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falling like the stars | tsukiyama

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tsukki pov

tsukishima took a deep breathe as the two took a step into the hallway.

god, why am i doing this? attracting attention is the last thing i want.

but tsukishima knew why he was doing it of course. it was none other than those big hazel eyes. he couldn't say no to them, and even though he was rude to him, yamaguchi still started up at him with adoration. he sighed and tried to cut out the chatter of his classmates. tsukishima focused on the soft chatter of the boy latched to his arm, skipping happily and seeming to outshine the sun.

"tsukki?" yamaguchi asked, tugging on tsukishima's sleeve slightly. he had slowed his walk and his eyes looked unfocused. tsukishima flinched abruptly, surprised at the sudden movement of yamaguchi's hand, making yamaguchi release his arm and step away with a hurt look in his eyes. "i'm sorry.. sometimes i get a little clingy.." he trailed off. "i can tell you don't like me, ill try and tone it down." yamaguchi hung his head and twiddled his now empty hands. tsukishima stared back at yamaguchi, not fully aware how to handle the situation. suddenly his arm felt cold, the lose of warm making him uneasy.

shit. i don't know how to deal with this. i didn't mean to make him sad, i didn't want him to let go..

after a moment of thinking, tsukishima turned around. he saw the small boy getting trampled in the crowd, crouched in the corner hands over his eyes. over the hustle and bustle he heard sniffling and saw tears glisten lightly over yamaguchi's cheeks. tsukishima felt his heart break. he felt his chest heave with a sigh of sadness and with a few large strides he made his way to the wall where the boy was crouched, trembling slightly. yamaguchi sat with his knees close to his chest, head resting on them. his hair draped over his face, shielding his eyes. tsukishima squatted down and reached out an arm to tuck a soft lock of hair behind yamaguchi's ear. "hey, it's ok, what's going on?" he whispered quietly, placing a hand on yamaguchi's knee and rubbing is slowly. tsukishima wasn't a touchy guy and he usually would've laughed at seeing someone in this situation, but he couldn't bear to just leave yaamguchi. what was it with this boy? why was he so special? yamaguchi raised his head, his teary eyes wide in surprise and a slight pink across his face as tsukishima's hand slid to his freckled cheek. "why are you crying yamaguchi?" tsukishima asked, wiping a tear away with his long finger, concern in his voice for the first time in years.

"uh-uhm well, i- i have bad anxiety.." yamaguchi struggled to get his words out, flinching when people looked their way.

"look at me," tsukishima said, "don't worry about them, i'm right here, i can help you." he brushed another piece of hair out of yamaguchi's face and looked him in the eyes.

"and- i get worried about p-people leaving m-me when i d-do s-something w-wrong. s-so i let go of y-your arm because y-you seemed mad b-but now i'm scared of everyone. i-im not sure why i feel safe with y-you, you're kind of an asshole," yamaguchi giggled, a small smile spreading across his face.

ba-dump, ba-dump. SHIT is that my heart? STOP IT.

"w-will you still walk me to class? i won't hold your arm.. i'm just not good with crowds so i like to hold onto something," yamaguchi rambled.

tsukishima blushed as the boy unknowingly grabbed tsukishima's fingers, holding them tightly and gazing up at him. suddenly they were both unaware of the crowds of people watching them as they walked to class. "hey, HEY! it's alright, i'll walk you to class, i guess.. you can hold my arm if you want.. it's fine," tsukishima replied sheepishly. he stood up without warning and felt yamaguchi's small hand slip from holding his fingers. he pushed up his glasses and took in a sharp breath.


he grabbed both of yamaguchi's hands and lightly pulled him. he caught yamaguchi's back pack and swung it over his shoulder. "come on," he grumbled. he felt yamaguchi take his arm tenderly, as if he was afraid to hurt him. "you're not gonna hurt me y'know," he chuckled and tugged yamaguchi a little closer.

"o-oh, sorry," he grinned and they walked down the hall together. tsukishima saw people shoot disgusted looks at them, as if they were something to gape at. he saw yamaguchi seem to crawl in on himself as they stepped, obviously uncomfortable. he felt his hands tighten around his arm. instinct kicked in and tsukishima glared an ice cold look at everyone around them, moving to sheild yamaguchi with his broad shoulders. his lip curled,

"what are you lookin at losers, fuck off would ya?" he snarled. his glasses slid slightly down his nose and he lifted his chin to see the people in front of him clearly. with a flick of his short hair he pulled yamaguchi along and stopped at his class. "i'm sorry about that, i guess i'm used to all the looks," he stated bluntly. yamaguchi visibly straightened up with surprise.

"p-people look at you? why? i think you're cool!" yamaguchi smiled brightly.

tsukishima closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

strawberries, hm.

"well, i'm tall and wear glasses, i'm a loner, a nobody. i have no friends and don't tend to show emotions, the list goes on and on. i would suggest not hanging out with me, i'm not someone you want to be like," his smile faltered, but it's not like he hadn't heard all this before. he'd learned to deal with it. "well, yamaguchi, have fun in class. goodbye." he took yamaguchi's hand off of his arm and let it go gently, leaving his backpack with him. taking one last look he winked, flashed a small smile and turned to walk away.

"w-wait!" yamaguchi yelled, attracting looks from the students inside the room. his voice turned to a mumble. "i've been bullied all my life, but you, you protected me back there. for no reason at all. i-i feel safe around you. c-could we.. can we be friends maybe?" he cocked his head innocently and fiddled the oversized sleeves that covered his hands. tsukishima knew he should say no, but as he looked at yamaguchi's hazel eyes, sparkling with hope and filled with warmth, he couldn't bring himself to.

"well, i don't want friends. i made that decision a long time ago," he stated, walking over to the doorframe, resting his arm above yamaguchi and leaning over him. he saw yamaguchi visibly deflate at the comment, "but for you, i'll make an exception."

yamaguchi flushed bright red, burying his face in his palms. tsukishima leaned down to bring himself face to face with the freckled boy, taking yamaguchi's wrists and pulling them down. he wanted to see his eyes, his freckles, the cupid's bow in his lips and his long, thick eyelashes. "i'll see you later starlight," tsukishima spoke softly into his ear and smirked, taking yamaguchi's chin in his hand before spinning on his heal and heading towards his class. behind him he knew yamaguchi gaped, excitement making him practically glow. he felt what he knew was the color red rise to his face.

ba-dump, ba-dump. when had he come up with that name?

a friend. something tsukishima a said he would never want, never need. but somehow, here he was. hoping that this friend he had just made, could maybe be something more. or was it too soon for that? tsukishima kei had never questioned and been so sure about one thing in his whole life as he put on his headphones.