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Christmas in Paris

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Harry wheeled the cart to the table set in the open balcony. Warming charms let them open the balcony doors and enjoy the Paris sunshine.

"Brunch is served!" Harry announced.

"That is an amazing amount of food," Severus commented.

Harry shrugged. "I wanted to try some of everything. I figure we can put stasis charms on what we don't eat and have it later."

"Appropriate." Severus picked a croissant with shrimp salad from the cart.

"Coffee. Tea. Cocoa. Lemonade." Harry pointed to the carafes.

"Coffee for now, thank you."

Harry poured a cup of coffee and selected lemonade for himself.


"What shall we do this afternoon?" Severus asked.

"I'd love to see the magical wing at the Louvre," Harry admitted.

"It will be busy, being the Christmas holiday."

"If it's too crowded, we can leave and come back another time. Which gives us a reason to come back to Paris again!" Harry laughed.


"It's been lovely being away from home," Harry said. "And from work."

"Does anyone know where we are?"

"Hermione," Harry admitted. "She'll know what is important."

"Then store the food and we'll be on our way."

Harry held Severus' hand as they walked to the museum.