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HIStory : Aftermath

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Tang Yi opened his eyes when a pebble bounced off his head. He vaguely remembered that he was on the phone with Shao Fei when he was chloroformed and taken. He knew when Shao Fei told him about those missing persons, it would come back to bite them in the ass. 



“Someone went missing?” Tang Yi had asked when they were having dinner 3 days ago. Shao Fei was seated at the table, eating dinner, but he was going through the case file that was opened from the report. Since the victim was a professor from a popular university and was possibly related to a gang, they had immediately assigned the case to Shao Fei, who was known to solve cases of this nature. 


And the fact that he has a boyfriend with lingering ties, Shao Fei could potentially have resources to the underground that normal officers didn’t. 


“Hmm, witnesses say that a man with a scar on his right eye was seen loitering the university when the professor went missing,” Shao Fei stated. Tang Yi hummed.


“Why did they assign this case to Unit 3?”


“Because, the man is similar to Rick Lam, who testified that he saw YOU leaving the site of the murder for Tang Guo Dong,” Shao Fei retorted, showing the picture of the man. Tang Yi scrutinized the picture, remembering the man to be faithful to Chen Wen Hao. Suddenly feeling a bad premonition looming, Tang Yi held Shao Fei’s hand and made his boyfriend look at him. 


“Promise me you’ll be careful,” Tang Yi pleaded. Shao Fei looked at Tang Yi and returned the stare with his own.


“Tang Yi...I promise. It’s just a kidnapping case,” Shao Fei smiled. Tang Yi seemed to be assured with that and poured more coke for Shao Fei. Shao Fei chirped a thanks and continued to read the files.


“Hmm, the professor is an expert in archaeology and anthropology,” Shao Fei mused, and gave a surprised sound when he looked at the picture.


“Hmmm, not bad,” Shao Fei absentmindedly stated, making Tang Yi growl from his spot.


“Ah Fei,” Tang Yi warned. Shao Fei grinned and showed the picture to Tang Yi.


“Just not expecting a professor to look like this,” Shao Fei replied. “His name…,”


“Shi Yi Jie,” the man growled out as he approached Tang Yi. “Who are you?”


Tang Yi snapped his head to look at the missing professor. SIghing, he pinched the bridge of his nose to stop an impending headache.


“Fuck, it’s you,”


“Huh?” Shi Yi Jie asked back. “You know me?”


“The detective in charge of your my boyfriend,” Tang Yi answered. “I’m Tang Yi,”  Yi Jie pursed his lips as he soaked in that information. 


“Oh,” Yi Jie said, sitting not far from Tang Yi. “Sorry about this,”


“It’s okay,” Tang Yi replied “I’m kind of used to this,” he smiled, remembering all those attempts at kidnapping him and the one time he was stuck in the mountains with Shao Fei.  Yi Jie stared at him and chose not to ask more questions.


“How did you get here?” Tang Yi asked, figuring that he could help Shao Fei with this case now that he was involved anyway. He was still disoriented, and his head felt like it had bumped into a hard surface, meaning that the men responsible could have dropped him like a sack of potatoes.




“Yi Jie!” Xiao Fei husked out after a hard suck was administered. Yi Jie glanced from underneath his lashes and smirked. Ignoring the plea, he continued to mouth the flesh, making his fiance whimper.


“Someone could catch us!” Xiao Fei protested. 

“Sorry, but I’m not sure what is the connection between you sucking off your partner and this,” Tang Yi countered. Yi Jie smirked and put up his hands.


“I’m getting there,”



“No one is coming into my office,” Yi Jie breathed out as he trailed his mouth along the hem of his partner’s shirt. Fei Sheng Zhe whimpered and gripped the man’s hair to urge him to speed things up. “I put up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign,”


“Yi Jie! Your secretary will know we’re in here!” Sheng Zhe whined. 


“Oh, she will know,” Yi Jie chuckled and pulled out a condom.


“Okay, is there a point to this?” Tang Yi objected. Yi Jie tsked and conceded.





As I was washing my hands and fixing my hair in the mens after 2 rounds (we don’t need to know that!- Tang Yi)  of sex, a man entered the room and proceeded to occupy the sink beside me. I watched him closely because he was too old to be a student and was not a member of the faculty, and the scar across his right eye was a feature too hard to ignore. I was about to head back to the office but wasn't even able to make it to the door before he drugged me and I woke up here, 3 days ago.

“So it was Rick,” Tang Yi hummed. 


“You know that man? The one with the scar?”


“Hmmm,” Tang Yi answered, “ He used to work with me,”


“That man took me too!” another voice chirped from beside them. Yi Jie and Tang Yi turned their heads to look at another boy in the room. 


“Who are you?” Tang Yi asked. He gave Yi Jie an accusing look for not informing him of the other’s presence. 


“I’m Xi Gu...Yu Xi Gu,”the smaller man answered, looking timid and a bit hesitant.


“How did you get here?” Tang Yi asked. Shi Yi Jie took it upon himself to answer the question. 


“This little guy got here yesterday. He’s a second-year student at my university and was taken when he finished his shift at the local bar,” Yi Jie supplied. XI Gu nodded his head but refused to look at Tang Yi head-on. He then fiddled with his shirt to stop feeling nervous in front of the 2 older, bigger men. Shi Yi Jie was nice enough and he vaguely remembered the man to be a professor in his university, but Tang Yi looked like he could pummel a man to death. 


“A student? Why would they kidnap you?” Tang Yi growled out. He was angry that whoever these people were, they would involve someone who looked like he would faint at the slightest of movement. 



“Another man came in and told me his boyfriend disappeared after his night shift at a local bar, taken by a man with a scar across his right eye,” Shao Fei announced as they ate breakfast this morning,”


Tang Yi raised one eyebrow, showing that he was listening.


“I think it’s all connected, he insisted that the man was loitering the bar the night Yu Xi Gu disappeared,”

Xiang Hao Ting laughed as he watched his boyfriend evade yet another overzealous admirer. He waved off Sun Bo when the man said he was going to pick up his boyfriend from the cafe. Xi Gu pouted when he finally managed to escape from the customer. 


“You’re mean,” Xi Gu complained as he placed a beer at Hao Ting’s table. “She is your coursemate,”


“I know,” Hao Ting smirked. He chugged the drink down. “She saw you when you came to pick me up,”


“You could have just said I am your boyfriend,” Xi Gu added. “I told her but she looked like she didn’t believe me,”


“I told her a thousand times that you were mine, but she was adamant that I was lying,” Hao Ting mused, eyes catching a man who was staring at them too intensely. The man had a scar across his right eye, and the way he was subtly looking at Xi Gu made Hao Ting alert.


Something just doesn’t feel right.


“Hey, I’ll wait till your shift is done,” Hao Ting announced, watching as Xi Gu sighed in good nature. 


“I can go home myself,” Xi Gu protested. “You don’t need to wait for me,”


“I want to,” Hao Ting insisted, his gut telling him to do it. “Let’s go home together okay?”


Xi Gu couldn’t find it to deny his boyfriend anything. He nodded and went back to serve drinks.


But they ended up not going home together after all. 

So Shao Fei was right, Xi Gu was also taken by Rick. 

Tang Yi prodded the bolted windows as he checked if they would give way. He had no idea where he was, and the door was steel enforced. Rick was careful to throw away his phone, so he couldn’t contact Shao Fei. He checked every nook and cranny for things that could help him, but the room was bare as it was.


The door burst open and Rick came in with another man slung over his shoulder. Another man was behind him, pointing a gun at the occupants inside.  Tang Yi and Yi Jie stood in front of Xi Gu, ready to spring into action if needed.


“Don’t worry, Tang Yi. I’m not here to do anything,” Rick assured them. “Yet,”


“You know when Jack gets here, you’re going to be sorry,” Tang Yi told Rick. “Unlike you, he doesn’t leave trails,” 


“Oh, I know Jack well,” Rick told Tang Yi. He then proceeded to throw the unconscious man onto the floor, Tang Yi now knew why he felt like that. 


“It’s okay, we’ll be done and you all will be underground by the time he comes here,” Rick assured the men. He then went outside, locking the door. 


“Who’s Jack?” Yi Jie asked when they were alone. “I think I deserved some explanation as to who you are,” Tang Yi stared at Yi Jie and Xi Gu, contemplating if he should tell them about him.


“Okay, long story short, I used to work in the underground, and Jack and Rick worked for me.  However, I wanted to turn legal and got involved in some unsavory incidents, where I met my detective boyfriend. We became a couple, but the unsavory business made me shot him, so I went to jail and got out recently,” Tang Yi summarized. “And Jack is a mercenary who still works for me,”


“Okay. So, you used to be a gang leader, met a detective boyfriend then turned legal. Rick used to work for you, and so does Jack. You were just released from prison,” Yi Jie repeated back. Tang Yi nodded. 


“But Rick still worked in a gang,”


“He never wanted to be legal,” Tang Yi replied. He watched as Xi Gu tended to the man, which turned out to be someone of Xi Gu’s age. His glasses were broken, and it looked like he had a bruise at the side of his head.  Tang Yi placed his ears at the door and looked for shadows looming close. When he was satisfied no one would come, he sat down again bending his one leg to place a hand on top of his knee. 


“Are there any cameras in here?” Tang Yi asked. Yi Jie shook his head no.


“I think there is,” Xi Gu answered. “Back when I came in and was turning over crates to look for things to escape, they came in when I was about to go that side,” Xi Gu glanced at a stack of boxes at the far right corner. “I wasn’t very noisy, so they couldn’t have heard me,”


Tang Yi nodded, signaling that he understood. He gave a fond look at Xi Gu, feeling protective of the adolescent. He looked so innocent and frail, but his mind was sharp and he had a hard glint in his eyes, indicative of his will. He rubbed his nose with his left cuff, and a low static sound buzzed.


“Is that..?” Yi Jie asked, astonished.


“Jack,” Tang Yi stated, in a low voice. You had to be near him to hear it. Yi Jie and Xi Gu was about to ask Tang Yi why he called out Jack’s name when a whisper replied.


Boss,” the crackling made it sound like a buzz, but Yi Jie and Xi Gu who were close could clearly hear someone else replying through the cuff.


“Shao Fei okay?” Tang Yi asked. 


He’s ditching his official gun and asking to carry Dao Yi’s, what do you think?” Jack replied, tone light and teasing. 


“The cuff doesn’t have much power, so track it quick. I have to close the voice feature to save battery,” Tang Yi rubbed his nose a couple of times, to make it look like he was itchy.


Will do. See you in a few,” the line dropped. Yi Jie and Xi Gu breathed a sigh of relief.


“That was amazing!” Xi Gu stated, eyes turning bright with admiration. Tang Yi smiled and told them that it would take Jack a while to track the GPS button sewn into his cuffs. The device was small, so Jack’s boyfriend had to ditch a big battery for more range. If they are still within Taiwan, Jack can trace them. 


“Ugh...where am I?” the man on the floor grumbled out. Xi Gu immediately handed out a water bottle.


“Zi Xuan-ge,” Xi Gu called out. 


“You know him?” Tang Yi asked. Xi Gu nodded shyly, helping Zi Xuan to sit up. 


“His boyfriend Xia Yu Hao works at the same bar as me,” Xi Gu replied. Tang Yi seemed to contemplate this information.


Why would they kidnap an anthropology professor and 2 students who worked at a bar?

“Officer Meng, this man was loitering at our volleyball court the time Zi Xuan went missing!” Xia Yu Hao insisted as he pointed towards the picture of RIck Lam on Meng Shao Fei’s desk. Zhao Zi was trying to block him from entering their office, with Shao Fei entertaining BOTH Fei Sheng Zhe and Xiang Hao Ting. 


“Another one?!” Shao Fei squawked. “Zhao Zi, let him in,”


“Ah Fei, this is getting really weird,” Zhao Zi stated. He sat them all down at the meeting room, Unit 3 and the missing person’s partners surrounding the small table.


“Tell us everything the time Zi Xuan disappeared,” Jun Wei instructed.


“We were practicing volleyball for the friendly with the local high school. I told Zi Xuan that I had to stay back and help with the juniors’ serve, so I told him to go back home first. But when I went back, he still wasn’t home. I called everyone, even his sister, and even she didn’t know where he went. If she doesn’t know, then he really is kidnapped! He won’t just disappear. That man,” Yu Hao pointed to the picture of Rick Lam on the whiteboard. “I saw him near our court while we were practicing, but I didn’t pay attention to it that much. I figured he was just there to ogle the that’s not my problem,” Yu Hao insisted. Yu Qi protested.


“What?! A pervert might be potentially harmful towards your juniors!”


“As long as he doesn’t perv on my boyfriend I don’t care!” Yu Hao fought back. Hao Ting’s lip quivered.


“Oh shit!! He’s gay isn’t he????!!!! He was looking at Xi Gu that night too! That’s why I told him we should go home together~” Hao Ting hollered, making Sheng Zhe winced. “If that bastard tries anything on my Xi Gu, I’ll beat him to death,”


“What do you mean? You think the man took my Zi Xuan because he likes the way he looks? Fuck! I told Xi Zuan he is too pretty!” Yu Hao panicked.


“Hmm, pretty sure he doesn’t have that intention. I mean, my fiance is already old and not to say he’s not good looking, but he is the exact opposite of Xi Gu and Zi Xuan,” Sheng Zhe added. 


“Wait, wait wait...are all the victims..homosexual?” Jun Wei asked. The people in the room stopped to stare at each other. They all nodded their heads in the affirmative. 


“If he was going to sell them to the sex trade, why take Tang Yi and Yi Jie. They both have high risks attached to them. Yi Jie is a professor from a known university. His disappearance would create a big buzz,” Yu Qi asked. Zhao Zi seemed to concur.


“I agree, and Tang Yi would be too risky to be sold in the sex trade. He used to work in a gang, and Rick knew Jack was still working with him. Taking Tang Yi was just not worth it,” Jun Wei added. Shao Fei only stared at the men taken, trying to piece them all together.


“Officer Meng, someone is here for you,” the receptionist called Unit 3 from the doorway. Shao Fei and Zhao Zi looked up to see Jack holding up his tracker. A steady beeping sound made Shao Fei laugh.


“He activated it?” Shao Fei asked. Jack nodded, making Unit 3 all stood up at once. 


“Let’s get him!” Yu Qi yelled. “You guys just wait here, we’ll be back with them ASAP,”


“I’m going with you!” Yu Hao insisted. “I may not look like it, but I can fight really well,”


“Me too! I’m going to beat the shit of the guy who took my Xi Gu!” Hao Ting agreed. Sheng Zhe then slowly stood up and addressed them all at the same time. “My mother is a nurse. So, I’m trained in first aid,” Sheng Zhe told them. Shao Fei wanted to tell them that it was a risky situation, but he too could understand the anxiety of losing a lover.


“Okay, but you won’t act if there are guns involved,” Shao fei relented, knowing the gleam in their eyes that these kids won’t be stopped by mere words.


“Senior!” Yu Qi protested.


“They will follow us even if we forbid them,” Jun Wei sighed. Zhao Zi nodded.


“It’s okay. Jack is here,” Zhao Zi announced. “He’ll keep us all safe,” Jack cooed at his husband’s cuteness. 


“Let’s get Tang Yi back,” Shao Fei stated and they all head out.

“Yu Xi Gu, here you were! Me and Yu Hao were worried when you didn’t show up at the bar for your next shift. And your boyfriend, Xiang Hao Ting kept making noise about seeing the security footage,” Qiu Zi Xuan sighed in relief at seeing Xi Gu in the room.


“And isn’t that professor Shi Yi Jie from the anthropology department?” Zi Xuan asked. Xi Gu nodded and introduced Tang Yi as well. 


“You don’t go to our university,” ZI Xuan commented. Tang Yi stared at them while seemingly waiting for any change in behavior from their captors.


“He doesn’t. He’s just the boyfriend of the detective in charge of my case,” Yi Jie answered. 


“My boyfriend is on their way here,” Tang Yi suddenly perked from his stance. He stood up and wiped some dust from his pants. “I could only see Rick and one more guy when they came here,”


“There’s more! There was another man when I came in,” Xi Gu insisted. Tang Yi nodded his agreement.


“The rules for kidnapping is to have a ratio of 1 to 1, in case anything happens,” Zi Xuan immediately put Xi Gu behind him, looking suspicious.


“How do you know this? Who are you?!” 


It was Yi Jie who halted further questions. “We’ll explain later. Tang Yi, what’s the plan?”


“When my boyfriend gets here with his team, they would probably be overwhelmed at being ambushed that they would attempt to take one of us hostage. And the obvious choice would be only one,” Tang Yi stared at Yu Xi Gu, who looked surprised. Qiu ZI Xuan hardened his stare.

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“When my boyfriend gets here with his team, they would probably be overwhelmed at being ambushed that they would attempt to take one of us hostage. And the obvious choice would be only one,” Tang Yi stared at Yu Xi Gu, who looked surprised. Qiu ZI Xuan hardened his stare. 


“I agree,” Shi Yi Jie hummed. He folded his sleeve to make room so that he could move easier. Zi Xuan stood in front of Xi Gu.


“If you think I’ll let you use him as bai…,”


“That's right, we need to protect him. Whatever happens, if it comes to it, we should persuade them to not take Xi Gu,” Tang Yi told them. He could faintly hear the sound of approaching vehicles, two of them familiar to him. Zi Xuan stared at Tang Yi, pleasantly surprised that he had mistaken the man. 


“He’s lighter and easier to carry. If they decided to have at least one leverage, one man could easily carry him and disappear,” Yi Jie broke some crates to create wood, picking one up as a weapon. “My fiance is roughly the same age as you guys, so if I let anything happen I would feel really bad,”


“You? My boyfriend is a police officer. He’ll force me to sleep on the couch,” Tang Yi grouched.  “But hopefully it won’t come to that,” Tang Yi replied. Zi Xuan can clearly see Tang Yi was in good shape, as the man had preferred to be barehanded than wield a weapon. He didn’t even hesitate and took a broken piece of wood as well. Yu Xi Gu also took one piece and placed himself close to Zi Xuan. He knew that he should feel off


“I have a knee injury,” Zi Xuan announced, making the other three men stare at him. “From an accident,” but he looked just as determined as the rest of them to get out of there.

“I can’t put too much pressure on it,”


Tang Yi and Yi Jie looked at him and then smirked. “Then just use your upper body,”


Not 5 seconds later, shouts could be heard, as well as some gunshots. Tang Yi didn’t hesitate to shout out to Shao Fei.




“TANG YI! HOLD ON!” more gunshots rang throughout the place. They could hear footsteps echoing behind the door, but the one opening wasn’t Shao Fei. 


“Jack!” Tang Yi exclaimed. Jack made a signal that they should all follow him. As he moved away, another head popped in.


“Yu Hao! What are you doing here?” Zi Xuan scolded, but couldn’t help but hugged the man close.


“Zi Xuan! You have a bruise! Was it that guy?!” Yu Hao growled out, looking murderous. Yi Jie pulled them all to follow Tang Yi and Jack.


“We need to get out of here,” Yi Jie insisted, making the students nod their heads.


“Not so fast!” Rick shouted as he appeared behind them to grab Xi Gu with his other hand holding a knife, but Tang Yi had seen him coming and was already anticipating the grab. He reached out to pull Xi Gu out of the way but was surprised when Yi Jie pushed Xi Gu away and the knife sliced his right arm.


“Professor Shi!” Xi Gu shouted in alarm. Tang Yi and Jack immediately went to subdue Rick, but the man moved to grab Yi Jie instead. Holding Yi Jie as a hostage, everyone held their hands up to placate the man. 


“Make one wrong move and..,” Rick warned them but one Xiang Hao Ting appeared and used some wood to smash Rick from behind. As Rick fell down, Hao Ting wasted no time in stomping him. Tang Yi rolled his eyes and kicked the knife out of the man’s hand.


“THIS. IS. FOR. TAKING. MY. XI. GU!!!” Hao Ting grunted with each word. Yu Hao also got annoyed when he heard Hao Ting’s shouts and joined in stomping the man.


“HOW DARE YOU THINK ABOUT MAKING ZI XUAN A SEX SLAVE?!” Zi Xuan sighed and held his forehead. He pulled Yu Hao away to make sure the man would not be accessory to murder if Rick was accidentally killed. Yi Jie held his bleeding arm and was torn between staying there and joining or finding his Sheng Zhe.


“Hao Ting! Professor Shi is injured!” Xi Gu insisted as he pulled Hao Ting. “He needs help!” Hao Ting turned and immediately crushed Xi Gu against his body. “I’m glad you’re okay!” Xi Gu nodded his head and smiled into Hao Ting’s chest. 


“As much as I enjoyed this, let’s get out of here,” Jack instructed. “ You all still need to give statements,” 


“Hmm, and let Shao Fei deal with…,” they turned to look at Rick, but the man was gone.


“SHIT,” all of them said at the same time.

“Well, I would have liked it if we caught the bad guy, but having everyone safe and sound takes precedence,” the acting captain for Unit 3 mumbled. Unit 3 held their hands in front of them, as a gesture of apology.

“Did the ones we caught tell you why they took these 3 men?”


“They took 4, sir,” Shao Fei told his captain. “I believe Tang Yi was not taken because of me handling the case, but for another purpose. Why would he take Tang Yi after they took Yu Xi Gu? If they were truly bent on warning me to stay away, they would have taken him immediately after I took over the case, after Shi Yi Jie was taken,”


The team contemplated this and nodded.


“Agreed,” the captain opened the files. “ Keep an eye on them. It’s not over yet,”


The four men each gave their statements before Tang Yi insisted that they were checked by Jin Tang. 


“I’ll pay for it, but let’s get you all checked,” Tang Yi insisted when Xi Gu and Zi Xuan protested that they were okay. Tang Yi could guess that they were worried about the fees when he told them outside the police station, as he could vaguely hear Hao Ting assuring Yu Xi Gu he would ask for the money from his parents. But he had known of Yu Xi Gu’s financial status when Shao Fei had come back to their home with the files.


“Jin Tang is a close friend of mine, and I pay him a fixed salary anyway. This won’t cost me extra, I promise,” Tang Yi insisted. Upon hearing this, Xi Gu and Zi Xuan finally agreed. 


“Except for you,” Tang Yi deadpanned as he stared at Yi Jie. Fei Sheng Zhe looked surprised at the hostility. Did Yi Jie say something to offend Tang Yi?


“You can pay for yourself,” Yi Jie stared at Tang Yi, looking mildly offended.


“Hey, I’m a victim too!” Yi Jie insisted. Tang Yi huffed and rolled his eyes. 


“Let’s head to my house, so we don’t need to brave through the media,” Jack came with Tang Yi’s limousine. Hao Ting, Xi Gu, Zi Xuan and Yu Hao whistled as the sleek black car came into view.


 “Psh, you’re just angry that I told you about me having sex,” Sheng Zhe blushed and hit his fiance. Tang Yi just tsked and was about to usher the students into his car when Yi Jie called out.


“I need to talk to you and that detective boyfriend of yours,” Yi Jie insisted. Tang Yi stopped in his tracks. He turned to address the elder man.


“I knew it,” Tang Yi hissed. As soon as the students were in his car he went to glare at Yi Jie.

“You knew what they were up to,”


“I have some suspicions,” Yi Jie answered, holding Sheng Zhe close. “I knew it when they brought you in,”


“Then come on,” Tang Yi relented. Fei Sheng Zhe looked unsure of what to do but followed his fiance’s signal to get in the limousine.

Meng Shao Fei stepped into their home to see Jin Tang checking Zi Xuan’s knee. There was a bandage to cover up his bruise, and Xi Gu was sitting next to Hao Ting, who promised his boyfriend that he was okay and that nothing happened. 


“Shao Fei,” Tang Yi called out. Shao Fei looked at Tang Yi to see him sitting at the table with Yi Jie. Sheng Zhe was with the other students, helping out Jin Tang. 


“Detective, a pleasure to finally meet the man assigned to find me,” Yi Jie stood to shake Shao Fei’s hand, but was intercepted by Tang Yi. Shao Fei grinned seeing his boyfriend’s protective streak. Yi Jie looked disgusted that Tang Yi was holding his hand, but couldn’t say anything when Shao Fei separated them and shook his hand briefly. 


“Glad to see the missing man in person,” Shao Fei answered. Yi Jie sat down again and waited for the couple to be properly seated.


“I only know why the man took me and Tang Yi,” Yi Jie began, sipping bottled water given by Shao Fei. The rest of them had sat down after finishing their check-up with Jin Tang. 


“Before he took me, my team and I had uncovered a bone pit here in Taiwan,” Yi Jie told them.


“A bone pit?” Hao Ting asked. 


“It’s like a mass grave, likely due to communal burial,” Sheng Zhe replied. “Sometimes, crime syndicates bury their victims in one big gigantic grave,”


“Hmm,” Yi Jie agreed. “We had intel that there was a possible site just outside of Taipei, land registered under…,” he glanced at Tang Yi.


“Under Tang Yi’s name?” Shao Fei asked. Tang Yi then knew they were talking about one of the properties Tang Guo Dong had while they were still in a gang. He hadn’t paid attention as to what type of land was there, but it was possible they had used it to bury witnesses back in the day. 


He really didn’t want to know. But if it was true, he knew why they wanted Yi Xi Gu.


“That’s why they kidnapped Tang Yi,” Shao Fei hummed. “But why these kids?”


“It’s because the bodies would be encased in a steel box,” Tang Yi supplied. The most efficient way was to dig a hole and drill through the steel to gain access to the bones. That’s why they need Yu Xi Gu,”


“Me?” Xi Gu asked, surprised. “Why?”


“Because you are small enough to fit through the hole they would drill,” Shao Fei answered. “Why not just take kids?”


“Too much risk,” Yi Jie answered. “And they needed someone smart to identify bone types,”


“Bone types...wait, is that why you were taken?” Shao Fei asked. 


“Hmm...I assumed so,” Yi Jie agreed. 


“Why would they need bones?” Zi Xuan asked.


“It’s to make drugs,” Jack added. “They grind the bones to dust and add it to their drug mix. It gives volume to the drugs. And bones are not as lethal as adding more chemicals to generate the weight,”


“Agreed. That’s why they targeted bone pits by gangs since the bones are technically ‘missing’ anyway, so with it gone it won’t make as much noise as grave robbing,” Tang Yi added. 


“So, Xi Gu was taken because he was slim enough to fit through the smallest hole needed,” Hao Ting said. 


“Then why take Zi Xuan?” Yu Hao asked. 


“I can answer that,” Dao Yi chirped from behind. They were all caught off guard when he appeared.


“Holy shit man, say something next time,” Hao Ting cursed. 


“Sorry, this is Dao Yi-ge. He’s my sister’s boyfriend and someone who used to be my father’s right-hand man back then,” Tang Yi introduced them. Dao Yi approached them with a map in his hand.


“Here’s the property you guys saw,” Dao Yi pointed to the piece of land to them. 


“There’s a river of some sorts separating it,” Tang Yi noticed. 


“Hmm, and the land is guarded by a thick wall, roughly 7 feet tall. Right outside of the concrete wall, there’s a drain that’s 40 feet wide,” Dao Yi stated. Zi Xuan then knew why they took him.


“After they took out the bones from the grave, they wanted me to serve them over the wall?” Zi Xuan asked.


“Serve? As in..,” Xi Gu asked.


“Volleyball,” Yu Hao replied. “Zi Xuan was the MVP for the state volleyball championship back in high school,”


“And within their strike zone too,” Tang Yi added. “He and Xi Gu were in the same area so why not just choose him?”


“It would be an easy crime,” Shao Fei agreed. “They get in and out without being detected, transfer the bones they wanted and kill loose ends after their done,”


“Kill?” Sheng Zhe whispered. He shivered thinking of the possibility that he could have lost Yi Jie. Subconsciously, his hand searched for Yi Jie and gripped it tight. 


“Most likely,” Tang Yi hummed. 


“The man is still out there,” Yu Xi Gu whimpered. “He could still come after us,” the rest of the gang looked somber when hearing that. Then Shao Fei looked at Tang Yi and they grinned.


“Unless we beat them to it,” Shao Fei chuckled while dialling a number.


“Breaking news: a massive bone pit has been discovered by the police linked to the missing person’s case not one week ago. Further information with Xia Yu at the scene,” the news anchor stated on the television.


“Authorities are looking for the man responsible for the disappearance of Professor Shi Yi Jie, known as Rick Lam. Any information regarding this individual can be relayed through this hotline,”

“Cheers! I want to wish a good job to everyone here,” Shao Fei toasted. They were sitting together again 3 days after the whole fiasco at Tang Yi’s place. Yi Jie and Sheng Zhe were telling them how many people had approached them about their wedding plans to Zi Xuan and Yu Hao, who kept glancing at his boyfriend every time the word married comes up. Shao Fei was with Tang Yi, asking about Xi Gu and Hao Ting’s plans for the future. Sometime during the rescue, Shao Fei noticed that all 3 men were a bit protective of Yu Xi Gu, even his Tang Yi, and now that he had the opportunity to read through his files again and talking to him in person, Shao Fei could guess why. Yu Xi Gu has had a hard life, working hard to support himself and even go to great lengths to not be a burden to everyone. Xiang Hao Ting was the perfect man for him.


But it was hard to not notice that Yu Xi Gu seemed to have developed a bit of a hero-worship with Tang Yi. So much that even Xiang Hao Ting was starting to seem a bit jealous. Shao Fei would have to take the man to the side some time and tell him to not be worried. 


“Tang Yi, I want a coke” Shao Fei whined, making Tang Yi raise his brow. But not wanting to question his boyfriend, he went to the kitchen for a coke. As soon as he went, Xi Gu changed his gaze towards Shao Fei, showing the same awed look. 


“Detective Meng, is it true that Tang Yi used to be in a gang? And that you turned him good?” Xi Gu asked. Hao Ting grumbled something about Xi Gu fanboying over Tang Yi.


“Hahahaha! Xi Gu, Tang Yi was always a good man,” Shao Fei chuckled, stopping himself from ruffling Xi Gu’s hair. “I just sped things up,”


“It’s so cool that he has all these gadgets and is so prepared!” XI Gu gushed. He then fiddled with the hem of his shirt. “He was brave too. He didn’t even hesitate to charge at that man with the knife,”


“That I’m sure he is,” Shao Fei hummed, looking at Tang Yi softly. “But you are brave too, Xi Gu. I heard that you have been fending yourself since high school? It must be hard,”


“It wasn’t! Hao Ting was there in our senior year, so it was easier,” Yu Xi Gu insisted. “He helped me out a lot. I wasn’t really enjoying life back then just living to get by,” Hao Ting took hold of Xi Gu’s hand in a comforting grip. 


“Now you’re living for us, right?” Hao Ting asked, giving off a cheeky smile. Yu Xi Gu smiled back and gave a shy nod. 


“Listen, I want to make a proposal for you. Tang Yi has a friend who’s the owner of a bar. His bar pays quite well, and it will be easier for me to keep an eye on you until we’re sure this thing is really over. And well,” Shao Fei grinned as he leaned in to whisper to the two. Hao Ting and Xi Gu leaned in as well, wanting to hear in on the secret.


“Tang Yi will use the excuse that he was visiting his friend, but actually he’s there to keep an eye on Xi Gu too,”


Xi Gu beamed and nodded, and Hao Ting sighed, accepting the fact that Xi Gu will likely have another gege that has developed some overprotective tendencies. It was bad enough that Zi Xuan and Yu Hao scolded him when Xi Gu came to work wobbling. Now he had to watch out for an ex-gangster AND a police officer?


He was so dead. Xi Gu then turned to Hao Ting and asked him about the job offer. Yu Hao came over to ask if he could work there too, seeing that the bar was in the middle of everything. It was closer to his university and their house.  Shao Fei was brought out of his reverie when Tang Yi placed his coke to his cheek. He accepted the coke and kissed Tang Yi’s hand. Tang Yi then placed his hand on his boyfriend’s jaw and guided it for a quick kiss. He had a feeling that their life was about to get more complicated, but with all these people, he was sure they would be okay.


“Tang Yi, get a room,” Yi Jie stated, face nonchalant. Tang Yi resisted to flip the man off.


Almost ALL. 

Chapter Text

Yu Xi Gu steeled himself as he stood in front of Tang Yi’s door. He had been preparing this for some time, ever since the Rick Lam debacle. It had been 2 months since the last time he had met Tang Yi, and he had been in turmoil ever since. Not that he didn’t want to visit Tang Yi, but the time he was kidnapped was near his exams, so he chose to focus on preparation and work. The university is having its year-end break now, so he had some extra time on his hands. In the old days he would take up some more jobs to make ends meet, but with the bar gig at Andy’s the pay was so good that he only needed to maintain that one job to make ends meet. He was looking to fill his time in the mornings during the break, which Andy had suggested one day when they were talking during work.  He talked about THAT  to Hao Ting every day since, and one day, Xiang Hao Ting came back with a beaming smile. 

“Xi Gu,” Hao Ting had called him 2 nights ago. He was holding a thick folder, one which Xi Gu recognizes as his course paperwork. 


“Hao Ting?” Xi Gu greeted his lover as the men stepped over the threshold. “Why did you bring your certificates and course work papers to the university?”


“I thought about what you said...and I agree with you. I talked it over to my parents, who blamed me, btw, when you got kidnapped, and they agreed to let me change my degree,” Hao Ting showed Xi Gu his change of program papers. Xi Gu quickly skimmed the documents and sucked in his breath as he read the program title.


“Hao changed your Bachelor in Science (Physics) degree to a Bachelor in Computer Science?” Xi Gu enquired.


“Yes, and I’m going to major in Cyber and Network Security,” Hao Ting replied. He laid his head down in Xi Gu’s lap. 


“You said that you wanted to help Tang Yi. Well, I’m going to help you when the time comes,” Hao Ting grinned. “If I learn all this, I can set up your cybersecurity!”


“But you didn’t take some of the core subjects needed for this degree,” Xi Gu argued. 


“I’m going to take the necessary credits over summer school,” Hao Ting assured Xi Gu.


“Are your parents paying for them?” Xi Gu asked, surprised. “Hao Ting, you know how much that costs!”


“Oh, no...I got a very generous ‘sponsor’” Hao Ting grinned as he made gesture marks with his fingers. “And my sponsor met with my parents, that’s why they agreed,”


“So now that we have our future planned, you can go ahead and do what you want to do. My summer will be occupied with classes, so I’d feel better if you had something to do too,” Hao Ting wished. Xi Gu’s hand clenched and unclenched from his undefined emotions. Once again, Hao Ting has selflessly pursued something for him. Even when Hao Ting had applied to the same university, but could not get into the same program, he had chosen the next best option, just so he could be near Xi Gu. 


Feeling overwhelmed, Xi Gu had been carding his hands through Hao Ting’s hair, stopped to tip his boyfriend’s head and kissed him. Softly at first, just a slight graze. Hao Ting closed his eyes and rose up to put more pressure into the kiss. He bit Xi Gu’s lower lip while changing the angle of his lips. Hao Ting loves how Xi Gu would let out breathy whines when he’s lost in the moment.  Xi Gu tried to withdraw back to gaze onto Hao Ting’s face, but Hao Ting’s hand shot up to grasp at the back of Xi Gu’s head. Rising up, Hao Ting twisted his body but not breaking contact to face Xi Gu. He grasped Xi Gu’s shoulder, clinging to the smaller boy as he smacks his lips aggressively against his boyfriend. One hand came up to skim along the front of his lover’s body from his collar bones, past his chest, and making a perch at his waist. The other one immediately found Xi Gu’s left bud, thumbing it until Xi Gu whimpered against his lips. 


“Hao Ting!” Xi Gu complained, pouting with bruised lips. Hao Ting opened his eyes to grin at his sulky boyfriend. Xi Gu was about to rant about how Hao Ting always looks for the opportunity to have sex, but chose to indulge him this time. But first, he has to get things straight.


“Well, some of these subjects are tough, if I go, who’s going to help you study?” Xi Gu quizzed his lover. Hao Ting raised an eyebrow when Xi Gu changed the mood, but he could easily remedy that later. Best to placate his boyfriend. He took out his phone to show his Line conversation. 


“I have it ALL covered, I’m learning from the master!” Xi Gu read the conversation, then showed a blank face.


“What?” Hao Ting asked.


“You’re still playing with my nipples, Hao Ting,”


Xi Gu smiled as he remembered how supportive Hao Ting was of his request. He would have to pay a visit to Hao Ting’s parents one day. He took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell.


“Hi, Xi Gu!” Meng Shao Fei chirped from beside the house. He was giving off a beaming smile when Xi Gu turned to see him, which made Xi Gu immediately reply with an upturn of his own lips. He ran towards Shao Fei and greeted the man.


“Shao Fei-ge!”


Meng Shao Fei laughed as he saw the genuine happiness Xi Gu was showing. He couldn’t help but ruffle Xi Gu’s hair. Though Xi Gu hadn’t seen Tang Yi since last time, Shao Fei and Unit 3 had been dropping in at Andy’s to check on him and Yu Hao from time to time. 


“How is work? Is Andy treating you and Yu Hao good?” Shao Fei chuckled when he reminisced the first time they both showed up at the bar. Andy was completely smitten with the adorable Xi Gu and muscular Yu Hao, feeling a bit overprotective too about what happened to them. Of course, they were both struck with how handsome Andy was, and when they told how attractive and kind their boss was, Hao Ting and ZI Xuan had come storming to the bar out of jealousy.


“Shao Fei-ge! Boss is very nice to us, you know that!” Xi Gu laughed. Shao Fei ushered Xi Gu to the side of the house, where Tang Yi was. He was in his sweatpants and had discarded his shirt, giving Xi Gu a view of his chest.


“Xi Gu,” Tang Yi greeted the young man. He smiled as Xi Gu ran up to him to greet him.


“Tang Yi-ge!” Xi Gu chirped. “Are you sparring?”

“Hmm, with Shao Fei,” Tang Yi replied, saying thanks when Shao Fei handed him a bottle of water. “Thank you, love,” Tang Yi sipped his drink. “You’re done with your exams right? What can I do for you?”


“Actually..humm. It may seem silly..but can you teach me some self-defense?” Xi G requested. Tang Yi’s eyes widened for a bit before softening. Xi Gu became nervous when Tang Yi didn’t reply, sputtering for apologies.


“Xi Gu~ It’s okay! I think it’s a wonderful idea,” Shao Fei responded from behind. 

“Tang Yi will be happy to train you, right love?” he added.


“Hmm, does this have anything to do with Rick Lam?” Tang Yi asked. Xi Gu nodded immediately.


“I want to be ready!” he informed the couple. “Me and Hao Ting thought about it, and we agreed that learning to defend ourselves is the best thing to do,”


“Then where’s Hao Ting?” Shao Fei asked, looking for the man. 


“He’s changing his major, so he’s seeking help from someone because he needed extra credits in the summer,” Xi Gu replied. “And he’s good at fighting already so he doesn’t really need it,”


“He’s changing his physics degree? To what?” Tang Yi asked, intrigued. 


“Computer Science….with a major in Cyber and Network security,”


Both Tang Yi and Shao Fei looked at each other and laughed. Xi Gu looked perplexed when he got the response.


“Do you think he’s not suited for it?” Xi Gu asked.


“No! No! Not that!” Shao Fei insisted. He looked at Tang Yi fondly.


“It’s just that, you and he are not the only ones asking for help,” Shao Fei told Xi Gu, then moved from Xi Gu’s line of view to show Xia Yu Hao sitting in the house, studying.

Chapter Text

“Yu Hao!” Xi Gu greeted as he ran inside the house. The other man looked up from his studies to see his friend and colleague in front of him. 


“Xi Gu! Why are you here?” Yu Hao asked. XI Gu explained how he had requested for Tang Yi and Meng Shao Fei to train him in a bit of self-defense so that they could be ready. 


“Why are you here? You’re already good at fighting,” XI Gu asked back. He had seen a while back when their boss was attacked while grocery shopping together for stuff in the bar Yu Hao taking on 4 grown men. They were trying to get Andy to pay some protection money, but most likely didn’t know that Andy was under Tang Yi’s protection. Ex- mafia or not, no one wants to cross paths with him. Or was it Jack? 


But anyway, seeing Yu Hao kick butt had triggered Xi Gu to get some lessons of his own. 


“I’m studying with boss,” Yu Hao answered, using his thumb to point out Andy in the kitchen getting them both a drink. 


“Boss!” Xi Gu squeaked out when he saw that Andy was smiling at them both. Andy’s only reply was to run and hug the smaller man close.


“Xi Gu~ my cutie pie!” Andy smooshed Xi Gu’s face with his palms. “I miss you!”


“Andy, he works at your bar tonight,” Shao Fei chuckled. Tang Yi tsked at Andy’s behavior but was secretly relieved Andy didn’t do it to Shao Fei.  XI Gu just smiled as Andy released him.


“Yu Hao here is studying his business management and planning subject for his culinary arts degree, so naturally I’m his best tutor,” Andy answered for Xi Gu. “He’s also training a bit with Shao Fei to hone his skills, and I have to say, he’s getting really skilled,”


“Yu Hao, how long have you been training? You didn’t tell me!” XI Gu complained. Yu Hao looked offended at being accused of wrongdoing.


“Me?! Professor Yi Jie and Xi Zuan started immediately after that night we celebrated!” 


The moment Yu Hao let out that information, Xi Gu could hear Jack and Zhao Zi coming in through the back door, followed by Shi Yi Jie, Xi Zuan, and Hao Ting.


“Hao Ting!” Xi Gu chirped. He ran towards his boyfriend, mindful of the laptop the young man was carrying.


“Xi Gu! You’re here?” Hao Ting smiled back. 


“What is going on?” XI Gu whispered as Tang Yi and Yi Jie started arguing over results.


“You’ve been here for 2 months but your aim is still shit! What are you, a stormtrooper?” Tang Yi mocked. Shao Fei stood in between the two men, trying to calm them down.


“Tang Yi, he only practiced on the weekends, so it was technically days since he started shooting. Give him some slack,” Shao Fei coaxed his boyfriend. Tang Yi grunted and sat down.


“Yeah, Tang Yi...sorry that the only ‘gun’ I had experience with was Sheng Zhe’s co..,” Yi Jie rebutted but was stopped by Xi Zuan.




“Hey! Watch your language! My Xi Gu is present!” Andy complained. XI Gu reminded his boss that he lost his virginity a long time ago, so there was no need for censorship. Hao Ting grumbled from the side about how Xi Gu was actually his. Zhao Zi used this opportunity to explain to XI Gu what had happened while he and Xiang Hao Ting were busy with their exams.


“Well, after that dinner, Shi Yi Jie came to Tang Yi to help us eradicate Rick Lam and his syndicate for good. Some initial police work found that they were distributing heroin called ‘Crystal Skeleton’ here in Taiwan not long ago. As a payment to help Tang Yi find old bone pits belonging to the Tian Meng group, Jack would train Shi Yi Jie and Xi Zuan in using pistols for self-defense,” Zhao Zi explained as he pointed out to the two men in particular. 


“Somehow, Xi Zuan also struck a deal with Dr. Jiang Jin Tang to train him in emergency first aid along with Sheng Zhe,” Shao Fei added. “Sheng Zhe already has some basics, thanks to his mother being a nurse, so they are just brushing up on how to stitch a cut and take out bullets if the need arise and Xi Zuan, already a third year in physiology, figured he could use it to also ask Jin Tang to tutor him,”


“A few weeks later, Yu Hao came to Shao Fei to ask him how to hone his fighting techniques in case you guys will be targeted again when Andy told him Yi Jie found not 1, but 3 more potential bone pits belonging to Tang Yi’s old group,” Zhao Zi added. “And then yesterday, this guy texted me saying that he’s changed his degree and major to my specialty, hacking,” Hao Ting showed off a peace sign to Xi Gu. 


Taking in all the information from both policemen, Xi Gu exhaled a sigh of relief, knowing that his boyfriend chose the safest out of all the possible outcomes. 

“We’re still missing Rick Lam, and his big boss,” Shao Fei stated, getting the attention of everyone there. “So we need to be vigilant,”


“For now, let’s keep training,” Jack suggested. 


“Are you sure we can do this?” Sheng Zhe asked for the nth time. Jack peered from the patient’s chair, with Tang Yi behind him and Xi Zuan. Yi Jie pouted as Jin Tang instructed the man to repent on the other side of the room.


“Doctor, I know it’s a flesh wound, but I’m still losing blood,” Jack smirked. Yi Jie winced as Jack answered a call from his husband.


“Jack! What happened?! Why is Ah Fei telling me you got shot?!” Zhao Zi scolded through the speakerphone.


“Ah love. It’s just an arm injury,” Jack assured his husband. “Yi Jie was fighting with Tang Yi again,”


“When I get there I will make sure those two regret it! Just wait till I tell Ah Fei what really happened,” Zhao Zi swore.


“Oh, he knows,” Tang Yi mumbled, grimacing when he read his Line convo. 

‘Guess who’s sleeping on the couch tonight?’


Hong Ye was going to have a field day.


“Shi Yi Jie! You shot him because you were playing with Tang Yi?!” Sheng Zhe asked, flabbergasted. 


“It was an accident!” Yi Jie protested. “Tang Yi said he was a better shot,”


“Which you replied ‘how good can you be if you shot your own boyfriend’,” Xi Zuan added. He pulled on gloves and got ready to extract the bullet. Sheng Zhe glared at Yi Jie before opening a fresh surgical kit. Taking out the forceps, he passed it to Xi Zuan, who went on to pull the bullet out and place it in the tray. Jin Tang nodded to tell Xi Zuan that he did good. Sheng Zhe then took over and sewed the wound shut. 


“Good, you guys are half-way there! Now I only need to train you for major surgery and emergency blood transfusion,” Jin Tang decided. Xi Zuan and Sheng Zhe nodded and high fived each other.  Jack tried moving his arm, feeling satisfied that it wasn’t too sore. Tang Yi looked at Yi Jie, contemplating if he should have someone beat the crap out of the professor for getting him in trouble with Shao Fei.


“See? There was a silver lining to me shooting Jack,” Yi Jie announced. “Maybe next time I’ll accidentally shoot Tang Yi and you guys can practice more,”


Tang Yi will beat him up himself!

 Zhao Zi typed a few commands on his laptop to show Hao Ting how to hack someone’s internet history.


“We can use this to predict someone’s sexual preference for honey pot operations, as well as see if he was emailing someone of interest,” Zhao Zi showed Hao Ting Jack’s browser history.


“See, Jack always searches for yummy recipes to cook for me. Looks like I’ll be having wonton noodle soup tonight!”


“What if the person is using a VPN?” Hao Ting asked. “Can we still track them?”


“Yes and no, you can always use this VPN tracker I programmed to see if the IP address is being pinged from a different source, then unscramble it to give you the real IP address. From there you can use the original IP address to check the browser history,” Zhao Zi replied. Hao Ting thought for a while and then grinned.


“Hee hee,” Hao Ting snickered as he entered Yu Hao’s IP address. Ever since he had gotten lessons from Zhao Zi, he had been collecting IP addresses from their team, except for Zhao Zi’s and Shao Fei’s. He just respected them too much. Tang Yi’s came easily when he had used the man’s laptop to ‘search’ for information on his course when he was studying. He took note to block Shi Yi Jie’s once Sheng Zhe told him once over drinks (they were quite intoxicated) at Xi Gu’s workplace about how the man had used discussion boards to spice up their sex life. He did not want to see the man’s shopping cart. 


He grinned when he pulled up Yu Hao’s history, taking note of the man’s last search. 


“Hey...Yu Hao! So this is why you said you were busy today!” Hao Ting greeted the man downtown. They were a few blocks away from Andy’s bar.


“Shit, Xiang Hao Ting! Why are you here?!” Yu Hao closed his cap over his eyes, just in case Xi Gu came with. The last thing he needed was Xi Gu blurting it out to Andy at work that he was shopping for cute bento accessories. Hao Ting peeked inside Yu Hao’s shopping basket.



“Seriously dude, what the fuck?” Hao Ting asked, trying to stop his laughter.


“Shut it! You may think this is funny, but I just made this for Xi Zuan,” Yu Hao pulled out his phone to show the Line convo between him and his lover. 



Hao Ting took one look and gasped. He looked at Yu Hao’s face and at the bento picture once again. “Shit! Dude! This is unreal,”


Yu Hao jutted his bottom lip and puffed his chest, satisfied that Hao Ting was salivating over his creation.


“And when he came home that night from his tutoring session with Dr. Jiang...let’s just say he came a few more times...if you catch my drift,” Yu Hao pulled down his shirt collar to show the scratch marks. Hao Ting gulped before placing his hand on his friend’s shoulder.


“Dude, teach me,”

“Hmm, Hao Ting started giving me bentos to our tutoring session,” Xi Gu pondered as he opened the bento in front of Andy. The man had given Xi Gu a break from serving customers and had opted to join him in his break. Upon seeing a cute bento box, Andy had requested the story behind it, seeing as Xi Gu had always ordered a dish from the cook prior to this. 


“Recently?” Andy asked, wondering if the scene of him meeting both Yu Hao and Hao Ting at the bento shop downtown had anything to do with it. Xi Gu nodded, offering Andy some out of courtesy. Really, the man shouldn’t be so cute. Andy might just adopt him.  He spotted Xi Gu smiling as he bit into a piggy rice ball.


The taste was decent, but Yu Hao’s was better.


“How’s your training?” Andy asked Xi Gu. The man beamed when he excitedly told Andy how he had managed to dropkick Tang Yi once today. He also told Andy how Shao Fei had praised him over his quick thinking, showing him a few more moves to take down bigger opponents. Andy watched as Xi Gu explained to Andy that soon, Xi Gu would be able to join Yu Hao in protecting Andy too.


Really, the man was too cute. As Xi Gu launched into the physics behind his training, Andy received a message from his friends at the prison. He waited for Xi Gu’s break to be over before contacting Tang Yi. 


“Tang Yi, is Jack there? Hmm. Good. Kuo Gang is out,” Andy explained once he was out of range. “I think Jack should tail him tonight,”

Tang Yi closed his phone when he received the information. Forwarding the necessary details over to Jack, he got back a roger and concocted a distraction to make sure that Shao Fei would be with him, just in case Kuo Gang wanted to visit his crush. He was still sore over the fact that Kuo Gang had kidnapped Shao Fei over a botched Honey Pot operation a few months back. That time, Unit 2 had taken over Unit 3’s investigation of pulling in remnants from Wang Ku Chen’s, Chen WenHao, and Tang Yi’s old gang. Unit 3 had been in charge of Tang Yi’s case because they mainly fall under the controlled substance and organized crime category, but when Shao Fei had solved the big case which dissolved Tang Yi’s gang, Kuo Gang had just decided to dip his hands into robbery-related crimes, stealing weapons and even asking about the sex trade to make a gang of his own. After months of digging, Tang Yi, Jack, and Andy found out that apart from Meng Shao Fei, Kuo Gang had an interest in collecting working professionals to sell in his trade, something that ticked Tang Yi off. He always wondered how close was he to losing Shao Fei to that scumbag.


And who was in charge of Unit 2 when Shao Fei got kidnapped?


Captain Edward Fucking Ma. 


A guy who has a crush on Shao Fei and had declared to Tang Yi to watch his back. As soon as Andy and Jack came back with the possibility of Ma convoluting with Kuo Gang, Tang Yi had been on high alert. Then the shit with Rick Lam happened. So now he had to watch out for 2 possible threats.


There was still the issue that Tang Yi hadn’t told Shao Fei he suspected Ma. He didn’t think it would sit well with Shao Fei. But he’ll cross that bridge when the correct time comes. For now, he, Andy and Jack will run intelligence in the background.


Once Shao Fei was asleep (he should be in deep sleep because Tang Yi managed to coax him for 2 rounds), the expected message came. Jack had taken a photo and sent it via their group chat ‘3 Musketeers’ to inform them of what’s happening. Tang Yi made sure that Shao Fei was deep asleep before opening the chat group. He jerked when he saw the photo.

Kuo Gang had indeed met with Edward Ma. But the third person with them was what made Tang Yi became restless. 


It was Rick Lam. 


Shit was about to get real.