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falling like the stars | tsukiyama

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yamaguchi sat down in his desk at the back of his class, letting his backpack flop on the ground next to him. his face felt hot, and he knew without looking in a mirror that his cheeks were flushed a bright red. he slumped in his chair and rested his head on the desk, a smile creeping it's way onto his face. yamaguchi felt himself slipping back into his thoughts.

hm, starlight. that was cute. i wonder where he got that from?  i guess i'll have to come up with a nickname for him. his last name means moon right? and his first name is kei.. ah! firefly, how adorable. (a/n: tsukishima= moon, kei= firefly :) hmm i know what name he'll hate..

"YAMAGUCHIIIIII" a loud, happy voice shouted in his ear. yamaguchi snapped his head up, wide eyed. he knew exactly who it was. shoyo hinata. the orange haired, bright ball of energy even the sun couldn't outshine. 

"hello hinata," yamaguchi said dryly, giving him a small smile, "thank's for bursting my eardrum again."

"oooopsie sorry yamaguchi! i just love seeing my friends! i had to drag tobio over here to say hi, he's so cold to everyone!" hinata pouted, looking up at the tall, black haired guy standing next to him.

"everyone but you.." kageyama grumbled, pulling his boyfriend closer by his waist.

"i looooveee you tobiooooo!" hinata practically screamed, buzzing with joy. he hugged kageyama's mid section tightly and in return kageyama placed a kiss on his head, blushing slightly. 

"ugh, you two are sickening," yamaguchi laughed, poking hinata in the side. hinata giggled and kageyama frowned at the sight of someone else touching the small boy.

"hey! quit poking me! anywaysss, what are you blushin' about hm? a boyyy perhaps? is it that tsukki guy? hm? HMMM? tell me tadashi TELLL MEEEE-" the whole class turned to stare at yamaguchi and the pair that stood next to his desk. you could hear a pen drop. yamaguchi slapped a hand over hinata's mouth.

"shut up hinata! i'll tell you if you just BE QUIET!" yamaguchi hissed. he waited until all eyes turned back to the front, chatter returning. "my god hinata, i'm glad we're friends but tone it down please! you know how i feels about stuff like this.." hinata looked down, obviously mad at himself.

"shoyo," kageyama said softly, "it's alright sunshine, he knows you didn't mean to." kageyama squeezed his hip and interlocked their hands. yamaguchi was glad hinata had kageyama.

"i'm sorry yamaguchi," hinata said quietly.

"oh hinata, it's alright. you're just excited. tell you what, i'll fill you in in what i'm blushin' about, hm?" yamaguchi winked. hinata's face lit up and he pushed kageyama into the seat behind him, plopping into his lap lightly. kageyama wrapped his arms around the boy's waist and took out his phone, uninterested in yamaguchi. this didn't bother yamaguchi, he knew kageyama was his friend. ha, he knew he listened to his stories too. he did it so he could understand when hinata spoke at the speed of light, just for hinata. kageyama was WHIPPED for hinata and oh did yamaguchi like to tease him about it. the two were perfect for each other though, the sun itself and a pit of darkness. hinata was the only thing that made kageyama shine. whenever hinata was around kageyama softened, his cold blue eyes suddenly shining. he thought no one noticed, but yamaguchi could always see a slight smile on kageyama's face when hinata was there. their relationship was something yamaguchi yearned to have, because in the few months hinata and kageyama had been dating, yamaguchi could tell they we're going to spend the rest of their lives together. he may not be in a relationship, but he wasn't clueless. yamaguchi remembered when kageyama and hinata told him they were dating. "i know," he'd said, grinned "WHAT?!" they had both replied in perfect unison, their mouths gaping. they really weren't as subtle as they thought. he smiled, remembering the memory.

"ok hinata," he said after a good look at the two. "it is indeed, tsukishima kei." yamaguchi smirked, mischievously. yamaguchi could beat a bitch up (a/n: theoretically lol. yamaguchi's smol ;), he really was a little shit, just not around tsukishima. jeez, did that boy make him feel some kinda way. and for what?! 

"yamaguchi! you little-" hinata was cut off by a finger pressed against his lips.

"let him finish babe! c'mon," kageyama chuckled, hinata smiling up at him. he mouthed a "sorry" to yamaguchi and motioned for him to continue. 

"as i was saying! i sat with him at lunch today and gave him the keychain. he seemed hesitant, i don't think he want's people to know his interests. i'm guessing something happened back in junior high. i'm not an idiot contrary to popular belief, he can't hide it from me forever. he seems cold, very distant. i've seen him before and he's always been rude, very blunt ya know? but i thought i'd give it a try. i mean he's hot, who doesn't wanna be friends with him?'

"HA! me.." kageyama snorted.

yamaguchi stuck his tongue out at him and flipped him off, grinning.

"tobio!" hinata glared, then looked at yamaguchi.

"moving on, i was super confident going up to talk to him at lunch but then i just became this nervous wreck! hopefully that gets better, but seeing as he has a new nick name for me, i doubt it. pfft, he looked at me today and i almost exploded! what am i doing? he's definitely straight, and i don't think he wants to be friends with the weird gay kid.. even if he said he did.." yamaguchi trailed off, playing nervously with his fingers.

"yamaguchi, i know that kid. what does he act like around you? i can tell when he likes someone," kageyama said from behind hinata. he glanced up from his phone and quirked a dark eyebrow.

"um well, i do remember him not minding when i held onto his arm, and he teased me a bunch," yamaguchi said, "OH NO NO, not like that, it was cute." he explained after seeing both of his friends frown. "he's not much of a talker but we did chat a little, i saw him blush a couple times but it was probably nothing. umm he let's me call him tsukki... OH! and he gave me this book!" yamaguchi pulled out the book and looked at it fondly. 

"hm, so he does have emotions. yamaguchi, he likes you," kageyama said. "if he's doing all that around you, lets you touch him, call him that stupid nickname i KNOW he hates  AND gave you a gift? i could practically guarantee it. i've never seen him even let anyone near him."

"hm," yamaguchi hummed and positioned himself to the front of the class. he wondered what it as like to have a relationship as seamless as hinata and kageyama's. of course  it wasn't perfect, but damn it sure was close. when the teacher yelled that class was starting he saw hinata kiss kageyama on the cheek before skipping off to sit down, kageyama giving a small wave as he left. and even though the teacher griped at him to pay attention yamaguchi continued to wonder about the mysterious tsukishima kei.

well, well, well my little firefly. i'm very excited to get to know you.

he thought with a smile.