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Five Times it Didn't Count (and One it Totally Did)

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Part the first: All Gracie's fault

Steve knocked on Danny's door, malasadas and cocoa puffs in one hand and a milkshake in the other.

"Steve!" Grace threw the door open grinning.

"Hey Gracie, I picked you up a milkshake on the way. It's banana."

"Thanks Steve! Banana's my favourite." Steve just grinned at her.

"You got anything for me in the bag?"

"Sure thing Danno, I bought you those sugar coated heart attacks you like."

"Interesting." He plucked Grace up into his arms "What do you say Grace? Shall we keep him?"

."Hmm..." she pondered for a moment. "Only if he comes and plays with us." Steve didn't like how a smirk lifted the corner of Danny's mouth.

"You want Steve to play 'the Adventures of Danno and Grace'?"

"And Steve." She added "I want him to play so it's the 'Adventures of Danny and Gracie and Steve'." And honestly how could Steve resist that face?

"So what does this game entail, I mean, where do I fit in?" Steve queried as Grace cheered, taking it as a yes.

"Well, Danno is the handsomest most brave prince in all of the land." Steve raised an eyebrow at Danny who just grinned at him.

"And Gracie here is my Fairy God daughter. As for you, that is up to Gracie."

"Danno!" Grace swivelled on his hip and whispered in his ear. Steve definitely didn't like how Danny's smirk was turning into full blown post explosion payback grin – Danny had faces too Damnit – nor did he like how he was eyeing Steve as if daring him to deny his daughter something. Danny turned to Grace, nodded solemnly and set her on the ground.

"I think that's a wonderful idea monkey." Grace grinned at Danny but turned to look at Steve when he coughed uncomfortably.

"Who am I going to be Gracie?"

"Steve, you are going to be Princess Steve." Grace nodded firmly and smiled, clearly his horrified smile had fooled her, Danny would love naming this face if he hadn't already. (As it turned out it was a combination of 'Just walked in on my sister #2' and 'oh that bitch did not just try to shoot us') Steve decided he would not give the now near hysterical Danny the satisfaction of him leaving. Gritting his teeth he knelt down to Grace's height.

"I'd like that Grace." Apparently he'd said something right because she beamed at him, producing something from behind her back and before he knew it he had a tiara plonked on his head. As he heard the electronic shutter sound of a mobile phone camera he decided he really hated Danny.

H50 ~ H50 ~ H50

Danny was starting to get nervous. He hadn't heard from either of his children for a good half hour. He'd had to time out of the game for a while to make dinner. Steve had adapted surprisingly well to make believe games; turns out SEALs have imaginations too.

"Prince Danno! Prince Danno, hurry!"

"What?" Danny raised an eyebrow as Gracie came hurtling into the room.

"It's Princess Steve! He's in trouble and you need to save him!"

"But Gracie I'm making dinner."

"Please Danno?" Oh God, there are the puppy dog eyes. Danny rolled his.

"Give me a sec." He walked to the other side of the kitchen to turn off the hob. "Don't want to start a fire? Though to be fair Uncl- Princess Steve would probably have enjoyed it."

"Prince Danno!" she grumbled grabbing his hand and dragging him out of the kitchen towards the bedroom.

"So Gracie you gonna tell me what's going on?"

"Look!" she took him the final step into the room where he was met by the sight of Steve, eyes closed and lying stock still on his sofa. He swallowed hard because Damnit the man was insanely beautiful.

"Danno! He's been cursed by a witch and only a kiss from his true love can save him!" Danny blanched as he stared from Steve to Grace and back again.


"Danno. He's under a spell and you, as the prince, are his true love so you have to kiss him or else he will never wake up!"

"Is that such a bad thing? It would make my work day cheaper, less dangerous and my hair would stay blonde and on my head for way, way longer."

"Danno." She looked at him and in that moment Danny had a hideous flashback to his ex-wife.

He looked between the two again. Steve had clearly agreed to this and it would make his daughter happy and seriously, it couldn't be that bad.



"Yes." Danny sighed. One last look at Grace and he was shuffling over to the gangling giant who was hanging off either end of the couch he was lying on. He leant over Steve slightly before touching his lips to Steve's and pulling away quickly.

"Danno! That is not going to wake up any princess. Not even an ugly one so especially not Steve!"

"You want-"

"Do it properly Danno." She crossed her arms and God; she wasn't going to back down.

"Relax. I'm going Gracie. Last time." He leant over Steve again, pressing his lips against the Princess' a little firmer this time. He opened his eyes when he felt pressure against his own lips as Steve kissed back.

"YAY! He's alive!" Grace jumped up and down.

"Yes I am Gracie." Steve smiled down at Grace endearingly. As he looked back up he caught Danny's eye, contact lingering a lot longer than was necessary.

"Danno, can you smell burning?"

Tearing his eyes from Steve's Danny sniffed. "Crap my lasagne!" Steve laughed slightly as Danny bolted for the stairs.

"Nicely done Gracie."

"No problemo Steve-o." She grinned slapping his out stretched palm.

"What do you say we go help Danno save dinner?"