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falling like the stars | tsukiyama

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tsukki pov

no, no, no, no

tsukishima thought as he sprinted down the hallway. yamaguchi wasn't leaning against the doorway for his classroom, grinning and waiting for tsukishima to walk him home. his big hazel eyes weren't glimmering up at him, shining as he pulled on tsukishima's arm excitedly. there was no golden ring of "tsukki!" as he walked whipped the corner. 

"where is yamaguchi!" tsukishima yelled at hinata and kageyama.

"he's gone? i thought he was waiting outside for you?" hinata asked, concerned and eyes searching.

"shit, where is he, WHERE IS HE!"

"i saw terushima talking to him, does that help?" kageyama responded, popping his head out from behind the doorframe.

"not really, but i had a feeling terushima was part of this. why do you think i ran my ass all the way down here?" sweat formed on tsukishima's forehead and he ran his fingers through his short blonde hair.

c'mon kei, think. 

"i know where he is," tsukishima said, talking to no one in particular.

the stairwell.


"please, stop calling me that, what do you want?" a soft voice whispered, quivering slightly.

"what, don't call you freckles? but they're so cute, i bet you let tsukki call you that," terushima crooned, smirking as he roughly pulled the small boy's hair. he had yamaguchi pinned against the wall, grabbing his neck so hard red bands appeared.

"d-don't call him that. h-he doesn't l-like it when p-people call him t-tsukki," yamaguchi cried, looking up at terushima. he loomed over yamaguchi and smiled. 

"shut up freckles. you're weak, if you didn't constantly have that idiot by your side i would've gotten to you a lot sooner," terushima kicked yamaguchi in the ribs, earning a painful groan from the small boy as he collapsed on the ground. "oh you think that hurts? let's try a little harder shall we, show you how real men handle pain." terushima kicked him again, then bent down and pushed a hand underneath his shirt.

"stop PLEASE! WHAT DO YOU WANT!" yamaguchi wept, slapping his hand away and shielding his mid section. anger flashed across terushima's cold face.

"you're cute ya know," terushima cackled, a glint in his golden eyes. "why don't you let me take you for a ride. that's what i really want, i'll let you go after that. let's just fool around a little bit, hm?" he ripped yamaguchi's arms away from his stomach and returned his own hands to under his shirt. terushima ran his hands along the pale skin of yamaguchi's stomach, giving a small squeeze to his hips. he traced the line of his pants, itching a slim, cold hand under the waist of his jeans.

"n-no, stop," yamaguchi said roughly, struggling to get words out. he pushed terushima's hands back forcefully and pulled his shirt down, shivering slightly and furrowing his eyebrows. his eyes pleaded, watering and looking up at the boy above him.

"fool," the blonde spat, showing his piercing. he placed a hand under yamaguchi's chin, forcing his head upwards at an uncomfortable position. his fingers griped the small boys face tightly and with a raise of his other hand he smacked his freckled cheek forcefully. yamaguchi felt a trickle of blood run down his face. it was warm and unsettling. terushima punched his side again, kicking his face to cause another small cut and littering bruises. "all you had to do was let me do you, but you chose the hard way," terushima sneered, his lip curling. he forced yamaguchi on his back with another kick his side and sat on top of him. he pinned yamaguchi's hands above him and slapped his face again, knocking the wind out of the small boy. 

"p-please s-stop... t-tsukki.. help m-me.." yamaguchi trailed off, half conscious and breathing softly. 

"heh, perfect," terushima laughed, quickly moving to unbutton yamaguchi's pants, forcing his hands up his chest and leaving small marks along the soft skin of his torso. 

"no, n-noo!" yamaguchi whined painfully, tears dropping out of the corners of his eyes.

suddenly tsukishima raced around the corner. what he saw made his face go pale and stop in his tracks. he felt his heart shatter, the shards piecing a hole through him, red hot anger pulsing through his veins. there was his yamaguchi, laying on the ground with bruises and cuts all over his exposed body. helpless. his face was covered in blood and tears streamed silently down his face. locks of hair lay around his face messily and he closed his eyes tightly, trying to move the hands terushima had trapped above him. he shook as terushima touched his bare skin, mumbling "stop" repeatedly.

"HEY! STOP! GET OFF OF HIM!" tsukishima shouted. he had never been so mad in his life. his blood boiled with hot rage and he pounced on a surprised terushima. he stuck his jaw and terushima flew backwards off of yamaguchi, laying still on the floor before getting up quickly.

"ok, ok! i'm sorry, geez. i just wanted to have a little fun. i'll leave him alone dumbass," terushima snarled, rubbing his jaw and running away quickly. tsukishima watched him leave, huffing loudly and watching as the sweat dripped off of him. then he remembered the boy on the ground next to him.

fuck, shit. no, no, no yamaguchi.

"yamaguchi, fuck, c'mon. please PLEASE wake up," tsukishima pleaded to a limp yamaguchi. he shook his shoulders violently, taking his face in his palms and rubbing it slightly. "please, PLEASE starlight, it's me tsukki, please wake up." tsukishima cried, bringing the boy up to his chest and hugging him. 

please... you're all i have left..

"t-tsukki..?" yamaguchi said. it was barely a whisper. his eyes fluttered open and he smiled weakly at tsukishima, crying softly. 

"oh my god, thank GOD. oh yamaguchi, i'm so sorry. you're gonna be ok, alright?" tsukishima told him, wiping his eyes and giving yamaguchi a kiss on his temple. he gazed at the boy in his arms. somehow, after all he had just been through he smiled at tsukishima, hope in his warm eyes. tsukishima watched as yamaguchi fell unconscious again, the arms that had been wrapped around him falling loosely to his side. he watched his amber eyes close lightly, peacefully even. 

fuck, i gotta go

tsukishima put his arms gently under yamaguchi's legs and back, hoisting him up carefully. he wrapped his arms around his neck and let his head rest softly on his shoulder, watching the small boy's chest rise up and down with shallow breathes. he held yamaguchi tightly as he raced towards his house, feeling tears of his own slip down his face. "it's gonna be ok, just hold on yamaguchi," tsukishima begged. the three minute walk to his house had never felt so long. 

he finally reached the doorstep of his house, rapping on the door loud and fast. no answer.

"AKITERU. OPEN THE DOOR. NOW." tsukishima yelled, panic starting to set in. he felt yamaguchi's breaths get shallower and shallower, struggling to breath with each second. "stay with me starlight, c'mon. AKITERU!"

"jeez, calm down, just use your key stupid-" akiteur stopped mid sentence as he opened the door to a limp yamaguchi and a crying tsukishima. "oh shit. i'm sorry i just-"

"move," tsukishima said coldly, shoving past akiteru and running to his bedroom. he laid yamaguchi down gently and brushed a stray piece of hair out of his face. "you're so beautiful, i'm so sorry, i'm s-so sorry. i s-should've b-been there, i-i'm sorry," he stuttered, kneeling down by the bed and resting his head against one of yamaguchi's arms. akiteru pattered in, holding a first aid kit in his hand.

"kei, i'll clean him up, why don't you just stay here with him? be here for him when he wakes up?" akiteru said gently, rubbing tsukishima's back. he only nodded in return, lifting his tearing face to hold one of yamaguchi's hands. "kei, i need you to take off his shirt, it's ripped and dirty. i need to clean his cuts. can you do that for me?" tsukishima stiffened as he hesitantly pulled the tattered shirt off to reveal soft, pale chest, littered with bruises. he placed a hand on the spots gingerly, moving to each one to inspect them. his eyes watered and his lip trembled. finally he let it all out, heaving a loud sob and collapsing on the side of the bed. akiteru moved around him, wiping blood off and patching up cuts, applying ointments to bruises. after he was finished he put everything away, stepping back to look at the scene in front of him. 

"a-akiteru," tsukishima whimpered, still holding yamaguchi tightly, "will he be ok?"

akiteru had never seen his brother so distraught. he eyes were teary and red, nose running rapidly. and quite honestly he didn't know how to answer. yamaguchi was in rough shape, he wasn't sure when he would wake up again. by some miracle, just as he was about to reply, yamaguchi stirred slightly, intertwining his fingers with tsukishima's. tsukishima gasped and moved his other hand to tuck his hair behind his ears, running his fingers through the soft brown strands. tears dripped down from tsukishima, landing with a small plop onto yamaguchi.

"oh tsukki, don't cry firefly," yamaguchi said hoarsely, opening his eyes to glace warmly at tsukishima. he lifted a weak hand to cup tsukishima's cheek, running a small finger across them. he pulled him down to lay tsukishima's head on his chest, wrapping his arms around him and letting him weep softly. he pressed a small kiss onto the top of his blonde head and rested his head on top of his, rubbing small circles on tsukishima's trembling back. he felt tsukishima pull him flesh against him and tighten the grip around his waist, making him smile. "i'll be ok."