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Christmas Underwear

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Stepping out of the Floo, Harry leaned over and said softly, "I wore the Christmas underwear."

Severus stumbled, glaring as Harry walked serenely toward Molly for a hug.

Damn. He took a deep breath and thought of... Filch. Mrs. Norris. Peeves.

"Molly! So good of you to have us," Severus said as Molly sent Harry off to join his friends in the den.

"You and Harry are always welcome here!" she said. "Arthur is also in the den, go and join them. Dinner will be shortly!"

"I'm looking forward to it," Severus said. And to be able to sit down!


Once home, Severus pinned an unrepentant Harry to the wall. "You brat!" He kissed Harry fiercely.

Harry returned the kiss. "Poor dear, was that a bother?"

Severus draped Harry over his shoulder, taking them to the bedroom. He dropped Harry on the bed, vanishing his clothes, but leaving the Christmas underwear.

If it could be called that. It was a scrap of red silk, held on by magic and glittering threads. It read Merry Christmas only on the front -- since there was no back.

Severus panted as he dropped next to Harry. "Worth it!"

"My brat!" Severus said lovingly.