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My faboulous metal band oneshots

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Oneshot 1:
Jonathan Davis/Reader
Warnings: very fluffy, slight mention of separation anxiety

My boyfriend Jon was in band practice tonight so as usual I was watching TV and waiting for him. Of course the anxiety slipped in and I curled up on the couch. It was starting to get late. I was worried. I waited patiently bit it was 11pm and he was still out. I got up and decided to have some ice cream when suddenly the door opened and he came in. I didn't know if I was mad at him for being so late or glad he finally came back. "I'm sorry I'm late sweetie we recorded a few songs today!" He said. "Well that's wonderful." I replied kind off coldly. "What's the matter babe? You look mad at me?" "Lately you always so late. I miss you!" And then he cuddled me and we fell asleep anajhdbdnznak the end.


Man that was cringey. I need to improve my writing