Master Jimin cashing in that favor I owe him hm? Fine. You have my word this matter will not be spoken about to unknowing ears.”

Jungkook watched in fascination as the woman lifted her hand, as if to pledge something and Namjoon mirrored it, a sparking mark that resembled a circle with intricate writing along its inside edge flashed in their palms for only a moment before they dropped their hands and Namjoon nodded.

“Jungkook,” The immortal held a hand out to him, beckoning him forward. He took it without looking away from the woman who leaned her palms on the counter, looking at him like he was some sort of puzzle to solve. When he stepped next to Namjoon, he was surprised when the older held Jungkook’s hand out over the counter towards the woman.

He frowned in confusion but didn’t pull away as Theana glanced at Namjoon and took Jungkook’s hand. Her skin was only in contact with him for long enough for him to gather that her hands were pretty cold before she was ripping away from him as if she’d been burned.

Staggering back against the shelves behind her, the bottles clattering precariously in their places as she clutched her hand to her chest with wide terrified eyes. Eyes that bore into Jungkook like he was some sort of murdering beast.

He forgot how awful it felt to be looked at like that. Biting his tongue he pulled his hand back and took a few steps back to try and ease her fear, towards Seokjin who wrapped him in his arms firmly.

“A human?!” She hissed as if the word were cursed. “You brought a human here? Are you mad?”

“Theana, we need your help. Jungkook will not harm you or anyone else in the Galaxy. We’re here because he’s in danger.” Namjoon kept his voice steady but his jaw was tense.

Jungkook met Theana’s eyes and she flinched, he frowned sadly. There didn’t seem to be hate or malicious intent from her, just fear, just apprehension.

“How did it even get here? The Galaxy is sealed.”

“He,” Seokjin corrected sharply. “He needs your help. The rest of the story is irrelevant at the moment.”

“My help?” She scoffed and clearly tried to compose herself but Jungkook could see her hands shaking. “I can’t do anything for a human. Get out of my shop. This is asking too much.”

“Theana please. This is important. He’s a good person, he’s kind,” Namjoon tried to reason. “Things are different in their world now. It’s changed so much.”

“You’ve been there?” Her eyes darted to Namjoon for a split second, voice lacing with a hint of awe before locking back on Jungkook as if he would lung at her.

He nodded once, “I have. And it’s beautiful and innovative and full of incredible technology.”

“Used for killing no doubt.”

“Used for knowledge.”

Theana paused frowning deeply.

Jungkook licked his lips and spoke quietly, his voice making the shop owner jump, “They told me why you’re scared. I know what humans are capable of, I know we make you weak.” She looked as if she was going to shout at him, but he ploughed on, not letting her. “But I’m weak too. All you would have to do is stab me with that letter opener,” he nodded towards the object on the desk. “Or hit me hard enough over the head with that book,” again he gestured to a book on a shelf.

Seokjin pulled away from him a bit to step beside him as they watched Theana glance between the objects as if contemplating it.

“Jungkook,” he said warningly.

Jungkook ignored him, “Hell, if you really wanted you could just break a bottle and just stab me with that.”

“You think I would resort to your disgustingly brutal ways? I’m not like you human,” She glared but there wasn’t any hate in her voice, not even so much fear anymore. Curiosity and confusion seemed to be taking over.

“I think you would if it came down to survival. But if you could do that to me, and if I wanted too, I could do the same to you, doesn’t that put us on an even playing ground?” Jungkook tilted his head slightly.

He saw Namjoon and Seokjin trade a surprised glance out of the corner of his eye but he didn’t look away from the woman. She straightened up slightly and regarded him curiously. “I suppose.”

“So then why would I hurt you? I’m scared of you too.”

The admission seemed to be what finally broke through the last of the true fear in her though it was clear she didn’t want to come anywhere near him, which he could respect. She huffed a bit, “You aren’t like how human’s are described.”

“… Thank you…?” He said questioningly, not sure if that’s was a compliment or not.

“I think you’ll find those tales have all been twisted with time,” Namjoon chuckled, looking at Jungkook with what he thought might be pride. “Will you help us Theana?”

The woman thought for a long silent moment where Jungkook held his breath.

Eventually she nodded, “Only because I trust you. Not him. Once you leave this shop you don’t bring any more of this nonsense my way.”

“You have our word, you will not be involved past this,” Seokjin smiled. “Thank you Theana.”

“Just tell me what you need,” she said shortly but Jungkook could hear some fondness in her voice.

“We need some way to test for the presence of a magical item inside of Jungkook.”

She stared at them. “I’m sorry?”

Namjoon rubbed his head, “I know it sounds strange-”

“It sounds impossible.”

“Or that, but we think there might be a powerful item lodged in his chest. We can’t use a spell to find out for sure.”

Theana seemed to be regretting her choice to agree to this already. “I can test it if I have a sample of the energy. If it’s lodged in his chest it would require me to use rather painful methods to remove the cells I need.”

Namjoon tensed, “What kind of method?”

Jungkook’s mind raced as the woman, without a word, turned and went into the back room again. Painful? How much pain were they talking about here? She made it sound like she was going to have to cut him open. Did they have anesthesia here? No of course they wouldn’t pains not a problem here.

Seokjin took him by the shoulders and turned him to face him. “Kookie, if this looks too bad, you can say no. I would actually very much prefer you to say no. But it’s up to you to decide if you can handle it alright? Don’t push yourself.”

Jungkook nodded and took a shaky breath as Namjoon came over as well and kissed his temple gently. “We’re right here. You make the call and we’ll support you. I am with Jinnie though, I would rather you weren’t in any pain at all.”

Jungkook didn’t get to say anything before Theana came out with a wooden box and plunked it down on the counter. They all watched with bated breath as she opened the box and pulled out…

A needle?

He barely felt Namjoon and Seokjin tense next to him as he breathed out, bending over and putting a hand on his chest. “Holy shit I was going to have a heart attack,” he laughed and shook his head.

The needle looked like any other he’d seen in his world. The other occupants of the room looked at him like he was insane which only made him laugh harder. “I thought you meant like cutting me open or something. If it’s just a needle then that’s fine, of course.”

Theana’s mouth fell open as she held the needle carefully when Jungkook approached the counter. “You- what? You do know what this does right?”

“Of course, it’s pretty common in our world.” He started rolling up his sleeve only to be stopped by Namjoon quickly.

“Hold on, wait,” Namjoon held up a hand. “Explain what that does please?”

“It punctures the skin to draw out blood using suction into this enclosed space,” she said tapping the glass. “If he has a magical item in his chest, that would be the best place to draw from. The closer to the source the better, once I have the sample I can test it to see how it reacts to raw magical energy.”

Jungkook’s mind latched on to one key fact of what she said, and he quickly lifted a finger, “Okay, nope, no. One minor thing, you are not sticking that in my chest. If you need blood, take it from my arm.”

Theana scowled at him and set the needle down, “I have done extensive research on this item. Do you know how much it cost to buy this? I think I know what I’m doing.”

“What- I’m from the same world that thing is! I think I would know better! You can’t just stab it wherever, you’re not going to get anything!” Jungkook exclaimed.

“If I don’t get close enough to where the supposed object is, I can’t be sure the energy is strong enough to be sensed in your arms!” She leaned over the counter and shoved a finger in his face.

He looked at her flabbergasted and batted her hand away, leaning forward too, “Then let’s hope it does cause you’re more likely to break that needle inside me then get anything useful and I don’t need to deal with that today! It’s in my arm or nothing!”

“I’m telling you it won’t work there!”

“Blood circulates from my chest to the rest of me you crazy lady! How does your blood work?!”

“Well mister expert why don’t you just do it yourself then!”

Namjoon and Seokjin, who had been previously watching the argument like it was a tennis match, quickly stepped in when Theana shoved the needle into Jungkook’s hands before stepping back and crossing her arms in annoyance.

“Okay let’s calm-” Namjoon started but gasped when he saw Jungkook pushing up his sleeve. “Kookie! Hey!” He quickly grabbed his wrist as the boy moved the awful looking device towards his arm.

Jungkook looked up at him, “Guys, seriously, it’s fine it really doesn’t hurt that much.”

“It looks horrible Kookie,” Seokjin said honestly, staring at the sharp point of the needle that hovered too close to Jungkook’s skin for his comfort. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

“I watched the nurses in the hospital do this a ton of times to me when they gave me meds and stuff. I just have to pull instead of push,” The boy shrugged and Theana frowned, seeming surprised by the fact he was actually going to do it himself.

“That doesn’t instill me with a lot of confidence,” Namjoon mumbled.

Jungkook laughed a bit and shook his head, “You guys are making this a bigger deal then it is.”

The human felt around his inner elbow and apparently found what he was looking for. Without hesitation he angled the needle and punctured his skin. Theana threw a hand over her mouth and Seokjin had to look away as Jungkook pulled the pump back and the glass chamber filled with red liquid. Namjoon could only watch in horrid fascination as his lover so casually drew the blood that kept him alive out of his body.

As he tugged the needle out, a bead of red formed over the hole in his arm but Jungkook didn’t even twitch at it.

They watched silently as he held the half full needle out to Theana, “Is that enough?”

The girl looked pale and some of the fear was back, only overshadowed by absolute bewilderment. She nodded, slowly taking the needle from him, looking at the liquid.

“It’s… so red,” She mumbled as she swallowed, glancing at Jungkook.

Seokjin’s hands were hovering by Jungkook’s shoulders despite the angel looking like he was going to be sick, as if expecting Jungkook to drop unconscious. The boy seemed completely fine though, if slightly amused.

“Are you… okay?” Namjoon asked hesitantly.

“I’m fine, I told you it’s not that big of a deal. You guys have seen injuries before, Hobi was hurt just a few days ago,” Jungkook said raising a brow at them in confusion.

“Yeah but… no ones ever just, willingly sucked their blood out of their body.” Seokjin sad slowly, almost in shock.

Namjoon understood that feeling. He was also experiencing a strange attraction towards Jungkook right now. It was kind of… sexy how calm he had been, and just before that when he was arguing with Theana, that was the first time he had ever seen Jungkook so riled up. What would he be like actually angry? Namjoon shuddered to think. Hot. It would be hot. So long as him and the others weren’t on the receiving end of course.

“You guys don’t have blood transfusion here? No wait, dumb question.”


“It’s when a human loses enough blood, they have to put more blood in of the same type to keep them alive. So people donate blood all the time for things like that.”

“You put other people’s blood… in your body… and people just, give their blood away?”


Theana stared at Jungkook as he spoke to Seokjin, slowly shaking her head as if trying to pull herself out of some sort of trance. Namjoon cleared his throat which quickly brought her attention to him.

“The tests Theana?” He reminded and the girl jumped, hurrying to gather some bottles.

“Right, yes of course,” she ran around the shop, seeming much more eager than before. She was likely as curious as they were to figure out if there was anything inside Jungkook. They watched in silence as she started mixing bottles together, mumbling to herself occasionally. When she picked up the needle, she had a vile of foggy grey liquid.

“If there’s magic in his blood there should be some kind of reaction, if not, it will simply repel the contents,” she explained, hovering the needle over the opening of the vial.

She squirted a good portion of the blood into the vile, doubling its contents. For a moment nothing happened. She put the needle down and swirled the now dark mixture humming. “Well there certainly is something that’s causing it to-”

Theana didn’t get to finish her sentence as the liquid suddenly morphed into a glowing purple and Namjoon’s eyes widen when the glow only increased. “Theana drop it!” He barely managed to say, stepping in front of Jungkook quickly just as a flash of light engulfed the room accompanied by the sound of glass shattering.

The force that slammed into him wasn’t like anything Namjoon had ever felt. The sheer expanse of magical energy that emitted through the room was almost tangible and it felt suffocating. For a full minute he seemed to forget how to breath, as if the air burned to suck into his lungs, his ears rang and it took a moment for his eyes to focus again, blinking black spots out of them.

The shop was a mess, glass littering the floor as bottles had broken or fallen over, spilling their contents. Even one of the windows had cracked.

His first instinct was to check on Seokjin and Jungkook, upon spinning around he saw Seokjin struggling to stand up from a crouch, clearly disoriented. Jungkook stood directly behind him staring mutely towards the counter. Namjoon gave him a quick once over and realizing that he seemed okay, hurried to Seokjin’s side.

“Love are you alright? Are you hurt?” He helped him to his feet, supporting him in his arms. Seokjin shuddered but nodded.

“Joon… what…”

“G-Get out.”

Namjoon whipped around to look at Theana and froze. The girl stood, staring with horrified, terror filled eyes at her hands and arms which were black with blood. It poured from cuts from the glass, black dripping onto the counter steadily. He quickly stepped forward. “Theana let me-”

“That much magic… that strong… my protection spell didn’t…” Her hands shook, her skin was so pale compared to the blood on her. Slowly she looked up, locking eyes with Jungkook who hadn’t moved an inch. “You’ll kill us all. That much, energy, that much power could wipe out the Galaxy. A w-weapon. You’re a weapon.”

Chapter Text

They walked back in silence.

Jungkook hadn’t said a word.

An hour of silence which contrasted their morning on this very same path going the opposite way.

Namjoon and Seokjin had tried to talk to him, but Jungkook didn’t have anything to say. What could he say? They asked if he was alright. He didn’t have an answer. They asked for him to say something. He didn’t know what. They reassured him that Theana was alright, that while Seokjin got him the hell out of there, Namjoon helped the poor girl. They said they could work this out.

For the first time, he doubted that.

A weapon.

His mind was so empty. He found he kept contemplating how weird walking was (one step, another, his feet were always there to catch him at the right time) rather than actually trying to sort out what had just happened.

He wondered what Seokjin would make for dinner tonight.

He wondered if he would be able to eat.

How would the others look at him?

With fear again?

It made him sad to think that. He thinks it does anyway. The truth was, he wasn’t feeling much of anything.

He was distantly aware of them arriving back at the house.

He thinks Taehyung might have hugged him, but he’s not sure.

He remembers the stairs. One foot after the other. Fourteen steps.

Then his bed.

And then for awhile, nothing.

He thinks someone came in to check on him.

Maybe he fell asleep.

He wasn’t sure.

It was Cooky that eventually did him in.

He had rolled onto his side, an uncomfortable lump under his hip, when he pulled it out from under him he looked at the bunny and snapped.

It hit hard, but started silently.

His hands shook, his eyes burned, his throat closed up.

His mind and his body seemed to disconnect from each other.

The thing inside him, the weapon sealed in his chest next to his heart as if it had any right to be there, taunted him. It was almost as if he could feel the weight of it, it’s shape between his lungs, shifting as he did. A constant threat, a teasing presence that seemed to say ‘you thought you could be happy?’ No.

Jungkook didn’t know when he started yelling.

He screamed with everything he had into his pillow that did little to muffle the sounds and he cried so hard that he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t inhale. He clawed at his chest, begged to anyone that would hear that this wasn’t real, that this wasn’t true.

He couldn’t be a weapon. He couldn’t hurt them, this wonderful place and the people in it, he could destroy all this? He could take away this happiness by being here?

Jungkook wanted it out. He wanted the stupid thing out of him. He clawed harder, cried harder, choked and repeated.

Out. Get out. Get out. He wanted it gone. It would hurt them. He would hurt them. A weapon. No. Get out. He didn’t want this.

Hands grabbed at him, he felt his body being jerked into a sitting position. Was he breathing? He thought so… he might have been breathing too much though. He felt dizzy. The hands gripped his arms and shook him, he thought there was a voice but he couldn’t hear over his own. He was still yelling?

Suddenly things were in focus, his head was turned to the side, a sharp pain across his cheek. The pain tingled along his skin and caused his breathing to hitch, the tingling slowly fading to a throbbing heat. He could see again though, that was good.

Slowly he turned to look in front of him, Yoongi sat on the edge of the bed, he looked scared and guilty and heartbroken. Jungkook heard himself whimper and he realized he was still crying when a tear rolled down his burning cheek. Behind Yoongi were the others. His beautiful boyfriends.

He wasn’t alone.

But shouldn’t he be?

No. No. He didn’t want to be. Not again.

He took them in one by one. Namjoon was holding a sobbing Taehyung, tears brimming in his own eyes as he looked at Jungkook with anguish. Seokjin had a hand over his mouth and was crying freely, Hoseok gripping Jimin around the waist to keep him from running over to the bed as the Fae practically screamed to be let go, crying as he fought against the dragon.

Hoseok was saying something to him but Jungkook couldn’t quite hear him properly, as if he was underwater.

No… this wasn’t… this wasn’t how it should be. Was this because of him?

“I h-hurt- I hurt her,” Jungkook whimpered again, looking at Yoongi as the others froze, Jimin snapping his mouth shut. Yoongi searched his eyes. “I didn’t mean to hurt her, I-I’m so sorry, I’m sorry,” he dissolved into sobs once more and Yoongi’s arms came around him, releasing his wrists which he hadn’t known he had grabbed to begin with.

Jungkook felt a pulse of warmth, a pulse of magic run through him from the phoenix. Good magic. The nice kind. The kind that held comfort and reassurance and love. Yoongi took one of his hands and pressed it against his chest, over his heart. He felt the phoenix’s heartbeat beneath his palm, it is slightly erratic rhythm the only tell for how panicked the man was. He felt the rise and fall of his chest as he took in deep even breathes.

“You’re safe. Theana is alright. You didn’t hurt her,” Yoongi’s voice was calm, solid, firm. “You didn’t hurt anyone Jungkook. You’re not going to hurt anyone.”

“H-Her hands-”

“Are all better now. She’s okay. Namjoon helped her.”

“S-She said…”

“I know what she said. I know.”

He was a weapon that could kill them all.

Suddenly, his vision filled with black blood, images of his lovers coated in it, their hands dripping with it as Theana’s had been.

Jungkook tried to push him away, shaking his head desperately as he pushed against Yoongi’s chest, the arms around him held firm and only pulled him closer. “No! No. Please, let go, please. I’ll hurt you, I don’t want to hurt you please,” he cried, choking on the tears that couldn’t seem to fall fast enough.

He pushed harder, hearing Yoongi grunt and felt the other jerk slightly as he almost fell off the bed. Jungkook pulled his legs up, tried to twist his arms free from the others grip. “Let go! Let me go! I’ll hurt you!”

“Jungkook- hey, Koo- Stop!” Yoongi yelled at him, some desperation colouring his voice and making Jungkook freeze. “Just… stop. Alright? We aren’t going anywhere. You won’t hurt us. Not you. Never you. You couldn’t if you tried.”

It was a nice thought. Jungkook searched Yoongi’s eyes. It was a nice idea. But it wasn’t the truth. They all knew that. He was their weakness, he had been from the start. And now? Now he could hurt them without a choice. He could kill them and everything they loved.

Jungkook couldn’t stay here now could he? How could he just ignore the fact he was a threat to them? The thought of doing what he did to Theana to them made him want to be sick.

But there wasn’t a life back in his world for him. He destroyed that in some romantic, trusting, rash choice that backfired so completely that it left him with nothing. When he thought they could overcome anything together, he didn’t account for him being the problem. Him being the threat.

He should have listened to Jiho. He shouldn’t have been so quick to decide.

So why didn’t he regret it? Why did he not wish for a second that he hadn’t made the choice to be with them?

He let himself be tugged against the others chest, arms limp between them.

Jungkook hiccupped, “I’m a weapon…”

“No. Kookie, no,” Jimin cried and broke free from Hoseok’s grip, which had slackened in the silence. He hurried to the bed and crawled up next to the two, bringing his hands up to wipe Jungkook’s cheeks and press their foreheads together over Yoongi’s shoulder. “No. You beautiful boy, not you. You’re not a weapon. You’re good, you’re so good. It’s not you. It’s that thing that was forced into you. You didn’t choose that. You didn’t have a choice. You couldn’t have known.”

Jungkook listened to his words, wanting to believe them so much it hurt. He knew on some level that he was right, he knew he didn’t have a choice about any of this. But his heart burned, his stomach twisted sickly, his very soul ached at the thought that something so dangerous was inside him at this very moment. He felt like a bomb waiting to explode.

The bed dipped as the others joined them, surrounding him, protecting him. There was a hand in his hair, hands taking his own, a body curling behind him.

“The Guardian wouldn’t have let you in if it saw you as a threat Jungkook. It wouldn’t have kept you safe here, it wouldn’t have led you to us,” Namjoon said softly as Jimin continued to catch his every tear and wipe it away with the utmost care.

Jungkook sniffed and closed his eyes, “The impossible door…” he mumbled thinking about the first time he saw the door. He remembered how tired he had been, the cold night air, the confusion he felt.

“Yes, that impossible door,” Hoseok’s voice sounded fond but strained, like he was trying not to cry. “That impossible door that brought you to us.”

“Our strong, courageous, kind bunny whose heart is too good for any world,” Taehyung sniffed behind him, cheek pressed into his back and arms around his waist.

Jungkook nuzzled into Yoongi’s neck, breathing in his scent. Like old books and cedar trees. He felt calmer now, or maybe just exhausted, as someone stroked his hair.

“You’re talking about Cooky aren’t you,” he joked weakly.

There was a pause before a few tear-filled chuckles filled the room. Jungkook felt Yoongi shake slightly against him. He hoped it wasn’t from crying, he hoped he was laughing, but it seemed like a stretch in the moment.

“Guardian above, Jungkook,” Taehyung whimpered and hugged him tighter, pressing his face into his back between his shoulders. “I love you so much.”

Jungkook felt a new wave of tears hit him, these ones for an entirely different reason.

“I love you Kookie,” Jimin admitted, sniffling and rubbing the back of Jungkook’s neck.


“I love you Jungkook,” Namjoon’s deep calm voice said with more feeling then Jungkook knew what to do with.

Please stop. Please.

“I love you Bun. So so much.” Seokjin’s voice as angelic as the rest of him spoke from beside him.

Jungkook pinched his eyes closed.

No more. If they kept saying that…

“Our lovely Jungkookie, I love you to the most distant world and back again,” Hoseok, lively, wonderful Hoseok who shone brighter then any sun said to him in the most loving tone.

Jungkook shook his head desperately, sobbing now.

He could feel the thoughts disappearing, as if they had never been an option to begin with. As if their love was enough to save him, like a fairy tale. His mind began to hope. Began to drift from the choice he knew he should make, to the choices he shouldn’t.

He would be selfish. He would make the wrong decision.

Yoongi pulled away from him, leaned back and forced Jungkook to look at him, to look him in the eyes as he spoke, “I love you.”

His heart burned. It burned so badly he thought he might be dying.

He couldn’t stop the sobs ripping through him, the gasps for air, the forming headache. Yet through the panic, fear, desperation, and through the little bit of hope he felt, he still managed to splutter out the words in return. Words he had never truly understood the meaning of until he had met them.

“I-love, I-I love yo-u too. I lo-ve you, I love you,” he said it like it would be his last words, like he’d never get a chance to say them again. He said it with his heart and soul laid bare because he knew from the start, he knew the moment he met them that he was going to be selfish if it ever came down to it.

He knew he couldn’t lose them.

That’s how he stayed. Crying until he passed out, exhausted, cradled in the arms of six people he couldn’t bare the thought of living without. Six people who he loved, and who loved him. He made the decision the moment his body relaxed, the moment he heard someone humming, heard the sweet nothings they whispered to him, heard the pain and sadness in their voices when they thought he was asleep.

On his life.

He wouldn’t let anything happen to them.

Just waking up was a whole ordeal on it’s own.

His head pounded, his throat was sore, and his eyes still burned from crying. He felt completely stripped raw from the inside out.

But it was… better. Heavy still, there was a weight in his chest that wasn’t the actual object crammed in there, but was certainly caused by it. In a way, he supposed a break down had been a long time coming, building up after everything that had happened in the past few weeks. The catalyst just happened to be some pretty intense news was all.

The guys were there. Of course they were. Crammed together in a tangle of limbs and bodies in any way that they could to be able to fit on the bed. Jungkook smiled. A tiny, broken smile but a smile nonetheless.

He laid there staring at the ceiling for awhile, he had no desire to even lift a finger. If he could freeze time in this moment and never leave it, he would.

Motion in the corner of his eyes drew his attention to the windows, the curtains open just as he liked them. Taehyung had asked him once why he didn’t close them. Jungkook remembered his kind smile when Jungkook shyly explained that he like to look at the sky.

Since then, the curtains hadn’t been touched. Jungkook was pretty sure they had made it an unspoken rule. The curtains stayed open in Jungkook’s room.

The sky was dark, the purple that had greeted him the first time he stepped through the door.

What a day that had been.

Were things simpler then?

Maybe not, maybe just different.

It was silly to contemplate things like that. Acting as if the past was something he could change.

He saw the movement again.  

A familiar, large figure swam by in the sky, the Guardian leisurely pushing through the air. It was a wonder how he had even seen it. Its skin almost blended into the swirling sky behind it. He watched the Guardian pass by a few more times, as if in a trance, before realizing it was circling the house.

After another long moment he decided to get up. Another ten minutes had him actually out of bed as he meticulously maneuvered himself as slowly as possible out from under the others. They must have been exhausted too as they hardly moved, even when Jungkook had banged his elbow against the headboard. It broke his heart to see them so upset. Even more so because it was him they were upset over.

They didn’t look like they were resting well, not just because of the awkward positions they were curled in around each other, but also the pinched expressions, the tension in their brows.

Quietly he padded to the door, bare feet nearly silent on the wood floors and Jungkook whispered a quiet thanks to the house for not creaking under his weight.

Once he was outside, he took a deep breath of fresh air and stepped onto the grass, twisting to walk backwards in order to watch the Guardian swim around the house once more.

“My dear little one,” Its voice filled his mind, almost instantly calming the torrent of chaotic thoughts that resided. His shoulders slumped at the soothing tone. He had missed it. “My innocent little one.”

The Guardian sounded almost pained, voice heavy with burden. Jungkook watched it come to a rest in front of him, fins moving slowly to keep it in one spot.

“You didn’t know then? About the weapon. I thought you were some all-knowing god or something,” he huffed with very little force in his voice. His throat was rather raw and he sounded a bit like he had a cold. Still, he didn’t mean to be so bitter towards it. He knew it was misplaced emotion.

“I am far from a god little one. And further from all-knowing.”

Jungkook curled his toes against the grass, just to feel its softness. Hoseok did a good job taking care of the yard. He could almost feel the dedication and attention put into it from the plant itself.

“My knowledge comes to me when it is needed. Moments in time, thoughts, an understanding of what is to come. However, souls I always know. When a soul is in pain, I know.”

Jungkook didn’t need to ask if his was. He could feel it in every bone in his body.

“I protect not the Galaxy, but the souls that reside in it,” the Guardian said calmly.

“And to do that, you’ve come to take me back?” Jungkook guessed, fighting the urge to run away. To hide so he couldn’t be found, like a child not wanting to come in from playing outside.

“Your soul is in great pain little one, and you are a resident of the Galaxy are you not?”

Jungkook paused and his eyes widened, “You’re… here to protect me..?” He gripped the hem of his shirt, needing something to do with his hands. His head hurt too much to cry again, though the pain was being soothed by the Guardians voice. He was the very thing that could tear this world and its people apart, and the Guardian was here because of his well-being? He didn’t deserve this. The burden and guilt he felt from how much effort everyone seemed to be putting in for him was becoming overwhelming.

“Love and kindness are not things one deserves. They are given by those who wish to give it. Their love for you runs deep, as yours does for them. Your willingness to protect them has driven you to dark thoughts little one.” Jungkook cringed, looking at the ground as the whale proceeded, “Yet you have come to your decision already have you not?”

“I… I have. It’s probably the wrong one,” he said softly, folding his arms around himself gently, stomach in knots.

“Right and wrong do not exist in matters such as these. If the world were so simple, I would not be needed here,” the Guardian chuckled lightly.

Jungkook smiled weakly before sighing, “Will you let me do it?”

“I trust your heart and your soul little one,” the whales head lowered slightly as if to nod and Jungkook wiped away a stray tear quickly, looking to the side as he tried to get a handle on himself. The risks were insane. The consequences that could come from this were… abhorrent.

“I’m scared,” Jungkook said quietly, hugging himself tighter.

The Guardian said nothing for a moment before twisting its body to the side, turning so one of it’s fins laid across the ground in front of Jungkook. He paused and looked at the whale, taking a second to understand. Gently he stepped forward, climbing up it’s fin and up onto the Guardians back. Its skin was warm under his hands and feet, feeling smooth and solid beneath him. Jungkook pressed his palms down to keep his balance as the Guardian lifted up and he couldn’t help but watch the ground shrink away beneath them. It was as if it took all his problems with it.

“Would you like to hear a story little one?” The Guardian asked as they rose even higher. Jungkook’s interest drifted from the beautiful view of the house and yard to the forest that stretched on for miles and the villages he could see every so often, to the sky above.

He laid down on the whale’s back, staring at the swirling galaxy of colour before him, feeling like he could reach out and touch it.

He nodded gently.

“Once, centuries ago, there was a boy. A boy much like you, who lived in this world. This boy lived a life of mistreatment, a life of being misunderstood. The people who should have loved him, treated him as an outcast, because they didn’t understand him. He had always been a curious one, a child willing to look past what was before his eyes to see possibilities seldom acknowledged. The boy became angry, frustrated because his ideas of the world, or what the world could be, were not accepted. So he set out to prove these ideas were not to be feared, but to explored and learned from.”

Jungkook listened, eyes tracing the planets above. At one point he did try to reach up, to brush his fingers against the colours. He couldn’t reach, but he liked to think he could feel them on the tips of his fingers anyway.

“The boy studied what magic could do, what it’s limits were and what it could be used for. What he discovered was that positive energy, was so much stronger when combined with its negative counterpart. The two energies powered each other in a way that could destroy worlds as easily as it could create them.”

Jungkook frowned and tilted his head to the side, “People were scared of it?”

“Terrified,” the Guardian confirmed. “They feared this ‘whole’ energy and what it could do. They turned against the boy to keep him from creating more. He ran. He used the energy to open a door and left the Galaxy behind. But not before creating a gem. An object that could hold, charge and release the precious magic he had created, the only magic of its kind.”

Jungkook sat up and turned to look towards the whale’s head, “That- that boy created my door?”

“Indeed he did. That door is as sentient as the home you and your precious ones reside in. It came to you when you needed it. When it sensed its own energy in you I suspect.”

Pressing a hand over his chest, he thought hard for a moment, putting pieces together. “The thing inside me, it’s the gem isn’t it? That’s why it responds to positive and negative energy so strongly? That’s why the monsters have been coming after me. That boy, he’s trying to get it back.” He rolled up onto his knees. “What will he do with it if he does?”

“As I said little one, I am far from all-knowing. His soul has been corrupted with hatred. His precious soul was the only one I have failed to save in my many years,” the Guardian’s tone took a sad regretful note.

Jungkook bit his lip, taking in the information. If the gem in his chest was so strong and was charged with negative and positive energy, that didn’t mean it was inherently a weapon. The Guardian had said it could create worlds as well. So depending on how it was used, it could be a magnificent thing.

That still didn’t help him much, if it was inside him he was the only thing keeping the energy from getting out. Jungkook couldn’t use the energy himself either could he? He wasn’t a magical being which meant he had no way to control it.

Either way, he couldn’t let the boy have it. He knew what hatred turned into, the ugly monster it created inside of a person. There was no telling what he would do with it.

His thoughts were interrupted by a deep hum in his mind, “Does this change your decision at all little one?”

Jungkook shook his head firmly, eyes narrowing slightly in determination.

“No. It makes me more certain.”

“I thought as much,” it chuckled deeply. “You are certainly a special one.”

Jungkook scowled at the word, “Why does everyone keep calling me that? I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, there’s nothing special about that.”

“The situation forced upon you is not what sets you apart from most little one. It is not why you are special.”

His scowl lightened to a frown and he furrowed his brow in confusion, “Why then?”

The whale said nothing for a moment, “That is for you to discover on your own one day.” Jungkook almost lost his balance as it turned, heading back towards the house. “Your precious ones have awoken, we may have caused them some panic,” the Guardian sounded amused.

Jungkook cringed but smiled a little, “Yeah I seem to be doing that a lot lately.”

“And for more times to come I’m sure.”

Laughing a bit, he leaned forward as they lowered down smoothly in the front yard, seconds before the door flew open and Seokjin and Hoseok burst out. “Check the training ground he might-” Hoseok was in the middle of shouting back into the house when the spotted the Guardian, eyes finding Jungkook a second later.

“Jungkook!” They both exclaimed and bolted over to them.

Seokjin turned back for only a second, cupping his hands around his mouth to shout, “We found him!”

Jungkook moved to the Guardians side and slid off it, being caught around the waist by Hoseok and gently set on the ground. Seokjin was on him before he could say anything, the others running down the steps of the porch and over to them quickly. He stared at Seokjin as the man turned him every which way to make sure he wasn’t hurt. “We thought- You- Kookie, Bun you scared us so much,” he gripped Jungkook’s shoulders firmly.

The Guardian lifted up behind Jungkook, “I apologize for the fright. There was much I needed to discuss with the little one.”

They all looked at the Guardian and Jungkook blinked in surprise when the six boys dropped to one knee and bowed.

He looked between them and the whale and cringed. Was that how he should have been greeting it? How rude had he been since he got here?

“Thank you for returning him safely,” Namjoon said evenly but shot a disapproving look towards Jungkook who winced.

The guardian chuckled lowly and said a gentle farewell before lifting into the sky once more. Part of Jungkook didn’t want it to leave, wanting to go with it so he didn’t have to face the others right now. So he didn’t have to ask what he needed too.

Swallowing he slowly looked at everyone as they stood up. Yoongi was the first to break the heavy silence, storming up to Jungkook and grabbing the front of his shirt roughly in his fist. “Do you like scaring the shit out of us?!”

Jungkook stared at him in surprise as Hoseok put a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder, only to be shrugged off.

“You can’t do that Jungkook. You can not just disappear like that. Not after everything. We thought-” Yoongi cut himself off, gritting his teeth as if he was too angry to say the words.

No… it wasn’t anger. It was concern. It was worry.

It was love that made him frustrated and furious out of concern for Jungkook’s well-being. It was love to an extent he had never experienced before. Not from his parents, his brother, or the few friends he’d had. Not even Jiho.

“That’s enough,” Namjoon stepped forward and pulled Yoongi’s hand off Jungkook’s shirt gently. “Let’s talk inside.”

Jungkook had never seen him so serious, had never seen him biting back a sharp tone that he was sure would be much the same as Yoongi’s if he had any less self-control. They were mad at him.

As they turned and started up the path, Jungkook didn’t move,

Hoseok lingered next to him, reaching a hand out to maybe coax him up the path, towards the house. Jungkook took a step back. And then another.

He needed space. He needed his mind to be clear and not to be clouded with everything they were, their love, their caring, their very presence.

Hoseok frowned taking a step towards him but stopping when Jungkook quickly shook his head, “Kookie? What’s… What is it?”

His voice brought the others to a halt not far from them, only a few steps up the path. They turned back to look at him and he sucked in a breath.

“I’ve… decided. I’ve already made up my mind.”

The air grew tense and their looks of surprise morphed into ones of dread. Yoongi stepped towards him, “Jungkook if you- I swear if you say what I think you’re about too-”

“Listen,” Jungkook said quickly. “Just, listen. Please. This is important.”

They all stayed silent, holding their breaths.

“I’m… dangerous,” He ploughed on, seeing some of them attempt to protest. “I am. This thing inside me is dangerous. We can’t ignore that. We can’t… we can’t ignore the fact that if the power is released, it could be used to destroy this world and everyone in it. We can’t ignore the fact it’s really likely it will kill me.”


He pinched his eyes closed, folding his arms and gripping his elbows. “I thought it would be better if I wasn’t here. But I don’t have anything to go back too. I thought it would be better if I died then,” he heard a few of their breathes catch. “But that wouldn’t stop whoever is after the energy from getting it. Right now the safest place this thing could be is in me. But it might kill me anyway.”

His voice cracked as he tried to say what he wanted to before he dissolved into a puddle of tears again. “It might kill all of you, and- and I have no right to put your lives, everyone’s lives on the line, I should leave and hide somewhere and never come back, never see you all again so you can live and be happy,” he shuddered and his lip quivered. “But I want to stay.”

He sunk to his knees and sobbed, keeping his eyes closed tightly. He couldn’t see their expressions; he couldn’t see the weight he was putting on their shoulders. Jungkook scrubbed at his eyes with his wrists, “I want to stay with you guys and laugh more and eat Jinnie-hyung’s cooking and listen to Yoongi-hyung’s music. I want to talk about everything with Joonie-hyung and dance with Hoseokie-hyung in the gardens a-and play games with Tae-hyung and Minnie-hyung.”

Jungkook leaned forward and pressed his forehead to the ground in a full bow, small hiccups making him stutter as he formed the words he might regret with every fiber of his being one day. “P-please, e-even if it might mean, mean your lives… c-can I stay with you?”

It was silent except for his quiet tears and sniffles. He hoped for them to say no as much as he wanted them to say yes. He wanted them to reject him, to tell him to go back to his own world, to never come back and disturb their peace, to never put their lives at risk again. He wanted them to be harsh and brutal and tell him they would never trade their lives for his. That’s what they should say. That’s what he wanted them to say. Yet he had still asked. He still hoped.

He was still being selfish.

A hand on his shoulder made him jump, his raw emotions and exhausted body making him high strung and twitchy. When he lifted his head and looked in front of him, his vision was filled with a blue and white flower.

The Smeraldo.

Eyes wide, cheeks wet with tears, Jungkook followed the hand that held the flower up to Seokjin who was knelt beside him smiling softly.

He remembered what the flower meant, what it stood for to them, and to Seokjin. Even though they had all said ‘I love you’ already, this, this was what solidified it for Jungkook.

“Oh Jungkookie, you leaving was never even a thought that crossed our minds,” Seokjin chuckled, voice thick with emotion and unshed tears. Gently he tucked the flower behind his ear, the soft petals brushing his temple.

It was like dropping an incredibly heavy weight, the relief and joy slamming into him just as he slammed into Seokjin, kissing him hard and desperately. Their teeth knocked together and Jungkook’s face was grossly damp from the tears that flowed freely now, but Seokjin kissed him back just as hard. Jungkook couldn’t help the smile that spread across his lips in the middle of the kiss, having to pull away and pull the man in for a hug instead.

Hoseok let out a sigh and crossed his arms, “Please. If you had left we would have tracked you down in minutes.”

“I would have killed you myself if you had tried anything stupid like that,” Yoongi huffed bitterly.

Taehyung blinked, “Isn’t that kind of counterproductive?”

“I said what I said.”

Seokjin combed a hand through Jungkook’s hair, “Kookie, we have lived very long and eventful lives. Yet in only a few weeks you’ve managed to brighten our lives in a capacity we didn’t know was possible. We will figure this out. And we will all come out of it in one piece.”

“And if we don’t…?” Jungkook whispered, almost afraid to jinx it.

Seokjin pulled away and smiled at him in a way that held more confidence and reassurance then Jungkook thought possible given the circumstances. “If we don’t, then we go down together.”

He swallowed and looked at the others who were grinning at him as if they were ready to face all of the impossible odds, as if they were prepared for the consequences, almost as if they were excited for it.

He wondered distantly, not for the first time, what else these men had been through in their lifetimes. What other horrors had they seen that led them to be so confident in their abilities and know that the thought of dying together was more ideal then living without one.

“Let’s get everyone a warm meal. The end of the world can wait until tomorrow,” Seokjin hummed, kissing Jungkook’s forehead before leading him inside.

They talked for hours the next day, after they were all well rested and well fed.

The seven of them gathered in the study to discuss their next course of action. It was agreed that they couldn’t sit by and wait for something else to happen. They would have to take the initiative.

The first thing they had to figure out was what to do about the gem. Jungkook had made a good point before, that the gem was safest with him. That meant removing it was out of the question for the time being.

“But it can’t stay in him forever, we can already see it’s taking a toll on his body,” Yoongi said, laying on his back across a couple of chairs he’d dragged over.

Jimin sat with his legs crossed on the desk, “It’s not like we can just cut it out of him.”

Jungkook, sitting on the floor next to Taehyung, was showing the other boy how to fold some blank paper to make something, though Namjoon wasn’t sure what. They had all gotten pretty tired of asking questions and not getting answers but they were determined to not leave until they figured something out.

The human looked up when Jimin spoke and blinked, “What if we could though?”

Yoongi reached up to the edge of the desk and grabbed a book from beside Jimin, swinging it down and thumping Jungkook on the head with it lightly. He winced and pouted cutely, making Namjoon chuckle as the youngest twisted around to look at the phoenix. “Ow! I’m being serious! You guys keep talking about stuff we can do here with magic but you know we have full access to my world and everything in it right?”

They all paused and Seokjin shifted in Namjoon’s lap in the desk chair, leaning forward curiously. “Do you think someone in your world could remove it safely?”

Jungkook hums, “I mean, there’s always risks to surgeries but yeah I think it’s the best bet. All we’d have to do is find a doctor who is trustworthy and expose them to magic right? Then they could see what they were removing.”

Taehyung shivered at the word ‘doctor’, “I don’t like the idea of you going near doctors…” He frowned, trying to mimic a fold of the paper that Jungkook just did.

“I agree,” Hoseok mumbled, the only one standing and pacing around for something to do. “The things you’ve told us so far about them seem painful.”

“They really aren’t that bad, they save lives every day, a little pain is a small price for that right?” Jungkook smiled and reached over to help Taehyung.

Namjoon smiled fondly and nodded, “Then we’ll look into that after we deal with this boy who’s after you. We know he wants the gem, we just don’t know what for and when he’ll try again.”

“What do you think the chances are of him knowing we know about the gem?” Hoseok asked, folding his arms.

Jimin tilted his head, “Slim probably right? I mean, it’s been quiet since the Corpsewing and we did just find out yesterday.”

“Which might give us some advantage, but we have to find this guy first,” Yoongi grumbled, a note of anger in his voice. Jungkook leaned his head back to rest against his hip and the phoenix carded a hand through his hair.

“I’ve been thinking… since all of this started most things seem to make sense, but there’s still a few things that don’t add up,” Jungkook frowned. “Like why my old gang contacted me out of the blue.”

“You think they’re involved?” Namjoon asked. Jungkook hadn’t told them much else about his time with the gang, besides what he had told Yoongi.

“Nara and Il-seong told us that my old boss died. Which suggests foul play. That man was in prime health, I find it hard to believe he died in a natural way. Conveniently someone took over his spot right after and then starts asking for me out of the blue?”

Taehyung pauses and frowns, “You think the new boss is the boy who made the gem?”

“We would be able to tell if one of us got near him. If he’s from the Galaxy he’s a magical being,” Hoseok said, making them all sit up a bit. Yoongi swung himself around to sit properly, legs on either side of Jungkook.

“To do that we need to get close to him,” Jimin sighs and runs a hand through his hair as Seokjin leans his back against Namjoon’s chest. “I don’t like where this is going.”

“I’m going to have to make him think I want to accept the job,” Jungkook nodded, making another fold. Namjoon glanced at the paper, seeing it take on a triangular shape. “If I request to meet with him, he’ll probably accept. Plus it if he doesn’t know we know about the gem, it will seem much less suspicious that I accepted. He might think I’m trying to find more information on the things that are after me.”

“Great, so let’s put the very thing he’s after directly in front of him,” Hoseok grumbles. “Great plan.”

“I was thinking about that too, why he didn’t just come after me himself, or try and kill me himself. I don’t think he’s known for very long that the gem’s been inside me, otherwise I wouldn’t still be alive. I think there’s a reason why he’s sending the creatures rather then coming himself, maybe he’s waiting for something. Or…” Jungkook paused and sighed, “I don’t know. Either way, if we confirm who and where he is we can figure what he plans to do with the gem.”

“In order to tell, at least one of us has to go with you,” Jimin said, hopping off the desk to sit on the floor with them.

“I think Hoseokie-hyung should,” Jungkook looked at the dragon making him blink. “You and Jinnie-hyung are the only ones who haven’t been to my world, so no one would recognize you and you have the most combat experience right?”

Hoseok nodded and rubbed his neck, blushing a bit. “W-well yeah I guess. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit excited to see your world Kookie,” he smiled.

Jungkook laughed a little, “Sadly it’ll be the less pleasant parts of it. But Yoongi-hyung and I suggested that I was in a new gang so that’s likely spread around by now, it’ll be a good cover. We’ll both just have to look the part.”

Jimin and Taehyung looked up quickly in excitement, “Shopping? Please say we’re going shopping! I’ve been wanting to get some of those tight pants that you have!” Taehyung bounced a bit where he sat.

Namjoon chuckled, “Taehyung and Jimin can go with you, seeing as they’re most familiar with the mall and they’ll fit into your clothes.”

The two Fae’s grinned and high fived each other, something Jungkook had taught them. They had been confused at the reasoning for the action at first, slapping someone else’s hand when you were excited seemed rather odd, but after doing it a few times they figured out quickly that it felt good. It was like sharing the excitement with someone. Jungkook referred to it as ‘hyping someone up’.

(Namjoon had added that to the ‘Human Vocabulary’ book he started putting together with Hoseok.)

“Alright so we get close to this guy, he’s going to be able to sense Hoseok’s energy. Meaning you’re going to need a quick way out if things turn sour,” Yoongi played with Jungkook’s hair as the boy lifted up the folded piece of paper, pinching it in the middle and bending two sides out flat. “I can put together some quick Jumps for you to take, but Hoseok will have to hold onto them, and be very careful they don’t touch any humans. Kookie included.”

Jungkook tilted his head back to look up at him, “Jumps?”

Namjoon answered for him, “They’re like quick portals, like the door, except they can’t jump very far and not through to another world. They’re pretty tedious to make. While you guys are in Jungkook’s world, we’ll head over to Drithold to get the supplies we need for them.”

Seokjin clapped his hands together and stood up off Namjoon’s lap, “Then it’s decided. Jungkookie and Hobi go to his world and confront this person who’s been hunting our bunny and if he tries anything we kill him. All agreed?”

Jungkook spluttered as everyone let out an ‘Agreed’ in response, looking between them with wide eyes. “Wait hold on, that escalated quickly.”

Taehyung grinned and patted the boy’s knee, “Don’t worry about it. Also, what did I just make exactly?” He asked holding up the folded piece of paper.

Jungkook shook his head and held up his one, pulling his arm back and thrusting the paper forward. Jimin squeaked and quickly ducked as the paper swooped over his head and up into the air before dropping slightly and circling around them on its decent. They watched it slide across the ground as it landed and Taehyung jumped to his feet.

“That’s amazing!” He quickly threw his forward too only to have it dive directly into the ground at his feet. He pouted while Jungkook laughed and picked it up, standing next to him. A moment of adjusting the folds of the paper he handed it back.

“Try again, do it a bit lighter though,” he encouraged. Taehyung stuck his tongue out of the corner of his mouth in concentration and did as the other said, watching in awe as the paper flew threw the air smoothly before landing by the piano.

“Who said you couldn’t use magic Kookie?” Taehyung grinned at him and Jungkook smiled, shaking his head.

Namjoon stayed at the desk as everyone started filing out, Jimin asking Jungkook to teach him how to make what they learned was called a paper airplane. He was a bit surprised when Jungkook handed his own airplane to the Fae and smiled lightly, responding with “I promise I will later, I wanted to talk to Joonie-hyung about something actually.”

Jimin stood on his toes and gave him a quick peck, so easily and naturally that despite Jungkook having kissed the boy many times now, it still seemed to take him off guard. The Fae nodded, not questioning it and headed out after the others with the promise of spending time together later.

Now alone, Namjoon stood up and rounded the desk, Jungkook walked over to him and he held out his hands for the human’s who took them easily and stepped into his space.

He knew Jungkook was going through a lot mentally right now. The news had been a shock to them all, but Jungkook had taken it badly. Namjoon had recognized the beginning of his break down one the silent walk back and when the other didn’t respond to much of anything he realized it would be a bad one.

Seeing Jungkook’s mind practically tear himself apart was one of the hardest things he’d ever had to watch. It reminded him of the attacks Yoongi used to often get, after the wars, after they lost their families. It killed him to not be able to help in anyway. Yoongi had taken seeing Jungkook like that especially hard, having experienced similar thoughts, he’d wanted to stick by the boys side. They had all agreed to give him his space however, to let it sink in.

Namjoon had explained what had happened, and like he knew they would, not a single one of them cared that Jungkook had a weapon inside him. It’s not like it made him any less ‘Jungkook’. They were concerned for the boy and his life however, because it certainly complicated things.

When Jungkook wasn’t there when they had woken up…

They had assumed the worst.

Namjoon never wanted to experience that terror ever again.

Since Jungkook had asked to stay with them (something that had made Namjoon cry, secretly, in Seokjin’s hold the night before), he had been having doubts. They could all see it, when he was left to think too long, when there wasn’t a distraction for him to focus on, his mind would run free and pull him back into ‘What if’s’ and non-existent scenarios.

They did their best to keep him there, in the now, with them. But they knew that until this was taken care of, Jungkook wouldn’t be able to feel at peace knowing he was a threat to them.

“Joonie-hyung, could you… if things go really south, if I don’t…”

Namjoon tugged him close and put his hands on his hips, Jungkook’s hands coming up to rest on his chest. “We told you Kookie we won’t let anything happen to you,” he said softly.

Jungkook sighed, “We both know you guys can’t make that promise. Anything could happen.”

He hated that he was right about that, he could say it a thousand times and still end up losing Jungkook, or any of the others. He pressed his thumbs into his hips gently, massaging the spots through his shirt.

“But, I need you to make me a different promise,” Jungkook continued, searching his eyes.

Namjoon nodded slowly, not fully sure what he was agreeing too just yet.

“If… if I die. Can you find my brother?” Jungkook’s expression pinched a bit in sadness, something deeper then what Namjoon understood.

He felt himself frown in confusion, knowing Jungkook didn’t want his family to be brought up. They had all kept their word on that, it wasn’t their story to delve into without Jungkook’s permission but he couldn’t say he wasn’t curious. Part of him thought that maybe Jungkook had lost his family like they all had. “Your brother? I didn’t know you had one.”

“His name’s Jeon Ji-hun. Could you, find him and tell him that I don’t blame him? Tell him it wasn’t his fault, and tell him thanks, for trying to protect me,” Jungkook bit his lip looking conflicted.

He wanted to ask. He wanted to know what had happened to cause his brother to have to protect him in the first place, he wanted to know about his parents and what happened to them. He wanted to know everything there was to know about Jungkook.

But he kept his word and didn’t ask. That was more important then his curiosity.

Namjoon sighed and lifted a hand, thumbing his lip free from between his teeth, “You’re picking up bad habits from Tae,” he was pleased to see Jungkook’s lips twitch into a small smile. “I promise Jungkookie. If, and that’s a strong if, anything happens to you, I promise I’ll find your brother and tell him.”

The human’s shoulders slumped and his sighed, letting go of some of the weight that seemed to be crushing him in the last few days. “Thank you,” he said softly.

Namjoon hummed and kissed his forehead, then his nose, then his lips. A gentle peck meant to give some comfort. He didn’t expect the man in his arms to tense. Blinking he pulled away, worried he did something wrong or he was in some kind of pain. He was surprised to see an adorable pout on his face.

“I wanted to kiss you first,” Jungkook grumbled with a pretty pink flush across his cheeks. Namjoon scoffed in amusement and shook his head.

“I’m sorry?” He said not sure what else to say to that.

“Don’t apologize,” Jungkook huffed. “Kiss me like you mean it.”

It was Namjoon’s turn to blush as he stared at the smirk that replaced the cute pout, once again proving his theory that Jungkook had some sort of morphing ability. From the evidence he’d seen on Jimin’s body, Jungkook could be rather devious in bed and there was a part of him that really wanted to watch Jungkook take charge over the others, to manipulate them how desired, to pleasure them so completely, only to then fall apart under Namjoon’s hands. To beg him and crumble so beautiful into a mess of panting and breathless moans.

He wanted Jungkook to give up control to him, to trust him completely in the most intimate of ways.

His gaze darkened and Jungkook’s teasing smirk grew as the immortal narrowed his eyes slightly. “You’re playing with fire bunny,” he said deeply, making Jungkook shiver.

“I’ll play with Yoongi-hyung later. Right now I want to play with you,” Jungkook tilted his head and shifted forward to press flush against him.

Namjoon’s jaw tensed, trying to control himself. He grabbed Jungkook by the jaw and forced the younger to meet his eyes, looking at him seriously but softly, “Jungkook, are you sure you want this right now?” He had to ask. He didn’t want to overwhelm him, to push too much onto him given the bombs that were dropped on the poor boy the last forty-eight hours.

Jungkook seemed to understand his genuine concern and nodded gently, eyes softening, “I want this. I want… I want to know it’s okay to have this.”

Namjoon nodded and brought him in for another soft kiss. He was looking for reassurance, something to silence the doubts and he was more then willing to give him all the reassurance he needed. He felt Jungkook try to press forward, to deepen the kiss, but he kept his hand firm on the man’s jaw to keep him still.

Their lips slid together easily, Jungkook’s lips so incredibly full and soft and the sensation was exactly like the others had described it. As if it was charged with electricity that made his heart forget how to beat in a normal rhythm.

Jungkook let out a small whine in frustration at how light the kissed stayed and Namjoon chuckled against his lips, pulling back slightly. “Why the rush bunny?”

Jungkook whined again and tugged at Namjoon’s shirt, trying to pull it up to get his hands on skin. The immortal tisked and grabbed his wrists, pulling his hands off him. He walked Jungkook back a few steps, pressing him against a bookshelf and pinning his wrists beside his head. He watched Jungkook’s eyes darken with lust and he leaned in to catch his lips in another kiss, much deeper this time.

Jungkook sighed when Namjoon pressed his tongue into his mouth, their tongues slipping against each others in a battle for dominance over the kiss. The older won after a moment and took his time exploring Jungkook’s mouth, sucking on his tongue gently before pulling back and admiring the human’s wet glossy lips.

He shifted his wrists up, holding both above his head in one hand, only to pause when Jungkook winced slightly. He frowned and went to release him, remembering his still healing shoulder. Jungkook shook his head quickly, “It’s okay, don’t stop. Fuck, please don’t stop.”

The nearly begging tone had Namjoon inclined to trust him but he still lowered the boys hands slightly to take some of the strain off his shoulders, keeping his wrists firmly in his grip. He leaned forward and brushed their lips together gently, not kissing him and appreciating the way Jungkook practically tried to chase after his touch. His lips ghosted a trail along his jaw, kissing feather light pecks every so often as he brought his lips to his ear.

“I saw the pretty marks you and Tae left on Minnie. Tae couldn’t stop talking about how good you were for them, how well you took care of them both.”

Jungkook’s eyes fluttered closed and his head thumped back against the bookshelf, a rough breath leaving his partially open mouth. “T-They were so perfect, so good,” he mumbled, voice cracking as Namjoon’s free hand slid under his shirt, feeling the smooth skin of his abs.

“I heard you called Minnie a charming name, hmm?” Namjoon hummed lowly pressing a kiss to the skin below his ear. “Sweetheart wasn’t it?”

He watched Jungkook’s adam’s apple bob as he swallowed, Namjoon not being able to resist scrapping his teeth against the skin of his neck, before moving down to nip at his collar bones. “Is there a name you like to be called Kookie?”

The other nodded and his tongue darted out to wet his lips, “B-bunny, I like when you call me bunny.”

Namjoon held back a groan at how absolutely perfect the younger was, how willing he was to listen. He hadn’t even tried to pull his hands free, despite fidgeting with the clear urge to touch him in return. Namjoon slid his hand up higher under his shirt, pushing the fabric up, palm brushing over Jungkook’s chest.

The gasp and arching back Jungkook responded with when his hand brushed his nipple was enough for him to smirk and focus his attention on that spot. “Sensitive bun?” He kissed him once more, swallowing down Jungkook’s mewls and whines as he teased him further. When he pulled away and dropped his hand back to his hip, Jungkook’s eyes had fallen half closed and he seemed to be having a hard time keeping still, seeking more.

“Hyung, please,” he panted softly. “Touch me. Please.”

Namjoon couldn’t say no to that if he tried.

Chapter Text

Namjoon loved learning.

He prided himself on the knowledge he had gathered in his lifetime, he thrived amongst books and situations that he knew he could extract some kind of lesson from. Even when he had been human he had a thirst for knowledge that couldn’t be satiated. Knowledge, and the promise of having multiple lifetimes to gather it, was one of the only reasons he’d been able to cope with his immortality.

Maybe it was this urge to learn that made him so intrigued with Jungkook when they first met. Every step of the way, Jungkook would surprise him. Every time he thought he could predict what the younger was going to do, how he was going to react, he did the opposite. He seemed so driven by emotion, trusting his heart, and yet when his heart became overloaded and couldn’t take the stress, when it reached a peak that most people would fold under, it was as if his mind cleared then. Like his thoughts and reasoning took over and hyper focused on what needed to be done, regardless of the high level of emotions, he would make the decision based on what made the most sense.

Namjoon had wondered if it was because he was human, or if it was because he was Jungkook.

He had a feeling it was the latter.

It crossed his mind again as he stared down at Jungkook with so many thoughts running through his mind, everything he wanted to do to the man, to make him feel, to hear the beautiful sounds he’d make, that there was something deliciously tantalizing about how much trust Jungkook had in them.

Everything could hurt him. Literally everything. Namjoon had seen the man cut himself on a piece of paper early, which he didn’t even think was possible.

And yet, right now, with Jungkook trying to catch his breath, wrists pinned above his head, back arched slightly off the bookshelves behind him, asking Namjoon to touch him in such a sweet voice, he trusted Namjoon not to hurt him. Or, as Namjoon was quickly learning was possible, to hurt him in all the best ways.

Jungkook squirmed under his gaze, shifting his weight on his feet and pulling slightly at his wrists. “Hyung,” he breathed.

Namjoon almost groaned at the word. He loved hearing it attached to his name, to Seokjin’s name and all the others. It felt personal, loving, something Jungkook only called them (he chose to ignore Jungkook’s friend’s existence for the time being).

He leaned forward again, pressing his body against the length of Jungkook’s, slipping a leg between his knees. He hooked a hand on the side of his neck, feeling his smooth skin and pressing his thumb under his chin, forcefully but gently tipping his head back. “Do you like when I look at you bun? Do you like when we admire how sexy you are?”

Jungkook hummed pleasantly and Namjoon could feel the vibration from his neck in his palm, could feel as he spoke, “I love it- fuck, hyung,” he whined loudly as Namjoon gently rolled their hips together, feeling the heat of Jungkook’s body press into him. “A-Again, again.”

Namjoon bit back his own groan at how responsive Jungkook was, how he was desperately trying to roll his hips to meet his again for more of that delicious friction. He mouthed at Jungkook’s jaw and slid his hand up to rest three fingers across the boy’s lips loosely, chuckling. “Sshhh, don’t let the others hear you, there will be plenty of time to share you with them later. Right now, I want you to myself.”

Jungkook’s lips fell open slightly and he turned his head to allow two of Namjoon’s fingers to slip into his mouth. The immortal watched, breath hitching as he sucked and swirled his tongue around the digits. Jungkook glanced to the side and met his gaze before sinking his teeth into Namjoon’s skin.

Something in him snapped.

The pulse of sparking pain that shot down his fingers only fueled the burn in his core that wanted to completely ravish Jungkook. A deep rumbling growl started from his chest and ripped from his throat, just as quickly, he pulled his fingers free of the boy’s mouth and replaced them with his tongue.

The kiss became desperate, messy, biting and licking at each other as if the other would disappear with only a moment’s notice. Namjoon released Jungkook’s wrists in favour of grabbing one of his thighs, lifting his leg to his waist and grinding into him. Jungkook’s hands grabbed at him, anywhere they could. His chest, his shoulders, his arms, his hair.

Despite the absence of space between them, despite the warmth of their bodies and the tingling of arousal that fluttered over everywhere they connected, it still didn’t feel close enough.

Namjoon swore into Jungkook’s mouth as the younger let out a particularly low moan, biting the older lips, dragging his teeth across the sensitive skin.

“Joonie,” Jungkook panted, eyes only open enough for Namjoon to see the desire in them, “You taste good.”

And he was on him again, throwing his weight forward causing them both to stagger back. They stumbled, neither wanting to break the kiss to see where they were going. Namjoon felt Jungkook’s hands grabbing at his shirt, pulling it up, wanting it off, just as he felt his hip bump against the desk.

The thump and fluttering sound of paper let him know he’d probably just knocked a bunch of books on the floor but he couldn’t care less. Quickly he pulled his shirt off over his head, tossing it to the side.

There was a moment of pause then, the only sound was their heavy breathing in the quiet room. Jungkook seemed to want to take a moment to just look at him, and he was fine with that because it gave him time to do the same. Jungkook’s pupil’s were dilated, making his eyes look almost black with lust. His hair was a mess and his eyes racked over Namjoon like he was trying to hold himself back.

Namjoon had never been self-conscious really, or at least he never really remembered having been. With five lovers, and now a sixth, to constantly tell you how handsome you were, it was hard for doubts to creep in. So when he felt Jungkook’s hands on his stomach, starting low and working their way up to his chest, he only chuckled lightly and let him explore his skin. He took one of the boy’s hands from his pecs and lifted his wrist to his lips, kissing his pulse point gently, never looking away from the others beautiful eyes.

Jungkook swallowed thickly, “You’re so…” he trailed off, seeming to be unable to find a fitting word. The small crinkle of frustration in his brow made him smile fondly as he sat his weight back on the edge of the desk, pressing gentle kisses up the inside of his arm at the same time pulling him closer.

“I want to see you,” Namjoon hummed lowly once he had Jungkook standing between his legs, his hands settling on his hips, fingers hooking through the loops in the top of his pants.

He watched Jungkook pull his already skewed shirt off, slowly, almost teasingly before tossing it somewhere with his own. Jungkook was a vision. He had seen the man shirtless a few times now, and it was always a struggle of holding himself back. His muscles were defined, but not overwhelmingly so, he still had a lean figure and smooth soft skin and his waist was… Namjoon couldn’t help moving his hands up to grip his small waist, the warmth of his hands making Jungkook sigh pleasantly.

Rubbing his thumbs along the skin of his stomach, just under his ribs, Namjoon looked back up at him. “Turn around bun,” he said gently. As he had semi expected, Jungkook hesitated, frowned slightly and seemed a bit anxious suddenly. Namjoon pulled him closer, pressing a kiss to his collar bone and to his chest over his heart to reassure him. “Please,” he said gently but insistently.

Jungkook took another moment but eventually turned around so his back was to him. The scar was the same as it was when Namjoon had first seen it. He knew it was an old wound but it looked painful, and the thought of Jungkook nearly dying, and still possibly being at risk of dying from it, made him feel contempt towards the mark.

But, without it, Jungkook never would have discovered magic. Without it, he wouldn’t have found them. Selfishly, and as much as Namjoon hated it, he was also grateful. He kissed the back of Jungkook’s shoulder, trying to kiss away the tension there. That wouldn’t do. He needed Jungkook to know that the mark was nothing that would ever change their view of him. It wasn’t something ugly or marring on his skin. It was simply proof of how strong he was. Proof he survived.

He pressed his lips to the center of the scar and felt Jungkook suck in a breath. Pulling away he stood up. Pulling the boy against him, his back flush against his chest, Namjoon wrapped an arm around his shoulders and the other around his waist. He hugged him firmly while nosing at the shell of his ear.

“Are you worried we’ll think of you differently? That we won’t look at you the same?” His voice was soft, putting his lust and arousal to the back of his mind for a moment.

Jungkook leaned back into him, his hands coming up to hold his arms against him as he nodded gently. “I… don’t want you guys to be scared of me again…”

Namjoon sighed, remembering how cautious and on edge they had been when he first got here. While it had been for good reason at the time, Namjoon couldn’t help thinking how foolish it felt now to fear the human.

“The only thing that scares me Jungkook, is your ability to hurt yourself with the most harmless things,” he grumbled and took the boys hand, lifting it so they could both see the hairline cut on the side of his index finger.

Jungkook laughed, turning his head to kiss him lightly. Namjoon smiled fondly, intertwining their fingers and just enjoying the heat of Jungkook’s skin against his for a moment. His free hand slid down his front, stopping to rest on his stomach just above the waist of his pants. “If you want to stop, I need you to say so bunny,” he murmured against his ear. Jungkook’s body shuddered against him and Namjoon knew his answer before he spoke.

“Don’t. Don’t stop,” the hoarseness was back in the younger’s voice and he rocked his ass back into Namjoon’s heat making him hiss slightly at the friction.

Namjoon’s hand fell lower, settling with his palm on the front of his hip, fingers splayed over the top of the man’s thigh. He pushed against him, pinning their lower halves together and halting all the human’s attempts at moving. Jungkook groaned in frustration, the immortal’s hand clearly not where he wanted it to be. “I’m not going anywhere bun, let’s take our time hm?”

Jungkook grit his teeth together and let his head fall back on his shoulder, soft hair brushing his cheek, “Fuck Joonie-hyung please. Please touch me, I can’t- I need-”

Namjoon nipped at his earlobe, sucking on it. He hummed, digging the tips of his fingers into his thigh. “I know love, let me take care of you.”

Jungkook could barely seem to be able to keep his eyes open, swollen lips parted to let out his desperate pants. Namjoon finally moved his hand over, cupping him through the fabric of his pants causing Jungkook to jolt against him, letting out a deep moan.

“Did you forget already? Stay quiet for me bun,” he smirked against his neck. Slipping his fingers back into Jungkook’s warm mouth, he hummed pleasantly when he sucked and licked at them immediately. He pressed his palm into him as he spoke in whispers against his skin, pausing only to kiss or lick at his pulse point. “Or maybe, we should get the others. They would love to see you like this, so desperate. When you’re ready to love, we would all love to spoil you like this together. To touch you, hear you make more of those pretty noises,” Namjoon groaned at the thought. “Your voice would sound so good mixed with the others.”

Jungkook sank his teeth into his fingers lightly when Namjoon pressed and rocked his hips into Jungkook. Jungkook’s hand reached behind them to grab the edge of the desk for support, his other gripping his lovers arm tightly. The wanting whine he let out was enough for Namjoon to give in and stop teasing him.

Shifting their position, Namjoon stepped in front of the beautiful boy, pushing him back until Jungkook was pressed against the desk. He stole another kiss as his hands moved down to work the button on the front of his pants. Jungkook’s hands ran over his chest and he kissed back passionately.

“Tell me what you want Kookie,” he mumbled against his lips, barely pulling away long enough to say the words before they were kissing again.

“I want,” he groaned when their lips met again, pulling away not a second later, “Together, I want to feel you.”

The words clouded Namjoon’s mind, the only thoughts he had were for the boy in front of him, the feelings in his chest. Nodding quickly he undid Jungkook’s pants and tugged them down just enough to expose him. He ran his hand over him making Jungkook whimper and dig his nails into his shoulders. Namjoon reveled in the slight sting that ramped up his desire in a way he didn’t think was possible, adding to an already burning inferno inside of him. “Beautiful bunny, so pretty.”

Jungkook rushed to push Namjoon’s pants down as well, Namjoon hissing slightly as the cool air hit him. The way Jungkook licked his lips this time, Namjoon knew it was entirely intentional and not a second later he had a hand wrapped around him, Jungkook looked up, leaning close. Namjoon let out a shuddering breath at the warmth of his hand against him. “Soon, when we’re all ready,” Jungkook’s breathing cut his words as Namjoon’s hand stroked him firmly, grunting as he tried to focus. “I want you to take me first Namjoon-hyung.”

Jungkook kept talking despite Namjoon having halted all movement, his brain short circuiting. “I want y-you to take me while the others watch,” his hand released him only to pull their hips flush  together, both of them moaning at the feeling of the other against them. Jungkook wrapped his hand around them both and continued his motion accompanied by the rock of his hips. “I want you and I want to take Jimin-hyung f-first, ah h-hyung.”

Namjoon reached between them and wrapped his hand around Jungkook’s, covering what his hand couldn’t. They both shook, foreheads pressed together firmly, breathing each other’s air. Jungkook’s free hand gripped the back of his neck.

“Of course bun, fuck, yes,” Namjoon breathed out.

“N-Namjoon-hyung,” Jungkook whined.

“Come apart for me love,” he whispered, locking eyes with Jungkook before he pressed his thumb in just the right spot.

Namjoon hooked his arm around Jungkook’s back as the man arched into him, throwing his head back with a deep groan, fingers gripping Namjoon’s hair. He leaned back over the desk, pulling Namjoon with him. The immortals own end following not a second later, leaving his mind blank as his pleasure peaked and coursed through every fiber of his being. He barely managed to support them, quickly putting a hand on the desk to keep them from toppling over.

They stayed like that, trying to catch their breath, hearts beating heavy in their chests. Namjoon panted against the boy’s neck, pressing gently kisses as he slowly came down. Riding out the last waves of pleasure calmly.

He felt Jungkook relax in his hold suddenly and slump. Not expecting the sudden change of weight, Namjoon’s arm buckled and they both yelped when they fell the short distance onto the desktop. More things crashed to the floor but Namjoon was more concerned with the loud thump of Jungkook’s head hitting the wood of the desk.

Jungkook winced and brought a hand up to rub his head with a small, “Ow.”

“Shit, are you okay? I’m so sorry, let me see, does it hurt?” Namjoon’s eyes widened and he quickly hooked a hand under the boy’s head, replacing his hand in gently rubbing the spot he’d hit.

Jungkook’s laughter brought his attention to his face and he relaxed upon seeing the other grinning. He looked incredible, lips wet and red, eyes slightly unfocused. He looked happy.

Namjoon smiled fondly.

“I’m okay hyung, but I wasn’t made to bend this way so if we don’t stand up I might actually break my spine,” Jungkook laughed more at what must have been a horrified expression that overcame Namjoon’s face.

He pushed himself off the other and helped him stand up straight, out of his awkward position bent back over the desk. Checking his head once more and pouting slightly at Jungkook’s amused smile.

Namjoon gave him a gentle kiss and shook his head, “You weren’t very good at staying quiet,” he teased.

Jungkook turned a brilliant shade of pink and pouted cutely, grumbling a little before pulling him close and whispering in his ear. “Guess you’ll have to punish me for that later.”

Namjoon groaned and thumped his forehead against Jungkook’s shoulder, making the younger laugh. “Don’t give me ideas.”

“Hyung, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about your hands,” Jungkook breathed before smiling playfully.

Namjoon laughed a little and lifted his head to brush their noses together making the younger scrunch his face up cutely, “And how does it compare?”

“It doesn’t, the real thing is much better.”

Chuckling, Namjoon spent a few moments showering Jungkook in little kisses, relishing in his giggles and attempts to get him to stop. Eventually stepping away, he went to grab his shirt to clean them up but Jungkook stopped him with a pout, “Wait, use mine, I want to wear yours.”

Namjoon choked down yet another groan and sighed, “You’re killing me love.”

Jungkook snickered as Namjoon picked up his shirt instead, cleaning them both up gently and tossing the shirt on a chair making a mental note to throw it in the laundry later. He slipped his own shirt over Jungkook’s head, watching the soft white fabric fall over him. The sleeves were a bit long and it sat a bit baggy on him but it only served to make him look extremely adorable.

Jungkook brought the collar up to his face and inhaled slowly, humming, “It smells like you.”

Namjoon smiled fondly and kissed his cheek, “Did you mean that? That you want me to be the first of us?”

The other nodded, a little shy now, “If that’s… if that’s okay. I mean I want to be with all of you eventually, but I thought, well, you and Jimin came to get me, so I guess, I want to show you how thankful I am to both of you for taking the risk.”

Namjoon blinked in surprise, “You know you don’t owe us anything right Kookie? Especially not-”

Laughing, Jungkook shook his head, “I know, I know. I’ve already heard that from Seokjinnie-hyung and Jiminie-hyung. I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t something I wanted. Trust me. I really want it,” he said, gaze turning a bit suggestive at the end.

The immortal scoffed in amusement, a hand coming up to cup his cheek and pull him into a chaste kiss. “I love you.”

The words had been easy to say. They felt natural to say. Even the first time they exchanged the words, when Jungkook was hurting and ridden with guilt and fear, they had said it so easily. Namjoon was told everyday by the others that they loved him. So he knew they all meant it with everything their hearts had to give.

He hadn’t known Jungkook as long as he’d known the others, but he didn’t need to when the pure genuine wide smile broke out across his face and his eyes practically sparkled in joy. That told him the boy meant every word when he responded in kind.

“I love you too.”

The next day, Jungkook went shopping with Taehyung and Jimin.

It was chaotic, it was a mess, and it was turning out to be the best day Jungkook had ever had in his life. His face had never hurt so much from smiling at the guys as they ran from store to store checking things out and asking whatever questions popped into their heads.

He could barely keep up and he was thankful that they liked to hold his hand, content with just letting them drag him around the mall.

The mall he had mentally hoped the door would take them to wasn’t the one he had worked at. It was one on the other side of the city, hopefully far from any unwanted eyes on them.

So far he had already spent more money than he ever would have thought about spending while he was still in school. As hard as he tried, he couldn’t resist spoiling the guys as their excitement and curiosity was just too cute for him to handle. It wasn’t like he really needed the money anyway.

They bought everything they needed before Jungkook started looking at other things. It was nice that even while everyone wasn’t here, he couldn’t help constantly thinking about them, and he didn’t feel guilty about it because Jimin and Taehyung did the same. They would point at something or find certain clothes that they would all agree would look fantastic on Seokjin, or accessories that Hoseok might like.

Jungkook even bought a surprise for Yoongi.

That surprise led into them looking at other things besides clothing, Jimin asking about medical books and Taehyung wanting to see what kind of art supplies they had.

Needless to say, it was a busy morning.

When lunch time rolled around, Jungkook took them to the food court and they found a table to sit down at. They didn’t have any bags with them, as they had been discretely opening the door and setting them on the other side, so they didn’t have to carry them, as was Taehyung’s amazing idea.

After Jungkook explained how the food court system worked, he managed to get their orders, or a vague idea of what they wanted.

“Alright, burgers it is. You guys wait here okay? I’ll be back in a second,” he smiled and stood as they nodded at him.

“We won’t go anywhere, promise Kookie,” Taehyung smiled holding up his pinky. That had been another thing he had taught them, that a pinky promise was unbreakable. Taehyung took it very seriously.

Smiling, Jungkook latched his pinky around the other’s and they tapped their thumbs together to seal it. Jimin smiled and told him not to be too long as he headed to one of the fast food restaurants.

He was happy they seemed more comfortable amongst other humans now. The first hour they had seemed to be trying to tone down their excitement, but they slowly figured out that the other people in the mall weren’t paying any attention to them. Well, for the most part. Jimin and Taehyung were both extremely handsome and it certainly had earned the attention of more then a few people, male and female alike.

One girl had even tried to flirt with Jimin who had simply blinked at her when she asked if he was an angel, to which he responded, “No? My boyfriend is though.”

Jungkook had to choke down a laugh at that one, quickly guiding Jimin away from the dejected girl.

Chuckling to himself he walked up to the counter of the restaurant, pulling out his wallet.

“Hi welcome to-”

Jungkook barely registered the cut off greeting, thinking about how the guys would react to trying soda for the first time. “Hi, um can I get… three number four combo’s please?”

When there wasn’t a response, Jungkook looked away from the menu board and at the cashier.

Of course he couldn’t have a perfect day without something getting thrown in to screw with him.

Because of course the one fucking mall he chose to get away from people who might know him would be exactly where his ex-boyfriend worked.

Jungkook stared at Hosung for a long moment, a little proud of himself for not reacting noticeably. Despite the fact that his heart simultaneously started running solely on anxiety and dropped through his feet and into the floor. An onslaught of memories involving the man in front of him took over his mind and he bit down hard on his tongue to keep outwardly calm.

Hosung was still quite handsome, his dark brown hair and dark eyes which were now wide with surprise and seemed to be taking him in in the same fashion. Besides anxiety, Jungkook kind of expected to feel something else. Maybe some residing feelings, maybe regret, maybe even anger or hate. But there was none of that.

That realization had him calming down pretty quickly.

It was like looking at a stranger.

He raised a brow at Hosung who had yet to punch in his order. The action seemed to break the other out of his stupor and he cleared his throat, quickly looking down at the till. “Um, sorry what was that?”

“Three number four combo’s please,” Jungkook repeated pulling his card out. It felt like talking to a stranger too, and by the way Hosung’s hands were shaking, he was more nervous then Jungkook was. Funny that, seeing as he was the one who broke up with him.

“Could I get a name for the order?” Hosung glanced up at him a few times as if he wanted to stare at him.

Jungkook sighed a bit, figuring it was better to get this awkward situation over with. If Taehyung hadn’t been so adorably eager for a hamburger he would have turned around and gotten food elsewhere. But he would burn this whole place down if he knew it would make any of his boyfriends smile, so talking to Hosung wasn’t going to stop him from getting that damn burger.

“Hosung-ssi, seriously? It’s been a couple years, not a lifetime.”

Hosung let out a half laugh, half choke, letting his shoulders slump slightly, “It is you Jungkook, god you look, good. You look good. I thought I was mistaken for a second.”

Jungkook felt a slight annoyance at the lack of honorific as well as the back handed compliment. That was something Hosung had always been good at. Good to see nothing had changed.

“Could you punch in my order?” He asked, just wanting his food now.

Hosung chuckled and did, Jungkook tapped his card and Hosung set a tray to the side with his receipt on it. “How have you been? It’s been what, two or three years now?”

Jungkook shrugged, he hadn’t cared to keep track of the time. “I’m fine,” he said as he moved to the side to wait for his food.

Luckily there was a couple of customers in line behind him which kept Hosung busy for the most part. He did his best to ignore the other but it was hard when he could feel him constantly looking over at him.

Once he got the food, he turned to head back to Jimin and Taehyung, forcing himself to keep his pace casual and not rushed. Hosung called out after him and he stopped to let out a small huff before turning back to see him leaving a customer at the till, jogging over to him as one of his coworkers yelled after him.

Hosung stopped in front of him and Jungkook looked at him with the most bored expression he could muster. “What?”

“Why don’t we sit and talk for a bit? Catch up or something?” Hosung smiled in a way that a younger, less experienced Jungkook would have fallen for in seconds. Now it just made him feel sick to see it. How bitter his smile was compared to that of Hoseok’s gorgeous bright one that held nothing but love and affection when directed towards him.

“No thanks, couldn’t be less interested,” Jungkook went to leave but was stopped when Hosung grabbed his arm. He quickly rebalanced the tray in his hands and turned to glare at the other.

“What, you can’t seriously still hold a grudge after all these years, we were young and dumb Jungkook. Look, I’m sorry okay? I know we left on rough terms, you were always the sensitive type.”

Deep breath.

Don’t stab him with a plastic fork.

Stabbing is bad.

He couldn’t help the chuckle that left him at the ridiculousness of his words. How had Jungkook been so blind to think this guy wasn’t anything but toxic? “To hold a grudge would be to actually care, and honestly? I really don’t. So if you would let go of my arm that would be great.”

Hosung shook his head, “Just a few minutes? I want to know how you’ve been, seriously you really look,” Jungkook scowled at the way his eyes trailed down his body. “Incredible. Have you been working out?”

Before Jungkook could consider beating the man over the head with the tray in his hands, he heard a shout across the cafeteria which caused more then a few people to look at the Fae who was standing up waving his hands over his head with a wide grin. “Kookie! Hurry up! Food!”

Jimin was trying to get him to sit down, apologizing to the people around them sheepishly.

Jungkook grinned and laughed, turning back to Hosung only long enough to see him regarding him with a surprised expression and to pull his arm free, “Sorry, they’re waiting for me. You should go back to work.”

Jungkook went to leave again but felt some of the annoyance return when Hosung started following him, “You can introduce me! I’d love to meet your friends.”

Jungkook almost growled at him but held back. He was having a great day and the last thing he wanted to do was to get them kicked out for starting a fight. Really though, what did he care if Hosung followed? Jungkook wasn’t a saint by any means, and a nasty part of him wanted to show off how much better he was doing without him.


Hosung never could take no for an answer.

When they reached the table, Jungkook’s annoyance must have shown as both Jimin and Taehyung quieted down and locked their gazes on Hosung, as if trying to determine if he was a threat.

“Who’s this?” Jimin asked carefully.

Hosung answered before Jungkook, who had opened his mouth to respond. Wow. Jungkook forgot how often he did that. “Hi, I’m Hosung, Jungkook and I go way back. You must be friends of his, it’s nice to meet you!”

Jimin and Taehyung weren’t even looking at Hosung however, both of their attention was on Jungkook and clearly recognizing how tense he was. Taehyung leaned back in his chair as Jungkook set the tray on the table and sat across from them, Hosung made himself at home in the seat next to Jungkook.

“Hosung-ssi, is my ex boyfriend,” Jungkook said flatly, grabbing a container of fries to munch on. Neither of the Fae’s even acknowledged the food, both tensing slightly.

Hosung frowned at Jungkook, “We were friends before we ever dated, seriously, when did you become so cold hearted?” Hosung suddenly grinned and shoved his shoulder slightly with the back of his hand. “You used to be so shy and cute. Stuttering all the time.”

It was almost amusing how unaware of the atmosphere Hosung was. That had always been an issue when they were dating. He was awful at reading people and he had control issues. Despite having broken up with him, Hosung had done his best to keep other people away from Jungkook if he had heard they were getting too close. The whole ‘I don’t want him but no one else can have him either’ bullshit.

“You’re an idiot aren’t you?” Taehyung said suddenly, voice completely casual as if he already knew the answer to his question.

Hosung blinked and looked at him, “Excuse me?”

“Cold-hearted?” Jimin laughed, smiling at Jungkook. “Please, if your heart was any warmer you’d be on fire.”

Jungkook chuckled at that, “Think Yoongi-hyung would help me control it?”

Jimin shook his head, “Nope. He’d tell you to figure it out like he did.”

Hosung, not liking being ignored, spoke up, “Then you haven’t changed much at all, I remember you used to be so clingy, always trying to cuddle after well, you know, we had a good time.”

Jungkook wasn’t sure what Hosung was trying to do here, but he didn’t appreciate it. Whether it was to piss off Jimin and Taehyung or somehow try and show off or something, it was getting on his last nerves.

“Hosung-ssi, what the actual fuck is wrong with you?”

Hosung scoffed and reached across him for one of his fries, only to have his wrist grabbed harshly by Taehyung. He jumped and looked at him in surprise, looking a bit taken off guard by the man’s glare.

“Don’t touch his food.”

Jungkook was a bit surprised as well until he remembered when he’d first arrived in the Galaxy. He remembered how long it took to get back on a normal eating schedule, to eat more then a few bites per meal, how much time Seokjin spent making sure he was getting the nutrients he needed. The guys were still very conscious of what he ate, though it wasn’t much of a problem anymore.


Jungkook looked at Jimin who was giving him a serious look, as if asking whether he wanted them to step in. Jungkook shook his head lightly and looked at Hosung who had ripped his arm away from Taehyung and was glaring back at him.

“It’s a fry man, calm the hell down, you’ve got some weird ass friends Jungkook,” Hosung turned back to Jungkook with a smirk before his expression dropped at seeing the look in Jungkook’s eyes.

Jungkook stood up calmly and rounded the table, casually. He rubbed his nose a little and leaned down next to Hosung, one hand on the table, the other on the back of his chair.

Hosung leaned back slightly, trying to appear calm.

“Here’s what’s going to happen Hosung-ssi. You’re going to apologize to my boyfriend’s for interrupting our wonderful day, then you’re going to get up and get back to your job and we’ll pretend like this interaction never happened. Understood?” He kept his voice low.

Hosung’s eyes widened and he glanced towards Taehyung and Jimin who were watching them with neutral expressions. “Boyfriend’s? Plural?” He smirked and looked back at Jungkook, “You used to be pretty vanilla, what freaky stuff are you into now?”

Jungkook rolled his tongue in his mouth and tilted his head slightly, “This is why I was so glad you broke up with me. I could have been stuck with your stupidity for so much longer. You’ve got problems Hosung-ssi. Serious problems.”

Hosung opened his mouth to speak but Jungkook cut him off, feeling some satisfaction from the annoyed look on his face.

“You are delusional and controlling and if you think for one second that you hold any power right now, that the three of us, hell any one of us, couldn’t put you through so much pain you would wish you were in hell, you need to come out of whatever pretend world you’re living in.”

“Are you seriously threatening me? You? I don’t care if you’ve been working out, I could lay your ass flat in seconds.” Hosung spat, “You’ve got an attitude. This is why I broke up with you, you were so reliant on everyone for everything. You blame everyone else for your problems. Even your family-”

Jungkook grabbed the front of his shirt and ripped him out of his chair, proud of the fact he was now slightly taller than the other, eliciting a gasp and flinch from the man. A few people near them jumped in surprise.

“Choose your next words carefully, because they determine whether or not your head goes through this table,” Jungkook said calmly, eyes narrowed.

Whether it was his tone, or the look in his eyes, or how easily Jungkook had hauled him up, it seemed to click in the man’s mind that Jungkook was serious. He could see the moment where the other knew he wouldn’t win this one and that was all the satisfaction Jungkook needed.

He didn’t need closure or words of goodbye or to make up with the man. He had let the other go the moment they parted ways. It seemed like Hosung hadn’t though.

“Sorry,” Hosung said quickly, holding up his hands before frowning softly. “Sorry. I’m sorry. That was too far.”

Jungkook let go of his shirt and the other straightened it out, awkwardly not looking at any of them. “I know… I… I have things I need to work on. I know. I’ve um, been seeing a psychiatrist. Just.. seeing you kind of, I don’t know, I thought we could still be on good terms at least, but,” Hosung closed his mouth and rubbed his neck as if he realized he was making excuses.

That alone was a huge difference from the Hosung he remembered.

When Jungkook didn’t say anything he cleared his throat and bowed towards Taehyung and Jimin who hadn’t left their seats. “I’m sorry for being so rude, and for interrupting your lunch. I um, yeah I’ll go back to work now.”

Hosung started to walk away but he hesitated and turned back, looking at Jungkook, “Just, was it all bad?”

Jungkook regarded him curiously, before sighing, “No. It wasn’t all bad. But I don’t think back on it very fondly Hosung-ssi,” he said honestly. He wouldn’t lie for the others sake. He didn’t owe him anything.

“Right. Right…” Hosung swallowed and left, heading back to the restaurant where the manager was waiting for him looking more then a little pissed off.

Jungkook turned and sat back down, hand immediately taken by Taehyung’s, Jimin switching seats to sit next to him and putting a hand on his shoulder. “You alright?”

Jungkook lifted Taehyung’s hand and clasped it between his own, humming, “I’m okay. Just didn’t expect him to be here.”

“I know this is probably not the time, but that was… one of the most attractive things I’ve ever seen,” Jimin said seriously.

Jungkook choked before bursting out laughing, the anxiety dissipating with each second that passed. “Shut it and eat your food before it gets cold,” Jungkook handed out their burgers and drinks before digging into his.

“Do you want to eat somewhere else?” Jimin asked, glancing towards the restaurant they were still in view of.

Jungkook shook his head, “I’m not going to run from him. It’s in the past and I’m happy now.”

Jimin smiled at him softly.

Taehyung opened the wrapper of his burger, but his mind still seemed to be elsewhere, “Kookie? Did he.. did he ever hurt you?”

Jungkook glanced at the Fae who seemed hesitant to pry. He supposed the least he could do was explain, especially after that encounter.

“Not… physically.”

Both the Fae’s frowned.

“Like I said to him, he has got a lot of problems. He had a rough life growing up, so I understood why he acted the way he did. But I learned later that just because I understood it didn’t mean it was okay. He doesn’t have a great awareness for other people or his own actions. There were time’s he would push me into doing things I didn’t want to.”

“Like joining the gang?” Jimin asked softly.

“Among other things, often going out when I didn’t want too or he liked to twist my words to mean what he wanted them too. Then blame me because I wasn’t clear. There was… a lot of manipulation.”

Taehyung snapped his gaze to him, “He didn’t force you. Tell me he didn’t force you.”

Jungkook had never seen a look quite like the look Taehyung had, a mix of fear and hate and anger but also sadness and desperation. Jungkook quickly shook his head, anything to get rid of that expression.

“No, no. He never tried anything like that. We actually never even had sex. We messed around sure but never that far. I was damn clear I didn’t want that with him. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the reasons he broke up with me.”

Jungkook had remembered that day so clearly. The day he told Hosung he didn’t want to go all the way. The boy had fought him on it, had tried every trick in the book, everything from ‘do you not love me anymore’ to ‘did I do something wrong’. Jungkook had cried himself to sleep that night because of the guilt he felt, but also because it had almost worked.

While Jimin and Taehyung seemed to relax a little, they still looked pissed. Jungkook smiled a little, wondering what kind of manhunt they would start if he told them about his parents.

“Hey,” Jungkook looked between them and smiled brighter, “He doesn’t matter to me. I’ve got six overprotective boyfriends who spoil me rotten now.”

They both grinned, “We spoil you? You’re the one buying everything today, Yoongi is going to flip when he see’s what you got him,” Taehyung laughed and with that a pleasant air settled around them again.

Jungkook laughed until it hurt as he watched them freak out over why their drinks were moving and he pretended not to notice the sudden blackout that Hosung’s work experienced or the random water pipe bursting, promptly flooding the place.

He pretended not to notice the chaos as he cherished the moment when Taehyung swore he would save a piece of the burger to bring back to Seokjin so he could make one just like it, only to eat it and then slump in self defeat, crying about how he was a weak man.

Everything he’d ever been through, every shitty day he’d ever had, was worth it for this.

Jungkook had never seen Yoongi excited before.

Not like this.

He’d seen his eyes light up or his pupils dilate when he was curious about something or intrigued, almost like a cat. He’d seen him smirk and smile his gummy smile and laugh.

But this?

The squeal of absolute unadulterated joy that ripped out of the man almost had Jungkook dropping the coffee maker he held in his arms.

He stared at Yoongi, Yoongi, jumping around and even shaking Namjoon briefly before he took the box out of his hands and hugged it.

Oh god.

Jungkook was going to die.

This was it for him.

After all this, cute excited Yoongles was what was going to do him in.

“It makes coffee?! How? Do we have everything to make it here? Jinnie! Let’s put it in the kitchen!”

Jungkook put a hand over his heart to make sure it was still beating.

Hoseok laughed and hooked an arm around Jungkook’s waist, “Breath, Jungkook breath.”

“Am I not breathing?” Jungkook wheezed.

“He’s going into cuteness shock, Taehyung get the blanket,” Namjoon pointed to the living room.

In seconds Jungkook was wrapped in a blanket.

A second after that, Yoongi was running back into the room from the kitchen, sans coffee maker, and throwing himself quite literally into Jungkook’s arms.

He scrambled to catch him around the waist and squeaked when the man kissed him hard, when he pulled away he was beaming, eyes glowing a brilliant gold. “Thank you Kookie!”

Jungkook blinked in astonishment as he was kissed once more. Yoongi ran back into the kitchen where Seokjin could be heard already trying to set up the coffee maker and laughing about something Yoongi must have said.

Taehyung slowly shook his head, “No blanket will help now. That was the killing shot. Sorry Kookie, we tried.”

The next words out of his mouth were gibberish.

“I’ll brave the kitchen and get him some tea,” Namjoon chuckled.

“Don’t let him get you too!” Jimin called after him, but judging by the yelp and thump from the other room, it was already too late.

Jungkook laughed hard.

So this is what euphoria felt like.

Hoseok snickered and looked at all their bags still piled up at the front door. “Did you get everything you needed?”

Jungkook smiled and nodded, the three of them moving the bags to the living room to sort through them.

“We probably got more then necessary. Jimin got a bunch of medical books and a first aid kit,” Jungkook said pulling them out and setting them on the table by the Fae.

“Kookie said he’d let me practice doing wraps and stuff on him so if he gets hurt again I’ll know what to do,” Jimin picked up one of the books and leafed through it. “There’s so much in here but I want to learn it as soon as I can.”

Hoseok leaned over his shoulder to look and gasped in amazement, “If you need help let us know, you can teach us too so you don’t have to do it alone.”

Jimin smiled at him and Hoseok leaned down to peck his lips gently.

“And your brushes too Tae-hyung, we got a couple of paints for him to try, though what you have here seems to do just fine,” Jungkook gave the brushes and paints to him.

Taehyung looked through them again excitedly, “I can’t wait to use them, I’ve been wanting to paint a family portrait of us to hang in here!”

Jungkook paused for a second and looked at him. The word stuck out to him. Was… were they his family now? Did he actually have a family again? He looked between the three boy in the room, talking and carrying on so easily, he listened to the laughter of his hyungs in the kitchen, of the clatter sounds and Yoongi’s swearing that if anything broke he was going to be out for blood.

This was family.

“Jungkookie?” Hoseok asked softly, bringing his attention to him.

“Hm?” He blinked.

“You okay?”

Smiling in reassurance he nodded and went back to sorting through the bags.

In the end he bought them all new clothes. There were also a lot of books, because he knew how much they all enjoyed reading. There were some music books for Yoongi, ones with famous classical music scores, books for Namjoon about his world’s history and a few recipe books for Seokjin.

As far as medical supplies went, they got a simple first aid kit and Jungkook tossed a few bottles of alcohol in as well, which Jimin almost hissed at seeing them. They also got more bandages and Jungkook picked up medical thread in case stitches were ever needed. Also, a bottle or two of cold medicine and other common cure all drugs.

“Come try on your clothes for tonight Hobi-hyung,” Jungkook grinned and grabbed one of the bags, taking Hoseok’s hand and leading him upstairs. Hoseok followed easily until Jungkook made to turn into his room. He was surprised when Hoseok kept walking, pulling him along with him to the end of the hall.

“We spend too much time in your room, you know you’re allowed to come into ours whenever you like right?” Hoseok smiled and opened his bedroom door to let him in.

Jungkook blinked. He, hadn’t known that actually. He hadn’t really thought much about venturing into the other’s rooms, unless invited in like he was now. This was their personal space, he didn’t want to invade it.

He stepped in the room and looked around. He had expected Hoseok’s room to be full of plants, seeing as the other’s rooms seemed to reflect the hobbies they enjoyed, but besides a few smaller plants by the window, the room was pretty bare. Hoseok laughed seeing his confusion and closing the door behind them.

“I don’t like sleeping alone, so I don’t spend a lot of time in here. I usually sleep in Yoongi’s room.”

Jungkook hummed and nodded. He had noticed that the two seemed very close. Well, all six of them were obviously close and they all clearly loved each other, but there were unique relationships between some of them that stood out. Like how Jimin and Taehyung were pretty much inseparable, or how Namjoon and Seokjin seemed to have a lot of quiet private moments. It was the same with Hoseok and Yoongi.

The two were essentially complete opposites and Jungkook wondered if that’s why they worked so well together. Hoseok seemed to be able to read Yoongi like an open book, and he was always the one to go and calm the other down when he was upset. Hoseok was like his rock.

In return, Yoongi seemed to be able to tell when Hoseok needed a moment away from everything, when he needed to let himself be sad or upset. Jungkook was learning that Hoseok often put a lot of pressure on himself to keep the others happy, to cheer them up when they were sad, he sometimes forgot to look after himself too.

Jungkook set the bags on the bed and started pulling the outfits out, smiling a bit when Hoseok hugged him around the waist from behind. He rested his chin on Jungkook’s shoulder looking at the clothes curiously.

“You and Yoongi-hyung seem really close,” Jungkook hummed. When he glanced at Hoseok he was giving him an amused look.

“Gee, really?” He chuckled when Jungkook elbowed him lightly.

“You know what I mean. Like Jimin-hyung and Tae-hyung, or Seokjin-hyung and Namjoon-hyung.”

Hoseok paused and let him go to sit on the bed, leaning back on his hands and watching Jungkook carefully, “You’re very observant Jungkookie.”

Jungkook hummed, “No, you guys are just not very subtle,” he teased.

Hoseok snickered and took the clothes Jungkook handed him, tugging his shirt off without a thought. Jungkook blushed a bit and couldn’t help looking him over before focusing on his own clothes. “I met Yoongi hyung first, a couple hundred years ago. He had been separated from Joonie and Jin just after the galaxy was created. With so many people trying to enter it to escape the human world, things got a bit chaotic and people were appearing randomly all over this world. It took some people years to find their loved ones again.”

Jungkook listened as they got changed, trying to imagine what it must have been like for them. How terrifying it must have been to be forced into a new unstable world.

“I had gotten hurt, just before coming over,” Hoseok hummed while Jungkook paused in putting his belt on to look over at him. “In the panic, no one was wasting time to help anyone else. I probably would have died if Yoongi hadn’t healed me. We stuck together after that. It took us almost a year to find Jin and Joon.”

“That long? Aren’t there… I don’t know, spells to find people?”

“You need some of their magical energy to do that. Like what Yoongi hyung did with the Sorrow. If you’re close enough you can sense them but we were on the other side of the Galaxy, so it took a lot of asking around and hope to find them.” Hoseok shook his head, sighing a bit at the memories.

Jungkook resumed his task, lost in thought. No wonder they were so close then. A whole year by themselves, searching for the others. He wondered if that was why Namjoon and Seokjin were close too, because it was the same situation on their side.

“Are you worried about anything Jungkookie? I mean, with the Sets dynamics?” Hoseok asked.

Jungkook shook his head, “Why would I be worried? If you guys have been together for hundreds of years then I’m sure you know what works.”

Jungkook finished getting dressed. He had wanted them to both look as professional as they could. If the gang already thought he was running with a new crew then it was best to make them think he was pretty high up. Which means they were dressed to impress.

He adjusted the black suit jacket on his shoulders, his pants were tight black jeans with a black belt and silver buckle, he wore a black button up shirt tucked in with the top two buttons undone.

Turning to look at Hoseok he almost choked at how good the dragon looked in his own outfit. He looked lethal, attractive and otherwise. He kind of went for a more intimidating approach for Hoseok, giving him combat boots and cargo pants and an all black long sleeved shirt underneath a black vest. A sliver chain rested against the side of the man’s thigh and the man was just slipping on the black fingerless gloves.

Hoseok looked himself over while Jungkook stared at him. “Does this look right? Did I put it on right?” He asked turning to look at Jungkook and promptly freezing as well. “F-Fuck. Kookie.”

Jungkook blinked and shook himself slightly, “Me? Hobi-hyung you look,” Jungkook’s voice cracked. “Like the definition of sex appeal.”

“Did your pants have to be that tight? Is that necessary?” Hoseok croaked, eyes dragging along his body and Jungkook smirked a bit, enjoying the attention.

“This boss thinks I’m running with another crew, and if we want any power over the conversation we need to look like we’re high up. If we went in looking like common drug runners we’d be killed pretty quickly if we refused the job,” Jungkook explained as he went to the bed and grabbed the new silver earring’s he’d bought.

Hoseok seemed to sober up a bit at that, frowning. “Run it by me again, how this is going to play out?”

“We’ll need to find one of the runners to pass the message on to the boss that we want to meet to talk about the job. We’ll give him a specific time and place, I already have somewhere in mind, and we see if he shows. If he does you’ll be able to tell if he’s a magical being right?”

Hoseok nods, “I’ll know the minute I see him.”

“Whether or not he is, we need as much information we can get about why he’s waking up an old job and why he needs me to do it. If he is magical we can guess he’s somehow related to the gem, if not the man who created it to begin with.”

“This seems risky at best. There are a lot of ways this could go wrong,” Hoseok sighed and watched Jungkook pull the earrings out.

Jungkook certainly knew that. He’d been thinking about the million ways it could go wrong since the idea had come to him. But he knew these kind of people. He knew how important information was. They needed this information, if only just to figure out what this man planned to do with the gem, to figure out why he was after it so badly.

“I know. But they’re not exactly a huge gang or anything. Their influence is solely over drug distribution so they don’t dabble in anything too hardcore. We’re just going to talk, but we’ll take knives with us just in case.”

“And what if they bring these gun things that you keep talking about? What then? We aren’t- whaaaaat in the Guardians name are you doing?” Hoseok stared at him with wide horrified eyes as Jungkook put the earrings in, three silver rings on his right ear that hugged close to his skin.

He looked at Hoseok who rushed over to him and grabbed his wrist to stop him from putting the second one in. Hoseok turned his jaw to look at his ear and gasped, “Those are going through your- why are you doing that?!”

Jungkook laughed, “It doesn’t hurt, it’s called a piercing.”

“Yes I can see that it’s piercing you, thanks, but why?”

“Fashion? You get your ear pierced and it heals so there’s a small hole, then you can put accessories and stuff through it,” Jungkook paused, “You know sometimes explaining stuff to you guys makes me rethink society as a whole.”

“You, maim yourselves, intentionally, for fashion,” Hoseok clarified slowly as Jungkook finished putting the earrings in. “That is the most insane- oh,” the dragon blinked and looked at Jungkook after he dropped his hand away from his ear. “I, wow, okay. I take that back, I get it now. Yep. Okay.”

Jungkook smirked and winked at him making Hoseok blush a bit. He walked up to him and adjusted the man’s vest. “I can’t promise things won’t go wrong. It might very well go horribly. But that’s what plan B is for right?”

Hoseok smiled a bit and pulled Jungkook close by the waist, “Yeah. Just promise me if things start looking bad, we Jump as soon as possible okay? We don’t stick around. Our lives aren’t worth information.”

Jungkook nodded and leaned in to kiss him gently, “I promise. Tonight, let’s just worry about getting in touch with a runner. There’s likely someone in charge of my old spots so it shouldn’t be too hard. Might be a bit of a wait for someone to turn up though.”

Hoseok hummed and kissed him again, “I can think of a few things to keep us busy,” he chuckled.

Jungkook shook his head and pulled away, “Nope! To risky, people have to think we aren’t personally involved.”

“Wait, what?” Hoseok’s mouth fell open, “Hold on, I have to look at you looking like that and I can’t kiss you? Kookie that’s just cruel!”

“How do you think I feel?” Jungkook grumbled and headed to the door,

While the air was light, Jungkook was concerned. He didn’t know how to feel about delving back into his old life, he wasn’t worried about what the others thought of him, not anymore. The behavior when he was ‘JK’ didn’t seem to turn them away, it just turned them on. So no he wasn’t concerned about that.

Though he was already prepared for Hoseok to jump him after tonight and if he didn’t then Jungkook certainly would.

What he was worried about was Hoseok being in the middle of it all. He knew the man was strong with and without his magic. He’d asked Hoseok to spar with him one day to see and he had him pinned in less then a minute. Jungkook would consider himself a skilled fighter, but Hoseok was way above his level. Sadly if guns did become involved, hand to hand wouldn’t help much against a bullet.

Jungkook was lost in thought enough that when he and Hoseok walked downstairs he jumped at the sound of glass breaking. He quickly looked towards the living room to see Namjoon staring at them whilst standing over a broken cup and spilt tea.

Jungkook smirked and put a hand on his hip, Hoseok throwing an arm over his shoulders and leaning into him, “How do we look Joonie? Kookie’s got a good sense of style.”

Namjoon said nothing, just staring at them.

“Namjoon I swear if you just broke another teacup-” Seokjin paused seeing the pair and his eyes widened. “I will forgive this time.”

Namjoon just slowly nodded, mouth open.

“When I asked before Kookie, about if you had any concerns with the Set dynamics, you know I meant with you right?”

Jungkook looked away from the clearing between the stacks of shipping containers. The train yard was somewhere he used to frequent when he was running, it was an amazing spot to deal, given the open spaces to bolt if you were caught and the lack of foot traffic between the containers themselves.

Hoseok and him had been camped out behind some containers out of sight for the last hour, waiting for someone to show. Jungkook knew it should be any time now if his old schedule held true. He remembered how pissed people were that he had gotten the sites that he had, most of them were the best a runner could ask for.

“What do you mean?” He spoke quietly, there was no need to be loud seeing as Hoseok was right next to him.

“Is there anything you’re worried about with you fitting in, or if you think we’re being too handsy or not giving you enough privacy, things like that,” Hoseok said, playing with the butterfly knife Jungkook had given him to borrow. Jungkook had a similar one in his pocket.

Shaking his head he looked back at the spot, “No, nothing like that. You guys are amazing, I’m just…”

“Just?” Hoseok urged, looking at him with a small frown.

“A little scared for the future. I mean, you guys have lived such long lives, I’m not going to get that long. I’m worried you’ll forget about me once I’m gone is all.”

Jungkook felt the other grab his arm and turned to look at him, Hoseok looked almost devastated and Jungkook immediately regretted the words but Hoseok spoke before he could try and fix it. “Kookie, you… we could never- how could you think-do you seriously not understand how much you mean to us?”

Jungkook opened and closed his mouth a few times, unsure of what to say. Of course he knew they loved him, but that, even love wasn’t eternal was it? His parents had once loved him too.

Maybe it was having seen Hosung today that was making him think this way, but it was a concern he had.

Hoseok’s brow pinched when Jungkook didn’t give an answer right away.

“Jungkook, we won’t ever forget you. And I know, we all know, that one day we’ll have to say goodbye to you,” Hoseok’s voice broke slightly on the words and it felt like a knife to Jungkook’s heart. “That doesn’t mean we won’t love you even after you…”

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean,” Jungkook breathed out, he didn’t mean for it to seem like he doubted their love for him. “It’s just a thought that’s been bugging me. I know you love me. I know. Just, the love in my life so far has been… conditional.”

Hoseok frowned as Jungkook quickly held up a hand to be quiet as he watched around the corner to see a fidgety man show up. “Someone’s here.”

Hoseok glanced around the corner too, staying back enough to be unseen.

“What’s he doing?” Hoseok whispered watching the man scratch at himself and look around frantically, sweat shining on his face and making his hair stick to his forehead.

Jungkook had seen it enough times to know the symptoms, he hated these kinds of customers. They were unpredictable. “Withdrawal, I’ll explain later.”

Hoseok nodded and they watched and waited for another five minutes before someone else showed up. Jungkook tensed and leaned forward more when he saw the runner approach the man cautiously.

A kid.

No older then sixteen.

Chapter Text

Hoseok’s first impression of the human world was… dark.

Not in the sense of the situation occurring in front of them now, in the sense that it was quite literally almost pitch black when they stepped through the door. It had taken him back for a second as he let his eyes adjust from the dim lighting of the Galaxy to the strange lack of light. He had reached forward for his lover, hand finding his arm to keep him close.

Jungkook had had to take a second, to adjust to the lack of mana and Hoseok had rubbed his chest to sooth it.

He had led them around a strange large metal box, out where it was only mildly brighter, a distant light shining on the wall of what could only be described as a shack. There were more metal boxes stacked three or four high in some spots, creating a strange empty city around them.

Hoseok looked up towards the sky, the one Taehyung had described in such detail of its vibrant blues and the bright sun that hurt his eyes. He had even painted a picture of it, one that now hung in the hall across from Jungkook’s room. In case the boy ever got home sick.

The sky now was just black. A void above them. If he looked hard enough, he could just make out a distant twinkle amongst the dark mass.

He understood now why Jungkook liked to keep his curtains open.

That wasn’t to say the black elicited any unwanted feelings, however. Hoseok had thought about it for the hour they waited, sat with their backs against the metal boxes. It was strange how silent everything was, no wind to even rustle their hair. It was as calming as it was foreboding.

Jungkook had quietly explained to him where they were, apparently human’s used things called trains that ran along tracks to deliver product and transport people across the country. This was one of the stops where the trains would be worked on and fixed as well as loaded and sent on their way.

It was pretty incredible and Hoseok couldn’t help feeling awed. What humans lacked in magical energy they certainly made up for in technology. Jungkook’s cellphone was proof enough of that.

When someone finally approached, Hoseok watched Jungkook morph into a persona he’d never seen before. Yoongi had told him how Jungkook had acted when he confronted the two from the gang, how confident and sly he had been. He had had a hard time imagining that, putting that imagery over top of Jungkook’s shy, slightly mischievous, and kind demeanor.

Now he understood what Yoongi had meant.

They watched the man fidget and twist around, clearly not of his right mind. He was behaving erratically and from their spot they could hear him mumbling and cursing to himself. This man was more what Hoseok had always pictured humans as, what the stories depicted them being. Just… softer in a way.

He had a large build, but he seemed to lack any defined muscle, his clothes were clean and neat, a collared shirt over smooth black pants with a simple brown jacket. He had stubble on his chin and his hair was thinning, looking oily and damp from the sweat forming on the man’s brow.

When a kid walked into the area, Hoseok felt his heart drop.

Jungkook tensed and reached for the knife in his pocket, shifting his weight underneath him.

Hoseok recognized that he wanted to be able to move fast if necessary, so he mimicked the action, not about to let Jungkook run in there without someone watching his back.

He didn’t know if this was normal, if all ‘drug runners’, as Jungkook had called them, were this young. He knew Jungkook had been.

Suddenly he wasn’t seeing the kid in their ragged clothes, their hands and voice shaking as they asked the half crazed man for the money.

In front of him was a young Jungkook, a boy who had gotten into something bigger than what he’d bargained for. Hoseok’s hand tightened on the handle of his own knife, glancing at Jungkook crouched next to him.

That calmness didn’t come naturally, it was practiced, it was learned.

The man threw something at the kid, what Hoseok assumed was money, and the kid backed up a few steps as the paper fluttered across the ground. Hoseok heard Jungkook click his tongue slightly when the kid crouched to pick up the paper, and then he was moving, stepping out from where they were crouched and taking off before Hoseok could even blink.

He followed after only a second later, biting back calling the others name.

Jungkook got there just in time to catch the man’s arm as he lunged towards the kid. The man shouted as his arm was twisted behind him, Jungkook kicking the back of his knee and sending him crumbling to the ground.

Hoseok didn’t take his eyes off the threat but noticed the kid frozen, still crouched down with wide eyes. The boy looked so young, too young.

Jungkook flashed the knife down beside his leg, the man halting in his attempt to get back up and instead he scrambled back, putting space between them.

“Get the fuck out of the way, I paid! Give it to me!” The man all but yelled. Jungkook seemed almost bored when he turned to look at the kid.

Hoseok shivered at the dangerous look in his usually wide doe like eyes.

The boy seemed to sense the same danger and stumbled to his feet, turning to take off running. Hoseok snagged his arm and hauled the boy beside him. He could wrap his entire hand around the kid’s bicep twice over. There was next to no meat on him.

Hoseok had a soft spot for kids, he loved children and he and Taehyung would go to the neighboring village when they could and take care of the kids while their parents worked. They would gather in the middle of town and tell them stories, act out scenes of great adventures and get the kids to act along too.

This child was starving. He could see it in their sunken cheeks and dull eyes.

He could see Jungkook in those eyes and that hurt in the same way it did when he coaxed Jimin back to sleep after a nightmare, in the same way it did when Taehyung would stare with empty eyes at a wall lost in memories he couldn’t escape. It hurt in the way it did when he held Yoongi as the man screamed for someone to end it, to just make it stop, knowing that even that escape wasn’t an option. In the way that Seokjin would sometimes look at them and not actually see them or Namjoon would bury himself in the books he read for days because fantasy was kinder than reality sometimes.

This was what Jungkook had lived through.


The boy looked up at him with fear and tugged desperately to free his arm, Hoseok would have smiled to reassure him if he could find anything but dread in his heart right now.

“We won’t hurt you, it’s alright,” he settled for saying but that did little to calm the kid.

Jungkook spoke up, taking the boy’s attention away from Hoseok, “Give him what he paid for.”

Hoseok glanced at Jungkook.

The boy said nothing, looking between Jungkook and the man who was very nearly ready to risk getting stabbed for what he wanted. Reaching into his coat pocket the boy held out a package, Hoseok couldn’t quite make out the contents of it in the lighting.

Jungkook held up his hand and the boy tossed it to him. Giving it a quick glance Jungkook turned and walked over to the man flipping his knife in his hand. As terrifying as thinking about what Jungkook had to go through to gain this kind of confidence was, Hoseok had to admit it was incredibly attractive on him.

The tension in the air seemed to be unaffecting to Jungkook, as if he didn’t even know it was there.

The man snatched at the bag in Jungkook’s hand only for him to hold it out of reach and slip the knife in front of the man, “Ah ah. 50,000 extra.”

“What?! Bullshit! I paid the little shit, this wasn’t the deal!”

“Trouble customers get taxed appropriately. 50,000 extra or get your product elsewhere,” Jungkook made a point of looking the man over, “If you think you can make it to another dealer before you pass out and drown in your own vomit.”

“You motherfucker-” The man almost did gag then, body shuddering and sweat dripping off his forehead. “Fine! Just fucking- take it!” He ripped out his wallet and shoved a wade of money into Jungkook’s chest, very little care for the knife between them as he snatched the bag and took off, cursing them as he disappeared amongst the containers.

Hoseok watched Jungkook flick the knife closed and took a second to count the money. When he licked his thumb to flick through the bills, it was all Hoseok could do to keep from walking over and taking him right then and there.

The thought was quickly pushed from his mind when a sharp tug to his arm reminded him of the kid next to him. “Hey calm down, I told you, we aren’t going to hurt you,” Hoseok said calmly, voice softening now that the danger was gone.

“Who the hell are you guys?” The boy spat as Jungkook walked over, eyes darting to the money in his hand. “That was my deal!”

“We don’t want your money kid,” Jungkook sighed and reached down to pick up what was left on the ground. Once he collected it, he held it out to him, the extra 50,000 in his other hand. The boy took the money quickly and glanced at the extra. “You can get this if you do us a favor.”

Immediately the boy looked suspicious and Hoseok stayed quiet to let Jungkook do his thing. He didn’t know the full in’s and outs of what was happening, it was better he didn’t say much and risk screwing it up.

“A favor?”

Jungkook nodded, “I need you to bring a message to your boss. I’d like to meet with him privately.”

The boy frowned and glanced at Hoseok who slowly let his arm go once he was sure he wouldn’t take off. “When and where?”

Hoseok was a bit surprised at how quickly the boy complied but when he considered how long it must have been since the boy had a good meal, it wasn’t much of a shock.

Jungkook told him a name that meant very little to Hoseok and a time, tomorrow night. Jungkook had explained that he wanted to give them as little time as possible to prepare. “Tell him I’d like to reconsider the job offer.”

“Who should I say is asking?”

“JK, he’ll know me.”

The boy paused and his eyes widened in recognition. “JK? That’s you? All the runners know you.”

Jungkook looked taken aback and looked at Hoseok with a frown, “What? Know me from what?”

From what Jungkook had described, the runners were as unimportant as it got in the ladder of the gang. They were easily replaced and paid very little despite keeping the business rolling. Jungkook had made it sound like he wasn’t of much importance to them, just another kid who wouldn’t be missed if something were to happen.

Hoseok frowned at the implications. He shouldn’t be well know if that were the case. Perhaps it just got out that the boss was looking for him for a specific job?

The boy scoffed, “All the runners were told about you. The boss said if we found you to give you a message.”

Hoseok tensed.

Jungkook took a second to respond, as if stealing himself. “What message?”

“Some nonsense. Said to tell you, ‘He’s keeping the guard cozy’.”

Jungkook’s mind turned off for all of five solid seconds before the words could process.


They had Jiho.

Taking a few steps back and turning away, he ran a hand roughly through his hair, money clenched in his fist. He slammed a wall down on his emotions, locking it tight. He had to think. He had to sort this out. What did this change?

They still had to meet with them. They still had to figure out what the man wanted with the gem. Except now his best friend’s life was on the line. A simple talk about a job wasn’t going to cut it. This was a bargaining deal now.

Jungkook licked his lips and turned back to the boy who looked indifferent to the information he’d just shared, clearly not knowing the weight the words had. “Give him the message. Same time, same place, tell him I have it.”

“It?” The boy blinked.

Hoseok’s eyes widened and quickly stepped towards him, “Jungkook-”

“A trade, for the guard, unharmed,” Jungkook said quickly, giving the kid the rest of the money, not elaborating. “He’ll know what I mean.”

The boy nodded and grinned, a few missing teeth only serving to make him look even younger.

Hoseok grabbed his arm roughly and spun him around to face him as the kid ran off. Jungkook watched him glance towards the boy as if considering running after him. “Jungkook what are you doing? You can’t give him the gem, you’d have to hand yourself over!”

Jungkook pushed his hands off of him. He needed space. He was feeling the swell of panic and he didn’t want to say or do anything to Hoseok that he might regret later. Swirling around the panic was a fierce rage and he clenched his fists and tensed his muscles to keep it down.

Every person he touched, every person who got too close, they all got hurt. Jungkook was pissed. He was pissed at himself, for thinking it was ever a good idea to leave Jiho behind. The one person who had accepted him for who he was, who had treated him like family, and he abandoned him like it meant nothing.

“They have Jiho-hyung. They have my friend,” Jungkook bit out, saying the words mad eit even more real and he threw his hands in the air before gripping his hair until it hurt. “Fuck! FUCK!” He bent and half and yelled toward the ground.

He wanted to hit something. He felt the fear and anger claw at his heart, and he felt himself shaking, trying to suppress it.

Hoseok’s voice made him fixate on him, “Think about this Kookie, it doesn’t make sense, why would they take him?”

“Obviously as a bargaining chip!” He threw his hand to the side, stepping towards Hoseok aggressively. A voice in the back of his mind told him to stop, to think, not to take this out on Hobi, not sweet Hobi, but it was snuffed out by the thought of Jiho alone and beaten. A friend he left behind. “What am I supposed to do?! Let him be killed?!”

“No that’s not-”

“It’s my fault he’s there to begin with! If I had just listened to him! He warned me from the start that this was a stupid choice! I should never have left him!” Jungkook was barely aware of what words were leaving his mouth but the sharp look Hoseok sent him registered only a second before the other spoke.

“So what? You regret coming with us to the Galaxy?”

Jungkook felt cold, the piercing cold in his chest that spiked out into his limbs and numbed his fingers. No. That’s not- that wasn’t what he meant. “Hyung that’s-”

“Would you have rather stayed here? Rather been dragged back into this gang shit?” Hoseok grabbed the front of his shirt as the anger flared up in him again.

“I was dragged back into it anyway! What the fuck does it matter?! Everything I do is the wrong choice! Everyone I get closed too gets hurt! Are you blind? I’ve even hurt you! Who knows who will be next,” Jungkook yelled, grabbing at his shirt in return, shoving him back but not releasing him. “Look at me right now and tell me you aren’t fucking terrified of the shit I’ve dragged you all into Hoseok. Tell me you don’t wish I never came into your lives! That I never ruined your perfect happiness!”

A deep growl sounded from Hoseok and his pupils turned to slits, Jungkook felt a fist connect with his cheek, throwing his head to the side, his body following in a stagger as he released Hoseok. He brought a hand to his cheek slowly, dull throbbing doing nothing for the rage in him. He turned to glare at his boyfriend.

“You want us to stop treating you like a child all the time Jungkook? How about you stop acting like one,” Hoseok growled.

The words stung. They burned harshly and added to his anger and frustration until he could no longer think straight. Yelling, he lunged at Hoseok, tackling him around the waist.

The warmth flooding into his chest was the only thing that let him know the door had appeared behind Hoseok before they were hitting the ground of the arena in the Galaxy.

They rolled, Hoseok trying to pin him, grappling with each other. Jungkook managed to get a sharp knee into the dragon’s side making the other grit his teeth in pain. He kicked the man off of him and got to his feet, throwing a punch towards his face only to have his arm grabbed.

Jungkook gasped as the world spun, his back hitting the ground hard enough to knock the breath out of him. His body felt simultaneously freezing cold and burning hot and he couldn’t quite catch his breath. Rolling over he tried to push himself up, only to drop back down when the ground beneath him when the ground itself seemed to ripple like water. He grunted in frustration punching the ground as if that would get it to stop. “Stop fucking around!”

“What? Don’t like my abilities? Are they annoying?” Hoseok taunted making Jungkook glare at him. He got to his feet and spit to the side.

“Stop talking to me like I’m four! Just because I haven’t lived hundreds of damn years like the rest of you doesn’t mean-”


A sharp voice cut him off and he looked over to see Seokjin running over to the edge of the arena, Taehyung appeared next to Jungkook and he jumped at his sudden arrival.

“Hobi? Kookie? What’s going on? What happened?”

Jungkook watched Hoseok cross his arms and scoff, as if this was just a nuisance to him, as if it didn’t matter. As if he didn’t matter.

“Kookie is just having a tantrum. Leave him alone Tae.” Hoseok said as the Fae reached to pull Jungkook towards him in concern. His hands paused and he frowned at the harsh words.

“Hobi what-”

“I had a life before you!” Jungkook found himself yelling, stepping towards Hoseok again and shoving a finger into his chest. “I was fine before any of you showed up! Now my best friend could be fucking dead!”

Empty words. All of the empty. He didn’t mean it. But he couldn’t stop them from coming out. He had to say something, he had to get the fear and frustration and anger out before it crushed him. Before he suffocated on it.

“And that’s our fault?! You chose to come here Jungkook! No, actually, you asked, you came here because YOU wanted too! You can’t blame others for your decisions!” Hoseok shoved him roughly, almost knocking him off his feet.

For a moment he wasn’t hearing Hoseok’s voice, he was hearing Hosung’s. He felt his throat close up.

Taehyung gasped and went to steady him, only to stop when Seokjin spoke up quickly. “Taehyung! Don’t.”

Jungkook barely registered Taehyung’s frown and him vanishing from next to him. He was back at Hoseok again, punching, kicking, tackling, they fought each other and threw each other around for a long while. Long enough for the others to gather at the edge of the arena and watch in silent concern.

It wasn’t until one particularly hard throw, one that had him accidently biting his tongue when he hit the ground, skidding across the dirt, did it click in his mind.

Just like that, just a simple thought, and all the anger washed out of him like a bucket of cold water had been dumped on his head.

Hoseok was doing this on purpose.

He had heard him curse the moment he realized he’d put to much force into the hit, he’d heard the fear.

Jungkook took a brief second to think back to every hit and realized that he had been fighting a literal dragon. Of course Hoseok was pulling his punches, of course he didn’t want to actually hurt Jungkook. He had been trying to rile him up, trying to get him to crack.

He looked at the sky above him as he caught his breath, the copper taste and warmth of blood filled his mouth, the slight ache as he rolled his tongue telling him it wasn’t too bad.

He heard Hoseok running over to him not a moment later, saw his boyfriend lean over him and check him over quickly, no signs of the aggression and mirrored anger that had been there.

Had he really faked it all? Had he just done it to keep Jungkook from bottling it up?

“Kookie? Hey, talk to me love, I didn’t mean to throw you that hard, are you hurt?” Hoseok’s brow pinched and he was the soft Hobi he was familiar with, the kind boy who taught him how to slow dance in the greenhouse.

“You were,” Jungkook groaned, fully aware of how stiff and bruised his body was now as he brought his forearm over his eyes, “You did it on purpose?”

Hoseok didn’t need to answer, his silence was enough.

Jungkook shook his head, “Why?”

“It works for Yoongi, to fight it out I mean, I thought it might help you,” Hoseok frowned, “You’re always so in control of your emotions Kookie, it’s okay to let it go sometimes.”

Jungkook stared at him, he… he let him vent it. He let him get the rage out, almost had to force it out of him. And Jungkook did feel a bit better, besides roughed up, he felt clearer.

Was this love? Real love? Right now, that’s all he felt towards Hoseok.

He opened his mouth but no words came out. Instead he bit down on his lip. There was pressure behind his eyes but he wasn’t going to cry. Not while his friend was in the danger he was.

Hoseok shifted next to him and sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Sorry, if I pushed you too far. If that was overstepping… I just… I could see you trying to fight it.”

Jungkook quickly shook his head.

He heard the others approach, Jimin putting a hand on his shoulder to coax him to sit up. “Are you hurt?”

Jungkook brought the back of his hand to his mouth, wiping it and glancing at the red that smeared his skin, Jimin looked alarmed and Hoseok quickly moved beside him.

“Kookie I’m-”

Jungkook laughed a bit and put a hand on his knee, “I’m okay, I just bit my tongue. I’ll get some water to wash it out when we go in.”

Jimin nodded and turned to Hoseok, “Hobi?”

“I’m alright,” he sighed and kept a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder.

Seokjin crouched next to them and looking them over, “You know, the million’s of things we expected to go wrong, this wasn’t even a scenario that crossed our minds.”

Hoseok chuckled and flopped onto his butt with a groan, “Ugh. I never want to go against you fighting seriously Kookie.”

Jungkook didn’t look away from Hoseok, not even as the others scolded them for being idiots.

He could see they were tense, he could see they were confused and worried, but they were still there.

Jungkook had silently feared the day he fought with them or spoke out against them or said something wrong to upset them. Anger changed people, made people say and do hurtful things, so he was scared that they would kick him out. They would break up with him.

Hoseok treated anger as if it was something unpleasant but necessary, as if he had a lot of practice dealing with it.

Suddenly those hundreds of years he wasn’t around for didn’t seem like the blissful time he had pictured. He knew that they had been through their fair share of trauma, but he somehow just figured it was all okay after they had met each other. He was just now realizing how unrealistic that was.

Taking a deep shaky breath, he ran a hand through his hair and looked at Yoongi who was giving him an understanding smile. “Don’t feel guilty Kookie,” Yoongi said, crossing his arms. “We may be a bunch of romantics with each other, but we are far from weak or naïve. Whatever you might have said or done, don’t feel guilty about it.”

“Still I…”

“I know you didn’t mean any of it. And I’m sorry too,” Hoseok said, sitting up to look at him. “You aren’t a child to us. Jungkookie, you’re more mature than most of us,” he laughed.

Jungkook cracked a small smile.

He honestly couldn’t even remember what Hoseok had said to him that had made him so angry, despite it having happened minutes ago. He couldn’t remember what he had said either. That’s how little the words had mattered to him. Or maybe, that’s just how much Hoseok meant to him, that he was willing to let it all go.

“Hobi and I have it out more often than you think, though it usually ends on a good note,” Yoongi smirked a bit when Hoseok grinned and winked at him. The others laughed and Jungkook blushed slightly at the thought.

“I didn’t… I don’t know I just didn’t really think you guys fought at all. You always seem so happy,” Jungkook admitted hesitantly.

Jimin smiled and leaned into Taehyung a little, “We are happy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t argue or get annoyed with each other sometimes. Why do you think we made the arena to begin with?”

That was… a good point actually. If they didn’t fight they wouldn’t need such a big space to go all out in.

“You should see when those two get in arguments, it goes on for weeks,” Namjoon chuckled gesturing to the Fae’s.

“Okay that was one time!”

“We also wouldn’t need a house rule about it. And speaking of which,” Seokjin hummed, “You did break one of the house rules Kookie. We’ll hold off on your punishment until things have calmed down but don’t think that just slipped by us.”

Jungkook cringed, he had briefly thought that his little excursion with the Guardian would excuse him from leaving without telling anyone but it seemed like that wouldn’t be the case. “What… exactly are your punishments?”

Seokjin just smiled sweetly but the uncomfortable shifting of the Fae’s had him extremely nervous. “You’ll see bun.

“Now that you can think clearly, let’s get your friend back alright?” Hoseok grinned.

Overwhelmed, and chosing not to think more about a future punishment, Jungkook leaned forward and hugged Hoseok over the shoulders tightly, ignoring the aches and pains throughout his body. Hoseok held him firmly and whispered reassurances in his ear, apologizes for the things he said and for hurting him.

“After this is over Kookie, let me take you on a date to make up for it okay?” Hoseok pulled away and brushed Jungkook’s hair out of his face.

“Promise?” Jungkook held up his pinky and Hoseok looked at it in confusion. Taehyung gasped and hurried over to them, taking Hoseok’s hand and closing all his fingers except his pinky.

“You wrap your finger around his, like this,” Taehyung explained, demonstrating with his own pinky. “And then press your thumbs like this. That seals the promise so you can’t ever break it Hobi.”

Hoseok blinked and smiled, “I would never even think of breaking a promise.”

He hooked his finger around Jungkook’s and tapped their thumbs before leaning in and kissing his forehead.

“Could someone fill us in on why you two were trying to kill each other?” Namjoon raised a brow, helping them both to their feet.

Jungkook looked at Hoseok and spoke first, “It’s Jiho-hyung. The gang leader has him.”

The others traded frowns and Taehyung took his hand firmly in his.

“Jungkookie sent out the message that he has the gem, that they’ll make a trade tomorrow night. The gem for Jiho.” Hoseok huffed a little.

Seokjin stepped forward, “You aren’t serious are you? About trading yourself over?”

Jungkook shook his head, “No. No I won’t do that. But it’s what the man thinks he’s forcing us to do. We should keep him thinking he’s controlling this.”

Hoseok blinked at him, “Why didn’t you tell me that before?”

“We were kind of busy beating each other up hyung,” Jungkook laughed a bit.

“You could have thrown it in there somewhere,” Hoseok pouted before smiling and wrapping an arm around his waist.

Jimin hummed, “So we need a new plan to get Jiho-ssi back.”

“How are we supposed to do that without giving him the gem?” Taehyung tilted his head.

Jungkook thought for a moment, “Your acting skills gave me an idea Hobi-hyung, but I’m going to need everyone’s help.” He looked up at them each.

He was met with grins and nods of agreement.

They started heading back to the house, Hoseok sticking right next to him. “Kookie?”

Jungkook looked at him, “Yeah?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too hyung,” he said softly, trying hard not to feel guilty about his words, his accusations he’d said. The aggression was meant to be towards himself. But he was grateful that Hoseok had stepped in to help.

He was scared for Jiho. He wanted to say that part of why he left was to keep Jiho safe. But that wasn’t true. He left because he was selfish. He wanted to be happy with the others. And Jungkook still didn’t regret that, despite what he said before.

Now though, he had to get his best friend back.

“You know, purple’s a good colour on you,” Hoseok commented randomly. Jungkook raised a brow and looked at him but the dragon just smiled and kissed his cheek.

They didn’t sleep that night.

The night was spent planning.

By the time the sky began to brighten, they had everything fleshed out, they knew they needed to go in and make everyone believe they had the power of the situation. It would take some pretty damn good acting skills and a lot of faith in Jungkook’s knowledge of the gang.

But it was something.

Jungkook lowered his phone from the position he held it in front of him. He clicked into his gallery to see that the video he’d taken had saved properly. He leaned against the wall next to the windows in his room, looking out at the Galaxy and the forest surrounding them.

Part of him knew. He felt it in his bones.

He likely wasn’t going to make it back from this.

Jungkook wasn’t sure how he knew, wasn’t even sure why the thought crossed his mind. It would be a simple trade. Yet something told him, reminded him to cherish what he had right now. He wondered if this was how people felt going to war.

A knock on the door had him looking up, Taehyung poked his head in, looking tired and worn out. He seemed curious to see Jungkook still up as they had all dispersed to their separate rooms to get some sleep before they put their plan in action.

“Couldn’t sleep either?” Taehyung asked coming over to him. Jungkook held an arm out to him, letting him wrap his arms around his waist and tucking him into his side.

“Not really,” Jungkook hummed as they both looked out the window. “You scared?”

Taehyung didn’t say anything for a long moment. “For you and Hobi yeah. You’ll be in the middle of it all.”

They stayed quiet for a long moment, before Jungkook spoke again, thumb rubbing Taehyung’s shoulder gently. “Hey Tae? Remember when I first got here, and you freaked out because you thought I was going to leave? You asked what my favourite colour was but you never let me answer.”

“Hmm yeah,” Taehyung laughed a bit. “I still don’t want to know.”

“I figured,” Jungkook smiled at him. “How about I tell you when this is all over okay? When everything is okay again.”

Taehyung seemed to think about it for a moment before nodding. “Deal.”

Jungkook leaned down and kissed him gently, fitting their lips together easily, naturally.

Taehyung hummed against him, taking his hands and pulling away after a moment, “Come on, there’s a room we haven’t shown you yet.”

Jungkook blinked in surprise, “What?”

“We didn’t want to overwhelm you. When we gave you the tour we kind of skipped over it,” Taehyung said sheepishly, leading him out of the room. Jungkook twisted around and tossed his phone on his bed before he followed. Taehyung led him down the hall and around the corner, stopping at a door that Jungkook vaguely knew from walking by it so often but hadn’t given much thought.

When Taehyung opened the door, Jungkook all but blanked at the room that greeted him. It was gorgeous, intricate wood carving and furniture decorated it but the main thing was the massive bed in the middle. It was about knee height and probably the biggest bed Jungkook had ever seen. It was rather clear what the room was used for.

“You have a sex room?” Jungkook asked making the others in the room look over.

Taehyung turned red while Seokjin and Namjoon laughed, both already snuggled up in the bed, Jimin making himself cozy as well. Yoongi stepped around them to go into the room, Jungkook not even having heard him approach them from the hall.

“Mostly for sex yeah, but it’s also good for nights like this when we all want to stay with each other,” Hoseok explained, flopping down on the bed. “Everyone’s too nervous to sleep alone right now.”

Jungkook smiled a bit and Taehyung led him into the room after Yoongi, closing the door behind them.

Before he knew it all seven of them were snuggled together on the incredibly comfortable bed which still had room to spare. Seokjin raised his hand and turned the lights out before he was carding his fingers through Jungkook’s hair again.

Jungkook stayed awake for a long while.

He listened to their breathing even out, to them fall asleep and shift occasionally.

He cherished this moment because right now this moment was everything to him, This moment was his world, what he wanted his world to be forever, though he knew they would all wake up and clamber out of bed and face the troubles that had been plaguing them since they met.

Whatever came of this confrontation, Jungkook knew they would get answers.

And he would get his friend back.

Chapter Text

The Starlight theater was a monster of a building. Its old sign worn and rusted, hanging off the side of the building as if to invite guests into its empty seats. Paint chipped off the foundation and the once vibrant gold flourishes that decorated the beautiful architecture were faded and dim.

Inside was no better, graffiti painted on the walls, paints and arches over the old theatre seats were crumbling beyond recognition. The stage itself, scuffed and worn from use as much as age. What had been once used to project a range of emotion towards a captivated audience was now rotting and forgotten.

Jungkook couldn’t remember why it had been abandoned but he assumed bad location had something to do with it. Bankruptcy was a likely cause. The theater was on the edge of the city, very little else around it to attract visitors and definitely no foot traffic.

Which was one of the main reasons he’d chosen this as the meeting spot to begin with.

He’d been six years old when they’d found this place.

He remembered missing their stop on the bus, his brother had fallen asleep and Jungkook hadn’t been paying enough attention, too busy fogging the window with his breath and drawing little pictures.

The bus driver kicked them off at the last stop, despite his brother’s attempts to get a ride back into the city at the very least. It was dark and cold and they were in an unfamiliar place. Jungkook remembered clinging to his brother’s hand as the older watched the bus drive off.

Ji-hun had turned to him then, smiled brightly and crouched to look him in the eyes. He had told Jungkook that they were going on an adventure today. That he had something incredible to show him.

Jungkook knew now that he had just been trying to keep him calm and distracted, while he tried to find a phone to call their parents to come get them. But at the time he had felt nothing but excitement as they wandered around the streets at night. He had kept bothering his brother about what the surprise was, if he was going to get candy or if they were going to an amusement park.

That’s when Jungkook had seen the theatre.

It was abandoned then too, but in much better shape then it was now. The sign had still sparkled welcomingly.

They spent the night exploring the building, running between the seats, climbing the stage. Jungkook would dance and sing as if the show was sold out, as if his brother’s cheering and clapping was that of hundreds of people. Ji-hun had told him that he was going to be famous one day. That he would make people smile and bring joy to those who watched him perform.

Jungkook had believed it.

Now, standing on the same stage again, the memory was only a distant childish dream.

The seats in front of them were hauntingly empty, decrepit, and worn even further from the last time Jungkook had seen them. No one stood amongst the seats, the air held no excitement or wonder. It was cold, heavy, and the dust made it hard to breath.

“You’re fidgeting Kookie,” Hoseok observed, humming a bit from beside him.

“They should be here soon,” Jungkook sighed and looked at the dragon. He was dressed in the same clothes as the day before, holding a wooden box at his side casually.

“And when they do get here, we’ll be ready. If this guy is the creator of the gem he’ll know what it looks like, so he’ll know this is a fake. In which case we can use magic against him,” Hoseok said under his breath, already knowing Jungkook knew this.

Jungkook sighed and nodded, “And if he can’t see it or doesn’t recognize it he’s human. I know. Just, a lot can go wrong.”

After hours of planning they had decided to keep their idea’s simple. They had started getting too complicated until Seokjin explained that the more steps the more likely things can go south. They would be playing with chance and luck. So they had made it as easy as possible.

A simple fake gem. The way the boss reacted to it would tell them everything they needed to know. They had the Jumps to escape the area on short notice too if they needed. That also meant they could stay adaptive to the situation. The rest of it relied on Jungkook’s acting skills. The theatre felt like an appropriate spot for that.

Keep it simple.

Simple still scared Jungkook. Nothing was ever simple in his life. Simple left him feeling vulnerable.

“The most likely thing to go wrong is Joonie getting distracted by Taetae’s ass in those pants you bought him,” Hoseok joked to ease some tension.

Jungkook smiled when Namjoon called down from his spot in the balcony seats, “I heard that.”

“I was hoping you would love,” Hoseok grinned.

They guys were positioned around the room, which given that Jungkook and Hoseok stood on the stage, allowed them to keep an eye on the whole interaction and see if anyone tried to pull anything. Magic might not work on human’s, but a bolt of lighting indoors or a sudden fire would have anyone running.

He could just make out Taehyung mumbling something about how good he looked making him shake his head in amusement.

The sound of the door at the back of the auditorium had them all sobering up, Jungkook straightening his back slightly as his heart jumped into his throat.

Show time.

It was silent as they listened to a single pair of footsteps approach down the center aisle.

Jungkook frowned in confusion as Jiho approached the stage, his arms held up in surrender, he looked alright physically but he seemed a bit timid, nervous. Jungkook looked towards the door he’d come through, waiting for someone else to emerge.

No one did.

“Kook-ah?” Jiho hesitated in the middle of the room, eyes darting from Jungkook to Hoseok before settling on the younger. He visibly swallowed. “It’s just me, it’s just me, please don’t shoot or anything.”

Jungkook’s brow pinched and he glanced at Namjoon up on the balcony who also seemed rather confused. Were they being watched? Was the boss using Jiho for the trade to make sure they followed through? He half expected to see a red dot of light tracking his friend’s forehead.

“Jiho-hyung, are you hurt?” He settled for asking, because there were things that didn’t add up right now. Something was very wrong. Were they surrounded? They had checked the area inside and out before the meeting time. The building should be empty and the streets outside as well.

He watched Namjoon silently leave his position to go check.

Jiho shook his head and slowly lowered his hands, sighing. Jungkook thinks he mumbled something but he couldn’t make it out from his distance.

Hoseok said nothing but Jungkook was aware of how tense he was. They all clearly knew something was off. They’d expected more men, weapons, anything. Not just the person they had come to get.

“Hyung, why are you alone? I requested a meeting with the... the boss…”

As soon as the words left his mouth it was as if the final piece to a very complicated puzzle clicked into place. An emptiness swept through him, his mind going blank as he stared at Jiho, his friend. His best friend.

He wanted Jiho to tell him the boss was outside, waiting, watching them, ready to attack if the deal went south. He wanted to take on a gang, an army of men with guns and knives and a penchant for killing. Those horrors would be easier to understand then the way Jiho looked at him sheepishly, gesturing to himself as if to say ‘Surprise!’

Namjoon returning and shaking his head slowly only reaffirmed it.

“No…” Jungkook took a step back and turned away, rubbing a hand over his mouth. “No. This- No.”

Hoseok moved next to him, taking a step forward, “Stay where you are. Not a step,” the dragon all but growled at Jiho who must have made to move towards the stage.

“Kook, please-”

Jungkook held up a hand, turning slightly towards him, “If the next words out of your mouth are ‘I can explain’ I swear to fucking god Jiho I’m going to kill you.”

He’d never meant anything more in his life. Jiho seemed to see that and nodded slowly. The room stayed silent for a moment, Jungkook trying to wrap his mind around what was happening. He pressed his tongue to the inside of his cheek and then to the back of his teeth as he grit them together.

He felt painfully calm. The sort of calm you felt when things slowed down, when you realized that something bad was about to happen and yet you couldn’t stop it. Like watching a car accident or two trains collide.

This didn’t make sense.

Why pretend? Why not tell him straight out that he was the gang leader? How involved in this was he?

Hoseok glanced towards him and Jungkook was grateful that he didn’t try to comfort him right now.

Right now what he needed was answers

“You knew. About the gem. About magic?”

The short nod Jiho gave him had him scoffing. His hyung had the nerve to even look guilty.

“From the start, you knew about the gem. You knew about magic, the Galaxy, the doors, the creatures, you-” Jungkook’s voice raised with every word, not looking at Jiho, eyes tracing the stage beneath his feet as if he could see the pile of lies he was standing on. “You could see it all?”

“I’m… from there. The Galaxy. I created the gem.”

Jiho’s admission left the room silent. Namjoon jumped down off the balcony, landing with little issue despite the distance of the fall. He stood between Jiho and the exit, making the other man glance over but he stayed silent, eyes finding Jungkook again.

Jungkook felt sick. Nausea boiled in his stomach, he felt light-headed and disoriented. Everything he knew was being thrown off kilter and he was struggling to silence the hope that Jiho was kidding. The man was outright admitting it, but he didn’t want to believe him.

This wasn’t like the movies he loved to watch. This wasn’t how a big confrontation between the hero and the villain went down. The betrayal was there, but the villain never came forward like this. Not so easily, not so willingly. No… that wasn’t… this couldn’t be right. He was still missing something. Just because… Jiho lied to him, it didn’t make him a bad guy.

That’s right. There weren’t heroes or villains in the real world. There were people. Jungkook wasn’t a hero. Jiho wasn’t the bad guy. Something was wrong. He’d just shattered the entire puzzle after putting in the last piece. He didn’t like the picture it showed.

“You’re the boy that ran away from the Galaxy?” Namjoon asked, eyes only barely sharper than his tone.

Jiho scowled at that, “Ran? No. I was chased out. Forced out by my own people, my own family.”

Jungkook wasn’t listening. He tipped his head back, blinking back the pressure of tears behind his eyes, the closing of his throat making breathing strenuous. Memories of telling Jiho about the Galaxy, about the boys, about magic, flooded his mind. No wonder he’d been so understanding. He wasn’t even human himself. Jungkook must have sounded like a child showing a parent how to read.

Jiho had created the gem.

There had to be someone else, this couldn’t mean Jiho was the one after him. This couldn’t mean he had been the one sending the creatures. No. Jiho must have been trying to protect him. His hyung was trying to protect him wasn’t he?

“Hyung,” Jungkook practically whispered, but he immediately drew the rooms attention to him. “You were trying to keep me safe. Right?” His voice was weak, weaker than he wanted it to be.

When Jiho said nothing, Jungkook became more desperate. He stepped forwards, jumping down off the stage, ignoring Hoseok making a grab for his arm. Walking up to Jiho, his voice wavered as he spoke, “This was your plan right? You- You became the boss of the gang to make sure they didn’t mess with me anymore. You took the same shifts as me so you could make sure things didn’t come after the gem, you must have known someone put it in me right? Then, then you let me go to the Galaxy, because you knew it was safer, after the creature attacked the mall. That’s why you didn’t try harder to stop me right hyung?”

Jungkook’s hands came to grab the front of Jiho’s shirt shakily, gripping the fabric so tightly his knuckles turned white.

Jiho looked at him with sympathy and pity and he might as well have stabbed him in the heart. It would have hurt less.

“That’s a nice theory Jungkook… and I wish it were true. But no. I sent the creatures after you intentionally, the only reason I got close to you was because of the gem. The gang was a useful way to keep tabs on your movement in this world,” his voice was soft, gentle. Like his parents explaining to him why he would burn in hell for choosing a life of sin.

“I was hoping to try and draw you back into the gang, figured you might want the extra cash, and it would keep you here where I could watch you, but those two friends of yours said more then they should have.”

Jungkook ducked his head down, body so tense it hurt. Clamping his eyes shut he shook his head in denial. “Why. Why are you doing this,” his voice broke on the words before anger was slamming into him like a speeding train. He shook Jiho roughly, the other man grabbing his wrists to steady himself. “Why?! What did you gain from all of this?! If you wanted your precious gem back so badly you should have just killed me!”

“Kookie…” The voice was Jimin’s.

Jiho willingly let Jungkook man handle him, let him get his frustration out, and for some reason that made it worse. If Jiho had given up the act, Jungkook wanted him to stop acting like he cared. The look in his eyes was ripping out his heart and crushing it under dread and deceit and betrayal.

“Listen to me Kook.”

“Don’t fucking call me that!”

“Jungkook,” Jiho corrected quickly. “This is so much bigger than you know. This is bigger than us. That gem is the key to something incredible. I never meant to drag you into this. When I was- when I had to leave the Galaxy to continue my research, I discovered so much about humans, about their eagerness to learn. I thought I finally found people who would understand me.”

Jiho slowly eased Jungkook’s hands off his shirt, but didn’t let go of his wrists. Jungkook clung onto his every word, waiting for the words that would make this make sense.

“I built a small team of scientists, professors. I showed them magic, taught them about it. But they turned out to be the same as everyone else. They started fearing the gem. The whole energy. They misunderstood my intent,” Jiho frowned deeply seeming to be lost in a memory.

“And what was your intent?” Namjoon spoke up.

Jungkook became aware that the others had left their spots, had surrounded them but kept a safe distance, though still close enough to step in if needed. Embarrassment found its way between the angry. How many times had he sung Jiho’s praises to the other’s? How many times did he talk about Jiho to them and told them about funny things he did or said, how he took care of him, how he was there for him?

Jiho glanced behind him but kept his attention on Jungkook for the most part, “I told them about the Galaxy, showed them what positive magic could do. They began to think of it as a paradise. A perfect world. Heaven,” the man scoffed, seeming amused at the very thought. “I told them I wanted to create an even more perfect world. A world where positive and negative energy resided together. They thought I would put the Galaxy at risk. So one of them stole the gem from me. Set up a trade in the underground with a gang, hoping to hide the gem and not leave any tracks.”

Jungkook’s mind filled in the blanks after that. That was the man that Jungkook was supposed to collect the deal from. So the gang leader at the time new. He’d sent Jungkook in knowing he was collecting something more then just drug money.

“He must have realized that that wouldn’t be enough. And then he got the bright idea to implant it in you,” Jiho ran a hand through his hair and looked apologetic. “I tracked it down to you eventually. Found you in the hospital. I tried to take it back.”

Jungkook paled at the implications of that. He tugged his wrists away from Jiho sharply.

“The gem though… after being inside you for even just a short time, it had gotten stronger. When I got close, it expelled some energy and lodged itself deeper in your chest. That’s when I realized, I learned that the gem could absorb your energy, you could charge it. You could give it the energy it needed to create the word I’d always imagined,” Jiho spoke with nothing short of wonder colouring his voice. Joy, even some amazement.

He spoke as if Jungkook was simply an experiment that had given him the result he’d been looking for. He supposed that was all he really was.

Seokjin couldn’t bare to even glance at the man who was tearing apart the heart of one of their own. One look at the man who had put Jungkook through so much, and Seokjin would have his neck crushed in his hand before he blinked twice.

Instead he watched Jungkook.

Seokjin watched the boy they had all come to love so dearly, who had only ever brightened their lives and who was kinder than what was expected of him after all he’d been through. Jungkook’s body shook, hands opening and closing as if he didn’t know what to do with them. He would shake his head, mouth open slightly as if he wanted to stop Jiho, to tell him off, maybe even to scream.

No words came out. Jungkook stayed silent but the crushing heartbreak rang through all of them like they felt it firsthand.

This whole time, the man they had been looking for, with hope to remove the gem and to learn more about this new kind of magic, was the one closest to Jungkook.

The anger Seokjin felt on his lovers behalf was unbridled and raw. It seared through his veins and awoke his magic, agitating the usually peaceful energy.

He didn’t even linger on the thought of Jiho standing over an unconscious very injured Jungkook, prying his wound open, reaching into him to get the stupid gem. That stupid rock that was cause for such pain and misery.

Seokjin spoke, hoping to give Jungkook a moment. To breath, to step away from Jiho, to stop hearing the other’s voice if even just for a second. “Then you’ve only been using him this whole time. You’ve made him trust you, you’ve gotten close to him, just so you could wait for the gem to charge. Until you could use him even more. You’re disgusting.”

The tension in the air was choking. Seokjin wanted nothing more then to grab Jungkook and leave, to get out of here as quickly as possible. He wanted to hide Jungkook away from anything and anyone that tried to hurt him.

Jungkook didn’t deserve this. Their sweet kind Jungkook who laughed with his heart laid bare, who looked at them with so much love and trust that sometimes they didn’t feel deserving of it, who had never given up hope.

Now, now he watched that very hope draining out of him.

Jiho’s voice grated on his nerves but he let the other speak, all the while questioning what the truth was and was more deceit. “At first… only at first. Jungkook I… I didn’t mean to get so close. I was just supposed to work with you, keep an eye to see if anything changed with the gem, to see if there was any sign it’s magic had grown strong enough.”

He reached towards Jungkook and all of them moved, took a step forward, but it was Taehyung who had gotten between them first. Using his energy he appeared in Jiho’s way, shoving his arm away and backing up until he had Jungkook pressed against his back. The glare he sent the man would have even the strongest willed person hesitating.

“Don’t touch him.”

Jiho took a few steps back. For now he seemed to want to keep this civil. Seokjin only found that suspicious.

The angel watched Jungkook grasp the back of Taehyung’s shirt, staring blankly ahead of him. It was as if he was shutting down. Watching this was agonizing, what Jungkook must be feeling likely couldn’t compare though.

“Alright, I won’t. I won’t. I know you won’t believe me, I know. But I do consider you a brother Jungkook. I wasn’t lying when I said that.”

“Shut up,” Jungkook whispered weakly, staring into Taehyung’s back with unseeing eyes.

Seokjin saw Taehyung wince slightly when Jungkook’s nails scratched his back but he made no move to step away or say anything. Under the mind-numbing anger and sadness, he felt a little pride towards their second youngest.

“Especially after I found out how similar we are,” Jiho continued, trying to see Jungkook over Taehyung’s shoulder.

“Don’t,” the boy tried to warn, voice hoarse with raw emotion.

“You know what it’s like too. You understand Jungkook. To have people hate you for something they don’t understand.”

Seokjin’s eyes snapped back to his lover then as did the others, confusion and concerned pulsing in the room. What was he talking about? Was this about that man at the school? Or a time before? Jungkook had told them he’d dealt with what he’d called ‘Homophobic’ people before.

“Your own family, the way they treated you? Because of who you loved? You told me yourself the things they did to you, said to you. The conversion therapy? How your brother was a coward and ran off to hide in America. You think I don’t know what that feels like?! You understand me better then anyone!” Jiho was almost shouting now, throwing a hand down towards the ground, looking at Jungkook desperately.

Seokjin felt cold now. The anger melted out of him only to make room for fear and disbelief. Jungkook’s… family…? His own family? Racking a hand through his hair, Seokjin had to take a step back. He remembered the horror he’d felt when Jungkook had come home with a bruise on his face. The confusion that Jungkook always seemed to have when they showed concern for his safety, for his well being.

He imagined a young Jungkook going home to his parents every night, having them call him names like the boy at the school did. Did they hit him too?

Seokjin spun around and threw his foot into a theatre seat, ripping it out of the floor along with half the row, one chair crushing another in a domino effect.

The sound was atrocious in the quiet room but Seokjin didn’t care. He could feel the unrestrained energy from his lovers, pulsing in time with his own, the urge to protect, the anger, the sadness resonated through all of them.

His Jungkook. His beautiful Jungkook had been mistreated by his own family.

All the strange looks he’d give them, all the hesitation to get close, it all made sense now.

“Jungkookie…?” Jimin’s voice sounded tentative. Scared. Maybe horrified.  

Jungkook couldn’t seem to bring himself to look at them. Even as Taehyung twisted around to face him, taking his shoulders firmly, trying to meet his gaze to confirm what they’d heard, his eyes stayed locked on the ground.

Jiho started speaking again, watching Seokjin carefully. Good. Because he was very quickly becoming next on his list. “My parents feared dark energy, they became scared of what I was doing with it. I wanted to prove to them that it was okay, that we didn’t have to fear what it could do if we used it properly. The gem was an accident, an experiment I haven’t been able to recreate here yet not with the absence of magic, but when I showed them I thought they would finally get it. Instead they tried to take it form me, they tried to destroy it.”

“Just shut up,” Yoongi snapped, flames erupting up with arms. “I’m so sick of hearing you speak. Are we supposed to feel sorry for you? You’ve taken people’s lives over this. Because of your stupid pride.”

The man glared at him, “I only did what was necessary. That gang leader, that scientist, they got in my way.”

Seokjin watched the man reach behind him and pull something out from under his shirt. The strange black object was held up and pointed towards Taehyung. Jungkook, upon seeing it, quickly grabbed the Fae and switched their positions, standing protectively in front of him.

Jungkook growled seeing the gun trained on him.

Of course he was armed. Of course. How could he be so stupid to not make sure first. He didn’t know how it worked with projectiles, if the guys could be hurt or not depending on the shooter.

He wasn’t looking to find out.

Jiho stood confidently, hand steady. In that moment, Jungkook knew he would do it. He knew that he would pull the trigger. His friends expression turned torn, broken.

“Kook, please. I have to show my family. I have to show them what the gem can do. I have to get them back. If you had a chance, wouldn’t you? If you could make your parents see? Make them regret what they put you through?”

Jungkook understood. He understood exactly what Jiho was feeling. That desperation. Despite the ways their parents handled the situations, they were still their parents. Of course Jungkook would try to fix it if he could, if he thought for a second that they would accept him for who he was.

He couldn’t say he wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing in Jiho’s situation.

Jungkook pulled his arm free of Taehyung who was gripping it like a vice, confusion and hurt for Jungkook’s behalf on his face as he looked between the two friends. Slowly, Jungkook stepped closer to Jiho, the gun didn’t matter to him right now.

“The creatures then. Why send them.”

“It was never to hurt you. Never to kill you. I needed to expose the gem to as much negative and positive energy as possible, I was hoping to charge it faster. When I noticed you could see the door, I knew it was almost done.”

“That’s why you were pissed that I went to stay in Galaxy. Because there was no negative energy there.”

Jiho nodded, watching Jungkook approach carefully, “It made it more difficult yeah, I couldn’t keep track of you there as well.”

When Jungkook stopped in front of Jiho, he lifted his hand and gently pushed the gun down, lowering Jiho’s arm. Jiho stayed tense but regarded him curiously.

“You’re not telling me everything, are you?”

Jungkook knew he wasn’t. He knew that there was that one thing they hadn’t brought up yet, the reason Jiho hadn’t just killed him yet.

Why waste a bullet on a dead man walking?

Jiho’s expression crumbled and he sucked in a slow breath, looking away for a second to blink tears out of his eyes. Jungkook knew he wasn’t faking this. He wasn’t sure how hew knew, given all of the other lies the boy had been telling him. But this, he knew.

“This- this is why I didn’t want to get too close Kook. You’re…” the laugh he let out was sad and guilt ridden. “You’re really hard not to like you know. You’re my best friend and you're…”

“I’m going to die.”

The room seemed to freeze, a cold taking over everyone.

“I think I’ve known for awhile. It makes sense. The gem’s too strong now.”

Jungkook was terrified. Of course he was terrified. He didn’t want to die.

A few tears slipped down Jiho’s face and Jungkook found himself watching them, tracking them down his cheeks.

Yoongi stormed forward and grabbed Jungkook, shaking him, “Don’t say that. Don’t. I don’t want to hear that shit! We already have a plan, you said a doctor could-”

Jiho cut him off, “It’ll kill him. The magic is too strong. Trying to remove it will kill him, if he expels the magic it will kill him, if he tries to hold onto it, it will only build and then kill him.”

Jungkook searched Yoongi’s eyes when they found his again. He was terrified too. Slowly he brought a hand up to the Phoenix’s cheeks, his lover grabbing hold of it tightly, keeping it pressed against his skin.

“No!” Jimin yelled suddenly. “No. We’ll find a way. We have time.”

Jiho wiped his face, “If he dies, there will be no soul to hold back the energy anymore. I can’t risk the energy being expended before I can use it to create a whole world. Jungkook, you’re dead no matter what. But help me, help me recreate earth and create a permanent land for magical beings.”  

Jungkook paused, hyper focusing on his words. “Hold on, earth? What are you talking about?”

Jiho seemed to realize he let something slip that he shouldn’t have and his jaw tensed. “I need somewhere to create this new world. What better place then neutral ground. The human world doesn’t have any magical energy that the gem would need to compete with.”

Jungkook felt the anger return to him, any thought of himself and his limited time thrown out of his mind with the imagery of what Jiho was intending to do.

“And what about the people who live here? Jiho there are billions of lives in this world you can’t just- what, reshape the planet!”

Jiho glared at him, “Earth was our land first! Human’s drove our kind into hiding, out of our own home! If I can give this world back to magic beings, my family would have to recognize the power whole magic has, they’d have to take me back!”

The intent was strong in Jungkook’s bones as Jiho’s words echoed in his mind. This feeling wasn’t him, he knew it immediately, this came from somewhere else. Somewhere deep in his chest, a little to the right of his heart.

Jungkook was a lot of things.

But he wasn’t a killer.

And the only feeling he felt radiating in his chest was the urge to have Jiho’s blood on his hands.

Jungkook stormed over to Jiho, the feeling growing until he couldn’t hold it back. His hand shot out and he slammed his fist across his face with all his strength. Jiho staggered to the side before losing his footing and falling on the ground, the gun still clutched in his hand.  

“You’re talking about mass genocide!” Jungkook yelled and grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him back to his feet.

“So what?” Jiho spit to the side, lip busted and bleeding. “You think any of our kind would miss humans? We’d celebrate. The Galaxy won’t last forever. It’s only an echo realm. We need a safer home and what’s safer then taking away the threat to begin with.”

Kill him.


He deserves it.

He’ll hurt them.

He’ll hurt you.


No. This wasn’t him. This wasn’t his intent. It wasn’t him.

Clamping his eyes shut as a flare of… something burned through him, he turned his head to the side gritting his teeth. It wasn’t pain this time, it was… a mix of hot and cold, a swirling of emotions and memories that seemed random in the moment.

Up until now he’d understood Jiho. He’d hated that he lied to him. He hated the way he went about all this. But he understood. He’d even been willing to help. If he was going to die anyway, he might as well have helped the boy reach his goal. Maybe then he would stop all this nonsense. Maybe then he could have gotten the happy ending Jungkook wouldn’t.

But now? He realized that Jiho was fucking insane. To care so little about human’s that he was willing to eradicate them for his needs as if they were just pests… no. Jungkook wouldn’t help him with that. Not a chance.

He opened his eyes and tried to recover from the strange energy, tried to regain his balance. Jiho was looking at him with wide eyes and almost excitement.

“Your eyes Kook, they’re purple. That’s, that’s incredible, the power must be…”

Jungkook was suddenly ripped back away from Jiho. Hoseok lunged past him and slammed his foot against the other’s chest, knocking him to the ground and watching him skid down the aisle well away from Jungkook.

Arms came around him, Jimin and Taehyung helping him back even further until they were almost at the stage. Jimin looked him over, looked at his eyes with a deep frown. “Are you in pain? Does it hurt?” the Fae asked quickly.

Jungkook was about to shake his head but as soon as he did, a sharp pain shot through him. The same pain he had felt in the garden. The same pain that told him the door had appeared. The curse Taehyung let out as the two took the majority of his weight rung in his ears as if it were echoing.

“Y-Yup yes. Fuck, hu-rts now,” He grit his teeth feeling the shaking starting again.

Through half open eyes Jungkook looked up the aisle towards his hyungs. The inky black door was standing between them and the others. It was already starting to open.

“Tae, stay with him,” Jimin ordered quickly and slid in front of them. Jungkook watched through watery eyes as the Fae rose his hands next to him, the distant sound of metal creaking and splintering could be heard faintly behind the hiss that came from the door seconds before a serpent like creature emerged.

Yoongi let the familiar flames engulf him as he grabbed Jiho by the neck and threw him down into the ground with enough force to crack the floor. The man must have had some decent protection spells because while he coughed and winced at the attack it didn’t kill him like Yoongi wanted it too.

He really wanted to kill this man.

He couldn’t see clearly with the amount of rage he felt. This bastard was the reason Jungkook had sobbed that night, after finding out there was a weapon inside him, the reason Jungkook was in so much pain, the reason he might-


They wouldn’t lose him.

They couldn’t lose him.

Growling, Yoongi flared his magic, beating down on the man’s spells relentlessly, trying to break through them. He picked him up once more before throwing him across the room, watching him land amongst the rows of seats, wood splintering as he landed.

He hurt Jungkook.

Their Jungkook.

“Seokjin!” Yoongi looked over at Namjoon who pointed quickly towards the dark door that had appeared, hiding their young ones from view. They felt Jimin’s magic swell and Seokjin was moving in seconds, bolting over to them, eyes flashing pure white.

Yoongi looked back at Jiho, trusting Seokjin to protect the others. Namjoon, Hoseok and him could handle this guy.

Jiho got to his feet, looking around on the ground before picking up that strange black object he’d threatened Jungkook and Taehyung with. Namjoon didn’t let it deter him as he approached the man. He looked as livid as Yoongi felt.

Jiho pointed the object at them and there was a loud bang, Namjoon didn’t stop walking, didn’t seem affected at all, and Jiho cursed. The man looked around again, scrambling back from Namjoon and Yoongi saw the moment his eyes landed on Jungkook, saw an idea forming.

Yoongi quickly ducked, the large tail of the serpent swinging over their heads around the room as a bright flash of light and spears of ice stabbed into the creature, pushing it back. The serpent was the width of one of the cars he’d seen in this world, it’s head massive and it quickly became difficult to move around once the thing’s body fully emerged from the door, twisting around the space they were in.

Hoseok took a hard hit to the side, behind thrown by the creature into one of the far falls. Yoongi called out his name but was forced to dodge again. He propelled himself upwards with his fire, hands coming out in front of him and blasting an inferno towards the creature.

It screeched in pain and whirled around, aiming it’s attacks towards him now. Yoongi barely avoided its massive maw, it’s teeth snapping in the space he had been just before he cut the fire and let himself drop to the ground.

Hoseok yelled as he thrust his arms forward, roots breaking through the ground beneath them and wrapping around the snake and another quick twist of his wrist had giant thorns spearing into the creatures flesh.

Yoongi took the creature’s distraction as a moment to look for Namjoon who was in the middle of a rather intense fight with Jiho, Namjoon was clearly stronger and more skilled at fighting, but Jiho’s magic was incredibly strong.

This was wasting time. They had to get out of here. More importantly, they had to get Jungkook out of here. “Taehyung! Use your jump! Take Jungkook away from here!”

Jiho whipped his head around to look at the two boys who were still huddled together next to the stage, Taehyung wrapped around Jungkook protectively as the boy was barely conscious, his body shaking.

“Don’t! The gem needs the energy!”

Fuck Yoongi wanted this man dead yesterday.

Taehyung went to pull out the black bead that would Jump them. While it wouldn’t get them out of this world, it would hopefully get them far enough that the energy wouldn’t hurt Jungkook further.

Before the Fae could use it however, Jiho broke away from Namjoon to make a run for them, raising the weapon once more and slowing only when he fired it twice more. The shots missed, hitting the stage above their heads but it was enough to make Taehyung jump and lose his grip on the bead.

He instinctively moved away from Jungkook, scrambling to grab their one way out of this. The serpent reared back with a loud screech of pain, swept the entirety of the room with it’s tail.

They were all knocked or thrown from it, dust clouding the air and making it hard to see. Yoongi felt the snakes body hit him in the back, throwing him forward to the ground and burying him under the pieces of seats it had dragged with it.

The serpent screamed once more, before it threw it’s head back and collapsed forwards, massive head hitting the stage and breaking through it, judging by the sound of splintering wood.

For a moment it was quiet.

Yoongi coughed and carefully started pushing himself up, knocking the debris off himself. He climbed out slowly, taking a look around at the room that now looked more like a war zone.

The others.

Where were they.

He spotted Hoseok first and hurried to his side, nearly tripping on his way to him. He took his hand and helped him up, getting a small nod of reassurance from the dragon to let him know he was okay.

Seokjin shoved some chairs off himself to their right, and they saw Namjoon picking himself up not far from them too.

“Let him go!”

Taehyung’s yell had their blood freezing. They rushed around the serpent’s body to see Jiho dragging Jungkook back towards the dark door.

When Taehyung tried to grab the half-conscious boy, Jiho shoved the gun against Jungkook’s head. “I don’t need him alive! Back up! All of you!”

They didn’t have a choice.

Slowly they all took a step back, Jimin was next to Taehyung, gripping his fellow Fae’s arm tightly, eyes never leaving Jungkook who could barely keep his head up.

“You could have made this easy Jungkook! You can still die a hero to magical beings!” Jiho was angry, scared, desperate.

He was dangerous right now, and Jungkook was in the line of fire.

Yoongi grit his teeth.

“If you fight this, you’ll end up killing them too. Is that what you want? To kill your precious boyfriends?” Jiho shifted Jungkook’s weight, an arm around his chest to keep him up, given that Jungkook was being no help there. It was as if Jungkook wasn’t even aware of himself, his eyes glowing a brilliant purple that on any other occasion, Yoongi would find beautiful.

“Don’t listen to him Kookie- Don’t, you won’t hurt us, you’d never hurt us remember? That’s why you asked to stay, that’s why we wanted you to stay with us,” Jimin was crying now, practically sobbing.

Jungkook heard Jimin’s voice, heard his sobs. He wanted to respond but the pain was so immense that he could barely move. It was hard to tell if he even had muscles anymore. He wanted to tell him that he knew, of course, he trusted them, he knew they would be okay.

Jiho growled before leaning down towards Jungkook’s ear.

“Guns don’t work on them Kook. Not when I’m the one shooting. Does that apply to you too?”

Suddenly Jiho was grabbing one of Jungkook’s hands and shoving the gun in it, cupping his hand over Jungkook’s and forcing his finger over the trigger. Jungkook’s eyes widened and he began to shake his head, trying to pull his hand away, eyes wide and tears, lavender coloured tears of glowing energy ran down his cheek as the weapon was aimed towards Jimin.


No no no no no.

No please don’t- not this.

Jungkook thinks he whimpered, thinks he begged. Maybe the words came out, maybe they didn’t. Move Jimin, Taehyung, both of you, run. Move.

It wasn’t like the movies.

Jiho didn’t stop for a long explanation, didn’t waste time.

He pressed down on Jungkook’s finger and forced him to pull the trigger.

The bang rang through the room but the yell of pain from Jimin rung louder. Jungkook watched the Fae collapse, watched Taehyung catch him and scream, watched the others move immediately. The gun was still in his hand when he felt Jiho tackled away from him, when he felt himself fall only to be caught in warm arms.

His eyes stayed on Jimin who was clutching his stomach, black blood pouring out from under his hands as yelling occurred around them.

Their eyes met.

Jungkook saw the fear and pain in Jimin’s eyes, the confusion, the disorientation. Like he hadn’t fully realized what had happened.

It was a look that would haunt Jungkook. It was him who caused it. The weight of the gun was burning his hand.

Namjoon turned his face to look at him, cradling him in his arms, “Jungkookie, it’s okay, it’s alright, he’ll heal, remember? Potions work quick,” he sounded scared, shaky. He kept looking towards Jimin and Taehyung, Seokjin now rushing to grab a potion from his pocket.

Jimin’s yell of pain had them both wincing when the boy was shifted slightly.

Jungkook turned his head slowly towards Hoseok and Yoongi who had Jiho pinned on the ground, both their knees pinning his shoulders flat.

Jungkook shakily tried to lift his hand, to aim the gun.


He wanted him dead.

He made him hurt Jimin.

He wanted to kill him.

Namjoon looked at his hand, watched him raise the gun. He didn’t try to stop him. Hoseok and Yoongi noticed too. They lifted Jiho up to his knees, sat him in front of the barrel of the gun.

Jiho met his eyes for a long moment.

No apologies.

No regrets.

But an understanding passed between them.

Jiho closed his eyes.

Jungkook was many things.

But he wasn’t a killer.

The gun clattering to the ground was the last thing Jungkook heard before he passed out.

Chapter Text

Jungkook was floating.

Sort of.

It felt that way.

He recognized that his eyes were closed, and that he couldn’t seem to open them. He couldn’t feel his body, but he felt everything else.

Arms wrapping around him, sudden warmth, hands moving him.

He felt warm and cold, a strange mixture both pulsing and fading around each other but never losing one or the other. Wasn’t he in pain before?

Something confirmed that. Not a voice, a voice was too distinct, it was more of a feeling… the atmosphere changed in such a way that he could feel what it was trying to convey. It was trying to communicate with him?

Another swell of warmth.

This was the gem wasn’t it? A swell of warmth and a swirl of cold, misplaced amongst the heat but bringing with it anger and hatred and that same urge to kill. If Jungkook could tell if he was breathing or not, he might have sucked in a breath at the intense feeling.

No. He didn’t want that. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. Not Jiho, not his parents, not Hosung, not anyone.

The gem calmed, or what Jungkook understood to be the gem. It seemed as sentient as their house, or Jungkook’s door that always seemed to know where he needed to go. The gem pulsed energy in agreeance.

Jungkook thought, in this strange space of numb nothingness, about why the gem was angry. Before he could think much, his mind was flooded with images, vivid images of the past, some he recognized, some he didn’t.

Jiho, showing his parents something, a beautiful purple crystal. A harsh slap. Yelling. Fear. Hate. Loneliness. Abandonment. Being chased away from his home.

Jungkook, the night his parents found out, the screaming, the slurs, being pushed, his brother trying to step in, threats.

Images of Hosung, of the coercion and twisted words and fake love. Of the gang and the drug deals gone wrong and the months of recovery in the hospital.

Theana in the shop, the blood on her hands, the fear in her eyes.

Hoseok, hurt.

Jimin’s expression as his body collapsed, hands over his stomach.








No. Jungkook watched, thinks he might have shaken his head. No. The gem didn’t understand. He could feel it’s confusion, it’s hesitation. As if it was unsure of the information it had discovered, of the conclusion it had come to.

Jungkook now understood though.

It wasn’t just a gem, or just magic. It was a scale that had been tipped. It had been observing through Jungkook, it had observed life and choice and people. It was an adaptive thing, maybe not alive, but it learned. Jungkook hadn’t just been holding onto the gem this whole time. He’d been teaching it.

The gem liked that conclusion, liked that understanding.

Then, Jungkook thought of the guys.

Namjoon and Jimin stepping through the door into his apartment, Hoseok’s smile and laughter when they worked in the greenhouse, waking up to Taehyung curled next to him, Seokjin combing his hand through his hair fondly, Namjoon speaking passionately about something he’d discovered, Yoongi’s happy humming when he thought no one was listening.

He thought about holding them, being held by them, loving them and receiving that same love in return.

The Smeraldo he was presented with when he thought for sure they were done with him, when he took a chance and trusted them with everything he had left, and they followed through.

The warmth of the gem grew. It’s curiosity and hesitation diminishing its intent. Jungkook felt its intent change entirely, though it was heavy with emotion. Question. It conveyed its confusion of what Jungkook wanted, of how it could achieve what it needed too.











As if it had clicked inside him, Jungkook felt the situation play out, felt the emotions so clearly that he could almost see them playing in front of him like a movie. The gem didn’t like either world. So it would create a new one. A world where things were balanced. Just like Jiho wanted.

Jungkook knew the sacrifice it would take to do so.

Not billions of lives. Not an entire species of people being wiped out.

Just one life.

Just his.

A short moment ago, Jungkook had lost hope.

But now?

He felt that hope again.

Jungkook woke up in the midst of chaos.

And pain.

So much pain.

His body felt like it was being torn apart from the inside out.

He was being held, arms wrapped around him firmly, a hand keeping his head supported against what Jungkook assumed was someone’s shoulders.

Opening his eyes told him he was in their living room, at home, in the Galaxy.


He loved his home.

“Kookie? Joon he’s awake!”

Jungkook heard Taehyung’s voice before he recognized that he was the one holding him. He felt Taehyung shift him carefully, pulling back to cup his cheek and look at his face. Jungkook blinked slowly, eyes finding Taehyung’s beautiful dark ones. Tears ran down his cheeks as he forced a shaky smile. Jungkook frowned.

Taehyung was pulsing his magic against him, soothing some of the pain, making it a little more bearable.

“Kookie, hey it’s okay, we’re home now okay? You with me?”

Weakly he nodded. Before he couldn’t feel his body at all, now it felt like he was swimming in glass. “Min-Minnie?” He turned his head to the side to look for the Fae. His lover who was hurt because of him.

There was something going on in the dining room, bodies rushing around, yelling, his mind was a bit slow and couldn’t quite decipher what was happening.

Namjoon was suddenly crouching in front of him. When had he approached? Had he blacked out for a second again? Namjoon placed a careful hand on his forehead, brushing his hair back. Jungkook noticed the pinch of his brow, the forced smile that lasted only a second before dropping to worry, there was a twitchy panic to his body that told Jungkook something was wrong.

“Jungkook, I know you’re hurting but we need your help right now love. Jimin needs your help,” his lover had such a look of anguish on his face, Jungkook started to fear the worst.

“Where is- he, where is he?”

“We’re going to lift you up, think you can keep your feet under you? We’ll try to do this quick, then you can rest, you can rest for as long as you need Kookie.”

They were moving before he’d even finished talking but Jungkook didn’t mind. He needed to see Jimin. He needed to make sure he was okay. Never mind the fact that when they got his feet under him, Taehyung and Namjoon on either sides of him with his arms over their shoulders, that he was pretty sure he blacked out once more. When he came too Taehyung was crying next to his ear, trying to hold his head up, apologizing over and over.

Jungkook shook his head to try and get some of his sense back and took stock of the room. Jimin had been laid out on his back across the dining room table, his shirt had been taken off, exposing his beautiful smooth skin, marred by a bleeding wound in his stomach.

Jimin’s arms were limp by his sides, head turned towards him and expression relaxed.

Black blood dripped down his sides, pooling underneath him at an alarmingly fast rate.

Seokjin was digging through Jimin’s bag, looking for any potions that could be useful or might help even a little bit. Jungkook frowned, didn’t they give him a potion before? Why was he unconscious? Shouldn’t it be starting to heal?

“The potions aren’t working Kookie, we don’t know what to do,” Seokjin said quickly. “Do you know how to handle a wound from this kind of injury? Anything will help.”

Jungkook tried to shift his weight to take some of the pressure off the others, swallowing around the shards of glass he felt were lodged in his throat. “Bull-et, Bullet. You need to get it out, then- should be- okay.”

There was a tense pause, a very short one.

“O-Okay. Okay. I can do that. Right. Once the projectile is out, the potion shouldn’t be neutralized. Thank you, guys get him laid down-”

“No, I’m- stay, let me stay,” Jungkook blinked heavily, “My fault- let me, stay with him.”

Namjoon didn’t argue, they didn’t have time. He nodded quickly. “You got him Tae?”

The Fae hooked his arms around Jungkook and sniffed, nodding. He stepped them back out of the way carefully but close enough to see. Namjoon went to Seokjin’s side to help him.

The next few minutes were some of the worst of Jungkook’s life.

He watched and coached the others the best he knew how in taking out the bullet. He was suddenly grateful that Jimin was unconscious for this though because the idea was to get the bullet out fast so the potion could take effect, so doing damage in the process was inevitable.

Jungkook thanked whatever god was out there that Jimin wasn’t human, or this wouldn’t have worked.

Hoseok and Yoongi came back in just as Seokjin pulled the bullet free, his hands covered in blood and his skin pale, sweat on his brow. Yoongi had immediately moved to Jimin’s side, crouching next to the unconscious boy and gripping his shoulder, running a hand through his hair.

Namjoon started giving Jimin every potion under the moon and with another ten minutes had the blood slowing, the wound already beginning to heal. Jungkook wanted to touch Jimin, to apologize, to try tell him he was so so sorry, but if he touched the boy now he would only cause him more pain.

As it was, Jungkook could feel himself drifting in and out of consciousness, Taehyung’s words really the only thing he understood. He told him how proud he was of him, of strong Jungkook was, he thanked him between sobs for saving Jimin, saving his soulmate. Jungkook didn’t think he should be thanked if he had put Jimin in this position to begin with.

When he woke up again (he had been asleep?) things were much calmer.

As if the storm had passed, leaving only gentle rain in it’s wake. Jungkook didn’t feel good. Not at all. But he also didn’t feel like his body was ripping itself apart from the inside out anymore. The pain was duller, still very much present, but calm in a way that allowed him to breath.

He was laying on the couch in the living room, his lovers were all crashed out on the other couches and the floor. It was dark in the room and the air was heavy as if all the emotions of the day had come to settle over the room around them.

Testing his movement slowly with just a finger, then his hand, then his arm, he found he could move alright but everything was still stiff and sore.

Quietly, Jungkook sat up, looking around at the others. It looked as if they had just collapsed where they stood. Seokjin was curled up in the love seat, Namjoon stretched out on the floor and Taehyung and Hoseok wrapped around each other laying on the couch. It was as cute as it was heart wrenching to see them so exhausted and worn out.

His thoughts drifted to Jiho. Leaning his head back against the couch he wondered if Jiho had gotten away. Or maybe the others had done something with him. Would they have hurt him?

Jungkook wouldn’t blame them if they did.

But he hoped not.

Jiho was… despite everything, his friend. His brother. Jiho was there for him when his own family casted him out, some night he was the only reason Jungkook had kept going at all. He listened to him and didn’t judge him. He was kind. Jungkook knew that wasn’t all pretend. It couldn’t have been. He hated that Jiho had had experience a similar situation with his parents that Jungkook had.

Did that excuse the fact he wanted to go all Thanos on the world? Nope. Not even a little.

The only thing it did was make it harder for Jungkook to hold onto his faith for Jiho.

Then again...

Jiho had been right. He was running out of time. Quickly.

He could feel it, almost like the ticking of a time bomb that was slowly getting faster. There was a building pressure inside of him and he knew that, while the gem had indirectly told him what was going to happen, he didn’t know if it would work.

He didn’t want to waste what time he had left contemplating someone else’s choices. He wanted to spend it with the six people who had been everything he’d ever needed in life. His six lovers who had been worth ever ounce of pain and fear and worry he’d ever felt, just to have them in his life.

Slowly putting his feet on the floor, he paused to give his pained muscles a moment to rest. Moving this slowly was agonizing, given that he was running laps around the training arena not even two days before.

With another push, he got to his feet. Another pause before he was stepping silently towards the dining room. Yoongi was there, arms crossed and slumped in one of the chairs next to the table. Jimin was still spread out on the table, the blood had been cleaned up and blankets had been tucked under the Fae to keep him more comfortable. Clearly they hadn’t wanted to move him too much yet.

Jungkook was amazed at how far the wound had healed already. It seemed to be almost fully closed up. Jimin himself looked less unconscious and more sleeping peacefully now. He felt himself release a breath of relief. He chose to ignore the way it burned his lungs.

“Sit, you’re going to fall over,” Yoongi grumbled quietly, opening an eye to look at him.

Jungkook moved using the table for support being oh so careful not to touch Jimin. All he really wanted to do was pull the other into his arms and beg for forgiveness.

He sat down heavily in the chair next to Yoongi, slumping back with a small groan.

“How are you feeling?” Yoongi spoke, voice barely above a whisper.

Jungkook matched the volume, “Like I’ve been hit by a truck four times and thrown in a wood chipper.”

Yoongi said nothing.

“Awful. I feel awful,” Jungkook translated in slight amusement.

Yoongi hummed lowly and Jungkook glanced over to see him frowning, eyes drifting over Jimin’s features. Jungkook turned his gaze to Jimin as well.

“Is he going to be alright..?”

“He’ll be fine within a day or two.” Yoongi sounded wrecked, his voice deeper then usual, hoarser. He seemed to be struggling to keep his eyes open too.

They sat in silence for a long moment. If he had anything left in himself to do so, he would have cried now. In this quiet moment while his mind came to terms with the events that occurred, while he tried to cope with the fact Jimin had almost died because of him.

“Are you going to kill me now?”

Yoongi whipped his head to the side to look at him and Jungkook smiled tiredly. The phoenix shook his head and scoffed, relaxing once more into his seat. “You think I meant that?


“…Only at the time.”

“Hyung… will Jimin…”

“I can’t say this won’t change anything between you two. But it’s likely only going to make you closer.”

Jungkook sighed lightly, smiling a bit as he lazily looked over Jimin’s closed eyelids, his nose, his lips, his adorable cheeks. “He’ll say it wasn’t my fault.”

“And then he’ll shower you in kisses to make you see that he knows you were forced to do it.” Yoongi stretched before reaching out and taking Jimin’s small hand in his, holding it with the utmost care. “Namjoon told me awhile ago, about what you said when you first got here. When he told you about his immortality.”

Jungkook, confused about why he would bring that up now, tried to think back. He remembered the moment but for the life of him couldn’t recall what he’d said. Yoongi, seeing his confusion, continued.

“You said it must be hard for him. I know it might not have seemed like much to you, but those words… Namjoon didn’t take it well when he figured out he’d been cursed. It wasn’t easy for him for a very long time. He had to watch his family pass, his friends, faces and people he probably can’t even remember now. I think that’s when he realized that you really are special Jungkook.”

“Special… I’m just… me,” Jungkook said slowly.

“That’s all you need to be. That’s all we want you to be. What Jiho has put you through, what your, your family put you through, you know it wasn’t because you’re a bad person or anything right? It wasn’t your fault.”

Jungkook stayed silent for awhile to think of how to respond. Once upon a time, a younger Jungkook might have disagreed. He might have said clearly it was all his fault if these things kept happening, if there was no one in his life that actually wanted him around.

Looking at Yoongi now, Jungkook was starting to realize how much he’d changed in such a short few weeks. “I know hyung. I know,” he answered honestly.

Yoongi nodded once and stroked his thumb across the back of Jimin’s hand.

“What happened to Jiho?”

“He’s with the Guardian.”

Jungkook blinked, “He’s in the Galaxy?”

Yoongi nodded, scowling, “We dumped his ass in the clearing and got you two to the house. The Guardian has him sealed in a barrier. He’s not going anywhere for the time being.”

Nodding, Jungkook licked his lips. Should he tell Yoongi what he was going to do? What the plan was? He would try and stop him wouldn’t he?

But… it would be breaking a house rule if he didn’t tell someone he was leaving.

“He wasn’t lying, when he said I was dying,” Jungkook said softly, watching Yoongi carefully as the man’s eyes hardened.

“We can-”


The phoenix met his eyes and Jungkook tried to tell him all the things he couldn’t put into words. He didn’t want them to pretend this wasn’t happening. They’d known his life was at risk from the start. Now it was just… more real. The threat was closer.

Yoongi seemed to understand to some extent. His shoulders sagged, “You can feel it can’t you.”

It wasn’t a question but Jungkook nodded regardless. He reached over and linked their hands, bringing Yoongi’s hand up and resting his cheek against it gently, kissing his wrist. “I… I’ll have to leave hyung.”

Yoongi sucked in a slow breath and Jungkook watched his eyes fill with tears before the phoenix closed them. “What are you going to do?”

Jungkook closed his own eyes to focus on the warmth of Yoongi’s hand. “Something stupid.”

Gently, Yoongi moved out of his seat and sat down on Jungkook’s lap, pulling his head against the chest and resting his chin on top of Jungkook’s head. He was so very careful not to hurt Jungkook that it made his heart ache.

“How long until..?”

Jungkook wrapped his arms around him, holding him close despite the pain that was resurging in his limbs. “Hours. At most.”

He felt Yoongi shake against, knew the older was crying but he just held him and tried to keep his own tears back.

“Will you- is there any hope you-” he couldn’t finish the sentence but Jungkook understood.

“There’s always hope. You guys taught me that.” Jungkook felt Yoongi kiss his head before burying his face in his hair. “Trust me hyung. Even when… even when I’m dead and gone. Trust me.”

Yoongi gripped him tightly and sobbed, trying to stay quiet, trying not to wake the others. He pulled away and kissed Jungkook hard. They moved their lips together in a desperate way, rushed, as if Yoongi was trying to memorize the feeling. Jungkook wished he could tell him it would be okay. He wanted to let them all know that it would work out. But the truth was, he didn’t know. He had no idea.

Yoongi fell asleep in his lap.

Jungkook refused to let himself sleep. He spent the time he held Yoongi, watching over Jimin and listening to the others shift in their sleep in the other room. He ingrained every tiny detail of this moment, of being alive, into his mind.

The pain hit hard just as the sky began to lighten.

He’d been feeling it building again but a spike shot through him that he couldn’t bite back the gasp too. The involuntary jerk of his body woke Yoongi and the phoenix got off him quickly, looking him over. Jungkook raised a hand, leaning forward a bit to catch his breath, trying to tell Yoongi he was okay. The words didn’t make it out of his mouth, instead replaced by a short yell of pain that had him falling out of his chair onto his hands and knees.

The others jumped awake, including Jimin who gasped and sat up much too quickly. The Fae grabbed his stomach and winced, trying to orient himself. If Jungkook wasn’t currently experiencing the sensation of swallowing nails, he’d have told the other to take it easy, to slow down.

Yoongi dropped to his side quickly, grabbing his shoulder, “Kookie hey, just breath. Focus on me and breath. GUYS!”

Namjoon reached the dining room door first and spotted Jimin immediately who still didn’t seem totally there yet, squinting as if trying to focus. The immortal quickly moved to side of the table, putting a hand on Jimin’s knee, “It’s okay love, you’re safe,” he reassured quickly before crouching next to Jungkook.

The others ran in, Taehyung gasping at seeing Jimin and rushing to his fellow Fae’s side, wrapping his arms around him.

Jungkook tried grit his teeth. “H-Help, I need he-lp,” he bit out digging his wrist into his chest though he knew this pain wouldn’t end until he was dead.

“Fuck, what do we do? How do we help?” Namjoon hovered his hands over Jungkook, concern lacing his voice.

“We trust him,” Yoongi said, catching Jungkook’s eye and giving him a small nod. “What’s the plan Kookie?”

Hoseok looked between them with wide eyes, “There’s a plan? We have a plan?”

“Guard-ian, Guardian. Need to- talk to him,” Jungkook let out another yell, back arching a bit. Jumping in a pool of lava would be less painful then what he felt right now. He might have waited to long, pushed it to the limit. He hoped they made it in time.

“Help me get him up,” Yoongi said quickly and Namjoon didn’t question, hooking his arm’s under Jungkook and lifting him in a princess carry.

“Tae, carry Jimin. Joon, run,” Yoongi ordered and Namjoon was bolting out of the house with Jungkook immediately.

Jungkook could hear the others following, hear their confused questions and the hope in their voices.

They were bolting into the clearing within a minute. Jungkook cracked an eye open and saw Jiho sitting on the ground looking bored and almost as if he were pouting. Around him was a dome of tinted gold energy. It reminded him of a force field.

Jiho looked up in surprise at their arrival.

 Jungkook might have found that funny if his heart wasn’t threatening to explode.

He needed to focus. He didn’t have much time.

“Guard-ian, Guardian,” Jungkook panted, out of breath despite not having been the one to run here.

Namjoon frowned at him and looked up towards the Guardian who swam over to greet them. Jungkook twisted slightly in his arms and held his arms out to the Guardian, its head pressing close enough that Jungkook could rest his forehead against it.

Jungkook closed his eyes, he thought as clearly as he possibly could, sometimes back tracking on a thought after a particularly bad jolt of pain.

He heard the others approach them, standing just behind Namjoon, but he kept his focus. He asked the Guardian for a favour.

The Guardian hummed after a moment, floating back a bit, “It will not hold against much of that energy little one.”

“I’ll divert it, As, argh, fuck,” Jungkook gripped Namjoon’s shirt tightly in his fist. “As much as I can, please, I just need the space. It’s possible right?”

Words were hard. Had words always been this hard? He was starting to forget what ‘not pain’ felt like.

Jimin, being held up by Taehyung, looked between them quickly, “What going on? What are you talking about?”

Seokjin stepped into his view and frowned deeply, “Jungkook? What are you planning to do?”

Jungkook felt bad for ignoring their questions, but there was no time. He kept his eyes on the Guardian.

Slowly the giant whale dipped it’s head in a bow. “Set the little one down and step back please.”

Gently Namjoon sat him down but kept his arms around him. “You can help him? You can save him?”

The Guardian said nothing.

“Joonie,” Jungkook turned to look at him, to lift a weak hand up and brush his cheek with the tips of his fingers. “Ki-ss? Helps.”

Namjoon’s eyes welled with tears and he let out a sound between a laugh and a sob. He quickly took Jungkook’s hand, leaning down and pressing their lips together forcefully. Jungkook felt everything he wanted him to feel through the kiss and it broke his heart.

But Jungkook had hope.

He had to hold onto hope.

He had to trust the gem.

When he pulled away Jungkook used what was left of his strength to shove Namjoon roughly.

Taken off guard, the immortal fell back, arms releasing Jungkook to catch himself. Quickly, Jungkook threw his weight to the side and rolled about a foot away from him, stopping on his stomach with his hands next to his head.

He watched the confusion and worry on their faces, watched Hoseok run over with the intention of helping him up. Only to stagger back suddenly and yelp, as if he ran into a wall. Eyes widening, Hoseok put his arms out, palms pressing flat on the gold tinted surface.

The others looked at him and suddenly they began to panic. Namjoon jumped to his feet, trying to feel for some edge, some opening to the barrier. Jimin scrambled away from Taehyung, almost falling on his face before slamming his hands on the wall.  

“What is this?!”

“Kookie what’s going on?”

“Guardian?” Seokjin looked up quickly at the whale that hovered over them. “What are you doing?”

“It was the little one’s request, I am sorry. I am to keep you safe.”

Jungkook brought his hands under him, with more effort than it should ever take, he pushed himself to his knees.

“Kookie what are you doing?!” Taehyung pressed his hands to the barrier and pushed on it, hit it, even tried electrocuting it. “Let us in! Don’t be stupid!”

“You can’t just give up! We can find a way to help you!” Hoseok slammed his hands on the wall.

“There’s too- much energy hyung, I can’t- keep it in anymore. If, this energy can create a new world, I can- can force it into an empty place, can’t I? A void…”

The Guardian swam over the space and Jungkook looked over at the plain door that started to manifest a small distance behind him. Particle by particle it built itself and within a few seconds the door stood on it’s own like Jungkook’s door. It was a plain oak, the door was open and instead of being able to see through to the trees on the other side, there was a black void in the frame.

“No- Jungkook, that will still kill you- if you expel the energy-”

“But it will save you.”

Namjoon snapped his mouth closed and stared at Jungkook.

A cough ripped out of him, one that had him feeling like his throat was being ripped apart. Wetness coated his lips and when he opened his eyes he saw specks of blood on the ground. He pushed himself up so he was kneeling, tipping his head back a bit and swallowing the copper taste.

“You can’t Jungkook!” Jiho’s voice drew his attention to the other, who now stood free of his barrier. It must have had to collapse in order to make the one he was in stronger. Jungkook mentally thanked the Guardian and got a calm hum in return.

Jiho looked one part angry and too parts anguished. Jungkook couldn’t tell if he was acting or not. After all, he was a good actor. “The gem isn’t strong enough to build it’s own world from scratch! It needs a base!”

Seokjin swung his arm in Jiho’s direction, bars of what seemed to be pure light, so concentrated it was pure white, slammed down around Jiho, trapping him in a cage. When he tried to touch the bars he pulled his hand back quickly.

“No. You’re wrong,” Jungkook chuckled weakly, “You might have created it Jiho-hyung, but I don’t think you’ve ever understood it. It told- agh, shit, it told me it could do it.”

Jiho’s eyes widened and he took a step forward, “It told you? It’s sentient? What did it-”

A root shot out of the ground, stabbing between the bars of the cage and narrowly missing Jiho’s head, the man staggered back with a gasp. Hoseok growled and lowered his hand.

“Another word and it’s through your eye.”

Jiho snapped his mouth closed.

“Kookie, please, let us in, don’t do this alone,” Jimin sobbed. Jungkook turned to look at them then, taking each one of them in carefully.

Hoseok’s hair was a mess and Jungkook wanted to run his fingers through it, fix it for him while he put his hands on his hips and swayed them back and forth peacefully.

Yoongi looked desperate, angry, scared and so very sad. He wanted to kiss the tension in his brow away, wanted to hear him play it out on the piano, wanted him to teach him how to play the ivory keys.

Namjoon knew what was going to happen. Jungkook could see it in his eyes. The realization. For just a little while, Jungkook wished he could distract him from this, that he could tell him more about how their political system works on earth or how they had travelled to other planets.

Seokjin was pacing and looking around as if trying to find a way to get to Jungkook. Jungkook wished he could hop up and jump into his arms, wrap his legs around the others waist and listen to him complain about how heavy he was, despite how Seokjin could clearly lift him with ease.

Jimin was, somehow still unrivalled in beauty despite the tears, dirt and traces of blood that covered him. He wanted to take a bath with him, have him lean back against his chest as they washed away the horrors of the day and tried not to fall asleep in the hot water.

And Taehyung.

Taehyung who was frozen in shock and horror, staring at him like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Jungkook wanted to poke him between the eyes, get his attention and ask if he wanted to learn how to play a card game.

He wanted Seokjin to scold him for teaching Taehyung how to gamble, to start yet another cutlery battle at dinner, to watch the sky with all of them, to cuddle, to love them, to kiss them, to spend every moment of every day loving them.

He wanted to marry them.

But he couldn’t.

He knew that.

It hurt more then the fact his body was being destroyed.

He pressed his hands to the wall, leaning heavily on it to get to his feet. He was crying too. He knew because he was struggling to breath properly and a stuffy nose wasn’t helping that.

“Alone?” Words were hard, but not because of the pain. Because these words were important. “I haven’t felt alone since I met you. All of you- all of you, made my life… so much better. I didn’t- you taught me how to live.”

“Shut up! Just- stop it, Jungkook you aren’t dying so stop talking like you are, you’re being stupid!” Hoseok punched the barrier, once, twice, nothing happened, not even a sound. The dragon’s shoulders sagged and he pressed his forehead to it, letting out a sob. “Please Kookie, we just… we just found you, we can’t lose you. I have a promise to keep. Please.”

Jungkook shifted so he could lean his forehead against the same spot on the other side. He closed his eyes for a second, imagining he could feel his hyungs warmth. “I wish I had more ti-me, time. Thank you so much, for everything. For loving me.”

Jimin covered his mouth with his hands and sobbed, face pinched with pain.

“Seokjin-hyung, Yoongi-hyung, Namjoon-hyung, Hoseok-hyung, Jimin-hyung, Taehyung-hyung. I love you. I love y-ou so much,” he opened his eyes to look at each of them.

The list of things he wanted to say to them would take a lifetime that he didn’t have. As if to remind him of that, he felt pain explode through his chest, somehow worse then what he was already experiencing. He screamed and keeled over, arms wrapped around his torso, blood dripping freely from his mouth now.

His lovers voices mixed together, intermingled in their screams and sobs, calling his name and banging desperately on the barrier, begging him not to go.

Jungkook staggered away from the wall backing up so he could look at them for as long as possible. The gem needed to do this now or they would lose the chance. His hearing faded out, he thinks his ears were bleeding too. He got a few meters from them when he started feeling the build up, the heat turning to lava in his veins.

He stood in front of the door, looking into the void.

It was so quiet now, yet when he looked at them, he could see them screaming, see their mouths moving. Except Taehyung’s, he still hadn’t moved, still looked at him like he wasn’t fully there.

He smiled at him and mouthed a single word.

The last thing Jungkook saw was Taehyung’s expression crumbling and his knees hitting the ground.

They watched in horror as energy explode out around Jungkook’s body. Energy so strong that they could feel even through the barrier. Their boy, their lover, their Jungkook, threw his head back and they watched the energy envelope him.

The barrier cracked.

They watched, squinting against the bright swirling power as the purple ribbons of light shot out through the open door, into the black nothingness. Jungkook’s knees hit the ground and seconds later the dome filled with light.

The white light was so unbearably bright that even throwing their arms up did little to shield their eyes. They twisted away and after a very long moment, an eternity almost, the barrier the Guardian created around Jungkook burst just as the light died down, caving under the pressure of the power.

They felt a wave of energy, one that hit so hard and strong it knocked them off their feet. It bent the trees and ripped shingles off their house up the path, rippling out on all sides before dispersing at an incredible distance from them. So far that the nearby town would have felt it.

Things moved in slow motion after the energy vanished.

They sat up, slowly, one by one.

Namjoon’s eyes locked on the now closed door, it’s simple wood now tinted a deep purple. The ground that was inside of the barrier was dead, the grass that had been trapped was completely gone, leaving only charred dirt in its absence.

“Kookie…?” It was Jimin’s voice that broke the silence first, that acted as a jolt to bring them to reality.

Jungkook’s body lay motionless at the foot of the door.

Namjoon felt like the world stopped. He watched Taehyung run to him, dropping to his knees next to the boy. He heard his lover scream, grabbing Jungkook’s shoulders. “JIMIN! Jimin help! Please! Help him! He’s not breathing!”

Namjoon found his legs a moment after the others, they rushed over to them, Jimin collapsing overtop of Jungkook, gripping his shirt, assessing his injuries, his own pain forgotten.

Jungkook’s eyes were closed, his body limp, blood trailing past his lips, his ears, his nose, from his eyes. It pooled under him, soaking their knees and hands.

Namjoon knew he was gone before Jimin pressed his ear to his chest, before the Fae let out a sob and gripped Jungkook’s shirt tighter, before he screamed and shook him.

“You can’t leave us! You- selfish- you bastard! You can’t just-!” Jimin screamed and sobbed, pressing his forehead to Jungkook’s chest, ignoring the blood, ignoring Jiho and the Guardian and the door.

Suddenly Jimin sat up quickly, eyes wide, desperate tears pouring down his cheeks and hands shaking, “I- read, CPR! CPR I can-” Namjoon watched numbly as Jimin put his hands together and started pressing on his chest over his heart.

The Guardian spoke solemnly then, confirming what they already knew. “His soul has been lost from the Galaxy.”

Namjoon sobbed.

Yoongi hooked an arm around Jimin’s waist and pulled him back, pulled him off of Jungkook, “Jimin. Stop.”

The phoenix couldn’t seem to look towards Jungkook, seemed to be fighting back against his own tears so desperately he was shaking.

“No! Let go! I can save him let me go!”

“He’s dead Jimin!”

“No he- he can’t! He can’t please! Ple-ase!”

Seokjin sobbed, sinking to his knees and pulling Taehyung against him, out of the blood. The Fae seemed like he was in shock, eyes wide and tears flowing but he didn’t react to Seokjin tucking his head into his shoulder.

Namjoon couldn’t move.

The image of Jungkook’s smile, the last cute bunny smile they would ever get to see, seared itself into his mind.

He listened to the begging screams of Taehyung, the roar of pain from Hoseok as he double over gripping his head. He listened to Yoongi curse and try to calm Jimin by repeating that they had to trust him, over and over like a mantra, like it was the only thing keeping him sane.

The ghost of Jungkook’s kiss still present on his lips, the feeling of his fingers against his cheek.

As quickly as Jungkook had come into their lives, he’d left it just the same.





The days after were spent in silence.

They didn’t speak.

It wasn’t real.

Even the house was silent.

They brought his body back to the house.

They cleaned him up.

The Guardian took Jiho with him. They didn’t care where.

They cried until they were numb.

But they didn’t speak a word.

It wasn’t real.





They had a funeral.

Hoseok made him a beautiful casket.

They covered his grave in Smeraldo and they sat together, in each others’ arms, in their black suits that Jungkook had gotten them.

Taehyung told them they had to wear black.

It was Jungkook’s favourite colour.




Taehyung spent most of his time in Jungkook’s room. It smelled like him.

They were sleep deprived. Nightmares kept them awake. They had hardly eaten. No one had an appetite.

Taehyung waited for Jungkook to get of the shower most nights, waited for him to curl up next to him and put his arms around him. He always fell asleep before he finished though. He told himself he’d have to try again the next night.






One week later it became real. They stopped moving through the house like ghosts, like they didn’t know what reality was, the day that Jimin woke up screaming his name.

They spent the night curled around each other crying on the floor of Jimin’s bedroom.

That’s when they realized he was really gone.

Yoongi was the only one who seemed to still be in denial. He repeated the same thing he had since that day.

“Trust him.”






Seokjin called him down to lunch two weeks after.

The house became eerily quiet, not that there was much noise in it anymore.

No one said anything. No one corrected him.

Because they were all silently hoping to hear his footsteps coming down the stairs.

All they heard was Seokjin set down his kitchen knife and walk out the back door to get some air.





A month after they had lost him, they begun a daily routine. They would wake up in the morning and gather in the living room. They would sit in silence until one of them was brave enough to step outside and walk down the path towards the purple door.

They would try the handle. They would find it locked. They would return to the house and they’d all disperse to go about their day.

Namjoon had a theory that the energy from the gem needed time to create it’s world. When it was done, they hoped the door would unlock.

They had sealed Jungkook’s room. Closing the door and agreeing it was better to leave his things alone. Cooky remained with Taehyung and rarely left his side.

Yoongi didn’t play the piano anymore. A layer of dust had formed over the top of it.

Seokjin cooked but only enough to try and keep his lovers healthy. No one wanted to tell him the food tasted awful. He already knew, his heart wasn’t in it. They ate it silently.

Taehyung no longer painted. He no longer even slept in his own room.

He’d been working on a family portrait before. He couldn’t bare to look at it now.

Hoseok spent his time tending to Jungkook’s gravestone more then the gardens. Making sure the Smeraldo’s were healthy and thriving. He would talk to him sometimes as if the other could hear him.

Namjoon never left the study unless Seokjin forced him out to eat. He wasn’t even reading. He just stared at the words on the page, not really seeing them.

Jimin and Taehyung had closed the Magic Shop until further notice. Jimin tried to keep himself busy, spent a lot of time cleaning the house repeatedly. He’d never go into Jungkook’s room though.






Two months after they lost Jungkook. After Jungkook had saved not only them but the lives of billions of people by giving up his own, they began to reminisce. It was Taehyung who had started it at the dinner table one night.

They’d been talking about the house, which was mourning in its own way. Things broke easier, windows rattled sometimes on calm days, Yoongi had put his foot through the floor boards the other day. They wanted to talk about doing repairs. Fixing the place up. Trying to rebuild. Trying to heal.

“Remember when Jungkookie first got here?” Taehyung had said out of the blue, causing a silence to fall over them. Undeterred, he carried on with a soft smile, “Didn’t you say he bowed to the house?”

Jimin covered his mouth slightly as the memory replayed in his mind, “He did. He said hello to it. I was so surprised.”

“It was cute, he was so polite,” Seokjin smiled slightly.

The ‘was’ had them pausing but it wasn’t the soul crushing pain that had once felt. It had mellowed out, healed with time, though it had left a scar.

“What about the time he called you old Jinnie?” Hoseok said around a bite of food, a playful smile on his face. “I’ve never heard your voice go so high when you tried to explain to him that you weren’t for an angel.”

“Of course I seemed old to him! He was only twenty three!” Seokjin said indignantly.

“You are still the oldest out of all of us,” Yoongi said calmly.

“Hey! What about when Jungkookie started calling you-” Seokjin started.

“Don’t you dare.”

“Lil Meow meow!” Taehyung and Jimin chorused together laughing.

Yoongi put his head in his hands and sighed, “That nickname doesn’t even make sense! I’m a bird!”

“Kookie showed us pictures of cats. You look exactly like them Yoongi,” Jimin said while Hoseok and Taehyung nodded in agreement.

“Least I’m not Rap Monster,” Yoongi smirk looking at Namjoon who had been trying to finish his food quickly so he could escape. He groaned and rubbed his forehead, swallowing. “Where did that one even come from?”

“I guess I started talking really fast when I was talking to him about spells and he said I sounded like a rapper. I had to look up what that was but he started trying to come up with a name for me and that’s what he settled on,” Namjoon chuckled.

The rest of the night was spent telling stories of their short time with their youngest lover, the good times, the sad times, and everything in between.








Two months after they lost Jungkook, Taehyung realized one startling morning, that he had forgotten what the boys voice sounded like. The horrifying thought had him racing upstairs, taking the steps two at a time.

He’d burst into Jungkook’s room, the door creaking from lack of use.

He had to pause and take in the space.

It’d been a long time since they’d stepped foot in this room and the scent was the first thing to hit him. He’d missed it. Taehyung hadn’t realized how much he’d missed it until his eyes were watering and he was trying to blink away tears.

The curtains were open. As they should be.

Jungkook’s bed was made and his books and clothes were scattered around the room, untouched from when the boy had last used them. Walking over to Jungkook’s closet, Taehyung pulled his shirt off gently, discarding it on the floor. He found one of Jungkook’s shirts, a plain white short sleeved on that Jungkook wore frequently and slipped that on.

He wrapped his arms around himself and closed his eyes, letting out a shuddering breath.

Looking around the room slowly, he found what he’d been searching for.

Crawling onto Jungkook’s bed, he grabbed the phone off the bedside table, finding the charger in the drawer. While he got comfy, hugging Jungkook’s pillow and burying his nose in it, he charged the fun with his electricity.

When he had it on, he went straight to the gallery that Jungkook had showed him.

He cried silently seeing picture of the beautiful boy that they had taken together. One was taken in the living room, Jungkook had shown Taehyung what a ‘peace sign’ was. They were both holding their fingers up in a ‘V’ shape and Jungkook looked mid laugh, while Taehyung was looking at his hand in confusion.

He clutched the phone with both hands and searched Jungkook’s face in the picture. He was scared to forget him. The days had been so impossibly hard without him. All of them were struggling. They knew Jungkook had made a huge impact on their lives, that he was meant to be with them, but to then lose him…

Taehyung wanted to go back. He would trade twenty worlds and the people in them if it meant Jungkook would still be here.

He flicked through photos for a long time.

That’s when he noticed the video. Furrowing his brow curiously, Taehyung tapped on it only to sit up quickly when Jungkook’s voice reached him. He fumbled with the phone, he scrambled to turn the volume up, staring with wide eyes at the device.

Jungkook was standing next to the windows in this room, leaning partially against the wall. He looked tired and twitchy but calm. The boy made a face upon seeing himself on the screen and Taehyung covered his mouth, laughing through his tears.

‘Ugh, this is why I like being behind the camera, okay wow this is super awkward. Um,’ Jungkook fixed his hair, and Taehyung paused it there.

He couldn’t watch this alone.

Within minutes, he’d rounded everyone up in the living room for an important family meeting.

Hoseok sat on the arm of the couch next to Taehyung, looking at him in concern. “Is something wrong Tae? You never call family meetings.”

Taehyung shook his head, eyes probably red and puffy from crying. “Look,” he said, laughing wetly as he held up Jungkook’s phone. They piled in around him and leaned down to the screen. Taehyung hit play.

‘-so I’ve never done this before. Of course I haven’t, it’s not like I’m in these situations everyday,’ Jungkook rubbed his forehead. ‘Let me start over.’

Yoongi sucked in a breath watching every movement of their lover on the screen, listening to every word. “I forgot how smooth his voice was…”

‘Hi guys, I’m making this because… well I honestly don’t really think I’ll make it out of this one.’

Jimin covered his mouth and Namjoon wrapped an arm around him.

‘I just have this feeling is all. I might just delete this video later myself but if I can’t do that then there’s just a few things I wanted to say. The first being, well, thanks. For… everything. Thank you for everything. You guys are the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.’

Jungkook’s bunny smile had tears in all their eyes. Taehyung tried to keep the phone steady while his hands shook.

‘You know…’ Jungkook looked out the window at the sky and smiled. ‘Dying didn’t use to scare me all that much. But now that I have people who I know will miss me, it’s a lot scarier.’ He laughed and looked back at the camera. ‘Do you guys miss me?’

Namjoon let out a breathy laugh, wiping his face, “We miss you so much it hurts Jungkookie,” he responded as if the boy could hear them.

‘Still, I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves. Make sure to eat properly and if I end up in Heaven maybe Seokjiinnie-hyung can come up and see me sometime,’ Jungkook hummed, ‘I’m not sure if that’s how it works though.’

Seokjin chuckled softly and had to lean back a moment to get his tears under control, “I wish I could Kookie, I wish I could come see you.”

‘Seokjin-hyung, Yoongi-hyung, Namjoon-hyung, Hoseok-hyung, Jimin-hyung, Taehyung-hyung, I love you. I love you all so much and if you are watching this, I’m sorry I got myself killed. I’m sorry you have to go through that. And Namjoonie-hyung? Please don’t forget your promise.’

With a final big smile to the camera, the video stopped, and they all needed a few minutes to calm down, their hearts aching and simultaneously bursting with love.

Hoseok sniffed and turned to Namjoon, “What was your promise?”

“To find his brother. And I think it’s about time I did.”

Jungkook’s brother had a lot of similar attributes to him.

Namjoon studied his features from his seat across from him at a busy café. It seemed Jungkook’s door was still willing to take them where they needed to go, as Namjoon had stepped through it and found himself in a strange building. It had only taken a little bit of asking around for him to be taken to Jeon Ji-hun.

Upon hearing he was there because of his younger brother, Ji-hun had readily agreed to sit down and talk with him.

He was a handsome man, wearing a clean suit and sat and spoke with very good manners. His smile reminded Namjoon a lot of Jungkook.

“How do you know Jungkook-ah? How is he?” Ji-hun asked, holding his coffee with both hands. Namjoon left his untouched.

“Jungkook was my boyfriend,” he said, remembering the proper terminology.

He watched Ji-hun’s reaction carefully and noticed the man tense for a moment before his eyes widened and he looked Namjoon over in a new light. “Oh. Oh wow. Really? That’s… that’s good. But why, why are you here? Is he here too?”

There was a mixture of excitement, happiness, worry, nervousness and fondness in his voice.

Namjoon shook his head. He wanted to keep this short. His family life wasn’t something Namjoon wanted to pry into not without his permission. He was here to keep his promise.

“No he’s not here. He wanted me to tell you some things.”

Ji-hun frowned.

“He wanted me to tell you, he thanks you for protecting him,” he watched Ji-hun’s face fall, watched the man crumble before him yet he pressed on. “He says that he doesn’t blame you, that it wasn’t your fault.”

Jungkook’s brother sat back in his seat and took a shaky breath, letting go of his coffee, face pinched. He opened his mouth to say something but Namjoon quickly cut him off before he could speak.

“I don’t want the details of what it means. Jungkook didn’t like to talk much about his family, I want to respect that. That is all I came hear to say, so I won’t take up anymore of your time,” he stood and bowed, a custom Jungkook had taught him.

Ji-hun stared at the table for a moment before turning his eyes to him. “Jungkook… is he… happy?”

Namjoon regarded him before nodding. “Jungkook was the kindest, most selfless person I’ve ever met. He never lost faith in people, even when they did horrible things to him, put him in horrible situations. His heart was too good for any world. And I love him so very much. Yes, I do think he was happy.”

“You keep saying ‘was’… did something happen? Did he-” Ji-hun stood up quickly.

Namjoon looked away from him. He knew he was being cold, but he didn’t know the full story of Jungkook’s past, he didn’t know what role his brother played in it. But he was still Jungkook’s brother and he had a right to know.

“There was an accident a few months ago, Jungkook gave his life to save many others.”

Ji-hun slowly sat back down in the chair, “He’s…?” The man seemed to shut down and Namjoon took this as his cue to leave, bowing once more he stepped away and left the café. Ji-hun didn’t try to stop him.

It was near the end of the third month when their routine changed.

They were gathered in the living room like every morning, quietly conversing, Yoongi sipping his coffee.

They heard the front door slam open and not a second later, Hoseok skidded to a stop in the entry, eyes blown wide.

They were on their feet immediately, “Hobi?”

“It’s open.”

They didn’t need to ask to clarify.

The door to the world Jungkook gave his life to make was unlocked.

Jungkook’s world was finished.

Yoongi was the first to move, shortly followed by the others as they bolted towards the clearing.

Slowing to a stop in front of the door, they traded careful looks.

“Are we… are we ready?” Namjoon asked carefully, looking at the others.

Everyone seemed unsure. They were worried the world wouldn’t be what they had imagined. They were worried they’d look at it and think that it wasn’t worth giving up Jungkook for. Though, nothing was worth that.

Eventually Yoongi repeated what he’d been repeating for months.

“Trust him.”

Despite their concern, nerves and apprehension, Seokjin turned the knob and gently pushed the door open.

Chapter Text

They left their worries in the Galaxy.

The first thing they noticed as they stepped out onto the untouched soil, were the colours. Seokjin couldn’t help but gasp, Taehyung stepping away from the door, slowly turning, taking in everything around them with wide amazed eyes.

Blues, reds, greens, purples, pinks, every colour they could think of surrounded them in the shapes of flowers, a field of plants that stretched on before them, curving down a long slopping hill towards a cluster of trees. The trees branches twisted like corkscrews, silver leaves that shimmered in the light breeze. In the distance was a river winding and twisting out of sight, a fog nestled in the valley’s lowest points. Mountain’s broke up the horizon, reaching up to kiss the deep lavender coloured sky and reach towards the bright sun that hovered above them.

Hoseok crouched down and gently brushed his fingers over a flower, it’s petals a deep red but when he twisted it towards the sun it looked gold. He touched it delicately, not wanting to cause any damage to a single thing in this world. It was Jungkook’s.

“I’ve never seen these plants before, the gem’s magic created entirely new species!” Hoseok said excitedly. “They’re so healthy too, there’s no pollution or toxins in the air.”

“It’s… perfect,” Seokjin said quietly, eyes watering. Namjoon put a gentle hand on his shoulder and gave him a soft understanding smile.

Taehyung closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around himself, feeling the breeze in his hair, against his face. “It feels like him. Like Jungkookie.”

The others had to agree. This world felt calm, gentle, kind, but there was an underlying fierceness to it. The protectiveness that Taehyung had felt when Jungkook stepped in front of him when the boy at the school had caused trouble. This world seemed to recognize them. It seemed to wrap around them in a way that suggested no harm would come to them here. It was safe here.

“The positive magic is just as potent as it is in the Galaxy. I didn’t feel any shift in my energy,” Namjoon observed, watching a flock of strange birds fly by. It was more then that though. They could all feel the presence of negative energy as well. Unlike what they were used too, the energy didn’t make them feel sick, didn’t cause a chill, or any fear. It was calm, as if the positive energy was keeping it tame. Just the same, the positive energy was less obvious, more subtle and discrete. It felt balanced.

Yoongi seemed to get over his awe of the world the quickest and Jimin looked at him with a frown when the phoenix began to look around him as if searching for something. “This isn’t right,” he heard the man mumble, growing more desperate as his eyes searched the area.

Jimin stepped towards him, “Yoongi? What is it?”

The others looked over at the concern in the Fae’s voice.

Yoongi ran both his hands through his hair, pausing a moment to grip it tightly before throwing his hands down, turning every which way, “There’s supposed to- he’s supposed to be here.”

Namjoon frowned, the others trading heartbroken looks. “Yoongi… love…” he reached a hand out to him but Yoongi stepped out of reach.

“No! You don’t- you don’t understand! He’s supposed to be here!” He was shouting now, his bangs falling in his eyes slightly. “Jungkook!” He cupped his hands around his mouth and called out across the field, “JUNGKOOK!”

“Yoongi! Enough!” Seokjin stepped forward, and took the others arm. “He’s gone love, he’s been gone for months, you know that!”

“We have to trust him! He told me- to trust him,” Yoongi grit his teeth, a few tears escaping his watery eyes. “That’s what you said right Kookie?!” He yelled out again, waiting for the boy to pop out of nowhere and show himself. “You told me to trust you even when you were dead and gone right?! I trust you! So please! I can’t- I can’t keep hoping for you to come home!”

Jimin clamped his eyes shut and turned his head away, trying to hold back his tears.

“I can’t keep- keep hoping anymore…” Yoongi sobbed, voice dying out as Seokjin pulled him against his chest. Yoongi gripped the orders shirt and buried his face against his chest, sobbing. “It hurts, Jinnie.”

Seokjin put a hand on the back of his head, keeping him close, heart weeping at his lover’s pain. It was a pain they’d all gotten familiar with over the last little while.

“He said- he said there was always hope, but I’m losing it. I’m losing it and I’m scared. I can’t see the hope any-anymore,” Yoongi cried.

“It’s okay to lose hope Yoongi,” Taehyung said, lip quivering slightly. “It’s okay to be scared. Hope isn’t a one time thing, if you’ve lost it right now, you just have to find it again later. You just have to look for it,” Taehyung said, tears in his eyes but a smile on his face as he crouched down to pick a flower that was a gorgeous sky blue. He walked over to them and gently tucked the floor behind Yoongi’s ear before wiping his tears away with his thumbs. “And you don’t have to look alone right?”

Yoongi searched his eyes for a moment before sniffing and nodding, taking over and wiping at his eyes, “R-right.” He said wetly.

Hoseok came over and kissed Yoongi’s temple gently, giving Taehyung a small proud smile. Namjoon smiled calmly and gave Jimin’s hand a squeeze as the younger slid beside him to hug his arm and hold his hand.

They took one last look at the world around them in silence.

“Let come back to explore another day,” Jimin suggested.

Namjoon hummed and nodded. “Baby steps. We’ll take this slow.”

All agreeing, they made their way back through the door to the Galaxy, Yoongi looking over his shoulder all the while.

They had to be gentle with this world.

They had to be gentle with themselves.

They didn’t go back the next day. Or the day after that.

They wanted to be sure they wouldn’t harm any of the life there but they still wanted to research it and take samples. New species would need new names and they needed to record all of their findings.

They spent those days getting supplies. Namjoon finding some empty notebooks to write observations in, they needed sample vials and gloves (in case anything was poisonous) and all kinds of other things they think they might need for future research.

Hoseok thought about it while he was walking to the clearing on the third morning since the door unlocked. They didn’t need to check if it was still open any more but they were in such a habit of doing it, that they felt it wasn’t a bad thing to double check.

They were all so eager for a distraction and now they had one that would take lifetimes to study, one that would make them feel closer to Jungkook as they did.

Maybe that was what Jungkook had left for them. He remembered the boy had once worried about them forgetting him, especially given their lifespans. It was an understandable fear, and it had been one Hoseok had worried about too. He would never forget Jungkook himself. The things he did and said and the impact he had on them would forever be in his mind.

But the little things faded with time. The sound of his voice, his laugh, the shine in his eyes, his little habits, his scent and the way he moved, had already become so hard to remember that he knew in a few more months he wouldn’t be able too.

It made him a little sad, but he couldn’t be too upset when he just needed to step through an impossible door to feel like Jungkook was right by his side again.

Hoseok paused, eyes landing on Jungkook’s door to the human world. He held such a fondness for that door. It had always been right where they needed it to be.

His eyes drifted to the purple tinted door and he straightened up, staring in shock.

The door was wide open.

Jimin hummed to himself quietly, standing behind the counter in the Magic Shop and going through the inventory. With all the talk of exploring Jungkook’s world, Jimin thought they should start looking at opening up the shop once more. All of the product hadn’t been touched since they’d closed so a lot of it needed to be thrown out.

Jimin huffed as he emptied another vial into the scraps bin. He’d burn it up later to use the waste for another potion.

It felt strange to be working again as if everything was returning to normal.

“Jiminie do we have any more Bay Leaf? I couldn’t find any in the storage,” Taehyung said walking into the room. He stopped on the other side of the counter and looked at the products his lover had splayed out on the surface. “Ew, what did this used to be?”

Jimin looked up at the vial Taehyung held and blinked. “Only the Guardian knows,” he shook his head and turned to the piece of paper he’d been making notes on. “I think we’re out of Bay Leaf, we’ll have to get more. Could you check for Lumi-bark?”

“Kiss first,” Taehyung hummed and set the vial down, leaning slightly over the counter. Jimin chuckled and walked over, leaning over to meet him halfway. He kissed him gently, lingering for a moment before pulling away and giving him a peck on the nose. Taehyung grinned and laughed. “I’m on it!”

Jimin shook his head in amusement, watching his lover head back to the storage room again.

He picked up all the still usable vials and carried them over to the shelf. Standing on his toes, he reached up to put them away gently.

There was a knock at the door.

Gasping, a vial slipped from Jimin’s hands and he scrambled to catch it, barely managing too before it hit the ground. Sighing in relief he reached up once more to put it away but slowed.

A memory struck him then. A fond memory.

Shaking his head he stepped away from the shelf and wiped his hands on his pants, heading to the door just as there was another insistent knock. “Madam Hyunri, I told you we aren’t going to be open for another-”

It wasn’t Madam Hyunri who stood on the other side of the door when he opened it.

It wasn’t a sweet little old lady who liked to bring them pastries.

Jimin simultaneously felt his heart stop and rise to his throat as his eyes traced over the person before him.

Neither boy said anything for a long moment.

They both took each other in.

He was beautiful. Despite that his hair was now blonde, and shorter than it was, it still looked just as soft. He would recognize his dark eyes, his nose, his lips, his beautiful tan skin anywhere. His chest was heaving, his breathing quick as if he had been running.


His voice, oh guardian above, his beautiful captivating smooth voice. Jimin sucked in a breath.

This wasn’t… this couldn’t be real. How could this be real? He must have inhaled a bad ingredient. He was hallucinating.

Jungkook licked his lips and stepped towards him, a hand reaching out tentatively. Jimin couldn’t move, his feet locked to the floor. He watched Jungkook (this couldn’t really be him, this couldn’t be real) hesitate to brush the tips of his fingers against his cheek. This couldn’t be Jungkook.

This couldn’t be-

The moment he felt his skin against his own it was as if an electric shock shot through him, awakening every cell in his body, releasing him from his stupor. Jimin sobbed before tears even fell, searching Jungkook’s eyes, grabbing the boys hand with both of his own and pressing his palm against his cheek desperately.


The way Jungkook’s shoulders sagged, the way he let out a half sob half laugh as tears came to his own eyes, the way he held out his other arm in offering, it was him. It was him. He was really there in front of Jimin.

Jimin slammed into him hard enough to knock them back out onto the porch, hugging his lost lover fiercely. He wailed against his chest, loudly and unabashed. It had been so long, so long since he felt the boy against him, felt his arms around him, heard his voice. Jimin couldn’t stop moving his hands, wanting to be impossibly closer to the other.

He was confused, he was scared, he was relieved and he dared to let himself hope this was real.

“I’m so sorry Minnie, I’m so sorry,” Jungkook was saying through his own tears, his hand resting on the back of his head the other around his waist. “I’m here sweetheart, it’s me.”

The nickname only served to make him cry so hard he was practically screaming, clawing at his shirt. Only Jungkook could know that nickname for him. Jungkook only called him that. No one else. Just him. It was his name. Jungkook knew his name so it must be him.

He felt Jungkook shift, lift his head and suddenly Jimin was being ripped away from him, pulled out of his arms, away from his warmth. He managed to get out a “N-No!” as he fought against Taehyungs hands that pulled him further back into the shop, shoving him behind his lover.

Jimin looked at his expression and saw the suspicion, the hope, the fear that Jimin himself was feeling but choosing to ignore in favour of trying to get back to Jungkook.

“How are- Who- You can’t be-” Taehyung was unable to finish a question, scouring Jungkook for anything that would tell them if this was real or not. “You’re dead,” he whispered, voice shaking.

Jungkook tried to wipe his tears away and it only made Jimin want to get to him all the more. Their Jungkook was crying, their bunny.

“Tae-hyung, god,” Jungkook sobbed, “I- fuck- I’m so sorry. It’s-”


Jungkook jumped and turned to look behind him to look over at the others who were running out of the house lead by Hoseok. Jimin watched Jungkook cover his mouth and sob into his hand as he took a small step back towards the side of the porch.

Jimin slipped past Taehyung and they quickly ran to the door, watching as Hoseok started up the porch steps. “Guys Jungkook’s door was op-”

Jimin watched the dragon’s eyes glance towards Jungkook before snapping back to him. Hoseok’s eyes widened and he staggered back, toe slipping off a step making him fall backwards. Jungkook took a quick step forward but stopped when he saw Namjoon catch the man around his waist.

Namjoon looked at Jungkook then too and almost lost his own balance but managed to right them. Seokjin quickly looked between Jungkook and Jimin and Taehyung, as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Yoongi froze behind them.

For a moment it was silent again, only interrupted by Jimin’s occasional hiccup as he tried to breath. Jungkook’s brow pinched and he grabbed the hem of his oversized shirt and sniffed.

“H-Hyungs… I know this- I know this doesn’t make sense but it- it’s me. I promise it’s me.”

“We… watched you- we had a, we buried you, how..?” Hoseok spoke quietly as if he might startle Jungkook and he would disappear again.

Jungkook licked his lips again and all of them snapped their eyes to the motion because it was just, so Jungkook.

“The gem, it, there was no way to save my body. So it, it saved m-my soul instead. It trapped my soul inside of it so it could bring me to the new world and then it, it created a new body for me,” Jungkook looked at his hands then and held them up to show them. “S-See, brand new.”

There were no scars on his palms, no sign there had ever even been an injury there.

Jungkook kept talking when he noticed their silence, beginning to rant, “I-I mean, it created an entire world, and new life so- It’s also, been you know in me for a long time so I guess it learned my physiology really well and it could, well copy it I guess and um, and I don’t know everything it didn’t really, explain anything, not that it could cause it’s a gem but-”

Jimin had stopped hearing what he was saying awhile ago. Now he was just listening to his voice, watching his motions. He wanted to touch him again, so badly it was almost painful.

“You’re really… you then? It’s really you?” Seokjin asked hesitantly, afraid of the answer.

Jungkook looked at him and smiled, giving them a nod and it almost brought them all to their knees. It had been so long since they’d seen that beautiful smile in person.

“I trusted you.”

Jungkook’s eyes locked on Yoongi and he let out a quiet whimper that almost had Seokjin running to the boys side. Shock and disbelief had them all staying where they were. Except Yoongi.

The phoenix slipped past the others and walked up the steps slowly, too controlled, too precise. He stopped in front of Jungkook and looked him in the eyes. “You said to trust you. I trusted you.”

Jungkook tilted his head to the side a bit and smiled softly, cheeks glistening from the tears that ran down them, “And I came back. I came home,” he said lifting a hand and cupping Yoongi’s cheek. That’s all it took for the man to crumble, closing the gap between them, throwing his arms over Jungkook’s shoulders and kissing him so hard it would likely bruise them.

That had the rest of them moving. Taehyung bolted from the door and slammed into their sides, knocking them over onto the porch roughly. Jimin was joining them right after, dropping to his knees and wrapping his arms around Jungkook from behind, tucking his face against his back and breathing him in.

Hoseok pressed behind him, getting as close to Jungkook as he could, kissing his head, his temple, his shoulder. Seokjin found one of his hands, cradled it in his own, pressed it against his cheek, cried harder when Jungkook’s thumb brushed his tears away. Namjoon reached over Yoongi who was sobbing against Jungkook’s chest, hand pressed flat over his heart. His beating heart.

“Bun, you’re home, you came home,” Namjoon said cupping Jungkook’s face in his hands and smiling so wide it looked painful. “We missed you, we missed you so much.”

Jungkook was crying as hard as they were. He had closed his eyes for a long moment, just feeling them around him and when he opened them he looked at Namjoon and nodded quickly. “I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry. I couldn’t- I couldn’t tell you in case it didn’t- if it didn’t work and I gave you- you false hope I couldn’t-”

“Shhh bun, you’re here. You’re here and you’re okay. That’s all that matters. Guardian above you’re actually here,” Seokjin kissed his palm, the skin softer than what he remembered his hands being.

“Don’t ever do that again! Ever!” Taehyung yelled, hands gripping Jungkook’s arm tightly and shaking him a little. Jungkook could only nod vigorously.

They stayed like that for hours.

Sitting on the porch curled around the boy they never thought they’d see again, crying until there was nothing left in them.

In between the tears, Jungkook had managed to ask how long he’d been gone. Three months (a painful realization) was a long time and he wished he’d been aware of it. He told them that he had just woken up not long ago on a forest floor surrounded by rose gold grass and trees as dark as night.

He’d ran to the door, following the warmth, and he didn’t stop until he was back in the Galaxy and in their arms.

Jungkook had also taken a long moment to cradle Jimin in his arms with a hand over his stomach apologizing profusely over and over for hurting him, to which Jimin just asked him to keep apologizing, to keep speaking so he could hear his voice. So Jungkook did.

When Jungkook saw the Guardian swim down to hover gently in front of the porch, he had to, very reluctantly, pull himself free of the others, with promises that he wouldn’t leave their sight, that he wouldn’t go far. He wasn’t leaving them again. Ever again.

They slowly got to their feet, stiff from being tangled together so long, and they followed closely behind Jungkook as he made his way down the steps towards the Guardian.

Jungkook didn’t mind the clinginess. He welcomed it eagerly.

He stopped in front of the Guardian and looked at the whale fondly, smiling. He was exhausted, his heart felt like it had been through the ringer multiple times and he had a major headache from crying. But he’d never been happier in his life.

“Welcome back little one,” The Guardian said, the same fondness colouring it’s voice in his head.

Jungkook laughed and threw himself at the whale, hugging what little of its head that he could. “Thank you. Thank you for helping me.”

“Of course. You are brave little one, it was an honour to assist your plan.”

Namjoon spoke from behind them and Jungkook dropped his arms to look at him, “I don’t… I’m still not exactly clear on why you chose to create the world Kookie. I mean, I know you had to expel the energy and I know the gem kept your soul safe, but why the world?”

Jungkook rubbed his neck, “Something Jiho said stuck with me. That the Galaxy wouldn’t last forever. I thought a lot about that and what you guys told me about echo realms, about how it’s a reflection of earth, that it’s not it’s own whole dimension. So, I asked the Guardian when you guys brought me to the clearing, if what he said was true, if the Galaxy would one day not be able to support life.”

They stared at him in amazement, Jimin turning to look at the Guardian, “Is that true?”

“It is. The Galaxy has grown weaker. One day, in the distant future, it will no longer be stable enough to reside in,” it confirmed. “The little one’s world is much the same. It is sick and growing weaker. It might come a day when this new world is needed for both our kinds.”

Taehyung held his hands up and shook his head, “H-Hold on. Hold on. When did you have time to think about this? You, you were in so much pain,” the Fae cringed at the memory.

Jungkook smiled softly at him, stepping over to take his hand reassuringly. “I knew I was pressed for time, but I knew Jiho wouldn’t be so desperate to put everything on the line if there wasn’t something more at stake. When people’s pride gets hurt, they become angry, not desperate, so I knew there was something more. It was kind of a last-minute decision to try to encourage the gem to create the world though.”

“You are…” Hoseok shook his head and smiled brightly, “You are amazing Jungkookie.”

Seokjin looked at him with wide eyes, “You saved both worlds… and their futures? Kookie you…”

Jungkook quickly waved his hands, “Don’t look at me like I’m some big hero or something. If I’m… being honest, as long as you guys were okay, I didn’t um, I didn’t really care about anyone else.”

He had to cringe at that. It sounded bad to say but it was true. Creating the world had come secondary to saving his lovers. Had he thought for a moment that it would have risked his original plan to return to them, he wouldn’t have even considered it.

He was selfish that way. And he didn’t care.

Taehyung was kissing him then, gently, fingers holding his collar, lips fitting against his perfectly. It hadn’t been that long for Jungkook since he’d seen them. Or, it hadn’t felt that long. It felt like he’d woken up from a long nap.

But for them, they were awake and living every moment of that three months.

Jungkook promised to spend the rest of his life making up for the lost time, apologizing in every way he could.

Taehyung pulled away and nuzzled his cheek, laughing gently and smiling widely, “I love you so much Kookie.”

Jungkook’s heart swelled at the words, breathing out happily he hooked his arms around the Fae’s waist and held him close. “I love you too. I love all of you. And I promise, I won’t let this kind of thing happen again.”

Taehyung quickly, almost too eagerly, held up his pinky and looked at him with wide excited eyes. Jungkook laughed, feeling like his heart was about to explode. He hooked his pinky around the boys and sealed it with their thumbs.

Taehyung tucked his head against Jungkook’s neck as the Guardian spoke, making them all look over as they crowded once more around Jungkook. “This new world is going to need a protector little one.”

Jungkook blinked, “A protect- me? I can’t protect a whole world.”

“You just did, two actually,” Yoongi scoffed, eyes and cheeks puffy from crying.

Oh yeah, that was kind of true.

“I’m not- I can’t do it alone though,” Jungkook looked at them.

Hoseok reached over and ran a hand through Jungkook’s light blonde hair, “You aren’t going to do it alone. You’ve got us love.”


Yeah he had them.

There were still a lot of things they needed to talk about, a lot of things that Jungkook didn’t know about this… new body of his, the logistics behind everything. That could all come later.

For now, Jungkook was going to spend the foreseeable future in the presence of his hyungs, showering them with all the love he wasn’t able to in the months he was gone.

“Seokjinnie-hyung? Could you make me some food?” He asked, resting his chin on top of Taehyung’s head.

Seokjin lit up so brightly that Jungkook couldn’t help smiling too, “Of course! Of course, come on, lets go inside and get cleaned up, I’ll make some tea and your favourites.”

Taehyung gasped and pulled away enough to take his hand, pulling him along to the house. “Cooky missed you too! You have to say hi to him!”

Jimin swooped in and took his free hand while the others followed up the path to the house. “Let’s take a bath after!”

“Blonde really suits you,” Namjoon hummed from behind them and Jungkook blushed a bit at that. His face hurt from smiling as much as his head hurt from crying.

They didn’t stop talking the whole time they ushered him into the house. He struggled to keep up but they all had things they wanted to tell him that they couldn’t while he was gone. For a moment he let himself pause by the door as Seokjin rushed to the kitchen and the others went to tidy up misplaced things a bit. As if they were embarrassed about the slight messes.

The house’s warmth wrapped around him, the wood of the stairs creaked and Jungkook closed his eyes and smiled.

He had missed it too.

It was when his eyes found the painting on the living room wall that he knew things were going to be alright.

The family painting of the seven of them, huddled close on the path in front of the house, smiling happily surrounded by Smeraldos.

He was home.