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my eyes arent straight but they're only on you

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Zhongli is, in every way, an organized but forgetful person. He always kept his agenda planner with him every day, dutifully checking each and every reminder and task. Water the plant that Grandma Ping gave him, feed Morax his cat, cook lunch, take Morax out for a stroll in Yujing Terrace, visit Guizhong in the hospital with a fresh bouquet of Glaze Lilies, cook dinner, read a book, and then sleep. 


And every year, he would check off a special reminder in his planner. This reminder only happened once a year, due to his boss’ insistence. 


This reminder was to visit the doctor for a scheduled physical examination. A special physical examination . With a special doctor.  


He’s been going to this doctor for a couple of years now, ever since he started working in Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. An odd job for a handsome man many people would say, but then Zhongli rarely cared for what other people thought. It was a rewarding job: had an easygoing boss who would often act like a child, a high salary even for being a consultant was able to apply his bizarre knowledge he learned from reading a lot of books in the library, and special access to the special doctor. 


Hu Tao, his boss, would often tease him with the doctor but Zhongli quickly denies any sort of romantic feeling toward the man. After all, they only had a professional relationship. To an outsider, that would be the case, however. 


But Zhongli thinks he has a very special relationship with the doctor. Something that no one else can have with the doctor. 



As he entered the clinic, Ekaterina (a nurse who worked there) gave him a nod and beckoned him to the front desk. She pulls out an almost empty logbook (that only had his name in it) and gives him a pen. “You know the drill, mister. Sign in and the врач (1) will see you.”


Zhongli nods and writes his name, the time he signs in (which was 5 PM in the afternoon), the special code, and his signature. He closes it and gently pushes it over to the nurse, who places the logbook back in the drawer. “The врач is in Room 104. He requested to change rooms after your previous room was almost discovered,” Ekaterina tells him and goes back to entertain another patient. 


Zhongli nods at the nurse and goes to the dark hallway to the left side. His appointment with the doctor would always be at the end of the day, when not a lot of people are coming in. He puts his hands in his pockets. It’s been a while ever since he’s been here. 


When the sign of Room 104 appears in his vision. Zhongli takes a deep breath and pushes the door open. On an office chair sits an orange-haired man, deep in reading something from his clipboard. Zhongli’s breath hitches as he notices the frames sitting on the doctor’s nose bridge, framing his sharp eyes that held the irises of Noctilous Jade. 




The man on the chair spins around and notices the man by the door. He smiles warmly and puts down his clipboard. “Hello, Zhongli. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” he asks and beckons the consultant to sit on one of the couches. Zhongli gulps, braces himself, and walks over to the plush sofa. He doesn’t forget to lock the door behind him. 


“Y-Yes, it’s been a while, Doctor Tartaglia. How are you?” Zhongli asks and takes a seat on the sofa. He’s squirming a bit under the doctor’s gaze so he looks down. He always felt small when they’re together, it's as if the doctor was a predator looking down on his prey. 


The doctor hums and adjusts his glasses. “I am feeling well, thank you for asking. But I am sure you’re also wanting to go home, so let’s finish this quick—” Tartaglia begins but the consultant adamantly shakes his head and frowns at the doctor. “N-No! I’m not rushing you or anything, doctor. Please… take your time examining my body,” Zhongli murmurs, embarrassed. 


Tartaglia chuckles and uncrosses his legs. “Then, go and strip for me. We’ll begin your physical examination,” he orders the consultant, and the latter easily complies as he takes off his brown coat, removes his vest, and unbuttons his white top. He places them neatly on the bed and faces the doctor, half of his body naked. He feels naked, but they have been doing this for a while now so he shouldn’t be feeling that way. 


Zhongli sits on the couch and waits as the doctor wears his stethoscope and approaches him. He places the stethoscope’s diaphragm (2) on his nipple, the consultant wincing a bit at the sudden cold temperature but lets out a small moan as it moves onto his other bud. The doctor doesn’t comment at the small moan and nods, moving back to his desk to take a tongue depressor (3).


Tartaglia checks the consultant’s mouth, humming to himself as Zhongli fights the urge to squirm in his seat. The doctor’s eyes are heated and when they roam his body, a warm tingling sensation always accompanies them. “Hm? This is…” 


Zhongli gulps as the doctor removes the tongue depressor, throwing it at the trash bin and rubs his chin. “Doctor? Is there something wrong…?” he asks. Tartaglia’s face is pensive as he ponders on his chair. “It looks like we may need further examinations, Zhongli. Please take off your pants as well then.”




“Take them off.”


Zhongli bites his lips and nods, stripping off the rest of his clothes. He places his pants on the bed along with his cotton underwear. Now that he’s completely exposed to the doctor, he hides his face in shame. They had never gone this far before…! 


“Now sit down and spread your legs like the good boy you are, okay?” 


The consultant nods again, spreading his legs and showcasing his pink puckering hole as well as his cock that is rapidly hardening at the doctor’s heated gaze. Zhongli hides his reddening face with one hand, the other anchoring his body on the sofa. “D-Doctor, this is embarrassing…” 


Tartaglia clicks his tongue and gives the consultant a leveled gaze. “Zhongli, if we want to check if you’re sick or not then you must comply with what I say. You do want to be healthy for me , right? ” he asks, a sweet and saccharine smile plastered on his face. The consultant shyly nods, still looking away from the doctor’s eyes. He wanted to be a good boy for his doctor anyway.


But Zhongli throws his head back as cold lubed fingers open his hole. “ A-Ah —D-Doctor!!”


The fingers inside him pry his tight hole open, spreading and opening it wide for Tartaglia to see. His thighs quiver as the fingers skillfully work him open and plunges his hole, as if looking for something. Zhongli sobs loudly as the fingers hit his prostate, sending shockwaves of pleasure down his spine.

He takes a quick look at the doctor and shivers. Tartaglia’s face is stony and unmoving, eyes serious as if he doesn’t have two fingers down his patient’s anus. The doctor then quickly removes his fingers and sits down, getting his clipboard from his table and writes something on it. 


Zhongli pants, trying to catch his breath from the sudden fingering. His cock is now hard and aching for release, the head already leaking pre-cum. “D-Doctor…?” 


The aforementioned man hums and continues to write on his clipboard, eyes then settling on his patient. He straightens his back and sighs. “I’m afraid you have to finish up by yourself, darling.” 




Tartaglia nods, eyes serious behind the glasses. “It’s very important that you have to finish by yourself. Unless you follow what I tell you, then I cannot help you,” he says. Zhongli bites his lips. If he wanted to be properly diagnosed, then he would have to follow his doctor. 


After all, his doctor knows what’s best for him. 



"D-Doctor— hah! "


Zhongli moans, pumping his cock and at the same time fingering his pink hole. It has been a while ever since he played with himself down there, and he usually didn't have any time to do so anyway. 


He sees the doctor eyeing his every movement carefully, occasionally writing on his clipboard. The consultant flushes in embarrassment and turns his head away, "D-Do you really have to look at me like that, d-doctor— nngh !" he presses his fingers against his own bundle of nerves, body quivering in pleasure. Tartaglia gives him a scolding look. 


"I cannot miss every single detail that you make as you finish yourself up, Zhongli. Now, go on. Let yourself go," his doctor says, his deep voice egging him on to the brink of his orgasm. The consultant weakly nods and continues to pump his cock with renewed vigor. He could feel the familiar tightening of his groins and cries as he's being hit with its full force. 


"I-I'm coming d-doctor—!" 


Zhongli comes, his spent flying to his abdomen and to his face. Some of it is staining the couch and as he realizes that he reddens in shame. He had soiled his precious doctor's couch…! 


"D-Doctor, I-I'm sorry I ruined your sofa…" he weakly apologizes, chest heaving as he tries to recover from his orgasm. Tartaglia shakes his head and smiles sweetly at his patient. He gently caresses Zhongli's cheeks in adoration, eyes softening. "That's fine, baby boy. We can always get it cleaned."


But then the soft feeling is extinguished as the doctor chucks a plastic cup to him. He looks at the cup, confused before the doctor chuckles at him. "You'll be needing to pee in that cup, baby boy. Can you do that for the doctor?" he asks fondly, his usual sharp gaze softened. Zhongli feels something twist inside him and nods, albeit a bit too enthusiastic. "Y-Yes doctor! Anything for you…!" 


Tartaglia chuckles and beckons the consultant to a corner of the room, tucked behind several curtains. Zhongli follows him, eyes never leaving his doctor's crotch. He wonders if the doctor was hard just like he was.


"Now all you need to do is to pee in that cup. I'll be watching you, of course." 


The consultant gulps and takes a deep breath before closing his eyes and aiming his soft cock at the cup. He tries to not think that his doctor is just a few feet away, watching him intensely. 


Minutes pass and the soft clicking of Tartaglia's pen is the only thing heard. Zhongli tries his best to feel the urge to pee, thinking of the process so that it'll speed things through. When he looks back at the doctor, he sees his intense gaze on him, unhindered by his frames. 


He quietly whimpers as the first trickles come out, and then a gush of warm pee flows into the cup as he holds it in place. Zhongli glances back to his doctor and finds him approaching, his soft eyes looking at the stream of pee. 


"Doctor…? Ah please wait, that's—!" Zhongli helplessly watches Tartaglia as the other put his entire hand under the stream of pee that's still happening. He looks at the small pool of pee in his hands and puts it back to the cup, nodding to himself. "Temperature is pretty normal…" 


What shocks the consultant most though is when the doctor puts a finger to his lips, his tongue darting out to taste the leftovers on his glove. "Hm… tastes pretty fine to me," he concludes, taking off the gloves and grabbing a new pair to put on. 


Zhongli closes the cup filled with his pee and stares at his cock in horror as he sees it grow hard. It grows even harder as he realizes how shameful he must've been. He places the cup on the doctor's waiting palm, his fingers slightly brushing with Tartaglia's hand. 


"Now please move onto the bed, darling. We're halfway through your physical examination," Tartaglia says, patting the bed beside him. The consultant moves towards the bed, climbing onto it, and lays down, his legs spreading apart as the doctor pries them open. 


"W-What are we going to do now, doctor…?" he asks, looking at the other through his spread legs. The doctor hums and smiles, inserting his two unlubed fingers in him without warning. Zhongli spasms at the sudden intrusion, his cock quickly hardening. " Nngh —D-Doctor!! Too… sudden—!" 


The man chuckles and then a warm gloved hand wraps around his cock, stroking it. "You've done this yourself earlier, but for me to further gauge if you're sick or not I have to do it myself." 


His convincing tone throws out all the questions Zhongli had in his mind, nodding his head to let his doctor continue. He even willingly spreads his legs further to be called a good boy once more. "P-Please use my body as however you think is fit, doctor." 


The doctor smirks a bit and strokes his cock faster, fingers curling and aiming precisely at his weak spot. It hasn't been an hour and he's already fully hard again…! Zhongli covers his face in shame, face blushing like a tomato. He mewls as the fingers inside him repeatedly jab his prostate, waves of pleasure sent down his spine. " Haah—ah, d-doctor!! Too… much— ah! "


The doctor's other hand pumps his cock harder and faster simultaneously as he curls and plunges his fingers in him. The overloading sensations from both send Zhongli crying out loud, fresh tears springing to his eyes as he comes so hard. His whole body trembles in pleasure and overstimulation, eyes unfocused as he stares into the white ceiling. The fingers in him relent and are removed, as well as the hand on his cock. 


He lays there for a few moments, his chest heaving up and down and his unfocused eyes now on the doctor's retreating figure. The latter removes his gloves and throws them, going back to sit on his chair as he writes something again. 


"D-Doctor… is there something wrong with me…?" Zhongli weakly mumbles, his eyes drooping but he fights them back as he sits down on the stained sheets, his flush of shame still evident as he looks at the small patches of cum on the bed. 


Tartaglia removes his glasses and spins around to meet his gaze, the same saccharine smile present on his lips. "From what I have concluded from your physical examination, it seems that there was nothing wrong with you, baby boy. Isn't that great?" 


Somehow, Zhongli's heart falls at his doctor's words. 



Deep down, Zhongli wished he was sick whenever his doctor told him his diagnosis. 


He wants to constantly visit the doctor just to see him. He wants to feel what he always felt when he undergoes a physical examination. He wants the doctor beside him at all times, cuddling him and whispering sweet nothings into his ear. He wants the doctor to wreck him, take his breath away. 


But alas, dreams were only dreams. He had to wait an entire year again before he could visit his doctor again. An entire year of monotonous cycles. 


Zhongli's feelings grew deeper and he fell harder for the orange-haired man. He probably sounds ridiculous, considering that he doesn't know a lot about the doctor other than what he observes in his office, but that doesn't matter. 


He'll find a way to keep himself busy and his feelings at bay until another year passes. 


This leads him to buy his very own set of sex toys from Crux Pleasure, a sex store nearby. He had a friend working there, Beidou who was also in a relationship with the Tianquan of Liyue, Ningguang. 


Zhongli looks at the toys he bought, a familiar feeling of shame creeping on his skin. He locks the door in his bedroom, runs to his bed, and sits on it with the ominous bag of sex toys in his hands. He had no experience with these, but he had done some research prior to obtaining these. 


The consultant pulls out a plastic cock known as a dildo. Beidou had recommended a different one (a really long and huge one that had many ridges) but her co-worker chastised her and knew that Zhongli had no experience with any toy so she offered him one for first-timers. How Beidou's co-worker knew from one glance that he was a newbie when it comes to sex toys, Zhongli didn't bother looking into it deeply. He lays on the bed, bracing himself.


Zhongli takes off his pants and squirts a good amount of lube on the dildo, aiming it at his puckered hole (he had done some preparation this morning. Luckily Hu Tao didn't need him yet in the parlor) and thrust it in. His eyes roll back at the fullness the plastic cock brought to him, his body trembling. He continues to thrust it in him, trying to find the bundle of nerves in him that Tartaglia loved jabbing his fingers onto. 


His mind conjures up the imagery that the cock was his doctor's, thrusting into him and holding his thighs apart. Zhongli fervently slams the plastic cock in his ass, so deep that it hit his prostate. He mewls and whimpers, imagining the cock throbbing and slicking him up good with pre-cum. Oh, the absolute noises that he imagines it'll produce an obscene moan from his lips. 


His fingers that were holding the plastic cock then accidentally switched something on the cock as he thrust it into him. The sudden vibration coming from the dildo takes his breath away, bringing him to the edge. 


Zhongli throws his head back into his pillow, sobbing as he comes hard, stars appearing in his vision. He turns off the dildo and removes it from his gaping hole, panting and breathing heavily. The consultant wipes the drool from the side of his mouth, surprised that he had even drooled at all. 


He looks at the bag of sex toys and sighs. 


Trains are new inventions in Liyue. Thousands of years ago, all people used to go from area to area were either carts driven by horses, walking, running and wind gliders (courtesy of Mondstadt). Ever since Rex Lapis’ passing, the people of Liyue have been finding ways to improve their lives and to prove that they could stand on their own two feet, hence the creation of trains, mobile phones, television, etc…


Ever since trains have been incorporated in Liyuean life, Zhongli has been taking advantage of them to travel from his house to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, located in the east block of Liyue Harbor. That’s why he’s standing in front of one, waiting for the train to arrive. 


Although his whole body is shaking and quivering. His friend Xiao looks at him oddly. “You… okay—” the shorter male starts but Zhongli raises a shaky hand in front of his friend, nodding. He takes in deep breaths, trying to stabilize himself. “I-I’m fine, Xiao. Please lookout for the next train—ngh!” 


He falls to the ground, body trembling all over. Xiao yells his name and helps him up, an arm around his shoulders. “Celestia, what is happening to you? Do you need to go to the doctor—?” 


No!” Zhongli says loudly, but grits his teeth and lower his voice. “No, I-I’m fine… I just need to—hah, rest…!” his vision goes black for a second and he could hear Xiao call his name, gently tapping his cheek. 


“To think we’ll bump into each other here. You alright, Zhongli?” A deep voice brings him out of his misery. He looks up and sees his doctor, Tartaglia looking down at him. He’s not wearing his glasses but he’s nursing a cigarette to his lips. He could hear Xiao groan at the smoke beside him but he ignores it and gaped at the man in front of him. 


“D-Doctor…?” he breathes out, his vision becoming clearer but his trembling still present. Tartaglia hums in acknowledgment and smirks. “The one and only. Say, can I talk to you somewhere? You know, semi-private without your hound dog growling at me,” he asks, thumb pointing at the hissing Xiao beside him. Zhongli nods too enthusiastically and pats his friend’s back. 


“I-I’ll be back soon. You can go and leave me, I-I can handle myself,” Zhongli says and smiles weakly at his friend. Xiao defeatedly nods but keeps his eyes trained on the doctor, a look of ‘i-don't-trust-you’ clearly written on his face. His doctor chuckles and swings around the consultant’s shoulders, bringing him to the nearest public restroom. Luckily it was early in the morning and not a lot of people were crowding the public restroom. 


Zhongli sees the doctor stomp on his cigarette and they enter an unoccupied stall, Tartaglia locking it behind him. They haven’t met outside their special appointments, so it came as a surprise to the consultant that the doctor lived around the same area as he did. 


“Now—” Tartaglia begins but is interrupted when Zhongli presses their lips together desperately, grabbing onto his sleeves tightly. The consultant moans as their tongues dance and battle each other, the former completely losing to his doctor. They make out for a couple of minutes until they separate, Zhongli already looking debauched, panting. His eyes are already dark with lust, his lips swollen and the front of his pants stained already with pre-cum. 


“P-Please… put your cock inside me, doctor…” he begs, grinding against his doctor’s leg stuck in between his thighs. The doctor sneers, eyes of a predator looking down at him. “What are you talking about, baby boy? That wouldn’t be a medical procedure.”


There are tears already pouring down the consultant’s cheeks, his eyes watery as he clutches on the doctor for dear life. “Don’t be so mean, doctor…! You worked me up so much, you’re not going to leave me hanging like this, right?” he asks, begging. His grip on his doctor’s sleeve tightens.


“P-Please just put your cock inside me and wreck me!” 


The doctor doesn’t say anything for a moment; he only looks at Zhongli with an unreadable expression and his limbs not moving. And then he grins with all his teeth present. “Alright then, darling.”


Tartaglia swiftly pulls down the consultant’s pants along with his underwear and takes his cock in his hands, pumping it. Zhongli takes off his coat and unbuttons his top, exposing his pink perky buds to his doctor. Tartaglia takes one of them into his mouth, lapping at them. 


“D-Doctor— h-hah! Please…!” Zhongli mewls and his hands find his doctor’s zipper. He unzips the offending pants and pulls out Tartaglia’s hardening dick in his hands. He strokes it, lightly squeezing it, earning a low groan from the other. 


“Please what, baby boy? Use your words.” 


Zhongli takes in a deep breath and looks at his doctor from under his eyelashes, eyes darkened with lust. He opens his red lips and whispers. 


“Please… take me and ruin me, Tartaglia.”


“Oho, what do we have here?”


The doctor chuckles as he sees a pink wire peeking out of the consultant’s hole. He parts them, lo and behold a pink egg vibrator sitting comfortably in Zhongli’s hole. He grins. “So this is why you were so agitated and restless. What a naughty boy you are.”


Zhongli whimpers and bucks his hips, pushing his hole towards the doctor’s cock. “I-I’m sorry for being a naughty boy—ah! Please, doctor… I-I’ve been trying so many toys and they can never satisfy me…!” 


Tartaglia sneers and pulls out the vibrator, leaving it on the floor and thrusting in his cock in one go. Zhongli cries out, the feeling of his doctor’s cock finally in him bringing him to Celestia. Finally … Finally, Tartaglia’s cock is snug in him. 


“Ah, my darling’s hole is so warm and tight…! It’s like your pretty hole is made for your doctor,” the doctor groans, throwing his head slightly back as he thrusts into the consultant. The latter tries to hold himself upward, his arms in front of him and on the wall of the stall. He keens as the cock inside reaches the depths that his toys couldn’t. “O-Oh! D-Doctor there…!”


The smell of his doctor’s perfume and the smoke from his cigarette drives Zhongli crazy, panting and drooling as he’s surrounded by everything belonging to his doctor. He won’t last long if this keeps up!  


Tartaglia pulls out for a moment, grabbing his pack of cigarettes from his pocket, and lights one up. He takes a deep breath and goes back to fucking him, letting out a puff of smoke as he hits Zhongli’s prostate, earning a loud high-pitched moan from him. 


“M-More…! Wreck me more, d-doctor—ah!” 


The doctor chuckles and grabs Zhongli’s chin, facing it to him. He exhales a large puff of smoke to his face, grinning as the man moans. “You look very beautiful, baby boy. Continue making those pretty sounds of yours, okay?” he nods, a silly and fucked smile on his face. “Yes, doctor. Anything for you.”


Tartaglia pets the brown tufts of hair, cooing. “That’s a good boy.” 


Zhongli pants and bucks his hips against the dick in him, whimpering as it repeatedly hits his prostate. He goes to grab his weeping cock but the doctor slaps his hand away, shaking his head. “Uh-uh, you’ll come by my cock only.” 


The consultant weakly nods. He was already close, so when his doctor pistons into him and hit his prostate, his groins tightens and he clenches his fist. “Doctor I-I’m coming….!” Zhongli cries, drooling and his eyes rolling to the back of their sockets. Tartaglia hisses, stills, and comes as well with a loud groan of his name. The consultant moans weakly as the warm liquid fills him up to the brim, spilling a bit onto the floor. He laments the loss of it and wanted to lick it up, but the floors were not clean. 


They catch their breath for a while, Zhongli shivers as the cock inside him retreats. His doctor’s cum drips out of his gaping and swollen entrance, dripping onto the dirty floor. Tartaglia releases his hips and lets his ass fall to the floor, more of the warm liquid gushing out of him. He couldn’t even clench his hole…!


Tartaglia takes another whiff of his cigarette, looking anywhere but the pitiful sight beneath him: Zhongli surrounded by his doctor’s cum, looking debauched. His lips red, eyes unfocused and hazy, his nipples swollen and his chest moving up and down to catch his breath. The doctor zips up his pants and sighs.


“Look, there’s nothing wrong with you baby boy. I’ll tell your boss to probably stop our meetings, hm? You’re always healthy, so I see no reason why we should continue keeping this charade up,” his doctor says, and panic fills Zhongli’s once unfocused eyes. His eyes widen and he grabs his doctor’s pants, eyes watering. 


“No! Please don’t leave me…! I’ll do anything! I-I’ll find some way to convince Hu Tao…!! Just don’t leave me, Tartaglia…” Zhongli sobs, crying at the thought of losing any contact with his doctor. Tartaglia smirks. 


“You’ll do anything, you say.” Zhongli nods, burying his head onto his pants. 


“You shouldn’t make promises that easily, baby boy.”