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falling like the stars | tsukiyama

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tsukishima's pov

high school will be better, right?

tsukishima kei thought as he walked to school, not caring if he stepped on the cracks or not. he had changed from junior high. his blonde hair was now shorter than before and his glasses were rectangular as opposed to square. he stood at 6'2" and wore a frown on his face, eyes lazily opened. his headphones played soft music in his ears, not heavy metal like one could expect from looking at him. in his arms he held a binder hiding an astronomy book between the pages of notebook paper. the sun glared in his eyes.

ugh, does the sun have to be that bright? how annoying.

he watched as little kids ran around, laughing and bright eyed. tsukishima was glad he didn't have friends, he thought they would certainly just annoy him. as he walked a daze came over him. he wondered what happened to kuroo and kenma. kenma probably still clung to kuroo like he did in junior high. tsukishima often remembered how hard it was for kenma when kuroo went to his first day of high school. he cried, guttural sobs, when kuroo pried him off his arm and walked the other direction. kuroo looked sad too, his eyes glassy. before leaving he gave kenma a hug, whispering comforting words and promises into his ears. in the end they pulled away from the hug, hesitant to unlink their hands, but ultimately knew that next year it would be ok again. tsukishima watched from a distance of course, laughing a little as he remembered the anxiety kenma got away from kuroo. maybe tsukishima was a little cruel, but he didn't care. he was glad they went to nekoma and he went to karasuno. he never wanted to see them again, those little-

suddenly he was snapped out of his thoughts as someone ran into him from behind. his binder toppled out from his grasp and it's contents fell onto the sidewalk in front of him.

"i- i'm sorry! i didn't m- mean to, im late is all! i wasn't looking where i was going!" a voice said, sounding on the verge of panic. hearing a sigh of relief, the voice behind him exclaimed excitedly, "oh hey, is that an astronomy book? i love-"

tsukishima whirled around, snatching his book from the ground. "you bumped into me, how DARE you. you little pest!" he snarled, his lip curling. who had the audacity to knock his book out of his hand, almost exposing his secrets! never again. abruptly he stopped, mouth half-way open from yelling as he saw the boy on the ground below him. he had a small build, almost feminine. his brown-green hair almost covered his ear in long locks and one went down the middle of his forehead. a sprout stood up in the middle of his head, almost endearing. large, round hazel-green eyes stared back, welling up with tears as he brought his hand up to his face. and that's when he saw them,


he breathed, eyes going wide. how beautiful, charming almost. his eyes travelled over the boys tear soaked cheeks, now red, making constellations out of the brown dots littering his pale face.

the little dipper, orion, scorpio, libra, delphinus, ursa major

"i'm- i'm sorry," he sobbed, "please don't make fun of me. i can see you looking at me."

tsukishima continued to stare at the boys face, awestruck. who in their right mind would make fun of something so lovely? he wanted to run his hands over his cheeks, count the freckles and tell him how beautiful he thought they were. he didn't know why he found them so stunning. despite not knowing who this boy was, tsukishima suddenly forgot his no friends policy.

"it's- it's fine.." he mumbled. "um, please don't cry it's no big deal.." he held out his hand and helped the boy up. it fit snuggly in his, making him not want to let go.

"i'm- im yamaguchi, tadashi. tadashi yamaguchi. i really am sorry," he sniffled rubbing the last of his tears from his eyes with his free hand. "um, hello?" he asked, smiling slightly and peering up at tsukishima when he didn't respond. tsukishima looked down suddenly, blushing at his hand that still held yamaguchi's.

"o-oh it's ok, i'm tsukishima kei by the way" he stuttered, quickly withdrawing his hand from yamaguchi's slender fingers.

stutter? why had he stuttered? and why had he told him his name? he didn't want friends.

"here you go," yamaguchi said, leaning down to pick up tsukishima's book and hand it to him, "just so you know, i really like astronomy too! maybe i'll see you at school tsuki- tsukish-," he struggled to get his name out. "tsukki! there we go, sorry your name is hard to say," he spoke softly, ducking his head, giving a small wave and running off to school.

and with that tsukishima kei turned a bright red.

tsukki. how cute. yamaguchi's cute, and his freckles, how captivating they are. i can't stop thinking about them. i don't think i've ever seen someone with that many.

then he did something had hadn't done in almost 3 years. he smiled. not a big one, but definitely the slight upturn of his lips. despite already being late to school, he stood on the sidewalk for a while, a light blush still tinging his cheeks and his book in his hands. he shoved the book in his backpack and put his hands over his face, feeling the warmth on his cheeks. pushing his glasses up, he put his hands down, shoving them in his pockets and took a deep breath. his headphones found their way back to his ears and he walked towards school, knowing his teacher would yell at him for his lateness. but for once in his life, tsukishima didn't care about that. all he had on his mind was a green haired boy with constellations in his breathtaking freckles.