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Passages From Within The Eastern Barrier

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The candlelight on the low table in Eirin's bedroom flickered majestically as the woman peered at the parchment she was currently writing on. 

It hadn't been too difficult to create spell cards, even the one she had forged with Kaguya but this one was certainly tugging at the multitude of levels of her mind. 

The deft strokes of her brush printed the name of what could have potentially been a substantial spell. 

Perhaps too powerful. 

"No luck with this one either?". 

Yukari appeared through a gap, holding a tray with tea and placed it down before taking her place on the lunarian's lap when she leaned back. 

"Not unless we want to go against the rules and possibly kill or maim someone". 

Yukari chuckled, violet eyes running over the abridged inscribe on the parchment. 

"Since when has that ever stopped you before, Eirin?". 

Eirin raised a silver brow, surprise washing over her features at the brusque retort in reference to her past, "Well, that certainly came out of nowhere". 

"I apologise" Yukari smiled and ran the back of her knuckles over her lover's cheek, "Old habits die hard, besides, I don't recall saying I did not like that about you" she added, leaning forward to place a kiss on Eirin's lips. 

Eirin's eyes fluttered close, her free hand wrapping around the blonde's waist as they broke it off after a few minutes of languid motions of lips brushing. 

It wasn't exactly unusual to take jibes at their past through their badinage but Yukari did have a skill of unnerving her at times. 

That particular smile after the second Genso-Lunar invasion had scarred Eirin's mind, after all. 

Yukari's lashes batted in a skittish pace, "That being said, we should probably avoid that".

"Lest you want an angry priestess trying to seal you so let's avoid death, shall we" Eirin smiled and turned her attention back to the parchment. 

Violet Spectrum "Moon Shadowing" 

If the duo were to execute that spell, it would result in the recipient being faded out of reality whilst being blinded by a flurry of purple and white lasers, then being enclosed into the space between an eclipse. 

Yukari ruminated any other potential options after abrogating the concept of that particular idea but it was proving to be exigent given how powerful they were. 

"We wouldn't want that. Our individual spell cards alone are quite the detriment to the recipient" she stated and rested against the crook of the goddess's neck, "Perhaps a more metaphorical approach would be adequate as opposed to physical". 

"It would abide by the rules, provide something of a light show, a strenuous to evade variation" Eirin agreed. 

"A pattern to do with your arrows, perhaps?". 

"I was thinking so. The addition of something you can conjure with your gaps to aid them, such as a scattering of curves. But we keep it the theatrical variant and not impossible to avoid". 

Eirin's hand got to work in listing an array of names for the attack as Yukari watched on, amusement playing on her lips at their scenario. Eirin could feel the woman's smirk and could only imagine something mischievous being thought up. 

She squeezed the blonde's hip, "Do I want to ask what you are smirking about?" she chuckled, "Especially when you should be thinking of a name for our spell card".

Yukari kissed the woman's jaw, "I can do both" she winked, "In regards to what I was thinking..well, would you have expected us to be here and creating an attack together?". 

"Not in my wildest dreams, Yukari. And believe me, I have had some strange ones over the course of my existence" the lunarian smiled, "I suppose it is a surreal experience. To be doing this with the woman who has been antagonising me for the last century". 

"Firstly, it is referred to as foreplay" Yukari grinned as Eirin intertwined their left hands together, sighing, "Secondly, the sentiments are mutual, if you recall" she reminded as her eyes looked up into Eirin's, "Lastly, I wouldn't want it any other way". 

The endearing apex of Yukari's list resulted in Eirin's gaze softening, her lips moving down to kiss the youkai who eagerly accepted it. 

They had a wealth of history so it would have seemed absurd at one point to imagine them to be working on the same side and yet, there they were, embroiled in each other in a crepuscular room.

Working on an attack, together. 

"Likewise, Yukari" Eirin murmured over her lips, pulling away slightly to take in the woman's resplendent features, "Stranger things have occurred in our lives". 

"Indeed so" Yukari replied, voice airy as a thought occurred, "Perhaps we can utilise that now". 

She shifted slightly so that she was still nestled against Eirin's chest whilst taking the woman's hand that held the brush and guided her. 

Eirin watched on with curiosity as the punctilious words to their spell card formed and she couldn't help the quirk of her lips, pressing them over the blonde locks, chuckling at Yukari's antics. 

Boundary Sinner "Cerulean Moon Heist" 

How applicable. 

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The blonde next to her stirred slightly as she nuzzled against Reimu's neck, "Hm?".

Reimu smiled and ran her fingertips up Alice's lower back, eliciting a tantalising shiver from the woman beneath the blanket of the futon.

Alice was still drowsy, reveling in the aftermath of her lover's touch that kept going through the night. Her body was enjoying its post love making glow when she fell asleep and she wondered what the brunette needed. 


Moving her head back slightly, she found amused red eyes staring down at her since Reimu was resting on her side, leaning on her elbow. Her long hair was strewn down her back and shoulder, a contrast to her skin which boasted its feather soft texture. Running her hand up Reimu's waist, Alice scooted closer, tracing her digits up the woman's upper arm, stroking her thumbs over the muscles.

"Are you okay? You were moving around a bit" she queried softly, brushing a strand of blonde from her lover's face, "Nightmare?".

"Oh, I'm sorry for waking you" Alice sighed and closed her eyes, "I'm not sure what to call it. I was back in that city that I didn't recognise".

"The one from the Outside World?".

Alice nodded as Reimu's palm rested on her cheek as they laid down together sideways, inseparable and coterminous of each other. Her legs were wound around Reimu's hips, keeping her close so it was no wonder that she was awake too and the magician felt reprehensible about disturbing her, "You should go back to sleep, Reimu, you need to rest".

"Don't worry about me" Reimu replied and leaned forward, brushing her lips over Alice's, "You wanna talk about it?".

Alice exhaled and wrapped her arms behind her lover's waist, pulling her in, increasing the ferocity of the kiss. She brought Reimu in closer as they both shifted till the blonde was on top of her. Reimu couldn't help but to groan as Alice had inadvertently, or purposely, rotated between her legs which prompted her to spread her thighs.

Her hands wondered over Alice's back as her stomach clenched, the feeling of Alice's nub brushing over her own making her skin tingle.

This wasn't what Reimu had in mind but she certainly wasn't complaining, anything if it got the blonde's thoughts out of wherever it had drifted to in her sleep. 

A land that appeared even more mysterious than Gensokyo. 

The breathless way Alice called out her name was desperate as they both parted their lips and Reimu's head tilted back against the pillow. Her eyes slammed shut, feeling Alice's centre slide against her own, the deluge matting to her pelvis the harder Alice rocked on her. 

Alice's eyes remained open as she hovered over Reimu's body, hands on either side of Reimu's head as her mouth continuously brushed over the priestess's jaw and chin, suckling the skin.

"Alice.." Reimu moaned out, bucking her hips up.

She managed to crack open an eye to see the magician staring down at her, all the love and adoration in the world shining within her blue orbs. It enhanced the experience of the woman moving on her, increasing her cadence but in longer strokes till Reimu couldn't take it anymore. She moved her lips up, going for Alice's neck, kissing it which caught the blonde off her guard and then proceeded to roll them over so that she was on top of her.

She cradled Alice's face, pushing her body down on her, digging her hands into the damp blonde locks, "I've got you, Alice" she exhaled. 

Alice panted, licked her lips and locked her legs around her lover's hips, following Reimu's rhythm till she felt her abdomen coil. She was so close, so close to unleashing the pulsing desire she had felt for Reimu, it was all for her. 

Whatever her dream was signifying in terms of her past, it wasn't important right now.

Gensokyo was her home, Makai too. 

She has Reimu, has her mother and her friends so whatever that dream was trying to provoke was irrelevant.

Something she gasped out as she uttered a string of 'I love you' into Reimu's ear when the brunette dropped her body down fully the second Alice let go, her own thighs shaking as her undoing followed.

Reimu's head rested on Alice's shoulder as she took in the words being conveyed with a timorous edge, whispering them back into her lover's ear.

Her hands encircled around Alice's waist, hips colliding with the woman's to help her remain grounded as the aftershocks coursed through them together.

Reimu was there, no matter what Alice was reflecting on, she would be there for her. 

Once the initial shocks steadied, Alice sighed and moved her head back down, her fingers roaming over Reimu's flushed body, feeling the stickiness as she caught her breath. 

She gazed at Reimu and there was no look of uncertainty in that face, this much Alice could see and she couldn't help but to smile and burrowed her face into her neck. 

"That was quite the distraction, Reimu" Alice said with mirth, cheeks erubescent.

Reimu playfully tugged her hair to get her to look up at her again as Alice stroked her face.

The priestess nuzzled into her palm, chuckling, "You started it, I was only following your lead" she stated before sobering up, "Alice, are you okay though? If you don't want to talk about it that's fine but I'm here, you know that right?".

It was charming to see the usually reticent woman trying hard to be support and with Alice, she didn't have to try that much.

Alice loved her, loved Reimu's mannerisms so it was easy to tell her truth, "I know. I love you. I suppose I'm okay. Whatever the dream means can wait because you're here with me".

That was all Reimu needed to hear as she rested her forehead over Alice's, bodies trapped together in the middle of Reimu's room.

"I love you too and I will be for as long as you want me".

Because that's what it came down to. 

No matter what life they lived in the past and what life they would live in the future, they were here together in this present.


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Kaguya was an inquisitive woman by nature.

Keine assumed it was the remnants of living the life as an immortal but according to Eirin, Kaguya had always been that way, vacillating between composed and chaotic when it came to her interests. 

Which led to the goddess creating the Hourai Elixir for Kaguya to begin with.

Despite this knowledge, it never failed to amaze and amuse Keine in regards to the state Kaguya would find herself in once she transformed into her hakutaku form during the full moon.

Honestly, the glint in the ribald brown eyes was endearing enough as the princess recited a fairy-tale that Keine was familiar with from the Outside World. 

Kaguya scooted closer to her, hand trailing over Keine's horn and the woman barely contained the shudder coursing through her body as her lover's actions abraded her, "Hey, Keine, what big horns you have" Kaguya chuckled and toyed with the bow on the left one, noticing how roseate Keine's cheeks were. 

"All the better for you to play with, dear" Keine answered as she rested her hand on the floor, the other on Kaguya's waist, "Kaguya, you do know that I'm not a wolf, don't you?". 

"Details, detail. Good work on the improvisation" the lunarian winked, trailing her fingers down to Keine's cheeks, pressing her palm over them, "Keine, what big eyes you have".

The woman made a show of sweeping her gaze over Kaguya's form, "All the better to see you with, dear".

Kaguya was living for this and Keine knew it.

She had fast learned that going along with Kaguya's whims tended to be easier than refusing her and really, she didn't mind anymore. Kaguya was so entertaining, so in awe of the world around her and Keine loved that, content in shedding her propriety when they were alone. 

The kids did too.

"Hmm, I see" the princess said before using her other hand to stroke Keine's voluminous tail that was batting around, "Keine, what a fluffy tail you have". 

The historian just about remained immobile, she knew Kaguya was doing this on purpose, with purpose, touching her where it would drive her insane till she acquitted to her.

Then again, anywhere that Kaguya touched her often did that.

She curled her tail over Kaguya's hand, bringing it forward so that the lunarian had more of a reach, "All the better for you to rest on, dear".

Kaguya could not refute that while she continued petting the tail and placed a kiss on Keine's cheek, "So thoughtful, my big bad werebeast" she crooned in a sultry tone.

This woman was going to be the end of her, Keine could see it now as she inhaled and rubbed against the lips brushing over her skin, "Kaguya, you know I can't really refrain from wanting you.." she drawled off, "Not tonight".

Kaguya giggled, gliding her fingers over Keine's spine, "But I'm not doing anything" she said innocuously, her noble comport reappearing, "I am merely providing a retelling of a tale many enjoy".

A nymph, that is what Kaguya was.

"Which is all good and well, but touching me like that will only end in one way"

The naughty fingertips stopped sliding up Keine's arm, tracing a line over the skin in an erotic manner, "You mean like this? Oh, Keine, what big arms you have".

Kaguya was breathing into her neck now and Keine felt her eyes roll back into her head as the arm around the princess's waist squeezed in both reprieve and loss of composure. Kaguya's filed nail continued to run up and down, drawing patterns on her upper arm, amplifying the heat Keine was feeling.

Keine's voice was husky now, "All the better to hold you with, my dear".

Kaguya hummed in delight as said strong arm around her waist was doing just that.

Choosing a new place of interest, she snuck her hands across Keine's collarbone and then to her chest, loitering over the curves, teasing her mercilessly before lowering the wandering digits to rest on Keine's thighs. Her fingers danced over the verdant material of Keine's dress, pushing down ever so slightly, just a tad to toppled her lover over the edge.

A peppering of kisses fluttered over Keine's jaw, "Hm, Keine what big legs you have".

The hands crawled up further, closer to a certain destination that Keine was trying to control and failing given the princess's malleable provocation and she snapped when a mischievous finger stroked over the heated skin of her pelvis.

Before Kaguya knew it, Keine had wrapped her arms around her hips with a soft growl, planting Kaguya down onto the floor in a swift motion. She was now towering over the lunarian, looking every bit like the werebeast that she was. 

"All the better to chase you down with, my dear" she replied, voice thick with lust. 

With her legs trapped between Keine's, Kaguya couldn't escape and she grinned, thrilled at bringing Keine's scrupulous mind to this state of arousal.

Her explorative fingertips continued as her palms landed on Keine's cheeks again, the left thumb caressing over Keine's lips, pulling them up slightly once she reached the corner.

A sharp canine looked back at Kaguya who gulped and crossed her thighs, heat accumulating between them. 

Her voice was now breathy as she latched onto Keine's crimson eyes when her thumb ran over the wet canine. 

"Keine.." she smirked daringly, " What big teeth you have". 

Keine grinned, exposing her sharpened teeth that much more as a sharp nail went to the collar of Kaguya's pink top, tugging the bow so that the woman's bra clad chest was revealed. Red eyes zeroed into the expanse of flesh as Kaguya breathed in deeply, hands still clutching Keine's face to pull her in closer.

They were face to face, lips apart, eyes on each other's as Keine brought a hand and slid it up Kaguya's abdomen, an agonising speed being set.

Kaguya's heart was in her throat, anticipation mounting in the way Keine was on top of her as the final reply to Kaguya's inquisition oozed out of her mouth before she kissed her.

"All the better to eat you with, Kaguya".

Which she proceeded to do as she pinned Kaguya's wrists near her hips, kissing her way down the lunarian's body till she was shackled between Kaguya's thighs. 

Perhaps the moral of the story was to deter children from speaking to wolves and strangers in the forest but for Kaguya, a woman who thrived off of danger and aleatory happenings, the warning flew over her head.

Besides, Keine wasn't a wolf, nor a stranger.

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One of the things that Yukari had discovered about Reisen was that she was incredibly sensitive around certain areas.

But in a sense, she wasn't that surprised considering how sensitive Ran was when she toyed with her tails.

So it delighted her to no extent at how Reisen shivered sporadically on her lap when she brushed her nails over her tail, capturing the fluff between her fingers and twirled it.

Reisen whimpered, hands locking down on Yukari's shoulders as the youkai chuckled thickly, "You're so well behaved" she murmured over Reisen's lips, "Let's see if we can get you to be a tad louder. It is just you and me here, after all".

Reisen's brow was damp, mouth parted as the fingers circling her clit amped up for a few seconds before slowing down, "Y-Yukari..".

"Yes, my dear lunarian?" Yukari crooned, her full lips melding with Reisen's forehead that took on a florid shade, "Tell me with your mouth what you would like from me".

Reisen was struggling to breath coherently so the idea of having to do that made her moan in frustration. Her back thrust forward when Yukari tugged her tail harder and stopped rotating her fingers over her clit. She squirmed, tilting her head down to see the youkai's fingers immobile between their bodies as the nub twitched.

Her crimson eyes slammed shut, pain from her denial radiating as her centre throbbed. The fingers toying with her tail were simply amplifying the need to come, her legs spreading further apart as the soles of her feet burrowed into the bed.

Reisen wondered how long she would last, tears accumulating in the corner of her eyes as she slumped onto Yukari's full breasts, her ears flopping down over the blonde's shoulders near her hands.

"Does Eirin give into you when you get like this?" Yukari taunted mischievously, her digits poking the swell of the muscles vibrating against it, "You are far too adorable to resist when you are reduced to whimpers".

The rich laughter skimmed over her ear, as did a pair of lips and Reisen's frenzy was close to skyrocketing.

Yukari wasn't wrong, the doctor would have put her out of her delightful misery by now but Reisen knew that Gensokyo's enigmatic sage was different than her master.

More playful, importunate and enjoyed the games.

Her nails left crescent shapes on the blonde's shoulders as her mouth bit down on the swell of Yukari's left breast.

Yukari couldn't conceal the shudder as she chuckled, "Hm, well, that wasn't nice, was it?".

The lunarian gulped, tasting sweat as she kissed over the bite before licking over it, "Yukari..I, I need to..".

"You need to what, Reisen?".

Reisen yielded at the demanding tone, the last vestiges of her sense fluttering away as she was unable to refrain from her orgasm and begged Yukari to make her come. Her usually mellow voice was loaded with fervour, breaking with each gasp, beads of perspiration running down her naked back. 

The sage smiled, satisfied at the wetness coating her chest from Reisen's mouth, "There we go".

Her two fingers restarted their skimming over Reisen's clit which was reddened by now, just waiting to combust and it did just that with a steady speed of Yukari working her over. Reisen's legs retreated and curled over the youkai's lower spine as she threw her head back, arms clinging to Yukari's shoulder. Her grip on Reisen's tail had increased which sent another bout of stimulation to her clit, prolonging the orgasm that much more as Reisen came over the woman's thighs and stomach when she pressed up against her.

Yukari watched, violet eyes mesmerised at the way Reisen as rocking on her to mollify her craving, face skyward, body taut and mewing out her name as her mouth had trouble remaining close.

She grinned before tracing the tip of her tongue up Reisen's throat which she had revealed and Yukari felt tempted to bite down hard, to puncture skin so that Reisen would remember this dalliance for a week.

Perhaps Eirin could build up on it, trail her own tongue over the dents she would leave.

Reisen's hands threaded through her hair as she panted excessively, her lungs feeling constricted with pleasure running through her.

The youkai refrained from doing what she wanted to do as Reisen would pass out from any more stimulation so she gently lowered her back onto the bed, the lunarian's legs trapping her waist which kept Yukari's fingers on her.

Bringing her to this state for the 7th time that night was an adequate start but the fun was only beginning. 

Yukari's face hovered above Reisen's when red eyes opened, cheeks tainted with pink, making the woman look demure. Her free hand bunched up the lavender locks, stroking them between her fingers as she smirked with levity. 

"Perhaps I can convince Eirin to let me turn her into my shikigami" the blonde smiled to herself, "Would you like a moment, Reisen? You've been handling it rather well". 

Reisen gulped, shaking her head, "No..please continue" she urged and tightened her hold around Yukari, drawing their faces together, "I can keep going".

Delighted by the answer, Yukari kissed the lunarian with verve as the previous thought certainly was worth entertaining again.

Perhaps she'd mention it to Eirin.

Stealing her apprentice would be a wonderful victory. 

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Kotohime appeared right at home at Eientei. 

With Kaguya out for the day with Keine, Eirin had invited the woman back to the mansion for some time alone. They'd had numerous assignations since the day the two had met, commencing an endeavour that would lead them to frequent dates and such. 

A chance meeting during her rounds at the village had sent the two on a collision course which in turn led to opportunities where Kotohime would wait for the stolid doctor to arrive, initiating many a conversation till the two increased the amount of time they spent. 

Eirin smiled at the warm display of the redhead petting a rabbit in the garden room within the mansion, the summer warmth oozing in. She was dressed in a loose red kimono that slipped off of her shoulders, her voluminous hair up in a loose bun, accentuating her delicate curves. 

She cleared her throat when she saw a few of the marks she had left on the woman's neck as she sat down behind her and enclosed her arms around Kotohime's body.  

"My apologise for the interruption, I had a patient with a quick enquiry". 

"That is quite alright" Kotohime purred, leaning back on Eirin's chest, "What you do is incredibly admirable for the residents of Gensokyo". 

Eirin watched the way the rabbit in Kotohime's arms was being lathered with attention, her white ears twitching as she nestled further into the princess's lap. 

"That is kind of you to say. It's the very least I can do as a resident here" she replied as her lips skimmed over Kotohime's shoulder while her arms wrapped around her waist, "The rabbits certainly enjoy having you here" she chuckled.

"Perhaps they can sense rabbit loving princesses and are attracted to their company?" 

Eirin smiled at the jest, the fingers of her left hand sneaking in through the gap of the woman's robe as Kotohime spoke up again after muffling a pleasant sigh, turning her head to catch the lunarian's blue eyes. 

"They are not the only ones it seems". 

The lunarian laughed, tone low and coursing through Kotohime, "One cannot blame me". 

Eirin couldn't exactly refute that considering Kaguya so she simply enunciated the woman's point by running her fingers over her abdomen, seeking out whatever skin she could find. 

Kotohime was more enigmatic as Eirin didn't know her as well as she knew Kaguya. She  hadn't fought the battles with her like she had with Kaguya and that only enhanced her fascination with one of the more evasive of Gensokyo's princesses. 

The magnetism ran both ways. 

Kotohime's hands ceased the petting of the rabbit as her arm went behind Eirin's head, their eyes loitering on each other. 

She saw an abundance of enchantment in them, trying to figure her out since Eirin had yet to disclose the details of her life before beginning this relationship. 

"What is it, Kotohime?" Eirin asked softly, wisps of her breath coating over the other woman's. 

The princess's fingers toyed with the back of the silver braid, a wistful smile on her lips, "You are rather mysterious, something I realised a while ago when I watched you come to the village". 

"Oh? Is that so?". 

Eirin's hand was still traversing under Kotohime's robe, ghosting over her chest before opting to rest it there as her other hand remained around Kotohime's waist. 

A small moan emitted from the redhead which led to Eirin sweeping her lips over her lover's bottom lip, plump and ready for the picking. It seemed to work as the hand on her braid stiffened, tugging slightly when she pulled back. 

Kotohime was utterly gorgeous. 

If Eirin wasn't careful, she would end up revealing everything to the woman and she knew that now wasn't quite the time yet. She was aware as to why Kotohime thought of her as mysterious since only few knew of her true identity but her presence alone was enough for curious minds to wander. 

And Kotohime was nothing if not curious. 

"You seem ike you're from a place elsewhere, Eirin". 

The woman's red eyes shifted from open to close as Eirin smiled with a slight smirk into her jaw, peppering the soft skin with various kisses.  

"You have no idea, princess" she muttered softly before Kotohime turned in her embrace, lips meshing against her own. 

Perhaps she could reveal the origins of her existence to Kotohime one day, should things with them progress but for now, she was content in sharing these covert moments with the quirky woman.

They were simply another one of Eientei's many mysteries. 

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Remilia detested that she was being reduced to this.

To robbing a blood bank on a frigid winter night in France.

She had no choice.

Yukari's project had failed and ejected every single supernatural being back into the Outside World as its human migrated after.

The vampire, her sister and her mansion had been dumped in France, not knowing where the other residents had ended up. 

No matter how much she searched, she failed to find them.

This was 10 years ago. 

Shaking out of her stupor, Remilia brushed her tongue over her fangs to dull the ache as she flexed her hands that were in her pockets. There was no point in dwelling on that now as if she didn't acquire any blood tonight, she and Flandre would perish.

She could only hope that the others were alright wherever they landed and not having to scavenge for food like she was having to do. 

Her crimson eyes were pulsing as she eyed up the establishment she had been observing for a few nights. 

The opportunity had arisen as the last customer left so she jumped down into the alleyway to make a less inconspicuous entrance. She didn't wanted to maim the two members of staff that were conversing near the door whilst preparing to lock up. 

She would have assumed the duo would have communicating in French but they were speaking Japanese and Remilia figured that that may be due to the woman with blue hair, a head shorter than the blonde. Remilia could pick up the Kyoto accent from the former as she seemed to be teasing the other woman. 

This was her chance, the two too immersed in their conversation to realise that there would be an intruder. 

But before she could, a hand grabbed her shoulder, yanking her back into the tenebrous area and she was quick to wrestle her body free. Remilia grabbed her now prey by the throat and assailed them to the cold wall, a strangle curling out of their mouth.

She bared her fangs, registering the face of the woman who had attempted to apprehend her with such temerity as she squeezed her hands when she surveyed her eyes.

They were blue.

A familiar shade, framed by silver hair. 


Remilia's voice came out strained due to vacillating between hunger and shock. 

Her hands instantly relaxed which gave Sakuya the chance to speak, "Lady Remilia". 

Her voice felt like music to the vampire's ears as Sakuya rested back on the wall when Remilia embraced her, nothing chary about the hold. Her hands wrapped behind Sakuya's neck, her face buried in her neck and Remilia couldn't help the growl which escaped. 

It quickly morphed into a sob. 

Sakuya smiled, running her hands over Remilia's back, feeling her wings trapped under the coat that were impetrating to be released. 

It had been too long. 

The woman could feel the dissonance in the vampire's frame and she was well aware as to what Remilia was lacking. 

"Please, feed from me" she whispered into Remilia's temple, "You mustn't refrain, I'm here now". 

"I searched for you everywhere" Remilia stated, her icy breath freezing up Sakuya's veins, "Everywhere, Sakuya".

"I know" the woman smiled, "But I am here now and we won't be apart ever again. So please, drink up. Once you are replenished, we will find the others too. I have missed you so severely, Lady Remilia".

Remilia believed her, believed it all and tightened her fingers over Sakuya's hips as her fangs broke skin. 

There was nothing delicate in the way Remilia bit into her to obtain her repast and Sakuya didn't mind, understanding what this cathartic moment must have felt like. 

She too had been yearning to have Remilia back in her life, surrendering everything to her and now that she had located the vampire again, a figment of the past could be pieced together. 

Remilia moaned in respite as the warm blood drizzled over her tongue, her teeth burying deeper to exude more and it felt like home. 

Sakuya was home. 

The emptiness Remilia had been drowning in was lessening on both an emotional and sustenance based level. 

Feeling Sakuya's arms clamp over her back as she arched into her, offering more, feeling her heartbeat pound in her own mouth, all of it was euphoric. 

She was home and Remilia wasn't going to let her go, let any of them go. 

Her crimson eyes were incandescent as she lapped up the nectar oozing from Sakuya's neck, coating her mouth and throat with such warmth. 

There was nothing quite like Sakuya's blood, it was unparalleled. 

Remilia slowly draw her fangs out of Sakuya's neck while her tongue cleaned up the trickling blood which made the woman against the wall shudder. She smiled, wanted to laugh to the world at having Sakuya back and kissed over her wound before pulling back, red meeting blue.

Sakuya placed her hand on her mistress’s cheek as their foreheads pressed together. 

It had been far too long 

The affable mood lingered between them in a busy city, trapped in an alleyway. 

A culmination of spending years searching for each other. 

"I'm home, Lady Remilia". 

"Welcome back, Sakuya". 

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"What's the hold up, Yumemi? Socrates got your tongue?!". 

Yumemi glowered at the blonde lounging around on the grass in the grand mansion, "Shut up" she uttered before turning and facing another blonde in front of her. 

The professor was convinced that she was going to be killed today. 

Either by a two vampires, a knife wielding maid, an adorable magician or the frisbee in her hand. 

She truly wondered how Chiyuri's quixotic mind functioned as she took a breath in, aligning the disc with the intent of hitting it against one of the crystals. 

Flandre's entire anatomy was unusual, even for a vampire. 

But she didn't ponder on that too much as she calibrated her position and pressure, wondering how she could cause the least amount of damage should she actually hit Flandre's wings considering that she was about to abandoned her judicious nature. 

The redhead was not ready, more so when a soft voice came from her right, veering her body to notice lavender eyes staring up at her. 

Ah, the cute mage/ librarian/ sleepwear enthusiast. 

Yumemi stalled for a second before she found her voice cowering behind her heart, "Patchouli?". 

The woman shrugged apologetically, "It is unfortunate that Remi has dragged you into this but don't worry about Flandre. She is sturdier than she appears so feel free to not hesitate in using the..projectile". 

The magician motioned to the neon yellow frisbee in Yumemi's hand. 

She chuckled wryly, "Ah, that's quite okay. Besides.." she said and narrowed her eyes at Chiyuri, "Remilia had a partner in crime". 

"Idle hands make for devil's play, literally in the case of Remi unfortunately. Regardless, perhaps when you are done with this, we can return back to the library and discuss your theories. They are rather thought-provoking". 

With the heavy summer sun beating down on them, Yumemi had shed her cape and tugged the collar of her shirt to air herself out. It was one thing with the heat but having the impassive yet talented magician near her and conversing so casually wasn't doing any her favours. 

"O-oh.." the redhead stammered, her breath quickening at the prospect of that, "Sure, that would be amazing! Getting to pick your brain would be such a treat. Your craft is incredible". 

"Pick my brain" Patchouli repeated slowly whilst tucking her thumb and index finger beneath her chin, "A treat. Are you sure you are not a youkai, Yumemi? Expressing the desire to consume one's encephalon is a trait that many in Gensokyo entail". 

Yumemi could hear Chiyuri laughing in the background till she turned blue in the face and Meiling had to revive her. 

She couldn't deny that it was endearing of the mage to take it literally and chuckled, "It is a figure of speech. It means that I'm looking forward to talking and spending time with you". 

Patchouli blushed, ever so slightly, "I see. Interesting, well, I look forward to it too" she replied, "Good luck with the game" she added and glanced at Flandre who was rearing to go, "I'm sure it will go well". 

"Thank you" Yumemi grinned and gripped the frisbee as Patchouli gave her a small smile that did a number on her. 

The magician walked away to the side, eyes on Yumemi who took it upon herself to ensure that she won, if she could call it that. So she readied her aim again as the vampire remained still beneath the shade of the building, waiting for the moment of truth. 

With as much momentum as possible, Yumemi let the object fly. 

On the positive side, she had managed to hit Flandre's red crystal. 

On the negative side, the surfeit of pressure was a tad too much as it had chipped the vampire's crystal. 

Which resulted in the current scene in the library with Yumemi bowing and apologising profusely and Flandre laughing it off as Eirin worked on repairing the damage. 

Chiyuri and Remilia were enjoying the antics as Sakuya and Meiling aided Eirin with the task at hand. 

At her desk, Patchouli watched the scenario, chuckling softly at the way Yumemi was still panicking and trying to placate Flandre even though there was no need. Compared to the injuries Flandre had obtained over the course of her existence, this incident was minor. 

Patchouli was certainly adjusting to having the lively and curious professor around and was looking forward to spending time with the strange human from some other dimension. 

Koakuma fluttered by, concealing her own chortle at her mistress’s obvious attraction to Yumemi. 

It was always refreshing to see Patchouli take an interest in anything beyond her library and Yumemi was certainly fascinating enough to draw Patchouli away. 

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Reimu glunched at her clothes before she started to peel them off of her body. The red material was more or less completely dark now, sticking to the surface of everything it touched. 

It just had to be black sludge like water to be the fundamental threat of Gensokyo's recent predicament.

"I'm sure you've found yourself with worse substances on you, Reimu".

Kanako laughed softly as the priestess glowered at her when the last of Kanako's own tarnished clothes had been deposited in the basket to be cleaned later with Reimu's.

"Blood is easier to wash off at least".

"I can't deny that" Kanako chuckled at the morbid statement of a woman who had being doing her job for too long, "Well, luckily we won't have to deal with this again. Come here, let me wash you off first".

Reimu obliged with a tired sigh as the bathroom of the Moriya Shrine's bathing facilities was more than enough of a reason to start to unwind and respond to the requisite. She took a seat on the stool as Kanako kneeled behind her, cloth in a hand as the warm water from the spray washed the debris and deluge of liquid that had vitiated her skin.

Kanako was disturbed to find the accretion of injuries on the woman, more than expected but the multitude of dark purple bruises acting as a background for the crimson streaks was disconcerting.

She herself obtained a few cuts that were already fading and it was a reminder that Reimu was still only human regardless of how powerful she was.

Reimu felt fatigued, disquieted and enervated.

"If there is an another incident this week, I'm gonna sleep through it. Sanae and the others can handle it".

A content suspire passed the brunette's lips at the efficacy of Kanako gently dabbing the cloth over her back, sliding down her spine before moving upwards again. Her head slumped forward to guide Kanako to scrubbing the nape of her neck which the goddess adhered to with a fond smile.

Reimu truly was the polar opposite of Sanae.

"I'm sure she won't mind. I think you've earned the break considering what happened".

"I know your games now, Kanako. You just want me to rest so that your shrine takes over mine".

The goddess could hear the teasing in Reimu's tone, could visualise the grin on her split lip, her eyes most likely closed as she acceded to the healing process.

Perhaps at one point that joke had credence to it, well over a decade ago.

But things were different now, Gensokyo's foundation was one that encouraged coexistence.

The same applied to the shrines of the same religion.

"Ah, you have figured out my grand scheme" the loquacious woman jested and ran her fingers over the cuts on Reimu's shoulder, "I suppose I have no choice but to remain with you so that you can keep an eye on me" she smiled.

With care, she put Reimu's hair up in a bun before lowering her hands back down as her mouth loitered over the priestess's upper body. 

Her lips kissed the injuries, arms wrapping around Reimu's waist as Kanako pressed her chest over her.

The brunette shuddered and tilted her head back against Kanako's as the distance allowed more skin to be soothed by Kanako's attentive lips. She couldn't think of a more enjoyable way to descend from the adrenaline than the way the goddess was touching her, both physically and emotionally. 

"'re all nothing but trouble" Reimu scoffed playfully and rested against the woman who held her tightly, the steam of the water keeping them warm, "Ever since you arrived in Gensokyo".

A moment that Kanako would treasure, for reasons she hadn't expected. 

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Gensokyo had morphed into a war zone as emissaries of the moon continued to flock into the land from all angles.

Death and depredation littered the once pristine land, shrill screams of agony and shouts of aggression playing as a soundtrack and nobody knew which sound belonged to whom.

It was the least of Reisen's concern as she shot down two emissaries that had backed Kagerou into a corner, the werewolf protecting an injured Wakasagihime.

The duo gave her a look of appreciation before Reisen went on her way, trying to take back Eientei's perimeters but it was proving to be an arduous task considering the sheer amount of army personnel now.

She muttered a curse as she set up an illusionary wave of clones to confuse a battalion that were heading to the Human Village and then turned back to search for Kaguya and Eirin. 

Everyone had become displaced and it was at this moment she was relieved that the two women she was set on protecting couldn't die.

But Reisen forego the fact that she could as bullets flew past her, skimming across her upper arm, splitting the skin as she quickly flew out of the way, jumping back and taking down the three that had attacked her. She was already injured as it was but she couldn't stop, not until she found Eirin and Kaguya.

Reisen's red eyes skimmed the vicinity of the bamboo forest as she ran through, taking down anyone that got in her way till she found herself near Keine's home. The location was splattered with blood and bodies and she flinched, noting the loss of youkai and humans that had tried to protect their homes.

Too much chaos was unfurling as she zipped past and finally found Eirin, the woman looking frantic as she and Keine were working on trying to save someone.

"Master!" she called out and neared the duo, her face paling when she saw who was on the ground, "Sakuya".

"Reisen! Quickly, I need you to aid Keine in trying to stop the bleeding!".

Reisen shook head and ran to the two,  ready to accompany them until she saw an array of soldiers burst in from the treeline, aiming for Keine.

The lunarian yelled and shoved the teacher out of the way, unleashing her own round of ammunition, hitting their assailants square in the chests.

But they too had struck, Eirin's shield appearing too late as Reisen dropped to the ground.

An ennui settled over the land. 

Eirin's eyes expanded as she crawled to Reisen's side, the lunarian's bullet ridden body making her stomach turn. Keine cradled Sakuya's head to protect her when Reisen pushed her to the ground so to see that Reisen had been hit made her eyes water, panic fuelling her system.

Eirin wasn't doing anything, "Eirin, she's dying! They both are!" she cried, "You have to do something!".

But Keine knew nothing could be done as Eirin lifted Reisen into her arms, tears streaming down her face when Reisen winced and coughed up blood. 

Eirin attempted to abet the dying woman, holding her close as she counted how many bullets were wedged into Reisen's abdomen. 


It hurt to speak but it was worth it for Reisen before Eirin hushed her gently, her bloodied hand resting on Reisen's cooling cheek.

"I'm so sorry, Reisen. I..don't know how to fix this" she said, expression broken, "Eientei, I need to bring you there".

However, Eientei was no more, decimated to its most basic structure. 

Nothing more than an empty shell, barely clinching on through the runaway moonlight streaming between the grey clouds. 

Reisen smiled, eyes bleary and bloodshot, "I-I'm okay.." she said, "Look after the princess for me".

Eirin gulped harshly, her lips resting over Reisen's as she shook her head, "I can fix you, do not say such a thing. I can fix you both".

A choked sob from Keine shattered that possibility. 

Sakuya was dead.

Reisen would be too

Eirin was teetering on the edge of eschewing her sanity. 

"Take care, Master" Reisen said softly, her hands slackening from Eirin's shoulders.

Her shaky fingers weakened, body offering a wilting twitch as her eyes soaked in the fading visage of the woman who had taken her in, protected her. 

Eirin's eyes frantically skimmed over for a sign of a pulse, her fingers following and landing on Reisen's neck. 


There was nothing 

Reisen was dead. 

The Bamboo Forest of the Lost fell eerily quite.

Eirin turned her head up to the moon, expression emotionless yet bursting to the seams with a myriad of many. 

A thousand arrows fell from the sky, cutting the silence and the enemy. 

The Lunar Capital will be left mourning when she was done with them. 

Just like Eirin would be left with the rest of eternity, grieving.

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Alice's fatigued eyes looked through the microscope that Eirin had lent her, trying to find the point of intrusion on the doll's surface.

It was another failed experiment, one of many that she was partaking in to simply kill time, to come up with a solution to adjust to the changes.

Torrential rain hammered over the roof of her house and it was a pleasant change from the sound of her own sobs that permeated her home.

She sat back and wiped her eyes, watery and red as Hourai brought a handkerchief up to Alice's face, wiping the tears gently.

The woman pat the doll on her head, a broken chuckle escaping her lips.

Ruminating on it further, Alice realised that this was how it always ended for her, being encompassed in silence and seclusion, something she was all too familiar with. 

Up until Reimu stormed back in her life, made her fall in love again, only to end up wedded to Marisa.

Which was how it was meant to be, two of Gensokyo's primary humans and exterminators in matrimony.

She never had a chance with Reimu but the impetus that the brunette offered her kept Alice going till one day it came back around and gutted her open. 

The woman's eyes bore into the microscope, wondering if there was a way to see into her own mistakes, her own plastic mind and just render it emotionless.

Just like her dolls.

Would that be on the cusp of irony, she wondered.

A steady knock to the door that could just about be heard through the rain brought Alice out of her self-deprecating stupor as she deliberated who could be out in such a storm like this, in the Forest of Magic no less.

With a light sigh, she stood up and headed to the door, alert and ready to defend herself if need be

It wasn't like Marisa came around anymore, it wasn't like Reimu held her through the storm anymore.

She bit the inside of her cheek to halt the tears as she opened the door slowly.

"Good evening, I apologise for the intrusion, Alice".

Byakuren was the last person Alice was expecting to see as she blinked her eyes, taking in the drenched magician.

"Ah, not at all. Please, come in".

She wasn't going to leave her out there and Byakuren was grateful, lowering her cape down, "Thank you so much. The storm truly came out of nowhere" she lamented as Alice passed her some towels.

"At times, this forest has a mind and weather system of its own" the blonde remarked, "Do you need more towels?".

Byakuren continued to pat her long hair dry, offering Alice a kind look before shaking her head, "This is more than enough, thank you. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, may I wait out the rain in here?".

Alice marvelled at just how polite the woman was and smiled easily, "No need to ask. Please, have a seat" she said and led them to the kitchen, "Do you have a preference in tea?".

"Green would be perfect, if that isn't any trouble".

Alice nodded, "How do you take it?".

"Just as it is, thank you" the priestess replied and took in her hostess's house, "You have a lovely home, Alice. I have always wondered how those in the forest feel in regards to living here". 

The tea brewed quietly as Alice glanced out of the window after preparing a tray with cups and some baked goods, "Thank you. It isn't too bad would you believe. I enjoy the peace and it's just Narumi and myself here now". 

"Oh, of course, Marisa has moved into the shrine". 

Alice's smile was becoming strained as she placed the tray on the table and prepared the tea. She could have done without the reminder of anything to do with Reimu and Marisa, her brain already filled with them. 

"It is a tad more quiet here without her to cause trouble. Reimu has more patience to deal with her so I, I think it all worked out". 

Being a perceptive and sagacious woman, the priestess opted to stray away from the conversation when Alice handed her the tea. 

"I see. Well, perhaps that peace can be utilised for magic based projects?" she smiled, "The forest has an abundance of such a source and your crafts are very much discussed". 

"Is that so?" Alice said, not quite believing the woman. 

"It is indeed, the children of the Human Village enjoy your shows, as do youkai and I can see why" Byakuren added whilst patting Hourai, "They are wonderful. What is the process you use to control them like this? I work with my own magic so I'm certainly curious about you". 

Alice saw nothing but genuine interest from the woman, forgetting that Byakuren was a magician herself. 

She smiled as she controlled Shanghai, letting her sit on Byakuren's hand when she offered it. 

"If you'd like, I can show you?". 

"I would love to see that, Alice" Byakuren beamed in all her refined glory, "Truth be told, I haven't had much time to focus on my magic given the tasks at the temple. Other than using them for battles which rarely occur, the last time I focused of them was during my time at Makai". 

"Oh, you have been to Makai?". 

"Yes, this was many, many years ago however" Byakuren laughed, noticing Alice's demeanour slowly but surely shift, "Have you perchance visited?". 

The blonde smirked, a flicker of her lips moving upwards that Byakuren would have missed if she wasn't looking at her. 

It suited her. 

The sombre expression Byakuren noticed on the woman earlier occluded the glow in her blue eyes, the forlorn aura masking Alice's usually jovial mood. 

So she was more than pleased at being able to draw Alice back from her isolated perils, thankful that she had dropped by the vicinity. 

"You can say that. It's quite a long story" she smiled, "Would you like some more tea?". 

A story that would be told during numerous visits till the loneliness that Alice felt had gradually been blanketed over, replaced by the warmth of her unexpected guest. 

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It was late at night and Marisa was feeling restive, which was technically her usual mood but tonight, she just couldn't switch off. 

She was flat on her bed, eyes to her ceiling as the droplets of water from her bathroom sink shattered the silence. 

Each drop sounded amplified in the quietness of her home. Her brain felt like it was whizzing around faster than her thoughts could keep up, causing a pile up to occur which only frustrated the blonde further more. 

She groaned and flipped to the side in a maladroit manner so that she could rest on her stomach, her face burying into her pillow, "Come on, I really need to sleep" she urged to herself. 

The muffled sound didn't aid in soothing her so she exhaled out, hand bunching up the sheets besides her till she released them, fingers sliding down and beneath her stomach. 

"I guess I'm gonna have to.." she grumbled, lifting her hips up to move her hand beneath the waistband of her bloomers, "Do this the fun way" she grinned. 

It was the quickest means to tire herself out and the second she touched herself, it became less of a chore and more of a need. 

Marisa's eyes floated shut as her middle finger became coated with wetness, each phalanx slowly inching in with inelegance given her desperation, now surrounded by contracting muscles. She moaned, teeth gritting as her hips jerked in time with the thrust of her finger. 

Her other hand balled up the pillow as she increased the motions of her hand but she wasn't reaching her climax quick enough, her clit shuddering against her palm while her finger slid in deeper after she pulled out. 

"Fuck.." she hissed, spreading her legs in an effort to grind down on her finger but she was too wired to focus, "Some goddess has to be fucking with my night". 

"If she is, how cruel of her". 

Marisa's eyes flew open at the familiar voice but she was too strung up to care about the intrusion. 

It wasn't as if this was the first time Okina had popped in unannounced. 

"Listen, I can't deal with ya right now so come back later".

Okina chuckled, watching the way Marisa was digging into her mattress, the muscles in her back tensing at the apprehension of getting to come. 

She kneaded a finger down the magician's spine and moved away from the door so that she was hovering over Marisa's half nude body. 

"Now, now" she tutted, "I was merely concerned about you, Marisa".

"Ya mean you were spying on me" Marisa corrected, stifling a moan as she clenched around her finger, back flexing up to get more of Okina's fingers on her

"Spying is such a dirty word" the goddess laughed and leaned on Marisa's writhing body beneath her, breath in her ear, "Need a hand?". 

Marisa's speech crumbled when she felt the other blonde flat on her back, realising that Okina was as scantily dressed as she was given the underwear set she could feel on her back. The woman's breasts moulded into her spine to foment her building desires that much more and the lace material scratching over her skin felt euphoric. 

"If you..gotta ask.." she stammered when Okina's left hand snuck under her body, going for her clit, "Oh, fuck!". 

Okina's smile widened as her lips suckled on Marisa's shoulder while her thighs pinned the blonde to the bed, "Hm, aren't two hands better than one?" she teased. 

The magician's unintelligible grunt answered that for her as she rubbed her fingers around the hard clit, ensuring to douse her fingers with Marisa's pre release to lubricate them. Okina could feel Marisa riding her own finger and now hers, moving up and down sporadically. The action caused her own centre to be stimulated so she grinded down on Marisa's thighs whilst pushing her fingers up which earned a muffled cry from Marisa. 

Okina’s right hand brushed Marisa's blonde curls to the side in a bid to kiss her way over the nape of the woman's neck, creating a path from the middle, all the way to the side of Marisa's neck. 


It was muffled but the goddess heard it clearly since she was kissing up her jaw, "Are you sure?" she teased, slowing the pace of her fingers swirling over the blonde's clit. 

Marisa swore unabashedly, sweat accumulating all over, "Do it!". 

A throaty laugh and kiss to her neck later, Okina delivered enough firm strokes in various patterns that made the blonde wither under her. The zenith of her orgasm was quickly approaching as Okina expertly squeezed the bud between her fingers before pushing down again. 

Marisa was infused in the sensations of her finger deep inside herself that felt the shudders of her outer clit, walls flexing as she came. The wetness oozed out and onto the mattress when she pulled out of herself since it became too painful to say inside. A gratuitous sigh exited her lungs when Marisa turned her head to the side, breath heavy and pinched while Okina slowly eased the rubbing of her clit. 

Already the magician could feel the comfortable heat of her orgasmic haze wrap around her. 

Her body unlocked from its rigid position, hand releasing the grip on her pillow once Okina's clasped hers. 

"Feel better?" Okina said softly, a kiss finding its way to corner of Marisa's mouth. 

She chuckled when the woman grinned, "Something like that" Marisa managed with her voice laden with sleep, "Just gimme a second and I'll get to you". 

Okina knew that that wasn't going to happen considering how exhausted Marisa was, not that she minded, "Of course, I'll be right here, Marisa". 

Seeing to Marisa's requirements was all she had in mind, ensuring that the magician was satiated, both physically and mentally. 

She too played a pivotal role in managing Gensokyo's incidents with Reimu so it was vital to make sure Marisa was at her peak. 

Okina wrapped her arms around the woman after shuffling to the side to wrap around Marisa, bringing the blanket back up, sheltering them from the cold. 

"Sleep well".

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"Go away". 

Kana giggled as she floated above Reimu's futon, the priestess doing whatever she could do to ignore the blonde who was adamant on keeping her occupied. 

Apparently humans weren't particularly fond of staying awake at night, something Kana had forgotten since the residents of the mansion she used to haunt had taken to her.

"I know you're awake". 

"Listen, go to the store house, Mima can keep you busy" Reimu groaned and turned to the side and lifted her blanket over her head. 

Kana dragged it back down to see the brunette's scowl, "Mima isn't home, said something about going to take on the goddess of hell?". 

"Oh, right..wait what!?". 

Reimu was sat upright the moment Kana mentioned said detail and all sleep had eluded her completely as she pressed her palm over her head in a bid to massage away the incoming headache. She hoped it was a confabulation on Kana's part but one look at the woman quashed that hope. 

The blonde watched on with amusement as she hovered closer and patted Reimu's head, "It's not an issue, right? It isn't like Mima can die again". 

"Yeah, I wouldn't be too sure of that considering who she is going up against" Reimu sighed, too tired to push Kana's hand away, "You know what, it's fine. Maybe a severe beat up will teach Mima to calm the hell down". 

"Do you truly believe that?" 

Reimu looked at the apparition, preparing to back up her statement and then thought about just what kind of woman Mima was, restoring to exhaling deeply again. 

"Point taken". 

"So.." the blonde drawled off, "Since you're awake, let's go out and scare some peo- I mean have a midnight stroll?". 

"No, Kana. For starters, everyone is asleep so you can't scare them" Reimu refuted and the glint in Kana's yellow eyes indicated that the woman had taken the news as a challenge, "Don't even think about it". 

"But wouldn't it be enjoyable? I only get to see you at night" the blonde lamented, sidling up to Reimu till she was behind her and swung her hands down the brunette's chest, her hat hovering above Reimu's head, "The shrine is so noisy during the day". 

"Not even with humans, ironically". 

"Hm, youkai sure are robustious" Kana agreed, "All the more reason to make the most of these peaceful moments". 

Reimu was close to falling back asleep, wondering if this counted as a disturbance and could perhaps exterminate the poltergeist. 

That decision was so much easier to adhere to decades ago. 

Her fainéant lifestyle had made her too sentimental. 

She stretched out as properly as she could considering the blonde on her back after yawning and glancing out of the window. 

"Look, if you let me sleep for like two hours, I'll wake up after and we can go to the forest to screw with Marisa for a bit".

The magician needed a taste of revenge after her recent stunt of trading Reimu's mochi with spicy filled ones. 

Kana brightened up instantly, increasing her cold grip around Reimu's neck. 


"Oh, sorry!" Kana exclaimed and released the priestess instantly, "Got a bit too excited". 

"No kidding" Reimu coughed and rubbed her throat once Kana moved away, "Remember, two hours. No waking me up".

"Got it". 

The blonde smiled as Reimu dropped back onto her futon, eyes staring at the ceiling as Kana shifted in the air and took her place next to Reimu. 

"Are you going to watch me sleep too?". 

"Of course, just like I do every night. Do you know how many times Mima has tried to place a frog on your face whilst you are asleep?". 

Reimu glanced to the side to see that Kana was quite serious, her hat gone and head on her pillow. 

She hoped that Hecatia would drag the vengeful spirit so hard around hell that she would become a part of Hecatia's eccentric decor. 

"I swear I'm gonna kill her" she muttered and blinked away the many thoughts of how before looking at Kana, "Thanks for stopping her though". 

"It's my pleasure, Reimu, you are my favourite human to haunt, after all" she replied and poked the woman's cheek. 

"I'm not sure how to take that, but sure" Reimu chuckled, eyes getting heavy, "Night..".

Kana took in the relaxed face as Reimu's crimson eyes closed, expression mirroring the one she recalled seeing from the first time they met, or rather the night she was relocated to the shrine. 

She smiled fondly at the memories, bringing the blanket further up to cover Reimu's "We can bother Marisa tomorrow night. Goodnight, Reimu". 

So Kana's wish of finding a new resident to haunt didn't go as well as she was expecting but that was a given considering whom she had chosen. 

But she had no qualms with that at all since Reimu was far more captivating than any human she had ever encountered. 

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Today was the day she was going to approach her.

Not that it'd be difficult for Gengetsu since the girl in her line of vision at the back of the classroom tended to keep to herself.

"Repeat after me, Gengetsu" she thought to herself, "You can talk to her today, you know can".

A confident smirk braced itself on the blonde's lips as she tightened the sweater of her school uniform around her waist, ready to blandish the girl she had her eyes on.

Kagiyama Hina was notoriously shy, more so considering that she had only transferred into their school a week ago.

Unfortunately, that often made her a target for bullying

Gengetsu frowned at the sight of two of her sententious classmates surrounding the girl like vultures, Hina appearing visibly distressed as she tugged the red ribbon on her shirt. 

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Gengetsu sauntered to the trio, yellow eyes looking imposing, "Hey, leave her alone". 

Her sharp tone stopped the two assailants in their tracks as one was going to tug at the bow in Hina's hair, hand stopping midway before her carmine eyes turned to Gengetsu. 

Seija sneered as the other girl had more sense and returned to her seat, "What's it to you? I'm just getting familiar with the newbie". 

To counteract the point, Hina moved further away from Seija's reach, eyes drifting from the floor to Gengetsu. 

"Obviously she doesn't want that so back off". 

"What the hell are you gonna do about it?" Seija challenged which the blonde happily met. 

She squared up to the shorter girl, yellow eyes narrowing down at her as she grinned. 

"You don't wanna know, Kijin". 

It was common knowledge that Gengetsu made heed on her words, each one backed up by what she could do in terms of giving someone a beat down so Seija had no choice but to back off, tutting in the process. 

"Whatever" she shrugged before glaring at Hina and then walked away. 

Once Gengetsu had watched Seija take a seat to be scolded by Shinmyoumaru whom had walked into the room, she relaxed her postures and sighed, "All talk and no walk" then turned to Hina, flashing her a warm smile, "You okay?". 

Hina toyed with the hem of her sleeve, nodding, "Ah, I am" she stammered as Gengetsu crouched down, "Thank you for the help". 

The blonde waved it off in an effort to ease the trepidation Hina was experiencing, "Don't worry about it. Or Seija, her bark is worse than her bite" she laughed, "She should leave alone now though but if she does bother you, or anyone else, tell me". 

Hina saw nothing but honesty in Gengetsu's bright eyes which helped to alleviate her apprehension. It wasn't the first time the girl had attempted to communicate with her but her shyness took the reigns so Hina was relieved that the girl seemed persistent, especially considering what could have happened. 

She smiled, a small one that Gengetsu considered as another victory, "I'll keep that in mind". 

"Say, you wanna have lunch with me and a few others?" Gengetsu then queried, "You'll like them! Ah, but that's only if you want to though?". 

Hina was surprised to say the least, unused to people approaching her so she steeled herself and answered, "I would like that, if it's okay? I haven't had the chance to speak to anyone yet". 

"Awesome" Gengetsu beamed with levity and dug her hand inside her pocket that wasn't balancing on the edge of Hina's desk, "It's just your first week here so there's gonna be plenty of time for that. But yeah.." she drawled off. 

The sudden change in the confident girl's demeanour was endearing for Hina to witness. Her verdant eyes peered at Gengetsu, trying to encourage her into saying what she wanted to as she cleared her throat and retrieved something from her pocket. 

It was a piece of paper from what Hina could tell when the blonde extended it to her. 

"Uh, so if you don't mind, maybe it's a good idea to stay in touch too? Like outside of class's my number". 

Hina tentatively clasped the paper, fingers brushing over Gengetsu's, "Oh, sorry!". 

"That's okay!" Gengetsu quickly laughed as the other girl looked at the name and number and then glanced down into Gengetsu's eyes.

They were so refulgent, oozing solace and unavoidable to fall into. 

Hina smiled, "Thank you, Gengetsu". 

The blonde grinned easily, "Sure thing. You're gonna like it here, Hina, I'll make sure of it!". 

Hina had a feeling that despite the negative luck she had had in the past, things would be different here.

Chapter Text




There was something utterly prepossessing about the woman leading her through the winding hallways of the mysterious mansion in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

The location in itself should have unnerved Meira; the property appearing out of nowhere after a particular night that was endless.

She recalled the night clearly, the activity of youkai far more prominent than usual. 

However, right now, her logic and senses were being eroded with each lingering look Kaguya shot her whenever she glanced back, ebullient eyes toying with her as much as the eloquent words were.

Meira could only clear her throat, a red hue rising to her cheeks when she entered the woman's bedroom and found herself pushed to the chair near the window. Her katana had been removed, deposited on the desk before her enigmatic suitor for the night shed her clothing. 

Each piece was being disrobed slowly off of the beatific body, the luxurious materials pooling at her feet. 

Meira's eyes unabashedly raked over the woman's form. 

Her reservations and constraints had too been shed like the clothing from Kaguya's body, capitulating to the princess's provocative performance. 

The moment the woman, now completely bare, sat on her lap, Meira could hardly refrain from her hands meeting the pale skin as the princess's lips sought out hers. 

Meira wondered if it was a sheer coincidence that this woman who bore the same name and title of that legend was in Gensokyo. 

There was something inhuman about her. 

She was perfect yet far too flawed. 

It was notable in the way Kaguya practically tore open the top half of Meira's clothes, her actions almost primal. 

As was that grin, those words which taunted and eyes so daring. 

Are you going to hold back, samurai?

Meira knew better than to take the bait and yet she did as her sarashi was flipped away, exposing the full expanse of her toned torso. 

Kaguya smirked appraisingly, palms trailing down Meira's body before she pressed up flush against her and wrapped her arms behind Meira's head. 

Coy brown eyes burrowed into perceptive purple, hands undoing the ribbon of Meira's hair and fists going into it. 

Don't disappoint me. 

Meira's eyes flashed, the force of her hair being tugged hard enough to make her part her mouth. 

Enough was enough. 

Clearly what Kaguya yearned for was the farthest thing from soft and slow, loving and attentive. 

So Meira gave the enigmatic princess what she desired

The intromission of her fingers intruding within Kaguya's fold was imminent, rough. 

Kaguya's eyes expanded, Meira's two fingers pushing into her vulva without any delicacy till she could feel each one press over the interior of her walls. Her hips bucked in further, swallowing Meira's fingers deeper as she spread her legs, feet hovering off of the floor. 

Meira didn't move at all once she was wedged inside of the princess. 

And it was then that Kaguya realised that Meira was just as capable of playing games and she laughed, a throaty variation when she began moving up and down on her lover's fingers. 

Her movements were far from lackadaisical, her hips rotating to feel the calloused digits scrape inside her, caressing every nerve that was making her spine throb. 

Meira just watched her, her other hand digging into Kaguya's thigh as she felt her fingers being squeezed so tightly, cocooned in the hard muscles that were contracting with each rock of Kaguya's hips. 

It was an intoxicating vision and as much as Meira just wanted to spectate, the woman's body was calling out to her, to covet her. 

To touch, to fuck, to control. 

Her lips melded with Kaguya's throat as the princess's head went backwards, feet now on the floor to increase the speed and angle in which she was being fucked. The exterior of her clit was being pushed to the edge with each rock, Meira's fingers curling now and Kaguya saw white. 

She moaned, nails digging into Meira's scalp as the woman's mouth was trapping the hard bud on her breast, suckling it while her tongue lathered over the soft flesh. 

Meira pulled and bit down, licking over her nub till she felt Kaguya unable to conceal her shudders, her body going taut as she came. 

Her hand was sullied, Kaguya's warm orgasm sliding down with each thrust of her wrist meeting Kaguya's hips. 

Meira could feel the woman's heart hammer against her mouth when she released her breast, now bruised, damp and red. She kissed over the injured skin till the shakes of her lover's body ceased, her name being whimpered when she clenched her fingers inside Kaguya and kept them in. 

But the hiatus was brief when she pushed her thumb over Kaguya's clit. 

The princess screamed, her head moving forward and dropping onto Meira's shoulders, teeth finding refuge in her skin. 

Meira smiled and kissed the woman's ear whilst she started thrusting in and out of Kaguya again. 

She had every intention of fulfilling her task of not disappointing Kaguya, after all. 

We're just getting started, princess. 

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Eirin was agile on her feet as she readied her bow and arrow, target in sight. 

The golden 9 tailed fox she had been tracking for 7 months was finally in her vicinity, ready for the taking. 

Her eyes lined up to the target that was lounging peacefully by the river bank that was hidden away from civilisation but Eirin wasn't the decorated huntress that she was for no reason.

Scouting unreachable locations was simply another talent she possessed. 

Her acumen couldn't be rivalled. 

The woman was determined in catching the fabled creature, adding a notch to her conquests. 

She gulped lightly whilst hidden away in the dense greenery, occluded from sight. 

It was now or never before the majestic creature fled again. 

Eirin slowly brought her arm back, the arrow tip targeted at the fox who was basking in the sunlight as it bathed in the water. 

It was such an ephemeral scene, so rare that Eirin almost faltered at her task, her conscience kicking in. It was one thing to maim an animal to eat it but it was another thing to maim it to capture for simply bragging rights. 

Eirin shook her head gently, pushing down the scales of morality, she had to do this. 

This creature was exquisite and would increase her notoriety of being the best archer to exist. 

Not only that, her time on earth was limited so she wanted to make the most of it. 

"Okay, here we go". 

She took a quick breath in and prepared to release the bow. 

Just as she was about to, the woman's vision was obstructed when something from the air was thrown into her face. 

Her arrow flew through the treeline with celerity, landing in the rock face of the waterfall which spooked the fox. 

"What the..!".

Eirin fell back onto the ground, hands going to her face to wipe away whatever it was. 

The remnant of the projectile was sticky on her cheeks and when she opened her eyes, Eirin was surprised to see that she was surrounded by popcorn, a most meretricious means of distracting her. 

Out of all the things to expect, this wasn't it. 

She picked up a piece and sniffed it. 

"Sweet" she murmured, eyes glancing around to see where it came from, "Strange to find this in the middle of nowhere". 

The fading flicker of the sun caught her eyes, its glow far less stronger than it had ever been. 

Truly, time on earth was going to be limited given that the sun was in the throes of becoming extinguished. 

Which is why she wanted to make the most out of her existence so she frowned when she saw that her target had ran away. 

Resigning herself to her loss, she had no choice but to call out to whatever was watching her. 

"Who are you?". 

A coy chuckle seeped out from a gap that had appeared in front of her. 

"Whoopsidaisies" the voice followed when a figure clad in a purple dress sat on the ominous black gap that had cut the air, "Looks like some of my popcorn went awry, the movie I was watching was utterly fascinating". 

Eirin gulped at the woman appraising her in such a puckish way. 

Her lengthy hair was the same shade as the 9 tailed fox, red bows attached to each of the 9 segments of her hair. 

The violet eyes resembled a lighter shade of her dress she was donned in, yet far too vibrant. 

Her presence was intimidating but inviting. 

Eirin quickly stood up and nocked an arrow in her bow which made the woman laugh, "I find it hard to believe that anything about this was accidental. Now, I won't ask again, who are you?". 

"So threatening for such an elegant woman" the comely stranger replied and floated down from her gap to approach Eirin, "But a huntress nonetheless". 

Her hair was being tousled by the light breeze as she kept walking till Eirin's arrow was just an inch away from her chest. 

There was no fear in the blonde whatsoever and Eirin found that daunting. 

"My name is Yakumo Yukari" she said in a smooth tone, "The owner of not only these acres of woods, but also the fox you have been hunting". 

"What?" Eirin could only say, hand slacking a tad, "There are no signs here to state as such". 

"Tell me, huntress.." Yukari smiled, slightly cold and stepped closer to Eirin till the arrow kissed her chest, "Would that have stopped you? You pillage regardless of consent. That is what hunters do, don't they?". 

"Absolutely not" Eirin snapped and lowered her bow and arrow in case it did impale the woman's heart, "Unlike the huntresses and hunters you might be familiar with, I don't chase after those that stake a claim in what I seek. Don't insult me in such a manner". 

Yukari's violet eyes shimmered, her full lips tugging into a smirk as she took in her beautiful visitor. 

The piercing blue orbs that were framed with silver hair were defiant, strong, filled with honour. 

She hummed pleasantly, "You are quite the character. What is your name?". 

Eirin held the woman's gaze, feeling herself becoming enraptured in them. 

They were close, near enough to feel Yukari's warmth skim over Eirin's chin considering the height difference. 

Eirin liked the leverage, liked the way the woman had to look up at her. 

Whoever Yukari was, she wasn't some typical run of the mill youkai that lived in the woods. No, this woman was a force to be reckoned with and even with her ostentatious entrance, Eirin knew that her life could be in danger at any given moment. 

She was nothing but a mere human compared to this..goddess? Eirin wasn't sure what she was. 

She kept a steady hold of her arrow in her hand, "Yagokoro Eirin" she answered curtly. 

"My, to be graced by the formidable huntress herself in the flesh" Yukari grinned. 

That took Eirin off guard, "You know of me?". 

"But of course. Which makes sense considering how rare it is for anyone to locate my Ran let alone tail her for 7 months" Yukari chuckled, "Pun intended. You are divine". 

The last bit was said in an almost purr which heated Eirin up beneath her light armour, unable to tear away from the beguiling woman. 

She was not expecting the scenario to pan out this way and yet it was. 

"Ah, I see" she managed as anotherfflash from the sun caught her attention.

Yukari followed her eyes, understanding the woman's morose look. 

"Civilisation has four years at best". 

Eirin didn't need the reminder. 

"Are your kind unable to do anything?". 

"Wouldn't that be ideal" Yukari sighed, "Sadly, not even magic can halt the death of the universe. Our solar system is long gone, Eirin. We are alone with only our moon and fading".

Eirin said nothing as she glanced back at Yukari, taking in her silhouette being highlighted by the dying sun. 

Live like your time is ending soon

A motto all lived by. 

Which is why she hunted, educated, aided and loved. 

It was all coming to an end. 

"The only thing we can do is enjoy our time left, something you humans have gotten right. Makes a change" she smirked. 

The huntress couldn't deny that as she put her arrows back in her quiver, "We are a flawed species. My apologies for hunting your fox, Yukari" she supplicated. 

The blonde smiled, enjoying the way her name came out of Eirin's mouth, a light lilt of an accent she couldn't quite decipher that complimented her statuesque form. 

"That's quite alright" she answered, "If you have some time, I can let you see my fox". 

Eirin perked up even more, "Would that be possible?". 

"Of course" Yukari grinned and ran a finger down the chest plate of Eirin's armour, "I have a feeling that your company is something that will grow on me, my dear huntress".

"Oh, is that so?" Eirin smirked back, though the movement of Yukari close to her was doing things, "Is that primarily due to wanting to throw popcorn at me to distract me?". 

"Ah, you caught me there. Truly, I was scrambling as I didn't realise that you had gotten so close to Ran so I threw what I had in my vicinity that wouldn't kill you". 

"I'm thankful" Eirin said dryly with a laugh. 

"So am I" Yukari winked and stretched her hand out for Eirin to take as a gap opened up behind her, "Come, Eirin, time is of the essence and I feel that there is much to learn about you beneath that armour". 

Eirin chuckled, accepting the hand and followed Yukari into the gap holding unblinking eyes. 

"The sentiments are mutual, Yukari".

Four years till their demise. 

Time was indeed of the essence.  

Eirin never looked back, nor did Yukari. 

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"All that wealth has impacted your common sense I see". 

Yachie merely grinned as the coruscating city lights drew her attention from Saki's frowning yet appealing face and Yachie knew it was a frown despite the mask covering her lips.

Saki's eyes were rather expressive that way. 

The woman was leaning against the window pane as she took in the temporary workstation set up by Yachie's nurse. 

"Hardly" the blonde answered as she rolled up her sleeve whilst seated on her chair, "Honestly, I'm just fortunate to have this chance first. Money does talk, even during a pandemic". 

The nurse who was pulling the contents of the vial merely smiled, a small one but it was prevalent even with the mask on her face. 

"You don't seem to agree with that". 

Saki remained sceptical about what Yachie was about to do but she understood it was necessary. 

She wasn't dubious of the vaccine itself, just the fact that Yachie seemed insistent on it, barrelling through without consideration. 

The creation of the vaccine was a crucial step in things returning to normality. 

Or whatever normality entailed for her mogul of a lover who had a stake in the world's hospitality trade via her chain of spa's that boasted being so refreshing that hell would be envious of its onsens. 

Saki couldn't quite figure out that brag but she was used to it now. 

Yachie hummed as the nurse had the syringe with the vaccine filled and checked for Yachie's prominent vein.

"I'm not about the divide, Saki. Which is why I'm going to make sure that everyone has access to it. Japan is somewhat weird about vaccines considering our history so I want to provide an option and show to the public that it is indeed safe".

Saki watched her lover, noticing the pensive look in her eyes and though her voice was muffled by the mask, it was prevalent to tell that Yachie meant it.

Clearly the nurse agreed, her brilliant blue eyes depicting as such.

"Always considerate in your roundabout ways" Saki commented with a small grin and watched on.

Yachie laughed softly, she couldn't deny it. 

"Are you ready?".

The blonde nodded and relaxed her hand, "Let's do this".

The doctor aligned the needle with Yachie's vein, the tip going in smoothly.

Saki kept her eyes on Yachie who only slightly flinched and she knew it was less to do with the pain and more in response to the needle so she knew she would have to ameliorate the perturbation Yachie was most likely enduring.

Yachie was never a fan of needles and Saki recalled a conversation in regards to some medication Yachie had to take when she became unwell a few years ago.

Her tremulous, "How do you take it?" when questioning the method stayed in Saki's mind, along with the sigh of relief when Yachie was assured it didn't involve needles.

So she admired the bravery of her lover, eyes staring at her rather than the needle.

"You're doing good, Yachie. Almost there" she assuaged and stepped in front of her a tad, "That's it".

Yachie suspired, her mask obstructing her exhale and before she knew it, the procedure was done.

Her nurse quickly dabbed the incision clean and placed a small cotton wad over it, "All done, Yachie, you did well".

Yachie grinned, her eyes alight, "That wasn't too bad, you know".

"It is over before you know it but the apprehension is understandable" her nurse commented warmly.

"So, what happens now?".

The nurse responded to Saki's question attentively in a bid to quell any worries.

It was a testing time for all, particularly for health care personnel as they became the beacon of society.

They always had been.

"I'm going to observe you for 15 minutes, just to ensure you are okay and there are no imminent issues. The side effects are mild, ranging from sore arm, fatigue, chills and headaches and not everyone experiences them. These disperse within a day and can be combated by painkillers so please don't worry. As stated, the clinical trials were meticulous carried out and thanks to  mapping the composition of the SARS and MERS virus, the process to do the same for the SARS-CoV-2 strain could be reached quickly, bypassing certain processes".

"Always reassuring to hear repeatedly" Yachie chuckled and flexed her arm, "There's way too much false information promulgating around".

Saki groaned and tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear, already feeling a migraine forming at the incessant misinformation being spread by people with the credentials of a potato.

It was almost as contagious as the novel virus itself.

"Such is the way of ignorance in the age of technology" she muttered, "You feel okay?".

"Other than the sore arm, all is good" Yachie reassured and thanked the nurse again, "Here's to the first step back to how things were, but with far more changes in priority".

The pandemic had brought to light many flaws and discrepancies in the world which had to be changed in order for humanity to progress.

Yachie was certain that she herself as a woman that held power would do what she could to unify humanity.

After the nurse had left following Saki's inoculation, Yachie and Saki were seated in the living room, the blonde's head on her lover's lap as she kept her arm over her stomach.

Saki had kept an eagle eye on her which Yachie appreciated and vice versa. 

"I'm okay, I promise. First dose down, second to go. The sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner we can return to our lives".

Saki nodded and ran a hand through the short blonde locks that tickled Yachie's collarbone.

"Agreed. Your foolishness comes in handy at times" she smirked.

"Hey, I'm adventurous, not foolish, Saki".

Saki's riposte to that was already on the tip of her tongue, "Hm, that vaccine is definitely getting to your head to make you say that".

The jibe earned a poke to Saki's stomach, the duo sharing a chuckle as they sank into the comfort of each other.

It was now a waiting game to see how the events would transpire. 

Even if the world was in a state of tumultuous times, there was hope.

So long as common sense prevailed. 

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The ice picks in Yorihime's hands dug into the rock face of the daunting mountain she was attempting to summit. 

Unfortunately for the daring mountaineer, that wouldn't be today. 

Or ever again if she didn't find solace in the cave above from the frigid wind and plummeting temperatures. With whatever strength she had, Yorihime clambered over the ledge and quickly raced into the dark cave and began setting up a small fire.

The woman castigated herself for almost straying from the protocols of what to do, as was in her pedantic nature. 

But practicing for such a scenario and enduring it in reality were two separate things. 

She was fortunate to have most of her equipment after becoming separated from her group a week ago but supplies were running low. Even the bags she had found in the cave didn't offer much other than the thermal clothing which did aid her. There were a few snack bars and unused gauges, along with a few mementoes that the climbers must have taken with them. One included a toy crown with a picture of a woman and what could have been her wife and daughter. 

Yorihime smiled and hoped that the woman and her team had lived to tell the tale, to see their families again. 

She wasn't sure she'd get a chance to see Reimu at this rate, the bracelet beneath her glove covered hands rubbing against her damp skin. 

It wasn't suppose to be this way, they were diligent in their planning of the endeavour and yet, that was the nature of the unpredictability of what she did. 

A freak blizzard obstructed their attempt to scale K2, the most dangerous mountain to climb.  The only reason Everest seemed more treacherous in terms of death is due to its popularity as the tallest mountain on earth, therefore the number of people attempting to summit it increases dramatically.

Including the death count. 

K2 was deadly enough to stave away even the most experienced mountaineers to a point where it hasn't been summited in the winter. 

Yorihime could see why as she removed her mask and hat, thankful that she was still somewhat near the second base camp and the air was breathable. Her mountaineering gear had provided the efficacy it boasted which she was appreciative of or else her situation would have been twice as dire. The water bottle landed on her lips as she tried to ration how much she drank each day, eyes taking in the flickering flames when her hands tested over it. 

She was dwindling to the grips of feeling enervated.

It'd only be a matter of time before she succumbed to the elements if she didn't fall into a crevasse due to her ailments. 

All her communication devices were damaged, her satellite phone barely having a signal as she checked it again. It wasn't as if there would be many people around, even outside of the region. 

The world had suffered a decline in its population due to various disasters and pandemics. 

What was left now was truly sparse in comparison to the 7.8 billion people that once existed. 

That number had been reduced to a significant minimum. 

"What do I do?" she sighed as she looked at the entrance of the cave, "I have one more flare left but.." she sneezed, "It'd be useless to light it up now". 

Her purple eyes grew weary as exhaustion climbed through her veins but she had to stay awake. 

Falling asleep would simply abet her death. 

Unfortunately for the woman, she couldn't expostulate it anymore and capitulated to the warmth which was tugging her under. 



Her lover's name in her dreams sounded so close, so tangible. 

Yorihime chuckled. 


It was getting vociferous for reasons that Yorihime couldn't understand. 

"Wake up!" Reimu's voice cried out, "Please, listen to me!". 

The mountaineer felt pressure to her shoulders that was too real to be a part of her dream and her eyes flew open to meet Reimu's crimson eyes. 

Her own lips were cold, eyes bleary as she watched Reimu breath out in relief. 

"Reimu..what are you doing here?". 

"What's it look like? Saving you as usual" she grinned before embracing her lover, "I'm so glad you're okay". 

Yorihime could hear the consternation as she brought her arms up and rested them on Reimu's back. 

"Thank you" she whispered and hugged the woman with the energy she could summon, "How did you find me?". 

The brunette pulled back to take in Yorihime's sallow countenance, looking for obvious signs of injuries and was relieved there wasn't any. 

"Your satellite phone still had a signal" she explained and wrapped Yorihime up in more blankets, "It was weak but the closer we got, the stronger it became. A week went by without anything..I thought..". 

Yorihime smiled and pressed her forehead against Reimu's, enjoying the warmth exchanged as the sound of a helicopter melded with the raging tempest. 

"I thought I would be too but I couldn't give up. I couldn't not see you again, at least without telling you goodbye, Reimu".

Reimu scowled, "You're an idiot, you know that? I mean this wasn't your fault but still.." she chided without any bite and kissed her, "I can't lose you". 

"I'm sorry for frightening you, Reimu" Yorihime said and held onto her lover as the medical personnel aboard the helicopter rappelled down. 

The sound was almost as mitigating as hearing Reimu's voice. 

To think that she would indeed live to tell the tale. 

"Just don't make a habit of it".

The jocular tone didn't go amiss as Reimu helped her up, the two women walking over to the edge. 

Yorihime was sure that such a thing wasn't going to happen, this call was close enough and she wasn't ready to part from Reimu. 

Taking in the inscrutable beauty of the scene from their altitude, Yorihime yielded to K2's arcane magnetism, opting to admire it from the heights it demanded. 

For next to her, there was a presence far more beguiling that kept her fulfilled and alive. 

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Her provocations were too much for you to endure, your patience waning with each taunt. 

A sneaky hermit that had no tact and too much appeal. 

Standing over you in an almost state of undress donning a debauched aura. 

You wonder if you were capitulating too easily to the earthlings after your encounter with Reimu and the others. 

Not that in mattered at this point as you were on your back, staring up at Seiga, the infernal hermit who had removed the last of her clothing, tossing it to ground. 

Your own body lay bare beneath hers as she slowly dropped down, only using the pressure of her hips and rested on your naval, your pelvic bone. 

You could feel her instantly and gasped out, unsure of if the dampness which had accumulated was yours or hers. 

Not that that mattered either as Seiga smirked and pulled the pins out of her hair before she placed her hands on your abdomen. You wince, the pleasure between your thighs rocketing when she pressed down and your nub stroked over hers. 

Again, that deplorable sense of surrendering simmers in your stomach when Seiga moves and you grip her hips, hard enough to bruise them. You forego whatever sense you had in return for physical pleasure, something Seiga excelled in .

This was the last time, you tell yourself. 

You always tell yourself that. 

But the gregarious hermit sways you with her charm. 

Seiga leers at you, utters your name in that salacious tone before removing your hands away from her body and pinning them to the bed. You demand to let her be touched but Seiga shakes her head, leans down, whispers in your ear. 

I'll take care of you

And she does, so wonderfully. 

She pushes her clit down onto yours, starts rocking, moving on you till you feel like your soul has departed from your body. 

There isn't a sensation quite like it and you're thankful to the wicked hermit on top of you, giving you a chance to shed your noble upbringing and allow the pleasure of earthlings to seep over you. 

In secrecy, a clandestine act between a princess of the moon and a loathed hermit.

It's intoxicating. 

To hear her voice deep in your ear as you clench your fists under the pressure of her hands trapping your wrists.

Tell me how you want it, princess

You gasp out, feet rising to rest on the bed as you feel Seiga slamming back against your thighs, her centre grinding over yours till all you could hear was the sound of you joining, her ragged breaths and your own heart in your throat. 


You tell her. 


She grins. 


She obliges, buckles down on you till her entire form is moving up and down on you. 

It's intoxicating. 

To feel your stomach flex, your lower lips leak and bud thrum. 

She is still talking to you, whispering scandalous things in your ear. 

Her words are an aphrodisiac alone and her actions simply provide the proof. 

You wish to devour her, freeing your arms from her grasps and winding them around her lower back as you buck up against her now.

The tremble of your name exiting her mouth makes you smirk, lurid and dirty. 

She wasn't the only one who knew how to play games as you shed any decorum when jutting upwards till she falters, her upper body flat on yours as her lower half remains in the air given what you were doing. 

You're approaching your undoing, as is Seiga when you grip her skin, leaving a trail of lines across her back, struggling to reel in what was going to come

Seiga's breathing is haggard, her teeth biting down into her own fist as her other hand latches into a fistful of your hair. 

It's a mess, this whole dynamic is but you desire it, desire Seiga. 

So you give in, rock up harder against the woman's rigid clit that was locked against yours till she breaks, till you crumble. 

You hold on tight, she holds you desperately as she shivers, breathing as erratic as your  own when you feel her come, her deluge sliding down to meet yours as your part your thighs, allowing it in.

She's warm, her body, her release. 

It causes you to slam your eyes shut as the fission between you coalesces, a satisfied sigh escaping your lips. 

You feel Seiga's too, her mouth wet, dribbling onto you shoulder. 

Not a word, not a retort, not an innuendo. 

That's the only way to take down Seiga and you revel in being able to reduce her to such an enervated state. 

And that's how you leave her when you're done.

You give your eyes a sweep over her nude body as a final taste of satisfaction before you pull the sheets over her to let her rest. 

Because when she wakes, she too will feel the weight of your body on hers. 

Sporting your marks, wearing your scent, feeling your arousal. 

Till next time. 

You return to Eientei like you hadn't just continued a lustful tryst with an earthling, a youkai.

It was irrelevant. 

That line of superiority had long faded. 

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It was only meant to be a brief visit to Alice's home, this much Keine was certain of, especially in her hakutaku state. 

She wanted to make it home after the caliginous night veiled everything but Alice's company was just too riveting. 

The elusive yet approachable magician had been visiting the Human Village more frequently for supplies and the puppet shows which led to the two becoming acquainted on a personal level. 

Keine certainly wasn't expecting it to be this personal as Alice tore at her clothing whilst balancing on the kitchen table where Keine had placed her. 

Her tone was thick when she called out Alice's name, her face hovering over the woman's throat as her claws easily ripped apart the blonde's clothing, "Alice, my nails and teeth are sharper than yours".

Something Alice understood, grin sultry when she finally managed to drag Keine's green dress down to her hips to be trapped by her tail. There was nothing punctilious about that action as she was running on unadulterated lust. 

"I don't mind" she panted, coiling her legs around Keine's waist when she felt her tights and underwear being torn away and hands rest on the underside of thighs, both being spread slowly, "In fact, I..insist you use them". 

Keine growled softly at that as she felt Alice's hips lurch forward and against her stomach. 

She was wet, more so than the teacher was expecting but the dark hue in Alice's eyes when they embarked on this licentious dance was prescient to that. 

It resulted in her trailing her canines down Alice's neck, then to her shoulders as she mumbled, "So I see" and bit down. 

A moan ruptured out of Alice's mouth, much like her blood vessels as she locked her arms behind Keine's head, grabbing a fistful of hair and the other hand shaking over her nape.

She hadn't envisaged that happening, at least not entirely. 

Keine was a youkai even if she was half. 

She still required, needed blood. 

Alice felt the same, could feel the woman's nerves as she sucked her shoulder hard as she helped the blonde get off by pushing against her nub harder. 

"Keine.." Alice groaned, rocking her hips fervently. 

It only amplified Keine's need to take from the usually demure woman whom was composed and collected, much like she was. 

But right now, composure wasn't in either women's mind as they succumbed to each other, making the most out of this spontaneous dalliance. 

Keine placed Alice down on the table fully as her jaw locked over the woman's shoulder, tugging as her hands clawed up her thighs while she continued to provide Alice a sexual reprieve by moving over her bud. Her stomach was drenched with Alice's release, pinning her to the table below till the rich substance that was Alice's blood travelled down her throat.

The material of Alice's brown boots which remained on burned over Keine's naked back but the youkai paid no mind to it, too enthralled in the meal she was being provided in the most primitive of ways. 

It kept accumulating, the surfeit of crimson which was gushing, lining Keine's stomach and that in turn resulted in grinding against Alice with added momentum, giving her the same pleasure that she was receiving. 

It was euphoric for Keine.

To taste Alice, to hear her crying out, to feel the strands of her own silver hair practically being yanked out as she fed and had sex with the magician. 

Keine felt like she could get used to this and in the back of her mind, she was already looking forward to the next time she transformed. 

She had a feeling that the sentiments were shared by Alice. 

More so when she cried out, head lolling back onto the table as her legs remained spread to accommodate the way Keine was moving on her. 

Alice's undoing was imminent as Keine released her shoulder and looked down at her, blood smeared over her lips while she exhaled. 

She watched the blonde squirm, jut her hips which only reignited the spark and thirst. 

The provocative expression on Alice's face did wonders for Keine as shaky hands went to Keine's jaw, wiping the blood till Alice pulled her down and whispered a word that restarted Keine's drive and hunger. 

Keine could certainly adjust to this as Alice mumbled a needy, "Again" over her lips before kissing her.

Even a staple of Gensokyo's community like Keine needed an outlet for her youkai nature and Alice was only happy to be the vice. 

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The Yasaka Shrine was as resplendent as the last time Byakuren had recalled visiting it with a friend.

Said friend had insisted on coming here again as she went to talk to some of the priestesses she was familiar with which left Byakuren alone for a little while, not that she minded.

She could see Yukari discussing something with Eirin and the blonde looked positively flustered by whatever the woman had said which made Byakuren chuckle. Given Yukari's circumlocutory nature, it was amusing to witness her being reduced to a few sparse words considering her impressive lexicon. 

Byakuren looked away and buried her hands into her coat pockets, the winter cold biting into her skin as the grey skies above signified the start of winter. 

With the serenity of the landscape, she took in the afflatus environment, the myriad of people coming to offer their prayers before the new year's rush and it was magical.

No matter the location or the faith, Byakuren found the process beautiful and she didn't feel incongruous by being here despite not being a follower of the Shinto religion.

The architecture was sublime, her hazel eyes parading over the structure and the presence it offered her.

She was happy to accompany Yukari here but she knew the woman had other intentions of visiting besides the admiring of the mesmeric structures, well, not in a conventional sense as her eyes traced back to Yukari and Eirin. 

It was rare to see the blonde this flustered so it was definitely additional bonus material for her to tease the woman with later.

She was about to mouth something when a voice caught her attention.

It was rich, a smooth undertone to it and she couldn't help but gasp lightly when looking up at the figure whom had called out to her in an effort to abet her.

"May I help you?" she asked kindly.

"Oh.." Byakuren stalled, taking in the crimson eyes and blue hair which were adorned with the accessories a priestess would wear, the blue strands up in a ponytail, "I, I'm okay thank you. I was just waiting for a friend".

The woman in the white robes smiled, it was crooked, almost playful but Byakuren thought she was seeing things.

"Ah, so you are a friend of Yukari's, I take it?" she asked.

"That's right. If I may ask, do you know her?". 

"Not exactly. But the woman she has been quite interested in is a friend of mine. That's Eirin" she divulged and motioned to the tall woman that Yukari was still conversing with. 

The dots connected and Byakuren couldn't help but laugh, "Small world".

"Isn't it always" the priestess replied, "Would you like to come to the alter and offer a prayer? Maybe for those two to stop dancing around each like they are teenagers?".

Byakuren laughed at that and the priestess felt like she had heard something so melodious, something incomparable and she yearned to hear it again. It took a monumental amount of effort to covert the way Byakuren's genial tone affected her. 

"I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks so" Byakuren answered with a fond sigh, "As for the prayer, well, I'm a Buddhist, you see. I'm not entirely sure that my thoughts will be accepted here".

The priestess chuckled, "Not to worry, they are all linked in the same way" she winked knowingly and Byakuren stifled another laugh behind her hand.

Religion was fickle and she certainly knew that.

"You are not wrong there " she replied and took in the woman's benign countenance, "Those two will require the faith of every religion to exist at this point" she stated with a smile, "Come to think of it, I don't recall seeing you here the last time I visited" she said "Oh, I don't visit often to know when you would be here so that could be a complete error on my part, I apologise".

The woman brushed off her apology with a smile, "You are not wrong. I moved her recently so it is unlikely that we would have met before. Yukari drops by often enough so that is how I am familiar and Eirin more or less lives for it".

"That makes sense" Byakuren nodded, eyes unable to stray away from the hold the other woman seemed to have on her, the magnetism so potent. 

The woman was surrounded by electrifying energy, one that could pull anyone's attention to her and Byakuren knew that if she had been here often or before, there was no way she could have missed seeing her.

"And, if I may ask, what is your name?" the priestess asked quietly as the flutter of snowfall began to cascade around them.

She lifted a hand to greet her, an unusual method in Japan but something told Byakuren that this woman had more experience with other cultures so she couldn't help but to lift her own.

"Hijiri Byakuren" she said lightly, feeling the warmth fill around her fingers and palm, taking her off guard, "And you are?".

"Beautiful name" the woman grinned, "I am Yasaka Kanako".


It clicked to Byakuren again.

Kanako must be a direct descendent of the deity of the Yasaka shrine.

"Well, I didn't expect that" she smiled, face flushing as her hand was unable to part from Kanako's.

"Plenty more surprises from where that came from, Byakuren" Kanako teased and gently eased the grip of Byakuren's hand in hers, not wanting to overstep the boundaries set by the visionary woman that had come to her shrine, "Well, that is if I get to have the pleasure of being able to see you again". 

Byakuren liked the way Kanako said her name, all soft and luring. 

"I'd like that, Kanako" she managed to reply before a soft chuckle from their right cut through the simmering tension that was prevalent.

Eirin and Yukari had evidently cleared one of the hurdles as the blonde's hand appeared to be clasped in Eirin's whilst by her side.

Byakuren shook her head with a smile as Kanako spoke up, "I feel like we will be seeing each other a tad more in this case".

There was no aberration in Kanako's declaration, Byakuren could corroborate that without irresolution. 

"I sincerely hope so". 

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Kanako had never seen Byakuren radiating so much choler, the entirety of her once genial aura nowhere to be seen.

She was relieved that her office was isolated and on the top floor of her building.

Kanako hadn't assumed that a visit from Byakuren would occur, years after the end of Gensokyo, let alone end in an altercation like this.

Or perhaps she was but played ignorant to ease the affliction for both of them. 

"You are selfish, Kanako".

The goddess shrugged which only angered Byakuren further, "No, things are different here in the Outside World. If demolishing a shrine is a means of existing amongst humans, then so be it".

"It seems as if being back here has eroded what made you humble in Gensokyo".

"We're only human here, Byakuren, we have to do what we can to survive while under that pretense. If you let the project commence, it would gentrify the neighbourhood".

"You cannot be serous". 

"The figures and profits speak for themselves". 

Kanako could feel herself be cut-down by Byakuren's incredulous gaze and regretted her words. 

The priestess marched up to Kanako again but this time Kanako was quick enough to block the incoming attack. Byakuren's superhuman strength hadn't dispersed and Kanako could feel her body ache after the first round. 

Someone was bound to have heard something and would be coming up soon so she had to halt the woman's rampage.

"Enough, Byakuren!".

Hurt hazel eyes glared up in refusal as she pushed Kanako back but the goddess held her ground and flipped them over so that Byakuren was the one falling onto her desk. Hands gripped the collar of Kanako's black shirt as she maneuvered them so that her ex lover didn't bear the brunt of her computer.

Kanako quickly whacked it away, the monitor crashing down just as Byakuren landed on the desk.

"Just calm down!" Kanako urged and pinned the woman's arms to the surface, "You are going to get hurt!".

"Why do you care?! You turned your back on me, on us. To side with such pernicious establishments truly is the last straw. Did you even bother to look for me, Kanako?!" Byakuren cried out, eyes misty as her summer dress was tousled due to their fight, "Why do you care what happens to me? And to think that-".

Byakuren's tirade was silenced when Kanako's lips pressed against hers, passionate and unruly. With her eyes opening wide and catching the crimson orbs over her, Byakuren capitulated. 

Wilted to her ex's kiss, to her body flat over hers, to her presence. 

She wanted to fight it off, wrangle free of how Kanako made her feel but she couldn't, surrendering to the goddess. 

Her teeth clipped Kanako's as their kiss was nowhere near gentle, lips pressing and tongues moving till they had to breath. 

It was then that Kanako revealed it all. 

"I care because I'm in love with you, Byakuren" she gasped out, "There was never going to be a demolition".


Kanako grinned though her eyes belied how nervous she was, "I couldn't find you, nor could Yukari. I hadn't stopped looking for you, do you understand? Once the local news picked up wind of this supposed demolition project we had planned of the shrine, I knew there would be outrage, I knew things like this would draw you out".

Kanako had released her hands but they remained on the desk as Byakuren stared up at her, eyes in surprise at the multitude of revelations.

Kanako had never stopped searching for her.

The community wouldn't be losing their only place of sanctuary. 

The goddess exhaled and brought her hand to Byakuren's cheek, "I'm sorry".

"You are unbelievable".

"I'm aware" Kanako smiled.

Byakuren closed her eyes and rested her hands on Kanako's face, "Why didn't you just tell me that?".

"Well, I didn't get a chance to since you were adamant on decorating my office with my blood".

The priestess blushed, stammered an apology and ran a finger over Kanako's bruised lip, " sorry, Kanako. I just lost control. Seeing you..".

"I understand. We didn't exactly depart on the best of terms" Kanako stopped the woman as her thumbs wiped the tears, "But cessation of finding you was something u wouldn't allow and this was the only way I could find you. It's my style, to cause a scene if you hadn't noticed" she chuckled.

"Goodness, you really are ridiculous".

The goddess smiled and kissed Byakuren's palm when she spoke up again.

"But I love that about you, I love you. Being was unsettling".

Kanako understood that too well, "It won't happen again, Byakuren".

The priestess leaned up to kiss her, solidifying that fact, neither intending to let the other fade away. 

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What is Gensokyo, Yukari?

An illusion. 

For whom? 

I wonder. 

The voices in Yukari's head appeared distant, like they were coming from the depths of a cave. 

But they were familiar, at least the person asking her questions resonated with her. 

The tone shifted from being tinged with alacrity to vitriolic. 

Gensokyo is nothing more than a project for you, is it not?

She attempted to stir awake from the disorientating of her conscious, eyes opening to let in an overwhelming light which further stunted her vision. 

It was as if the room was bathed in crimson as the shadows of something pacing around her danced around the walls. 

"So you are awake". 

The semblance of familiarity dawned on the youkai, now cognizant of where she was.

It was the Hakurei Shrine. 

Yukari jolted awake, unable to move as the bounds behind her back dug into her skin. There was a chain around her neck which kept her upright and she could feel her flesh being dug into as blood wept from the lacerations that her restraints were causing her. 

The figure stopped behind her, grabbing a fistful of her blonde hair to pull her head back. 

Air caressed over her skin and from her peripheral vision, Yukari could finally identify the culprit. 


Smiling, Misumaru hummed as she procured a miniature version of the yin yang orb and pressed it to Yukari's back. 

She hissed as the sizzling sensation subsumed her, the aroma of singed flesh and clothing permeating the air as the orb branded the woman's skin.

The pain was incomprehensible, the Hakurei lineage being the antithesis to her existence, to any youkai or supernatural being. 

With each push of the orb against her spine, Misumaru's lips hovered over Yukari's neck and the smirk was prevalent. 

"Why are you doing this?" Yukari managed to grit out, a wince escaping her throat. 

"Why? Because you've corrupted the Hakurei priestesses for too long. Using them for your own gains to control Gensokyo with your audacious behaviour. the denouement of your existence". 

Yukari's spine was being burned in half, the flesh melting away as bits of her anatomy dribbled onto the floor. She couldn't breath, the grip on her hair pushing the discomfort as her legs buckled. 

But she wasn't given the reprieve of collapsing as her body was kept suspended by Misumaru's grip and the chain around her throat, strands of blonde breaking away. 

Surely Reimu would arrive and put an end to this? 

"You are wrong. Despite my..means-" Yukari coughed, breathing rapidly as Misumaru rested her chin on the youkai's shoulder. 

"Lies. Everything that comes out of your mouth is lies" the goddess interrupted, chuckling whilst twisting the orb, "Reimu was unfortunately swayed by your deception. However, that ends now, Yukari". 

The twisting of the orb eroded the charred innards of Yukari's back, snapping the youkai in half as the lower part fell to the floor. Only the blonde's torso remained given the hold that Misumaru had on her hair and chin on her shoulder. By now, the bound around her neck had imparted itself into the skin, a bloody imprint being left as Misumaru yanked the metal down, a clatter resounding. 

There was nothing left to say as Yukari swayed there, pressed against Misumaru, deceased. 

For now. 

"I'll wait for you to regenerate again. Killing you isn't that easy but instilling enough pain that even you will feel long after I release you? That option is plausible". 

With her mouth agape and blood pooling out of it, Yukari's upper body was released to meet the lower in a pile of dissolute mess. The yin yang orb faded as Misumaru exhaled, face becoming pensive whilst sealing the youkai's corpse with numerous orbs to confine her. 

Reimu asked questions about Yukari's whereabouts but it would fade, eventually. 

She had returned.

Yukari's presence was no longer required in the Hakurei Shrine. 

Misumaru glanced down, taking note of the violet eyes that were still open. 

Such a lamentable sight. 

She dropped an orb over the head, obliterating it as a wave of blood swept across the floor and beneath the goddess's shoes. 

For the great youkai sage to be reduced to this level of nothingness. 

Misumaru found it pitiful. 

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Sakuya couldn't deny how much Misumaru had piqued her interest. 

The woman was knowledgeable in all regards, especially in terms of her own life. 

Their numerous conversations which followed after their meeting blossomed into something more. 

Even if Sakuya was meant to only interrogate any culprits on behalf of Patchouli's insistence, when it came to Misumaru, their exchange of dialogue continued well after the incident was resolved. 

She found Misumaru's presence soothing, a curative means to her moments of discomposure. 

In a mansion inhabited by wayward and capricious beings, having Misumaru here with her felt reposeful despite what they were engaging in. 

Though Sakuya couldn't keep the audible to a minimum as she gasped out and into the goddess's mouth, legs twirling around her hips. 

"Do you wish to continue, Sakuya?". 

The maid gulped roughly at Misumaru's gravelly tone, her sheets pooling at their feet where her ankles were crossed given the way the blonde's fingers were moving within her. 

It wasn't that Sakuya had planned to bed the goddess but clearly it was on the cards. 

Though she had had quite enough of those. 

Her blue eyes opened to gaze into Misumaru's dark pink orbs, her fingers reaching up to grip onto her shoulders. 

"P-please do". 

Misumaru smiled at the stutter which was still so polite as she took in the maid's sweat tinged forehead whilst brushing her thumb over the hardening knot while she slipped her finger in, a phalanx deeper. Soon enough, her knuckle halted further entrance and the spasm which rocked Sakuya's body was enthralling to feel. 

With her other hand braced near Sakuya's head, her fingers dug into the pillow when the woman tightened around the thumb and finger touching her. 

"Your patience is admirable". 

Sakuya laughed, throaty, head tilting back, "Such is the requirement for working for Lady Remilia". 

"I can understand that" the goddess mirrored the actions while brushing her lips across Sakuya's jaw. 

She thought back to the barrage of questions from the vampire and her sister, from the magician and her demon, along with the gatekeeper. 

Sakuya's home was exuberant, but even the human must have had her limits. 

Misumaru intended on alleviating some of that pressure that Sakuya concealed with renowned skill. 

The maid groaned whilst sliding her fingers down Misumaru's spine, feeling her stomach clench and centre pulse in reaction to Misumaru's fingers bringing her over the edge. She couldn't withhold the desire to unleash the pleasure of the blonde's machinations, thrusting her hips upwards to match Misumaru's movements. 

She mumbled out her name, a hand bunching up the tips of the goddess's hair and the other gripping Misumaru's back. 

Misumaru was watching her with entranced eyes as she stroked Sakuya's nub, thumb twirling and buckling down on Sakuya's form to keep her still. 

"You do not have to hold back, Sakuya" she crooned into the maid's ear, "Let yourself breath". 

And so she did, legs drawn up in the air as Misumaru increased the fervour of her fingers till Sakuya let go, the sheets beneath them tinged with dampness from their nightly escapades. 

Misumaru's touch was far more different than Remilia's, precise and orderly yet shattering. 

She could do nothing but exhale as Misumaru stroked her silver hair while her lips pressed against her cheek, jawline and then neck. 

It felt like being in the cave again when she first encountered the goddess whom had warned her with a benevolence she hadn't expected. 

Only this time, Sakuya was a willing participant in having her breath taken away when Misumaru kissed her.

There was a solidity in having such a presence like Misumaru's around her, one that Sakuya hoped to utilise. 

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A month had drifted by since the circulation of the ability cards and this was the first time that Megumu and Chimata had crossed paths since then. 

Whether it was a mere coincidence that it just happened to be near the entrance to the cave remained to be seen.

The tengu offered a curt nod, "Chimata".

While Chimata would have obtained a great deal of glee in simply walking past the tengu, she still had ties to the mountain and wanted to maintain enough of a presence here so she smiled, saccharine and fake.

"Megumu" she answered, her mannerisms churlish before sidestepping her and moving on.

"It was nothing personal".

Stood next to each other, Chimata chuckled dryly, "Naturally. The way tengu do their business isn't unheard of".

"Why? Because we prefer to take the realistic approach that will benefit us?".

"It is exactly that. To make it worse, you don't seem to understand the enormity of your actions" Chimata scoffed, blue eyes narrowing at the woman near her, "Tainted means, using whatever tactics required to fulfil a is undignified" she added before walking ahead.

"You're no better in that case" Megumu shot back, "You knew what my intentions were and went along with it. These games are a necessity for us to prosper. You would still be nothing if you hadn't joined me in this venture".

Chimata turned on her heel and marched back up to the tengu, craning her neck up given their height difference.

"That may be so, but answer this, Megumu" she said, voice pinched, "Of us both, whom was willing to manipulate someone on the precipice of death in order to make a profit?".

Megumu swallowed thickly but kept her stance in place, aware of the goddess's body pressed against her own.

Her blue eyes were fiery, like the embers of Rigel billowing out of its surrounding atmosphere.

A heavy gust rippled by them and considering how they were stood on the narrow path of the mountain, just one sudden movement could catapult them off the edge.

If neither could fly, that would have been problematic and given her reply, Megumu was convinced that Chimata would have no qualms in shoving her off of the edge.

More so when she continued with her assiduous rhetoric in regards to the goddess's question. 

"The ends justify the means".

Chimata grinned, lips twisting which shed her otherwise harmless appearance and that look alone was excoriating enough.

"The ends justify the means" the goddess repeated, fingers flexing at her side, "Typical tengu response. With such a master, it is no wonder Tsukasa is as duplicitous as she is" she chuckled darkly and stepped back, "Your partnership will certainly be fruitful. But it exists because of me". 

Megumu gripped the material of Chimata's cape, pulling her up till the goddess was almost on her tiptoes. 

Face to face and on the edge of a cliff, an unflinching stare down occurred as Megumu itched to say more, to remind Chimata that the only reason she was alive is because of her. 

But she bit back the retort as she felt Chimata ready herself to push things further and into a fight. 

The woman certainly wasn't beyond that. 

"It as you said, we use what we need to get ahead. The difference between you and me? I don't hide behind a self-righteous wall of deceit".

Chimata scowled and pushed the tengu back once she lessened her grip. 

"It's hard to hide behind something you constructed yourself". 

With one last glower at each other, the goddess and tengu brushed past each other, the stench of animosity loitering. 

Unbeknownst to them, Misumaru had overheard the pugnacious encounter from within the mouth of the cave.

While the incident may have been resolved, the woman had a feeling that the altercation between Chimata and Megumu was far from over. 

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"Who goes there?".

Yumeko clutched both of her swords, her boots softly clacking till they stopped when the figure made herself present. 

It wasn't like she had to hide as she was here to visit Shinki but the woman had taken quite a liking to the goddess of Makai's right hand. 

"Now, now. No need to raise your weapons, Yumeko" the voice called out, a tinge of facetiousness laced in her intonation. 

All it did was increase the umbrage Yumeko felt as she knew what the angel's presence entailed. 

Matenshi strode forward, long purple hair flowing behind as her hands remained folded in front of her as she walked. Her majestic white wings practically lit up the walls of Pandæmonium and its main gate, the softness of them quite the contrast to Shinki's. 

Yumeko did let her guard down, though she didn't lower her swords. 


The angel smiled at that as she reached Yumeko, the two now a few centimetres apart. 

"It is good to see you again". 

Yumeko remained impassive though Matenshi could see a flicker of something in the demon's red eyes. 

Something which was mutual despite Yumeko's laconic stance. 

She chuckled, "I have business with your mistress". 

"Lady Shinki needs to confirm it, please wait here". 

Yumeko turned to leave but a grip to her wrist pulled her back. 

Matenshi may appear delicate but the woman was strong, worthy of Shinki's presence. Though she towered of her, Yumeko felt like she was the one kneeling. 

"So stringent in your duties" Matenshi noted and released the demon's wrist, moving her hand to her chest where she could feel Yumeko's heart, "How much of your loyalty is your own I wonder". 

"Are you questioning my allegiance to her, Matenshi?". 

Yumeko's tone dropped, the grip on her swords increasing but Matenshi quickly assuaged her, running her hand up to cup Yumeko's jaw. 

"Settle down now" she purred, "Perhaps it is my own bitterness seeping in at the lack of contact from you. It has been too long since that night we shared". 

The memories flooded back with each stroke of Matenshi's thumb over her jawline, her body pressed against Yumeko's. 

A night where Yumeko was out on a mission for Shinki, seeking shelter when the complex weather system of Reimaden struck her. 

Matenshi welcomed her into her home knowing full well who Yumeko belonged to. 

They clicked, Matenshi was mesmerised by the demon and in a flicker of weakness, of not being touched by her mistress, Shinki caved and took her to bed. 

The kaleidoscope of memories continued. 

Of Yumeko running her lips over Matenshi's wings as she had her on her stomach, hand between her legs. 

Imagery of Matenshi kissing her way down Yumeko's body whilst parting her legs and kissing her inner thighs. 

Thoughts of the way Matenshi was balancing over the demon's face, purple eyes watching red. 

Yumeko snapped out of it, catching Matenshi's wrist, "That was a mistake". 

"Oh, I wonder" the angel smiled knowingly as Yumeko lowered her hand and let it go, "Should you believe otherwise, do come find me, Yumeko".

The blonde said nothing and placed her swords back in their scabbards as she turned around. 

"Follow me". 

Matenshi did so, staying close to Yumeko and the demon could feel her gaze. 

Her fealty was to Shinki and Shinki only

Her other desires, however, now wandered.

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The quietness of the shrine was a rare occurrence these days given the many guests which dropped by. 

However, tonight was one of those moments as Yukari sat besides a sleeping Reimu, the priestess severely wounded after an encounter with numerous lunarians whom had invaded Gensokyo. 

A moment later without the intervention of Sanae and the others would have resulted in Yukari training up the next priestess, something the youkai sage was quite ready to do yet. 

The pavid feeling running through Yukari felt like a complete contrast to her usual sangfroid demeanour, but it was to be anticipated given how close Reimu was in regards to taking a one way ride down the Sanzu River. 

She heard some muttering from the kitchen as another almost permanent resident of the shrine came out, "She has the organisational skills of a jiang shi". 

Mima floated in, hands carrying a tray with tea on it as she placed it near Yukari whom grinned at her. 

It was the first expression other than something maudlin so Mima would take it. 

"I'm not quite sure that analogy works". 

"Hey, it's not perfect but same thing. Reimu's kitchen system is chaotic " Mima shrugged and sat down next to Yukari, "That aside, if you kept frowning like that, that gorgeous face of yours would stay like it so I had to say something to make you chuckle". 

"And everyone says Reimu only has my mannerisms given my influence. They forget your role in her upbringing" the youkai shot back with a smile and took the tea handed to her, "Thank you, Mima". 

Her eyes returned to Reimu, her soft breathing filling in the silence as she cerebrated over what went wrong, why she hadn't detected the three lunarians. 

It felt like a failure on her part to ensure the brunette's safety, a nadir to her title of Gensokyo's overseer. 

"Yukari, Reimu is far more resilient than that, you know this better than anyone else" Mima reminded, "It'll take more than pesky moon morons to finish her". 

"But they were close. Look at her. If she were any other human and if Eirin wasn't around, she would be dead". 

Mima mulled over that point, "Maybe. But overthinking it is nothing but counterproductive. I'd say it is unlike you to care but, in reality, you do". 

"I would prefer to avoid losing another priestess, it truly is troublesome to train them up when they are nothing but obstreperous. That is all". 

The vengeful spirit rolled her eyes, grabbing a strand of the blonde hair that was at the side of Yukari's face, fingers loitering beneath the red bow when she tugged it. 

"Sure, because you're a heartless youkai and I can pretend that Marisa was nothing but a tool for me". 

Yukari scoffed lightly, glancing into Mima's green eyes, "Hm, a forward way with words but point taken". 

The woman's touch was cold against Yukari's skin when she moved her hand, placing her fingers over Yukari's neck as she grinned. 

"We have been around long enough to know better, Yukari" she reminded as the youkai sighed and closed her eyes, forehead leaning to rest on Mima's shoulder, "We are capable of caring for those we value. There are justifiable outcomes for doing so". 

The words resonated within Yukari, her hand resting on Mima's waist as the silence returned with Reimu's soft breathing. 

It was exactly that. 

Despite the professionalism of Reimu's role, Yukari always considered her safety. 

As did Mima with Marisa. 

Mima understood all too well what Yukari was embroiled in as a guardian of some sorts to Reimu despite how she accosted her. 

She lifted her arms up, coiling them around the blonde's back to hold her close, to ground her. 

Even a powerful being like Yukari needed reassurances now and then, the feeling of trepidation palpable, just as prevalent as the way humans would feel it.

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Sitting atop of the roof of the Hakurei Shrine, Misumaru took in the evening sky which surrounded the vicinity of Gensokyo.

It was somewhat surreal to be in contact with a holder of the yin yang orbs as prior to their introduction, the goddess kept a low profile.

A soft smile braced her lips at the turn of events whilst listening to the commotion within the shrine in terms of Marisa and Sanae overstaying their welcome as Reimu tried to drop some hints about needing to be alone with Alice.

The woman was sure Sakuya got the hint but the reserved maid did have a mischievous side.

All in all, Misumaru was relieved that her orbs had benefited Reimu in the long run as each priestess worked in different ways, some tuning of the orbs always necessary.

But witnessing the way Reimu wielded her weapons with accuracy and finesse made the goddess feel a sense of pride, a paragon to what the holders of her creation should be.

She had already noticed her new guest join her before glancing to the side to see Sannyo reclined backwards on the roof.

"Nice night for watching the stars huh" she said, voice kittenish.

"Indeed. Gensokyo's peaceful moments should be enjoyed" Misumaru replied with a smile as her eyes turned back upwards, "Are you well, Sannyo?".

"Is that a polite way of saying it's odd for me to be away from the den?".

Sannyo could see the blonde's small grin from her side profile, prompting her to laugh before taking a smoke of her dragon pipe.

"Well, you ain't wrong but no, I'm fine. Figured you'd be here watching over our esteemed priestess" she answered whilst watching the smoke flutter away.

A content sigh followed when Sannyo fully laid back on the roof, the comfort of Misumaru's presence doing to her what her smoke did for others.

It was a warm summer night and time away from Youkai Mountain wasn't the worst of Sannyo's plan since the den was quiet now.

Besides, Saki was keeping watch.

"Esteemed is one word for Reimu" Misumaru said softly, eyes following the trails of her companion's smoke, "Also, I had a feeling you would be joining me".

"You goddesses and your uncanny senses" the youkai jested, eyes closing as she felt Misumaru moving towards her, "Besides, been a while since you visited the den unless it's to check on the cave".

"It would be unfortunate if I was to put your clientèle at unease".

Sannyo opened an eye, "Yeah, because my clientèle are really the calm kind to begin with".

The blonde's contemplative thoughts shattered at that, laughing quietly as she reflected back to the racaous gatherings which could occur.

"That is fair".

"It's how I prefer to do things" Sannyo shrugged as much as she could whilst laying down, "Megumu's style ain't mine".

The statement elicited a small chuckle from Misumaru who was now leaning over Sannyo, her other hand resting on the roof.

Sannyo watched on, the light of the full moon enhancing Misumaru's stoic and refined features.

"It helps to have some limitations".

"Not always".

It was a blatant come on and Misumaru knew it, watching the way Sannyo took a drag again and used her free hand to pull her in closer, grabbing her shoulder.

Their eyes remained on each other as Misumaru parted her mouth when Sannyo was done with the pull, blowing the smoke into her mouth slowly.

Misumaru took it in, the scent and taste of tobacco, cleaner and more refined than what she had experienced in the past.

As expected of Sannyo's rugged yet refined personality, adroit when she wanted to be.

With the smoke nestling in her lungs, Misumaru closed her mouth, exhaling lightly as the shape of Sannyo's lips which were left in a pout from blowing out burned something else within her.

"How was that, Misumaru?" Sannyo asked, breathing paced when she felt the goddess press onto her body.

"It is an unusual way to smoke" Misumaru commented teasingly, "Such eroticism in the action".

"Hm, well, only for ya" Sannyo winked and moved her pipe away as her other hand wrapped around behind Misumaru's neck, "Want more?".

The goddess smiled, tilting her head when Sannyo didn't wait for an answer, reaching up to kiss her.

She could taste the remnants of Sannyo's preferred flavour on her tongue when she swept it over the youkai's, pressing them closer together till she pulled away.

Sannyo's hooded and glossed eyes looked back up at her, the strands of her purple hair brushing with the wind and Misumaru couldn't help but to go back for more, chasing Sannyo's lips whenever she stopped to breath. Sannyo was all too pleased to initiate the chase, the softness of the blonde's lips against hers too intoxicating to ignore.

Their relationship was tentative yet enticing, much like Sannyo's smoke running amok in her chest.

It had moved beyond Sannyo guarding the cave under Misumaru's instructions given that the threat had been quelled, leaving the two women to endeavour into an amalgamation of pleasure and buisness.

A process that both were willing and wanting to explore as they separated, Misumaru's hand sliding up the side of Sannyo's body and Sannyo's hand bunching up the back of the blonde's hair.

"Should we head back?".

Misumaru's tone was breathless still which brought joy to the woman under her whom grinned, tucking her pipe into Misumaru's white sash around her waist. 

"I don't think Reimu's gonna like what we might end up doing up here so we definitely should".

On cue, an angry priestess started yelling at them from below before being placeted by a softer voice. 

The two women smiled as Misumaru helped Sannyo back up to sitting position, the two remaining close to each other. 

Sannyo's fingers ran up the goddess's jawline, the thumb following suit as vehement desires continued to build within.

A light gulp and quick exhale later, Misumaru nodded, "Let's go". 

Sannyo was only content to follow.

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The sword near her throat was a second away from slicing her neck into two and yet, Seiga's bravado remained.

The wicked hermit was pressed against the wall of Eientei, caught in her snooping by Yorihime whom was there on a visit.

"State your business" she said calmly.

Seiga giggled, well, what she could manage with a sharp blade against her throat, "And who might you be? I've never seen you here before".

Yorihime's eyebrows remained furrowed as she dug her blade in just tad, a line of crimson appearing on Seiga's throat as she placed her hands on the princess's shoulders but it was a futile attempt considering that she was trapped.

"I asked you a question. Why are you here?".

Seiga swallowed after gasping when Yorihime removed her sword to allow the woman to breath but that was the only saving grace she was going to provide the intruder.

"I have business with the mansion's mistress". 

"Which one?". 

The lunarian's purple eyes widened, appearing threatening but the hermit couldn't exactly say that she was irked with her current predicament.

Of course, she was well aware of who Yorihime was after some vague references by Eirin but to see the princess in the flesh was on a whole new level.

"Eirin" she managed, "The doctor and I have some business to address so if you could please release me. Well, unless you enjoy having me up against the wall like this" she grinned after running her hands down Yorihime's shoulders, "I can't say I'm opposed to that either". 

Yorihime increased the hold on the hilt of her weapon, her other hand resting besides Seiga's head. 

She had no idea who this woman was but her mere presence was unsettling. As was the palms on her hand, just beneath the sleeves of her white shirt. Nails lightly dug into her skin as Seiga rubbed her thumb over her biceps, the touch nothing short of flirtatious. 

There was no fear in her eyes, as if she had been apprehended and escaped death numerous times. 

"Quiet and broody, just my type" Seiga stated with a pleased lilt, the edge of the blade over her throat a stark reminder as to the risk she was taking, "If you need confirmation, feel free to collect Eirin for me. Or rather, we can skip those formalities between us, what do you think, hm?". 

"I think you spout nothing but lies. Your entire aura is rancid". 

Seiga feigned a pout at the denigration whilst lifting her hands off of Yorihime, "Is that any way to court a woman? Perhaps the older of the Watatsuki sisters is more capable. You seem too inexperienced for me".

A nerve was struck the moment Seiga had spoken the words, Yorihime's purple eyes glowering as the blade inched in closer.

The red streaming down Seiga's throat was visibly increasing now, sneaking to the cleavage of her dress and staining it red. 

Seiga giggled, panted out, eyes daring. 

She truly was pushing her limits but Seiga didn't mind, the rush she was feeling was too intoxicating to halt. 

"I'll end you, right here and right now". 

"Oh? Do make it pleasurable at least". 

Seiga smirked again as Yorihime was about to slide her sword to the left but a voice interrupted her. 


The lunarian kept her grip on Seiga whilst turning her head slightly, "Master?". 

She heard the woman sigh as she walked up to them, gripping her student's arm gently to release her. 

"It's fine, I have been expecting her" Eirin stated, "Your diligence is always admirable, however". 

Yorihime's expression softened at the words from Eirin, something Seiga stored away, "Thank you, master. Are you sure I should release her? There is every reason to oppugn that option". 

The goddess's gaze turned to Seiga, a look of disapproval being sent her way, "Yes. It would be in your benefit not to sneak around, Seiga. Please use the front gate as I've requested" she castigated. 

"What's the fun in that?" Seiga chuckled, holding her palm to her neck when Yorihime released her, "If I did as you said, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet this marvellous woman. I like the assertive type, as you know". 

Yorihime's face morphed into disgust while she wiped her blade with a handkerchief as she stepped back. 

She was both appalled yet slightly intrigued by Eirin's visitor considering how capricious she behaved in the face of imminent death. 

The woman must have had a death wish. 

"That's quite enough, do refrain from provoking my student" Eirin admonished, "Come with me, we'll have to see to that before we talk". 

"I apologies" Yorihime said, bowing slightly. 

Eirin smiled, "No need, I'm sure Seiga was the cause for it". 

"I can't deny that and I certainly wouldn't mind more". 


"Just kidding" Seiga winked at the princess as she followed Eirin, keeping her gaze on Yorihime. 

Before she past her, Seiga brushed up close to Yorihime, body to body and breath coating her jaw. 

"I most certainly am not". 

Yorihime's perplexed expression was worth the brush with death as she walked away, feeling the lunarian's stare on her. 

It appeared like Seiga had another reason to visit Eientei whereas Yorihime amassed a reason not to. 

Regardless, they would meet again. 

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Before the lunarians relocated to the moon, they walked amongst the earthling, as earthlings before they controverted the reason to stay.

Eirin's history superseded most beings to exist, going back to ancient times where only deities roamed the earth. 

The goddess knew of all that existed and she was particularly acquainted with one woman whom had gravitated towards her. 

A demon goddess who oozed enough intrigue for the usually reticent being to reach out, to learn about her, the two deities analogous in more ways than met the eye. 

Their connection grew, surpassing their differences. 

Soon, they sought to cement that connection, make it more than caducous. 

In the form of a being created by them both, by magic, by the entirety of their essence. 

On the balcony of Shinki's quarters in Pandæmonium which overlooked the totality of Makai did they opt to do this. 

Shinki had a solid hold around Eirin's neck, robe parted and trapped around her waist where Eirin had one arm over. 

The tenebrous crimson Makai sky shielded them as Eirin's hand rested over Shinki's stomach, an eerie yet arresting blue glow covering the woman's skin. Her legs locked around Eirin's waist, feeling the lunar goddess pour her essence into her, the magic of creation. 

Eirin could feel Shinki's magic reach out, accepting her touch and allowing it into her body. Her lips pressed against the demon's lips when she moaned softly, whispering Eirin's name. 

It was taboo, what they were doing, making

But neither could resist, more so since Eirin would be leaving soon. 

Shinki's thoughts blanked at that as her nails dug into the nape of Eirin's neck as the process was complete so Eirin added an extra incentive for Shinki's dammed soul to accept her. 

Her finger slid into Shinki since her legs were still parted enough. 

The action made the woman jut her hips up, taking the goddess into her, the digit being squeezed as she moved in further. She felt it in her stomach, her legs rising up as Eirin's essence simmered, melding with Shinki's form. 

Eirin was in a state of bliss at feeling Shinki slide over her finger so she lifted her up off of the balcony, allowing the demon to increase the cadence of her hips. She gasped into Shinki's mouth, arm gripping the woman's back as she held her up. 

They were bonded now, with magic, with their bodies. 

The perfect conditions to make her

Shinki breathed out, the susurration amplified when she felt it all collide, her neck exposed enough for Eirin to kiss over it lovingly as she pulled her finger out, the wetness dripping down Shinki's thighs and staining her own naval. 

The process was complete, Eirin's parting gift to Shinki would be growing inside of her now. 

Eirin took the demon goddess back into the quarters to place her down on the bed as she hovered over Shinki, taking in her withering form, legs remaining spread. Her fingers skimmed over Shinki's lower lips, fingertips wet as she slid them up and rested her hand on Shinki's stomach. 

Eirin could feel her already, a smile forming as she leaned down and kissed Shinki on the breast before moving up, creating a trail to her lips to kiss her passionately. 

Soon, the world would be graced with a demon/lunarian child. 

A perdurable yet luciferous creature that could only be created by the keeper of the night and birthed by the holder of the dark.