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An Impossible Door

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Jungkook would say his alcohol tolerance was pretty high.

He could pound back a few drinks and not feel much of anything besides maybe a slight warmth in his cheeks and his usual anxiousness dispersing. But even that was after at least three.

When his coworkers had all but coerced him into coming out to a bar with them, he hadn’t planned on drinking much at all. Just enough to appease their insistent offers.

And he kept to his self-made promise, milking his second drink long enough for the others to give up trying to get him drunk in favor of seeing who could flick a coin closer to the edge of the table.

So no, he wouldn’t say he was drunk right now.

He had no problem setting one foot in front of the other on his way home, and if he was dragging his feet a bit he blamed it whole heartedly on the exhaustion and the cold winter air that clung to his bones like a vice.

Could he blame what he was seeing on exhaustion too?

He brought a fist up and rubbed his eye before squinting at the misplaced object in front of him. It was still there. Looking around he felt himself sighing upon seeing that the street was empty, his breath forming in a cloud before vanishing until the next exhale. There was no one to question if they saw it too or to see how they reacted to such a strange sight. There was no validation that he wasn’t going insane right now.

In front of him was a simple wooden door. The type one would expect to see connecting one room to the next in a cozy home. ‘Warmth’ was the first word that came to mind when he had seen it, standing directly in the middle of his path on the sidewalk. At first he marveled at the show of balance the door displayed. The only thing attached to the door was it’s frame, which was distinctly lacking contact with any walls yet it stood as sturdy as any other door he’d seen in his life.

Jungkook found himself tipping to the side to peak around behind it, looking up the sidewalk that stretched beyond.

Hadn’t he seen prank video’s like this before?

The urge to knock on the door was there but the heaviness of his eyelids and the slight shaking of his hands outweighed the curiosity he had for the door. Jungkook only had two hours before his night shift started and he needed to get what sleep he could before then.

So like any sane person (and he was sane, he was not seeing doors to nowhere, someone had just misplaced their door, totally normal), Jungkook took two steps to the side and walked past the door. He glanced at it, almost expecting someone to jump out and scare him or try to mug him or something.

Nothing happened as he continued down the sidewalk.

The door was just a door.

Except that it wasn’t just a door.

The door was following him.

Jungkook began to see the door everywhere he went. He would be at school, walking down the familiar halls towards his math class and there it would be, situated on a wall between two windows that had a view of the courtyard. He would be at the construction site, hauling two-by-fours over his shoulder and he would almost run face first into it. When he was working his night shift at the mall doing his rounds, there it was standing at the top of the escalators.

An impossible door in impossible locations.

His curiosity for the door had almost worn off and it was starting to become more of a nuisance then anything.

One particularly awkward moment had been when he was mid conversation with one of his classmates and hadn’t noticed the wooden blockade in front of him.

He had run into it rather harshly and ended up sprawled on his back on the floor, much to his classmate’s astonishment. He had been quick to offer him a hand.

“Hey, man are you okay? Did you trip or something?” he had asked.

Jungkook wanted to wave his hands in the direction of the door and shout at the other that no, clearly he had not tripped, but the blatant disregard for the door had him pausing. No one reacted to it. Not his classmate, not the other students walking by in the hall. No one seemed to realize it was there. He half expected someone to just walk straight through it and prove it was just an illusion but as he took the other boys hand and got to his feet he noticed that people would walk around it. Almost subconsciously they seemed to avoid the space it occupied.

“You don’t see it? The door?” Jungkook couldn’t help but ask as his classmate stooped to help pick up his notes.

“Um, I’m not blind, the classroom door is right there,” the other looked at him in concern. “Are you feeling alright?”

“I’m… fine. I’m fine. Sorry I must have just tripped.”

Jungkook finally snapped when he found the door in his apartment.

He stepped into the small space and tried to keep his legs under him, his knees shaking more then what was deemed healthy for any 23 year old. The day had been long and exhausting, many hours spent working on the construction site. Saturday’s were always tough. Trying to squeeze in time to eat and sleep as well as do all the homework he had been assigned on top of working two jobs had been a battle since school began.

He managed to peel his boots off his sore, blistered feet and dragged himself towards his kitchen. Ramen would have to be enough. He didn’t think he could stay on his feet much longer to cook anything else. Not that he had much else.

He had been grabbing a pot from the cupboard when he happened to glance over the counter into the living room. The pot clanged onto the counter roughly as Jungkook released it in favour of gripping his hair, tears burned hot behind his eyes and his throat closed up with the effort to keep from crying in frustration. He just wanted to sleep.

“What do you want from me?” He croaked out, staring at the now familiar polished wood of the door that had been stalking him for almost two weeks. At this point, he half expected an answer.

“I’m losing my mind,” he whispered to himself.

Rounding the counter he stepped into the living room and stopped before the door that sat silently in the center of the room.

Maybe he had lost his mind already. Maybe he was so run down and exhausted that he was beginning to hallucinate. Maybe he should talk to a professional about this.

They were all thoughts he had had before. Since the door had appeared. Yet at this moment, faced with the door once again, he just wanted everything to stop. He wanted to sleep for a week, he wanted to eat as much as he could stomach, he wanted to go out with friends and be able to buy them drinks and to have time to be a regular college student. He wanted to quit his job at the construction site.

Most of all, he wanted-

He didn’t dare let himself finish the thought.

Before he realized it, his hand was reaching forward and wrapping around the brass doorknob. Jungkook had expected the metal to be cold, yet it was pleasantly warm to the touch. He took a slow, deep breath.

Despite his exhaustion, frustration and apprehension, he turned the knob and gently pushed the door open.