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hold fast to dreams

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The first thing she noticed was that she slept well. Really well. The kind of slumber where you feel perfectly awake and ready to go before you even open your eyes. Her bed was even more comfortable than usual, and the sun was...coming from the wrong direction?

Kara opened her eyes to find that her ceiling was not her ceiling. Gone were the exposed bricks. It was still a high ceiling, something that Kara always loved about her loft, but the crown molding and pristinely painted white was not what she was supposed to be looking at. Sitting up, she discovered that she was definitely not in her bed and definitely not in her loft, the place where she definitely remembered falling asleep last night.

It was a bedroom that she knew for certain she’d never been in before, but it was strangely familiar. Wide open and curved, but not entirely circular. That was the only thing that kept her from thinking she was having a lucid dream of her old bedroom on Krypton. Instead, she could see it was a merge of the sleek minimalism of Earth architecture with towering ceilings and walls of glass that allowed an extraordinary amount of sunlight.

Looking out the windows, Kara gasped and jumped out of bed. She stepped right up to the glass, resting her hand on the sun warmed pane. Wherever this was, this place, it seemed to be on some hillside or mountaintop. The sun was rising over National City. It blanketed the room in a warm, golden hue. Kara could feel the strength of the yellow sun growing stronger as it infused the cells of her body in that invigorating tingle that went straight down her spine and sparked something even deeper within.

It was large and lovely, but a touch too…different for a bedroom on Earth. It stirred something much too familiar, too close to memories long gone. Stunning floor to ceiling windows mirrored both sides of the room. A forest behind her, the city in front of her. Kara gazed around in wonder. It wasn’t the oval shape of her family home in Argo City, but instead of intersecting at the corners the way almost all Western architecture did, it seemed to blend somehow. The slightest softening of the corners and extensive exposure to sunlight gave an otherworldly feel to what was otherwise a normal bedroom on Earth.

Never did she think she would see something like this here. If it wasn’t for the yellow sun and National City’s skyline, she might have dared to wonder… But then that would mean this was a dream and this did not feel like a dream.

The windows were so large and expansive, she was surprised she didn’t feel more exposed, like she would if this was the city, but she wasn't in the city anymore.

She also wasn't alone.

Kara zeroed in on the sound of someone moving downstairs. Only one other person in this building with her as far as she could tell. They were huffing and straining. She heard them slap the floor with their palm in frustration. Snatching a pair of her glasses off the nightstand, she carefully exited the bedroom and found herself in a spacious hallway. Following it, she reached a stairwell, and slowly made her way down, body taught with hands curled into fists as she readied herself for whatever attack might come. It opened into a sprawling living room where she could see the kitchen on the far left and a dining room on the opposite side.

There was a woman on her hands and knees on the floor. She seemed to be trying to reach something underneath the couch that was proving elusive.


Without thinking, Kara sped to her side and lifted the couch almost completely off the floor. Lena snatched her heel with a small cry of victory. Kara put the couch back down while Lena stood, putting the shoe on to match the other she was already wearing.

Kara sighed in relief. Finally! Lena could explain what was happening. Maybe there was an alien threat and the DEO had to relocate Lena to a safehouse? If it this was a safehouse, Kara was going to be supremely annoyed that they’d kept a gorgeous place like this under wraps after all these years. But if that was the case then why didn’t she remember any of it?

Lena smiled widely at her, seemingly unconcerned in the slightest, and before Kara could even open her mouth, she walked right up and kissed her.

Kara froze.

“My hero,” Lena teased and her gaze flickered down. She chuckled, using her thumb to swipe off some of her lipstick from Kara’s mouth before breezing past her. The light click of her heels on the hardwood floors echoed in Kara’s ears.

Her brain was short circuiting. She didn’t dare move…hardly even breathed.

This was a dream after all. It had to be. She was having a very realistic, but totally implausible dream. The shoe stuck under the couch was probably a metaphor or symbolic for something right? It wasn’t like she’d never had dreams before where weird things like this happened with Lena. Should she pinch herself?

But somewhere in the back of her racing mind, she heard Lena say something about running late for a meeting and tried to bring herself back to the present. Even if it were a dream, it would be so rude not to pay attention to Lena.

“Lunch at my office today,” Lena was saying as she walked through the kitchen, “I don't care how busy it is at Catco or even if the building's on fire.” She looked at Kara over her shoulder. “You can't make promises like you did last night then stand me up...” The sly grin and suggestive tone had Kara in a full body blush even though she had no idea what Lena was talking about.

She just knew it wasn't what they should be talking about.

Lena, however, didn’t seem to think there was anything odd at all as she whirled around this strange house with practiced familiarity, picking up her coat, purse, and looking for something that eventually turned out to be her cellphone.

“Order us something that something you know I would never get for myself. I'll need every trick in the book to lift my mood after dealing with these pricks for the next three hours.”

Kara was dumbstruck at how this was playing out, but Lena was about to disappear out the door and she knew she was going to lose her chance to say anything at all. She finally managed to get her brain working enough to open her mouth and called out to her.

Lena looked back curiously, door open, hand on the handle. “Hm?”

It was on the tip of her tongue.

It really was.

Kara wanted to ask her just what the hell was going on, what world had she just woken up in, and why was Lena this, but when she looked at her, all she could see was how bright and unburdened Lena was. The new day's sunlight poured in from behind her and Lena was...

She couldn't bring herself to do it.

“I...I just wanted to wish you luck,” she said with an honest-to-Rao smile that showed she meant it. “I hope you have a good day.”

Lena smiled back, a small crease in her forehead at why Kara seemed so serious, but she didn't question it further. “Thank you, darling. It’ll be a good day when I see you again later.”

When the door closed behind her, Kara exhaled so hard that she accidentally shifted everything in the living room three inches over.

Her suit still materialized from her glasses, thankfully, and Kara flew to what should have been the DEO building...but it wasn’t there.

Oh. Right.

She’d forgotten that the battle with Leviathan had leveled the DEO skyscraper. But the rubble from the destruction that only occurred a week ago had already been cleared away. Kara landed on the ground where the building once stood and was dumbfounded. This should have been an ugly massacre of glass, steel, and concrete. Craters in the ground from the impact. Instead, she was standing in a beautifully landscaped park with a number of children running around a playground while adults strolled down pathways lined with trees, flowers, and benches. Quiet conversations and youthful laughter. There was a wrought iron arch over the entrance: ARGO CITY PARK. Kara found herself looking up at a statue of Supergirl. Smaller than the one by the waterfront, but much more detailed. Her hands on were her hips, the cape frozen in the air majestically behind her as she stared ahead with a closed mouth, gentle, and – dare she say it – heroic looking smile on her lips.

A young cry startled her.


Utterly bewildered, Kara waved to the little girl, but left before any others could join in. What universe had she landed in? None of this made any sense. The multiverse had been destroyed. She couldn’t be in an alternate reality and this was much too real to be a dream. So where did that leave her?

Alex. She needed to find Alex.

Flying with near frantic desperation, she went to Alex’s studio, only to find that Alex didn't live there anymore. Without thinking, she sped off to her own loft and her stomach lurched at the sight. She walked through her apartment that she’d only just gone to sleep in last night and nothing was the same. Any furniture left was draped while almost everything else was cleared out. It looked as though it hadn’t been used in years. A glorified storage space.

Panic started to set in.

J’onn. She could find J’onn.

And there she was able to breathe her first sigh of relief. The Tower was still operational. More than that. It’d gotten a pretty cool makeover, not to mention a mind-blowingly impressive tech upgrade, but it was still the Tower and there was still her name on the call button. Kara was relieved to know that at least one place she remembered still bore her name as it should. There were other names added on alongside hers that she didn’t recognize, but she ignored that. Now she was even more determined to find answers for this new world. There had to be someone, somewhere who would know her, who would know what was happening. Unfortunately, J’onn was nowhere to be found. That left Kara with the last place she could think of.

After a quick change into the clothes she managed to grab off the floor in the bedroom before she left, she walked into Catco Plaza. Once on the elevator, pressing the familiar button, she took a small breath in respite.

Here was one thing that hadn't changed. The building still looked and felt the way it was supposed to. The elevator even smelled the same.

Ugh. Kara scrunched her nose at the thought. The situation had to be desperate if she was relieved by the smell of a highly trafficked elevator.

But the moment she stepped out onto the main floor of Catco, her respite came to an abrupt halt. Staff accosted her from all sides. Some were people she knew, some were complete strangers, but they all seemed to need something from her. They were talking a mile a minute, crowding around her, asking for things like approval on ads to run, reminding her of staff meetings, running down a list of calls she needed to return, and so on.

Nia, a blessedly familiar face in this strange world where people were under the wildly mistaken belief that Kara was in charge of this sort of thing, pulled her away from the gaggle and into Andrea’s office.

Except it didn’t look anything like what Andrea had turned it into and it wasn’t the same as when it was Cat's office either. The only thing that remained unchanged was the wall of glass that looked out over the bustling media floor.

“Nia!” Kara gasped and clutched her arm before hugging her so tightly that Nia exhaled in a giant whoosh. “Oh, thank goodness. Someone I can talk to!”

“You’re so late!” she exclaimed reprovingly after disentangling and catching her breath. “You missed the news meeting and everyone is at each other’s throats trying to make their claim on a story this week. Where have you been? If it was a Lena morning, why didn't you text me like usual so I could cover?”

“A...a what?” Kara squeaked, stammering as a very pointed blush creeping up her cheeks. “No. No! I mean, I don’t think so?” She shook her head, trying to gain some semblance of thought. “But where have I been? That’s a great question! Except I’ll do you one better - why is everyone acting like they need my approval for all these things?”

Nia, confoundingly, just laughed. “Eventually you’re going to accept that you’re the boss now, Kara. It’s been a year already and you’re great at it. When are you going to let it go?”

This could not be happening.

Kara fiddled her with glasses nervously, trying to suppress the panic bubbling up inside her. “I’m...I’m the what?”

Nia rolled her eyes. “Alright, lady. I’ll leave you to your cognitive dissonance. But you really need to get a hold of the reporters before they eat each other alive. Can I assume that my piece on the gentrification of Alien City Fashion District is still a go?”

Kara couldn’t make head nor tails of it.

“Uh. I mean, yeah? Yes! Sure.”

“Great! Thanks. I’ll get back to it, boss.”

“W-wait!” She gulped, scrambling to find some solution.

Nia seemed trapped in this...illusion as well. Nia and Lena. What were the chances that Alex, if Alex existed here, would be any different? But she had to try.

“I’m...I’m having a bit of an off day. I left my phone at home and I... Could I borrow yours for a second?”

“Of course!” She whipped it out and unlocked it, handing it to her.

“Thank you! I’ll just be a minute.” She scrolled through the contacts to find Alex’s name and called her.

She tried to be mindful of how hard she was gripping the phone as she waited. Crushing Nia’s phone to smithereens would not be helpful right now. Then that blessedly familiar, wonderful, amazing voice of her sister filtered through.

“Nia, what’s up?”

“Actually, it’s me. Hi!”

“Kara?” She could hear the concern laced with amusement. “Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you lost your phone again.”

“Well, I don’t think I technically lost it…” Nia raised an eyebrow at her and Kara just waved her off. “It’s probably back at…” She stumbled as the memory of the house, and Lena in that house, sat itself vividly front and center. What was she supposed to call it? “My place…somewhere.”

“Kara! This is the 3rd time in 4 months. Do we have to surgically attach a comm device to your ear now?”

“That is a complete overreaction!” she said reflexively. “I didn’t even really lose it. I don’t think I did anyway… But that’s not the point! Do you have a minute to talk?”

“Talk?” Alex’s tone turned serious. “Yes, of course. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah! I think so. Maybe?”

“Kara…” There was increasing concern in her sister’s voice now.

“I’ll explain when I see you! Um. Where are you?”

“At work,” she replied carefully. “Where else would I be?”

“So, the DEO. Okay. Uh.” Kara winced. “C-could you remind me what the address is again?”

Nia was talking to another employee when Kara shoved the phone back in her hands and rushed by with a whirl of apologies and vague excuses about how she’d be right back.

Alex was at the new DEO headquarters that was located just outside of the city. Kara flew in apprehensively, scanning the building as she went. It looked a lot like the old DEO. Just a new location. Thankfully, they did not revert to being stationed in a cave again.

Stupid bats...

Alex strode up to her with that intensely familiar look of concern. “I know it’s been a while since you’ve been here, Kara, but forgetting the address? Just because you’re turning 35 soon doesn’t mean you’re going senile.”

Honestly, Kara barely even heard her. She was just so relieved to see her sister after the strangeness of this morning and yanked her into a massive hug. Of course, that’s how Alex knew something was really wrong.

“Come on.” She tilted her head in one direction and led Kara through a maze of identical looking hallways until they were sequestered in a private room. She closed the door and hit a button on the panel that seemed to cut off all room surveillance. “Okay, talk to me. What happened?”

Kara immediately launched into it, explained everything, and left nothing out. Alex was her sister. She had to know something. She had to be able to help even if this illusionary world had her brainwashed too. She could always count on Alex to pull herself out. She had to make her remember.

“Wait, wait, whoa.” Alex’s eyes were wide as she held out her hands for Kara to slow down. “You're telling me that the last thing you remember is defeating…Lex and Lillian?”

“Yes!” Kara cried, pacing the length of the room. “We all went for drinks to celebrate at Al's and then I went home, totally exhausted, and went to sleep. When I woke up...everything this!”

Alex took a deep breath. “So you’re telling me that you don’t remember anything from the last six years?”

Kara spun around on her, heart hammering in her chest.

“What are you talking about?”

“Lex and Lillian…” she replied slowly, “are gone. Lex died rather than be captured and Lillian is in supermax. We defeated them six years ago.”

Kara shook her head, bewildered. “No… No, that can’t be right. That’s not possible. It just happened yesterday! That’s…”

The look on Alex’s face was too grave to deny.

Serious. Worried. Resolved.

Kara looked closer and realized that the wrinkles around her sister's eyes were a little more pronounced than she remembered. Her hair was longer than it had been in years. She couldn’t have grown it out that much overnight. Everything started to click into place. It all made so much more sense.

Well, some things made more sense.

The other things were still as stymieing and mystifying as all get out. Having memory loss certainly did not explain what she woke up to this morning. It just couldn’t.

“You really don’t remember anything else?”

“No.” Kara managed to stop pacing and faced her with arms folded tightly. “Though, I mean, it explains why I moved and, wow, did I get a major promotion...and a park! National City likes me a lot more now apparently.” She moved closer curiously. “Have we gotten over the aliens versus humans thing? Did we achieve world peace? Oh!” She clapped her hands suddenly. “Did Frank Ocean finally release a new album?”

Alex’s look was scathing as ever. “Seriously?”

“Okay, forget the last one.”

Her sister sighed, still very much alarmed, but tried to answer her (relevant) questions calmly. “After the DEO sky-rise was destroyed, we rebuilt here. Lena bought the land where the old building was and developed it into a public park in honor of Supergirl.”

Kara’s heart sped up again.


Alex grabbed her arm worriedly. “You don’t remember Lena?”

“Of course, I remember her! But I don’t...” She trailed off uncomfortably before leaning in conspiratorially. “Alex,” she whispered, “I think I might be dating Lena.”

The elder Danvers took a deep breath, scrubbing her face wearily. “You’re not dating Lena,” she muttered.

Kara exhaled in relief, giggling, and put her hand on her chest. “Oh, so we’re roommates? That’s fun! I mean, we were finally back on good terms and she forgave me, and I forgave her, and it felt like it was going to be okay, but I was still super nervous! Now it’s for sure that we're okay. Great! Cause this morning was really confusing and that would have made things way more complicated than— “

“You’re not dating Lena,” she cut her off, “you’re married.”

A beat.

Then Kara's cry was so shrill that Alex winced in pain.

WHAT? Married! To who?”

Her sister was quickly losing what little patience she had left.

“Kara, you’re married to Lena Luthor. She’s your wife. You’ve been married for 4 years now. You live in that ridiculously gorgeous house because you said you didn't like penthouses and Lena wanted more room than your loft had. Plus, I’m pretty sure she wanted a bedroom with a door on it. Something about being an adult and whatnot. None of this rings a bell for you?”

Kara didn’t realize that she’d stopped breathing until Alex clapped her hard on the back to snap her out of it.


“Just keep breathing,” she said calmly.

“I don’t...”

“You’re going to be okay.”

“Alex!” she cried. “How...HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?”

“No, no, no. Stop right there," she pleaded, holding her hands up. "You are not going to freak out about this. Because then I'm gonna freak out more and that can't happen right now.”

"W-w-well too bad!" she spluttered frantically. "Because I am FULLY freaking out! I’m married? To Lena. My best friend. Well, former best friend turned enemy turned temporary ally… And I don’t remember any of it!”

“I just want to take this moment to point out that you’re happily married, so...just consider that too while you're processing, okay?”


“We’ll figure it out!” Alex grasped her shoulders tightly and gave her a shake. “I promise, Kara. We will figure out what happened and you will be fine. Let me get Brainy on this, all right? We’ll start running some tests and take it from there. We got this.”

Kara took deep gulping breaths, trying to calm herself. “Yeah. Okay. That sounds good.”

When she released her grip from the table, it had two very noticeable handprints from where she crushed the metal.

They ran some preliminary tests. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Kara had Brainy check about ten times to be certain that she was actually from this Earth and not some parallel universe, even though the multiverse technically didn't exist anymore.

By the 5th time, Brainy was starting to lose his patience.

By the 10th, he begged her to leave him alone.

There were no residual particles to indicate a reality shift and no possibility that it could happen since there were no more alternate realities.

Brainy was saved from Kara insisting he check “just one more time” when Alex walked in and announced that there were no reports of Supergirl having any major encounters in the last 2 months.

“How have I not fought anyone in 2 months?” she replied in disbelief while Brainy scrambled for the exit. “I've had slow days, maybe once there was a slow week, but two months? No way!”

“The last thing was an earthquake in Tibet that you helped with, not a fight. You’re semi-retired now. We bring you in as the big gun. You've inspired a lot of people over the years, Kara, and several of them who have abilities decided to step up and become heroes themselves. We work with an elite team of superheroes that partnered with the DEO so they didn't have to go it alone as vigilantes. It’s really been amazing. And, because of that, you get to live a more normal life without having to fly into every emergency.”

“Wow..." She tried to consider it. "Kind of hard to imagine what that looks like.”

Alex had her sit down as they went through some more routine tests, but Kara's fidgeting was getting worse. Her nerves and restlessness becoming more apparent with each one they went through. While they were waiting on results, it made every second seem to tick by that much slower. She started pacing again while Alex was on a stool in front of a bunch of monitors. Seeing how it was affecting her, Alex shifted gears, and started talking in that casual, comfortable, easy tone that made it sound like they could have been on Kara's couch eating take out for Danvers sister night rather than in the DEO lab with countless agents she could see walking by on the other side of the glass wall.

“Hey. I know how scared you must feel and how overwhelming all of this must be, but we’re going to figure this out.” She smiled reassuringly. “And, just so you know, even though there's a lot that's changed over the years, this life? You’re happy. I mean, being CEO of Catco kind of drives you insane sometimes, but you even love that because you and Lena get to work together since you guys own it.”

“I own...I own Catco?”

Kara could only believe so much. This couldn’t be real. None of this could be real. Maybe she was trapped in her own mind again. Maybe Mxy was back and this was another twisted game of his. Because this just couldn’t…be real.

Could it?

“Well, you’re a majority share-holder,” Alex amended. “Lena gets pissy when we don’t use the ‘correct’ terminology. Whatever.” She rolled her eyes fondly. “She bought it back from Andrea soon after the Lex and Lillian thing was handled. Then she asked Sam to come back and help transition Luthor Corp back to L-Corp again - what a nightmare that was - while she stepped in as CEO of Catco. So, you know, equal distribution of assets between married couples...”

“So, I became CEO because I'm m-married to Lena?”

The word felt foreign and clumsy on her tongue.

“Sort of. You deserved it, but you refused to take the position for a while. You didn’t think you could handle it and wanted to stay a reporter, but Lena needed to devote her time to L-Corp again. You guys tried hiring a few acting CEO’s and it was basically a disaster each time. Lena finally put her foot down. I think she literally chained you to the CEO office using Nth metal one night. There’s more to that story, but I begged you never to tell me it.” She wrinkled her nose and closed her eyes. “As your sister there are things I just do not need to hear.”

Kara blushed about three different shades of red.

“But it really changed when Lena called in the big guns.”

Kara scoffed. “What because chaining me to the office wasn’t convincing enough?”

Alex tossed her a look. “You’re impossibly stubborn when you convince yourself of something, you know that.”

“Fine. So, what did Lena do?”

“She called Cat Grant.”

Kara gasped. “She didn’t!”

Alex laughed. “Cat flew in the next day and kicked your ass all over that building. Lena said she found you hiding in a storage closet at one point.”

“And now I am both owner— uh, majority share-holder—and CEO of Catco Worldwide Media.” She shook her head in disbelief. “No. This isn’t possible. None of this makes any sense! I would never agree to this! How can you be so calm? This is against everything we talked about, everything I have built for my life on Earth! We all agreed. Kara Danvers stays in the background. She doesn’t draw attention. She blends in. No one bats an eye for Kara Danvers. You know this, Alex!”

“I do know that.” She nodded sympathetically. “And…we thought it was the right thing to do. The only thing to do. Mom and Dad knew how it worked for Clark, so we all figured we just needed to do the same to protect you.”

“And now that’s changed?” she replied disbelievingly, but Alex only shrugged.

“Yeah. It did. Look, we didn’t know of another way back then. When all of this started happening, you know, with Lena and then Catco, the spotlight, we had this exact same conversation about a hundred different times. It came down to Lena making a really good point and Clark actually agreed with her, which had us all shocked, believe me.”

“Which was what?”

“There’s not much difference between living unknown in the shadows and living unknown by hiding in plain sight.”

“Are you-are you joking? That makes zero sense!” Kara cried, tugging her fingers through her hair. “Do you hear yourself?”

Alex took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. “The Luthors crossed paths with Bruce Wayne many times over the years. Do you know they never guessed his identity?”

“Who?” she asked blankly.

“Kate’s cousin.”

“Oh, yeah.” She nodded impatiently. “Okay. So?”

“Wayne Industries is one of the largest corporations on the world stage. You may not know his name, but everyone else does. His secret identity has never been revealed. Clark is good friends with him, apparently. He’s seen how you can live a life just as unknown with your face splashed on every magazine and newspaper as you can tucked away on a small farm in Kansas.”

“So you’re saying the way one random guy in a costume, a human, chose to live his life is the reason why I threw away everything I’ve been doing for the last 15 years?”

“It’s not just him," Alex retorted, exasperated. "Remember the President? She was under more scrutiny than anyone on Earth short of the Kardashians and she still wasn’t discovered--”

“Until Lex Luthor tried to have her assassinated and exposed her as an alien to the entire world? Cause that turned out so well…” Kara dropped down to a chair and crossed her arms pointedly, each word dripping with sarcasm.

Alex rolled her eyes. “Lex is gone and there are more examples, but the crux of it is we discovered that the more you opened yourself up to the media and publicity, the likelihood of people pointing to you as Supergirl was even less than when your name was only a byline in Catco magazine. The more that people see you as Kara Danvers, wife of Lena Luthor and CEO of Catco, there's less of a chance that they will even stop to consider that you could be Supergirl. It’s like their brains can’t put the two concepts together. They don’t recognize you even when your picture is blown up next to Supergirl’s on a billboard!”

Alex shook her head with a tired wave of her hand.

“I know it’s crazy and it’s still crazy to me, but apparently it’s something to do with, like, reverse psychology or whatever. I don’t know. Brainy or Lena could explain it better. I just know that it’s worked. I actually worry less about people finding out about your identity now than I do about paparazzi falling over themselves trying to catch you and Lena in some kind of domestic scandal.”

Kara stared at her unblinkingly.

“I’m serious!”

She’d never had a headache before, but she could swear one was forming now and it hurt. Kara pinched the bridge of her nose. “Rao, Alex. This is...a lot.”

Her sister squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. “I know. I’m sorry.”

“I just don't understand. Why can’t I remember? If I'd fought something otherworldly, maybe it could be a virus, or if there was a bad guy, maybe we could say they tried to poison me. Something! Anything! But you're saying nothing happened. Did someone put the equivalent of a Kryptonite roofie in my coffee?”

“We’re going to figure it out,” she repeated firmly. “Give us time.”


Kara had this lingering feeling that there was somewhere she was supposed to be. But that was ridiculous. She couldn’t remember anything from the past six years, but apparently knew there was an appointment to make today? Her gaze landed on the clock on the wall.

“Oh, no!” She gasped and jumped to her feet. “I’m supposed to meet Lena for lunch! I promised her I would. I mean, I think I did? She told me that I did so I'm pretty sure I did.” Her hands moved through the air in a flurry. “I have to go!”

“Wait, Kara, no, that’s not a good ide— “

But Alex was talking to an empty room.

“Oh, God,” she groaned.