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Catch Me Mid-Fall

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Hawks POV

Keigo was tired. The Hero Commission was on his back for some PR work, he had to diffuse a hostage situation an hour ago, a Villain with a minor heat manipulation quirk robbed a bank downtown, and since Miruko had once again raided his house for food, he had to find a restaurant in Musutafu to eat in.

And then the Musutafu Police Department called him.

Apparently, he was the only hero with an aerial quirk in the whole of Musutafu (How in Kami’s name did Musutafu of all places lack heroes! UA was here!) and a middle school student was standing on the roof of his school (Aldera Middle School, he noted, which had multiple complaints about quirk discrimination.) contemplating suicide.

So there he was, turning in the opposite direction of the ramen store he was planning to eat at, towards Aldera Middle School.

He spotted the two police cars in front of the gateway to a large decrepit building and a gathering of students and teachers standing below the building, many of who were looking upwards. Keigo saw a green haired, uniformed teen sitting on the edge of the concrete fence, feet swinging back and forth as he stared at the sun, eyes dulled and slightly swollen, evidence that he had cried recently. He noticed scarred hands gripping onto the concrete, knuckles a pale white, a trace of a starburst scar peaking out of his singed sleeves .

Before Keigo Takami’s eyes, he saw a scarred boy, too young to have witnessed the horrors of humanity. He saw someone society failed. He saw the resigned look on the boys face, the eyes dulled with pain.

Time slowed for him, every sound, movement, the feel of the air, it all stilled. In all honesty, Keigo Takami at that moment wasn’t the Number 3 Hero, Hawks. He wasn’t the Hero Commission’s trained soldier. He was Keigo Takami, the child sold to the Hero Commision, the hurt, abandoned kid, the depressed teen who had only wanted to save people. He saw himself in a teen who was ready to do the jump.

And then the green haired teen slid off where he sat, making his descent to the ground, eyes closed and prepared to meet his end.




Hawks flew as fast as he could, wings closer to his body and arms reaching out.

He had to save this life, save this tired soul. (This was Keigo Takami speaking, not the hero.)

He felt the fabric of the greenette’s black uniform flutter and touch his hands. Keigo Takami (Not Hawks.) stretched out to the child who had experienced horrors, the kid that he saw himself in.

“Phew...,” Keigo released the breathe he didn’t even know he was holding.

‘The kid, he’s way too light,’ Keigo thought it himself, worried eyes glancing on the green haired teen who’s eyes were now wide open in surprise.

As Keigo Takami descended onto the ground, his wings instinctively wrapped around him and the child in his arms in a protective form. He looked down a saw wide emerald green eyes staring up at him, fear, respect, and awe mixed into one stare.

“Why- Why did you sa-save me...,” The teen stuttered out while Keigo placed him down and helped him stay standing.

“Because you remind me of myself, kiddo.”

Keigo stared into space for a moment, until he felt a tap on his arm, jolting him back into reality. A resigned response shook him to the core.

“But... I’m j-just a useless quirkless Deku... Why...,” Watery emerald eyes looked at the ground and Keigo Takami swore that whoever hurt the young greenette (Keigo had to stop calling him that.) would pay.

Making a middle schooler label himself useless, and by the scars covering the greenette’s arms, (His sleeves had been pulled up sometime during their descent.) low self-esteem wasn’t just the tip of the problem.

“Hey, kid. What’s your name?” Keigo ruffled the fluffy green hair on the teen’s head, slightly mystified by how soft the green strands of hair were.

The greenette froze up in surprise and glanced at the students behind him- the hero and middle school student had been walking towards the ambulance waiting in front of the school gates while conversing.

“Mi-Midoriya Izuku!” Midoriya squeaked out, his nervous stutter prominent.

“Well, I wanted to jump once...,” Keigo stared at his reflection on a car window, before turning to the green haired teen next to him. “Someone caught me before I even fell, so I did the same for you.”

“Then I- I’ll catch someone too! You did it for me so- so I’ll do it for someone else.” Midoriya’s determined tone caught Keigo off guard, he grinned at the greenette. He was growing finder of the boy by the second.

“Call me Keigo, I’ll be helping you catch someone mid-fall, after all.”

Keigo Takami was taking on a protegé.