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the last great american dynasty

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Joey is laying in the grass, his head resting on Scratch’s chest that heaves soothingly with every breath he takes. The sun is high up in the June sky and there’s not a single cloud in sight. Two cups of coffee are discarded in the grass by their feet, the condensation slowly covering the plastic. Even the birds are tweeting around them, singing to accompany the slow rumbling of student happiness in their post-exam, post-semester, see you in September chatter.

It’s as perfect as it gets, really.

“Did you know Willy has a new boyfriend?” Scratch asks apropos of nothing.

“What? No, I didn’t. Who is it?”

Scratch’s chest starts rumbling beneath Joey’s head and when he looks up, he sees that he’s barely containing his laughter.

“It’s your British bestie,” Scratch says, grinning as widely as his face lets him.

“WHAT?” Joey shouts.

“Oh, yeah. Apparently, they’re keeping it on the down low so maybe – okay, never mind, you’re already texting them.”

“Of course, I’m texting them,” Joey says, not even looking up from his phone. “Those fuckers lied to me.”

“Have you ever actually asked them whether they were dating or not?”

“Well, no, but… I don’t care, they lied to me.”

Scratch doesn’t say anything and when Joey finally looks up from staring at his screen, he sees that Scratch’s laughing at him.

He pouts at him. Scratch just starts laughing at him harder.

“Let them be,” he says eventually when he calmed down. “Enjoy the day and let them enjoy theirs.”

Joey is still not convinced. He needs details right now.

“Come on. It’s the summer. We’re done with every possible responsibility we’ve had. And I want to enjoy the day with you,” Scratch says again, and he starts slurping his coffee down in the most obnoxious way possible when Joey’s still clutching his phone.

Joey rolls his eyes. He loves this idiot so fucking much.

(He’ll get all the details later. Those fuckers won’t escape him.)