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Meant for Me

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HYDRA base, 1944

Steve and his team were destroying the last HYDRA base. The Commandos held high tech rifles, while Steve was armed with pistols and his trusty shield. As the group razed the base, Steve was running on autopilot. He just wanted to forget his grief and as result, his insides were numb. The Commandos fought alongside Steve. As per Steve's vow, they did not spare HYDRA when they fell. Seeing the writing on the wall, Red Skull made a run for it. Taking advantage of the chaos, he easily escaped the base and jumped in his black Coupe. Unknown to him, that he had been followed. When Jim looked around, he saw Red Skull escaping. He promptly ran after the villain. He reached the door only to see the nazi take off in his car. Meanwhile, Steve couldn't find Red Skull. He went outside, only to run in Jim. When Jim explained to him about Red Skull. He's escaped but not for long. Steve knew where to find him.

 Five minutes later, Steve met Red Skull on his plane named the Valkyrie. With all of his anger, he ran in head on. Eventually Red Skull got the upper hand and backed him in a corner.

"Give it up, Captain. There's no flags in the future." Red Skull sneered.

"Not in my future! I can do this all day!" Steve retorted defiantly, as he refused to give up. Steve soon knocked him down and went for the Tesseract. Both the hero and villain struggled over the blue infinity gem. Red Skull pulled off his gloves in order to sucker punch Steve. Steve and the cube went sprawling. Schmidt recovered the cube but did it bare handed.

"I am a God amongst mortals! I am God and I have a God's power!" the deluded villain gloated, before he began laughing. As he laughed, he started to feel extreme pain. He began to scream as the pain consumed him. The light filled his whole body as he dissolved into pure light. The Tesseract soon fell to the ground, burning a hole in the floor. Soon, the cube landed in the waters below. Steve was terrified by the scene. There wasn't even a bit of cloth left from Red Skull. As he struggled to overcome his shock, he felt the plane losing altitude. He had to do something about it. So he ran to the controls, taking notice of certain labelled packages.

A few minutes later, Steve was sitting in the pilot's chair. He was fiddling with the controls. He switched on the radio and got in touch with headquarters.

"Captain Rogers to Central, do you read me?" he asked.

"Steve, we read you. What is your status?" Jim asked.

"This plane is rigged to blow at any minute and it's heading for New York." Steve reported. Jim and Peggy were worried. What was Steve thinking? They knew that he wasn't coping well with his mate's death.

"What will you do, Steve?" Peggy asked. Steve thought about his options, and then thought about Bucky. The omega knew what he had to do then.

"I have to fly it in the water." he declared. Peggy and Jim stared at the speaker into dawning horror.

"Steve, think about this. There has to be another way. I'll get Howard. He'll know what to do." Peggy pleaded.

"There isn't. If I wait, many people will die. Jim and Peggy, this is my choice. Please understand." Steve was grim. As shocked silence fell, he began to relax. He resigned himself to his fate and current path. His mate's final words echoed in his mind.

"I had them on the ropes." As memories of his alpha mate; Bucky flooded his mind. He remembered his mom's funeral and what had happened afterwards.

"Stevie, It'd be safer if you stayed with me." Bucky pleaded. Steve's mom had died and she was the last bit of family Steve had.

"You don't have to. I've had made it this far, Bucky." Steve said. The smaller blond was too proud to receive what he viewed as charity even from his best friend.

"The thing is, you don't have to. I'm with you till the end of the line." Bucky responded. Steve looked up at his friend and gave a small, shaky smile. As Steve thought about how happy Bucky had made him feel. How he cherished him in all of this despite the horrors of war and the changes they had both underwent. He thought about when he was truly happy...