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my eyes arent straight but they're only on you

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"And I told you that you should keep your phone in your pockets! Brother, if you'll keep on doing this I'll tell the next blind date that mom is fixing that she should drive instead!" 


His sister's shrill voice through his Apple phone partially brings him out of his dizzy stupor, but then Childe's head lolls to the back, his head gently hitting the wall behind him as he waited in line. 


The emergency room is filled with nurses and doctors zoning around, patients being rolled in from the emergency ambulance's entrance. Childe is situated with the other people who are impatiently waiting, some are already angrily talking to their phones, complaining of the long line. While others moan and groan to themselves, guarding (1) a part of their body. 


Childe is one of them. He's currently sporting a headache, dizziness, he feels like he wants to vomit, and if he tries to speak he'll sound like a drunk man who clearly had five more bottles than normal. 


To be honest, he's second before he reaches the front desk. He takes a quick glance at the nurse who's manning the desk and she looks as tired as the other nurses are. Same, the orange-haired man thinks. 


"Brother, are you still there? Hey, I know there's someone right there beside my stupid brother! Please tell me if he's still alive," Tonia, his elder sister shouts into the loudspeaker. The man with irregularly chopped blue hair hisses and talks back, "Your stupid brother is still alive. Have that fucking call off of loudspeaker, you dipshit." 


With the remaining consciousness in him, Childe hurriedly takes the call off of the loudspeaker (before the grumpy man beside him hears his sister's curses) and digs through his pockets to grab his earbuds and plug them in. 


"—what an ungrateful, son of a fucking—" 


"Tonia, calm down. I'm literally trying to hold on for dear life over here," Childe rasps into his earbuds' microphone, massaging his aching temples as another blast of headache rips through him. He bites his lips to prevent a painful scream from escaping his mouth.


"Well good thing you're already at the hospital, stupid brother! Ugh, please get treated soon because I swear to god if you flirt with the doctor there—"


Childe waves his hand a bit, "Nah, have some trust in your brother, Tonia. I'll get diagnosed by a grumpy and wrinkly man and I'll be back home in a jiffy." 


"Uh-huh, you said that when you promised not to flirt with your ex! I probably only have… a small amount of trust that you won't flirt your way out of the hospital." 


"I'm hurt, Tonia. And she consented to flirt! Lumine absolutely did not mind—"


"But her brother did! Look, mother is already arranging a new date for you so please do not go back to Lumine. She deserves someone far better—" 


"Who is Mr. Childe? Doctor Zhongli is ready to see you," the nurse by the desk announces and Childe starts to stand up, his bones creaking and his head aching. He's still feeling really dizzy, and one step is already draining him. The Snezhnayan fellow stumbles a bit, gripping the nurse's desk for support. She obviously looks concerned, so she stands up but a hand halts her in place. 


"I'll take care of him, Keqing. Please assist the next patient," a deep voice rings through his ears, and his earbud falls off one of his ears. Childe looks up and swears he has probably seen Adonis in the flesh. 


"—brother, hey—!" 


"Holy shit he's so pretty…" he whispers under his breath, completely forgetting that his sister is still on the line. "—Oh no, I'm calling Anthon to come over! Anthon, get your ass to the hospital, brother is going to flirt his way out of the hospital again—" 


His thumb presses on the end call button and staggers forward. He expects the doctor to let him fall (really though, Childe knows that no doctor will do that) but he’s instead caught by the arm with strong hands. Childe’s consciousness is already wavering, and he’s lucky that his slight car crash didn’t injure his pretty face (and that there is no blood dripping from his forehead from the impact). 


“Ah, I’ll bring you to the room. Keqing, don’t worry about us.”


“But Doctor-”


“It’s fine. Please return to your post.”


“... Yes, doctor.”


Childe is not sure how, in one blink, he’s already sitting in front of the pretty doctor. He tries to ingrain the doctor’s looks in mind and vaguely remembers the other’s name. Zhongli… is he Liyuean? What is he doing in Snezhnaya though? He wonders as the doctor brings out a clipboard. 


“Good day, mister Childe. I am Zhongli, your attending physician today. I’ll be checking up on you after you listed the signs and symptoms in this paper (2),” the doctor brings up the paper which Childe remembers is the long-ass paper that he had to fill up when he came by. He nods and uses the wall behind him as support as the doctor takes another look at the clipboard. 


“So you are 22, correct? Do you have any other diseases that you failed to mention in the paper? (3)” the Liyuean doctor asks. Childe hums a bit. “Nope, none that I can remember right now.” 


Zhongli nods. “Very well. Have you drunk anything within the past twenty-four hours, like any hard liquor or alcoholic beverages? (3)” 


The Snezhnayan groans and massages his temples. “No. It’s been a while since I’ve drunk anything alcoholic.” 


“Good. Do you feel the urge for emesis?” (4)




“Ah, a medical term for vomiting.” 


Childe rubs his temples. “No.”


“I see. Have you experienced any loss of consciousness within the past hours? Any forgetfulness incidents? (3)” 


No, but does trying to forget my ex count as that? Childe thinks but pursues his lips and shakes his head. The doctor stoically nods and puts a checkmark on the clipboard. “I see. How long has it been since your mild car crash? You indicated here that you had a slight car crash with another driver.”


Yeah, because that other driver was drunk as fuck. “Uh… probably an hour ago. I called my sister to tell her what happened and she insisted that I should get a check-up. So here I am, talking to a pretty doctor like you.”


Slip of the tongue. Childe blinks and grits his teeth as he looks at the doctor after the slip of his tongue. Thankfully, the doctor does not comment on it and nods. “That is good. Now, I’ll be asking another series of questions to determine your level of consciousness (5). Please nod if you think that you are able to answer them.” 


Childe nods, his vision spinning again. He closes them for a second before he opens them again. “Very well. Now, please face me and try to blink your eyes five times,” (5) Zhongli asks and Childe turns his head to face the doctor. 


Oh shit, he’s so beautiful. Do I really have to blink? Childe nods, blinking five times. Zhongli hums and writes something on his clipboard. “Okay good job, mister Childe. Next, do you know what hospital we are in right now?” (5)


Childe racks his brain a bit. He swears a bit because Tonia had explicitly told him what it was and he had passed by the large signboard on his way here. “Uh… Oryol Memorial Hospital?” The doctor doesn’t say anything for a moment. 


“Close. We are in Oryol Clinical Hospital. Onto the last question, can you move your left arm and leg, mister Childe?” (5)


Mister Childe… why not daddy— “O-Oh, yeah sure,” he stutters out the response and wiggles his arm and lifts his leg. The Liyuean doctor nods and writes something on his clipboard. “No pain whatsoever when you moved them?” Childe shakes his head. 


“Well then, according to the scale that I’m basing off, it seems that you are still classified as conscious, save for some confusion.”


“Neat,” Childe replies. His headache is gone now, just a few thrums left. He places his chin on his palm and looks at the doctor, who’s scribbling some stuff on his clipboard that the Snezhnayan man is not interested in. What he would be interested in was — 


“Say doctor, do you have a phone?” Childe starts. 


“A smartphone? Unfortunately, I only own a Nokia (6). I have yet to buy a smartphone for myself,” Zhongli replies back and brings out an old Nokia that Childe is sure that it’s as old as he is. His grandfather has a better phone (an Apple phone) than the doctor too! 


“Anyways, it seems that you are suffering from mild traumatic brain injury, a concussion to be specific. You are very lucky that it is a mild concussion, otherwise, I would need to refer you to get a head CT scan,” (7) Zhongli begins, and from the other side of the table, Childe could see the movements that indicated that the doctor has crossed his legs. Oh dear, what can I do to have them wrap around my waist—


“I will be prescribing some pain relief drugs to help ease the pain for the next few days. You may experience dizziness, difficulty in concentrating, or some trouble falling asleep. Do not worry, for those are normal parts of the healing process. If you play sports, please refrain from returning to them for a while


—those lips are so kissable and plump. Wait, is that lipgloss? Holy shit I need to fuck this guy—


and refrain from drinking any alcoholic drinks, because that will impede the brain’s healing process. If you are experiencing any additional symptoms and signs (8), then you may come back here and schedule a proper appointment


Childe opens his mouth (his very traitorous mouth), “If I schedule an appointment, would I get you as my attending physician?” he asks, blurting out his unfiltered thoughts. Zhongli blinks and puts down his clipboard. Oh god, please don’t chastise me. I’m into that. 


“Unfortunately, I am assigned to the emergency medicine department (9). A different physician will look after you, and I assure you that everyone in this hospital is capable. If you want, I can refer you to a physician friend of mine


“Can you refer to yourself?” 


Zhongli blinks and tilts his head. Oh gosh, this man will be the death of him, Childe swears. “Pardon?” 


“I-I mean, can I just… I dunno, get your number or something? So that I can just message you if I feel worse than right now?” Smooth Childe. Smooth. Now he’s going to look like an absolute idiot. 


Unexpectedly, the pretty Liyuean doctor smiles. He taps at his Nokia phone and shows Childe it’s screen displaying his number. “You bring up a good point, mister Childe. I will be glad to give you my personal number, although please do not spam it because my Nokia cannot handle a multitude of texts at a time.” 


Mental note: Buy this poor doctor a smartphone. The brand new model by Apple. Although that will make me a sugar daddy though. 

Childe opens his phone and adds a new contact. He names it Beautiful Doctor♥ and saves it. “Is that all, doc?” Zhongli nods and stands up, assisting him back to the main room. Keqing, the nurse who was manning the desk, stands up but Childe sees the doctor shoot the nurse a look. She returns back to her seat, flustered. 


“Then, I wish you a speedy recovery, Childe.” 


Oh, he used my name. Without a mister. Childe’s heart skips a bit until someone comes speedrunning towards him. It’s Anthon, who’s clearly nervous and anxious. “Brother! How are you feeling? What was the diagn —oh .” 

His eldest brother, Anthon, shared the same blue eyes as the rest of his siblings did. His blue orbs look from Zhongli and to him, a suspicious look on his face. 


“Why are you being supported by the doctor, brother? Did you guys perhaps… fucked?


Childe chokes.