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The Perfect Hostess

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The negotiations hovered on the edge of violence. Dragons with perishable hoards were intensely possessive; those who imbibed quantities of sugar were notoriously volatile.

"It says 'cake', right on the package," Hoarder-of-Pastries roared.

"At $14.99 a dozen? Mine!" snarled the tiny, frenetic Hoarder-of-Junk-Food.

The mediator shuffled through her notes. "We agreed four days ago that chocolate represents an a priori claim for Junk Food. But coconut and fruit, that's rather fancy, yes? So Devil's Food Zingers are Junk Food, and Raspberry Zingers are Pastries!"

Grumbling, both dragons signed the agreement.

Hoarder-of-Contracts clutched it to her chest, quivering with delight.