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can't stop my heart when you're shining in my eyes

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Firstly I apologise that this additional chapter isn’t more of the story, but I’m happy to announce that it’s an update regarding more of the story! It’s been a pretty long time since I posted this twoshot, and it’s a great joy to be able to let readers know that I finally decided to rework the side story or companion fic for this nomin fic. Obviously, it’s renhyuck’s part of the story, but if you’ve read ‘can’t stop my heart…’ you’d know how much they appeared as the side pairing, almost equally to the main pairing. And in the new renhyuck side story I’m currently finishing up posting, nomin also similarly appears a lot, so I thought readers would want to know this news haha. The renhyuck fic, ‘until’, is quite a bit longer than ‘can’t stop my heart’, and it delves and explores this AU verse in greater depth. It divulges more about the high school years of the four of them, the love triangle, their adulthood and futures and friendship, and of course contains loads more ‘unseen’ cute nomin moments on every page :) This universe holds a very special place in my heart, it was one of the few fics in which I got to write about high school, and I think readers could tell how nostalgic writing about this topic made me. I really have a special fondness for HS AU and their purity and first love etc! So it was such a gratifying honour that this nomin fic received a very warm response after I posted it back then, and went on to become one of my most popular works for this pairing.

I hope you’ll be interested in diving into the addition to this verse with me, and truly feel that people who have read both parts of this AU would have a complete and full understanding of the entire universe. However, even if you only read the nomin one, I already feel extremely grateful, and I don’t think you’ll be missing out that much either! As you probably already know, this fic is very much a complete standalone on its own. I just felt some readers would love to know there was more where it comes from :) I noticed that a bunch of my nomin readers who read ‘can’t stop my heart’ before, joined me right away on the renhyuck part, and I want to thank those dear souls. It’s the most precious thing in the world to be able to journey through both parts of this ‘verse with you, and I hope the love and friendship story of our favourite 00line fills you with as much warmth as it does me :’)

I appreciate all who read this epilogue! You should be able to find ‘until’ easily on my ao3 page, if you’d like to :3 Once more, regardless of whether you read the companion fic or not, thank you so so much for reading ‘can’t stop my heart when you’re shining in my eyes’. I’m glad this work of mine could make you happy.