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Passages From Within The Eastern Barrier

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The candlelight on the low table in Eirin's bedroom flickered majestically as the woman peered at the parchment she was currently writing on. 

It hadn't been too difficult to create spell cards, even the one she had forged with Kaguya but this one was certainly tugging at the multitude of levels of her mind. 

The deft strokes of her brush printed the name of what could have potentially been a substantial spell. 

Perhaps too powerful. 

"No luck with this one either?". 

Yukari appeared through a gap, holding a tray with tea and placed it down before taking her place on the lunarian's lap when she leaned back. 

"Not unless we want to go against the rules and possibly kill or maim someone". 

Yukari chuckled, violet eyes running over the abridged inscribe on the parchment. 

"Since when has that ever stopped you before, Eirin?". 

Eirin raised a silver brow, surprise washing over her features at the brusque retort in reference to her past, "Well, that certainly came out of nowhere". 

"I apologise" Yukari smiled and ran the back of her knuckles over her lover's cheek, "Old habits die hard, besides, I don't recall saying I did not like that about you" she added, leaning forward to place a kiss on Eirin's lips. 

Eirin's eyes fluttered close, her free hand wrapping around the blonde's waist as they broke it off after a few minutes of languid motions of lips brushing. 

It wasn't exactly unusual to take jibes at their past through their badinage but Yukari did have a skill of unnerving her at times. 

That particular smile after the second Genso-Lunar invasion had scarred Eirin's mind, after all. 

Yukari's lashes batted in a skittish pace, "That being said, we should probably avoid that".

"Lest you want an angry priestess trying to seal you so let's avoid death, shall we" Eirin smiled and turned her attention back to the parchment. 

Violet Spectrum "Moon Shadowing" 

If the duo were to execute that spell, it would result in the recipient being faded out of reality whilst being blinded by a flurry of purple and white lasers, then being enclosed into the space between an eclipse. 

Yukari ruminated any other potential options after abrogating the concept of that particular idea but it was proving to be exigent given how powerful they were. 

"We wouldn't want that. Our individual spell cards alone are quite the detriment to the recipient" she stated and rested against the crook of the goddess's neck, "Perhaps a more metaphorical approach would be adequate as opposed to physical". 

"It would abide by the rules, provide something of a light show, a strenuous to evade variation" Eirin agreed. 

"A pattern to do with your arrows, perhaps?". 

"I was thinking so. The addition of something you can conjure with your gaps to aid them, such as a scattering of curves. But we keep it the theatrical variant and not impossible to avoid". 

Eirin's hand got to work in listing an array of names for the attack as Yukari watched on, amusement playing on her lips at their scenario. Eirin could feel the woman's smirk and could only imagine something mischievous being thought up. 

She squeezed the blonde's hip, "Do I want to ask what you are smirking about?" she chuckled, "Especially when you should be thinking of a name for our spell card".

Yukari kissed the woman's jaw, "I can do both" she winked, "In regards to what I was thinking..well, would you have expected us to be here and creating an attack together?". 

"Not in my wildest dreams, Yukari. And believe me, I have had some strange ones over the course of my existence" the lunarian smiled, "I suppose it is a surreal experience. To be doing this with the woman who has been antagonising me for the last century". 

"Firstly, it is referred to as foreplay" Yukari grinned as Eirin intertwined their left hands together, sighing, "Secondly, the sentiments are mutual, if you recall" she reminded as her eyes looked up into Eirin's, "Lastly, I wouldn't want it any other way". 

The endearing apex of Yukari's list resulted in Eirin's gaze softening, her lips moving down to kiss the youkai who eagerly accepted it. 

They had a wealth of history so it would have seemed absurd at one point to imagine them to be working on the same side and yet, there they were, embroiled in each other in a crepuscular room.

Working on an attack, together. 

"Likewise, Yukari" Eirin murmured over her lips, pulling away slightly to take in the woman's resplendent features, "Stranger things have occurred in our lives". 

"Indeed so" Yukari replied, voice airy as a thought occurred, "Perhaps we can utilise that now". 

She shifted slightly so that she was still nestled against Eirin's chest whilst taking the woman's hand that held the brush and guided her. 

Eirin watched on with curiosity as the punctilious words to their spell card formed and she couldn't help the quirk of her lips, pressing them over the blonde locks, chuckling at Yukari's antics. 

Boundary Sinner "Cerulean Moon Heist" 

How applicable.