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Glitterbomb Diaries

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Whilst the group were practicing the choreography of a rookie girl group who debuted in the last month or so, Suzy paid extra attention to Jerry where some weird is happening whilst practising. The lights started to act funny while the group had to stop practising and noticed the lights were blinking on and off continuously and when Jerry started to do something, the lights when back to normal but ended up clutching her head, as if she gotten a headache or whatever happening to her but ended up having a lollipop following that episode.

Suzy knew that something is extraordinary about Jerry, as if she was possessed by some superpower but also noticed that when the lights were blinking on and off, she seemingly believed it was the dongsaeng’s doing. She knew it was clear that Jerry has been withholding some details about herself, along with her male counterpart Jungwoo, so following the freaky encounter, Suzy said to the other members that rehearsal is done for the day and that everyone is free to leave but wanted Jerry to stay behind, leaving Kimmy and Nicki excited on their way out.

Jerry then looked at Suzy, then calmly approaching her asked, “What is the reason why you wanted me to stay behind?”

Suzy then answered, “The blinking lights, was it you?”

Jerry was surprised for the leader to figure this out.

“How did you know that?” Jerry asked Suzy.

Suzy said, “When I saw it happening, I saw you move your hands and once you did that, it stopped then you ended up clutching your head. Is there something really wrong with you?”

Jerry confirmed that the lights was her doing but ultimately denied about whether there was something wrong with her.

Jerry then said, “Don’t mind that, it was just a throbbing headache that bother me at times. It was nothing new. I just needed my lollipops and bingo, it disappeared.”

Suzy was not entirely convinced and then said, “Ah, I see, you should get some rest thing. Take off the makeup and wig, have a nice shower and sleep for a while.”

Jerry said, “Okay leader,” she bowed in front of Suzy before proceeding to have another of her lollipops and left the rehearsal space with Suzy on her own.

Suzy then thought about the possibility of some kind of damage that Jerry might be suffering from but is determined to know what is going on so she has good chances of saving the dongsaeng’s life before it is too late. But first, Suzy needs to revert back to good old Seungsoo and then consult with Yije and Junha to retrieve medical reports about Jungwoo as she is confident the dongsaeng is suffering and is not disclosing it to anyone within the group or family.

Suzy then picked her phone up and sent a message to Yije and Junha to meet with her once she gets rid of her pretty face to have her handsome Seungsoo look again. Once Seungsoo is back, it was time for business to sort the problem out.