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It takes three days for Kara to find the wreckage. 

The tiny escort fighter seems smaller than what she remembers, made more so by the loss of one wing and the warped collapse of the nose where it had collided with a wall of rock. In the months since the crash, the cockpit has filled with rainwater and meteors have scored the hull. 

She’s come seeking answers but none are here. The burned out corpse of her ship offers no commentary on her circumstances or the incidents that drove her to return here.

The past and the present wrestle for dominion. Inside her, knots twist and tie and she can’t unravel them. When at last she decides to return to the canyon that is now her permanent shelter, Kara is not the same person.

The makeshift bundle on her back with her simple rations and self-carved spears is cumbersome but not difficult to carry. Kara is stronger than she was when she first crashed here. After months marooned on this rock, she’s nothing but lean hard muscle covered in ever expanding scars.

A breeze rises, brushing against skin exposed by tears in her flight suit. It pulls her attention from the cacophony in her head. It’s been weeks, almost months, since Kara has been outside at this time of night. The sky is clear, the stars are bright and there’s a peaceful magic to the wild landscape, but it doesn’t soothe her, not in the wake of what she now knows, of the truth revealed about someone she thought she knew.

She wonders at providence - to have come all this way across the galaxy, to be marooned on this moon where she will likely die, and yet she has come closer to her parents’ killer than she might have ever done in her old life.

Fate is maddening.

The perils of the landscape are more well-known to Kara now so she travels easily. Because of the rare light of another distant moon, her path is well-lit before her. Guided by the piles of stones she left to mark her way, she makes good time. 

In the canyon that is her destination, the fire is banked. The upside-down wreckage of her enemy’s ship, half-buried in the side of a rocky hill, is dark and nothing moves. Kara stashes her supplies as quietly as she can and weighs sleeping outside again against crawling into the ship. When Kara approaches the ship’s door, the decision is made for her as it slams open. 

The ship’s lone occupant steps into the night. Lena’s long dark hair is wild and free, and she raises a projectile-firing weapon between them. 

Kara freezes, the shock of the weapon’s aim at her chest stealing her breath.

The moonlight washes the green from Lena’s eyes, leaving an ethereal grey, and her features are fierce enough to have been carved from stone. “Are you here to try to kill me? Because I assure you, I will not yield to your vengeance and you are no match for me.” 

With her other hand, Lena draws her blade.