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The End Of CousinSluggy

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We have had some much happen in the past couple days. But of course, Sluggy caused all that ruckus. Let's see how they're doing.

Spongebob is sitting calmly at Patrick's house with Patrick watching that show on House Fancy. They seemed pretty calm. Gary also sat with them as well. But let's see how Sluggy's doing.

He still sits in his cell, with a poopy diaper. The workers come to check on him. But something serious happens.

"Swuggy wedy for vis tuh happun! Swuggy gonna go get fwends!" he yelled as he broke out of his straitjacket and his cell to roam free. He went around and stole all the food from every restaurant in Bikini Bottom and ate it all. He then flew into the sky to the shore and wasn't seen again.

Up on shore, in the QC, Mitchell Kay is sitting waiting for food to be ready at a Sonic Drive In. It was taking forever.

"Dang, hurry up with my food." he said to himself.

But he triggered a trap in the street. Thanful it wasn't anyone else, he fell into the pit. He got out of his car and saw an elevator. He went in and it took him much lower into the ground. When he reached the bottom, he opened up and saw something outrageous.

But let's go to Spongebob again, they go to the restaurant, which thankfully nothing got stolen, they were hanging out and watching TV and eating in the closed restaurant. They broke off the floor from screwing around and fell in. The same situation with Mitch happened, and they also saw a similar outrageous thing.

It turns out, Mitchell found a base where all of the deceased characters from his games were being held. He saw Chiaki, Nishiki, Iris, Shinjiro, and many others down there. A rescue team came down and got Mitchell and saw it as well. Later, he was on the news telling his reaction about it.

The same happened with Spongebob and Patrick, but it was other characters. Spike, Chef, Caesar, and even The Flying Dutchman were down there. They unfortunately also saw the hung dead bodies of Kenny The Cat, Fuzzy Nutkins, and Sister Sam down there as well.

Spongebob reported this as well. But this lead to a much later turn of events.

Mitchell, Spongebob and Patrick were teleported to this huge fortress. There were many people there, and I mean many people. Everyone that has appeared in a fic except for Waffles, Piper, Roman, Griffin, Kevin or Karen so they'd be safe. Uzaki chan, Henry Stickmin and JFK were permanently dead. But everyone was there, and I mean everyone. There were also a bunch more people there, but I'm only tagging the people that appeared in previous fics, because there's so many.

But Sluggy stood at the top floor ready to murder everyone. And for some reason, the dead people were alive.

"Michuh Kay, yoo fight Swuggy up here waytuh, yoo fight evweewun down there!" Sluggy yelled at Mitchell.

But they got to fighting. Kiryu and Nishiki Tiger Dropped Kevin Spencer and Yvon, Kaiji and Ichijou beat up Ando, Furuhata, and Funai, Ichiban and Nanba tag teamed against Mochizuki and Honma, and so much more.

Mitchell uppercut Ah Lang and Guy, then dropkicked VJ and Fuzzbucket. Ernie and Maynard approached Ohma and Agito, then Saw Paing and Gaolang, but didn't stand a chance against them. George and Ted got fisted down the throat by Baki and Lee Ping. Milk and Tetsuko got kicked in the delicate by Cartman and Kenny, CR threw a scalpel into Gary the Rat's eye, Jotaro, Joseph and Josuke beat the crap out of Code Monkeys and Rick and Steve, Majima threw his dagger at Jack and Marcus, Butters shoved a suppository up T'choupi's butt, Trevor, Sypha, Alucard and Hector used forging and spells on Mari, Makimura and Miss Moore, it was still good since people from Katana Zero and Retro City Rampage came to help them, and so were Jack Cayman. Killer Bean and Goofy. The Larson and Falcone families were stomped on by Kenshiro and everyone from there, Chris Walker, Trager and Gluskin attacked the Super Duper Sumos, the Nutshack gang was too late to escape from Mondo and Taka, Crybaby Clown also got punched in the chest by Akiyama, Kaiman and Nikaido beat up Lulu and Tilly, as Fujita and Ebisu watched, Taka from Women at Work, CJ the DJ, and the bobbleheads from Bobbleheads The Movie got gagged by Raz and Lili, Frank West slammed Fujita and Alan the Magic Goose with a baseball bat, Trane and the Strange Hill gang got approached by the HTF gang, and even more.

But Chiaki, Patrick, Majima, Futaba, Kenny, Speedwagon, Zero, and Spike paved way for Mitchell to finally go face Sluggy once and for all.

Mitchell ran up the stairs and pushed Mari, Dave, Rick, Gary, Frances, Lulu, Ian, Ueharu, Ah Lang, Makimura, Rex, Novolin, Packy, Bronkie, Trane, Yvon, Liz, Ana, Kevin, Woody, Herb, Mia, Booma, Milk, Mizuki, Tom, Fuzzbucket, Ernie, Miss Moore, Taka, CJ, Ikioi, Dr. W, Player, Freddy, T'choupi, Marcus, Derrick, Kuri, Muto, Rocket, VJ, Fleabag, Mo, The Gingerdead Man, Robo Santa, Carl, Eubie, Buck, and himself outta the way. He finally reached the top, and everyone downstairs wished him luck, because he was really needing it.

He walked up the stairs for over 20 minutes because there were so many, but he finally reached the top. Sluggy was waiting for him.

"Michuh hew finuwee! Swuggy wedy too kill Michuh!" Sluggy yelled at Mitch.

"Well, bring it on you Donald Trump, Captain Underpants knock off!" Mitch yelled at Sluggy.

They then ran a serious martial arts regimen that no practice was used for, Mitchell punched Sluggy in the chest, and Sluggy pooped really hard, but Mitchell survived the smell. Sluggy then jumped on his head with his diaper, but Mitch knocked him to his head to the ground. This lasted for over half an hour. Mitchell was all bleeding and bruised from the fight, about to die. Sluggy was unstoppable, but he saw a button that said "ELIMINATE SLUGGY" on it. It looked suspicious, but he didn't have a choice, so he pressed it. A huge portal leading to a meat grinder opened and sucked Mitchell and Sluggy in. Word Party, Breakdown, Vampire Vixen, Code Monkeys, Fleabag Monkeyface, Gary the Rat, Rick and Steve, Frances, Kyoushitsu, Kevin Spencer, Getting Up, 72 Seconds, Duckweed, Double Duty, Slight Fever, Rex Ronan, Packy, Bronkie, Novolin, Sumos, Hoop Dogz, Yvon, Committed, Dr. W, Women at Work, CJ, Bobbleheads, T'choupi, NARC, Muto, Rocket, Level C, Woody, Enspelled, Gingerdead Man, Carl, Moville, Milk Chan, Peppermint Park, Freddy, Retro City Rampage unfortunately, Being Ian, Baby Bum, Herb, and all the other newbies got sucked in. When they all got in, the grinder started and immediately killed them all. Mitchell sacrificed himself, and so did Player and Derrick to stop Sluggy and his huge army, and did it to save everyone.

But Mochizuki, Honma, Seiji, Sono, Aki, Ueno, George, Ted, Crybaby Clown, Baby Nut, Eric, Lino, Vinz, Targa, Ando, Funai, Furuhata, Haiji, The Falcones, Granny, Phil Phillips, Strange Hill, Jack, Shadow, and the others that already had their own fics before me were still here. But they found a lava pit and pushed them all in there.

Everyone was gone, and they all remembered Mitchell for how much of a good person he was. He sacrificed himself to save the whole multiverse.

But much good happened after that.

I am officially retiring this fic account. I had some of the most fun I had in my life. It was amazing. I've had some good inspiration such as ommaley and AutisticWriter. But I think it's time to hang up the obscure media.

Goodbye, don't worry, I'm not doing anything stupid.

Happy Holidays and have a great life!