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HIStory : Aftermath

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Tang Yi opened his eyes when a pebble bounced off his head. He vaguely remembered that he was on the phone with Shao Fei when he was chloroformed and taken. He knew when Shao Fei told him about those missing persons, it would come back to bite them in the ass. 



“Someone went missing?” Tang Yi had asked when they were having dinner 3 days ago. Shao Fei was seated at the table, eating dinner, but he was going through the case file that was opened from the report. Since the victim was a professor from a popular university and was possibly related to a gang, they had immediately assigned the case to Shao Fei, who was known to solve cases of this nature. 


And the fact that he has a boyfriend with lingering ties, Shao Fei could potentially have resources to the underground that normal officers didn’t. 


“Hmm, witnesses say that a man with a scar on his right eye was seen loitering the university when the professor went missing,” Shao Fei stated. Tang Yi hummed.


“Why did they assign this case to Unit 3?”


“Because, the man is similar to Rick Lam, who testified that he saw YOU leaving the site of the murder for Tang Guo Dong,” Shao Fei retorted, showing the picture of the man. Tang Yi scrutinized the picture, remembering the man to be faithful to Chen Wen Hao. Suddenly feeling a bad premonition looming, Tang Yi held Shao Fei’s hand and made his boyfriend look at him. 


“Promise me you’ll be careful,” Tang Yi pleaded. Shao Fei looked at Tang Yi and returned the stare with his own.


“Tang Yi...I promise. It’s just a kidnapping case,” Shao Fei smiled. Tang Yi seemed to be assured with that and poured more coke for Shao Fei. Shao Fei chirped a thanks and continued to read the files.


“Hmm, the professor is an expert in archaeology and anthropology,” Shao Fei mused, and gave a surprised sound when he looked at the picture.


“Hmmm, not bad,” Shao Fei absentmindedly stated, making Tang Yi growl from his spot.


“Ah Fei,” Tang Yi warned. Shao Fei grinned and showed the picture to Tang Yi.


“Just not expecting a professor to look like this,” Shao Fei replied. “His name…,”


“Shi Yi Jie,” the man growled out as he approached Tang Yi. “Who are you?”


Tang Yi snapped his head to look at the missing professor. SIghing, he pinched the bridge of his nose to stop an impending headache.


“Fuck, it’s you,”


“Huh?” Shi Yi Jie asked back. “You know me?”


“The detective in charge of your my boyfriend,” Tang Yi answered. “I’m Tang Yi,”  Yi Jie pursed his lips as he soaked in that information. 


“Oh,” Yi Jie said, sitting not far from Tang Yi. “Sorry about this,”


“It’s okay,” Tang Yi replied “I’m kind of used to this,” he smiled, remembering all those attempts at kidnapping him and the one time he was stuck in the mountains with Shao Fei.  Yi Jie stared at him and chose not to ask more questions.


“How did you get here?” Tang Yi asked, figuring that he could help Shao Fei with this case now that he was involved anyway. He was still disoriented, and his head felt like it had bumped into a hard surface, meaning that the men responsible could have dropped him like a sack of potatoes.




“Yi Jie!” Xiao Fei husked out after a hard suck was administered. Yi Jie glanced from underneath his lashes and smirked. Ignoring the plea, he continued to mouth the flesh, making his fiance whimper.


“Someone could catch us!” Xiao Fei protested. 

“Sorry, but I’m not sure what is the connection between you sucking off your partner and this,” Tang Yi countered. Yi Jie smirked and put up his hands.


“I’m getting there,”



“No one is coming into my office,” Yi Jie breathed out as he trailed his mouth along the hem of his partner’s shirt. Fei Sheng Zhe whimpered and gripped the man’s hair to urge him to speed things up. “I put up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign,”


“Yi Jie! Your secretary will know we’re in here!” Sheng Zhe whined. 


“Oh, she will know,” Yi Jie chuckled and pulled out a condom.


“Okay, is there a point to this?” Tang Yi objected. Yi Jie tsked and conceded.





As I was washing my hands and fixing my hair in the mens after 2 rounds (we don’t need to know that!- Tang Yi)  of sex, a man entered the room and proceeded to occupy the sink beside me. I watched him closely because he was too old to be a student and was not a member of the faculty, and the scar across his right eye was a feature too hard to ignore. I was about to head back to the office but wasn't even able to make it to the door before he drugged me and I woke up here, 3 days ago.

“So it was Rick,” Tang Yi hummed. 


“You know that man? The one with the scar?”


“Hmmm,” Tang Yi answered, “ He used to work with me,”


“That man took me too!” another voice chirped from beside them. Yi Jie and Tang Yi turned their heads to look at another boy in the room. 


“Who are you?” Tang Yi asked. He gave Yi Jie an accusing look for not informing him of the other’s presence. 


“I’m Xi Gu...Yu Xi Gu,”the smaller man answered, looking timid and a bit hesitant.


“How did you get here?” Tang Yi asked. Shi Yi Jie took it upon himself to answer the question. 


“This little guy got here yesterday. He’s a second-year student at my university and was taken when he finished his shift at the local bar,” Yi Jie supplied. XI Gu nodded his head but refused to look at Tang Yi head-on. He then fiddled with his shirt to stop feeling nervous in front of the 2 older, bigger men. Shi Yi Jie was nice enough and he vaguely remembered the man to be a professor in his university, but Tang Yi looked like he could pummel a man to death. 


“A student? Why would they kidnap you?” Tang Yi growled out. He was angry that whoever these people were, they would involve someone who looked like he would faint at the slightest of movement. 



“Another man came in and told me his boyfriend disappeared after his night shift at a local bar, taken by a man with a scar across his right eye,” Shao Fei announced as they ate breakfast this morning,”


Tang Yi raised one eyebrow, showing that he was listening.


“I think it’s all connected, he insisted that the man was loitering the bar the night Yu Xi Gu disappeared,”

Xiang Hao Ting laughed as he watched his boyfriend evade yet another overzealous admirer. He waved off Sun Bo when the man said he was going to pick up his boyfriend from the cafe. Xi Gu pouted when he finally managed to escape from the customer. 


“You’re mean,” Xi Gu complained as he placed a beer at Hao Ting’s table. “She is your coursemate,”


“I know,” Hao Ting smirked. He chugged the drink down. “She saw you when you came to pick me up,”


“You could have just said I am your boyfriend,” Xi Gu added. “I told her but she looked like she didn’t believe me,”


“I told her a thousand times that you were mine, but she was adamant that I was lying,” Hao Ting mused, eyes catching a man who was staring at them too intensely. The man had a scar across his right eye, and the way he was subtly looking at Xi Gu made Hao Ting alert.


Something just doesn’t feel right.


“Hey, I’ll wait till your shift is done,” Hao Ting announced, watching as Xi Gu sighed in good nature. 


“I can go home myself,” Xi Gu protested. “You don’t need to wait for me,”


“I want to,” Hao Ting insisted, his gut telling him to do it. “Let’s go home together okay?”


Xi Gu couldn’t find it to deny his boyfriend anything. He nodded and went back to serve drinks.


But they ended up not going home together after all. 

So Shao Fei was right, Xi Gu was also taken by Rick. 

Tang Yi prodded the bolted windows as he checked if they would give way. He had no idea where he was, and the door was steel enforced. Rick was careful to throw away his phone, so he couldn’t contact Shao Fei. He checked every nook and cranny for things that could help him, but the room was bare as it was.


The door burst open and Rick came in with another man slung over his shoulder. Another man was behind him, pointing a gun at the occupants inside.  Tang Yi and Yi Jie stood in front of Xi Gu, ready to spring into action if needed.


“Don’t worry, Tang Yi. I’m not here to do anything,” Rick assured them. “Yet,”


“You know when Jack gets here, you’re going to be sorry,” Tang Yi told Rick. “Unlike you, he doesn’t leave trails,” 


“Oh, I know Jack well,” Rick told Tang Yi. He then proceeded to throw the unconscious man onto the floor, Tang Yi now knew why he felt like that. 


“It’s okay, we’ll be done and you all will be underground by the time he comes here,” Rick assured the men. He then went outside, locking the door. 


“Who’s Jack?” Yi Jie asked when they were alone. “I think I deserved some explanation as to who you are,” Tang Yi stared at Yi Jie and Xi Gu, contemplating if he should tell them about him.


“Okay, long story short, I used to work in the underground, and Jack and Rick worked for me.  However, I wanted to turn legal and got involved in some unsavory incidents, where I met my detective boyfriend. We became a couple, but the unsavory business made me shot him, so I went to jail and got out recently,” Tang Yi summarized. “And Jack is a mercenary who still works for me,”


“Okay. So, you used to be a gang leader, met a detective boyfriend then turned legal. Rick used to work for you, and so does Jack. You were just released from prison,” Yi Jie repeated back. Tang Yi nodded. 


“But Rick still worked in a gang,”


“He never wanted to be legal,” Tang Yi replied. He watched as Xi Gu tended to the man, which turned out to be someone of Xi Gu’s age. His glasses were broken, and it looked like he had a bruise at the side of his head.  Tang Yi placed his ears at the door and looked for shadows looming close. When he was satisfied no one would come, he sat down again bending his one leg to place a hand on top of his knee. 


“Are there any cameras in here?” Tang Yi asked. Yi Jie shook his head no.


“I think there is,” Xi Gu answered. “Back when I came in and was turning over crates to look for things to escape, they came in when I was about to go that side,” Xi Gu glanced at a stack of boxes at the far right corner. “I wasn’t very noisy, so they couldn’t have heard me,”


Tang Yi nodded, signaling that he understood. He gave a fond look at Xi Gu, feeling protective of the adolescent. He looked so innocent and frail, but his mind was sharp and he had a hard glint in his eyes, indicative of his will. He rubbed his nose with his left cuff, and a low static sound buzzed.


“Is that..?” Yi Jie asked, astonished.


“Jack,” Tang Yi stated, in a low voice. You had to be near him to hear it. Yi Jie and Xi Gu was about to ask Tang Yi why he called out Jack’s name when a whisper replied.


Boss,” the crackling made it sound like a buzz, but Yi Jie and Xi Gu who were close could clearly hear someone else replying through the cuff.


“Shao Fei okay?” Tang Yi asked. 


He’s ditching his official gun and asking to carry Dao Yi’s, what do you think?” Jack replied, tone light and teasing. 


“The cuff doesn’t have much power, so track it quick. I have to close the voice feature to save battery,” Tang Yi rubbed his nose a couple of times, to make it look like he was itchy.


Will do. See you in a few,” the line dropped. Yi Jie and Xi Gu breathed a sigh of relief.


“That was amazing!” Xi Gu stated, eyes turning bright with admiration. Tang Yi smiled and told them that it would take Jack a while to track the GPS button sewn into his cuffs. The device was small, so Jack’s boyfriend had to ditch a big battery for more range. If they are still within Taiwan, Jack can trace them. 


“Ugh...where am I?” the man on the floor grumbled out. Xi Gu immediately handed out a water bottle.


“Zi Xuan-ge,” Xi Gu called out. 


“You know him?” Tang Yi asked. Xi Gu nodded shyly, helping Zi Xuan to sit up. 


“His boyfriend Xia Yu Hao works at the same bar as me,” Xi Gu replied. Tang Yi seemed to contemplate this information.


Why would they kidnap an anthropology professor and 2 students who worked at a bar?

“Officer Meng, this man was loitering at our volleyball court the time Zi Xuan went missing!” Xia Yu Hao insisted as he pointed towards the picture of RIck Lam on Meng Shao Fei’s desk. Zhao Zi was trying to block him from entering their office, with Shao Fei entertaining BOTH Fei Sheng Zhe and Xiang Hao Ting. 


“Another one?!” Shao Fei squawked. “Zhao Zi, let him in,”


“Ah Fei, this is getting really weird,” Zhao Zi stated. He sat them all down at the meeting room, Unit 3 and the missing person’s partners surrounding the small table.


“Tell us everything the time Zi Xuan disappeared,” Jun Wei instructed.


“We were practicing volleyball for the friendly with the local high school. I told Zi Xuan that I had to stay back and help with the juniors’ serve, so I told him to go back home first. But when I went back, he still wasn’t home. I called everyone, even his sister, and even she didn’t know where he went. If she doesn’t know, then he really is kidnapped! He won’t just disappear. That man,” Yu Hao pointed to the picture of Rick Lam on the whiteboard. “I saw him near our court while we were practicing, but I didn’t pay attention to it that much. I figured he was just there to ogle the that’s not my problem,” Yu Hao insisted. Yu Qi protested.


“What?! A pervert might be potentially harmful towards your juniors!”


“As long as he doesn’t perv on my boyfriend I don’t care!” Yu Hao fought back. Hao Ting’s lip quivered.


“Oh shit!! He’s gay isn’t he????!!!! He was looking at Xi Gu that night too! That’s why I told him we should go home together~” Hao Ting hollered, making Sheng Zhe winced. “If that bastard tries anything on my Xi Gu, I’ll beat him to death,”


“What do you mean? You think the man took my Zi Xuan because he likes the way he looks? Fuck! I told Xi Zuan he is too pretty!” Yu Hao panicked.


“Hmm, pretty sure he doesn’t have that intention. I mean, my fiance is already old and not to say he’s not good looking, but he is the exact opposite of Xi Gu and Zi Xuan,” Sheng Zhe added. 


“Wait, wait wait...are all the victims..homosexual?” Jun Wei asked. The people in the room stopped to stare at each other. They all nodded their heads in the affirmative. 


“If he was going to sell them to the sex trade, why take Tang Yi and Yi Jie. They both have high risks attached to them. Yi Jie is a professor from a known university. His disappearance would create a big buzz,” Yu Qi asked. Zhao Zi seemed to concur.


“I agree, and Tang Yi would be too risky to be sold in the sex trade. He used to work in a gang, and Rick knew Jack was still working with him. Taking Tang Yi was just not worth it,” Jun Wei added. Shao Fei only stared at the men taken, trying to piece them all together.


“Officer Meng, someone is here for you,” the receptionist called Unit 3 from the doorway. Shao Fei and Zhao Zi looked up to see Jack holding up his tracker. A steady beeping sound made Shao Fei laugh.


“He activated it?” Shao Fei asked. Jack nodded, making Unit 3 all stood up at once. 


“Let’s get him!” Yu Qi yelled. “You guys just wait here, we’ll be back with them ASAP,”


“I’m going with you!” Yu Hao insisted. “I may not look like it, but I can fight really well,”


“Me too! I’m going to beat the shit of the guy who took my Xi Gu!” Hao Ting agreed. Sheng Zhe then slowly stood up and addressed them all at the same time. “My mother is a nurse. So, I’m trained in first aid,” Sheng Zhe told them. Shao Fei wanted to tell them that it was a risky situation, but he too could understand the anxiety of losing a lover.


“Okay, but you won’t act if there are guns involved,” Shao fei relented, knowing the gleam in their eyes that these kids won’t be stopped by mere words.


“Senior!” Yu Qi protested.


“They will follow us even if we forbid them,” Jun Wei sighed. Zhao Zi nodded.


“It’s okay. Jack is here,” Zhao Zi announced. “He’ll keep us all safe,” Jack cooed at his husband’s cuteness. 


“Let’s get Tang Yi back,” Shao Fei stated and they all head out.

“Yu Xi Gu, here you were! Me and Yu Hao were worried when you didn’t show up at the bar for your next shift. And your boyfriend, Xiang Hao Ting kept making noise about seeing the security footage,” Qiu Zi Xuan sighed in relief at seeing Xi Gu in the room.


“And isn’t that professor Shi Yi Jie from the anthropology department?” Zi Xuan asked. Xi Gu nodded and introduced Tang Yi as well. 


“You don’t go to our university,” ZI Xuan commented. Tang Yi stared at them while seemingly waiting for any change in behavior from their captors.


“He doesn’t. He’s just the boyfriend of the detective in charge of my case,” Yi Jie answered. 


“My boyfriend is on their way here,” Tang Yi suddenly perked from his stance. He stood up and wiped some dust from his pants. “I could only see Rick and one more guy when they came here,”


“There’s more! There was another man when I came in,” Xi Gu insisted. Tang Yi nodded his agreement.


“The rules for kidnapping is to have a ratio of 1 to 1, in case anything happens,” Zi Xuan immediately put Xi Gu behind him, looking suspicious.


“How do you know this? Who are you?!” 


It was Yi Jie who halted further questions. “We’ll explain later. Tang Yi, what’s the plan?”


“When my boyfriend gets here with his team, they would probably be overwhelmed at being ambushed that they would attempt to take one of us hostage. And the obvious choice would be only one,” Tang Yi stared at Yu Xi Gu, who looked surprised. Qiu ZI Xuan hardened his stare.