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Passages From Within The Eastern Barrier

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Before the lunarians relocated to the moon, they walked amongst the earthling, as earthlings before they controverted the reason to stay.

Eirin's history superseded most beings to exist, going back to ancient times where only deities roamed the earth. 

The goddess knew of all that existed and she was particularly acquainted with one woman whom had gravitated towards her. 

A demon goddess who oozed enough intrigue for the usually reticent being to reach out, to learn about her, the two deities analogous in more ways than met the eye. 

Their connection grew, surpassing their differences. 

Soon, they sought to cement that connection, make it more than caducous. 

In the form of a being created by them both, by magic, by the entirety of their essence. 

On the balcony of Shinki's quarters in Pandæmonium which overlooked the totality of Makai did they opt to do this. 

Shinki had a solid hold around Eirin's neck, robe parted and trapped around her waist where Eirin had one arm over. 

The tenebrous crimson Makai sky shielded them as Eirin's hand rested over Shinki's stomach, an eerie yet arresting blue glow covering the woman's skin. Her legs locked around Eirin's waist, feeling the lunar goddess pour her essence into her, the magic of creation. 

Eirin could feel Shinki's magic reach out, accepting her touch and allowing it into her body. Her lips pressed against the demon's lips when she moaned softly, whispering Eirin's name. 

It was taboo, what they were doing, making

But neither could resist, more so since Eirin would be leaving soon. 

Shinki's thoughts blanked at that as her nails dug into the nape of Eirin's neck as the process was complete so Eirin added an extra incentive for Shinki's dammed soul to accept her. 

Her finger slid into Shinki since her legs were still parted enough. 

The action made the woman jut her hips up, taking the goddess into her, the digit being squeezed as she moved in further. She felt it in her stomach, her legs rising up as Eirin's essence simmered, melding with Shinki's form. 

Eirin was in a state of bliss at feeling Shinki slide over her finger so she lifted her up off of the balcony, allowing the demon to increase the cadence of her hips. She gasped into Shinki's mouth, arm gripping the woman's back as she held her up. 

They were bonded now, with magic, with their bodies. 

The perfect conditions to make her

Shinki breathed out, the susurration amplified when she felt it all collide, her neck exposed enough for Eirin to kiss over it lovingly as she pulled her finger out, the wetness dripping down Shinki's thighs and staining her own naval. 

The process was complete, Eirin's parting gift to Shinki would be growing inside of her now. 

Eirin took the demon goddess back into the quarters to place her down on the bed as she hovered over Shinki, taking in her withering form, legs remaining spread. Her fingers skimmed over Shinki's lower lips, fingertips wet as she slid them up and rested her hand on Shinki's stomach. 

Eirin could feel her already, a smile forming as she leaned down and kissed Shinki on the breast before moving up, creating a trail to her lips to kiss her passionately. 

Soon, the world would be graced with a demon/lunarian child. 

A perdurable yet luciferous creature that could only be created by the keeper of the night and birthed by the holder of the dark.