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falling like the stars | tsukiyama

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tsukishima's pov

junior high. the place tsukishima kei hated the most. often times he felt himself lost in thought, maybe he had a friend, someone who accepted him for the things he loved. but soon he snapped himself out of his happy daze, a grimace permanently in place of what used to always be a grin. what were the things tsukishima kei loved you ask? dinosaurs and stars. one of which everyone in junior high seemed to tease him relentlessly about, but fortunately they hadn't uncovered his his other secret interest yet. now, tsukishima would never tell people his secrets willingly. so how did the whole school find out?

it was a monday, of course it was a monday. but nonetheless, tsukishima kei skipped off to school, a book in his hand and headphones booming soft music in his ears. the sun shone bright on the white sidewalk in front of him and he made sure to not step on the cracks, of course. his brother had always told him not to because if he did, the ground would open up into a great big hole!

that's dangerous :)

he thought, a smile on his face and a giggle escaping him. how he loved using his imagination on his walk to school.

after roughly 10 minuets of walking he stopped at the front of the school. he looked up at the tall building, windows evenly spaced out on three stories and white brick encasing them. tsukishima grasped the door handle in front of him and opened the large door with a whoosh. he came face to face with his best friend, kuroo tetsuro.

"hi kuroo!" tsukishima said brightly, a large smile plastered across his face.

"hey tsukishima, push up your glasses you dork," the dark haired male replied teasingly, a smirk on his lips and one arm swung around a half blonde boy. "kenma, be nice today pleaseeee," kuroo whined, pursing his lips and bending down to look kenma in the eyes.

kenma glared at him and returned his focus to the video game in his hands, but mumbled a "fine kuro.." under his breath, moving his hair to hide his slightly upturned mouth.

tsukishima planted one finger on the bridge of his glasses and fixed them. "all better!" he said happily and started to walk towards class. kuroo walked on his right side, kenma clinging to kuroo after seeing the mob of students in front of them. struggling through the mass of people, the trio made it to class. pointing a thumb over to the class across the hall, kuroo said,

"gotta go guys. being a 3rd year sucks, but hey i guess going to high school next year is exciting right?" he gave a small smile before looking at kenma. "kenma, i'm just right across the hall if you need me, alright? i'll see you soon," patting his head and prying the pudding head's small hand off of his arm. kenma replied a worried hum and watched as he left. kuroo waved a hand at tsukishima and jogged across the hall, managing a few seconds before his fan-girls swarmed him. tsukishima often wondered why kuroo and kenma hung out with him, although he was convinced kenma disliked him because of the dirty looks he got whenever he touched kuroo too much. perhaps kuroo liked dinosaurs also? kuroo was the only one who knew tsukishima loved dinosaurs, but kuroo himself had never shown much interest in the reptiles. kuroo was popular and knew just about everyone in school. everyone liked him and ALWAYS listened to what he had to say, and tsukishima was just a nerd who liked two things; dinosaurs and stars. oh, and maybe his best friend kuroo.

as his teacher droned on, a thought fleeted through tsukishima head. perhaps he could share his interest for stars with kuroo. however, this made his stomach churn. he knew stars were considered a "girly" thing to like, but he wanted to tell someone about them. he wanted to share how much he loved looking up at the dark night sky and seeing the bright stars contrast against it. how much he adored finding all the constellations and how much he enjoyed the feeling he got from them. but most of all, he wanted to share it with someone, someone he could trust. tsukishima decided then and there that he would tell kuroo. yes, kuroo. his good looking, popular, jock best friend who seemed to be the most least likely person tsukishima kei would be friends with.

the bell rang a shrill ring and everyone dashed out of class.

"kuro.." kenma murmured and darted over to where kuroo stood in his classroom talking to a pretty grey haired girl with long, thick lashes. behind her stood a crowd of people waiting for kuroos attention. kenma latched onto kuroos arm and quickly pulled out his DS, completely disregarding anyone else. kuroo only chuckled, rubbing the small boys hand with his thumb and continued to chat. as tsukishima finished packing up his backpack, he padded along the hallway, stopping in the doorway when he heard his name.

"haha yeah, my friend tsukishima is like, obsessed with dinosaurs, it's kinda lame to be honest. i can't believe i'm friends with such a dork.." he heard him say. kuroos voice and the roar of laughter erupting from the crowd was suddenly drowned out by tsukishimas own thoughts.

no. he wouldn't. kuroo wouldn't spill my secret to everyone.

tsukishima tried to convince himself of this, but he knew it was a lie. his worst nightmare had just happened.

he called me a dork this morning, did he really mean it all along? was he ever really my friend?

suddenly tsukishima felt a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time. was it sadness? disappointment? anger? betrayal? or was it a mix of all four? his vision went blurry as tears welled up in his eyes and spilled down his red cheeks, a sniffle escaping him. he turned the corner to see kuroo. his smile was replaced by a shocked half-open mouth and his face went sickly pale as he saw tsukishima stare at him, devastation in both of their eyes.

"tsukishima! no, this isn't- i promise- wait!" kuroo yelled as tsukishima ran from the classroom, ignoring kuroos calls to wait and only seeming to hear the taunting coming from behind. as he ran home tears streamed across his face and sobs revealed themselves. the one person he thought he could trust, the one person he thought was actually his friend, was undoubtedly not. that day, as he wept into his sheets, tsukishima kei vowed to never tell anyone his secrets again. never to trust anyone again, never to have another friend. and that is how tsukishima kei lost his smile.