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Forever yours, Darling (A Darling in the Franxx Fanfic)

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Hello once again! TurkeyRock here.

To start, I once again stress that I do not own or have any rights to the show or the characters. I simply had a story that I felt must be told.

Now that proper credit has been paid, I must thank each and every one of you for reading my new story! I have been working on this longer than I expected, with some drafts being binned after they became too convoluted.

This was the first anime that I binged watched in full back in spring and enjoyed quite a lot but felt that the end could have been happier. That is why I took longer than usual, with the extra time being used to make absolutely sure that this is the story that I want to tell you. I decided to roll with the official ending and added some more details to it to give it an ending that I think is a bit happier and has more closure than the show did.

I am quite proud that I managed to get this done while everything going on in my personal life, and I hope that you have also enjoyed reading this as much as I had with writing it. As always, any constructive advice on what was could, what could be made better is welcome, since I do have plans to write more stories and I want to improve as a storyteller as time goes on.

Thank you once again, happy holidays, and may the next story entertain you more than the last,