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A Sestina for Awareness, or Six and a Half Stanzas for Five Lizards Fucking (in Space)

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A Russian satellite cast into space.
Its mission a most necessary action:
An experiment, a fine quintet of geckos
as the subjects, all of them aroused
and eager to create some freaky friction,
to copulate in zero gravity

As scientists, with utmost gravity,
with probes and sensors in the geckos' space
to monitor and quantify the friction
of their lovemaking, the hot lizard action.
Scientific curiosity aroused
by the behavior of these sexed-up geckos.

Catastrophe! The brave and horny geckos,
That fucked so long and sweet sans gravity,
Were lost! And they, oblivious, aroused,
Screwed still, as they spun silently in space,
(In space, no one can hear you get some action)
Connected, disconnected, seeking friction.

The scientists, not eager to cause friction,
Abandoned the experimental geckos.
Electing to avoid all further action;
Considered it a loss of no real gravity -
The five fucklizards floating, lost in space,
Although presumably still quite aroused.

One man, his sense of righteousness aroused,
And unafraid to cause some major friction,
Cried he into the depths of cyber-space,
"Mister Putin, sir, go get those geckos!"
Powerful words, with solemn gravity,
To call all of humanity to action.

Humanity responded! Taking action
To make all social media aroused!
An overwhelming force, more strong than gravity!
A hashtag trending, rising, fiery friction,
To save those fucking, literally fucking geckos,
That satellite of love adrift in space!

One man inspired, called, aroused to action,
Saw the gravity, incited he the friction
To light the spark and save the space sex geckos.